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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 8AM  FOX  February 12, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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3 ((russell pa fox news alert. pa wrong-way driver causing a pfatal accident on 275. pwe know this, traffic is a pnightmare. ptwo people have died. p from tampa bay's number one pnews station, this is good day ptampa bay. p>> anchor: it's 8 o'clock. pi'm russell rhodes. pi'm laura moody. pgood morning. pthere is a lot going on this pmorning we have to start with pthis wrong-way crash. plet's get straight to vanessa. pyeah guys we want to get a check pseeing.
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pfrom skyfox overhead. pthis is at downtown interchange. p275 at i-4. pspecifically what we're seeing pblocked off are the exits to pdowntown. pof course, that is causing a pdomino affect as far as delays pwe're seeing southbound 275 pheading into interchange. pas well as i-4 westbound. psome good news that we can let pyou know about is it appears pthat the volumes are lifting pjust a bit. pin this area. pso the delays are not psubstantial as we were seeing erhaps maybe an hour or two pago. pbur delay are definitely there. pdrivers who are trying to avoid pthe area, i would exit as far psouth an mlk to avoid the brunt pof the delays if you're heading palong 275. pif you're coming from i-4 pwestbound, still want to exit se ptell man you can see selman is prunning pretty smooth at this ptime you can shave off delays pheading that way. p>> of course, just recap this, pdeadly crash we're hearing two eople have passed away. pthis was we're learning a
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pwe have crew on screen fox 13's paaron mesmer is live along the pside of interstate with more. pwe're learning aaron, you're pgetting new information in this pcrash? p>> yeah, a little bit new pinformation. pas to what caused this crash. pwe've showing you all morning pthis overturned or on its side psuv. pthat overhere behind me. pthe other car involved in this pwas a gold sedan. pwe're not going to show you that pright now because emergency pworkers are right now working on pgetting the victim out of that pcar. pbut we're told that was the car pthat was driving the wrong way pup this exit ramp the downtown pwest ashley drive exit ramp up pgoing the wrong way going north pup ramp down to i 275 south. pvehicle. pwhich as you see right there, pended up on its side. plet's show you some video that pwe shot a little bit earlier ptoday so you can see, a better icture of what this accident plooks like. pthat we're seeing out here. pas vanessa says a confirmed pwrong-way crash.
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pgoing the wrong way up the exit pramp over here. pa victim in each car died. pright now we're trying to, we're pare. pthat may take a while. pa lot of times it takes until at pleast the afternoon before pflorida highway patrol is able pto release the names of the pvictims just because they still pmembers. pas far as traffic is concerned pout here, we are right along pside i 275 south. pit does looks like it is moving pjust a little bit. pat least not the stand still ptraffic you would expect. pnevertheless you should pabsolutely avoid this area. pwhat you can see here is this ptow truck here just show up pbehind me. pthere is going to be an effort pat least for next few hours to pclear this scene. pwe're told this exit is going to pbe closed through the entire pmorning commute. pso that is, a real look at how plong it going to be backed up pout here on i 275. palso, on to i-4. pwe're still waiting for are ublic information officer with pflorida highway patrol to come
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pdepth update. phopefully that's going to happen pwithin the next little bit make pmaybe we can get you something pmore as soon as that happens all pright aaron thank you so much pcertainly a sad situation. pjust to recap what we know as pfar as blockage how long we're pexpected to see this road pclosed. pand some alternates, as of the pfirst report of this crash we pheard the road could be closed pfor three to four hours. pso that means maybe some time 9, p10 o'clock, if this is all going pto plan. pthey could have the lanes reopen pthere had to that downtown exit poff 275 as well as i-4 pwestbound. pso that's what we know as far as pthe time frame. pthe alternates here looks like pnebraska or tampa street are pgoing to be your best southbound palternates to two 75 at this oint. plike mentioned, a few minutes pago if you exit mlk you should pbe able to get around most of pthose delays at the interchange. ponce again i-4 westbound drivers pcan take selman connector and ptake the selman expressway into ptampa.
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p55 degrees outside. pso we're starting that steady plittle warm up now with that psouth wind at three miles per phour. pgranted visibility still an pissue in parts of polk county. pbut tremendously better than it pwas say just 30 minutes ago. pbartow back to four miles two pand carr for lakeland areas. pgood news getting rid of the fog pa great day it really is pyesterday mid 60s. ptoday even better than that. pas high temperatures make it pback up closer to a 70 degrees. pespecially for inland locations, plaura. p all right dave, thank you. p>> it is a busy morning here on pgood day tampa bay. pjust into us just now a tampa pbound night has severely delayed pthis morning after a van without pa driver hit and damaged a jet pblue plane at boston's low began pairport. phow strange is flight 891 was pdue to leaf boston around p6:frommive this morning for ptampa international. pjust before taxi's fueling van pfueling van rolled underneath
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pthe truck was stopped before phitting the plane. pnobody was hurt. pbut it did leave the plane punable to fly. peverybody's on board another lane now and flight scheduled pto around at tia around 10:45 pthis morning. p>> wow. pthe polk county superintendent pcould learn this evening if pshe's out of a job. pkatherine la roy was focus of an pinternal investings gags after passociate superintendent greg privers filed nine claims against pher. phe accused her of sexual pharassment pursuing a prelationship beyond pro rofessional boundary a create a phostile work environment when he pdeclined. proy was cleared of misconduct pbut school board members still pman to take action and will vote pon whether to fire her. pthat meeting will happen tonight pat 5. p parents across florida have pbeen battling for recess for ptheir students. pbut they have just learned that pit hit a major roadblock. pa bill that would have gs pthe classroom for at least 20 pminutes of recess a day will not
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pcommittee's agenda. psenator john legg the senate peducation chairman says he will pnot bring the bill for a vote. phe says that recess policies pshould be decided a local level. pby those closest to the problem pand not by the state. psome local school districts in pbay area around already taking pup the issue at a local level. pand right now patty's bill is on pway to governor scott's desk. punsigned it would give officers pa little more leeway in pdetermining fate of dogs that pinjure peep also expand rights pof animal owners. pbill named after patty remember pthat black lab mix that bit a pchild in veterinarian's office pand facing a death sentence. pbut owner asked a judge to spare pthe dog's life. pjudge ruled that the dog was not pdangerous. pand killing the dog, killing atty would unconstitutional. p>> well in less than 12 hours pthe usf sun dome will be packed. pdonald trump is holding a rally pin tampa tonight and it is one pthe hottest tickets in town. eople have been registering for pthis free event all week.
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pguaranteed it is first come pfirst serve. pdoors open at 5. pevents starts at 7. pbut there is no doubt that eople will be lining up early pfor this. pif you're wondering why trump is pcoming to the sunshine state so pearly, florida is important pduring presidential elections. pwe know that. pit is the first winner take pallstate during the primaries. pthere are a lot of delegates up pfor grabs right now donald trump pis leading in polls here. pbut not everyone is a fan of pbillionaire. pfur aheaded out to tonight's pevent you can expect to see some rotesters as part of a group pcalled dump the trump. pthat will start about 4:00 p.m. pit's 8:08 right now. pa cent he after death albert peinstein his general theory of prealized. pyesterday. ptook this long. pscientist announce we can detect pgravitational waves in the puniverse. pcon fused? pso are we.
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pscientist dave o. the science roto help us out. pcome on let's do it together. pcome on laura let's all do it. plet's start simple, okay? plet's say you were out in the pmiddle of tampa bay on a calm pday. pand you threw a huge rock into pthe water. pwhat would happen? pit would ripple. pam i suppose to answer you. plet's do this together. pso it would have that rippling pas it moved away from rock it pwould spread out and weaken a plittle bit. pso, back in 1916, albert peinstein theorized when you had pblack holes colliding or stars pexploding, that the same type of pthing would happen. pit would ripple space time. pwould move it. pand up until last year. plate last year they were not pable to prove this scientist pgone through theory of prelatively they've proven peverything except for this. pthat's now what they are saying
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pthat picture there would two pblack holes coming close ptogether. pthey made ad collision, they prippled out just like you get pthrowing a rock into water, and pthey now with the laser that is pthey have, by way lasers two and pa half miles along one in plouisiana one in washington. pthey were able to see these two pblack holes and the wave that pthey made pass through the pearth. pnow granted, it was so small it pwas like billionth of proton pdifference. pbut they were able to detect pthat. pand that's something that's phuge. pthey are saying that this is the pgreatest discovery since the ptelescope. pbecause since we've used the ptelescope we're using light? pyou use light to find everything pin space. pnow, they can use these little pwaves to find things in space pthey couldn't find before pbecause they will pass through peverything. pand it will pass through all pearths plants, everything. pthey will able to look back
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pof light years away and find pwhen these explosions happened. pit's a huge thing. pdoes that make it a little bit pbetter? pyeah. pand one of the things i read pabout this yesterday is when pwhen these two lasercollide and pcreate this waefb i know this psounds weird it made the sound pof middle c on the piano. p83. pisn't that something? pand you know what else i know i phere. ptoo late our executive producer phates everything about this. pwhat is weird. pwhat amazing to me is that peinstein, all of those years ago pwith none of technology we've pgot right now, was able to ptheorize that in very large pbrain of his. pand people criticized him and pthey left at him and someplace. pnow look. pnow look we've proven this, and pit took a billion dollars. pand how many years? pand 100 years. pand technology to say, yeah. phe was right. pthink about it this way. pwe've used light to discover the pchoel galaxy.
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pto also study the galaxy. pthis is a big, big discovery. pit really is. pexciting. pexciting. pdon't understand it but i know pit's exciting. pdon't go dropping rocks in pmiddle of tampa bay now. ptoday, today. pwe've got to run. psee you later. pgood explanation. plove trumps tragedy at story of pone woman's losses bringing her pfamily together this valentine's pday. lus a bobcat nearly killed is pimproving by the day newly preleased video show what he's pdoing nearly one week after pbeing hit by car. pcharley belcher is hanging out pat the rodeo this morning. pwhat's going on? prodeo is perfect place for pcowboys. pbut don't ever count out the cow pgirls. plook at these two. pi just love the outfits. pthere's a story behind outfits pand world champion rookie barrel pracer former miss rodeo. pi got it all for you. pwait until you find out where
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3 3 ((russell 2shot)) p it's 8 8:15. pmost people are rushing around pgetting valentine's day plans in porder. pfor some instead brating love pthey are remembering love lost. pjen epstein is here now with pvery different kind of love pstory to share. pwe've bringing abeautiful pstories of how people met. pthis morning love story is a plittle different. pthis time i met woman who has phurnd terrace tragedy into ptriumph. pand her love for her late phusband is now on full display. pmemories from 18 years of pmarriage hang on a tree and pgail's home. pthis is a picture of us when we pwere in hawaii on our honeymoon. pand we were dressed alike. pbut she's not celebrating pchristmas, she's honoring the pman that was taken from her life pmuch too soon. pfather. pwe just had great times ptogether. pthis is gail's first valentine's pday without her husband robert p2015. phe always made valentine's day
8:17 am
pand these are some of the things pthat he has given me over the pyears. ponly 8 months that she's been pwithout her husband and her pdaughters without their dad. pgail has faith her family will pbe okay. phe told me fee died before me, phe wouldn't worry about me he pknew i could take care of myself pand take care of these kids. pinstead of grieving they pcelebrate his life together. pwith capital ndles and a tree. plooking a this tree and how much plove it fills my heart with love pbrings back memory that is makes pher laugh my husband used to ptell me i was horder because you pkept a lot of things. pbut hey i guess this was art paf pgod's plan to keep all of these pthings and now look. plook what i'm doing with them. pgail knows there are people out pjust like her and mourning this pvalentine's day. pand she hopes her tree will fill ptheir broken heart with love ptoo.
8:18 am
pall happy. pshe's in such a good place. pwe were talking, you've doing pthese love stories all week plong. pthe series on love. pthis woman reached out to you pafter seeing some of your pstories. pyeah she did. pthere was a plans for tuesday pthrough thursday love stories. pshe reached out and she said you pknow there are people out there pwho are probably suffering like pi am. pshe wanted to get, you know her pmessage across. pso, i rushed over there pyesterday. pi sat down with her i did the pinterview. pit's a beautiful idea. pit's a beautiful idea. pyeah. pit is thanks jen. pthanks for hustling and getting pit for us. pvery nice. p8:18. pand, beautiful sunshine this pmorning. pi know we had to deal with fog pfor past couple of hours. pbut now it's beginning lift out. pand this is what you had. pyou have clear skies and quickly pwarming temperatures. pwhich oh by the way started a plot warmer than they did pyesterday. phere's a look at the beach. pjust, still see like you have pthat look, that little fogginess pthere. p46 degrees in lakeland.
8:19 am
p52 in brandon. plook at the mid 50s, tampa to pst. petersburg. pnew port richey at 53. pcrystal river, which is sitting paround freezing, yesterday pmorning is now at 50 degrees. pyou go state wide, 63 in panama pcity. pthey are actually warmer than pmiami right now with that south pwind. paround the state, look at the ptemperature difference. peight degrees warmer in tampa pthan yesterday in 8 o'clock phour. p16 degrees warmer in pbrooksville. p29 degrees warmer in panama pcity. pgreat day. pbeautiful sunshine. pthis front squeezes through ptomorrow. pand only real impact it's going pto have, i don't really call it pan impact, is it will knock our phigh temperatures down a couple pdegrees. ptoday flirt with 70-degree mark. pespecially inland locations. ptonight, i think nor at lot of pespecially in coast 50s upper p40s as you go inland. pjust knock of off couple degrees pto tomorrow tomorrow's high pthat's going to be about it.
8:20 am
pmoderate chop for saturday and psunday. ptemperatures stay mainly in the pupper 60s. pwith a chance of rain, vanessa plooks like going to be tuesday pat this point? p>> all right dave thank you. pbefore we get to our update 275, pi-4 crash we want to touch on a pcouple other serious crashes pthat were just getting word of pin our newsroom. pmlk, jr. boulevard orient road. pthis has been reported by pmultiple viewer head-on pcollision we're seeing lane pblockages here nevertheless. pheavier delays east bond we're palso hearing about southbound plane blockages we will give pyourself extra time here. pmeantime largo, we have a pserious injury crash. psomebody has transported, and pthis is 14th avenue southwest at pridge road southwest lanes are pblocked here. lease avoid this area. pmeantime, we've had lingering pdelays here southbound 75. pi did want to make mention they pare notable. pthey are lingering for a little pwhile longer then we're used to papproaching i-4.
8:21 am
pdowns boulevard to i-4 are psitting a the 21 minutes. pextra time out the door. pif you have to head that way. pnow here's our update and our pcontinuing coverage of that pdeadly crash along 275 psouthbound at i-4. plooks like we're still seeing plane blockages downtown exits pblocked coming off 275 psouthbound. pas well i-4 westbound. pthe drivers coming from i-4 pwestbound still selman connector pselman heading into downtown ptampa, folks coming along psouthbound 275, still will hit pthose major delay it is around pthe mlk exit. pso if you exit there, you'll cut paround the brunt of the delays. pi tossed out new and tampa pstreet as some alternates i will plet you know look pretty jammed pyou do take routes you will want
8:22 am
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pnavigate the (vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru,
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p good day tampa bay. pi'm charley belcher coming to pyou from at lakeland center. plakeland pro rodeo classic ptonight action tomorrow pafternoon. pyou will see barrel racing and pworld champion. pin tease i called world champion pbarrel. poh barrel world champion. pall right. pbig creature and pretty women pscare me i'm afraid of all of pthese right here. pthis is, this is fallon.
8:25 am
pfallon, you were the last year's pworld champion barrel racer. pcongratulations. pthat's a big deal. pthank you so much i run barrels pfor long time and professional pfor 26 years. pand it was just the pinnacle of pmy career. pso i'm thrilled to be the world pchampion. pthis is your horse? p>> yes. pbaby flow. pshe's a diva. pshe's got her own thing. pshe's just my ferrari and all of pmy dream comes true. pi think fan tampas being you pgrew up in tampa. pyes, i was born and raised in p>> and moved to texas. pit was exciting. pyou don't necessarily think of pgrowing up in tampa and becoming pa world champion barrel racer. pi saw it on tv my parents made pit happen they took me to rodeos pin texas we stayed there because pobviously a little bit easier to pget started with horses and pthings. pand then we came back to florida pto start rodeoing again. pyou also, i love your outfit. pjenna's outfit too. pyou started a clothing line. pi did. pi have clothing line ranch pdressing.
8:26 am
pthere we outfit kids and ladies pand bring lots of glitz and pglamour into rodeo you're like pjohn daly of rodeo sports. pcome over here because i'm pafraid of horse. pnot aphrase of the horse i want pto respect her face p>> that good thing. p>> you were miss rodeo 2013. pi also know that. pyeah. pyeah. p>> i don't want to get you pkicked. pi'll be okay. phow does one become miss rodeo. pyou compete at state-level ageant allstate queens go to plas vegas while fallon's out win pwinning world chfrp we are a pcompeting for miss rodeo. pyou teamed up. pi actually bought my horse from pfallon she scooped me on wing ptook me on road i was able to pfulfill my permit first year of pbeing a proceed racer gives me psing tingles every time. pi'm looking to win my first pcheck tonight. pgood for you.
8:27 am
pwatchexhilarating everybody that pcomes out so much fun. pit's entertaining fast, fast aced pretty girls in fast phorses. preally exciting for crowd to get pinvolved you can pick your pfavorite and cheer them on. pi'm routing for you guys. pyou're my favorites. pthat's great. pyou're great representation of pyour sport. pgood for you. pall right lakeland center. plakeland pro rodeo classic
8:28 am
8:29 am
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pwe'r3 3 3 ((russell 2shot)) it's something we hate to report.. pearly this morning a there a pwrong-way driver and person pcaused a deadly accident. pand this happened on a major pintersection too. pvanessa has falling all morning plong. pthis area will be shut down for pa while. pit has been already. plook being like it will stay pthat way for while, right? pyeah usually for situation like pthat deadly crash investigation pwe could see road shut down for pfour hours or so. pthis crash was reported around p6 o'clock. pif they are even on right time pline at this point, we could see pthe lanes reopen.
8:31 am
pbut that is yet to be seen. pstill looks like a pretty active pcrash investigation from what we pcan tell. pwith our skyfox shot here. pfolks just joining us we do want pto recap in the area of pinterchange, 275 and i-4. pand really the full blockage pthat we're seeing is the exit pheading to downtown. pso all of exits into downtown or pblocked off at this time. pwe are seeing some delays plingering i-4 westbound heading pinto interchange as well a psouthbound 275 heading into the pinterchange. plive look wider look you can psee, it looks pretty backed up pin this area. plet's check out, yeah looks like pthey still have a same road pblocks as reported before. plet's get out to aaron mesmer pwho live on the scene with at platest. pwhat are you ahearing from this pinvestigation? p>> well, we just saw you know pwhat you really hate to psomething you hate to see any pday of the week, they just ulled one of the victims out pand right now loading that erson into a vehicle and then
8:32 am
erson away. pwe're going to at the very least pstay on me for the moment. pbut, there is a vehicle right pover here right behind me. pi don't know if we can zoom in pwithout panning. pokay. pwe're going to zoom in on that pvehicle that was, that was one pthat was flipped on to its side psilver suv. pyou can now see from ground. pthat was vehicle heading correct pdirection heading south off 2 ptoward downtown west ashley pdrive. pexit. pand the gold car if you can see psome video from earlier today t pgold sedan that was involved pthis this crash, that was the pone heading the wrong direction. pand that was the one where the pemergency crews just pulled the pvictim out. pso we will stay on top of this pfor a little while longer. pforrest morning hoping vanessa pto at least get updates as to pwhat may have caused this. pand where investigators are in ptheir investigation. pmaybe in the 9 o'clock hour. pback to you. pall right, thank you so much, paaron. pbriefly just want to make
8:33 am
pyou that area to exit at mlk to pavoid most of the delays. pnebraska as well tampa street. pif you're head farther maybe ptrying to head toward howard pfranklin bridge. pdale mabrey looks like good area pexit and reenter on the pinterstate. pso we'll keep you posted, guys. p>> all right. pvanessa. p>> thank you. p>> 8:33 now. pa man is facing serious charges pthis morning accused of a pdriving drunk and slamming into pa riverview home trapping a pfamily inside. pfox 13's shayla reeves is live pin riverview with latest on this pthis one, hey that la. pgood morning to you oh few pseconds ago i had chance to pspeak with one of men inside of pthat home. phe said another 50 or 60 inches pthat driver's truck would have pstruck his little girl's pbedroom. pthat's how close they were to phaving even more serious psituation than the one that he pinvolved here. pright now i'm here with
8:34 am
pactually heard this crash and pthen you came outside and what pdid you see? p>> basically, i saw the truck on ptop of all the vehicles punderneath the carport. p>> and i watched the driver of pthat vehicle dismount out of his ptruck. pand slither to the ground. pand homeowner and i held the guy pdown just told him not to run. pwe didn't physically put our phands on him. pand he was, the driver was pobviously in shock. pwe just kind of held him in lace. pand moments later the police pshowed up. pand took over the issue from pthere. pfrom there. pokay. pthat's correct. pall right. pthank you so much, steve. pwell we can tell you in addition pto that, that driver is now been pidentified as 37-year-old privera. phe as facing a charge dui with roperty damage. pthe family here are still trying
8:35 am
pdetermine the extensiviveness of pthe damage. pwhere do they go from here. pof course, we'll continue to pfollow and keep you posted. pfour cars were damaged in all of pthis, including that pick up ptruck driven by. pwe will continue to keep you osted throughout day and bring pyou any additional information pas we get it. pback to you. p>> all right shayla, talk to you plater, thank you. p>> strange story. pa polk county man waiting to get pshop. pand now they need help figuring pout who he is. pit happened wednesday at tito's ptire shop off service road 60 in plake wales. pyou see guy leaning on the hood pof the car? olk county deputies say he pstole more than $600 in cash. pright from the front desk. pwhile the employees were pservicing his tires. phe was driving a gold 1990s pmodel infinity 4 door car. p>> and in pasco county deputies pare looking for man in this psurveillance video. phe's accused of a burglar rising
8:36 am
pon state road 54 in wesley pchapel on sunday. pwe're told that man walked up to pthe shop, smashed the glass pthrough the front door, and took pmoney from the register inside. psurveillance video is clear. peven though the hoodie is hiding pmuch of the man's face. p>> thanks for stretching there plaura. ptomorrow downtown tampa. ptampa bay lightning will be phosting their annual celebration pof local hockey. pand they will a wall to wall pevents featuring street, high pschool, college amateur hockey pon dismay. pthis is going to be awesome. pour own walter allen is inside pamalie arena. pa great event aimed at getting pkids involved in game early, pright? p>> yeah. pit really is. retty much everything that the plightning do in the community, pgetting kids involved street phockey, ice hockey, sled hockey pyou're going to see it on pdisplay tomorrow and also going
8:37 am
pthe ice for practice a 11:15. p12 hours literally 12 hours of peverything hockey here at amalie parena. pvice-president marketing eric pblankenship joining us, let's ptalk about tomorrow's event. pbig event. pand it's, really showcasing peverything you guys do. p>> yes. pobviously, mr. vinik and tampa pbay listening have made a huge pcommitment to the community to romote the game of hockey. ptomorrow is a great example of peverything our community hockey pdepartment does 365 days a year. pas you mention, 12 hours of phockey. peverything that this porganization does in the pcommunity is pretty much show pcased tomorrow. p>> and we were talking a little pbit off camera, a little bit of pwhat's paying for the party, plet's talk about the, i guess pyou can call it a grant you got pfrom nhl. pyes the nhl has program to where pall the teams can apply for x pamount of money to promote the pgame of hockey in their pcommunity. pevery team pays into it and it pis a huge application process. pso the tampa bay lightning put ptogether our application, and
8:38 am
pand what we would like to do pwith those funds. pwe were awarded second largest pgrant in nhl an approximately p$4 million. pinteresting part to the story is roposal we put forth was for p$6 million. pso we immediately thought okay pgreat we have $4 million, that's pa significant amount of money. pbut we have the scale back at pleast a third of the programs. pwell again we're very fortunate pfor have mr. vinik as owner he ploved proposal and decided to psupplement the extra $2 million pon his own so we can continue pwith everything we planned for. p>> okay that's perfect. pand really quickly we're getting pwrapped here what do you get out pof it? p>> the promote something that pour owner, our leadership, our pstaff believe in. pyou know, but it's more than pjust a game of hockey. pthese programs promote core pvalues that we believe young eople need whether it's on pstee, team work hard work, pethics. pso it goes much more beyond the pgame of hockey.
8:39 am
pthose programs as well not only pgender but race as well. pthank you for joining us again. pstarts tomorrow here amalie parena 9 o'clock down on the pthunderally on the plaza. pback to you. pthank you walter appreciate pthat. pfun event. pis almost 8:39. pi want to jump in and do weather poutside. pcouple camera shots. pbeautiful fog is getting out of phere 55 degrees that picture pfrom the usf marine science pcamera over in pinellas county. plooking back over tampa bay. phere is a beautiful picture. pwhere it's also in the mid 50s. plight southwest winds. pthere's downtown tampa from the pbrook dale bay shore camera. pone more to show you, and then plakeland, while it's cool, it's retty outside. pthe clear skies. pand 46 degrees. pi want to check visibility. pfinally say fog is out of here pwhich awesome 4 to six mile pvisibility an hour ago down near pzero we kick fog out light psouthwest winds that will help
8:40 am
pyesterday we hit mid 60s, we're pbringing up a notch how about 69 pfor high temperature this pafternoon. ptonight our temperatures go down pto about lower 50s or so in ptampa. pupper 40s east and north. pthen tomorrow, only a couple of pdegrees cooler tomorrow. pand the reason is, there's a pweak little front will come pswinging through during the day. pyou're hardly going notice it. pbut it will bring in some pslightly cooler air. pso notice the difference. pwe've got sunday morning we're pback to 45. pand then 68 degrees on pvalentine's day afternoon, pvanessa. p8:40. pwe want to revisit delays where pwe're seeing them start in the parea of the downtown interchange pfor those folks who are pconcerned about the delays we're pseeing from that deadly crash pwhere we saw aaron mesmer preporting live. ponce again southbound 275 seeing pthe worst the delays. pwe see it beinged bah up solidly pto mlk. pas i mentioned before, if you're pheading that way take 275. pif you exit beforehand you can pcut out a big chunk of delays. palternates here nebraska to the peast.
8:41 am
por if you're heading much pfarther out, you can reenter pactually 275 at looks like dale ay bree or maybe even armenia. pand you can shave some travel ptime. pand a consider this selman pexpressway access via connector pto get the best results for your ptravel times. pwe want to talk about couple pother incidents that might slow pyou down in the area of pinellas pcounty u.s. 19 congress avenue. pwe have southbound lane blockage pdue to crash here you can see pseeing delays here avoid that if pyou can. pjust aheads up we did get word pup this morning from treasure pisland, that there's some road pwork going on in relation to new pdriveways to new hotel. pthat's going to be cause delays psouthbound you have one lane pblocked along gulf boulevard pnorth of the treasure island pcauseway. pexpect delays and lane closure pall way through next friday. pguys. pyou know here in the u.s., pvalentine's day's usually pcelebrated and chocolates
8:42 am
pbut in other countries it pcelebrated much differently. pit is. pso in england. psome women place 5 bay leaves on ptheir pillows the night before. paccording to legend it helps pthem dream of their future phusband. pdenmark they press snow drops a ptype of flowers into lover's pcards and exchange them with ptheir friends and significant pothers. pin korea it's women who give out pthe gifts on february 14th not pmen. p>> russell like that. pmen and everybody else return pmarch 14th. p>> interesting. p>> and in wales, they celebrate pa different patron saint of love pa few weeks before valentine's pday on the feast of st. win win. pi thought i was going to mess it pup by you got it. pthey exchange hand carved wooden pspoons. p>> in south africa they pin ptheir lover's name to their psleeve for the whole world to psee. pthat's cute.
8:43 am
pwith a lottery of love basically pmen would gather at house on one pside of the street and women in panother, no they didn't. pthey would enbe matched up prandomly by drawing numbers. p>> wow. pthat uld could be fun or really pnot fun. pright? p>> depending on your luck. pyeah. p>> not a good idea. psome germans celebrate more like pwe do here in america. pthey exchange flowers, and pchocolates. pthe only difference is that they palso trade giant heart shaped pgingerbread cookieselaborate pdecoration and messages. pi think we do that as christmas, pright? pthink it's fun. pgrab someone hug them.
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
pwe'll be right 3 3 3 ((russell on cam)) nine months phour producer did math nine pmonths until we elect our new resident. pmay seem like a long way off. pon the other hand a lot closer pthan then it was. pfox news sunday host chris pmore. phey chris, how you doing? pso if i wanted to start now i pcould have a baby. p>> right on for election day? p>> yeah. pyeah. pyeah. p>> yeah. pcan you imagine the delivery? p>> going to be just like waiting pthis out, isn't it? pbarn. p>> yeah i know what you mean. pi know what you mean. pyou want to talk about the pdebate last night then we will pget to republicans. pany thoughts on hillary and
8:47 am
ptwo things. pfirst of all my pet peeve they pgot to start earlier for p9 o'clock for people us that phave to get up early in morning pthis is like capital punishment. pwe've got to debate republican pdebate is 9 o'clock on saturday pnight. p>> you've got to get up. pit's killing me. p>> what did you p>> and you got to get up real pearly on sunday. pi got to get up real early to ptake you behind scenes last psaturday they have debate in new phampshire. pand of course, rubio had that pmelt down where he kept prepeating himself like a robot. pnow i'm on, you know the ipad pwith my staff saying we've got pto change everything, we had pkristis the third guest we had pto make him first guest. pit was a mess. pbut you know, they don't listen pto me. panyway as far as democrats are pconcerned. pa little bit gentler than debate plast week in new hampshire. pi will say this, i don't know pwho will win this thing i think pclinton is still legitimate pfavorite. pbut every day this debate, this plarger debate the campaign goes
8:48 am
pare arguing on sanders terms on pissues like you know, pbillionaire and billionaire and pwall street and that's the big pthreat to america, it is pushing phillary clinton further and pfurther to the left. pand these, it's going to be roblem for her if she ends up pas nominee when she faces the pgeneral election. pokay. pi want to move on to talk about prepublicans. pbecause, the candidates now are pin south carolina. pi know you've covered politics pfor a really long time. pand some of the stuff p>> that's right. pfirst polk county padministration. pthat was interesting. p>> i was going to is what is it pabout south carolina that i'm phearing all week long that it's pa tough state? pthey fight mean they fight dirty pwhen they get to south carolina. pwhat happens there? pyeah. pit's absolutely true. pand they sort of prooid pthemselves on it. pthis isn't a point of shame. pthey want to see if you can pthrow a ufrj. pthey want to see if you can take pa punch.
8:49 am
pgeorge w. bush in new hampshire. pnow they are go to south pcarolina, and suddenly the bush pforces are concerned. psuddenly there are phone calls pthat start coming up. pin south carolina voters get psaying, what would you think if psupposedly it's a poll. pwhat would you think if john pmccain if you learn that he had pan out of wedlock mixed race pbaby? pwell obviously people in south pcarolina went crazy about that pidea. pthe fact of the matter is john pand sydney mccain and his wife padopted a beautiful young girl pfrom bangladesh. pbut this idea that he had had an pafrican american love child was pout there. pand that is was u.s. just sort pof seen as you know, business as pusual in south carolina olitics. p>> wow. pwow. phey you know donald trump is in ptampa tonight. ps p>> well good for you. pi don't know what you want me to psay. pit's interesting because, he, pand look, i think i can take him pvery seriously right now he's pnot just campaigning in south
8:50 am
pyou know florida's coming up psoon. plouisiana's coming up soon. psuper tuesday. pand he is, you know, because phe's got a week until next psaturday, before south carolina phappens. pso he's campaigning across all pof those so-called sec primary pstates before he heads back to psouth carolina. phe's running a national pcampaign. pyeah. pokay. phey we got to run. pgood to talk to you as always. pwe'll see you sunday morning pokay. pright. pagain, saturday night could we pstart debate a 7 o'clock? pit would so much easy e. for peverybody. pi'll call them. pi'll get it done for you. pokay. ptake care. pi don't even know what channel. psee you later, bye. p all right. pcharley belcher what are you pdoing? pchris is in good mood could you phear him? p>> good for you. pwhat do you want me to say. phe's in tampa, what do you want pbefore me i'm on sunday pmornings. pthat's great. pi love it. pchris wallace. phe can say whatever he wants to. p>> i'm in lakeland the lakeland
8:51 am
prodeo classic help happening ptonight and/or tomorrow. phorses beautiful women cowboys
8:52 am
8:53 am
pmiss rodeo florida. ba da ba ba ba p yeah going to nice day. pnice day.
8:54 am
pwe're looking outside. pwe're inside arena we can see poutside from here. pwe see should be a pretty nice pday out there. pand lakeland center in lack land phere for lauk land pro rodeo pclassic happening tonight and ptomorrow afternoon. pgreat family fun. panimals bulls cowboys cow girls pa little trick roping. pbut first we're going to talk to pmiss rodeo. pkelly just, just newly crowned. pwhen did you achieve this? pwell i won title in october. pjanuary. pthis is not just stand up on a pstage and look pretty pcompetition. ptell me what goes into this. pno we have to ride horses. pwe ride two random horses that pwe've never been on before. pwe're judged on our ability. pwe also have to take rin test on phorses and sport of rodeo. p>> wow. pthat's pretty cool. pso i can't imagine they just pthrow some horse out there get pon it, ride.
8:55 am
pbrought my horse i rode that pway. pit was lot of fun. pgreat thing. pand then will you go on to pcompete even further? pyes. p>> so in december i will go to pmiss rodeo america in las vegas pand compete there for that ptitle. pgood for you. pkind of cool. pyou'll here tonight and tomorrow pas part of these festivities. pi will here tonight. ptomorrow i have to hop on down pto another rodeo. pit's our rodeo season. pthe life of a queen. pit's what happens. ptexas jack. pflorida charley doesn't sound as pgood a texas jack. proping? p42 years. pquite a while. p>> all right. psomebody through the rope paround. pmy dad was a roper then passed pall right. pjack. pthis is called at butterfly. panimal drops back down zig-zag pand i'm going to put it back pover here, watch your pmicrophone. pby the way you're making it look
8:56 am
pbut that's, but that's really pdifficult to do. pi mean that's not easy to do. phours and hours of practice. p>> because, i was a slip knot? pthat is regular bowling knot. pknot. pit's not tied to itself right pthere at all. pgive me an idea of some sort of ptrick you might do? phow about this one here? p>> pretty cool. phere's one right here. p>> look at that. pnow, well. pwell. pthere you, now you've caught psomething haven't you?
8:57 am
pcan i, can i give it a little pmake sure. pking sized one here for you. pmake sure it's nothing rigged pall right. phang on. phere we go. pgoing to be nice. pall right. phang on to those right there. pand that right there. pall right. pthere you go. pthrow it out to your left. pyep. pyep. pit's pathetic. pthank you. ptexas jack, that was perfect. pcome see the lakeland pro rodeo pclassic tonight, tomorrow pafternoon, stick around peverybody you don't have to go
8:58 am
let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. or iced macchiato today.
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3 3 ((vanessa// maps/cams pwelcome back oh to 9 o'clock our pof good day tampa bay. pa traffic alert for drivers just pwaking up with us, this a live pskyfox shot over the downtown pinterchange. p275 ats i-4. pwe've following the deadly crash pfor the past few hours at this oint. pstill seeing the same lane pblockage. pthat does include the downtown pexits coming coming off 275. pcompletely shut down as crews pwork to wrap up not only the pinvestigation into how two eople died here in this wreck pbut also, clearing the scene and pgetting vehicles out of the way. pright now we're watching merge phere 275 and i-4 looking a bit pslow heading into interchange.


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