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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  February 14, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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3 the leading conservative voice in the supreme court is dead.. p>> alcides: the leads pconservative voice is dead. pjustice scalia's passing sets up pa titanic tussle over who will pname his successor. p>> anjuli: last night's debate pgets personal just one week pbefore voters head to the polls. pgood morning. pwelcome to "good day tampa bay." pit's 7:00 a.m. on a gorgeous psunday morning. pi'm anjuli davis. p>> alcides: i'll alcides segui. pthank you for joining us. pwe're wearing red and pink for
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p>> anjuli: we're so cheesy. pit's a day to celebrate. p>> alcides: it's good. pit's a beautiful day to do it, pright? pi love it. p>> lindsay: grab your valentine pthis morning because it's chill pand maybe a romantic sunset pstroll later today if we have pgood weather. pwe want to take you outside pwhere we have clear skies this pmorning. pbecause of that it's colder. pwe're at 47 degrees and light, pnortheast wind at 5 in tampa. pnice and tranquil to start out pthe day. pthe state fair ends tomorrow, pbut today will last until psunday. pif you're headed out someone phere in the fox 13 family has a pdate at the state fair this pafternoon. pit looks good and 45 degrees pright now. pwe're at 36 at crystal river. pyou're the cold spot, and pelsewhere mainly low to mid-40s pinland. pst. pete is at 51. pwe're running colder than at 24 phours. ponly 2 in bartow but 18 in pcrystal river. pthrough the valentine's day pafternoon we go, and we pintroduce a couple extra clouds pwith an east wind. pwe hit 70 today and that's
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pour work week shows more 70s and p60s , too. pwe talk about slightly warmer pnumbers coming up. p>> alcides: shocking and psurprising news in the world of pjustice. p>> anjuli: family and friends pare mourning the death of judge pscalia while on a hunting trip. phe went to bed not feeling well pand was found unresponsive. phe was appointed in 1986 by resident reagan and was the resident reagan and was the pfirst italian-american on the phigh court. phe was a critic of roe vs. wade pand the dissenting voice in psame-sex marriage cases. p>> alcides: tributes have been pflowing in since the pannouncement of his death. pwith those come questions with pwho will replace scalia. resident obama spends to make pthe nomination while in office, pbut republicans will more than plikely delay that nomination puntil after the november pelection.
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pstrong pushback from the pdemocratic side. pscalia himself addressed his preplacement with fox's chris pwallace back in 2012. plisten to this. p>> does it go through your mind, pif i retire, i'd like to see, psince you talk about republicans pappointing one kind of justice pand democrats another, that you pwould want somebody that would padhere to your view? p>> of course, i will not like to pbe replaced by someone who pimmediately sets about undoing peverything i tried to do for 25, p26 years. psure. pi mean, i soont -- shouldn't phave to tell you that unless you pthink i'm a fool. p>> alcides: his conservative pvoice has been a part of the pcourt that often issued 5-4 pdecisions, and his vacancy may pmean some of the supreme court's premaining decisions may end up peven split, which means a pdecision will fall back on the plower court. phe's survived by his wife
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pgrandchildren. p just hours after the news pbroke of scalia's death, the prepublican presidential pcandidates took the debate pstage? pgreenville, south carolina. peach candidate expressed their popinions on how things should lay out. p>> it's up to mitch mcconnell pand everybody else to stop it. pit's called delay, delay, delay. p>> there should be a consensus porientation on that nomination, pand there's no doubt in my mind pthat barack obama will not have pa consensus pick when he smits pthat person to the senate. p>> anjuli: the economy along pwith foreign policy issues were palso topics of conversation. pdonald trump and jeb bush got ersonal over the handles of the pwar in iraq. pthe night was heated about i am pbrags especially between ted pcruz and florida senator marco prubio. p>> marco went on univision in pspanish and said he would not prescind president obama's pillegal executive amnesty on his pfirst day in office.
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phow he knows what i said on punivision because he doesn't pspeak spanish. psecond of all, the other point i pwould make -- p[ speaking in spanish ] p>> this is a disturbing pattern pnow, because for a number of pweeks ted cruz has been telling plies. phe lied about ben carson in iowa pand he lies about marriage. phe's lying about all sorts of pthings, and now he makes things pup. p>> alcides: that was the heated art of that debate. pno doubt about that. pted cruz responded to him pspeaking spanish. pcruz and rubio are both of cuban pheritage. pthe texas senator's father fled pcuba as well as rubio's arentses. pthis was the last debate before pthe south carolina republican rimary, which will be held this pcoming saturday. pthe democratic primary will take lace a week after on saturday, pfebruary 27th. p back here at home fire pofficials in hernando county pmonitored a large brush fire
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pscorched 30 acres near u.s. 19. pat one point the fire fueled by phigh winds and dry conditions phad flames into the trees and pyards away from a few homes. ptroopers were forced to close pdown u.s. 19 for hours because pthe snow reduced visibility for pnext to nothing. pthe florida service cut lines to pthe fire with bulldozers and psprayed hotspots. pthere weren't any storms nearby, pso officials know it was pmanmade. pit's a remind to homeowners pwildfires can burn at any time. p>> it's really important for our phomeowners to understand that pflorida has a fire season all pyear long. pso you don't want to wait until pthe fire gets from 100 yards pfrom your house. pyou want to make sure your yard pis picked up and leaves are pcleaned up. p>> anjuli: officials are still pinvestigating the cause to the pfire. pfortunately, damage to homes is pminimal. p>> alcides: hillsborough county pdeputies continue their search pfor two men this morning who pthey say could be linked to a phomicide investigation.
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ark at amber dean apartments on psycamore court early saturday pmorning. pthey're looking for the two men. pright now detectives believe the pvictim knew the two men, and pthey want to talk to them. pif you know who they are, pcontact the hillsborough county psheriff's office. p>> anjuli: last night in tampa pthe city's gasparilla pcelebrations continued with the psantiago night parade. pilluminated floats and marching pbands made their way down ybor pcity. pthey tossed beads to thousands plining the sidewalks. pthe crew of the knights of psantiago have organized and phosted this parade since the pearly 1970s. pit helps to raise money for the peducation foundation. pthis year's grand marshals were pthe tampa bay rays. p>> alcides: a major change is pon the horizon nor u.s.-cuban prelations. pthey're on the verge of an pagreement that would make it
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pthe u.s. to cuba. pcongresswoman kathy caster and pothers embarked on a trip to pcuba yesterday. pit's to build support to end the pu.s. embargo. pon tuesday u.s. transportation pand state department officials pwill be in havana to sign an pagreement to allow commercial pflights between the two pcountries. pkathy caster is praising the pmove, while others caution about peasing relations on the pcommunist couldn't. p>> this policy of isolation has pnot served cuba well or our pcountry well. pjust talked to the folks to live pin west tampa. p>> everybody likes to talk about pwhat would be great to happen, pand then we pander to these pregimes, and then we expect very plittle in return. pwe hope, you know, like in north pkorea we really hope that things pchange. p>> alcides: caster wants to pbring her trade bill by a vote pto congress sometime this year. p still ahead, u.s. senator pchuck schumer is calling out the
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pbudget cuts that actually could ut cities like tampa under pthreat from terror attacks. p>> anjuli: just in time for pvalentine's day. pwhat to do with your ex's stuff. psee who is willing to take it poff your hands? p>> lindsay: it's a 7:08 with a pcolder start to the sunday pmorning. pskies are clear and we make up pbelow average and many are in pthe 40s. plook at the light northeast wind pwith a stunning start to the pday. pit's cold and 41 in brooksville pand mild in st. pete. pthe next several days feature p70s for highs. pthat's a change compared to last pweek.
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3 a strange story on the golden gate bridge in san francisco... investigators are looking at surveillance p>> alcides: investigators are plooking atsur veilance video to pfind the person that targeted ptwo people with blow darts, and pa picture you're about to see pthere, you can see the blow dart pis as long or almost as long pathat black pen. pthe first person told them that pthe dart hit his thigh. pas officers talked to him, a psecond victim walked up and said pshe had been hit by a dart in pthe kneecap. pboth were treated at the scene pand released. pinvestigators believe the psuspect was likely traveling pnorth in the lane next to the edestrian sidewalk. p>> anjuli: more e-mails from phillary clinton's private server phave been released. p81 e-mails are marked as pdepartment. pthe agency has released more pthan 1,000 new pages of e-mails pto comply with the freedom of pinformation act request.
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pstill denying any wrongdoing. pnone in this latest batch are pdeclared top secret. plast month 22 e-mails were held pin tull because they had top psecret material. p beginning this summer the pu.s. army will test new recruits pby conducting a set of pgymnastics test. pit will help to determine what a pjob a recruit is physically pcapable of doing. pit's as the pentagon opens all pcombat positions to women. pthey hope to also increase the pnumber of female recruits. pright now only about 750 of the p800 recruits are actually pfemale. p u.s. snoshg charles schumer pis slamming the white house's roposal that would cut nearly p$300 million from pcounterterrorism programs. pthe democrat from new york says pthe recently released budget roposal would reduce the urban parea security nir active from p600 million to 330 million. pthe initiative helps cities as pkro the country with programs to revent, respond to and recover pfrom extremist attacks.
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pto reconsider the cuts because pit makes, quote, no sense. p>> alcides: we've been talking pabout this the last couple of pdays. pbitter temperatures have been pbiting winds and much of the pnortheast bundling up this pmorning. pit's no doubt very cold out pthere. pwindchill advisories in effect puntil noon today. psubzero temperatures plus wind pmake it feel like it's well pbelow zero outside. pso i was just talking about this pa little while ago with you, panjuli. pmy goddaughter lives in boston, pand she told me it's 1 degree pthis, add the wind and it's pnegative 34 degrees. pare you killing me? pthat's incredible what they're pdealing with right now. p>> lindsay: it's amazing when pyou watch people from the video pwhen the blizzard is going. pyou have to walk like almost psideways with your head down pbecause it hits you and your pwhole face feels frozen. pit's hard to hold your body up pwith a wind like this.
7:15 am
pthe flower deliveries today. robably not going to make it. p>> anjuli: frozen roses. p>> lindsay: exactly. pand record-breaking cold, guys. pboston, your goddaughter sdz 1, pand now it's 9 below in boston. pthat's the current temperature pand not even the windchill, pwhich makes that number the pcoldest in boston, the record pcoldest since january 1957. pit's insane and crazy! pwe show you that icy kind of ink color normally up in pcanada, and that's where the air phas originated. pthe forecast was dead-on, so 9 pbelow in boston and 1 in pnew york city. pcentral park is at zero for the pfirst time since 1994. pand look at some of these pwindchills in upat a time north. pthose are current temperatures. pthese are the windchills, and it pfeels like 36 below zero in pboston, 19 below zero in pnew york city so that 7 below in hilly looks good compared to pnumbers. pbitter cold this morning and pstaying windy into the midday
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pin tampa it's cooler but i take p47 any day over 36 below zero. pa lot agree with me. pa northeast wind at 5. pskies are clear. plook at the sunrise this pmorning, and this is valentine's pday. panother nice shot over lakeland. pno clouds to show you. pas the day wraps up, we bring in pextra clouds from the east coast pas we kind of shift the winds a pbit. pthat will bring that 45 to more plike 70, 71 this afternoon in plakeland. pit's 51 in st. pete and we're at p40 in sun city center. pclearwater is 49 degrees this pmorning. pa couple 30s and zephyrhills is pat 39. pwith a slight wind even miernl pwindchills i show you in a psecond. pit's 46 in seven vis and 44 in plakewood ranch and sebring at 47 pdegrees. pwinds somewhat light but from 5 pto 10 miles per hour, even 16 in pst. pete so you combine that pwith cold air and minor pwindchills this morning. pagain, it's all relative pcompared to what i showed you.
7:17 am
pa chilly start giving way to a pnice afternoon. pa few extra clouds with the east pwind. pthere's the weak front from pyesterday south of the state. pthe next front is on the map. pthat will move in late monday pwhile we're sleeping into ptuesday midday. pthat's our next rain chance. pslightful this sunday, though. pby noon 65 hitting 70 this pafternoon. pby the way, we hit 72 yesterday. pyou hit 72 today in lake placid pand 72 in lakeland and 69 pdegrees in crystal river. pinto the afternoon hours today, ptemperatures moderate delightful punder the pleasant temperatures. p70 for the afternoon high. ptonight is 55 and that's a pdifference and miler near paverage. pa few clouds and we wake up in pthe mid-40s in places like pbrooksville, during the day on pmonday it's presidents day. pif you have the day off, lucky pyou. artly sunny and warmer at 20% pand a better rain chance povernight into tuesday. pit's mainly just rain. ponly one or two thunderstorms. pexercise caution through the pmorning hours, and then our wave
7:18 am
pthere's that slight breeze out pof the northeast. pwe're on high tide and a low ptide is next at 11:45 on pst. pete pier. pthrough the next seven days, we pstay in the 70s and how about pthat? pthat rain chance is early ptuesday. retty seasonable weather this pweek as a ridge of high pressure pbuilds in. pthat's a pattern shift so that's pwhy this week overall looks much pwarmer than last. p>> anjuli: of course, pvalentine's day is today but pit's no fun if you're just going pthrough a breakup. pit's a tough one. p>> what do you do with all that pstuff your ex left behind? pkimberly kuizon says don't trash pit, donate it. p>> we appreciate the donation. p>> can turn into the most ainful, he is especially when it pinvolving an ex-boyfriend or pex-girlfriend pex-girlfriend. p>> we had a touch breakup. p>> she dropped off a giant teddy pbear her ex-boyfriend gave her
7:19 am
p>> if i donate this really cute pteddy bear, they will buy it for pa boyfriend or girlfriend or a pkid. p>> reporter: this valentine's pday goodwill minnesota is anding pthe brokenhearted to donate the pex's stuff. pthey hope they can be turned pinto good memories. p>> we're encouraging people pinstead of doing something pdrastic you might regret, bring pit into the stories and do psomething nice with it. p>> reporter: while goodwill pwants your denations make sure pthe stuff you give is yours and pnot the personal property of pyour ex. p>> if somebody leaves something pbehind, don't be malicious when pyou donate. pmake sure it's something you pdon't need anymore. p>> reporter: by getting rid of pthe leftover baggage you feel pbetter. p>> turn the hate into donate and pmake it something nice. phelp someone else in the pcommunity. p>> reporter: after all being pthe bigger person is the best pbet. p>> you can get through it, and pdoing stuff like this makes you pfeel better. p>> reporter: in manatee county, pkimberly kuizon, fox 13 news.
7:20 am
pquestions about what you can and pcan't donate, head to our pwebsite,, for more pinformation there. p coming up, gifts that are pmade are often loved more than pthose bought at the store, and pespecially when you make them pwith your kids, right? pthose gifts are more special. pwe show you ways to make plast-minute valentine's day pcrafts. p>> as kids we give out pvalentine's to the entire class. pone teacher kicked the tradition pup a notch.
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p>> lindsay: happy valentine's pday. pit's not too late if you're plooking for a gift for a special psomeone. panita is here with two lovely phelpers. p>> last-minute stuff, because pyou woke up and you're like, oh, pno, i forget it's valentine's pday.
7:23 am
pheart-felt ideas you can make at phome. pthey're super simple. pthese are the little lip balms. pyou see them at the store. pyou put eyes and a little bow on phis head and heart shief shaped pnose and say you're the bomb. pi love all the puns we get to puse on valentine's day. plike. pright there. pit's functional and something pthey can use. pit's really, really cute. p>> practical and nice. p>> also, i like to grab fruit pout of the fruit bowl and turn pthose into valentine's as well. pvalentine with a perfect pear. pyou can serve this valentine pbreakfast and grab bananas and psa i love you bunches. pit's a candy alternative, too, pwhich is really nice. pyou don't want too much pchocolate, right? pthis is another one of my
7:24 am
pthis is just a plain canvas, an p8 x 10 canvas, and go online and psearch for silhouettes and pactually cut out a silhouette pand grew it directly to the pcanvas after you print it up. pthat way you get the size up for pthe canvas. pthis one i drew on there, but pyou can glue them on and i broke psome crayons this half. phot glue the crayons and with pthe hair dryer let them melt and prain down on top of it. p>> romantic. p>> it's really sweet. pthis wouldn't take long. ptakes maybe 15, 20 minutes to pget it all done. p>> we all have 15 or 20 minutes. p>> we have that much time. pkaylie, what are you working pover there? pshe is using clay. pthis is fun to make for your pmom. pit is sculpty clay, which is a olymer clay you can bake. pshape it into a circle. pwith two thumbs they shape the pheart with their thumbprints. pwe added ribbon to it and says plove you. pthis is quick and easy to make pas well and really, really fun.
7:25 am
psomething yummy for your pvalentine? p>> dip your strawberries in pchocolate. pi put candy eyeballs on them. pit makes it more interesting and pa little note on there that says pyou're very special. panother fun pun to add to make pit interesting and unique. pthis one is another really cool pone. pthe scrabble tiles. pyou have an old scrabble game or pmissing pieces, you can use your ptile for crafts. pthis is my mom and dad's name. pi put angela and bill and i pglued the little tray on the pbottom and you can put another plittle word there. p>> super cute and fun. pcoming up next hour, i don't pwant to give it away but we have pa few "star wars" themed pvalentine's ideas. pstay tuned for that. p>> anjuli: great ideas. phere's a sweet story for pvalentine's day. pa south florida woman is turning pthe tables this weekend with a pdelicious proposal. pit was one her boyfriend just pcouldn't refuse.
7:26 am
pthought he was getting some free pdoughnuts, but jesse got psomething much sweeter than pthat. pthis is a great story. pjesse and his girlfriend have pbeen together for seven years. pkelly entered into the dunkin' pdoughnuts happy ever dunkin's pweek stakes and won a $3,000 pvoucher for an engagement ring. phow awesome is this? pshe used the opportunity to pop pthe big question herself. pjesse, of course, said yes. p>> of course! p>> yay! p[ applause ] p>> alcides: he's looking around pthinking, is this serious? p>> anjuli: is this for real in pthe middle of a dink kun pdoughnuts. pi can get behind that. p>> alcides: he has some pdoughnuts alng with. pthe couple is working to secure pa date in the location for their pwedding. pcongratulations. p>> anjuli: one utah teenager's pgood deed sieved attention.
7:27 am
phigh school a flower on pthursday. pit cost him almost $500 to buy pall of those flowers. pyou might think hayden is the pluckiest guy in school right pnow, 800 flowers equals 800 otential dates, right? pactually, hayden already has a pgirlfriend, and she seems just pfine with what he did. p>> watch every single one of pthose girls walk out of school pwith a big smile on their face, pit makes me very happy and very roud of him. p>> anjuli: i believe it. pwhat a sweetheart. pi wonder what she got, shoot? p. phayden says he worked three pdifferent jobs for the last year pand a half to save up the money pneeded for the flowers. p>> alcides: really, three pdifferent jobs? poh, look. pyoung man that would do psomething like that. p>> anjuli: what a sweetheart. pstill to come on "good day" a plarge earthquake struck off the
7:28 am
pmorning nearly five years after pa deadly one rocked the same pregion. p>> alcides: we report on this ptoo often. punsolved hit-and-runs. pwe are more on how the florida phighway patrol is trying to curb pthem. pkelly. p>> reporter: the florida phighway patrol is about to kick poff hit-and-run awareness week. pwe have more details on what you pshould know coming up. p we know government switched pflint's water supply to dirty priver water spiked with lead. pwhere were the so-called experts pwho were supposed to keep the pwater safe? pwatch "money, power and olitics" sund i do everything on the internet. but, it's kind of slow.
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p from tampa bay's number one pnews station, this is "good day ptampa bay." p>> alcides: good morning. pthanks for joining us on this psaturday. p>> anjuli: we get your forecast pwith lindsay in a minute. p scalia the lead conservative pvoice of the nation's highest pcourt passed away at 79. phe was the first ever of pitalian-american heritage and assed through his confirmation prequest unanimous votes. resident obama expressed his pcondolences while pledging to pmove to fill scalia's seat. p>> alcides: in south carolina pwhile republican hopefuls in the prace to the white house began ptheir debate with opening premarks honoring scalia, the ptables quickly turned to harsh ersonal exchanges over pimmigration, foreign policy and pbusiness. pdonald trump and jeb bush pclashed over the middle east, pwhile ted cruz and marco rubio paccused each other of lying over pimmigration policy.
7:32 am
pis slated for february 20th. pcurrent polls have marco rubio pin third with trump and cruz in pthe lead. p>> anjuli: sea turtles in the parea are trying to escape thele pcooler temperatures. pcleert water ma mean aquarium prescue you had over 170 sea pturtles since the beginning of pthe year. pthey say this winter has been pharsh, and if it gets too cold pit puts those turtles at risk. pthey hold them until sea ptemperatures warm up, and plindsay, what do you think about pthis? pit's cold today, too. p>> lindsay: they're all bundled pup and it looks like they're in pthe right hands. peven though our air temperatures pwarm the next couple of days, it pwill slowly moderate the air ptemperature. pit's at 58 degrees in clearwater pbeach. pthat's the buoy there. p51? pst. pete, and looking east over pthe bay. pa nice breeze out of the east pbut lots and lots of sunshine pand crystal clear skies in pclearwater. pit's 49 degrees here, lighter pwinds this afternoon. pso if you have a boat ride lanned with your valentine by
7:33 am
pwill drop some, and by the pafternoon the temperatures warm pa whole lot. pit's chilly right new. pbrooksville is 41 and 47 in ptampa, 44 in wauchula. pso it's cold as 5 to nearly 20 pdegrees colder, dpening on where pyou live compared to this time pon saturday. pthere's the chilly start. pthere's the weak front to the psouth, but it's the wind arrows paffecting the weather the next pfor you days. ptoday they veer east, so we hit p70. ptomorrow they veer south, so we phit 75. pa couple extra clouds inland pthis afternoon, really nice day pto enjoy some time outside. p>> alcides: hit-and-run crashes pare something we have to report pon, and it's happened all too poften. pmany times they're left punsolved, but starting tomorrow pflorida highway patrol is will pcampaign. pkelly joins us live from the ptampa. pyou're live from a case that hit pcommunity. pan 11-year-old boy involved in a
7:34 am
pkilled. pgood morning, kelly. p>> reporter: good morning. pthat's right. pwell, florida highway patrol ptell us that 92,000, more than p92,000 hit-and-run crashes poccurred across the state of pflorida last year. pthat resulted in 186 fatalities. pnow, this, as you mentioned, is pthe site of one of those fatal phit-and-run crashes involving an p11-year-old boy. pyou may remember this story from plast fall. pinvestigators say davis pelementary school student palexander torres was trying to pcross the bridge whether someone phit him and kept going. pit happened in the early hours pof november 7th. olice say torres went missing pafter he got into trouble at pschool, and afterwards police pgot the child -- police got the preport the child had been hit. pa witness saw a gunmetal nissan paltima paltima in the area, but this pcase has never been solved.
7:35 am
pto raise awareness about phit-and-run crashes, and exactly pwhat a driver should do. pit is a felony to leave the pscene of a hit-and-run crash. olice say you should absolutely pstay at the scene until they parrive and seek medical pattention for any possible pinjuries. pfor now reporting live, i'm pkelly cowan, fox 13 news. p>> alcides: thank you. p also happening today in pst. pete, tampa bay rays are phosting their annual play ball pday. pthe fun-filled event at ptropicana field is aimed to pteach kids the joy of playing pbaseball through a day of pinstruction and play. pit's really a great time. pthe first 1,000 kids in pattendance receive a rays super phero cape t-shirt. peverything starts off at about p10:00 in the morning. p>> anjuli: so he had is the plate day for the florida state psanctions python challenge. pover 100 snakes have been caught pand turned in so far. pthe goal of the competition is pto cut down on the population pwhile also spreading awareness pof the trouble those snakes can pcause.
7:36 am
pare up for grabs for hunters who pback the longest and the most ythons. p>> alcides: at the daytona pspeedway pole qualifying is this pafternoon at 1:00 right here on pfox 13. plast night speed week get under pway with the sprint unlimited. pdenny hamlin overcame early pdamage to the toyota to secure phis first victory of the season. pyou can shake off the cobwebs pand get the season off to a good pstart and get ready for opening pday. p a man who police say fatally pshot one college student and pleft two others seriously pwounded is behind bars this pmorning. plamont postell jr. turned phimself in. phe opened fire at a party and pkilled johnson. pwitnesses say postle and johnson pgot into an argument that pescalated into a fight.
7:37 am
ulling out a gun and firing. p>> alcides: a 5.8 earthquake pshook christchurch in new pzealand this morning. pit was centered about 10 miles peast of the city. pso far no reports of serious pdamage or injuries. pnext monday marks the five-year panniversary of a more powerful pearthquake that killed more than p180 people at christchurch. p>> anjuli: pope francis is pcalling on mexican bishops to pchallenge the insidious threat pby the drug trade. phe wrapped up his first day in pmexico yesterday and says the pcatholic hierarchy must help pmexicans escape the violence and pcorruption plaguing the nation. phe says it requires courage from pthe church in a plan that pinvolves families, parishes, pschools and communities. p>> still ahead it's february on pand our couponing expert has pfive phenomenal items to pshowcase that will be free the pentire month.
7:38 am
pif you need someone to snuggle pup today, why not take precious plittle eve home.
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p>> lindsay: good morning. phappy valentine's day. psheri is back. pyou've brought eve. p>> i brought eve. plook at her dress with the phearts on it. pshe's hoping that this pvalentine's day she's going to pget her second chance at a home. pi hope. p>> i sure hope so.
7:41 am
p>> eve is a jack russell terrier pmix. pthere were seven in the litter. psome remember brown and some pwere brindled. pthey were too young when they pcame in the shelter so they were pfostered. pa couple siblings are also pavailable today. pthey'll be about 20 pounds or pless. pinquisitive. pnot a pru bred, but she has a plot of jack russell in her. pvery smart, active little dogs. pface. pshe's -- p>> someone will luck out. p>> you're almost perfect, aren't pyou? pkre, you are. p>> we have other pets and events ptoday, right? p>> we'll be at the tampa bay plightning today from 4:00 to p6:00. pthey host an adoption event. pwe have 15 to 20 adoptables down pthere. pif you go to the game, bring a pbag of dog food, cat food or ptreats and adopt an animal and pwe'll hold it for you the next pday. pwe're at downtown dogs at hyde ark ville little, an adoption
7:42 am
panimals as well kids activities pas well. pso downtown dogs are the plightning, and we're all over ptampa bay tries to get people phome. p>> looking for activities and pbring some sweet puppies. pare there any kittens sflabl. p>> there will be kittening pavailable as well. plast week you had a cute dog. p>> we had an adore able dogs. pwe had three different ones for pthe super bowl segment. pthe star was payton. p>> payton was adopt. pthe kids saw payton on tv and ptalked mom and dad into padopting. p>> i'm sure they're going to phelp with the puppy duties and phave the patience because it can pbe tricky. p>> it is a lot of work to get a uppy, but it's rewarding. p>> especially when you take hotos of the could you tell pface. p>> i think she's getting sleepy. pwe're boring her. pnap time. pthere you go. p>> so sweet. phow about a little snuggle bug pon the couch this valentine's pday? p>> i think it's a great gift.
7:43 am
pif you're interested in eve, phere she is. phas siblings at the shelter, ptoo. p3607 north armenia avenue, 10:00
7:44 am
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make any day a pancake day with nutella - spread the happy!
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p the time is 7:45. pisraeli prime minister netanyahu psays it looks like u.s. vice resident joe biden is coming to ptown. pin a cabinet meeting this pmorning, netanyahu cited media preports that biden was pconsidering visiting israel in pthe next few days. pdates for a visit have not been pset yet. p russian officials in moscow psay vladimir putin and president pobama talked about the syrian pwar this morning and the punsolved conflict in the ukraine pukraine. utin stressed the importance of pcreating a common front against pterrorism and a working prelationship with washington. p president obama is also pgearing up to host the leaders pof the association of southeast pasian nations. ptwo-day summit is billed as an punprecedented event. pworld leaders meet in california ptomorrow in hopes of pstrengthening xheek relations pand discussing recent
7:47 am
p it's time for the sunday psavings and does kati kiefer phave a treat today. pwe have great items absolutely pfree of charge. pkati is from p>> these freebies, you bet get pout the pen and paper because pthis is crazy. p>> you have to write down a pcouple of details to know what pwe're doing. p>> first, tell us about the paccessories, models some. p>> yes, i am. pthese are free. pthe bracelet is free. pand we have a whole pack of rins pfor free and a nice scarf. pisn't that fun? p>> so cute. p>> here's how it works. plane bryant, the store in the pmall in shopping centers all pover the bay area, they're poffering a text deal when you ptext the word mobile, pm-o-b-i-l-e, to 23705, they send pyou back -- you have to say yes, pthat i want to get your text. pthey send you back $10 code.
7:48 am
pyou go into lane bryant, and you plook on the clearance rack or pwhere the accessories are and pend up with $10 of items for ptree. pyou want to get something else. pthey have nail polish and pbracelets. pit was under $10 and then you ptake off the coupon. pmy daughter was like, what did pwet go? pyou might want to curl up with pyour honey and watch a movie. pyou have a way to get it free. p>> that's right. pred box is having a promotion pthe whole month of february. pif you text -- we're going to puse our smartphone today, if you ptext push to 7272727 then red pbox will give you a free code to puse all the way until the 29th pof the february. pso it's good all month. pyou don't have to do it on pvalentine's day. p>> this next freebie, i made fun pof alcides endlessly yesterday pfor this. phe said he was going to give his pwife coupons for valentine's pday. pi told him he would get a smack
7:49 am
ponce he clarified, it made psense. p>> ftd, the floral company, has pa free download for a book of pcoupons. pail be honest, the one i took pout, master of the remote pcontrol. pi'm not giving it to him this pyear. pyou can download and make pyourself and they're super fun pones. pi'll do a load of laundry. pif alcides gave that his wife, pshe will love it. p>> he needed to clarify it. pcoloring books for adults. p>> this is a big rage. prelaxing while you color. pright now on kindle has a whole pbunch of free ones, and i found p$80 worth of free. pif you buy them at banz and pnoble, you pay 15 bucks each. pthey're free. pultimately you just download the pkindle book and it has a pdf pattachment where you put it out, rint and enclosure. p>> i know you love free pmagazines. ptell us about them. p>> don't pay pour magazines. pgood housekeeping and better phomes and gardens are the free pones free all month.
7:50 am
p>> how do you get them? p>> on, you psurvey. pcompany. pyou have to tell them it works por doesn't work. pstick around for the deal of the pweek. pthese are two free shaving foams pfor free with one coupon. p>> you're out of control today. p now, your sky tower radar pforecast with fox 13 pmeteorologist lindsay mill born. p>> lindsay: you could see palcides' face in here talking pabout the coupons. pyou told you ladies. pit's 45 degrees at the florida pstate fairgrounds. pit's the last weekend day to penjoy some fair food and rides. pskies are clear and temperatures pare colder this morning, and we phave a little bit of a breeze by pthe bay. pinto the afternoon hours ptemperatures will mode rate pnicely. psirata beach net cam shows a pslight chop out there. psno clouds in sooet. pwe look to the east coast today. pnot quite as clear as the day
7:51 am
pit's 46 in sebring and 51 at pst. pete and 41 in brooksville, p47 in tampa, which is our povernight low. pwe're all running cooler than pthis time yesterday. p6 degrees cooler in wauchula, 16 pin brooksville, citrus county, psome of you woke up in the upper p30s. pthe weather headlines show a few pmore clouds this sunday pespecially east of i-75. pwith those we still see a icturesque day, nice and mild. pwe track the next cold front pthat will swing through early on ptuesday. pahead of it some showers and an pisolated thunderstorm at best pespecially overnight monday into pabout 10:00, 11:00 a.m. on ptuesday. pthat's it. pa little quicker mover. pthere's no cool air behind the pfrond pfront. pwe see the upper level pattern pchange. pas the ridge moves in nice and pwarm and seasonable afternoons pand cool mornings. pchilly start for us today. pthere's the weak front from pyesterday, but it's all relative pwhen we talk about absolutely pfridged temperatures in new pengland.
7:52 am
pin a second combining it with pthe wind it's brutal. phere is the next front porganizing. pthat's the one i mentioned moves pthrough tomorrow night. pit's only 1 degree in new york pcity and actual temp of 11 below pin buffalo, 28 in atlanta. pit's the windchills dangerously pcold and all kinds of records pshattered in new england this pmorning including boston, the povernight low was 9 below zero, pand it feels like 36 below zero pthere. pdangerous to be outside even for pa few minutes. pfor us today you want to get poutside. p72 in brandon, 74 in arcadia pst. pete. pfuturecast shows a little cloud pmoving in today and we watch the pfront move in from the west very pearly tuesday. p70 this afternoon and still a pand pleasant. pideal for some time outdoors pwith your friends and family and pmaybe your valentine. p55 overnight and milder with a pfew more clouds and as we look residents day.
7:53 am
pa shower late in the day, but preally the best chance is going pto come in overnight. pif you are boating today, pthere's an exercise caution in peffect through the morning. pthe waves and winds drop. pthe next tide is a low tide at p11:45. pseven-day forecast shows plenty pof 70s and even our overnights pare much warmer. pdon't cancel the plans on ptuesday. pif you have afternoon ones, it pwill be dry by the afternoon. p>> alcides: after the break, pthe family of a world war ii
7:54 am
7:55 am
ba da ba ba ba 3 finally this hour: it was quite an emotional reunion in california this p>> anjuli: it was an emotional preunion in california this week pas a purple heart was returned pto a family of a world war ii parmy vet. pit was possibly thanks to a pnonprofit that returns loss and pstolen military medals to pveterans or their family. ptake a look at the heart-warming pmoment. p>> they symbolize so much. pthey shed their blood or psacrificed their lives for our pkubt. p>> on behalf of that has a piece pit, it's an honor. p>> it brings back my father and pmy grandfather i didn't know on
7:56 am
p>> these items were personally pbelonged to eugene, his razor, ocketknife and hunting license. psome sweetheart jewelry. pthat would have been something pthat his wife virginia would phave worn. p>> it's crazy. pwe never knew. pjust never knew, and it was out pof the blue. p>> it's like looking in the pmirror. pi'm here. pi could have been there. p>> it's like a hug from the pmilitary family, you know. pso my family just got larger. p>> anjuli: gives me chills. p let's go to alcides for a plook at what's coming up at p8:00. p>> we still have a lot more to pcome in the 8:00 hour of "good pday tampa bay." pthe death of supreme court pjustice antonin scalia shocks pthe nation. pchris wallace spoke with scalia pabout his replacement. phear what he had to say. p and still looking for a plast-minute valentine's day gift pgrur loved ones? pyou better hurry. pmiss anita is back with creative pcraft ideas including one that
7:57 am
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