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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 9AM  FOX  February 13, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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@ @ fears of the zika virus grow @larger by day. @how hillsborough county is @calming nerves this morning by @collecting tires. @ just before the 9th @republican debate that south @carolina, donald trump brings @his campaign to tampa. @we will tell you what he has to @say coming up. @ and the natural beauty we @are lucky to have in our own @back yard, but tourism industry @surrounding manatees could soon @be at risk. @>> from tampa' number one news @station, this is the "good day @tampa bay." @>> anjuli: good morning to you
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@9 a.m. on this gorgeous saturday @morning. @i am anjuli davis. @>> alcides: and i am. @>> alcides: @>> alcides. @glad to have you with us. @lindsay is here to talk about @this forecast. @>> lindsay: cooler temperatures @move into the weekend. @another front move through this @morning. @how we didn't notice it moved @through, because all it did was @move any clouds that were in @play out of the picture. @northerly winds behind it. @a bright blue sky across the @board in most locations and we @are starting to thaw a bit. @we started out mild they are @morning in the low 60s, and now @we are up to 64 in sarasota. @what i want to you notice is the @panhandle. @those 40s. @that is the type of their is @headed our way later tonight. @24-hour changes. @2 degrees warmer in brooksville. @8 degrees warmer in sarasota. @but 17 degrees colder in panama @city. @if you are up with your @valentine tomorrow morning, it @will be on a cooler note. @what a great day though to head @to the state fair. @the last weekend. @bright blue sky. @grab the sunglasses. @>> by 1:00 we are at 66. @so little cooler than yesterday.
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@mid- to upper 60s. @ and happening right now, @hillsborough county deputies are @looking for the person who @killed a man in tampa. @deputies were called out to ot @2900 block of sycamore court @just after 5:00 this morning. @that is right behind university @plaza near the corner of @fletcher and bruce b. downs. @live on scene, they found a man @dead. @the victim knew the person who @killed him, but they are still @looking for that suspect. @if you know anything, contact @the hillsborough county @sheriff's office. @ and happening today, @hillsborough county officials @are hoping they can ease some @nerves this morning about the @zika virus. @they are asking people to bring @in tires this morning to avoid @stagnant water building up. @fox 13's kelly cowan joins us @with the details. @good morning, kelly. @>> reporter: good morning. @we have seen plenty of trucks @pull up here to drop off their @old tires. @anybody in hillsborough county @can come here and drop off up to @ten tires.
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@the rapid response team. @he is helping out here today. @tell me this event. @>>reporter: there is operation @-- @>> this is a operation set up by @the solid waste department and @the city of tampa. @and we are expecting up to ten @friars everyone that comes over @here. @you have to produce some form of @id and we will take them off @their hands. @>> what is the need to collect @tires. @what is pushing this. @>> well it has been found that @abandoned tires could have the @potential to breed mosquitoes @because they retain water and @they are out in the elements and @the water gets stagnant. @an effort to come out and combat @that, we are declaring an @amnesty day and collecting the @tires. @>> we have got a huge -- a @couple of them but a huge, i @guess, dumpster behind you and a @big container. @how big is this container. @how many tires can it hold? @>> it is a 60-yard container and @we have two of them. @i can't give you an exact @number, but i can tell you it is @a lot. @>> reporter: where do they go. @what happens after they leave @this yard?
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@we will take you to the solid @incinerated in an @environmentally friendly manner. @filling them up. @>> we will pab trolling the @neighborhood, canvassing it. @one of the bigger numbers, @unfortunately, for illegally @dumped tires we found. @we have machinery that will be @cleaning the streets and @cleaning them up as well. @paul. @hillsborough county. @we are kind of in the @particulars out here, but you @can find the information on our @web site of how this get out @here and dump off those tires if @you want to. @remember, you must bring a form @of id that has that hillsborough @county address on it in order to @dump off here today. @reporting live, kelly cowan, fox @fox 13 news. @>> anjuli: thank you, kelly. @ jeb ... he's asleep. @he is asleep at wheel, folks. @no, seriously.
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@can you imagine. @>> alcides: donald trump taking @shots at former florida governor @jeb bush in front of a packed @house at the usf sun dome. @trump is fighting back on ads @that call him phony and saying @that he is being supported by @lobbyist. @trump knows how important @florida is. @the first winner take all state. @he loves florida's hispanic @population and employs many of @them. @ later tonight in greenville, @south carolina, the gop @candidates will meet for unlast @showdown before voters in the @palmetto state head to the polls @palmetto state head to the @polls. @florida senator marco rubio will @be lukeing to right his campaign @after a poor showing and a fifth @place finish in the new @hampshire primary. @donald trump is coming off a win @in new hampshire and polls show @he is leading in south carolina. @it still remains unclear this @morning whether trump will be on @the offensive against his main @rival, texas senator ted cruz.
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@sue cruz over eligibility. @ on the democratic side. @hillary clinton and bernie @sanders attended a political @dinner st. paul, minnesota @following thursday's democratic @debate. @during the head to head debate. @clinton said her proposals were @more realistic than sanders. @sanders said he thinks that @american people are sick of the @benz fits the few. @ the family of a man killed @on i-275 by a wrong-way driver @is speaking out. @they say 65-year-old eugene @fisher was a devoted husband and @grandfather. @he says he was in the airs force @and he on his way to work when i @was killed. @larry thompson was driving @northbound in the southbound @exit ramp near ashley drive when @his car collided head on with @fisher's. @both drivers died at the scene. @fisher's granddaughter said he @was at her soccer game just @hours before he was killed. @>> the best grandfather i could
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@>> it is a loss this family will @never get over. @>> never. @>> it is happening way too much. @there's just -- @>> there has got to be something @-- i don't understand how you go @the wrong way any way, if you -- @but there has got to be a way @that there is more awareness, @it. @>> anjuli: so sad. @troopers stay could take several @weeks to confirm alcohol or @drugs played a factor in the @crash. @fh; doing everything they can to @prevent wrong-way accidents. @more troopers are out patrolling @and f dots have added signs on @ramps to alert drivers if they @are travelling the wrong @direction. @ polk county is looking for a @new superintendent this morning @after katherine larks aroy @resigned following an @investigation into alleged mis @investigation into alleged @misconduct. @following continuous public @comment, the school board @ultimately voted unanimously to @accept the resignation. @laroy has been under fire since
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@rivers filed nine misconduct @claims against her. @they included sexual harassment @and create @and creating a hostile work @environment. @an independent investigation @cleared laroy, but did say she @may have crossed professional @lines. @as part of her compensation, she @will get more than $230,000. @the board also voted to make @jacqueline bird the interim @superintendent. @board members will begin @discussion on a permanent @replacement during a workshop @set for later this month. @ still ahead, friends and @family up north are getting @ready for some of the coldest @temperatures of the year today. @one more reason to be thankful @you live in florida after you @hear just how cold it will get. @ and we all love seeing the @manatee county in our area, but @we will explain how a new set of @regulations could help the local @economy. @hey, lindsay. @ good morning, today will be @our 9th day in a row. @temperatures will be below @average here in tampa, but sun @is shining. @a great day to head to the fair. @we are at 66 -- 6 degrees rather @with a northwest wind.
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@but nice and bright. @62. @how about the afternoon, we only
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@60s, but we have big @ @ we are following a news @alert out of louisiana this @morning. @two police officers being @touretteed at a local hospital @after they were both shot during @a confrontation in baton rouge. @the officers confronted a @suspect following a two machine @mile car chase. @after the chase the man got out @of the car with a rifle and @fired at the officers. @the suspect was also hit, and is @in the same hospital. @their conditions are unknown at @this time. @>> alcides: of course we will @continue to follow that story @throughout the morning and at @ in other headlines, police @in glendale, arizona are now @calling the death of two @teenagers a murder-suicide. @>> anjuli: a suicide note was @found at the scene at @independent high school. @both 15-year-old victims were @shot once. @a weapon was found near the body @a weapon was found near the @bodies near the school cafeteria @area. @the two teens have been @identified but their names are
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@a teacher at the school said her @sister was one of the victims. @ the fbi is investigating a @machete attack in columbus, ohio @as a potential lone wolf terror @attack this morning. @the agency haven't found @anything to suggest that @30-year-old muhammed barry was @carrying out a directive by a @terror group. @barry walked into a restaurant, @spoke with the employee and left @a short time after that with a @machete and started attacking @people. @four people were hospitalized. @police eventually shot and @killed barry after a short @chase. @ thousands of people took @part in a funeral procession of @a officer in seaside, oregon. @officer gooding was shot and @killed while serving a warrant. @he was a 13-year veteran of the @force. @city offices were closed so @employees could pay their @respects. @gooding leaves behind a wife and @two young daughters. @ people in the northeast are @brace for the coldest air mass @in the winter. @in new york, the big apple is @expecting wind chills as low as
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@unbelievable. @new york city's mayor says city @worker also bring people living @in the streets into shelters and @hospitals as bitter cold settles @in. @the wind chill advisory starts @today with actual temperatures @falling as low as 4 degrees @below. @>> alcides: miserable. @>> anjuli: wind gusts could @reach up to 45 miles per hour. @>> alcides: so not only the @temperature low but the wind @gusts on top of that. @>> anjuli: that is stay indoors @weather. @i know lindsay probably knows a @little more about that than @either bit of us growing up in @chicago. @>> lindsay: you are right. @this is the type of cold where @it is dangerous to get outside. @you can get frostbite in a @couple of minutes. @couple of minutes when we talk @about wind and the cold temps. @show you where this air is @originating from and that is @canada, and that air is awfully @chilly. @a look at temperatures around @northern canada that are sliding @south and east. @current temperature, current @actual temperature of 6 below @zero in minneapolis. @we have temperatures as cold as @nearly 30 below in parts of @canada. @and notice the pink. @it is sliding south and east.
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@and i know you are thinking, @uh-oh. @is that making it our way? @the question -- the answer to @that is no. @we will be a little cooler @tomorrow morning but this air @mass will be sliding south and @east and high pressure deepens @and winds pick up, that is where @we will see wind chill values @and very dangerous values @tomorrow morning. @look at the models in line with @the forecast, and that's @anywhere from 20 below zero in @new york city to below 30 below @in boston. @philly, 10 below is ridiculously @cold and i am sure a lot of @people will stay bundled up this @valentine's day in the northeast @valentine's day in the @northeast. @we put knew perspective and take @to you tampa bay where it is @cool. @running below average in the @afternoon and our current @temperatures are much warmer @than they were 24 hours ago. @64 in venice. @59 in brooksville. @62 in tampa and st. pete and @sebring at 63. @you may crack the low 70s the @further south you live. @the further north you live, you @are a little cooler. @what we have is a slightly @cooler air mass punching in. @elsewhere, we are running 9
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@-- warmer in wauchula. @if you were up at 6 a.m., we had @some scattered clouds and we did @have a little bit of fog that @has lifted in riverview, where @there is a little bit of haze to @the sky. @bright blue hue to the sky in @our bradenton net cam behind and @an extremely weak front that @continues to slide to the south. @the minor change with it is a @small wind shift out of the @north-northwest and a slight @increase in the beach and the @coastline. @winds between 10 and 15 miles @per hour. @so if you were boating today, i @will introduce some exercise @cautions. @be safe out there. @throughout weekend, temperatures @in the mid- to upper 60s. @the further south you live, the @warmer you will be. @look at next week. @that is a change. @slightly above average and a @with front. @we mainly stay in the 70s as a @ridge of high pressure builds in @from the west. @tonight will be the coldest @night of the week, and if you @have any evening plans, it will @turn cool in a hurry. @if you were headed to the night @parade or to a valentine's day @dinner. @46 for a low in venice. @44 in tampa.
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@46 in crystal river and 48 in @st. pete. @we will be chilly late tonight. @futurecast. @high pressure to the north. @northeast wind and overnight @radiational cooling, clear skies @radiational cooling, clear @skies, light winds. @you know the drill. @some of the cooler mornings. @sunday an east wind brings back @the near 70-degree readings and @a south wind ahead of this @frontal system eventually gives @us the warmth and some rain @tuesday morning. @it quickly whips by, so by @tuesday evening, we are back to @clear skies and we won't see a @big cool down behind this front. @slight breeze, pleasant. @44 tonight. @it is cold and will feel colder @once the sun sets. @clear skies makes way for a few @more clouds this afternoon and a @high of 68. @a little warmer, but our average @high @high 72. @that exercise caution in effect @for the boaters. @seas building to 3 to 5 feet @today. @my next tide is a low tide at 11 @ on st. pete pier. @we go from 60s to 70s and even @overnight. @after valentine's day morning,
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@who is sick of the colder @weather. @>> alcides: thank you, lindsay. @ just like morningers manatee @county head @county head for the winter to @crystal river to stay warm and @survive. @>> anjuli: such a fantastic @thing to see. @this has created a booming @tourist attraction. @but new regulations could close @that stream of income. @fox news's phil keating has @more. @>> reporter: in the winter @months, monts do what humans do, @head south to south florida. @several hundred manatee county @huddle here in the natural @springs of crystal river in 72 @springs of crystal river in @72-degree waters making this the @largest congregation of nants @one spot in the entire world. @and this week, record crowds are @here too, gawking at the giant @sea cows and swimming and kayak @sea cows and swimming and @kayaking right alongside them. @in 1973 on the verge of @extinction. @the federal government but @manatee county in the en dangers @species.
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@from endangered to threatened. @but still there is manatee @county controversy, because @sometimes you will get 100 @people or more snorkeling right @next to and overcrowding the @manatee county. @the u.s. fish and wildlife is @looking to limit that action. @>> this is their cave. @this is where they come. @where their metabolism drops. @they are in resting and survival @mode. @we are trying to protect them @from anything that disturbs @their patterns. @>> reporter: on the town that @banks on the manatees and city @hall have murals. @they want to restrict them and @limit the swimmers allowed, @their business also go belly up. @manatee private tours said he @already lost manatee profit @>> the overall scheme is for the @benefit of the manatee, but the @small guy will get squeezed out @and that will happen because it @is inevitable. @you can't do it without hurting @the little guy. @>> manatee tourism brings in $80
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@economy and until the u.s. fish @and wildlife figures what to new @regulations to impose, it will @keep going along nice and slowly @keep going along nice and @slowly. @phil keating, @phil keating, fox news. @ how about this, after 40 @years a homeless man has been @reunited with his sister. @all thanks to a caring woman and @the power of social media. @sigh sack spent ten years @walking and living on the @streets of downtown miami. @but earlier this week, a special @woman named gabby changed his @life. @she recorded a video of him @through project that helps @homeless individuals record @short videos to their long lost @loved ones. @the videos are put on social @media and the first time in @decades thanks to that video, @isaac was able to reunite with @his sister. @>> i don't know if you heard
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@don't let go. @isaac got to meet miss nephew. @interestingly enough, one of his @sister's other sons is also @named isaac. @a great story. @ still to come, it was a busy @night in sports last night. @we will break down all the games @and bring out highlights as well @and bring out highlights as @well. @>> anjuli: that's right. @ tampa bay lightning fans @listen up, a celebration of the geico for your boat.
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@ @ as much sports this morning, @ the lightning edge the @nashville predators in overtime. @their 9th straight win at home.
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@goal sending them into overtime. @a minute left, tyler johnson @finish it is off. @the bolts win this one 4-3. @they stay at home for a game @tomorrow night for a game @against the blues. @that game starts at 6:00. @ and it won't just be the @team celebrating that victory in @morning. @happening tots at amalie arena, @a celebration of all things @lightning. @current players and alumni will @take part in hockey day. @everything kicked off around 20 @minutes ago with a 30 team @street hockey tournament in @thunder alley. @eric condra and jonathan @markueso have been named hon @larry coaches. @should be fun. @lead the team for the honda @hockey league all-star showcase @at 6:15 tonight. @ if basketball more your @thing, the tampa bay rays play @ball day tomorrow. @alumni will be on hand to teach @the basics. @face painters, juggling and @other family fun events out @there. @the events start at 2:00 at
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@>> the u.s. basketball team has @swept over a big win over the @bearcats in ohio. @courtney willems scores 17 of @her 22 points. @the 22nd ranked bulls win 78-51 @and the team now travels to @kentucky to play the 12th ranked @louisville on monday. @ the tampa bay rowdy @di @spring. @the team will be preparing for @the next season in england. @head on march 6 to play three @games against some of the @world's best players. @of course right now they are @still preparing to host the sun @still preparing to host the @suncoast individual at al lang @stadium. @the rowdy @the rowdies open up play against @the montreal. @ to baseball. @three strikes you are out have a @different meaning. @the new york mets reliever henry @mejia, the first player to @receive a permanent suspension @from baseball after testing @positive for performance @enhancing drugs for the first @time. @and get this all in the same @year.
9:26 am
@allowed to play minor league @allowed to play minor league @baseball. @ at the beginning of the nba @all-star in toronto. @the basketball hall of fame name @the list of finalists. @mvp shaquille o'neal who you @remember played in orlando as @well as miami. @others to make the cut are nine @time nba all-star allen iverson @and coach of the year tom izzo. @ and still to come on good @day, to be a couch potato will @be turning knew a vegetable? @we will show you the events of @not getting enough exercise will @have on the brain. @>> don't look at me. @>> the pope is in mexico to @explain why on "good day tampa @bay" we will see you soon. @ our government poisoned @children to save money, now we @are digging deep near the flint @water scandal. @see how big donors are cashing @in on the disaster.
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@contract with them @ @ from tampa bay's number one @news station, there is "good day @tampa bay." @ good morning thank you for @joining us on this saturday for @"good day tampa bay." @i am. @>> alcides: @>> anjuli: and i am anjuli @davis. @a check with the forecast with @lindsay in just a minute. @ but first a check of the @headlines. @a man that left a profanity @a man that left a @profanity-laced message to a @local mosque pled guilty to a @hate crime. @he left the message after the @paris attacks. @he didn't make it too hard for
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@he left his name on the voice @he left his name on the @voicemail. @outside @outside the court house he @called hi actions ignorant and @stupid. @he faces up to 20 years in @prison. @ the two-week search for a @missing boater may be over. @a body was found in the water in @bel-air. @it may be the boater who went @missing @missing on january 30. @his empty boat was found near @the sand key coast guard station @where no life jacket is on board @where no life jacket is on @board. @his name has not been released. @ u.s. marshals have cancelled @a third suspect in the execution @a third suspect in the @execution-style killings of two @women and a man at a home in @lakeland. @the third suspect jamal smith @was arrested in miami. @officers arrested two people who @jail. @arrested two other then @connection with the murders. @ and while most of you were @sleeping, a weak cold front has @swept through parts of tampa bay @bay. @it is now in southern sarasota @county, behind it the blue skies @and back and so is the northerly @wind. @62 in tampa which sounds mild, @but with some cool air, we are
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@mid- to upper 60s today. @so at the beach, if you are @doing any boating, there is that @slight breeze we have been @discussing and that blue sky as @well. @62. @if you were not in the 60s, you @are almost there. @it is 59 in lakeland and @brooksville. @64 though in sarasota and @sebring. @sunshine today. @that slight breeze by the bay. @the further south you live, you @may hit 70. @tomorrow for valentine's day @look at that chilly start. @44 in tampa meaning upper 30s @north, but on track to a high @near 70. @a very nice weekend. @enjoy. @ happening today, @hillsborough county is helping @fight the zika virus and helping @to clean up neighborhoods while @they are at it. @they are starting the amnesty @week by taking your old tires, @no questions asked. @moss dee toes thrive in standing @water and water sitting in old @tires are popular breeding @grounds. @the zika virus is spread through @mosquitoes and it is even more @important to @important to get rid of places @they can fester.
9:32 am
@may have picked one up have an @opportunity to bring those in @and get rid of that mosquito @breeding area. @>> you can bring up to ten tires @to today's disposal event at 41 @to today's disposal event at @4115 south 66th street in tampa @from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. just make @sure you bring a form of id. @the tires will be recycled and @burned for energy. @ today marks the start of a @final weekend for the state's @python challenge. @hunters in there have caught @well over 100 snakes so far. @nonnative burmese pythons have @become a nuisance threatening @other wildlife in the everglades @other wildlife in the @everglades. @we spoke with lieutenant marten @from florida fish and wildlife @early this morning and he said @the snakes wreak havoc on the @ecosystem. @>> a lot of different reasons @they could be here. @the most prolific one is that @people release them as pets. @people have exotic species and @they don't care care of them and @they get too big, specifically @when they get 13 to 14 to 15
9:33 am
@they cause havoc in the eco @system and they breed throughout @the date @>> the fourth year for the @python challenge. @the hunters win prizes for @catching the most and longest @python. @ check this out, sarasota @police need your help in solving @a brazen car theft. @video shows a flat bed truck @pullingor pulling into sarasota @ford on south washington @boulevard and rolling a pickup @truck right off the lot. @two people are seen in the @surveillance footage. @officers are hopeful that the @video will lead to an arrest. @if you have any information, @call sarasota police. @ a reason to get off the @couch this morning. @being inactive could make your @brain smaller. @researchers at boston university @studied 15 @studied 1500 people with the @average hij of 40. @at the start of the study they @took a treadmill test and did it @20 years after. @two decades after that, @researchers found the people @with the lowest fitness levels @in their 40s were most likely to @have smaller brains.
9:34 am
@all brains eventually shrink @with age, but inactive @lifestyles make it even harder. @apparently even quicker for that @brain shrinkage that can lead to @dementia and early death. @ and in mexico this morning @kicking off six-day advice i @hate it will see him visiting @five mexican cities. @plans to visit areas most @affected by poverty, immigration @and violence. @yesterday was -- yesterday was @in cuba for a historic meeting @with the leader of the russian @orthodox church. @the first time that the two have @ever met. @fran's trip to mexico marks the @fourth visit to latin america. @ the death toll in last @week's deadly 6.4 magnitude @earthquake in taiwan has risen @to 116 this morning. @rescue crews are still looking @for one person who remains @missing underneath all the @rubble. @authorities have detained the
9:35 am
@architects on suspicion of @negligent homicide. @both are accused of cutting @corners to the construction @process. @ diplomats with the u.s. and @russia have agreed on a @temporary cease-fire that will @go into effect within weeks. @no long-term truce knew could @possibly lead to a permanent @cease-fire in the five-year-long @civil war that killed a quarter @million people. @the agreement does meet the @desperately needed humanitarian @desperately needed humanitarian @aid that will arrive in syria. @ the united states has @deployed an additional patriot @missle @missile pat tree in south korea. @officials say exercises like @this ensure that the u.s. is @ready to defend against any @time. @earlier this week, the senate @approved sanctions against north @korea. @japanese leaders say they will @impose new tougher sanctions as @well. @ well, after the break, @dropping off bouquets of joy. @we will show you how a local @company recycles flowers and @brings them to patients at local @hospitals. @ good manners go a long way
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and now connect to... standard tv and 50 megabit lightning internet... only $94 a month for 12 months. @ @ and developing right now in @daytona beach, police are @looking for a man after he shot @three bethune-cookman university @students at a party around 1:00 @this morning. @dead. @tracy jasum from our station in @orlando over there this morning @has been covering this all
9:39 am
@what can you tell us? @>> reporter: yeah, just an awfu @l scene alcides at 1 a.m. at the @indigo golf club. @a lot of members arriving and @folks are shocked something like @this can happen. @1:00 according to daytona beach @police, there is a party going @on, and a man by the name of @23-year-old lam new york city t @23-year-old lam new york city t @postel pulled out a gun. @known on the streets by the name @of cornbread. @and he started shooting. @he actually killed one @bethune-cookman student. @23-year-old. @and critically wounded another @one, justi ne cunningham and a @third victim trey williams at @halifax medical center as we @speak in stable condition. @give you a map if you are not @familiar with the area of where @exactly this happened. @this golf club pretty near to @the speedway. @a lot of folks familiar with the @speedway. @that is where this happened. @very nice neighborhood. @very nice golf club.
9:40 am
@to the gentleman in the area @going to this golf club ever @since he was a teenager shocked @that something like this could @happen here. @not so shocked that something @like this happened in the @neighborhood however. @he said this has been a little @bit of crime and also a shooting @not too long ago. @so anyway, the important @information you need to know at @daytona beach police asking for @the public's help. @they want to find this guy. @23-year-old lamont pasto l aka @cornbread. @if you know anything do call @crimestoppers. @at the golf club, do call tracy @jasum, back to you. @albertson's aldz thank you very @much -- @ @. @ this colorful, beautiful @bouquet. @>> alcides: that is what the
9:41 am
@and they come from grocery @stores like publix, recessions. @taken to a random act of flowers @warehouse where they are @recycled and rearranged. @they head to cancer centers and @nursing homes to cheer up @patients and residents. @>> when you are able to see the @smile on a recipient's face, you @legal authorize that this really @does make a difference. @>> random acts of flowers @started more than a year ago and @has blossomed into delivering @over 13,000 flower arrangements. @ gracious manners and the @right words can both make @valentine's day one the most @memorable day of the year for @you and your significant other. @our etiquette expert have more @details of how this make @tomorrow a special one. @>> reporter: valentine's day is @right around the corner. @store shelves are already @stocked with hearts and flowers, @candy and many other ideas that @can make this valentine's day @the best ever. @but, it doesn't happen on its
9:42 am
@you have to put some thought and @maybe a few dollars into it. @if your budget is a little tight @after the holidays, i understand @after the holidays, i @understand, but that's no excuse @to forget or skip valentine's @day. @we all know the typical gift @such as a dozen roses or a night @out, and, yes, they both could @be very costly; however, there @are so many other things that @you can do that wouldn't cost @you a penny. @and a bunch other ideas that @maybe just cost a few bucks, not @hundreds. @valentine's day isn't just to @celebrate the lady @celebrate the ladies either. @it is to celebrate sweethearts. @so if you have other people in @your life that you think are @sweet, such as your mom, your @boss, or your best friend, a @little something would be sweet, @not necessary, but sweet. @however, be sure not to offend @the love of your life by doing @something for someone else of @equal for greater value. @let's take candy for example. @you can get a little $.99 box of @chocolates for your daily sweet
9:43 am
@your true valentine. @be sure not to go overboard with @someone who is only a friend. @you may send the wrong message @and create all sorts of problems @especially if you do something @more for them than their real @valentine did. @so go easy. @you also want to go easy when it @comes to a new relationship. @keep in mind that whatever do @you, this year determines your @baseline. @i mean, you can't start off with @a diamond necklace and reduce @next year to a card and a rose. @get it. @and lady @and ladies, let's be fair, @valentine's day is for everyone. @don't forget the guy in your @life. @get him a little gift. @happy valentine's day, tampa bay @happy valentine's day, tampa @bay. @i am properly nurse, kim goddard @i am properly nurse, kim @goddard. @>> anjuli: good tips. @good tips. @i need to listen in to all of @that. @ coming up, how much do you @spend on valentine's day gifts? @under $100, maybe a little bit @more? @we will tell you which states @sends the most. @>> alcides: you know what is a @good idea, the coupons.
9:44 am
@we will talk about that @tomorrow. @>> anjuli: coupon as soon as @what? @do not give your wife that. @>> alcides: not grocery store @coupons. @they are giving me a hard time. @ this guy right here, if you @were single, listen in, because @this guy's friends put him on a @billboard to find some love. @we will explain ex--- we will @explain coming up next. @>> lindsay: i can't wait to see @that. @ 9:43. @do you know a front went through @our area. @we have the bright blue skies. @even though the day goes on, a @little milder rebounding into @the mid-60s this afternoon;
9:45 am
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@ @ rise and shine, this is @"good day tampa bay." @>> according to a most recent @survey. @the most romantic people who @spend spun on gift lives in the @state of kansas. @spend $117 on tokens of love. @on the other hand new hampshire @comes in dead last with a @average spending of $31. @floridians, well, we spend about @$83 on gifts. @ alcides clips coupons. @[ laughter ] @>> alcides: it is not really @coupons.
9:48 am
@>> alcides: iou's -- thank you @for giving me the opportunity to @do this. @>> anjuli: so funny. @>> alcides: if your spouse, you @want to wash the tissues, i can @give you the coupon and i will @wash the dishes for you. @anjuli way better than the bogo. @ moving along, while he may @not have spent anything this @weekend, a michigan man is @getting a lot of help in the @love department. @>> alcides: he works for a lawn @and garden company. @his co-workered surprised him by @putting his face and contact @information on a huge billboard. @a pretty good-looking guy. @you didn't think we have that @much of a time. @6 foot tall, 25 years old. @he was pretty surprised by the @gesture but getting e-mails from @dozens of folks, texting, @e-mails, calls. @this guy is not just looking for @a fling. @he is really hope @he is really hoping to find @someone to settle down with. @>> anjuli: love it. @love his friends. @>> alcides: thing -- i think a @anjuli those are great friends @with a great sense of humor. @>> lindsay: making a joke out @of it. @>> anjuli: you know what -- it @is a great joke. @>> alcides: good for him.
9:49 am
@of humor on valentine's day. @he will find a lucky lady with a @great sense of humor. @>> lindsay: go one date to the @next one trying to weed through @the ladies to figure out the @love. @>> alcides: a good idea. @>> anjuli: he might be. @>> lindsay: it is chilly this @weekend. @all week it has been chilly. @temperatures running below @average. @today will be the 9th day in a @row we don't hit our average @high of 72. @but at least it is quiet in the @weather department. @we don't have the rain. @we have a little bit of wind, @but very lovely out there. @let's start out our day and take @to you clearwater beach at 62 @degrees. @north wind at 10. @and blue skies there. @what is happening though is our @winds are picking up a bit @behind the weak front and a @little choppy by the bay today @and see that in st. pete at 62 @degrees on our usf marine @science cam which sounds great. @you are thinking 62. @bring on the 70s. @not so much this afternoon. @cooler air to the north that @will gradually funnel in @throughout the day, and keep us @mainly in the 60s. @sebring, we will hit 70.
9:50 am
@64 in sarasota. @it is 59 in brooksville, and 55 @new ocala. @generally warmer, 11 in wauchula @and sebring. @we are only 3 degrees warmer in @tampa president weak front. @air. @remember that blueness to the @sky yesterday. @it is back today, but what is @back today is a slight breeze. @winds ever so slightly shifting @out of the north-northwest. @we will stay somewhat breezy @near the coast, but overnight, @winds relax and cooler @temperatures move in. @it is all relative though, @because it is currently only 4 @degrees in chicago. @6 below zero in minneapolis. @3 below in buffalo and that's @nothing compared to this time @tomorrow morning. @new york city naught negative @sign there. @23 below zero is what it will @teal like in new york city @valentine's day morning. @that is the coldest some areas @have seen on valentine's day in @nearly ten years. @tonight, we will need some @smuggling of our own. @cold temperatures overnight.
9:51 am
@44 in tampa. @42 in brandon and 45 inform @sarasota. @so running about 15 degrees @cooler than some of our lows by @the bay this morning. @here is the first front whipping @south. @slight breeze out of the @north-northeast. @overnight, good radiational @cooling with high pressure to @the north. @tomorrow we quickly have the @winds out of east and this will @warm up a few degrees into the @evening and overnight hours. @temperatures will really be a @little bit milder. @can't rule out a sprinkle on the @east coast and i think we will @stay dry. @monday winds shifting even more @out of the south and look at @this storm system. @the tail end that is our front @that will move through extremely @quickly and extremely early on @tuesday. @while you are sleeping, the rain @moves in. @it exits by midmorning and while @we can't rule out a couple of @thunderstorms, i think the @energy from this generally moves @north and east as futurecast @clearly showing. @throughout day 66. @a slight breeze. @very pleasant this afternoon. @enjoy the day. @head out to the fair perhaps. @a good day for that.
9:52 am
@north, especially brooksville, @crystal river, valentine's day @goes from the 40s in the morning @to the upper 60s in the @afternoon. @continuing to warm up. @and in fact the seven-day @forecast after the weekend. @a whole lot of 70s. @there is that rain tuesday @morning, but more seasonable @this week as we shift the @pattern from a trough to a ridge @and that means more 70s late in @the week.
9:53 am
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@ @ fox 13 "good day" local for @you all morning long. @>> anjuli: finally this hour a @manatee found in distress at the @end of january back swimming in @the wild this morning. @>> alcides: fox 13 @photojournalist otto contreras @was there when it was released. @ @>> when we first saw this animal @he was isolated by himself in @rocky creek and he wasn't moving @out to the warm waterr @pulled together a big team of @people from fwc, clearwater @marine aquarium, lowry park zoo.
9:56 am
@there who know how this handle @manatee county to help with the @rescue efforts. @we saw some cold stress lesions @around the nose. @it it was small. @manatee county just are not able @to handle cold water @temperatures very well. @we decided to bring it to lowry @park zoo to do an assessment @making sure the manatee was @healthy before we relocated it @here. @>> a age range where he is old @enough to be away from mom. @that's why we were so @comfortable bringing him here @today. @>> anjuli: i love that. @>> alcides: he was cute. @>> anjuli: one last look at a @valentine's day forecast. @>> lindsay: a lot of us @bundling up with our sweet @bundling up with our @sweethearts. @we will only warm a few more @degrees in the afternoon despite @a lot of sun.
9:57 am
@starting off with 66, but 44 @tomorrow with your valentine in @the morning. @the week looks good with rain @tuesday morning, and then warmer @late week. @>> alcides: tomorrow is @valentine's day. @>> anjuli: clip your coupons @log on to our web site at @>> alcides: follow us on @facebook and twitter. @have a great day, everybody. @>> anjuli: goodbye.
9:58 am
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