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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  February 12, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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p>>vanessa: thank you for joining pus here at 7:00. pwe have a big traffic alert for pdrivers who usually take 275 psouthbound or i-4 westbound near pthe downtown interchange. pwe have sky fox checking out a pdeadly crash that is along 275 psouthbound shutting down the psouthbound lanes of 275. pwe're seeing heavy delays also pon i-4 westbound. pwe're learning from f.h.p. that pthis involves a wrong way pdriver. ptwo people have lost their lives pin this crash and we're hearing pthat this roadway could be shut pdown for quite a few hours. pcertainly through the rush hour pcommute. pas i mentioned before, we're pseeing solid delays all the way pback to busch boulevard along p275 so drivers, if you're coming pfrom north of there should exit pat the very least at that point
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pdale mabry is going to be the pquickest route in the southbound pdirection. pfor drivers along i-4, we're pstarting to see delays creep pback towards 50th street so if pyou do have to head into pdowntown along this route, i pwould probably at the very least pexit at the selmon connector and ptake it the rest of the way into pdowntown tampa. pwe've been mentioning we have paaron on the way to this crash psite. phe's going to bring us a live pupdate as soon as he can and pwe'll be tweeting about this and pi'll be bringing information on pmy facebook page. p>>dave: some areas are reporting pfog this morning and i'm showing pyou the river view camera a few pminutes before sunrise. pyou can see just a little thin player, if you will, of some low pcloud cover overnight. pthe visibilities are getting pbetter. p2 1/2 miles now at sarasota. psame for brandon. pstill right in the middle of oel county we have some reduced pvisibilities so heads up on pthose roadways.
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pthan yesterday at this time. ptemps this afternoon and ptomorrow get up comfy at around p70 degrees and next chance of prain is early next week. pwe'll discuss that here on "good pday" in a few minutes. p>>russell: thank you. pa river view family did not get pa lot of sleep last night. p>>laura: a truck hit their home. pshayla reaves is there to tell pus what they did to make sure pthe driver didn't get away. p>>reporter: good morning to you. ptwo men in the home were able to pstep in and detain that driver pfor authorities to get here. pthat driver has been identified pto us as 37-year-old ricardo. phe's facing a pretty serious pcharge, d.u.i. with property pdamage. pso i'm going to step aside here pand give you a closer look at pthe home involved here. pthis is the 8700 block of barson pcircle. pyou can see that home still
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pnumber of items strewn about in pthat degree. pauthorities tell us this started paround 2:00 in the morning when pthat driver lost control of a ickup truck and slammed into pthat house. pthe vehicle came to a rest on ptop of another vehicle parked punderneath the carport. phe tried to run away, we've plearned, but he was not able to pget far. pagain, those two men were able pto step in and detain him until phillsborough county sheriff's pdeputies could get to the scene. pwe can tell you at this point, pthe family members certainly pshaken up. pthey were not ready to speak pwith us on camera about any pevents that unfolded here during pthe overnight hours. pwe know that code enforcement pwas contacted in connection with pthis case and it's unclear what pthey determined, whether or not pthe home is structurally sound pfor the folks that stay here or pwhere they will go from here.
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pand also a lot of cleanup for pthis family dealing with this psituation overnight. pwe'll continue to keep you osted as we learn more. pwe did find out red cross was pcontacted but ultimately pcancelled in this case. pback to you. p>>laura: thank you. p>>russell: next story is making pa lot of people upset. pwatch as a woman swipes another pwoman's purse outside of a pshopping cart. pthis happened in seminole last pthursday morning. pthe thief then walked into the pstore, leaving the victim in the pstore, leaving the victim in the arking lot. pshort time later, holms started pfrantically looking for her pwallet while the crook and her pmale accomplice just watched. pthe woman authorities are plooking for is about 5' 3", long pstraight here. pher accomplice is six feet tall pwith dark, long hair in a pony ptail. pif you know where they are, call pcrime stoppers. pdetectives are looking for this pburglar.
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pstate road 54 and wesley chapel. pyou can see the man smashed the pglass, ducked through the door pand then heads straight for the pcash register, puts it on the pground and stomps on it before ptaking the crash. pif you have any information pabout this burglary, call the asco county sheriff's office. p>>laura: there is a difference pof opinion in tallahassee. pthe house and senate cannot pagree on spending a tax cut. pthey are about a billion tlars papart and they have less than a pmonth left in the regular pcompromise. psdoolz. pno sales tax holiday and fewer ptax cuts. phillary clinton's road to the pwhite house hasn't been as easy pas many people thought it would pbe. pbernie sanders is a competitive pchallenge he were. p>>russell: there was another pdebate last night. pdoug is in washington with a plook at that. p>>reporter: hillary clinton and pbernie sanders did not shake phands at the beginning of the pdebate. p>> the criticism about our
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pi do not expect from someone prunning for the democratic pnomination to succeed president pobama. p>> madam secretary, that is a plow blow. p>>reporter: for clinton, she ptries to arrest the rise of psanders while not alienating his pmany supporters. pmany are looking ahead to south pcarolina where the minority pvoters play a much larger role. pclinton has an advantage there pand much of the debate focused pon race. p>> i want to tackle those pbarriers that stand in the way pafrican-americans who face pdiscrimination in the job pmarket, education, housing and pthe criminal justice system. p>> today a male african-american pbaby born today stands a one in pfour chance of ending up in pjail. pthat is beyond unspeakable.
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psanders has moved the race to pthe left. phe stressed clinton's deep ties pto wall street. pclinton tried to pull out the pcredentials. p>> we have yet to know who that pis. pthat's fine. pthat's fine. p>>reporter: this debate has ptaken on added significance. pnot just because it's the final pdemocratic debate before nevada pand south carolina. prussell, this is the final pdemocratic debate before super ptuesday. p>>russell: is it? pwow. pit's a ways off, too. ptalk later. pthanks, man. pand while most republican pcandidates running for president pare still in south carolina, pdonald trump is here tonight pmaking a stop at u.s.f. pdoors to the sun dome open at p5:00, event starts at 7:00. pregistration for tickets will pnot guarantee your entry or your pseats. pbring some cash, too.
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pmay charge more for bigger pvehicles. pthey don't accept credit or pdebit card. pstudents have mixed reaction pabout trump. p>> i do not agree with his pstatements. p>> if he does become the resident, then i can say that pyeah, i saw him at u.s.f. which pis cool. p>>russell: florida primary is pmarch 15. pa lot at stake here. pwe're the first state, first pstate that has a winner take all pdelegate selection process. pa trump win would be a major pblow to jeb bush and marco rubio pin their home state. pand this may give you an idea of pwhat kind of crowd could be pthere tonight. pdonald trump sent this picture pto his twitter followers last pnight. pthis is from baton rouge. pit shows about 10,000 people pattending a trump rally there. pthat's about the same seating pcapacity as the sun dome. p>>laura: mickey, minnie and the prest of the gang are coming to pthe bay area. ptickets to the doorway to magic
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pdisney live show will be prapunzel but classic characters plike cinderella, snow white and paladdin will also perform. pthe first shows are amalie arena pand then february 28, the cast pwill perform at the theater. pto $50. pbad bld. phow the feud between taylor pswift and kanye west just got pworse. p>>russell: a cup of coffee. pa lot of people cannot afford pit. p$15. pwhy that price may actually turn pout to be reasonable. p>>dave: temperature range this pmorning, 41 degrees in bartow to pthe mid 50s in st. petersburg. pall of these numbers are warmer pthan they were yesterday at this ptime. pvisibility beginning to get pbetter but still polk county pwill deal with fog as you walk pout the door.
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pback close to p>>vanessa: welcome back. pa big situation on the roadway. psorry. pwe're having concerns here with
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pof course, this 275 southbound, pthis deadly crash we're hearing pinvolves a wrong way driver and ptwo folks who lost their lives. plet's move to this fdot shot. pfolks will see the delays along pi-275 southbound and i-4 pwestbound, more specifically pwe're hearing and seeing the plane blockage and complete pblockage at the downtown exit. pseeing the delays at this point pall the way back to busch pboulevard along 275 southbound, pif you're coming in from i-4 pwestbound, those delays are kind pof holding steady as far as the oint where we're seeing the pbackups start. p50th street is where we're pstarting to see the solid delays pso drivers continue to take pselmon connector to the selmon palong i-4 if that's your route. pit looks like a couple good palternates for drivers usually ptake 275 or dale mabry highway
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pinformation to come, including pfrom our crew on the ground. pwe're hearing aaron has now parrived on the scene. phi, aaron. pwhat are you seeing? p>> well, i'll step out of the pway and let you see what we can psee here. pthere's a vehicle right behind pme on its side and then just pnext to that is a gold sedan. pi can't tell exactly what kind pof vehicle that is that's on its pside. pit looks like a larger vehicle, pmaybe an s.u.v. pone person in both cars has died pand an adult male, we're told, pand one of these cars, again, pthis is a wrong way driver psituation so one of them, we'll pfind out which one, was going pdown the wrong way presumably pdown i-275 north in the psouthbound lanes. pthat's where we are right now. pwe're in the southed bound lanes pof i-275 and as you can see
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pinvolved in the crash. pthis part of the highway is pcompletely closed down. phead off to my right, your left, pthat's the traffic that is pstarting to back up that we saw pon the way over here. pi-4, the interchange, i-275 psouth to i-4 is closed off. pthey're only letting emergency pvehicles and a few media crews pover here to let people know pabout what's going on over here. pstill a lot of questions that we phave about the situation. pwe don't know which car was at pfault. pwe don't know obviously the pnames of the victim at this oint. pthat will come much later today pafter their family members are pnotified and we also are going pto be asking a lot of questions pthroughout the day. pwas there alcohol involved, what phappened. pthis happened a little before p6:00, shortly after that this proad was closed down. pinvestigatesor p-- investigators are over there pon scene. pwhen they have the answers as pthe morning progresses, we'll
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pfor now just avoid 275 if you pcan. pwe came up nebraska. pwe were going north. pdidn't look like there was any ptraffic going southbound but you pknow that's going to change pthroughout the morning so just pleave early time. pwe'll keep you posted on what's pgoing on as the morning rogresses. pfor now back to you. p>>russell: thank you. pwe'll get back to you in a plittle bit. plet's get over to dave right pnow. p>>dave: thank you. pit's a pretty start to the day. pwe do have the clear skies. pi've noticed that we have some preports of fog here and there pespecially in polk county at pthis hour but that's going to pquickly start to lift out. priver view camera, you can see pas you're going back to the phave. pbradenton beach, notice that plittle hazy look to the camera pas well. pand that's because these dew oint numbers went up just penough last night with the clear pskies, light winds and the drier pair sitting in place and allows psome fog to form so between plakeland and bartow, winter phaven, this whole area, there
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pit won't be completely pwidespread but some and also pdown around sarasota where we're pgetting some fog as well and pvisibility there is 2 1/2 miles. pback to the coast, the pvisibility is around 10. pso 45, 47 degrees. pit's chilly this morning. pgrab your jackets. pyou'll need them as you walk out pthe door. pbut these numbers are a lot pwarmer than yesterday at this ptime. plook at panama city at 63. ptallahassee at 45. anama city is 30 degrees warmer pthan yesterday. p30 degrees warmer. pbrooksville is 14 degrees pwarmer. ptampa being around six degrees pwarmer so you get the trend our ptemperatures are going back up pagain and with the chilly start, pthat will give way to a mild pfinish today. pwe made it to the mid 60s pyesterday afternoon. pi think today we'll bring it up pa little more in some inland plocations which right now are psitting in the 40s have that pshot of actually touching 70 pafternoon. pthis front to our north slides pthrough tomorrow.
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pto us for saturday, knock our phigh temperatures down a couple pof degrees. pthat's it. pwe're still going to be mild in pthe afternoons all weekend long. pso really, after the fog lifts pout, wall to wall sunshine pexpected for a lovely day. p69 degrees for a high ptemperature. pmostly clear, seasonable ptonight. pi think tampa stays in the lower p50s but inland and north, you pmay squeak back to the upper 40s pbut still warmer than right now. pmore sunshine, mild tomorrow, 67 pdegrees for a forecast high. ptoday if you're going to do some pboating, seas running two feet pwith a light chop. pbecause that front is coming pthrough tomorrow, chops it up a plittle bit so seas running two pto four with a north wind around p10 to 15 knots. pthe next seven days, rain chance pis coming through here monday pnight into tuesday morning. pwe'll have the latest model that plooks like it will be more ptuesday morning which is why we phave the 50% rain chance. pbut still, decently mild weather pwill take us through the middle
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pa lot of you will stop for a cup pof coffee today. pyou're willing to spend a few pdollars for the favorite cup of pjoe, right? p but the price is much steeper pat this coffee shop in san pfrancisco. ptry $15 a cup. pand it's not very big, either. pequator coffee inaugural brew pmade its debut this week. pit comes from the company's farm pin panama. pthey say this coffee is hard to pgrow. pin fact, it took eight years to erfect the recipe. p>> this coffee you're going to phave like sweet melon, really pnice complexity, almost like a psparkling complexity and not ponly that but very jasmine, just pabsolutely delicious. p>>laura: company officials say a pbag sells for about $75. pthey sold out in hours after pthey were made public.
7:20 am
pit takes a few minutes to brew. phigh maintenance cup of coffee. p>>russell: it's just coffee, you pknow? p>>laura: give me the $2 dunkin' pdonuts and i'm out the door. p>>russell: within inches of pdying. pvideo of a worker who almost got phit by a collapsing parking pgarage. p>>laura: we're sharing more pvalentine's day stories with you pthis morning. p>>jennifer: i got the chance to pgo along on a very special pvalentine's day adventure. pa team of angels delivered some pvalentine's day surprises. pcandy and roses for ladies who phaven't had a valentine in a plong time. phow these home town heros are laying cupid for some very pgrateful seniors. pbut first, charley belcher at pthe rodeo today? p>>charley: yep. pspeaking of a good hot cup of pcoffee, better way for me to premember the producer, give me a pcoffee mug. pit's the lakeland pro rodeo pclassic happening at the plakeland center tonight,
7:21 am
phorses, cowboys, cow girls, pbulls, you never know what you pmight see. pyou can see a monkey on a dog. pyes, it's a monkey on a dog. pthere you go, everybody. pthe rodeo is complete.
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p3 p>>vanessa: welcome back. pbig story on the roadway, 275 pcrash at i-4. pthis is a deadly crash just to precap, two people lost their plives. pf.h.p. confirming this was all pstemming from a wrong way pdriver. pstill seeing the same lane block pas the last report so you'll pencounter it as you come into pthe interchange southbound 75, pi-4 westbound with the downtown pexit being completely blocked poff. pwe're actually starting to see pas far as alternates and travel ptimes, dale mabry and nebraska, pi mentioned those are going to pbe your main north and psouthbound alternates. pthey're actually timing out much
7:25 am
pwhich alternate you take, you pshould leave early. pyou'll be delayed no matter pwhich way you go based on folks ptrying to get off 275 and avoid pthe wreck. pi-4 westbound drivers definitely pseeing a notable time savings by ptaking the selmon connector to pthe selmon expressway if you phave to head into the downtown ptampa area. pwe'll keep you posted on the platest here as we go on pthroughout the morning. p>>laura: other headlines now, p7:25. pfire crews in northern new pjersey continue to battle an out pof control fire this morning. plook at those images. pflames have consumed two pbuildings at an industrial park pin hillsborough. pfire officials say no residents pnow. eople are asked to keep their pwindows closed due to the thick, pblack smoke in the air which can pbe seen for miles. pfour people are recovering this pmorning after a man attacked pthem with a machete. p>>russell: investigators are ptrying to figure out what
7:26 am
pit happened in a mediterranean prestaurant in columbus last pnight. olice say the man came inside, ptalked to the employee and preturned an hour later with a pmachete. phe started going down the road pattacking people as he went. phe led police on a chase and olice say they tried to use a pstun gun on him but when he plunged at them with the machete pand another knife, they had to pshoot. pthe man was killed. pfour people were taken to the phospital. pthey're expected to be okay. p>>laura: bill cosby's wife will phave to testify in a defamation plawsuit against her husband. pa judge in massachusetts is pordering her to do that. pit's not a complete victory for pthe seven women accusing him of psexual assault. phis wife doesn't have to testify pabout any private conversations pthey had. pthat is privileged. pthere's no timetable on when the pdeposition will happen. p>>russell: one atlanta area
7:27 am
ptheir son by locking him. pthe boy was left in an s.u.v. pfor seven hours with ptemperatures 90 degrees. pharris did it on purpose. pthey claim he was sexting other pwomen, including a 17-year-old, pwhile his son was dying. pthe trial starts in april. p>>laura: and pope francis is on phis way to cuba right now. pwhen he gets there, he will have pa historic meeting with the pleader of the russian orthodox pchurch. phe'll be the first meeting in pnearly 1,000 years between the pleaders of those two religions. pthey will make a declaration pinvolving the persecution of pchristians in the middle east. p79-year-old pontiff will head to pmexico after that. p>>russell: close call in phouston. pit's a parking garage collapsing punexpectedly. pnow it was during a demolition. pthe falling debris narrowly pmissed an excavator with a crew
7:28 am
pexpect it to fall like this but pgood that nobody got hurt. p>>dave: 53 degrees outside at ptampa international. psome spots still in the 40s and pthere's one. pbartow. pyou are at 39 degrees at this phour and while the visibilities pare beginning to get a little pbetter, it's polk county, one pspot between bartow and lakeland pbetween zero and an eighth of a pmile visibility. ponce the fog does lift out, pbeautiful sunshine. pnext few days, 69 degrees for a phigh today. p67 tomorrow. pfor valentine's day, high ptemperature is 68 degrees. psee what walter is up to this pmorning. p>>walter: good morning. pyou know, it's pretty warm poutside but it is chilly where pwe're at. pwe're at ice level here at pamalie arena. pif you didn't have the bug for phockey, you could get it
7:29 am
(vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru,
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3 3 (laura- we start this half hour with p>>laura: welcome back. pwe start with breaking news. pa bad crash on i-275 near i-4. ptraffic is a mess.
7:32 am
ptell us what you see. p>>russell: i just want to start poff with a bit of a pclarification from what i said pearlier today. pthis is actually the downtown pwest ashley drive ramp. pyou can see maybe that sign over pthere. pand this is the area that is pclosed. pi-275 south and i-4 are both pmoving but this exit, this is pthe one that is closed off here. pso what you can see are two cars pthat are badly damaged. pthese are the two that are pinvolved in this wrong way pdouble fatal crash. pwe're told that somebody in each pof the cars passed away. pwe don't know which was going pthe wrong way. pwhat we can gather happened, pwe're waiting for confirmation. pone of these cars was coming off pthis exit the wrong way going pnorth onto the southbound lanes pof i-275. pwe don't know which vehicle was pdoing that. pthe other car was heading the pcorrect direction, south heading pto downtown ashley drive and
7:33 am
pon. plarger vehicle looks like an ps.u.v., something along those plines, flipped on to the side. pthe other vehicle, a gold four pcondition. phalf of the car is completely pbeat up. pwe don't know if there's panything too sensitive we don't pwant to put on the air paccidentally. pso you're going to experience a plot of delays coming into tampa pthis morning. pobviously avoid this road, avoid p275 south if you can and there pare going to be a lot of pquestions we still have punanswered about this. pwe don't know which of the pvehicles was going the wrong pdirection, if there was alcohol pinvolved and don't yet know the pnames of these victims. pthat's going to probably come a plot later today once family pmembers are notified. pwe're going to keep up on this. pwe're expecting the public pinformation officer with the pflorida highway patrol to be out phere in awhile. phopefully we can get more pupdates we can provide as far as pwhat their investigation is ptelling them.
7:34 am
pvanessa for an update on this pincident here and anything else pon the roadways. p>>vanessa: we can't say this is pthe biggest crash and the only pone having a huge impact on the proadways this time. pyou heard aaron mention this is pgoing to be a deadly crash pinvestigation which means that pit will be shut down in that parea for some time to come. pso just to recap, it's the 275 psouthbound downtown exit, ashley pis where we're seeing the full plane blockage. pof course, impacts to 275 psouthbound itself since that's pnear the interchange as well as pi-4 westbound heading into the pinterchange. pthis is a live look at osbourne pavenue. pit looks solidly backed up to pthis point. pgood news and i don't know if pit's because folks are listening pto our reports, we're seeing the pbackups are not as far back as pwe were seeing before so phopefully that doesn't mean some pfolks are getting off the proadway before they get to this oint but a couple of alternates pgetting off 275, dale mabry is a pgood one northbound and
7:35 am
pbeing a good southbound palternate. pbacked solidly to 50th street pwith the selmon remaining the pbest option to get around this pif you're heading in the pdowntown tampa area. p>>russell: it's almost 7:35. plarge scale trials of the zika pvirus vaccine is at least 18 pmonths away. pthey say the efforts are roceeding quickly. pmore than a dozen companies or pgroups are finding ways to stop pthe virus. phere in florida, the number of pcases is up to 18, that includes pthree in hillsborough. pthe city of tampa trying to pcontrol the spread of the virus. pthe solid waste department will plet residents dispose of old ptires at no charge for a week. pthat begins tomorrow. pdisposal site is on south 34th pstreet. pyou can drop off as many as peight tires with no rims. pthat's in addition to the four pthe city will allow to you leave poutside your house with your
7:36 am
pstagnant water in old tires can pbreed mosquitos. p>>laura: the lightning play at phome tonight against the pnashville predators and sunday pagainst the st. louis blues but pthat will be the only hockey at pamalie arena this weekend. pwalter allen is there right now pto tell us about hockey day. pit's exciting, walter. p>>walter: it is exciting. pespecially -- i don't know. pjust wall to wall hockey all day plong. pare you playing tomorrow? pno? phe's going to be walking. phe's going to be walking, peverybody. ptom is joining us for hockey day ptomorrow. pwhy did this all start? phow did it start? p>> it started with just an idea pout of different programs we do phere in the department. pwe have so much impact on the pcommunity, especially with the pbuild a thunder program and p100,000 sticks. pit all started with that one plittle street hockey tournament pand now it's just going to pevolve into what you see. plooks like what you'll see
7:37 am
pon the ice and charity games and pit's an exciting day for us. p>>walter: it's a plethora of pthings tomorrow, including a 30 pteam street hockey tournament pand what else? p>> we have 30 teams. plast year we had 15 teams. pthe year before that 10 teams. phockey is growing by leaps and pbounds. pinside we'll have five hockey pgames on the ice starting with pkids from orlando. ptone. ptwo charity games, celeb hockey pteam, some of the alumni team, pbattle of the badges charity pgame benefitting the police pathletic league and camp hope phockey and then we round it all poff with high school pchampionship game tomorrow night pso really jam packed day full of phockey. p>>walter: what i love about the plightning, you're so involved in pthe community. pwhy is it so important to get so pinvolved and get your hands out pthere?
7:38 am
pup loving here. pwe want everybody to experience pwhat we love in the game of phockey. pand you know, we've gone out to pschools and handed out so far pabout 13,000, 14,000 sticks to p13,000, 14,000 different kids. pseeing smiles on their faces pwhen they get the hockey stick, pit's a great feeling. p>>walter: it's free out of pthunder alley but if you want to pcome inside, you want to see the plightning or the blues practice, pit starts at 11. p506789? p>> doors open at 11:15 and we'll pclose out until about 9:00 in pthe evening. p>>walter: perfect. pbug, thank you for waking up pthis morning. pi understand that you have a pbusy day. pi'm wearing my heart tie today. pyou have a busy day as well. pyou're delivering what, pvalentines? p>> yes. pvalentines. pflowers, right, bug? pkeep an eye out. phe might be coming to you. p>>walter: what a thoughtful guy, pbug. pamalie arena, starts at 9:00 ptomorrow. p>>laura: thank you.
7:39 am
psingle mother in st. petersburg. pshe got the keys to her very own pbrand new home and it was all pthank you to habitat for phumanity and the tampa bay rays. pthe team staff paid for all the pmaterial. pthey spent more than 1,000 hours pbuilding this home for the woman pand her family. pthe house was built from the pground up in just five weeks. pyesterday they had a ceremony to pwelcome the wallaces to their pnew home. pthey say they can't wait to move pin. p>> just knowing that i know we pcan lay our head in our own phouse every night. pwe don't have to stress. pi won't have to devote time on pthe weekends to make ends meet. p>>laura: what a blessing. pthis is the first home that pwallace has ever owned. pmore than 180 ray staff members, pincluding executives helped to pbuild it. pthey were out there.
7:40 am
pwe get over to jen right now. p>>jennifer: laura, valentine's pday is coming up sunday. pit can be lonely for those whose ploved ones are gone or far away. pnot this year. psweet angels made sure seniors pweren't left behind and the presults are heart warming. p>> hi. p>> hello. pnice to see you. phappy valentine's day. pthis is for you. p>> my goodness. pmade my day. p>> good. p>>jennifer: valentine's day came pearly for some very special bay parea seniors. p>> i haven't had fresh roses and pflowers in so many years, it pbrings tears to my eyes. pit's very, very special. p>>jennifer: each blossom of love ackaged by a local nurse pregistry and health care pservice. p>> sometimes seniors don't have panyone around anymore or maybe pthey don't have family or friend
7:41 am
pvalentine's day. pso we just thought it would be pnice to do for them. p>>russell: they played cupid for pall the women at the assisted pliving facility in palm harbor. p>> smells heavenly. p>>jennifer: she lost her husband pday. pshe's grateful for the gift. p>> it is very special to me to pget something like this on pvalentine's day. pi never thought i would be p>>jennifer: the surprise didn't pstop there. pthey all got a box of pchocolates, too. p>> i love chocolate. pand i love flowers. p>>jennifer: one angel handed out pquits by her hand made ministry. peach surprise received with pgratitude, a smile and a hug pfrom a group of women thankful pto be remembered this pvalentine's day. pthis is the first year visiting
7:42 am
pof love surprise but they say if pthe resources are there, they lan on doing it every year. p>>laura: love that. pretailers are predicting close pto $19 billion in sales for pvalentine's day. pnearly two billion on candy palone but the majority of the prest will go to other guests. pflowers number one on the list. pjewelry is second. papparel, specialty gifts and a pdate night, dinner and a movie pround out the top five. phow about you, dave? pyou and andrea, you doing panything there, casanova? p>>dave: we do something with the pkids. pit's become more for them. p>>laura: i agree with you. p>>dave: it's a family kind of a pday. pgetting kid the valentines and pall of that stuff. pi did get her something but i pcan't tell you. p>>laura: you're a good husband. p>>dave: it's not that good. pit's something practical she pwanted. pwe're at 50 degrees outside. pwe're at the beach and you see a
7:43 am
pit's not like in most areas but arts of polk county have preduced visibility at this hour. plook at the temperature. p43 degrees in lakeland. pwe are going to warm up to the pupper 60s later today. pwe'll have more in the seven-day poutlook in a few minutes. p>>vanessa: 7:42 is the time. pbig story, 275 southbound, pdeadly crash and i-4 still pseeing that off ramp to the pdowntown exit. pashley drive at 275 southbound pas well as i-4 westbound, the pgood news as far as the backups pon 275 southbound, we are pstarting to see it light, ossibly because folks are phearing us say stay off the proadway. pif you have to head that way, pdale mabry and also i want to pthrow out for folks heading to pthe downtown tampa area, maybe pconsider some of the other plester travelled north and
7:44 am
pthe time being just to lessen pthe volumes on the alternates pwe'll have an the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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p>>vanessa: 7:47 is your time. p275 southbound crash and i-4, pbad news is not only are we pseeing that offramp from 275 psouthbound on to ashley drive pbeing blocked off, we're also plearning that the ramp to pjefferson street is also going pto be blocked so investigators pcan have better access to the pdeadly crash site. pi-4 westbound drivers still pcontinue to expect delays pheading into the interchange pwith your ramp as well to pdowntown tampa being shut down. psome good news, we are seeing
7:48 am
proadways with the solid delays pactually lifting a little bit. pour solid delays at this point pare all the way back to mlk, pjunior boulevard and so i think pif you exit as far south at this oint before you get to the pinterchange, i think you should pbe fine heading out most of your pdelays. pearlier i had tossed out pnebraska avenue as an alternate. pthat's looking a bit jammed up pso i will probably put tampa pstreet on your radar as a good psouthbound alternate. pdale mabry remains pretty clear. pwe'll keep you posted. pi-4 westbound, same story pthroughout the morning. pthe connector to the selmon pexpressway is going to be your pbest bet. p>>dave: 7:48 and you can see a plittle bit of that fog on the priver view camera but the pvisibility from this camera pstill good so in a few spots, pwe're dealing with it. pothers, it's much better.
7:49 am
pthe beach. pyou can see what's left of some pfog this morning. pclear skies, it got closer to pthe temperature we achieved, get pclose to the saturation point. pwe did develop some fog and pright now, it's scattered pthrough parts of polk county. plook at the temps. p49 in west chase, 43 in new ptampa, 43 in plant city. pjacket weather absolutely but pall of these temperatures are pwarmer than yesterday. pland o lakes had 50. p47 in the bradenton area. p44 in lakewood ranch. p39 bartow, back to forth between p39 and 41 over the past couple pof hours. pand as that fog lifts out, it's pgoing to be absolutely beautiful pday. pyou can tell by the red color, pthis drier air in the mid levels pof the atmosphere while further pto the north, we're going to get pthis big plunge of the jet pstream the next couple of days pand it's going to be a huge pdifference between our weather pthis weekend and, say, around
7:50 am
pwind chills sunday morning, 20 pto 30 degrees below zero. pa big chunk of arctic air lunges out of canada but it pmoves this way and offshore so pit's not coming our way. pbut if you have to travel to new pengland this weekend, i'm soerp. pi feel bad for you. pwinter. pchilly. pcoolish. phow does that sound? p53 degrees the overnight low. pthen for tomorrow, mostly sunny. phigh temperatures 67 degrees. plooking more and more like ptuesday morning we'll be dealing pwith some rape, maybe a rumble pof thunder but you take that out por just even with that in, it's pa steent seven -- decent seven-day pforecast. pmonday might be lower 70s. p>>laura: thank you. pthe former pharmaceutical pexecutive is back in the news pthis morning.
7:51 am
pin the world to hear kanye pwest's new album. pwest held a live premier of the pnew album. phe then tagged a tweet and asked phim if he would be willing to phand over the ex clues skwif -- pexclusive rights to the album pbefore it hits stores. phe bought the one and only copy pof a record for $2 million. phe said that kanye west and his precord label are legally prequired to take the offer to pthe table. pyou know what this is. phe's the man who attracted pnegative attention for raising pthe price of a life saving drug pby thousands of dollars. phe was called before congress plast week and lived up to his ptitle of most hated man in the pworld. pduring questioning he often pinvoked his fifth amendment prights and he smirked, smiled, prolled his eyes. phe's also under criminal pinvestigation from a securities pfirm. p>>laura: and kanye west will
7:52 am
pwhile dae ebuting one of his new psongs, he's suggesting he's the preason for taylor swift's psuccess. phe's even gone so far to say the ptwo will have sex. pthe line has enraged swifties, pher fans, and although the psinger has yet to address the pline, it's making plenty of eople mad. pher brother expressed his pdisgust. pthis was posted to instagram plast night and shows him pthrowing kanye west shoes in the ptrash. phe xapgs captioned the video, getting pa head start on spring cleaning. p>>russell: weird story there. plet's get over to charley pbelcher right now. phe's at the rodeo. pwhat?
7:53 am
pwe need nothing else. p>>charley: of course, the most pimportant question, whenever you pdo an interview like this, does pthe monkey bite? pwe'll find out. pi'm hoping the answer is no. pstick around, everybody. pwe'll -- yes, russell, that was pjust for you. panybody else who has been at fox p13 for a long time. pwe're going to tell you about pthe pro rodeo classic out at the
7:54 am
it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master
7:55 am
7:56 am
p>>charley: "good day." pi'm charley belcher coming from pthe lakeland center. pthat's where the pro rodeo pclassic is happening tonight, ptomorrow afternoon. pbull riding and barrel racing pand everything you would expect pfrom the rodeo including a pmonkey on a dog. ptim is here. pthere's ned the dog, lily is the pmonkey, friendly monkey there? pawesome. pthey're all friendly. pi mean, i've always been a firm pbeliever what you put in them pwhat you get out of them. phe's just -- all of the monkeys pare real good. pwe have four on the trailer and pwe just rotate them out and i pthink -- p>>charley: ned doesn't like pcameras much. pseriously, ned is keeping tim in
7:57 am
pwhat kind of monkey is that? p>> these are the ones that the poregon riders use. pthis is a white pacuchon. pvery expensive if you try to urchase one. phim. pit's not like he's strapped. phe's not tied to the dog. pdo you think he likes to ride pthe dog? p>> you know, every monkey is pdifferent. psome, she gets up in the morning pand she doesn't feel good. phe don't make them do anything. p>>charley: you give them some plove. pned, now you're happy. pall right. pthere you go, folks. pmonkeys, dogs, horses, bulls, i
7:58 am
pwe're h (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan
7:59 am
(donkey noise) hey candidates, answer the call already. stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stre-eam stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stream when i want you in my arms when i want you and all your charms whenever i want you
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3 ((russell pa fox news alert. pa wrong-way driver causing a pfatal accident on 275. pwe know this, traffic is a pnightmare. ptwo people have died. p from tampa bay's number one pnews station, this is good day ptampa bay. p>> anchor: it's 8 o'clock. pi'm russell rhodes. pi'm laura moody. pgood morning. pthere is a lot going on this pmorning we have to start with pthis wrong-way crash. plet's get straight to vanessa. pyeah guys we want to get a check pseeing.


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