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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 8AM  FOX  February 13, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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@ @. @from tampa bay's number one news @station, this is "good day tampa @bay." @the search is on for a new @school superintendent in polk @county. @why she stepped down and what @this means for thousands of kids @in the district. @ presidential hope. @ donald trump brings his @campaign to the area. @a look at his rally in the sun @dome. @>> alcides: good @>> alcides: good saturday @morning were i am. @>> alcides: @>> anjuli: and i am anjuli @davis. @lindsay milbourne is here with @your forecast. @>> lindsay: cool in the @afternoon but 60 in the morning
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@winds out of the north and the @front we have been track @something gliding through the @area. @a slight breeze in clearwater @beach and abundant sunshine will @be higher. @60 degrees there and a few @clouds and light winds. @bartow, the cool spot this @morning at 48 degrees. @50 in wauchula, 51 in venice. @st. pete at 62 and 54 degrees up @in crystal river. @all of our 24-hour changes are @in orange. @we are anywhere from 5 degrees @warmer to 14 degrees warmer in @venice. @don't get used to it. @by tomorrow morning, our coolest @morning of the week. @still tracking a little patchy @ground fog. @the area we are tracking @continue to shrink in size. @dade city into sumter county you @are still seeing it. @30 minutes before it scours out. @there is the front no rain with @it. @our air extremely dry. @behind it even drier. @the cooler changes for late @tonight and our valentine's day @morning. @through the day spelling it out @and. @a slight breeze. @up to 66 degrees. @we will talk about a chilly
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@ new this morning, @hillsborough county deputies are @investigating a death. @they were called out to the 2900 @block of circumstances ccamore @court just after 5:00 this @morning. @when they arrived on scene, they @found a man dead. @investigators believe the victim @knew the person that killed @them, but they are still looking @for that suspect. @we will bring you more @information as soon as we get it @in. @ hillsborough county is @taking new precautions against @the zika virus, and they are @cleaning up neighborhoods while @they are at it. @>> alcides: fox 13's kelly @cowan is live in tampa where @they kicked off a disposal @event. @good morning. @>> reporter: from now until 3 @p.m. today, you can drop off @your old tires that are laying @around. @if you have them laying around @your property, you will want to @get rid of them and they can @easily be havens for mosquitoes. @they are offering free recycle @here today. @we are here at the hillsborough @county road central services. @and there is big tub here where @you can just drop off your tires @tires. @anyone can drop off ten tires as
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@now, again, this is all in an @attempt to cut down on the @mosquito population. @of course with zika on everyone @of course with zika on @everyone's minds. @hillsborough county authorities @are trying to get out ahead of @this. @>> this way we are hoping those @folks who may have picked one up @and rolling around the house @will be able to bring them in @and get rid of that mosquito @and get rid of that @mosquito-breeding area. @>> reporter: from 8 until 3:00, @you can drop off ten tires per @vehicle. @you want to remember to bring @id. @your driver license will do if @your current address proving @that you live in hillsborough @county. @you can check out all the web @kites for details. @kelly ring, -- kelly cowan, fox @13 news. @ this morning, polk county @schools are looking for a new @superintendent. @katherine laroy resigned @following an investigation into
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@faced following public comment, @the board voted unanimously to @accept her resignation. @she has been under fire since @associate superintendent filed @nine misconduct claims against @her. @included sexual harassment, @hostile work environment and @independent investigation @cleared her. @but did say she may have crossed @professional lines. @as part of her compensation, she @will get more than $230,000. @>> just incredibly @unprofessional the way teachers @were treated, the way @professionals were treated and @the way people were afraid do @what they were supposed to do. @>> and they will decide to take @their law into their own hand @and do what they want to do @rather than go through the @process so basically that's what @i saw was a lynch mob. @>> the board also voted to make @jacqueline bird the interim @superintendent.
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@discussions on a permanent @replacement during a workshop @set for later this month. @ a wrong-way crash kills two @people in tampa. @it happened friday morning on @the 275 exit ramp near ashley @drive. @troopers say the driver of a @gold acur a was driving the @wrong way up the exit ramp and @crashed head on with a suv. @the family of a man is speaking @out. @65-year-old eugene fisher was a @devoted husband and grandfather. @he served in the air force and @on his way to work when he was @killed. @troopers say 47-year-old larry @thompson was driving his acura @northbound in the southbound. @the two cars collided head on. @both drivers died at the scene. @investigators are still working @to determine if alcohol was @involved. @at the time of the crash, fisher @was on his way to a security @job. @his granddaughter said he is at @her soccer game just hours after @he was killed.
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@could ever ask for. @a loss this family will ever get @over. @>> it happened way too much. @>> there's got to be something @-- i don't understand how you go @the wrong way anyway i mean if @you -- there's got to be a way @that there is more awareness, @there is more something to stop @it. @>> anjuli: troopers stay could @take several weeks to determine @if alcohol or drugs was involved @in this. @they are doing whatever they can @to stop wrong-way crashes. @f dot is out patrolling and sign @f dot is out patrolling and @signs to alert drivers if you @are travelling the wrong @direction. @ thousands of people pack the @sun dome for a donald trump @rally during the stump trump. @they talked about the mexico @wall, negotiating tactics, jeb @bush as well as ted cruz. @trump knows how important @florida is. @the first winner take all @primary state. @says he loves florida's hispanic @population and employs many of
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@and also took a few stabs at @former florida governor jeb bush @former florida governor jeb @bush. @at one point he insisted that he @would make america rich again. @>> we are going to put ourselves @in such an unbelievable @position. @we are going to this start @making money and we have to. @a woman -- i tell this story all @the time. @it was a few weeks ago. @a woman came up and said mr. @trump, i don't like it when you @say i am going to make our @country rich again. @i know because it is not @politically correct. @everything you have to say today @is politically correct. @it is disgusting, right? @>> alcides: many people @afterwards said they loved trump @afterwards said they loved @trump's brashness and lack of @political correctness. @he talked about it there. @they are optimistic about his @chances and they believe he can @do the things he says. @>> when you listen to him and @see him in person, you realize @how many more people actually @believe him, believe in him, and @really believe that this man can
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@>> he's spending his own money @like he said. @not anybody funding him. @when he goes in there, he can @tell people to go take a hike. @>> alcides: 12,000 people @packed inside at the sun dome @and thousands more outside. @ [chanting] @>> anjuli: of course, not @everyone at the sun dome was a @trump fan. @several protesters showed up. @some took turns whacking a trump @pinnate at that and yelling at @supporters. @>> he's a racist. @he is a xen ohobe and born with @a spoon in his mouth. @because his father was a @millionaire, he thinks he was @born to be president tampa he is @horrible. @>> anjuli: some chanted dump @trump and others wore t-shirts @with names from other candidates @with names from other @candidates. @ switching gears, it is time @now for our good day good deed.
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@st. pete police's assistant @chief luke wilson took time to @talk to some kids. @ages 2 you through 5 at first @presbyterian day school. @he arrested them and then you @can see there, the kids got a @close-up look at his police @cruiser. @how neat is that. @>> alcides: always great to see @law enforcement and prishtion @going up to the school. @>> anjuli: getting involved. @>> alcides: getting up close @and personal. @ our first python hunt wraps @up this weekend. @>> anjuli: after the break. @we are talking to fish and wild @we are talking to fish and @wildlife why the event is so @important florida. @ plus spring training a right @around the corner. @looking at season two under @manager kevin cash. @that is coming up in morning @sports. @ 8:09. @waking the 60s to kick off our @saturday morning. @if you were ready for more, that @doesn't mean a warmer afternoon. @in the 60s for highs. @56 in brooksville. @53 in wauchula, and our weak @front it moving through at the @florida state fairgrounds. @how about 59 degrees to light
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@what a change of last saturday @to last weekend of the fair. @if you were headed out, slight @breeze. @mid-60s. @tomorrow morning if you are up @early with your volume tine, it @will be chilly and even colder @in the northeast. @we will talk about some @ridiculously cold wind chills
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@ @ praying on pythons. @the state of florida is in the @middle of a month-long public
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@burmese python population in the @state. @lieutenant bill martin joins us @from florida fish and wildlife @to talk to us more about this. @>> good morning. @>> alcides: why is the @challenge so important? @>> the challenge is so important @because it eliminates the @burmese python and brings @awareness to the public about @the invasive species problems we @have in florida and so many @pythons as well as other animals @that aren't supposed to be here. @>> do a lot of people @participate in this type of @competition? @>> so far over 1,000 @participants and it is great to @have that much precipitation as @well as bring awareness about @the invasive species problems in @florida. @>> this is the second year -- am @i right with that? @the second year @>> the second time we had it and @this time is a lot more suck @sellsful than we had in the past @sellsful than we had in the @past. @>> reporter: why you will goal @is not just to get reof these @snakes but also educate folks of @the burmese python and why it is @invasive and why it is causing
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@>> if going to the general @public as well as those @participating the challenge. @our goal with the general @public, any type of invasive @species, snakes, especially the @burmese python in the everglades @causes a lot problem. @eats smaller mammals and @everything else this they can @get a hold of and they breed @pro-liveicly. @any time a decrease in the @population numbers it helps the @ecosystem. @>> alcides: talk about how they @got here. @they are not native to florida, @and yet there are so many. @small mammals. @some of these snakes are 6 feet, @7 feet long. @how did they get here? @>> some of the snakes are up to @13, 14, 15 feet long. @>> alcides: good night. @>> some of the snakes are really @big. @how they got here? @a lot of different reasons they @could be here. @the most prolific one is that @people release them as pets. @they have an issue with people @having exotic species as pets @and they don't take care of them @and they get too big.
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@14, you 15 feet. @they let them loose and they @cause havoc in the ecosystem and @breed pro historically @throughout the state. @>> alcides: this year's @competition. @, what does it look like in @terms of numbers and compare it @to last year. @>> this year 100 harvested. @that was yesterday's numbers, so @we might have more. @the harvest we had before was @quite a bit lower. @we kind ever look at all the @different factors that we had, @whether it be weather as well as @public participation @public fashion and education by @our department as trying to help @increase the numbers of harvest @this year. @>> alcides: and so the event @closes tomorrow. @and i take it at the end of this @competition, this is exactly @what fwc is looking for to get @rid of these burmese pythons and @let small mammal notice wildlife @continue to grow and not have to @worry about something like this. @>> yes, a huge part of this, as @well as public awareness that a
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@have across the state. @the monitors. @what we have in hillsborough @county and a lot of other @animals that don't belong here @that do cause a problem. @decreasing their population and @public awareness is really what @our main goal is. @>> alcides: lieutenant, thank @you. @and have a great weekend. @>> you too. @>> alcides: we were talking @about this a couple of days ago @and linkedin just got married @and we are glad to have you back @and we are glad to have you @back, but one of the reasons why @they are saying they are @catching more this year as @opposed to last year is the cold @weather. @they are moving around. @or maybe it is the other way @around. @>> lindsay: i think it was the @other way around. @the record warm december and @then this week where it is the @9th day in a row we have been @below average. @a weak front moving through this @morning and in fact it is @whipping by and probably coming @through unnoticed for most of @you. @you will notice while we are at
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@we are 16 degrees cooler when @you wake up with your valentine @tomorrow. @cold front, another one moving @through tuesday morning. @that one will bring showers. @a quick round, a 50% chance and @one or two thunderstorms as well @one or two thunderstorms as @well, but behind it, we are @actually going to be tracking a @shift in our upper-level pattern @as a ridge builds in warmer @temperatures this workweek and a @couple more below-average days. @bright blue huge sky yesterday, @and there are some high clouds. @60 degrees on brookville, @bayshore. @nothing but blue skies and north @northwest wind shift to our weak @front is passing by. @48 degrees in bartow, and then @you go to tampa, clearwater, st. @pete, we are in the 60s. @average low is 54. @so most of us are above that @this morning and all of us @warmer than time yesterday if @you are an early riser. @11 degrees warmer in lakeland @and 14 in venice out the door. @visibility, we have been track @visibility, we have been @tracking a little fog. @it is still there and maintain @to extreme eastern portions of
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@as we mentioned the front moves @through, a little more mixing in @the atmosphere and fog will lift @out by 8:30, 9 a.m. at the @latest. @you can see -- maybe you can see @but i will point it out for you. @this is where our front is. @a few clouds in the wake of it. @behind is a slight northerly @shift in the winds and breezy by @the bay. @colder tonight by this boundary @that will give way to some of @the chilly @the chilliest air we have seen a @couple of days tomorrow morning. @by noon, 64. @we will climb to 66. @that's it and that is cooler @than yesterday's high. @again, loads of sun. @that means cool tonight. @if you were headed to the night @parade or have any valentine's @parade, you need to bundle up. @nothing compared to what is @happening in the northeast. @current temperatures are cold. @20 in boston. @5 in elmyra, but the wind chill @that will form that late today @and overnight. @we have wind chills as cold as @new york. @that is into boston and new york @city tomorrow morning. @so snuggle alert in effect. @a lot of people inside tomorrow. @66 for today. @that slight breeze.
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@so we wake up at 44 in tampa, @but brooksville, you are at @about 37. @st. pete you 48 degrees. @plan ahead. @east wind shift upper 60s and a @few more clouds. @overall the weekend itself is @below average both days. @exercise cautions are up for the @boaters. @a little breezy tots and @moderate chop developing. @throughout next seven days we go @throughout next seven days we @go. @look at the temperatures. @from the 60s into the 70s and @while that look a little ominous @on tuesday, that rain chance is @over by midmorning and back to @more typical readings for this @time of year late in the week. @>> the lightning take on the @predators at amalie arena and @rays manager kevin cash gets @ready for his second spring @training with the team. @here is fox 13 sports director @chip carter. @microchip good morning, you know @the saying, get what you wish @for, watching the lightning game @but early in the game is good @but not that exciting. @like them to kick it in a little @bit. @ramp up this game. @but just like that the game got
8:20 am
@lightning down 1-0. @watch the right post. @safety brown never gives up @continue to. @takes it and scores. @game tied at 1 and bolts get @the lead on this and a classic. @the long pass and kuchrov and he @somehow gets the shot off with @one on. @we have been awarded a penalty @hot anyway. @but he doesn't need it. @with one arm and a defenseman @all over him gets it through. @30 seconds left in regulation, @lightning down 3-2. @steven stamkos, game tied at 3. @and then overtime, that didn't @last long either. @watch tyra johnson in the final @hole. @the last three seconds of @regulation, the lightning tie @the game. @inside the first minute of @overtime. @the lightning wins the game. @the lightning wins the game. @huge, two-point win for the @lightning and take it by 1, 4-3 @over nashville. @ the biggest familiar face
8:21 am
@comfortable in spring training. @manager kevin cash looks and @feels more comfortable. @the team looks different tampa @11 players on the scene last @year. @the rays are working to fill @lung producing power nobody know @it is this line-up will make the @team better but kevin cash knows @that he is going to be better. @>> i do. @the comfort is because of the @relationships that you build all @year long, and -- you know @everybody now. @off little bit better @understanding. @you don't know everything. @i don't think you ever will. @but the relationships with the @flares, the coaches, and just @being one year more familiar @with what takes place it spring @training and the build-up to it. @microchip that's it for sports. @ have a good morning. @ are you looking for @valentine's date idea for your @heartthrob. @>> alcides: starts and the @night parade under the stars.
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@and a lot more coming up. @ and before heading to break, @you are in good company. @a look at some of the famous @faces that share your big day. @"good day" continues after this.
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@ @. @ looking to get out of the @house this weekend, we have just @the thing for. @>> you a bunch of hot happenings @going on around the bay area @this weekend. @and we will start with the @santiago illuminated night @parade invading ybor city. @100 illuminated floats, bands @and royalty. @the big brothers and big sisters @will lead the parade. @a party at the cuban club after @that. @all festivities start off at @7:00. @ joan joy a love-themed @dinner. @mosi is putting on an event @called total eclipse of the @heart. @unenjoy a dinner set for love @songs underneath a changing sky. @some of the most romantic cities @in the world. @two seatings today and from 5:30 @until 8:30. @tickets cost $120 per couple. @ take a ride on the wild side
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@valentine's night safari calling @it love on the wild side. @couples can travel through the @edge of africa and see all the @cool animals and cozy up around @a bonfire with drinks, appetizer @a bonfire with drinks, @appetizers and desserts. @guests have to be 21 and up and @will cost but $250. @ you can see r 5 at ruth @eckerd hall tonight. @the pop group contains siblings. @they take the stage at 7:00. @tickets start at $33. @and the entire night is staying @in the family. @their younger brother rylan is @opening up the show. @ show stops in the bay area. @guide the audience through a @narrative of stories sourced @from anonymous of secrets nailed
8:27 am
@it is taking stage at the straz @center. show starts at 7:30 @and tickets start at $25. @ @ i am coming out @ i want the world to know i got @to let it show . @>> anjuli: just wants to make @you dance at 8:30 in the morning @you dance at 8:30 in the @morning. @love her. @if you want to travel down i-4, @one of the original divas of @soul. @diana ross performing at mardi @gras universal. @a mardi gras parade, beads. @and the concert, get this, free @from admission. @pretty nice which will run but @$100 to get in the park. @and miss ross will take the @stage at 8:00. @>> alcides: she is a rock star. @>> anjuli: she truly is. @what a great list of hot @happenings. @the possibilities are endless. @>> lindsay: a bright blue sky. @temperatures will be cool. @but you know it is not as cool
8:28 am
@boating in st. pete. @become @becoming a little choppy with a @north wind at 10. @that slight breeze and @clearwater beach. @any clouds from earlier are gone @and stay clear in the cloud @department. @and only in the mid- to upper @60s. @though a little cooler than @yesterday. @still enjoyable. @especially when you have your @wind chills well below zero in @the northeast. @more weather this workweek @coming up. @ @. @ bernie sanders wipes out @hillary clinton in new @hampshire, so why is he getting @wiped out in the delegate count. @>> say what? @>> we will tell you how @candidates can win and still @fall far behind. @the numbers in both parties may @surprise you.
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@ @. @ from tampa bay's number one @news station, this is "good day @tampa bay." @>> good morning to you at 8:31. @bright blue skies are greeting @us out the door. @55 in lakeland. @the weak front has passed by and @don't even know it. @that wind shift out of the @north, northwest. @nothing but sunshine and low 60s @at the beach. @a little breezy today. @a couple of 40s into portions of @polk county. @no more fog after an early start @and we are all running above @average this morning with @mid-50s and low 60s. @look at the 70s early this week. @we will talk more about that @warm-up coming up. @ developing this morning. @hillsborough county deputies are
8:32 am
@investigation. @they were called out to the 2900 @block of sycamore court just @after 5 a.m., just off of bruce @b. downs boulevard. @when deputies arrived on scene, @they found man dead. @investigators believe the victim @knew the person who killed him, @but they are still looking for @that suspect. @of course, we will bring you @more information just as soon as @we get it. @ all right, the time right @now a 8:32. @a quick look at today's top @stories. @a man that left an angry @profanity-laced phone message to @a local mosque pleads guilty to @a hate crime. @he left a message shortly after @year. @he didn't make it hard for @police to find him. @he left his name on the message. @outside his courthouse he called @his actions ignorant and stupid. @he faces up to 20 years in @prison. @ u.s. marshals captured the @third suspect in the execution @execution-style killings. @jamal smith was arrested in
8:33 am
@officers also arrested two @people who they say helped keep @them out of jail. @authorities have already @arrested two other men in @connection with the murders. @ and another wrong-way driver @has been arrested in @hillsborough county, and @deputies say he was heading @south in northbound lanes of @racetrack road thursday night @when he rammed into another car. @and investigators say they @smelled alcohol on his breath. @thankfully nobody was hurt. @he was charged with dui and @property damage. @ and this week has been an @unusually deadly one for police. @in just four days, five officers @were killed in the line of duty @in shootings around the country. @as part of a national tour, u.s. @attorney general loretta lynch @spent friday in florida to talk @about repairing and building @relationships between @communities and police. @visited a miami high school with @a town hall for peace @ambassadors. @local police and community @leaders to discuss police @relations. @students are encouraged by the @visit. @>> it is very positive she is
8:34 am
@us and think about what we want @to do and get involved with the @police forces here in miami-dade @county. @and just very positive to have @our involvement with her. @and with her involvement in us. @>> lynch's policing tour comes @after the national debate of @officer's use of force following @controversial shoot information @ferguson, chicago and cleveland. @ manatee county is working on @a way to reduce nonemergency 911 @calls. @starting a community paramedic @program. @it will be made up of two @paramedics and a manager who @will go around in a suv @preemptively helping people but @not in an ambulance. @last year manatee county had @46,000 ems calls. @only 2500 of those were @emergency transports. @paramedic will go to people's @homes to assess how they can @help in any way possible. @>> a format to paint a step @yellow to see it.
8:35 am
@a ramp to in front of their @house to get a wheelchair up, @they don't have that. @they will evaluate it and see @how it is doing and they are eye @plying for more grants to keep @this program in place. @ we see it all the time @continue to facebook and twitter @twitter. @pictures dogs and cats that @desperately need a home and in @some cases, they are just hours @away from death, but in this day @and age, some of those animals @do make it out of the shelters @and into a forever home. @>> alcides: an amazing network @of resources nationwide and save @of resources nationwide and @saving pets with the click of a @mouse. @fox 13's cynthia smoot shows how @social media is saving lives. @ from home outside chicago, @pamela kramer writes about @animals thousands of miles away. @>> when i saw that picture @already i knew i had to write @about him. @>> reporter: a picture of romeo @surrendered a week before @christmas, posted on the rescue
8:36 am
@>> in front of the sign that @said you leave your dog here, it @can be killed immediately. @that picture was just @heartbreaking. @>> reporter: she wrote that @story and what happened? @>> it went viral. @it went crazy. @literally that night we had @almost 100 e-mails for one dog. @>> reporter: one of the people @who updates the rescue me tampa @page every night. @>> checked the e-mails one last @time. @>> reporter: she says what @policeman writes saves lives. @>> the pictures you, but the @stories make you want to help @that dog. @kramer's story at help me tampa @is part of a rescue network that @spans social media. @a network without borders. @>> max went to alaska and we @have a dog in canada. @we have dogs in pennsylvania, @new jersey, north carolina, all @over. @all across the united states. @>> reporter: kramer herself used @that network to rescue lucky @from the county shelter in
8:37 am
@nearly 1400 miles away. @>> good boy. @you are so good. @>> reporter: after posting on @florida transport, within 24 @hours, lucky had arrived. @five different drivers from @miami to jupiter. @on to fort pierce, then to @cocoa, orange park, and finally @a and are view with pam claimer @in atlanta and one more drive to @her warm, cozy couch in chicago. @>> and he was in a car for 22 @hours total over two days with a @potty break. @>> rides to rescues happen every @day, dogs and cats saved by @facebook. @>> so many would die without the @page. @>> reporter: it is saving lives. @>> absolutely. @>> reporter: way too many @unwanted pets are still dying, @but these women are grateful for @the power of social media and @every single life saved. @>> when i find out that an @animal has found a home because @of one of my stories, sometimes
8:38 am
@because it makes me so happy. @>> anjuli: what happened to @romeo the dog that went viral? @the tampa bay humane society @pulled him and two weeks later @he was adopted. @>> alcides: this is his going @home picture and they found him @on facebook. @i know. @we posted it on our web site at @go to the seen on tv sections. @>> anjuli: i love that, one of @the positive influences of @social media. @finding a forever home. @ looking for something to do @with your sweetheart this @valentine's day weekend. @save cash and whip up something @at home. @coming up, a simple dish that @you can make at home for your @valentine. @plus are you planning on getting @your special someone some @flowers for tomorrow's big day. @you are not the only one, trust @me. @in earth watch, lindsay shows me @the best way to the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl
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@ @ well, valentine's day is @tomorrow and $10 billion -- @billion dollars worth of flowers @will be bought this year. @so we want to you keep those @flowers at home looking their @best. @bernie lewellen from whole foods @markets is here with tips. @good morning. @>> good morning. @>> lindsay: you brought @foods. @tell me a bit about these flow @tell me a bit about these @flowers. @>> first off, they are whole @trade, which is really important @because it improves lives with @every purchase. @it is fair trade. @you know that the workers are @being paid a fair wage and that @the working conditions are safe @for them. @and the premium is paid that
8:42 am
@and in their community. @and it provides great flowers @and great flower straight from @the farm. @and this year, 24 roses, two @dozen at $20 in all of our @locations. @>> what a great deal. @and they are beautiful. @and you want them to stay @looking that way. @and where do you start in. @>> the best thing is to pick @roses. @you want them to be firm at the @base and given kind of like a @stale marshmallow is what i say. @kind of funny. @and buy ana open cut to mature @longer and. @it is juicy @it is juicier and better tasting @it is juicier and better @tasting. @and then when you go and put @them in a vase. @i always say play some tunes, @get a cocktail, have fun, @because flowers should be fun. @and then get the base ready, and @a -- put the preservative that @comes with don't do any wife's
8:43 am
@>> use ice water that is like a @facial for the flowers. @closes the pores. @one at to remove any fillers @that would possibly be in the @water and that breaks down and @pollutes the water. @and then use a knife. @not scissors. @most people don't have good @scissors. @pinching action closes some of @the cells down and that's when @you get the rose doing this. @>> lindsay: so use a knife. @>> i always say put it there and @cut away from yourself. @maybe a sharp kitchen knife and @go there. @and there it will. @that gives a good angle and a @fresh cut. @you should do a couple of inches @off the bottom. @you will see when you inspect @them. @you can it is drawing like a @straw, the cell structure and @collapses. @the more you cut them and change @the water if do you it every day @the water if do you it every @day. @i know it is a little bit of @work. @every day, you will have them @last sometimes as much as two or @three weeks. @>> don't forget about them @because if you want them to last @longer, do all these things @every day and have them looking
8:44 am
@>> anjuli: (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than
8:45 am
our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk. give us a plan. @ @ time is now 8:46. @a look at some of the top @stories. @a tennessee man is charged in a @string of home burglary @string of home burglaries in @sarasota.
8:46 am
@be responsible for up to 30 @break-ins. @in most cases the front door of @the home has been kicked in and @electronics were stolen. @deputies connected stein's car @to the string of burglaries. @he admitted to four of the cases @and still trying to connect them @to the others. @ the search for the missing @boater may be over. @clearwater police say a body was @found in the water in bel-air. @a boater who went missing on @january 30. @there were no life jackets on @board. @his name has not been released. @family members say they may have @been suicidal. @ a brazen car theft in @sarasota. @a flat bed truck pulls up to @sarasota ford and rolls the @pickup truck right off the lot. @two people are seen in the @surveillance video. @officers are hopeful the video @will lead to an arrest. @if you have any information, you @are asked to call sarasota @police. @ 8:47. @cooler temps today. @expecting more than that all @week, right, lindsay. @>> lindsay: we expect them the @next few days. @they are back this morning.
8:47 am
@many of us. @and back to the cooler numbers. @and here is a cool view. @visibility satellite imagery. @we will remember yesterday. @wouldn't even snow because @limited cloud cover. @plenty of dry air in place, and @this morning, an extremely weak @front. @and through the area. @right behind here. @a slight wind shift and dry air @and abundant sunshine to be @humid. @starting an tour on our sirata @beach net cam. @a little breezy. @at the beach, not quite as @smooth as yesterday. @some of our wave heights could @build um to 5 feet well @offshore. @the science cam in st. @petersburg show that slight @breeze. @more sunshine over clearwater @beach this early saturday @morning. @nice start to the day. @some clouds at 6 a.m. @clear skies over lake mirror in @lakeland where you are waking up @in the mid-you 50s. @start to see a jump in the few @of the temps. @drop a few degrees. @at 60.
8:48 am
@58 in sebring. @56 in brooksville. @some cool air up in the @panhandle. @that will slide in later tonight @that will slide in later @tonight, and in the meantime @this morning, 24 hour changes 5 @degrees warmer in tampa. @16 in wauchula and milder tire @share with you in the seven-day @forecast. @there is the front. @i have drawn on the visible @satellite and notice the wind @behind it northerly surge by the @bay. @from 10 to 15 miles per hour. @satellite and radar picture @quiet because that front is so @weak, but continuing to watch @the flakes fly, and the colder @air settle into the northeast. @bitter cold this weekend. @temperatures this morning are we @low zero for minneapolis to @portions of -- from minneapolis @into portions of northern @wisconsin and upstate new york @and the canadian air funnels @east and high pressure moves in, @winds pick up. @so we are talking about @ridiculously cold wind chills @this morning. @and even colder tomorrow @morning. @it actually feels like 21 below @in elmyra. @feels like 10 which is cold in @boston. @but then you go into tomorrow
8:49 am
@be down into the 20 to 30 @degrees below zero range. @big time cold there. @talk about our cool day. @66 in tampa. @low 70s south and low 60s north. @running 2, 3 degrees cooler than @what we saw for highs on friday @where we managed to sneak out @70. @tonight, colder air. @we are at 60 in morning. @15 degrees cooler tomorrow @morning in tampa. @upper 30s north and upper 40s @into coastal pinellas county. @there is a weak front moving @through. @a slight breeze today and a wind @shift on deck is early sunday @morning. @an east wind, a few more clouds. @stay dry, and then veer south. @by monday, back in the mid-70s @and this front right here is a @our rainmaker for tuesday @morning. @behind it, though, we quickly @rebound temperature-wise into @the 70s later this week. @66 for today. @that slight breeze that i @mentioned. @really beautiful afternoon. @cold tonight. @if you were celebrating @valentine's day with your @sweetheart this evening, jackets @and sweaters necessary during @the day sunday though, look at
8:50 am
@rebounds to 68 in the afternoon @a few more clouds of that east @wind shift. @on the water today. @north-northwest. @10 to 15 miles per hour. @we will be watching those @exercise caution. @that rain tuesday morning, and @then late week, we will do our @average high of 72. @not quite as cold as last week. @ all right, we only have one @first birthday but a special one @going out to mary elwin who @looks gorgeous this morning. @i love your headband, suite. @her family says she is full of @personality and loves spending
8:51 am
before contemplating the many choices on steak 'n shake's $4 dollar menu, one must calm the mind in our zen garden. focus. the garlic double steakburger meal. reflect. the taco salad meal. zen the original double 'n cheese steakburger meal. oh! the $4 menu. where all meals are under $4.
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@ @ er burning the place down. @>> anjuli: already burning the @place down. @if you are looking for something @to do for valentine's day, whip @up something for your honey at @home. @save some money from donatello's @restaurant joins us. @thank you for coming in. @>> thank you for having me on @the show. @and happy valentine's day to @everyone out there. @>> thank you. @i was telling you earlier i love @the restaurant. @it is such a beautiful place and @a very romantic place. @share some of the secrets of @what you guys do to make this at @home. @we are making veal. @>> making a little veal and a @dish you can make with chicken @cutlet. @just pound it out a little bit. @>> anjuli: okay.
8:54 am
@cooking with veal, chicken and @fish so it doesn't stick to the @pan. @here is an example. @we pound it out just lightly. @>> anjuli: okay. @>> let that saute up for a @minute. @>> anjuli: the flour on the @veal or chicken. @>> just a little flour. @put a little salt in the oil. @and over here we get our sauce @going. @>> anjuli: all right. @>> real simple but the sauce has @all of the flavors that people @food. @a little bit of garlic. @okay. @>> anjuli: feel like you got to @watch that because it browns a @little quickly want to brown it @but get a nice color on it. @anjuli thaingz is sage? @>> that is oregano. @a little bit of garlic. @a little bit of owe rage go and @put the peppers in there. @the peppers have been roasted. @put it in the oven with a little @olive oil for 15 minutes and @they get nice and soft and wilt @they get nice and soft and @wilted like that.
8:55 am
@sauteed in the pan just like @with the veal. @a little bit of olive oil and -- @>> anjuli: add that in too or a @side garnish. @>> i like nice mushrooms. @portabello and shitake mix. @>> anjuli: did you carmelize @with onions. @>> with salt and pepper. @>> anjuli: this is something @that i would mess up. @>> just when the color comes all @the way through, and it is thin @enough -- when it has good color @on both sides like that, i am @going to let it get just a @little bit more on the edges. @>> anjuli: okay. @>> it's done. @>> anjuli: easy enough. @>> here we have all those @beautiful flavors. @a little mushroom, roasted @pepper, and add a little bit of @tomato. @>> anjuli: yum. @>> the basic tomato basil sauce. @and you can make that at home
8:56 am
@it up with -- @>> anjuli: a great technique. @>> man, if i did that at home i @would paint the walls. @>> don't be silly. @a little salt. @a little dash of pepper. @>> anjuli: okay. @>> okay. @and off we go. @we are going to put our veal @scalipini here. @>> anjuli: perfect. @oh, my gosh, that looks @delicious. @serve up the sauce on top. @>> put a little bit of this @beautiful sauce right here over @the top. @>> anjuli: smells so good. @>> nice color. @>> anjuli: we are running out @of time. @we will talk more. @thank you, gin o.
8:57 am
@>> anjuli: we w ba da ba ba ba you like being picture perfect. you should want your banking to be too. stop into td bank and we'll help set you up with picture perfect banking. new customers, open a checking and savings account and you can get a polaroid cube+
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@ @ fears of the zika virus grow @larger by day. @how hillsborough county is @calming nerves this morning by @collecting tires. @ just before the 9th @republican debate that south @carolina, donald trump brings @his campaign to tampa. @we will tell you what he has to @say coming up. @ and the natural beauty we @are lucky to have in our own @back yard, but tourism industry @surrounding manatees could soon @be at risk. @>> from tampa' number one news @station, this is the "good day @tampa bay." @>> anjuli: good morning to you


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