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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  February 12, 2016 6:00am-6:59am EST

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3 tense moments after a truck slams into a house ... how homeowners took thi p>>russell: tense moments after a ptruck slams into a house. phow homeowners took things into ptheir own hands before deputies parrived. p>>laura: and billionaire, preality tv star, presidential pcandidates. pthe headline act for the white phouse is coming to tampa. p>>russell: democrats go head to phead. p>> the numbers don't add up, and pmany people will actually be pworse off than they are right pnow. p>> that is absolutely pinaccurate. plook. p>>russell: health care, pimmigration, law enforcement. pthe candidates take sides before pvoters place their bets.
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pkinds of love stories this week. pcoming up, jennifer epstein is pgoing to introduce us to a woman pwho is keeping love alive after plosing her husband. p>>dave: straight up 6:00 and 53 pdegrees outside. pit is a little warmer than it pwas yesterday at this time but pwith light winds, the fact that pthe dew point has risen close to ptemperature, we have to deal pwith fog and the visibility is a pquarter mile in lakeland, pquarter mile in sarasota. pother areas, you have no fog. pbut just heads up, especially in olk county, we'll deal with pthat until a bit after sunup. pthen it's going to be a pbeautiful day. phigh temperatures should get pback close to 70 degrees this pafternoon. p>>vanessa: and i want to show pyou fog is going to be a factor pfor folks as dave mentioned in pthe polk county area and also arts of eastern hillsborough so pslow down, use the low beam plights in the areas with the low pvisibilities. p275 at the interchange, we do
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pyou can see full lane blockage pon this ramp and it appears to pbe on the ramp from 275 psouthbound and so it is having pan impact on i-4 westbound, preally more of the impact we're pseeing and the delays southbound p275 approaching i-4. pso you should actually avoid -- pget off the interstate before pyou hit this point along psouthbound 275 and we'll keep pyou posted on the delays. p>>russell: a truck smashes into pthe side of a home in river pview. palong the way it ran into pseveral cars. pthis is just south of river view pdrive. p>>laura: and shayla reaves is plive for us at the scene this pmorning. pthings didn't end with a crash, peither, did they? p>>reporter: they did not. pin fact, we learned that the pdriver who was behind the wheel pof the truck that crashed pactually tried to leave the pscene. ptwo men inside the home were pable to detain him, keep him pfrom leaving and ultimately pauthorities were able to make an parrest.
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pgive you a closer look at what pwe're talking about. pyou're looking at some damage pleft behind after the driver of pa truck crashed into a home off arson circle. pthat truck landed on top of panother vehicle and all four pvehicles, including that truck, pwere damaged. pthe driver has been identified pto us as rivero yordas. phe just turned 37 years old pearlier this month. pat this point, we have not been pable to speak with the folks pinside the home on camera, many pof them still too shaken up to pcomment on the reality. pjust this morning, they were plikely asleep in their beds and pall of a sudden, they were pawakened by a crash. pyou can see some of the debris pas we bring you back out here, psome of the toys strewn about. pwe watched throughout the pmorning as crews worked to premove all of those cars
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pthat they did not cause further pstructural damage to the home. pwe know code enforcement was palso contacted. pit's unclear what they decided pregarding the safety of the home pbut at this point, we can tell pyou no one was hurt out of all pof this. pred cross was called as well to passist but we learned that call pwas eventually cancelled so pwe'll continue to follow pthroughout the morning and keep pyou posted. pif we learn anything more about pthe fact, reported here in river pview, shayla reaves, fox 13 pnews. p>>laura: all right. pthank you. pright now is it beyonce or pearl pjam? pit's for a presidential pcandidate. p>>russell: donald trump holding pa rally tonight at sun dome. pwhether they support trump or pnot, they want to see him in erson. pthe arena can told 10,000 eople. peven if you have a ticket, seats pare not guaranteed. pdoors open at 5:00. pevent starts at 7:00.
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pto protest outside. p>>laura: and florida is the pfirst big prize of the election pseason. pwe have 246 delegates. pit's fourth in the nation just pbehind california, new york and ptexas. pit's also the first winner take pall state. p>>russell: recent poll shows ptrump leading by a lot. p48% of the florida atlantic puniversity poll. pthat was before his double digit pwin in new hampshire, by the pway. phe's followed by iowa winner ted pcruz and rubio and bush in a pvirtual tie. p>>laura: if you want to vote in pthe march 15 presidential rimary, the deadline is next ptuesday. pyou can register at county pelections offices, public plibraries, military recruitment poffices or driver's license poffices. pflorida's primary is a close pone, too, which means that only pregistered republicans and pdemocrats can take part. p>>russell: if trump wins pflorida, it will add insult to
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pbush is now leading more on his pfirst his mother in new pformer president bush is going pto be campaigning for him in psouth carolina. p>>laura: and the next big pcontest in the race for the prepublican nomination is south pcarolina. pit is february 20. p>>russell: leading g.o.p. pcandidates will be there ptomorrow night for a debate. pdemocrats had their own debate plast night and their next pcontest is nevada. pcandidates were in wisconsin plast night. pbernie sanders and hillary pmilwaukee. pshe is staking her comeback on pher ability to woo the black and platino voters. p>> i think president obama has paddressed a lot of issues that phave been quite difficult but he phas gone forward. pnow what we have to do is to
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pso race relations would be pbetter under a sanders residency than they've been. p>> absolutely. pwhat we will do is say instead pof giving tax breaks to pbillionaires, we are going to pcreate millions of jobs for low pincome kids so they're not phanging out on street corners. pwe're going to make sure those pkids stay in school. p>>laura: a very emotional issue popposed by all the leading prepublican issues was pimmigration reform. p>> bottom line is a path for pundocumented people. pright thing. pwe use the executive orders of pthe president. p>> hopefully some of the prepublicans will come to their psenses and realize we're not pgoing to deport 11 or 12 million eople. p>>laura: the nevada democratic pcaucuses are saturday, february p20.
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pfor all the latest election phighlights. p>>russell: 6:07. pit has been nearly one week psince a deadly shooting at a ptampa strip club. ptwo men died after a shooting psaturday morning at the club prain. pthis morning detectives are once pagain asking the public for help pto identify the person of pinterest. pthese are surveillance photos. pdetectives do want to talk to phim. pofficers were able to track down panother man they call a person pof interest earlier this week. pthey say now he was not pconnected to the shooting. p>>laura: and detectives are plooking for a man and woman who pthey say tried to rob a forklift poperator and then shot him in pthe back as he ran away. pthis was a surveillance video of pthe suspect taken moments before pthe crime. pit happened at a produce stand pnear east hillsborough avenue on pjanuary 26. pthe officers believe the same ptwo people robbed someone else pat the market eight days pearlier. pdetectives think that the psuspects live nearby. p>>russell: memorial tomorrow
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phit and killed by a car last pweek. psky ler was killed as he rode phis bike in sarasota. psurveil jns -- surveillance pvideo shows him just moments pbefore the crash. p>>laura: a man is accused of pharassing young girls on a psocial media app called kik and pdeputies want to know who else phe's been chatting with online. p25-year-old lucas bales was parrested after investigators psaid he told an 11-year-old girl pto send him nude photos. phe threatened to post her home paddress on the internet and pasked people to rape her or set pher house on fire. pbales was also accused of pterrorizing another girl who was p12. phe was arrested yesterday. pdeputies seized his cell phone, plaptop, his desk top and laystation. pinvestigators say they found pthreatening messages on the pdevices.
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pclearly he will stop at nothing pto get, you know, ahold of a pjuvenile female and hurt her hysically, hurt her sexually. p>>laura: deputies say that bales pwent by the name dot daddy ponline. pthey're looking to see if he's pcontacted anyone else. pif that name sounds familiar, pcontact the poel county olice. p>>russell: today we expect to pfind out whether the polk county psuperintendent is going to keep pher job. plast month the associate psuperintendent greg rivers filed pnine misconduct claims against pthe superintendent. phe accused her of sexual pharassment, making inappropriate pcomments and creating a hostile pwork environment. phe said it was because he didn't pwant to take their relationship pany further. pindependent investigation leader pcleared him of any misconduct pbut some of the school board are pnot sure and tonight they will pvote whether to fire her. p>>laura: someone shot a turkey pvulture in st. petersburg.
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pthe sixth time someone has shot pa protected bird in this area. pand a local rescue says that penough is enough. pthe tampa bay rescue says that pit seems that someone is ptargeting them. pall the birds have been found in pthe venetian isles area and a ptotal of four osprey and one pblue heron have been shot in the parea. pthis is the bullet that was ulled -- yeah. pthat's the bullet pulled from a pturkey vulture wing yesterday pmorning. phe was not able to fly and in pthe end had to be put down. plocal bird watchers say the pconsistency of the shootings is palarming and it's illegal. p>> it started with pellets and pthe last couple have been with a pbullet or a large slug. p>> i rescue birds and it's very pdistressing to see anybody who pis intentionally murdering pbirds. p>>laura: turkey vultures and pospreys are protected so pshooting them is a federal
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pthe rescue is offering a $1,500 preward for information leading pto an arrest. p>>russell: pam bondi threw her psupport behind a proposal to fix rocess. pshe supports a plan to require a punanimous jury verdict before a pdefendant is eligible for the pdeath penalty. pflorida's death penalty law has pbeen called into question. pthe ruling has left hundreds of phau p-- lawmakers debate how to best pfix the season. p>>laura: a timeout on a bill pwould bring back recess. pthe plan would require schools pto allow at least 20 minutes a pday for recess for elementary pstudents. pthe senate education chairman psays he will not bring the bill pto a vote. phe wants recess policies to be pcited at a local level and not pthe state. phayes said that's what created pthe problem in the first place.
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porganization says that the ossibility of zika vaccines are pat least 18 months away from plarge scale trials. phealth officials have identified ptwo more marking the first pincrease in three days. pthey say all the cases have been pfrom someone who travelled out pof the country and then returned pwith the virus. ublic health emergency has been pdeclared in hillsborough county pwhere there have been three pcases. pyesterday tam pap city leaders pgot together to talk about pwhat's being done to keep them pfrom spreading. pthe virus is primarily spread by pmosquitos. pstagnant water in old tires can pbe dropped off at the city's pcollection facility on south p34th street from tomorrow to the p20th. pwaste management crews will also pcollect up to four tires on your pcurb. p>>laura: we are in love with pmanatee videos this week. pwe've seen a lot of good ones. pwe have another and it is psomething that most people never pget to see.
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pjen has been bringing us heart pwarming love stories. pfor some people, valentine's day pis difficult. pshe's going to show us how a plocal woman is honoring her late phusband. pwe'll have that for you coming pup. p>>dave: big temperature range pthis morning. p39 in bartow, we have 55 in st. etersburg but just about peverybody is warmer than pyesterday. pthat's good news. pwe also have to deal with pvisibility issues and some fog, preally through polk county, peastern hillsborough, down to pmanatee. pheads up for the fog. psun will be up in less than an phour. ptake care that far quickly. phighs in the upper 60s. pstick around for your pvalentine's day forecast which pi'll have in a couple of pminutes. p>>vanessa: and an update on the proadways. pwe're learning that this closure pwe're seeing on southbound 275 pis expected to last three to pfour hours. pthis is going to be a big deal pfor drivers. pit's going to be pretty backed pup so you'll want to avoid that parea. plooks like you should exit 275
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pi wouldn't go any further south pthan that based on delays we're pseeing. pmake your way to armenia. pyou can enter get at armenia. pthis is a possible fatality. pthat's what f.h.p. is calling pthis. pso we'll the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. or iced macchiato today.
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oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-ooh, oh hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. p>>vanessa: 6:17. p9 the big story on the roadway pis that crash we're follow ago plong 275 southbound so we're pcontinuing to watch this shot phere from fdot until we can get psky fox overhead but this is i-4
6:18 am
pcomplete shutdown of the 275 pramp heading into the pinterchange. pas we're seeing the delays build phere 275 southbound, we're pseeing them back up to mlk. pi've been cautioning drivers, if pyou do have to head that way, pexit at the furthest south mlk pand take armenia south to pwherever you have to go, pincluding reentering 275. pwe're seeing delays here along pi-4. pi would definitely give yourself pextra time if you have to head pthat way. pas i mentioned before, the full pblockage is affecting 275 psouthbound at that interchange. pwe do want to bring you an pearlier crash that is still pblocking things up in pinellas pcounty. p76th avenue north, two pnorthbound lanes are blocked pthere. pjust a reminder, 275 southbound, pi-4, please, please, please pavoid that area. pwe do have sky fox and also a pcrew headed to the scene. pwe'll bring updates throughout
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pdave? p>>dave: you will need your pjackets first thing this pmorning. pno doubt about that. phowever, if you compare this to pyesterday, several degrees pwarmer this morning. pfor instance, tampa, which was plike 42 yesterday morning, now p53. pwest chase is at 48. pnew tampa, which was hovering pjust above freezing yesterday, pthey're at 42. pjacket weather, yes. pbut still warmer than yesterday. pcrystal river, this is where pyour biggest difference is, mid pto upper 40s in citrus county pwhere they were near 30 degrees pyesterday at this time. pbrandon, sarasota, venice, low pto mid 40s. plow to mid 40s inland as well. pbartow jumps back and forth pbetween 39 and 41, 42 degrees pbut again, even that number is pwarmer than it was yesterday. pfive degrees warmer in brandon. p11 degrees warmer in tampa and p14 degrees warmer in crystal priver. pjust gives you an idea of how
6:20 am
pgeneral and now that we've pbrought the humidity levels back pup just a bit, we're generating pa little fog this morning. pespecially in polk county and pthis has been the spot all pmorning long with this reduced pvisibility. pquarter to half mile from plakeland to bartow and as you pstretch in the eastern phillsborough, we're dealing with psome fog and that does get all pthe way to manatee county and psarasota. pthose are the spots where we phave reduced visibility this pmorning. pjust heads up for those. pwe're less than an hour from psunrise now and it's going to be pa pretty one with the exception pof spots that have fog. pit should burn off quickly and pthen sunshine is going to take pover for the rest of the day. pthe satellite looks fantastic. pwinds are going to shift today pmore of a southwesterly pdirection. pwe'll bring up the moisture but palso bring up temperatures. pi'll be honest with you. pi enjoyed yesterday afternoon pright in the sunshine, it felt pgreat. ptoday even warmer than it was pyesterday as high temperatures,
6:21 am
pupper 60s but not everybody is penjoying this beautiful weather. pnot everybody because i just got pto show you this real quick. plook at the wind chills in pcanada. p46, 52 degrees below zero in psome town i can't pronounce. pbut still, the reason i show pthis to you, if you have to ptravel to new england this pweekend, if you have family or pfriends like i do up in new pengland, i want to fast forward pto sunday morning. plook at these wind chills. p28 to 35 degrees below zero. pwe're going to be up close to 70 pon sunday afternoon. pthis is what they're going to be pdealing with. pso yeah, not everybody is going pto have a nice and lovely pvalentine's day weekend pweatherwise so 69 degrees for phigh temperature for us today. pscour the fog out quickly this pmorning. pgo for the weekend, upper 60s
6:22 am
pmaybe squeezing out lower 70s. pfront will come through monday pinto tuesday. pthat will bring us a chance of prain and storms. pokay? p>>laura: welcome back. pit is 6:21. pjust need to make sure this is pall straight. pwe've been talking about it all pweek long. pvalentine's day is on sunday and pyes, love is in the air for some pof us. p>>russell: for others, pvalentine's day can be tough. pit brings back memories of a plove lost. pjen spoke with a woman who found pa creative way to turn her grief pinto hope. p>>jennifer: memories from 18 pyears of marriage hang on a tree pin gale's home. p>> this is a picture of us in phawaii on our honeymoon and we pwere dressed alike. p>>jennifer: she's not pcelebrating christmas. pshe's honoring the man that was ptaken from her life much too psoon. p>> he was a great husband, a pgreat father and we just had pgreat times together. p>>jennifer: this is gale's first pvalentine's day without her phusband robert. phe died suddenly in june of p2015.
6:23 am
pday so special for me and these pare some things he's given me pover the years. p>>jennifer: only eight months pshe's been without her husband pand her daughters with their dad pbut gale has faith her family pwill be okay. p>> he told me one day, if he pdied before me, he wasn't pworried about me. phe knew i could take care of pmyself and he knew i would take pcare of these kids. p>>jennifer: so instead of pgrieving with the kids, they pcelebrate his life together. p>> looking at this tree and how pmuch love is on this tree, it pfills my heart with love. p>>jennifer: and even brings back pmemories that make her life. p>> my husband used to tell me i pwas a hoarder because i kept a plot of things but hey, i guess pthis was a part of god's plan to pkeep these things and now look pwhat i'm doing with them. p>>jennifer: gale knows there are eople just like her and pmourning this valentine's day pand she hopes her tree will fill ptheir broken heart with love, ptoo. p>>jennifer: it is really pbeautiful and i asked gale how
6:24 am
plove tree up. pshe said it makes her happy and pshe has no plans to take it pdown. p>>russell: what a nice idea. p>>jennifer: she had so much eace about the whole thing and, pyou know, it works for her so pwhy not? p>>laura: when you're in a good lace like that, it's amazing phow you become the strength for peveryone else. p>>russell: thanks. pnice story. pall right. pastronauts didn't just leave pfootprints on the moon. pthey left graffiti in the pspacecrafts. p>>laura: a look at what bored pspace men wrote when they pweren't making history. pthen it's friday and that means
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pcoming up, taylor has a look at3 3 3 p>>vanessa: we tell lcome back. pwe're getting a look at this pdeadly crash. pnot deadly crash. pwe're hearing a possible deadly pcrash. psouth bound 275 at the pinterchange blocking -- really pwe're seeing the southbound 275 planes. phourp phowever, we are seeing bad pdelays all the way to sligh pavenue. pyou'll want to exit 275 before pyou get to that point. pi-4 jamming up as well. pdrivers in downtown tampa should ptake looks like the best route pwill be the selmon connector.
6:28 am
pcrash but you can see this is pdrivers. pwe're hearing from f.h.p. the proad is going to be closed three pto four hours which is typical pfor a crash where we see either pvery serious injuries or a crash pwhere somebody has passed away. pso we'll keep you posted on the pdelays. pif you can just avoid 275 psouthbound before that pinterchange, you'll save pguys? p>>laura: just to be clear, pthat's 275 and i-4 interchange pwhich is the worst possible area pto be for the morning commute. pit's time to pick the hot click pof the week. p>>taylor: good morning. pso it's time to start the pweekend off right. pwe're going to vote for our pfavorite hot click from the week pand we have three very great pnominees starting with this one. pa little baby who was completely pshocked. pthere it is, that adorable face pat his brother's magic trick. pjust everything.
6:29 am
pand next up, we have this. pa dog with beauty and brains as pshe uses bread to catch fish. p>>laura: sweet. p>>taylor: check this out. pi love this. pand russ em, you're right. pi did rewatch this. pthey toss bread crumbs on the pwater and it's very clear to me pnow. pi don't know why i didn't see pthat yesterday but it's very pcool. p>>laura: good girl. p>>taylor: and meet nora, the platest addition to the columbus paquarium in ohio. pher name is a combination of her pmother's name and her father's pname and they just gave her this pname after the zoo put out on ponline poll and gave people the pchance to vote. pvery cute. pspeaking of voting, it's that ptype. pwe want to find out which video pwas your favorite to head to our phome page at
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pyour votes and i'll be back at pthe end of the show. p>>laura: see you then. pthank you. p>>russell: it's busy around here pthis morning. pbig news, avoid southbound 275. pdeveloping right now there's a pvery bad crash at the i-4 pinterchange and 275. p>>laura: and a road that could pbe closed, in fact, for hours. pvanessa is watching the psituation closely and she has pways to get around it, although pit may be hard. pand remember this video of a phole blown in the side of a lane? pofficials say the terrorists are lanning to do the same thing phere in the united states. p>>russell: and it may be time to pinvest in a better surf board.
6:31 am
6:32 am
p>>vanessa: 6:32. pwe'll start with a crash we're pfollowing on 275 south bound at pi-4. pit's confirmed as a deadly pcrash. pdrivers, of course, are going to pwant to avoid that area. pwe can show you where some of pthe delays we're seeing are as pfar back as sligh avenue and phillsborough avenue so if you do phave to take 275 southbound and pyou're insisting on taking it, pat least exit before you get to phillsborough, sligh avenue. pyou're just going to get stuck pin traffic and sit there for a plong time. pto make matters worse, a second pcrash at hillsborough with lane pblockage as well. pso it's just getting worse and pworse through this area. pas you can see from the shot phere, it's a very heavy law penforcement scene here. pthey'll still be out on the pscene for the next maybe three pto four hours. plooks like from what we can ptell, two vehicles are involved. pone of them is overturned and
6:33 am
pheavy front end damage so we're pwondering how that happened. phopefully this was not a wrong pway driver but of course, as pthis investigation unfolds, pwe'll keep you posted. padditionally drivers i-4 pwestbound should exit before pthey get to the interchange as pwell because we are seeing some pheavy delays heading that way. phere's a live look 275 phillsborough avenue. pyou can see the combak impacts backing pway, way up the interstate. pit's heading out to 50th street pwhere we're starting to see the pslower speeds creep to. pselmon, selmon connector at the pvery least. pwe'll keep you posted on the platest out here. pthis is the biggest crash of the pmorning. pwe do have a crew heading to the pscene. p>>russell: some areas have fog. pothers look like this as the sun pwill be up at 7:10 this morning. pa pretty shot. pit's not as chilly as yesterday pmorning, although we still need psome jackets. pvisibility in bartow, 2 1/2
6:34 am
pin the lakeland area. pquarter mile sarasota going into pbartow, manatee county. pso where you're dealing with pfog, that should lift in the pnext hour or two. pother spots, 53 degrees in tampa pwith highs today getting back pclose to 70 degrees. p>>russell: a man in seminole is paccused of threatening to fire pbomb two mosques is expected to lead guilty. phe left threatening voice malz pfor the islamic center of inellas county and the islamic psociety of st. petersburg. pit happened days after terror pattacks in paris and he was pangry and he could face up to 10 pyears in prison. p>>laura: funeral arrangements phave been set for a maryland psheriff's deputy killed in a pshootout with a drifter. pthe service will be next pwednesday in addington. phe and another deputy were pkilled wednesday. pthe gunman had warrants out for phis arrest in florida.
6:35 am
pgive more leeway to deal with pdangerous dogs. pthe black lab mix was facing a pdeath sentence after biting a pchild's ear. atty was not a danger and the pdog was returned to its owner. p>>laura: the national ptransportation safety board lans to launch a second search pfor evidence into a ship that psank during hurricane joaquin plast october. pwhen crews found the cargo ship pel faro, they did not find the pdata recorder. pif they do find it, it will rovide investigators with key p>>russell: still no arrests pafter a deadly shooting at a ptampa strip club. p>>laura: two men died and six pothers shot and police released pthe picture of a second person pthey're looking for. paaron is on the way to the pscene. phe filed this report earlier pthis morning. p>> tampa police are really phoping for a break in this case. pthey've been going through psurveillance video for a week pnow trying to identify as many eople as they can and trying to pfind someone who has good pinformation for them.
6:36 am
icture of the latest person of pinterest and they need help pidentifying him. phe was in club rain early psaturday morning when according pto witnesses an argument broke pout and ended in gun fire. peight people were hit, p21-year-old marvin lancaster was pkilled inside the club on pnebraska avenue. p20-year-old christopher houston palso died from his injuries. pfamily and friends gathered for pa vigil at the club that wee popened just for the ceremony. proughly 300 people were in that pbuilding at the time of the pincident and an employee pdescribed it as a stampede as atrons ran for the exit after pthe shooting. pand it's now been almost a week psince then and there haven't pbeen arrests. erson of interest in the photo preleased yesterday is different pthan the one police sent out a pfew days ago. pthat person was cleared but just plike in that case, this person pis not being called a suspect at pthis point. olice are just asking anyone pwho can identify him to call
6:37 am
pand you could be eligible for a p$3,000 reward. p>>russell: diplomats on two psides of a civil bloody war have pagreed to a cease fire. pit's set to begin in a week. psyria's civil war has been going pon since 2011. p11 1/2% of the population has pbeen killed or injured since the pfighting started. pworld powers have agreed to pdeliver aid during the cease pfire. pthe deal would not apply to the pislamic state group and other pmilitants who continue to pcomplicate a very bad situation. p>>laura: 10 days after a bomb pblew a hole in the side of the lane in somalia, u.s. officials psay terrorists will attempt the psame thing this year here. phome land security secretary psaid that terror groups are ptargeting planes. pinvestigators are calling it an pinside job.
6:38 am
eople who looked like airport pemployees were caught on camera phanding a lab top to the bomber. pit's believed to be an explosive pthat was hidden inside that plaptop. pjohnson says his department is ptaking steps to reduce the pnumber of times airport pemployees have access to ersonal belongings. p>>russell: einstein was right pagain. p100 years after he predicted the pexistence of gravitational pwaves, scientists have recorded pevidence that they really do pexist. pthese are rip ems ples were created pby the creation of two black pholes. pscientists, until now, have only pseen the after effects. pthey say the universe is like a pgiant trampoline with giant pclippingses causing ripples. peinstein never thought this day pwould come. phe believed gravitational waves pexisted but he never thought pscientists would be able to
6:39 am
pwe know the science is tough to pgrasp and the smartest guy in pthe room, dave osterberg, is pgoing to try to simplify it pcoming up at 8:00. p>>laura: here's something that pis a little easier to wrap your pbrain around. pwe're looking at the apollo 11 pcommand module. pbefore now visitors to the pnational space museum could only plook through a tiny window but pnow they have a 3 d model of the pspacecraft and even shows the pastronauts, including a warning pof a locker containing smelly pwaste. pthey plan to make it available ponline later this year. p>>russell: okay. pwe've been reporting this for pawhile now. pit's a total mess on i-275. pthere's been a very serious pcrash there. p>>laura: if you're headed out pthe door, we cannot stress this penough, leave early, try to pavoid it altogether. pvanessa will have an update and ptry to figure out detours for
6:40 am
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p>>vanessa: welcome back. pwe're keeping you updated on the pbig traffic story of the morning pwhich is this deadly crash 27 r psouthbound at i-4. pright now we have one of our sky pfox choppers basically keeping pan eye on the lane blockage pwe're seeing in the area. plet's move on. pit looks a bit dizzying there. pyou can see some heavy delays pcoming southbound 275 papproaching the interchange as pwell as i-4 westbound. pwe do have a full shutdown of
6:43 am
pyou can see based on the shot phere. pas we watch the delays growing, phere's a live look at 275 and pbusch boulevard where we're pstarting to see those slower pspeeds creep up towards. pif you're coming from much pfarther north of the crash site, pi would exit at busch boulevard pso you can avoid getting stuck pin all the jams that we're pseeing in the area. pit looks like dale mabry highway pis the quickest route around pthis and i would like to caution pother drivers who take prelatively majors northbound and psouthbound routes such as dale pmabry or maybe even nebraska, pheavier than normal traffic pvolumes. pthere will be a lot of folks pgetting off the interstate to pavoid that crash. pyou can see how widespread 275 pdelays are. pi-4 westbound as i mentioned pbacking up still in the area of p50th street so if you can, maybe pexit at the selmon connector and ptake the selmon the rest of the pway into downtown tampa. pyou can save some time. pas always, with a major crash
6:44 am
pavoid the area or pick your own ersonalitier nature, you'll pwant to leave a bit earlier. pit will be a bit hairied and we pdon't want crashes, people prunning around causing other pconcerns on the roadways. pwe'll keep you posted. pmore details to come. paaron is heading to the scene pand he'll get us a live update pas soon as he can. p>>dave: we do have reports of pfog in polk county, parts of phillsborough, manatee this pmorning but look at the lakeland pcamera and it just looks clear pand beautiful. pso the fog is not completely pwidespread through polk county, pobviously, but some spots are pdealing with it this morning. pnotice around the bartow area pwhere we have the zero pvisibility, right in the middle, pheart of polk county where we're pdealing with some fog and it pstretches down 17 through hardee pcounty, de soto and back to psarasota.
6:45 am
pand i do think that it's just pgoing to be another absolutely pstellar day. pgrab your jackets. p40s are all over the place. plakeland is 43, wauchula 41. p50s from tampa to st. etersburg. pthese numbers, though, in pgeneral are a lot warmer than pyesterday at this time. psome spots 10, 15 degrees warmer pso you'll need a jacket for a pcouple of hours and then the psunshine is going to do its job pand warm us back up. pwe won't make it back to normal pbut we'll be real close. phow does that sound for later pthis afternoon. pthe winds shift to nor of a psouthwest. pthe little front sitting to the pnorth will meander through late ptonight and tomorrow. pthe only impact this is going to phave, a couple of clouds and pmaybe tomorrow will be two pdegrees cooler than today. pbut to be honest, that's about pit. pthe real cold air is locked to pthe north and oh, boy, is it
6:46 am
pif you happen to be leaving pbeautiful, sunny for floor this pweekend and you have to travel pto the northeast, it will be the pcoldest weekend of the winter pand come sunday morning, wind pchills are 20, 25, 30 degrees pbelw zero in many spots. pand we'll be sitting here on pvalentine's day afternoon with ptemperatures near 70 degrees. pi know. pthat's why we live down here but pthis jet stream is taking a pdive. pit's not headed our way. pwe're not going to have to deal pwith that kind of cold which is pawesome. pbut we'll go to 69 degrees for a phigh temperature for today with pthe wall to wall sunshine after pthe fog lifts, just a lovely, plovely afternoon. ptonight mostly clear, pseasonable, drop it back to 53 pdegrees and then more sunshine pand mild tomorrow with a high ptemperature of 67 degrees. pfor boaters, a light chop today pand then 10 to 15 knot winds pover the weekend, two to four
6:47 am
pour next tide is 6:37 this pmorning. pnext seven days you'll see rain pchances do get reintroduced pmonday into tuesday but at pleast, you know, friday, psaturday and sunday it does look pfantastic. p>>jennifer: time to check in pwith charley belcher. phey, charley. pit's jen. p>>charley: good day. pvanessa. p>>charley: we saw the wreck. pwe're in lakeland at the plakeland center here for the plakeland pro rodeo classic which pis tonight and tomorrow pafternoon and as we were leaving ptampa, we saw that wreck. pit looked bad. pi hate car wrecks. pi hate car wrecks because they pcan happen to anybody. pmy wife was in a car wreck like pa week ago. pshe's okay. pcar was totaled. pit doesn't take much. pso be careful out there. pbe careful out there. pit can happen in an instant. pbut we are here in lakeland and pwe're here for the rodeo.
6:48 am
plook at this. plook at how beautiful everything pexcept me is in this picture. plook. pi have to get out of the way. p>>jennifer: are the horses pwearing socks? p>>charley: the horse is wearing psock. pno. pleg warmers. paren't these gorgeous horses? pare these albino horses? p>> quarter horses. p>>charley: gorgeous. pthis is the team that starts the prodeo. pthey come marching out with the pflags and it's all patriotic. pthe rodeo doesn't start until pyou come out, right? p>> yes, sir. p>>charley: do you know how much presponsibility that is? pif you don't come out, there's pno rodeo. pthat's right. pso cute. pshe's 10 years old. pall right. pdo a little riding for me. pa little giddy up. pi have a little hitch in my pgiddy up this morning. pwe're going to have -- barrel pracing, trick riding, bull priding, everything at this prodeo. pwe have a preview for you. pmagnificent animals and
6:49 am
pit a go ahead good. pbe safe on the roads. p>>jennifer: thank you. p>>laura: pasco county, deputies pare looking for the man in this psurveillance video. phe's accused of burglarizing a psmoke shop in wesley chapel this ast sunday. pwe're told that the man walks up pto the smoker's paradise on pstate road 54, smashed the glass pto the front door and took the pmoney from the register inside. pif you know who the person is, pcall the pasco county sheriff's poffice. pjust like the blocks they are pfamous for, legoland keeps on pbuilding. pthey're planning a new time psharing resort across the street pfrom the park in winter haven. pit will have 166 units, a pool pand a clubhouse. pno word on when legoland is pgoing to break ground.
6:50 am
pand a baby eaglet born a few pweeks ago is continuing to show psigns of improvement this pmorning. pthe small bird had to be removed pfrom the nest, though, after its pfoot got tangled in fishing pline. pwe're told he's receiving hysical therapy in sanibel pwhere he gets a warm pack on his pfeet three times a day. pa little tlc. phe has a strong appetite and psteadily gaining weight. pmanatees. pwe're seeing a lot of them this pweek. pit's been a wild week for pmanatee videos. pwe have another one from the pcrystal river national wildlife prefuge. pthis is a rare sight. pthis is a manatee poking its phead out of the water to enjoy a plittle spanish moss snack. pthis week the manatees were on arade trying to escape the cold pand enjoying the warmer waters. pit is beautiful. premember all of those in the pwater, all of them in the pod. pyeah. pstay with us.
6:51 am
pit is a mess.
6:52 am
6:53 am
pto talk about,3 3 another chaotic day on wall street ... the markets are a mess... p>>russell: markets are a mess. p>>laura: joining us is lauren psimonetti. pwhat's going on? p>>reporter: that is an punderstatement. pa couple of things. pglobal growth slowing down, oil rices sinking, european banks pin trouble so the dow is down p400, closes down 254. pmarket is down 10% this year. ps&p 500 down 10 1/2 this year, pnasdaq is a% down this year. pwhere is the bottom?
6:54 am
pheading into a special weekend pand we have love on wall street. pdow futures up 90 points. pwe'll take it. pit does not replace the losses pthis week or this year. p>>russell: we'll take it for pnow. pthank you. psee you later, okay? p>>laura: don't miss lauren psimonetti on our sister network pstation f. you're not sure where pto find the fox business pnetwork, log on to fox and look for pchannel finder. p>>russell: a company will face pcriminal charges over an paccident for ford. phe needed surgery. pbritish prosecutors are going pafter the producers over four palleged breaches of health and psafety law. p>>laura: meryl streep has preignited the debate about pdiversity in the movie industry. pshe is serving as juried resident at berlin pinternational film festival. pit's a panel all white and when
6:55 am
pquote, we're all africans, preally. psoon after her name was trending pon twitter. pwhile they don't have to worry pabout zombies, they need to pworry about judges on american pidol. pfive contestants were sent home plast night. pseven will go on to the top 14. p12 more contestants will face pthe music next week. pyou can catch american idol pwednesday and thursday nights on pfox 13. p>>russell: now we need to talk pabout the hot click of the week. p>>laura: you voted and it's the pdog with some incredible fishing pskills. pso cute. p>>russell: he is cute. p>>laura: good girl. pthanks for voting. pall right. pit is a big weekend in tampa bay pif you're a hockey fun. pwalter allen is talking about a pfun event.
6:56 am
pslams into a home in river view. pthis morning people in that pneighborhood are dealing with a phuge mess as a drunk driver is pnow under arrest. p>>laura: and the big story is pthe traffic. pvanessa is keeping us up to date pall morning long. p>>vanessa: we have a live look p275 southbound where the backup pfollowing this deadly crash in pthe interchange are now all the pway to busch boulevard. pwe're getting confirmation from pthe s.h.p. this does involve a pwrong-way driver. pat least one person has passed paway but we'll have a live preport from aaron as soon as he pcan get that to us. pmeantime, please avoid 275 psouthbound. palso i-4 westbound drivers, pwe're seeing heavy delays pentering the interchange. ptake the selmon instead. plooks like the best alternate to
6:57 am
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p>>vanessa: thank you for joining pus here at 7:00. pwe have a big traffic alert for pdrivers who usually take 275 psouthbound or i-4 westbound near pthe downtown interchange. pwe have sky fox checking out a pdeadly crash that is along 275 psouthbound shutting down the psouthbound lanes of 275. pwe're seeing heavy delays also pon i-4 westbound. pwe're learning from f.h.p. that pthis involves a wrong way pdriver. ptwo people have lost their lives pin this crash and we're hearing pthat this roadway could be shut pdown for quite a few hours. pcertainly through the rush hour pcommute. pas i mentioned before, we're pseeing solid delays all the way pback to busch boulevard along p275 so drivers, if you're coming pfrom north of there should exit pat the very least at that point
6:59 am


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