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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 4AM  FOX  February 11, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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throwing ice cubes at me! [captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] 3 good morning.. and welcome to good day tampa bay... at 4:00. i'm walter allen. ((jen)) and i'm jennifer epstein. we want to get right to the forecast right now... and it's a *cold one dave... 3 3 3
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3 a heads up if you're about to hit the road... we're getting reports of a serious crash on i-275 southbound. it's just north of the bearss exit, in north tampa. so just *north of this camera. the highway patrol got the call around 2-30 this morning. no other details... other than there *are reports of debris in the roadway. we have a crew heading to the scene, and we'll bring you more as soon as we get it. vanessa will also bring us updates during her traffic hits... later this hour. 3
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trying to decide if a woman is *guilty... of murdering a three-year-old boy. 3 they've been deliberating for two days and still no decision for "kara o'connell." she is accused of killing three year old "john taylor baxley." prosecutors say the toddler suffered weeks of beatings and abuse. o'connel was dating the boy's father "justin garwacki." the father is *also facing murder charges but cut a deal with the state in exchange for his testimony against o'connell. the defense *blames the father for the murder. 3 3 developing this morning in polk county: a new scam... targeting taxpayers. and it all starts, with a phone call. 3 the sheriff's office say a caller will claim to work for the i-r-s and demand payment of the taxes you owe. if you get a call like that... you're being scammed. that's because the i-r-s never makes phone calls or sends emails about taxes... they only communicate through the u-s postal service. and the calls are even getting more complicated. the scammer might call and threaten jail time if you
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*back, claiming to be local police. the sheriffs office says elderly residents are especially vulnerable to these scams. the i-r-s says if you *do get a call like this... they want you to report it to *them immediately. fox 13's shayla reaves will much more on these scams... in a live report at 4-30. 3 in hillsborough county: two dangerous discoveries... on the same day. two students were arrested wednesday... for having guns. one was seen loading a handgun on a school bus... the other had a gun inside his car on campus. and a zero tolerance policy may have them both facing the same severe punihsment. 3 in the first case... tampa police got a call about a vague threat on the plant high school campus. the school went on a modified lockdown. during that time, tampa police officers went car to car, checking for threats. when they got to 18-year-old stratton patterson's car, they found a shotgun, ammo and a knife. not necessarily a surprise to those who know him. he's described as an "avid hunter." but to police and school officials -- what he did was against the law. patterson is now charged with two counts
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police found no connection between him and that *threat they were originally investigating. students we spoke with, feel sorry for paterson: 3 patterson's attorney tells fox 13... it was an honest mistake... he simply forgot to remove the weapon after returning from a hunting trip. the attorney also pointed out that patterson has no prior criminal history. patterson was released from jail. the school district hasn't said what discipline he'll face on their end. 3 in the other case, a hillsborough county student brought a loaded gun onto his school bus. the bus was headed to brandon alternative school wednesday morning. investigators say another student saw 18-year old "jamarcus simms" load a nine- millimeter gun and hide it... along with a ski mask. the witness texted a relative... who called 9-1-1.
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deputies are 3 deputies are still trying to figure out simms' motive. they say the gun was stolen from temple terrace, but they aren't sure who took it. simms has previous arrests, including domestic battery and grand theft.((more)) 3 both of these arrested students could now face the under hillsborough county's "no tolerance policy" ... campus are subject to suspension or expulsion. and the school district hasn't case yet. 3 in st. petersburg: the case of some stolen art... is *almost solved this morning. the missing piece was returned to the chihuly musuem *early yesterday morning. st. pete police released this surviellance image of a man... who may be able to help. he was standing outside of a limo... when the man who dropped off the stolen art... walked by. they even talked for about ten seconds. police say they already have a *suspect in mind... but they want to find this eyewitness, before making any arrests. 3
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virus"... and its effect here in florida. it's now been one *week since governor rick scott declared a public health emergency in hillsborough county, to deal with the virus. and later today, the tampa city council will discuss what's being done to address the issue ... including any plans they have to start *spraying for mosquitoes. the virus is primarily spread by those bugs. the head of the c-d-c says more effort should be put on mosquito control ... especially in the southern states. the main goal is to prevent the virus from being spread from person to person. and right now, no mosquitos in the u-s have been found *carrying the virus. 3 a big disappointment for same sex couples in florida today. lawmakers in tallahassee will *not pass legislation this year to give them civil rights protections. 3 a senate committee remained deadlocked on the issue.. with five republican senators stopping the measure from going forward. a vote this week left the bill in limbo. it became clear none of the opponents would reconsider their votes.
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there will be new senate leadership and more time to build support for the measure. 3 3 one bill that *is making it's way through the legislature... could *expand florida's "school choice" program. it's being debated in the florida house. the bill would allow parents to send students to any public school in the state, as long as it's not at capacity. critics say it would put a financial burden on top districts, and empty out underperforming schools. but representative chris sprowls of palm harbor says the practice is already in place in hillsborough, pinellas and pasco counties. and he says it works: 3 if the bill passes a floor vote and is successful in the senate, it would go into effect on july first. meaning it could affect classrooms... this fall. 3
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heading to downtown tampa. and construction begins *today. a groundbreaking ceremony takes place this morning... for a 23 story apartment tower... in the nine hundred block of franklin street. it will have about 360 apartment units and about eight thousand square feet of street level retail. there will also be an eight story *amenity deck... that will include a pool and a garden area. the developer first filed permits over a year and a half ago... but they had to work through some environmental issues. they hope to start moving people in... sometime next year. 3 and another groundbreaking today, this time in manatee county. florida power and light will hold a cermony for its new manatee solar energy center. it will be one of three new large-scale solar faclities the company is building in florida this year. the other two plants will be in desoto and charlotte counties. all three plants will have a combined one *million solar panels. it will *triple the amount of solar power f-p-l can provide. the construction will also bring in about 250 jobs. the groundbreaking starts at ten a-m. 3
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nascar is racing onto the u- s-f campus. daytona international president ( joie chitwood and nascar driver matt kenseth will visit with students, as part of their state-wide promotional tour for the "daytona 500." kenseth knows a little bit about the daytona race... he's already won it, *twice. they will talk with two groups of u-s-f students... graduate students in the sports management program, and students in the society for automotive engineers. the daytona 500 will be sunday, february 21st. it will be the *first daytona race... in the new *upgraded stadium. 3 still ahead: is an *finally over? why a surrender could be just hours away. 3 plus: what a big *bummer dude. why some of the best surfers in the world.... are stranded on the beach in hawaii. 3 3 3 3 3
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ba da ba ba ba 3 this just in... our first look at a bad crash on southbound i-275 before bearss avenue in tampa. our photojournalist roy kuntz snapped this picture of the car.. getting towed away. the driver was trying to avoid a *deer in the road, and crashed instead. the road *is open... and the driver is just a little shaken up. 3 3 ? were the results in new hampshire... a sign of things to come? "senator bernie sanders" certainly hopes so. he got his first win... over hillary clinton. and tonight... he hopes to continue that winning streak... when the two face off in their next debate. it takes place in milwaukee... and it's hosted by pbs. this will be the *sixth time the two will be debating...
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*test... of hillary clinton's frontrunner status. 3 another sign that sanders might be taking the lead... check out the power *breakfast he just had in new york. he met with the reverend al shaprton in harlem. the hope... that sanders can get more support from *black voters. that's a group that has always been on *clintons side... even when her *husband was president. sharpton says.... he's impressed with sanders' victory.. but did *not endorse him just yet. sanders campaign also says his win in new hampshire... brought in more than five-million dollars in new donations. 3 and on the republican side, the field just got narrowed down *again. two candidates dropped out of the race on wednesday. including governor chris christie... who did well in last weekend's debate, but only finished in *sixth place in new hampshire. and the only woman in the republican field....carly fiorina... also bowed out. she did even *worse in new hampshire, finishing in seventh place. there are now *six republicans left. 3 next up for the *remaining republican saturday in south carolina. that *same day, the democrats have caucues in nevada.
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first.. which is "super tuesday." that's when 13 states hold primaries all on the same day. 3 3 flags will be flown at half staff today all across the state of maryland. it will honor the two sheriffs deputies shot and killed, on wednesday. 3 it all happened at a shopping center in hartford county, just north of baltimore. one of the deputies was shot in the head in a crowded restaurant. the second was killed during a shootout with the same gunman. the gunman... 67-year-old david evans... was later shot and killed by other deputies. he had outstanding warrants in maryland *and in florida. that warrant in florida was for assaulting a police officer in orange county. 3 a developing story in oregon this morning: f-b-i agents have now surrounded the last few armed protestors at a wildlife refuge. *four activists are left on the property. the f-b-i is trying to negotiate with them, using a bullhorn. and overnight, the group told agents that they *plan to turn themselves in , later this morning. that may change though. also overnight, "cliven bundy" posted on his
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heading to the area right now... and he called other milita to join him. two of bundy's *sons were leading the protest, until they were arrested a few weeks ago. 3 and... it looks like this is not the time, to go surfing in hawaii. the big wave invitational tournament was canceled on wednesday, hours before it was scheduled to start. the reason? there were not enough storm- generated big waves on oahu's north shore. surfers come from all over the world to take part in this event. it also draws *thousands of spectators. the one day event is now called off...
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3 at *least next week. 3 ((walter/jen)) 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3
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time to talk some sports this morning. and we're finally talking some baseball. the rays don't *officially report for spring training for another week... . but a few players have *already started practicing, at the trop! 3 that includes two of the newest rays... sluggers "steve pearce" and "corey dickerson." this is actually a homecoming for pearce. he grew up in lakeland. pearce is known for hitting
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during his stint with the orioles, he hit more home runs at the *trop than any other ballpark. and that other newbie... corey dickerson... came to tampa bay in a trade with the rockies for jake mcgee. both pearce and dickerson will hopefully provide a boost to the rays offense. dickerson just wants to help out this team any way he can:
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3 and now to the nba... where the kobe farewell tour continued last night. the lakers legend just played his final game... in cleveland. 3 it's also one of the last time's he'll share the court with *another legend... "lebron james." the two stars greeted each other with a hug at the start of the game, and the cavaliers shown a brief video montage of kobe's highlights. but last night... probably wouldn't make that highlight reel. kobe had 17 points... the *third highest total on his team. the lakers just couldn't keep up... and the cavs win, 120 to 111. kobe and lebron will play each other one more time... in los angeles... next month. kobe ranks number three on the nba's all-time scoring list. lebron... is number 15... and *quickly moving up. 3 when we come back, i'll have another check on your
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3 ((vanessa)) 3 3 3 remember those valentines' day card exchanges... when you were a kid? well one toddler in california... is probably gonna need a *big shoe box. that's because he could be getting *thousands of cards, from all over the country. it's a special wish... for a very *brave little boy. fox's zohreen adamjee has mor.e 3 ___________________ ___________________ ___________________ ___________________ ___________________ every day, two-year-old aiden kramer counts the cards he gets from well wishers. and...he counts the days until he gets to go home. a. kramer says: "i'm here in the hospital because my blood got sick." aiden was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia. for six months, children's hospital los angeles has been his home. ashley kramer says: "the last few months have been a whirlwind to say the least." there were moments where his parents didn't know if he'd make it. ashley kramer says: "he was sitting in my arms totally fine...and he went limp in my arms. and he did not have a heartbeat. he wasn't breathing. the nurse instantly went into action, there was instantly a room full of people and they worked on him. my husband and i just dropped to our knees and prayed." aiden eventually woke up. it was a daily delivery of cards that kept him going. he had his last chemo treatment last thursday. he is scheduled to be released from the hospital at
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love and support from people this valentine's day, which also happens to be his third birthday. he hopes to receive more cards, and hope some include coins and cash so he can continue filling his jar and disney castle piggy bank with them. why? because now that aiden's fought off cancer, the toddler is taking on another grown-up battle. he dreams of going to cal tech and raise cash for college,
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3 3 that was fox's "zohreen adamjee" reporting. and if you want to send aiden a card... we'll try to post that address on our website... "fox 13 tampa bay" dot com. and still ahead in our next half hour: a huge scam... affecting bay area taxpayers. fox 13's shayla reaves will tell us why you could be getting a call... from a criminal. when good day continues.
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