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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  February 13, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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@ @ @ fears of the zika virus. @how schick calming nerves this @morning by collecting tires. @ plus just before the 9th @republican debate in south @carolina, donald trump brings @his campaign right here in the @bay area and we will tell you @what he to say. @ and their natural beauty we @and the tourism industry @surrounding manatee county can @soon be at risk. @ from tampa bay's number one @news station, this is "good day @tampa bay." @>> anjuli: good morning and @welcome to "good day tampa bay." @7 a.m. on this gorgeous saturday @morning, i am anjuli davis. @>> alcides: i am. @>> alcides. @thank you so much for joining @us. lindsay is here to talk @about the forecast. @cooler temps. @>> lindsay: chilly. @today is our 9th day in a row
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@not as clear because we have an @extremely weak front moving @through. @the clouds that you see now by @noon are gone. @61 degrees. @winds out of northwest at 7. @61 is the warmer reading by the @way. @in fact a lot of us are in the @60s in peninsula county. @if you were boating, -- in @pinellas county, the winds will @be picking up. @cold nest crystal river. @coldest in bartow at 56. @coldest north generally. @57 in brooksville. @58 in bradenton. @59 in venice and do you have @patchy fog. @it is actually dense for @portions of western polk county @and zephyrhills, dade city you @are seeing it. @a quarter mime, that is dense @fog that will be around for @another hour, hour and a half @before it lifts out. @so take your time. @hey, it is the last weekend of @the state fair. @what a change over last saturday @what a change over last @saturday. @today, increased sun, a slight @breeze and highs in the mid-60s. @what about your valentine's day @forecast. @i will have that for you coming @up. @ happening today, schick help @ happening today, schick @helping to fight the zika virus @and cleaning up neighborhoods at
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@they are starting a tire amnesty @week by taking your old tires no @questions asked. @mosquitoes thrive in standing @water and water sitting in old @tires is a popular breeding @ground. @zika virus is spread through @mosquitoes and officials say it @is even more important to geted @which of places they fester. @>> this way we are hoping those @folks that may have picked one @up or have them rolling around @the house they have an @opportunity to bring them in and @get rid of that mosquito @breeding area. @>> you can bring the tires from @tampa at 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. make @sure you bring a form of id and @the tires will be recycled and @burned for energy @ @ @ yes. @he's asleep. @he is asleep at the wheel folks. @no, seriously. @can you imagine jeb negotiating @with china?
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@>> yeah, donald trump right @there taking shots at former @florida governor jeb bush in @front of a packed house. @at the usf sun dome. @trump is pushing back against @new attack ads that call him @phony and saying that he is @being supported by lobbyist. @trump knows how important @florida is. @the winner take all state. @he loves the hispanic population @and he says he employs many of @them. @ in greenville, south @carolina. @the gop candidates will meet for @one last showdown before voters @head to the polls. @florida senator marco rubio will @be looking to right his campaign @after a poor showing during the @last debate and a fifth-place @finish in the new hampshire @primary. @donald trump is coming off a win @in new hampshire and polls show @he is leading south carolina. @it is still unclear this morning @whether trump will be on the @offensive against his main @rival, texas senator ted cruz. @trump has recently threatened to @sue cruz over eligibility. @ on the democratic side,
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@sanders attend a political @dinner st. paul, minnesota last @democratic debate. @during the head-to-head event. @the proposals are more realistic @than sanders. @sanders reiterated he thinks the @american people are sick of @establishment and the economy @has just benefitted the few. @ the family of the man killed @on i-275 by a wrong-way driver @is speaking out. @65-year-old eugene fisher was a @devoted husband and grandfather @and he served in the air force @and was on his way to work when @he was killed. @troopers say 47-year-old larry @thompson was driving northbound @in the southbound ramp of ashley @drive when his car collided head @on with fisher's. @both drivers died at the scene. @fisher's granddaughter said he @was at her soccer game just @hours before he was killed. @>> he is the best grandfather i @could ever ask for. @>> it's a loss this family will @never get over.
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@it is just -- there's got to be @something. @i don't understand how you go @the wrong way anyway, i mean if @you -- but there's got to be a @way that there is more awareness @way that there is more @awareness. @there is more something to stop @it. @>> anjuli: troopers stay could @take several weeks to determine @if alcohol or drugs played a @factor in the crash. @fhp is doing everything they @can. @they have put signs on ramps to @alert drivers that they are @travelling the wrong direction. @ a week has passed and still @no arrests in the deadly @shooting at a tampa strip club. @detectives have once again are @asking for the public's help in @identifying this person of @interest. @look at these surveillance photo @look at these surveillance @photos. @this person is not a suspect. @they are not a suspect. @but detectives do want to speak @with them. @officers were able to track -- @track down another man. @they called a person of interest @earlier this week.
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@shooting at all. @ pasco county is looking for @a new superintendent after she @resigned following an @investigation into possible mis @misconduct. @the school board voted @resignation. @she has been under fire since @associate superintendent greg @rivers filed nine mis conduct @claims against her and included @sexual harassment and create @sexual harassment and creating a @hostile work environment. @an independent investigation @cleared laroy but they did say @that she may have crossed @professional lines. @as part of her compensation she @will get more than $230,000. @the board voted to make @jacqueline bird the interim @superintendent. @board members will discuss a @permanent replacement at a @workshop set for later on this @month. @ manatee county is working on @a way to curb nonemergency 911 @calls an starting a paramedic @program. @made up of two paramedics and a
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@the suv preemptively helping @patients who need help but not @in an ambulance. @last year manatee has 46,000 ems @calls. @only 2500 of those were @emergency transports. @paramedics will go to people's @homes, assess how they can need @help, and even help them with @medications as well. @>> for repainting a step yellow @so they can see it. @they need a ramp to get their @they need a ramp to get their @wheelchair to. @albertson'sal they will evaluate @how the program is doing and @they are in the process of @applying for more grants to keep @this program going. @ today marks the start of the @final weekend for the state's @python challenge. @hunters in florida have caught a @record 95 snakes so far. @nonnative burmese pythons are a @nuisance threatening other wild @nuisance threatening other
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@they even find their way into @homes. @hunters win cash prizes for @catching the most. @ and coming up at 8:00, we @are being joined live in the @studio to talk about the hunt @and what it means to florida. @ and still ahead, friends and @family up north are getting @ready for some of the coldest @temperatures of the year today. @there will be one more reason to @be thankful you live in florida @after you hear how cold it will @get. @>> alcides: it will be freezing @>> alcides: it will be @freezing, especially in new york @freezing, especially in new @york. @ we all love seeing nants our @area but how a new federal @regular collision help our local @tourism economy. @ 7:08. @not real three chilly out the @door. @changes where you live in the @temperature department. @59 degrees in tampa. @clouds. @we have got a few and a weak @front moving through our @northern counties right now. @upper 50s and low 60s. @the panhandle. @that is where the slightly @cooler area is and the type of
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@in the meantime, if you live @away from the coast and you live @in a fog-prone area. @portions of polk, i need to you @slow it down.
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ba da ba ba ba @ @from his glendale, arizona are @calling the death of two @teenagers a murder-suicide. @>> anjuli: officials say a @suicide note was found on friday @morning's shooting at @independence high school. @both 15-year-old victims were @shot once. @a weapon was found near the body @a weapon was found near the @bodies near the cafeteria area @under a covered patio. @the two teens have been @identified but names are not @being released due their age.
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@sister was one the victims. @ the fbi is investigating a @machete attack in columbus, ohio @as a potential terrorist attack @this morning. @so far agencies haven't found @anything that suggest that @30-year-old muhammed barry was @carry og ought directive by a @terror group. @on thursday night, barry walked @into a restaurant, spoke with an @employee and left. @he came back an hour late we are @a machete and start aid tacking @people. @four people were hospitalized. @police eventually shot and @killed barry after a short you @chase. @ thousands of people joining @in a funeral procession for a @officer. @officer gooding was shot and @killed last weekend serving a @warrant. @avenues 13-year veteran on the @force. @city offices were closed for the @day so employees could pay their @respects. @gooding leaves behind a wife and @two young daughters. @ okay, listen to this. @a popular park in san francisco
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@open-air urinal. @>> anjuli: ew. @>> alcides: that was might @first thought. @supporters say that is better @than letting men use trees and @bushes. @well, that is true too. @even -- @[ laughter ] @-- it evens flushes @automatically. @opponents slivrp say it is @gross. @this sort of thing by situate @common in the netherlands. @that is brutal, sorry -- @>> anjuli: a lot to see in a @public place. @ and people up in the @northeast are bracing for the @coldest air mass of the winter. @in new york, the big apple is @expecting wind chills as low as @negative 24 degrees. @i would die. @>> alcides: would you die. @>> anjuli: can i not even @imagine. @[ laughter ] @>> anjuli: city worker also @bring people off the streets @into hospitals. @the actual temperatures falling @as low as 4 degrees below. @wind gusts could reach up to 45 @miles per hour. @>> anjuli: yes. @>> alcides: it is cold here too
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@>> anjuli: i remember we have @to move around a lot for our @job, and my mom said never leave @the southeast because you won't @survive. @growing up in florida, i can't @>> lindsay: it is dangerous to @go outside. @go. @>> alcides: anything below 60 @for me is cold. @you. @>> alcides: i stay home all the @time. @>> lindsay: not as chilly this @morning, this their canada -- we @have been geeking out in the @weather office over this. @the models have been showing it @and on track coming from @northern canada. @actual temperatures when we show @you the pinks and the whites, @this means business. @current temperatures as cold as @30 below in some spots. @that cold air is south and east. @while it is chilly, this morning @in annapolis, the current @temperature at 6 below zero. @buffalo at 1 below zero and that @62 in tampa. @this is nothing compares to what @happens later today and tonight.
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@winds crank up. @talk about our forecast wind @chills in the north east if you @have family there, i know they @will stay bundled up as early as @8, 9:00. @even boston wind chills of 17 @below zero. @that is the computer model but @really is football @really is falling in line with @the numbers we are seeing. @sunday morning we are talking @about wind chill values as cold @as 20 to 30 below zer fireworks @boston to new york to philly @even 10 below. @and feeling colder across @portions of new york. @friends and family will be @spending valentine's day morning @and valentine's day evening and @even saturday night tonight @inside as it is going to be @quite chilly. @we have a chill of our own. @look at all these blue boxes, @the 9th day in a row we were @below average. @managed who hit 70 and today we @won't do that unless you life in @highlands county into desoto @county. @62 degrees in tampa. @a north-northwest wind at 8 @whether i pick up later this @morning behind an extremely weak @front that is moving through our @northern counties right now. @now we have some clouds in its @wake.
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@downtown giving way to mainly @clear skies. @not everyone is seeing clouds so @here is a great view of a @beautiful sunrise in lakeland. @50 degrees with a light wind. @temperatures vary depending on @who see the clouds with -- then @we go to brooksville, 57. @and 46 in bartow. @56 in winter haven and 59 in @venice. @we are in the orange. @13 degrees warmer in sarasota. @12 in clearwater. @tomorrow morning, it will feel @much chillier. @by the way, we have some fog and @locally dense and i have been @tracking it. @winter thichb bartow to lakeland @this morning. @this extends into sumter county @and eastern pasco county and it @is going to linger between 8 and @9:00 we will get it to lift out. @cooler tonight as our winds @relax. @we have the clear skies. @the radiational cooling. @and this is obviously a weak @front. @our air mass is dry and really @just clouds in its wake and a @slight wind shift behind the @front. @winds this morning are light out
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@veer slightly northerly and a @bit breezy. @by lunchtime, 64 degrees. @climbing to only 66. @and notice all that blue, that @huge blue sky we saw the past @couple of days will be back @after morning clouds. @tonight will be cold, noticeably @cooler. @wake up to 43 in wauchula. @37 in brooksville and 44 in @tampa. @run being 10 degrees below @average for this time of the @year sunday morning. @the cooler morning out of the @next seven mornings. @the workweek itself is a little @more reasonable. @slight breeze. @sunny and pleasant. @30s will develop north of the @bay. @a slight breeze that nay feel @colder and make sure you are @bundled up if you have any @nighttime plans. @38 degrees with an east wind @shift. @slightly mild near the @afternoon. @not great boating once you head @into the afternoon today because @our winds are going to pick up. @moderate chop. @seas 3 to 5 feet. @that is a huge improvement @compared to what we saw on @monday.
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@tuesday morning that quickly @moves through and gives us a @quick round of rain in the @morning. @50% chance and sun is back and @behind the front really just @seasonable air. @a lot of 70s this week. @>> alcides: thank you, anjuli. @ they huddle in crystal @troyvr stay warm and survive so @neat to see. @their gathering has a new @tourist attraction but new @regulations could close that @stream of income. @fox phil keating has more. @>> reporter: in the winter @months, manatee county do what @humans do, head south to florida @humans do, head south to @florida. @several hundred manatee county @huddle here in the national @springs of crystal river in 72 @springs of crystal river in @72-degree waters make @72-degree waters making this the @largest congregation of manatee @county in one spot in the entire @world. @and this week, record crowds are @here too, gawking at the giant @sea cows and swimming and kayak @sea cows and swimming and @kayaking right alongside them.
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@distinction -- extinction, the @florida government put manatee @county on the endangered species @and they will be downgraded this @year foreigndangered to @threatened but still manatee @controversy because sometimes @you will get 100 people or more @snorkeling right next to and @overcrowding the manatee county. @the u.s. fish and wildlife is @looking to limit that action. @>> this is okay. @this is where they come, where @the metabolism drops. @they are in resting mode. @they are in survival mode. @we are trying to protect them @from anything that disturbs @those patterns. @>> reporter: in a town that @banks on the manatee county and @city hall is adorned with the @mammals, private tour guides @worry if the feds bring a heavy @hand, very strict them and limit @the number of swimmers allowed, @their business also go belly-up. @the captain of manatee private @tours said he already lost @manatee profits. @>> the overall scheme of it is @for the benefit of the manatee, @but the small guy will get
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@to happen because it is @inevitable. @you can't do it without hurting @the little guy. @>> reporter: manatee tourism @brings in $80 million a year to @the local economy and until fish @and wild life decides what @regulation they will oppose. @this company will putter along @nice and slow. @you crystal river, florida, phil @keating, fox 13 news. @ a great story after 40 years @ a great story after 40 @years, a homeless man has been @reunited with his sister thanks @to a caring woman and power of @social media. @56-year-old sigh sack spent ten @years walking and living on the @streets of downtown miami. @but earlier this week, a special @woman named gabby changed his @life. @she recorded a video of him @through a project that helps @homeless individuals record @short videos to their long-lost @loved ones. @that video actually went on @social media. @it it was great.
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@to that video, isaac was able to @reunite with his sister. @al albertson's how adorable is @that. @what he just said there don't @ever let me go. @sigh sack got to see his nephew. @there he is there. @interestingly enough, one his @sister's other sons is also @named isaac. @social media does everything. @>> anjuli: really nice. @>> alcides: has its proos and @cons. @had this is a perfect example @what is great. @>> anjuli: absolutely. @ a busy night in sports last @night. @we will break down all the games @and all the highlights coming @up. @ and tampa bay lightning fans @ and tampa bay lightning @fans, listen up.
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@happening this morning in ta @
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@ends the nash value predator in @overtime. @late in the third period to send @them into overtime, and then @with just over a minute left in @the game, tyler johnson finished @it off. @the bolts win this one 4-3 and @they say at home for a game @tomorrow night against the st. @louis blues. @that game starts at 6:00. @ and it will be just be the @team celebrating that victory. @at amalie arena. @a celebration of all things @lightning. @current players and alum fly @take part in hockey @take part in hockey day. @everything kicks off at 9:00 @with a hockey tournament in @thunder alley. @honorary coaches have been @named. @and will lead the hockey league @all-star. @that starts at 6:15. @ the tampa bay ray also host @play ball rays. @will be on hand to teach basics. @face painting out there, juglers
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@event starts at 10 a.m. and go @on at 2:00 at tropicana field. @ the uss women's basketball @team has swept sthins season @following a big win over the @bearcats last night in ohio. @senior guard courtney williams @scores 17 of her 22 points in @the first half. @the 22nd ranked bulls. @the team now travels to kentucky @to play 12th ranked louisville @on monday. @good luck, girls. @ the tampa bay rowdy @ the tampa bay rowdies are @heading across the pond. @the team will be preparing for @the next season in england. @will leave for an 11-day trip on @march 6 to play three games @against some of the world's best @players. @right now they are preparing to @host the suncoast invitational @at al lang stadium in st. pete. @the rowdy @the rowdies open up play against @the montreal impact. @ in baseball, three strikes @you are out has a different @meaning for a new york mets @reliever henry mujia.
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@permanent -- permanent @suspension from baseball after @testing positive for performance @enhancing drugs for a third @time. @get this. @they were all in the same year. @the 26-year-old will also not be @allowed to play minor league @baseball. @ at the beginning of the nba @ at the beginning of the @nba's all-star weekend in @announced the finalist for the @class of 2016. @three-time nba finals mvp @shaquille o'neal. @he played in orlando and miami. @others to make the cut, nine @others to make the cut, @nine-time nba all-star allen @iverson and two-time coach of @the year tom izzo. @ still to come on "good day @ still to come on "good day" @can being a couch potato be @turning knew a vegetable. @ station's kelly co w an has @all the details on a tire @collection aimed at controlling @the zika crisis. @good morning, kelly. @ those old tires can be
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@mosquitoes. @how hillsborough county @free today. @we will have all those details @after the break. @ @ @ @ our government employees to @save money. @now we are digging deep near the @flint water disaster. @how donors are contributing to @the disactor. @>> a lot have contracts with @that.
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@politics (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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@ @ from tampa bay's number one @news station, this is "good day @tampa bay." @>> alcides: good morning, thank @you for joining us on this @saturday for "good day tampa @bay." @i am. @>> alcides: @>> anjuli: and i am anjuli @davis. @a quick check with linkedin in a @minute, but first a look at the @headlines. @ a man that left a message to @a local mosque pled guilty to a @hate crime. @he left that message shortly @after the paris terror attacks @last year. @he didn't make it too hard for @police to find him. @he left his name on the voice @he left his name on the @voicemail. @outside the courthouse, he @called his actions ignorant and @stupid. @he faces up to 20 years in @prison. @ the search for a missing @boater. @a body was found in the water of @bel-air. @it may be the boater who was @missing on january 30. @is empty boat was found near the @sand key coast guard station. @no life jackets on board.
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@ u.s. marshals have captured @the third suspect in the @execution-style killings of two @women and a man at a home in @lakeland. @the third suspect jamal smith @was arrested in miami thursday @night. @officers also arrested two @people who they say helped keep @him out of jail. @authorities have also arrested @two other men in connection with @the murders. @ at 7:31. @not as chilly out the door. @a wind shift. @a few clouds moved in and @already scouring out in many @spots and i expect a whole lot @of sunshine today. @another cool day though. @that 61 turns more like 66 in @tampa this afternoon. @and it is not rain. @it is moisture and fog that we @have been tracking inland. @riverview, you are at 54 degrees @riverview, you are at 54 @degrees. @around the bay area. @milder by the day. @62 in st. petersburg. @then we go to bartow. @the clear skies and cold at 46. @brooksville is 57. @one of the warmest morning we @have seen in a while. @54 in crystal river. @we have a little bit of patchy
7:31 am
@not going to last another hour, @hour and a half. @we have improvements in lakeland @we have improvements in @lakeland. @up to 6-mile visibility and @that's because your fog has @shifted west. @zephyrhills seeing it. @riverview not seek it on that @vantage point. @brandon patchy fog as well. @weak frontal boundary moving @into our northern counties now @and all it will do is shift our @winds and keep us slightly @cooler than yesterday a few @degrees. @66 today. @but look at those 70s this week. @we will talk about a cold front @on tuesday. @time out some rain coming up. @ and happening today, @hillsborough county officials @are hoping they can help to ease @some nerves this morning about @the zika virus. @they are asking people to bring @their tires in this morning to @avoid stagnant waters building @up. @kelly cowan joins us live in @tampa with the details on this. @good morning. @>> reporter: that's right. @we are outside of hillsborough @county road central services @office and starting at 8 a.m. @hillsborough county residents @can drop off their unused,
7:32 am
@up to ten tires per vehicle @along with an id, of course, @proving that you live @hillsborough county. @this is all for free and all in @an effort to camp down on the @mosquito population. @of course those old tires will @become haven for mosquitoes and @zika virus on everyone's minds @right now. @hillsborough county is looking @to get ahead of this. @>> fortunately there haven't @been any mosquitoes that have @been carrying the virus locally. @all the cases that have been @confirmed for zika are people @who traveled outside of the @country and acquired the virus @in another place and then @traveled back here. @>>reporter: there event will be @going on from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. @today. @remember, if you do want to come @and drop off some old tires, do @you have to be a hillsborough @county resident and show at @least one form of id proving @that you are. @for now reporting live, i am @kelly cowan. @back to you guys.
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@kelly in evenings. @but we want to pass on a warm @welcome to kelly. @glad to have you. @>> reporter: thanks, glad to be @here. @>> alcides: we will see you in @the next hour or so. @ check this out, sarasota @police need your help in solving @a brazen car theft. @a flat bed truck pulling you @have to sarasota ford and then @the lot. @two people are seen in the @surveillance footage. @officers are hopeful that the @surveillance footage will lead @to an arrest. @if you have any information, @call sarasota police department. @ here is a reason to get off @the couch this morning. @being inactive it make your @brain smaller. @researchers at boston university @study @studied 1500 people with an @average age of 40. @at the start of the study, they @all took a treadmill test. @then they did it again about 20 @years after that. @two decades after, researchers @found that people who have the @lowest fitness levels in their
7:34 am
@like three have smaller brains. @here is the thing, we all know @that brains eventually shrink @with age, but inactive @lifestyles make it happen a lot @faster. @brain shrinkage can lead to @cognitive decline, early death. @it is interesting. @ we are learning more about a @suspect in a deadly shooting @last weekend at an orlando night @club. @23-year-old jose lopez spent @less than 48 hours in a orange @county prison after being @charged with caring a condition @sealed weapon and dealing with @physical evidence. @witnesses saw lopez come out of @the ultra lounge after a gunshot @that left two dead and several @other injuries. @ and his arrest affidavit, @orlando police is asked that @lopez not be granted bond as @they believe he was a danger to @society. @ a state minimum page bill @still waits to be heard by a @legislative committee this @morning and that haven't stopped @the continuing push in
7:35 am
@child care workers. @state representative victor @torrez is sponsoring a @legislation in the florida use @this will create a $15 per hour @minimum wage for all workers in @the state. @a demonstration calling for @increase in wages for child care @workers was held yesterday in @clearwater. @ if you were looking for a @job, all three sea world parks @in orlando are raising their @minimum starting pay for @employees for 10 an hour. @the higher wages will go into @effect july 1st and apply to @jobs in sea world, orlando, @discovery cove. @we are told sea world will @increase wages for existing @positions. @7,000 new people for full-time, @parttime and seasoned positions. @ pope fran cities in mexico @this morning and kicking off a @six-day advice i hate it will @see visiting five mexicans @cities. @the pontiff plans to visit areas @most affected by poverty, @immigration and violence. @yesterday he was in cuba for his @fourth meeting with the leader @of the russian orthodox church.
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@have ever met. @francis's trip to mexico marks @his fourth visit to latin @america. @ diplomats from the u.s., @russia and other countries with @interest in sir ye have agreed @in a temporary cease-fire that @will go into effect in a week. @no long-terms through can lead @to a permanent cease-fire if the @civil war that killed more than @a quarter million people. @the agreement does mean that @definitely needed humanitarian @aid will soon arrive in syria. @ the united states has @temporarily deployed additional @patriot missile battery in south @korea. @exercises like ensure that the @u.s. is ready to defend against @an attack from north korea and @any time. @earlier this week, the senate @approved sanctions against north @korea. @the japanese leader say they @will impose new tougher @sanctions as well. @ well, after the break,
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@ unwrapping bundles of flow @ unwrapping bundles of @flowers and turn into colorful @bouquets. @>> the creations are sure to @brighten someone's day. @the flowers come from tourists, @grocery store, receptions and @fuels and more. @the event taking to the random @acts of flowers warehouse where @they are recycled and rearranged @they are recycled and @rearrangeded. @from the warehouse they head to @spots like local nursing home @and to help cheer up local @patients and residents. @>> when you are able to see the @smile on a recipient's face, you @realize this really does make a @difference. @>> alcides: randoms act of @flowers started a year ago and @they are delivering up to 13,000 @flowers arrangements. @ gracious manner and the @right words can make valentine's @day one of the most memorable @days of the year for you and @your significant other. @more ways to make sure tomorrow
7:40 am
@ valentine's someday right @around the corner. @the store shelves are already @stocked.hearts and flowers, @candy and many other ideas that @can make this valentine's day @the best ever. @with you it doesn't happen on @its own. @you have to put some thought and @maybe a few dollars into it. @if your budget is a little tight @after the holidays. @i understand but that's no @excuse @ @ @ @however, they are so many other @things you can do that won't @cost you a penny. @and a bunch other ideas that @maybe just cost a few bucks. @few hundreds. @valentine's day is not just to @celebrate the ladies either. @it is to celebrate sweet hearts. @if you have other people in your @life that you there sweet such @as your mom, you your boss or @your best friend, a little @something will be sweet, not @necessarily, but sweet. @however, be sure not to offend
7:41 am
@something of something else of @equal or lesser value. @take candy for example. @a $.99 box of chocolate for your @daily sweet people but $5 for a @true valentine. @be sure not to go overboard with @someone to ho is only a friend. @you may send a wrong message and @create all sorts of problems. @especially if you do something @more for them than the real @valentine did. @go easy. @go easy when it comes to a new @relationship. @keep in mind that whatever do @you this year determines your @baseline. @i mean, you can't start off with @a diamond necklace and then @reduce next year to a card and a @rose. @get it. @and ladies, let's be fair. @valentine's day is for everyone. @don't forget the guy in your @life. @get him a little gift. @happy valentine's day, tampa bay @happy valentine's day, tampa @bay, i am properly yours kim @goddard. @>> alcides: hit it on the nose. @get him something too.
7:42 am
@that. @my husband is always snoozing. @how much do you spend on @valentine's day gift. @under $100 or a little bit more. @we will tell you by states @spends the most on presents and @who is the stingy @who is the stingiest. @>> if you were single this @weekend, maybe you should enlist @in guy's friend. @helping his chances with the @lady @ladies. @>> anjuli: oh, boy. @it is 7:44. @if you have plans with your @valentine tonight, a little @chillier than it is right now. @not bad temperature-wise. @66 in clearwater beach. @blue skies. @a slight breeze and a front. @believe it or not a front moving @through. @keep it breezy breezy by the bay @and keep us below average. @and still a little cooler than @what we saw yesterday. @more good news, our fog is @shrinking, you have improvements @in the visibility department. @if you were ready for warmer @temperatures too.
7:43 am
7:44 am
7:45 am
@seven-day and also comi @ @ rise and shine. @this is "good day tampa bay." @>> anjuli: according to a @recent survey, the most romantic @people in the country based @purely on the amount of money @spent on valentine's day gifts @live in the state of kansas.
7:46 am
@tokens of love. @on the other hand, new hampshire @comes in dead last with an @average spending of $31 bucks. @floridians, we spend about $83 @on gifts. @ and while he may not have to @spend anything this weekend. @>> alcides: cheapskate, sorry. @>> anjuli: it adds up. @a michigan man is getting a lot @of help albertson'sal he lives @for a lawn and garden company. @his co-workers put his face and @contact information on @billboards. @this poor guy -- @>> anjuli: hilarious. @>> alcides: his description is @nice. @6 foot tall, 25 years old. @a handsome looking dude were @right. @he was pretty surprised of the @gesture and he is making the @most of it. @gotten dozens of calls, text @messages and e-mails.
7:47 am
@a flame, he is looking for real @love. @anguli davis i mean that is -- @>> anjuli: that is so great but @so many. @can you imagine driving down the @road and seeing that? @>> alcides: oh, my god. @>> lindsay: driving, put on the @brakes albertson'sal i wonder @with this picture too. @he is ready to go. @>> lindsay: i feel a little bad @for him. @>> anjuli: i hope he finds his @lady because what a story. @what a story. @>> alcides: what if they meet @that way. @>> anjuli: we met via billboard @>> anjuli: we met via @billboard. @>> lindsay: a billboard itself. @>> anjuli: i love it. @a chilly weekend do you think. @>> lindsay: winds early week @and we hit 70 degrees. @a little breezy today, but @honestly pretty decent weekend @shaping up for shopping if you @need go ahead and do that. @if you have dinner plans tonight @if you have dinner plans @tonight. @any outdoor plans. @maybe out by the bonfire this @evening. @61 degrees in tampa this
7:48 am
@a north wind shift. @our weak front is moving through @right now and what it has done @is move the clouds out of way @and move them southwest region @and the trends throughout the @day. @increased sun and increased wind @by the beach. @63 from our sirata net cam. @kind of choppy but not as smooth @as yesterday. @our winds pick up. @exercise caution for the boaters @this afternoon. @current temperatures aren't bad. @they are manageable. @50 in lakeland. @57 in brooksville. @st. petersburg, 63 degrees. @so these 24-hour changes from 6 @degrees warmer to 13 in @sarasota, and that's thanks to @an onshore wind shift overnight. @not much fog left. @and dade city, zephyrhills, @patchy fog. @and 30 minutes. @and expected as that front @sweeps through, sweep that fog @out as well. @shower or cloud cover. @here is a band of it right now. @behind this is drier air, and @that will continue to punch in, @give us that increased blue hues @of the sky.
7:49 am
@air and push out the upper-level @energy. @you will see nothing but @sunshine through the afternoon. @tonight turning much cooler @throughout the day. @noticeably a few degrees cooler @than yesterday. @we take you to the northeast @where they have a very intense @frontal boundary. @very intense canadian high @pressure. @and cold temperatures. @arctic air in northern canada. @and that will give way to the @coldest air of the season. @not right now but in is cold. @compared to tomorrow morning, @this is nothing. @wind chill of 6 degrees in @boston. @22 below in buffalo, and we will @share anywhere from 20 to 30 @degrees below zero. @wind chill values from boston @and new york city tomorrow @morning for valentine's day. @for us today, highs rebounding @the low to mid-60s north. @low 70s the further south you @live. @under sunny skies, a very @beautiful day. @lows tonight turning colder @though, and in a hurry, north of @the bay, 37 for the low in @brooksville. @44 in tampa. @46 in venice and 48 in st. pete. @the next front is tuesday
7:50 am
@in our temps. @the coolers air. @and by the bay, chilly tonight. @and 44, and just below average. @for our valentine's day, shaping @up nicely but bringing in a few @more clouds with an east wind @shift. @and this will push 70 degrees @for the afternoon high. @we will hit 68 here in tampa. @on the water today, we have @exercise cautions. @tomorrow, improving. @president's day, if you have the @day off, looks great and that @rain on tuesday, again, it is @out of here by midmorning. @late week looks fantastic. @near average with highs in the @low 70s. @ all right, thank you, @lindsay. @ up next home sweet home. @a happy ending for a manatee @found strandhow the the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl
7:51 am
indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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oh-oh, oh-oh oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-ooh, oh hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. @ @ fox 13 good day. @local for you all morning long. @ finally this hour, a manatee @found in distress at the end of @january back swimming in the @wild this morning. @fox 13's photojournalist otto @contreras was there when it was @released. @>> as we first assessed this @animal, he was kind of isolated @by himself in rocky creek and
7:54 am
@waters like here in pico. @we put together a big team of @people from fwc, clearwater @marine aquarium, lowry park zoo. @a lot of people that know how @this handle manatees and help @with the rescue efforts. @we. @it was small. @manatee county just not able to @handle cold water temperatures @very well. @they decided to bring it to @lowry spark zoo to do an @assessment to make sure the @manatee was healthy before we @actually relocated it here. @he is still in what we consider @a past age range where he is old @enough to be away from mom. @that's why we felt comfortable @bring him today.
7:55 am
@ a look at alcides at 8:00. @>> still a lot more ahead on @"good day tampa bay." @we are live in hillsborough @county where trying to fight the @mosquito-borne zika virus. @ we are talking live with @florida fish and wildlife about @the challenge come up next. @ plus, looking to get that @special someone some flowers @this valentine's day. @coming up in this week's earth @watch, how this keep those @flowers and roses fresh longer @this @stay with us.
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@ @. @from tampa bay's number one news @station, this is "good day tampa @bay." @the search is on for a new @school superintendent in polk @county. @why she stepped down and what @this means for thousands of kids @in the district. @ presidential hope. @ donald trump brings his @campaign to the area. @a look at his rally in the sun @dome. @>> alcides: good @>> alcides: good saturday @morning were i am. @>> alcides: @>> anjuli: and i am anjuli @davis. @lindsay milbourne is here with @your forecast. @>> lindsay: cool in the @afternoon but 60 in the morning
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