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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 5AM  FOX  February 12, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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3 3 ((walter rude awakening... a truck slams into a home overnight... taking out several cars, on the way. and the damage is so bad, you can hardly tell what you're looking at in this video. 3 ((jen here he comes... donald trump brings his campaign to tampa... the big rally is at u-s-f... why some people could go away mad... before they even get *into the sun dome. 3 ((walter and... the 1-2-3's of better z's... how your *diet... affects your *sleep! what you should eat during the day, to get better rest at night. 3 3 ((walter)) 3 its now 5:__ thanks for joining us. i'm walter allen((jen)) and i'm jen epstein. let's start off with a check of the forecast, with dave. 3 wall to wall sunshine for
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this afternoon. tonight will be mostly 3 (dave 3 3 3 no closed captioning is available for captioning is no closed captioning is available for traffic. 3 3 3
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3 while you were sleeping: a truck slammed into a home in the riverview area... that was around two this morning... and it also ran into several cars... the resulting damage was so bad, the people who lived there just stood and stared. 3 reaves is at the scene... shayla: the good news is, no one was hurt... but this is such a mess. good morning. 3
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3 3 our hometown in national headlines. the republican race for the white house comes to tampa today. (jen) g-o-p frontrunner, donald trump, is holding a rally at u-s-f tonight... and he's sure to draw a huge crowd... even if they're *not all *supporters. 3 (jen the florida primary is more than a month away... so why is trump coming here so *early in campaign season? well, our state is the first "winner take all delegates" state... so even though there are more than a *dozen states voting *before us, florida is a *huge prize. and for trump, a win here, could be a major blow to jeb bush and marco rubio... who both need the support of their home state, to stay relevant. trump comes in with the advantage of leading in the polls... but
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3 "i do not agree with his statements, and i am an ally for everyone he is attacking." "if he does become the president, then i can say i saw him usf, which is cool." --jen 3 fox-13 political editor, craig patrick, says: one thing we *may see is a more "restrained" donald trump. yes, he will still go on the attack, bu he may ditch the colorful, vulgar language we saw last week. that's because florida, and the south in general, has a lot of evangelical voters. 3 (jen/ doors open at five p-m... and the actual event should start at seven. tickets are free, you just a link to it on our website... "fox 13 tampa bay dot com." but just because you sign-up, doesn't mean you'll get a seat. there are more *tickets, than seats... so you need to come early... since it's first come, first served. also bring *cash with you. it's 20-bucks to park, and they won't accept credit cards. it could cost you even *more, if you have a larger vehicle. 3 (walter) and it could be crowded outside the u-s-f sundome... there's at
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planned there. it's called "dump the trump," and it will start around four p-m. no word yet on how *big this protest will be... but a facebook invite went out to at least a *thousand people. 3 3 (walter) on the other side of the race, hillary clinton and bernie sanders faced-off in a *spirited debate in milwaukee last night. (jen) and after splitting the vote in iowa and new hampshire, both candidates are trying to gain momentum. here's fox's mike emanuel. 3 3 sanders says: "secretary clinton has been going around the country saying, "bernie sanders wants to dismantle the affordable care act."sanders says: "we're not going to dismantle anything."clinton says: "i can only say that we both share the goal of universal healthcare coverage. you know before it was called obamacare, it was called hillarycare." hillary clinton and bernie sanders squaring off in their first debate since clinton's twenty-two-point loss to sanders in new hampshire on tuesday. moderator says: "do you worry at all that you might be the instrument of thwarting history, as senator clinton keeps claiming, that she might be the first woman president?"sanders says: "somebody who has spent his entire life taking on the big money interest, i think a sanders victory would be of some historical accomplishment as well."clinton says: "i have said many times, you know i am not asking people to support me because i am a woman. i am asking people to support me because i think i'm the most qualified, experienced and ready person to be president." clinton - who did score a razor-thin win back in iowa -- is looking to try and find some momentum.clinton says: "i think we should not make promises we can't keep." sanders says: "every proposal that i have introduced has been paid for." earlier in the day thursday clinton did score an endorsement from the congressional black caucus. this as she and sanders are now doing all they can to try
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breakfast with civil rights activist al sharpton, and he won an endorsement from performer and activist harry belafonte on thursday. meantime, a federal judge is ordering hillary clinton's remaining emails from her time as secretary of state be released by the end of the month. with batches set to be released right before nevada's democratic caucus...then more the day before south carolina's democratic primary... (on cam tag) finally...the rest are set to be made public just one day before super tuesday... march
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3 3 (jen) primary day here in florida is still more than a *month away... but the elections office in hillsborough county is getting ready *today. they are mailing out more than 93 *thousand "vote my mail" ballots to registered voters. elections officials say: voting by mail is the *best way to cast your vote. if gives you extra time to research candidates... and helps you avoid lines on election day. you have until march 9th to request a "vote by mail" ballot. the actual primary is march 15th. 3 3 (walter come look at the screen if you can... authorities are have releaed a new picture of a person- of-interest in a deadly shooting at a tampa strip club. someone shot and killed two people at club rayne, early saturday morning. the man in the surveillance photos isn't a *suspect, but detectives *do want to speak with him. officers were able to track down *another person of interest earlier this week... but they say, he's not connected to the shooting. 3 3
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decide the fate of its superintendent. 3 (walter "kathryn leroy" was the focus of an internal investigation after associate superintendent greg rivers filed *nine claims against her. he accused her of sexual harassment... pursuing a relationship beyond professional boundaries... and creating a hostile work environment when he declined. although leroy was cleared of misconduct, school board members aren't so sure. the vote on whether to *fire leroy... is set to take place at today's meeting. it starts at five p-m. 3 (jen/ the city of tampa has a new plan to control the spread of the zika virus. and it starts... with the *trash. starting this weekend, the solid waste department is allowing tampa residents to dispose of *old tires* free of charge. stagnant water in old tires can become a haven for mosquitoes to breed.. residents can drop off up to *eight tires without rims at the collection facility on south 34th street.. during normal business hours. tampa residents can also place up to four tires at the curb... on their scheduled garbage days. the offer
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3 (walter the sky's the limit at tampa international... solar panels are now installed on the roof of the economy parking garage. and they're producing electricity for teco's entire grid, not just the airport... about 250- homes. another benefit: shade... for travelers who park their cars there. tampa mayor bob buckhorn says: teco is setting a great example for other utilities, in developing energy sources that are environmentally friendly. 3 "reducing our carbon footprint makes a difference. for our environment, for our economy, but more importantly as a we all know, we have a simple, moral, fundamental obligation and that is to leave the city in better shape than it was given to us. that's what this project is doing. teco, you should be proud." --walter 3 this is teco's first foray into large-scale solar energy. later this year, it will break ground on a project that will make *this one look *small. it's a 23- megawatt "solar array" at the big bend power station, in apollo beach.
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tickets are on sale this morning for disney live! mickey, minnie, and a whole bunch of other characters are coming to the bay area. the doorway to magic show will be rapunzel and flynn rider's first debut on stage... but classic characters like cinderella, snow white, and aladdin will also perform. the first shows are at amalie arena on february 27th. and the day after... february 28th the cast will perform at the mahaffey theater. tickets start at 15-dollars and run up to 50. 3 3 ((jen)) 3 they boldly went, where no men had gone before... ((walter)) now, we get to *see... what we've never *seen before... inside the apollo 11 space capsule. the mysterious markings,
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3 ((walter and... it looks like a normal little apartment... you won't *believe where workers found this "secret room"... now... what *else is down there? 3 3 3 3 3 3 3
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3 police in ohio have shot and killed a man who they say.. attacked several people at a restaurant in columbus.... with a machete! investigators say the man stormed into a mediterranean restaurant last night... and randomly attacked people at their tables. four people were hurt. all are expected to recover. the attacker then led police on a short car chase before being shot.. so far -- police say they still don't know a motive. 3 3 ((jen)) it's been *so hostile, for *so long... but it looks like we could be really close to a cease-fire in the syrian civil war, this morning.((walter)) world
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key issues... and it should take effect next week. but fox's patricia stark tells us: tensions are still high over one key issue. 3 3 a syrian ceasefire agreement falls short of immediate action. the talks in munich, germany --- which include diplomats from around the world -- agreed to an end to hostilities in a week. they've been trying to stem the tide of syrian refugees into turkey... who are trying to flee the violence.meslet says: "we must see action on the ground." the white house accuses the kremlin of bombing anti-isis rebels in the northern syrian city of aleppo. russian foreign minister sergey lavrov brushed off accusations against his country... as an emotional discussion. but he believes the agreement they achieved will allow for more military cooperation.lavrov says: "as for humanitarian problems, we are satisfied that today we've managed to agree on principles of the solution of the idea that access will be provided throughout syria to all besieged areas without any exception. u-s secretary of state john kerry is hopeful the russians will cooperate. kerry says: "foreign minister lavrov worked closely with me and with the rest of the members today and i'm pleased to say that as a result today in munich we believe we have made progress on both the humanitarian front and the cessation of hostilities front." on wednesday ... the russians accused the u-s led coalition of bombing hospitals in aleppo. but, the state department says there have been no coalition bombings near the syrian city over the last few days.toner says: "we have seen this kind of disinformation circulate before, and not just on syria." (on-cam tag) concerns now turn to humanitarian aid... with a meeting now set for friday in geneva to discuss delivering
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3 uber wants to settle 2 lawsuits... by paying 28-point-5 million dollars to customers. the lawsuits claim uber charged a "safe
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dollars for what they called industry-leading background checks... but... they checks required for taxi settlement... they would refund 3 about 25-million customers. it works out to about 82-cents per person. however, they're not getting rid of that 2-dollar fee... it a "booking" fee. a judge still has to approve the 3 gas leak in los angeles... has finally been plugged. crews capped the leak thursday, and are working to seal it *permanently, with *cement. the leak was first detected back in *october... and the smelly methane gas has been gushing-out ever since. nearly six-thousand people had to move out of the area... many of them were dealing with side effects from the fumes, like: headaches, nosebleeds and nausea. now the gas company faces *dozens of lawsuits, and possible criminal charges. 3 (walterthis is cool... a unique look *inside the "apollo 11" command capsule... before now, visitors at the "national air and space museum" could only look
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high-resolution 3-d model of the spacecraft that took neil armstrong to the moon in 19-69. it even shows graffiti left behind by armstrong, buzz aldrin and michael armstrong. like numbers and calculations... as they figured out instructions from mission control. the model should be available online, later this year. 3 (jen/ and... come look at this. at first glance, it looks like a normal bedroom... oh, but it's not... this room, was discovered in.... the berlin subway! it's a secret apartment... and it was hidden away, in tunnel that isn't used anymore. it was discovered back in december, during a big inspection of the subway system... and officials have no idea *how it got there, or *why. there's a single bed... a small armchair... a picture on the wall... and a houseplant, that seems to be flourishing... so *someone's been there recently, to take care of it. operators aren't pleased... it's dangerous to be down there... and now they're wondering:
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3 ((anchors)) it's now 5:__. time to check the forecast with dave. 3 3 3 it is 5:__: time now to find out what's happening on the roads - with our 3 "skyfox on time traffic". 3 no closed captioning is available for captioning is no
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3 no closed 3 3 no closed 3 captioning is available for traffic. 3
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3 some people swear by a drink before bed... they don't call it a "nightcap" for nothing. (jen) but for others, liquor makes their sleep restless... so if you really want a good night's rest, eat *this! 3 (jen - a new study from the journal of clinical sleep medicine found that peas,,, yes, peas... can positively impact your sleep pattern. that's because they're low in saturated fat and high in fiber...(walter) if mexican is more your style, try a helping of black beans. not only are they good for your heart... the more you eat them, the better you sleep.(jen) also low in fat and sugar and high in fiber is broccoli... and brussels sprouts.(walter) and good news for guacamole fans... avocados... made the list. they are higher in saturated fat than some other foods on this list, but they are healthy and can help
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if you're a fruit nut... add blackberries and rassberries to your daily diet... for better zzzzz's. 3 3 ((walter)) alright guys, consider yourselves warned... we've got about 48-hours to get it together for valentine's day.((jen)) yeah, the pressure's on to do something *romantic this weekend. 3 (jen but this year, cupid is spreading all *kinds of love... in so many ways. the sweet surprise for people who thought they'd be left behind and lonely... friday warm fuzzy, big time! 3 3 the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood.
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america runs on dunkin'. hey, guys, it's annie. you know, as moms, we are always looking for new ways to save money. pwell today, i'm going to share with you pa simple tip that could help you stretch your budget when it comes to your grocery shopping. not bad. pit's easy: bogos from other stores aren't always the best deal, pbut walmart every day low prices, pwell, that could save you some money. tampa, the total amount saved at walmart vs winn dixie was $24.49 in this week's basket - that's 22%. including bogos. give walmart every day low
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3 (jen) valentine's day is coming up sunday... and it *can be lonely, for those who are missing lost loved ones. but not this year... some sweet angels made sure some seniors weren't left behind... and the result... is heartwarming. 3 hi! happy valentine's day.. awww good! valentine's day came early for some very special bay area seniors. tess says: i haven't had fresh roses or flowers in so many years. it just brings tears to my eyes. it's very very special. each blossom of love gift handed out by "visiting angels", a local nurse registry and health care service. jennifer says: sometimes older seniors don't really have someone around anymore. maybe they don't have family or friends nearby. we don't want them to be lonely or left out for valentine's day so we just thought it would nice to do for them. so they played cupid.. for all the women and bayou gardens assisted living facility in palm harbor.tess griffith lost her husband seven years ago - on valentine's day - and is grateful for the gift. tess says: it is very special to me to get something like this. i never thought i'd be getting flowers like this againthe surprise didn't stop there - they all got a box of chocolates too. i love chocolate. and i love flowers. it wasn't all store bought.. one visiting angel handed out home made quilts made by her blanket ministry. nancy says: it's just a good thing to do. we like doing good for people. each surprise received with gratitude... a smile and a hug...from a group of women thankful to be remembered this
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3 3 (jen) this is the first year "visiting angels" has done their blossoms of love surprise.. but if the resources are there.. they plan on doing it every year. 3 ((jen)) when the going gets tough, you bring in the family.((walter)) the familiar face who's ready to hit the campaign trail for "little brother." 3 ((walter and... pasco county deputies need your help catching a thief... the incredible video, that should help them out. 3
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3 it's 5:--, on friday, february 12th. i'm walter allen.((jen)) and i'm jen epstein. it's been almost a week, and tampa police are *still looking for a "person of interest" in a shooting that killed two people . and they need your help.
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((jen fox-13's aaron mesmer is on the story for us. aaron... there's real urgency here... what sort of 3 leads to detectives have? 3 tampa police are really hoping for a break in this case. they've been going through surveillance video of the shooting...trying to identify people who may be able to provide some good information. 3 detectives have now released a picture of a "person-of- interest"...and they need helping identifying him. he was in club rayne early saturday morning...when, according to witnesses an argument broke out -- and ended in gunfire. eight people were hit. 21-year-old marvin lancaster was killed inside the club on nebraska avenue. earlier this week...20-year-old christopher houston also died from his injuries. houston's family and friends gathered for a vigil at the club...which re-opened just for the ceremony. investigators say roughly 300 people were in the building at the time of the incident. an employee described it as a patrons ran for the exit. it's now been almost a week since...and there have not been any arrests. the "person of interest" in the photo released different than the one police sent out a few days ago -- that person was cleared. 3 just like in that case...this man is not being called a suspect. but if you know who this he is, you're asked to call police or crime stoppers. and you may be eligible for a three-thousand
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3 3
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3 3 3 3 3 3 no closed captioning is available for traffic. 3 3 the time now is 5:__.
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3 to the minute on today's top stories: pasco county deputies are trying to find a man suspected of burlarizing a smoke shop in wesley chapel.. they tell us that this past sunday.. the man on your screen walked up to the "smoker's paradise" store on state road 54.. smashed the glass to the front door and took money from the register inside.. if you have any information as to who this person may be.. you're asked to call the pasco sheriff's office.. 3 ((walter a wild night for a family in the riverview area. around two this morning, a truck slammed into their home... and on the way, the driver hit several other vehicles. we've just learned the driver of that truck is rivero yordys.. who has been arrested and charged with dui with property damage. nobody was seriously hurt... but the damage is so severe, it's hard to make-out exactly what you're looking at, in the video.
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(walter in tampa, a woman could spend up-to 30-years in prison, for her role in the death of a three-year-old boy. "john taylor baxley" died five years ago, after suffering "severe abuse." thursday, a jury found "kara o'connell" guilty of manslaughter and child abuse. she was dating the boy's father, justin garwacki, at the time. *he was *also facing murder charges, but cut a deal with the state, in exchange for testifying *against o'connell. 3 3 (jen - happening today: donald trump is making a campaign stop in tampa. the g-o-p heavyweight is u-s-f. more tickets than seats were made available. so arrive early and bring cash. it's 20-dollars to park. hear what trump had to say... and how voters feel about his message... tonight on fox 13 news at 10. 3 3 (jen) former president george w. bush is expected to make his first appearance on the campaign trail next week. former governor jeb bush at a rally in north charleston, south carolina. bush is still popular among some republicans, especially in south carolina... where he won primary races in 2000 and 2004.
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in new hampshire, jeb needs he's lagging behind in fourth place in a recent poll of likely voters in south carolina. 3 3 (walter) 3 so... take a big deep breath. we made it... that means: time for fun. and we know just how to start it... with the good day goodies. let's go!
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((jen)) 3 there's a reason "titanic" was one of the biggest movies of all time. ((walter)) the whole story still fascinates people, more than 100-years after the famous ship sank. 3 ((walter but now: it looks like titanic will sail again. or at least, it's twin. inside the replica... the details are *amazing... for a ride.
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3 oh, who could forget it... kate winslet and leonardo dicaprio... trying to get off the doomed "titanic"... the movie, and the *real
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3 (jen) the doomed ship went down 104-years ago... but now, it looks like titanic will sail again. (walter) or, at least its *twin. russell... this is *fascinating. 3 (russell) yes... it... is. a billionaire in australia is building a seaworthy replica... it's called, "titanic two"... and it will set sail on its maiden voyage in 20-18... it will have all the latest technology and sailing equipment onboard... but the rest of it... is nearly identical to the original. (russell let's take a look... the ship will contain nine floors with 840 cabins... there are turkish baths onboard... a swimming pool... dining and everything modeled after the original. even the gym will have an early 20th century look. and in keeping with the original second and third-class tickets. 3
5:43 am
rubs you the wrong way, you're not alone. relatives of titanic's lost passengers have spoken out against the project. but on the flip side, the company has gotten *tons of requests for more information... the ship will sail from china to dubai... and tickets go as high as 925-thousand-dollars! 3 and we are told the ship will have state of the art navigation and safety equipment... and plenty of life boats. 3 3 it's now 5:__. time to check 3 the forecast with dave. 3 3 3
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to find out what's 3 happening on the roads - with our "skyfox on time traffic". 3 no closed captioning is
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3 3 (jen and tomorrow night, it's pirate time again. the annual "sant'yago illuminated knight parade" rolls through ybor city saturday... it features more than 100-floats... all lit-up... plus marching bands, krewes and their royalty. the tampa bay rays, and "big brothers/big sisters" will *lead the parade... and the cuban club is hosting an "after party." the festivities kick-off at seven p-m tomorrow... along seventh
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3 3 ((walter)) in sports this morning: the lightning's new season ticket program is underway.. and there's now a way for fans to become what the team is dubbing -- "a bolt for life".. the recurring membership plan allows for a 12-month.. interest-free payment plan in which tickets will automatically renew each february.. fans can cancel the plan during an opt-out phase every year.. now the lightning are home tonight.. and as fox-13 sports director chip carter explains: this is the time for the team to seal their place in the post-season.. 3 this is the part of the season where the lightning really need to kick in their push to seal up a playoff spot and they just lost a critical piece....defenseman jason garrison is out for at least three weeks, maybe five weeks...that creates a big hole, especially on the 3 penalty kill... that's why i htink this should push the lightning to trade jonathan's going to be harder to sit on a deal, knowing they need a top blue liner....and they can make a deal if they move drouin..... so don't look for the team to wait until the trade deadline at 3 the end of february, it also means matt karle will get more
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games.... the tampa bay rowdies get ready to open the preseason saturday night at home... the 2016 club has a lot of new faces, and those new faces will get a good test this spring against some top notch major league soccer talent... saturday night it's dc united... the rowdies dc united pre-season game begins at 7 at al lang stadium in st pete 3 3 st peteal lang stadium in game begins at 7 at united
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manatees are still crowding kings bay near crystal river. officials say their last count was one-thousand-47. which means we're getting a lot of up close and personal looks at the manatees. like this picture... check it out. a mother is nursing her calf in three sisters 3 springs. right now... the spring is being closed to swimmers periodically to make room for the manatees. but you can always visit the springs and check out the manatees from the boardwalk. 3 pluto meet ace! check out this video posted by disney fans. this golden retriever named ace is training to become a guide dog for the blind. his trainer brought him to disneyland as a socialization experiment....
5:50 am
there. as you can see... when he met pluto all he wanted to do was play. his trainer says ace has about 6 to 9 months of extensive training 3 left before graduation. 3 ((jen)) there's a new project going on in winter haven... (walter) and it's a win-win-win situation. 3 : "more jobs creates more disposable income, creates better quality of life for the individuals that live here." ((walter yeah, that'll work... plus, another place to take visiting friends and family... the fun new stuff... coming to legoland!
5:51 am
hey, guys, it's annie. you know, as moms, we are always looking for new ways to save money. pwell today, i'm going to share with you pa simple tip that could help you stretch your budget when it comes to your grocery shopping. not bad. pit's easy: bogos from other stores aren't always the best deal, pbut walmart every day low prices, pwell, that could save you some money. tampa, the total amount saved at walmart vs winn dixie was week's basket - that's 22%. give walmart every day low prices a try today.
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3 new stuff at lego-land in winter haven... guess that makes sense at a theme park that's all about "building blocks." ((jen)) now, they're using an empty field across the street from the park, for something new. fox-13's ken suarez shows us: what's in the works. 3 since it opened four years ago, legoland has been like a magnet.. drawing bigger crowds than ever before to winter haven.. it looks like soon the head count will be even higher still.. plans are in works to build a new resort here on 50 plus acres boardering lake dexter.. just across 166 duxplexes.. pool, or hang out at the ponds during their extended stay.. local shops, who legoland's presence, can't rachel falkamy's cards, party and more"it will build the and it it's a really good merlin entertainment, legoland's parent company, has down roots here.. it has so.. every time, the same thing has happened.. more hotel brought in 160.. the new model center in lake when it moved its downtown winter haven , another 50.. it all adds up.. katie worthingtongreater commerce'more jobs creates more disposable income , life for the individuals that it is going to make a number of announcementswith details when the time is right.. right now, mum's the word..
5:54 am
enough winter haven , ken suarez, fox 13 news 3 ((jen)) there's much more to come on good day.((walter))
5:55 am
out what's ahead in our 6 o'clock hour. 3 ((russell/2-shot)) someone is shooting large, endangered birds in st. petersburg.. ((laura)) six birds.. found with bullet wounds.. and the attacks - seem to be getting worse. 3 ((russell/take vo)) and developing right now.. a pick-up truck loses control and slams into a home in riverview.. a huge mess being cleaned up this morning. 3 ((laura/wipe vo)) and: a christmas tree.. filled with valentines.. jen epstein will show us how a local woman is dealing this first valentine's day without her husband. it's all ahead at six. 3 3 ((dave)) 3 3 3 3
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3 tense moments after a truck slams into a house ... how homeowners took thi p>>russell: tense moments after a ptruck slams into a house. phow homeowners took things into ptheir own hands before deputies parrived. p>>laura: and billionaire, preality tv star, presidential pcandidates. pthe headline act for the white phouse is coming to tampa. p>>russell: democrats go head to phead. p>> the numbers don't add up, and pmany people will actually be pworse off than they are right pnow. p>> that is absolutely pinaccurate. plook. p>>russell: health care, pimmigration, law enforcement. pthe candidates take sides before pvoters place their bets.
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