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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  February 15, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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pinformatio p>>vanessa: thank you for joining pus. pwe're starting off with a ptraffic alert. psome heavy congestion over the phoward frankland bridge. pthis is following a deadly hit pand run crash. pwithin a few moments, we saw the revious lane blockages we had pout there clear out so of pcourse, that means travel times pcould get back to normal soon. phowever, you still want to avoid pthe bridge. pwe have to get out to shayla preaves who is live on the scene pwith more information. psuch a sad situation. p>>reporter: a sad situation and pone that is causing a little of pa tie-up here on the howard pfrankland. pyou're seeing traffic move pslowly behind me. pwe're a couple of miles away proughly from the fatality that phappened right around 2:30 this pmorning. pnow, some of the backup you're pactually seeing right now is pfrom a second vehicle crash that
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pnot far away from that falthity pearlier this morning. pso here is how it all began. pright now we can tell you it's paround that time window when pflorida highway patrol did preceive a call about vehicle paccident of some type here on pthe howard frankland bridge. pthis is on the northbound side pof i-275. pwe learned those troopers parrived within 20 minutes of pgetting that call and according pto florida highway patrol on the pscene, this is what we've been pable to learn. pa tow truck driver was preportedly hooking up a disabled pvehicle just before 20:30 this pmorning when he was reportedly pstruck and killed. ptwo people from that disabled pvehicle were sitting inside of pthe tow truck at the time and pthe driver of the tow truck was preportedly working outside of pthe truck but on the inside planes of i-275 northbound. pnow, florida highway patrol ptells us they believe that they
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pmodel volkswagen black jetta or peos with damage to the right pside of the vehicle. pthey're asking anyone with any pinformation about this to please pgo ahead and give florida phighway patrol a call. pwe could see that traffic psituation change shortly now pthat that second crash has been pcleared and we're learning also pthat that investigation has pwrapped up here on scene for pthat fatality that happened a pfew hours before that. pso we will continue to follow pthis throughout the morning and pcertainly keep you posted as we plearn more reporting out here on pi-275 northbound. p>>vanessa: thank you so much. pcertainly a reason why we mind pfolks of the move over law. pi do want to mention that gandy pis going to be the quickest proute until the travel times get pback to normal over the howard pfrankland. pyou're looking at video our pscrew on the scene shot in the parea of fountain parkway.
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plearning involving a truck that otentially wrapped itself up paround a pole. preally nasty looking wreck. plife threatening injuries are preported here. pit looks as though it took plonger than expected to get the pdriver out of the truck but peventually they were taken to pthe hospital. pwe don't have an update on their pcondition but we're hearing as pfar as the lane blockage, we're pseeing some improvement. pone eastbound lane is blocked in pthe area. plet's get out to the pasco pcounty area. pwe do have a motorcycle crash pthat we're following along u.s. p19 at ridge road. pa motorcyclist dead after a pcollision with a semi truck. pwe do know that the lanes are popen at this point. pdelays are gone. pwe don't know anything else pabout this crash as far as a erson's identity, who was at pfault but we do know that the psemi truck driver was not hurt. pbusy morning on the roadways pcontinues. pi do have an update to the crash pin river view. pu.s. 301, northbound lanes are pblocked and we're learning this pis another deadly crash. pso drivers can expect an pextended road closure in the
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pyou can take 75 or bull frog pcreek road in the meantime. pguys? p>>dave: 7:03 and 59 degrees poutside. pit is mild. ptwo things, one, that peast-southeast wind plus the pcloud cover, those two combine pto help keep our temperatures pwarmer this morning over in plakeland where you do see a poke pof sun. pit's 57 degrees with that peast-southeast wind. pexpect temperatures to get in pthe mid 70s as clouds will be on pthe increase all day long. prussell? p>>russell: deputies are pinvestigating a wild home pinvasion. pthieves broke into a home on pj.r. manor drive just before p5:00 a.m. pfour adults were inside, one was pshot and rushed to the hospital. pwe'll bring you an update and asco county deputies are pcertaining for a serial burglar pthis morning. p>>laura: those break-ins phappened at a number of pbusinesses on state road 54 pright at land o lakes. psally beauty supply and
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pthe burglar tried to get into pthe pristine dry cleaners but pwasn't able to in the end. pthe man was riding a large pcruiser type motorcycle. pif you know anything, call the psheriff's office. p>>russell: deputies say a pair pof teens attacked a woman. pit's a terrible, terrible story. pthe teens robbed and beat her pearly sunday morning. pthey wanted her purse. pwhile deputies were pinvestigating that robbery, they pheard more gunshots. pthey say that teens robbed panother man in the same area. p18-year-old gillam and a p15-year-old were arrested soon pafter. pthey're in jail this morning. p>>laura: and dangerous discovery pfrom a 4-year-old boy. phe found a gun while chasing a pcat underneath a house on yale pstreet south in st. petersburg. phe took it to the porch where he paccidentally hit the trigger. phe fired into the ground. pthe bullet did not hurt anyone. olice don't know how the gun pgot under the house or who it pbelongs to.
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pjustice scalia has touched off a olitical war in washington. resident obama says he'll name pa replacement soon. pwait. pdoug is in washington. p>>reporter: russell, good pmorning and the supreme court pwill return to work next week. pone seat is going to be empty psince the passing of justice pscalia. pthe question is, for how long? pa hearse in texas carries the pbody of justice scalia before a lane was to take him back to pvirginia. phis death has been a shock. pmourners leaving candles, pflowers and cards at the steps pof the sum supreme court. p>> i plan to fill my pconstitutional responsibilities. p>>reporter: president obama romised to appoint a preplacement in what would be his pthird selection for the court, pleaving a lasting imprint but pthat requires approval from the pg.o.p. controlled senate where
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psign off during a presidential pelection year. p>> the person who wins that is pgoing to have the right to preplace justice scalia, whether pdemocrat or republican. p>>reporter: all of this has pcaused more consternation out of pthe campaign trail. p>> we're not moving forward puntil after this election. p>> i believe that the next resident should fill this pvacancy. p>>reporter: republicans want a pdelay. pdemocrats say the president and pthe senate should move forward. p>> president makes the pappointment, senate confirms. plet's get on with the business. p>>reporter: the court will pcontinue to function but with peight justices, ties could be in plimbo where they would refer to plower court rulings ranging from pimmigration to abortion rights pand obamacare. pnow, if possible, the president pcould decide to do a recess pappointment, unilaterally place psomeone on the court and kind of pcircumvent congress in the rocess.
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pgoing to happen. pwe'll see. p>>russell: all right. pa lot to watch this week. pthank you. p>>laura: python challenge is pover and the hunt ended last pnight. pmore than 100 pythons were pcaught during the month long pcompetition. pawards will be given out at the pend of next week. pall the snakes were given pthe population in the peverglades. p>>russell: unless you got erfect attendance, you've had pto miss school or work for some preason. pcoming up, we'll give you the pfive worst excuses. p>>laura: and then making your pvoting experience a lot easier. phey, dave. p>>russell: dave is going to do pthat for us. p>>dave: we'll talk about that in pa little bit. p7:08. ptampa in the background there as pclouds are beginning to stream pin but the clouds plus the
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pwinter coats today. p58 to start off the morning pdrive and the highs should be in pthe mid 70s. p50% rain chance for tuesday, pthat's going to be in the wee phours of tomorrow morning. pin essence, we'll get the rain pout very early and bring the psunshine back tomorrow after the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, uplift your mood. or iced macchiato today.
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p>>vanessa: welcome back here. pwe have sad news. pif you can believe this, another pdeadly crash on the roadway. pthat makes four this morning. pthe latest word is that this pcrash is happening at bruce b pdowns boulevard towards fletcher pavenue and we're hearing that pthis might involve a pedestrian pso of course, expect an extended plane closure in this area where pwe see the lanes blocked. pso avoid that area. pmeantime, of course, the one pthat also is working another pdeadly crash, u.s. 301 in the parea of panther trace boulevard pin river view. pnorthbound lane blockage preported in that area and we palso want to let you know that pthere's a serious injury crash. pthis person is being transported
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pin pinellas county. pdrew street at belcher road. pintersection lane blockages are preported. pat least two lanes are blocked pso plan some extra time out the pdoor if you have to head this pway. lease, please drive carefully. pthis has been a very busy and psad morning on the roads. p>>dave: it has been bitterly pcold in the northeast over the pweekend. pyou have a picture taken from pthe international space station. phe posted it along with the pmessage that polar vortex even plooks cold from here. pnew york city has lowest ptemperatures in about 100 years pthe other day. pjust unreal. plook at this picture. pyou've got to see this picture. pnear the summit of white face pmountain, it's near lake placid pfrozen solid. plisten to this. pthey had wind chill temps of 114 pdegrees below zero at the summit
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pit's 5,000 feet but still, they phad wind speeds close to 50 pmiles an how were. pwind-chill factor minus 114 pdegrees. pthat's just unreal. pthis is our shot this morning of pour beautiful sunrise. pit's pretty. pwe do have some cloud cover pthat's beginning to stream in pand you see the temperature in pthe bottom left-hand corner of pyour screen. pit's 59 degrees. plook at the bird. pthat was perfect timing for that pbird to come swinging through pthe picture. pswinging? pflying through the picture. p56 in palm harbor. pwe have west chase at 56 pdegrees. ptampa international has dipped pbelow 60 degrees for the first ptime this morning. pnortheast spots, crystal river, pinverness, bushnell, you robably need light jackets. p50, 52. pstill compared to yesterday, pthese temperatures are a lot pwarmer. pbradenton at 59 and sebring has
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pskies with 60 degrees all pmorning long. pnine, 10, 12, you get the idea. pwarmth compared to yesterday. pi got out early yesterday pmorning. pit was quite chilly. ptoday is a lot different. ptoday temperatures are 10, 12 pdegrees warmer thanks to the psoutheasterly wind and the cloud pcover we just showed you as pthat's streaming in ahead of the pnext weather make he were. phere is the next weather maker. pthis frontal system, this low is pgoing to stay well north of us. pit's going to drag this front phere tomorrow morning and it's pgoing to be early enough, i pthink we get the rain out of the pway before even 9:00 in the pmorning which is awesome, right? pyou get out, it's gone and then pthe rest of the day does look pnice. ptravelling today, memphis, very phefty rains. pwe do have some snow in pvirginia, the nation's capitol pseeing quick flurries. pin terms of real strong storms por heavy weather, we're thinking
7:16 am
pthe best chance for that. pfuture cast shows you as things pstart to set up and clouds pthicken, we do have the risk of pa quick shower 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 ptomorrow morning. pby the time we get through late pmorning into the afternoon, pwe're clearing out again. pso that's how fast it's going to pcome streaming through here. psome showers, a few rumbles of pthunder and then the rest of the pweek is going to be nice and pquiet. p74 degrees today. pout ahead of this front, it pcould be a quick shower late in pthe day but the rain chances, p20% to 30% at best and overnight ptonight, showers and pthunderstorms are likely. plooks like a line of rain, maybe pa few rumbles of thunder in the pmorning. plow 62. ptomorrow we get the sunshine pback in the afternoon with the phigh temperature near 73 pdegrees. pboating today, a moderate chop pand southeasterly wind picking pup 10 to 15 knots. pafter the rain moves through pvery early tomorrow, we get the psunshine back. plook at the rest of the week.
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plows in the low to mid 50s. pa very nice weather pattern pindeed. p>>russell: a lot of folks may be pcalling in sick because of a plate night for valentine's. pthe top five absolute worst pexcuses for calling in sick that phave already been used. pready for this? pone person told his boss he was pstuck under the bed. psomeone else said they got pcaught cheating and needed to pretrieve his belongings from the pdumpster. panother employer said -- pemployee, rather, said she poked pherself in the eye while combing pher hair. pi can accept that. pcan you? p>>laura: yeah. p>>russell: someone else called pin sick using the excuse his pwife put all his under wear in pthe washing machine. pand the last one sounded like psomething from florida. erson told the boss they needed pa beach day because the doctor
7:18 am
pmore vitamin d. p>>laura: now, that's good. pthat i like. p>>russell: cheating, all my pstuff is in the dumpster. p>>laura: and you don't want to pask a lot of questions. p>>russell: take what you need. p>>laura: straight ahead, a $1 pmillion prize. pthe incentive to run very fast. p>>russell: plus a shoutout to phis mother on valentine's day. phear the thank you that leonardo pdicaprio gave last night. p>>charley: i have a lot of pvacation time but not much sick ptime. pget that monday started, that pfoot tapping, heart beat going. phow about some jazz music? pwe could make that happen. p p>>charley: yeah, baby. pit's the village jazz ensemble, rogress village middle magnet pschool. pit's a magnet school for the
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i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
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3 3 (vanessa p>>vanessa: i cannot believe the pmorning we're having on the proadways. pwe have yet another incident to ptell you about. pwe have sky fox overhead 56th pnear river hills where there's a pcar in the water. pthis isn't going to be a major pconcern to the roadways but it's pvery apparent that folks are phairied on the roads so give pyourself extra time, taking pthings nice and easy. pit is pretty jammed up. pwe want to make mention of two pworking fatal crashes, the one pthat is in river view along u.s. p301 and panther trace, pnorthbound lanes are blocked and psky fox in just a minute will phead over to the area of bruce b pdowns just north of fletcher pwhere we're hearing there's ossibly a pedestrian involved pdeadly crash that has southbound planes reduced to one. pmeantime, we want to check in on pi-4.
7:23 am
pmacintosh road causing heavy pdelays heading in the westbound pdirection. pyou'll want to avoid i-4 roughly ptaking sam allen road at this ptime. pthat will be the quickest route pand then just up to date on the phoward frankland crash, that was pa site of an earlier deadly pcrash in the northbound pdirection still looking jammed pup in that area. phowever, the delays, when we pcompare them to the time heading pover the gandy bridge, i think pyou're going to want to stick pwith the howard frankland and pgive yourself extra time out the pdoor if you have to head into ptampa. p>>laura: what a mess on your phands this morning. pthank you, vanessa. pother headlines, four members of pan up and coming rock band and ptheir manager have died in a car pcrash. p>>russell: investigators are pworking on the cause but they pbelieve the car hit a barrier pbefore crashing in the water. pthis happened on saturday. pthe members of the viola beach phad just finished performing at pa swedish music festival the pnight before. pit was the english band's first pforeign gig.
7:24 am
pemergency crews pulled the car pout of the water yesterday. paccident. pinvestigators are looking into peverything from drunk driving to pweather. p>>laura: pope trans is is busy pin mexico. phe spent part of sunday visiting pa children's hospital in mexico pcity and held an outdoor mass in pthe suburbs. phe told them there can't be any pdialogue with the devil. pthe 79-year-old pontiff made pthat remark in a city with pcriminal gangs. phis five-day visit to mexico pends wednesday. p>>russell: anthem into the seas pis two days into a trip. pthe ship had to return early plast time after extended damage pfrom a storm. pcrews had to fix the trip before psaturday before any new assengers could be on board. panthem of the seas can fit 5400 assengers and 1600 crew pmembers. p>>laura: and officials released
7:25 am
pin a pileup during the snow psquall. pthe three were killed saturday pmorning in pennsylvania. pdrivers say there were whiteout pconditions before the crash. p64 cars were involved. pa lot of people had to be cut pout of their vehicle. pin all, 73 people were taken to pthe hospital. pat least one person is still in pcritical condition. pthe interstate was reopened the pnext morning. p>>russell: this is amateur video pof a cliff collapsing during an pearthquake in new zealand. pyou see it happening? pthe dust as the cliff falls into pthe ocean. pthe quake had a magnitude of p5.6. pa few after shocks since then. pno one was seriously hurt. p>>dave: wow. p7:25 and by the looks of this pcamera, the brookdale bayshore pone, we have mostly cloudy skies pand then clouds started
7:26 am
p57 degrees with a southeast wind pat eight miles per hour. pi think we'll get to the lower p70s today. pnot a lot of rain today but rain pchances go up late tonight, very pearly tomorrow morning. pfor the most part, we'll set the psunshine back by tomorrow pafternoon. pnot much cold air behind this pfront. pjust a little bit. pso it looks like 71 may be the pcoolest high temperature and pthat's pretty good. pafter tomorrow morning it looks pnice. p>>russell: unusual request. pwhy kanye west is asking his pfans for prayer. p>>laura: and doing donuts with pother drivers on the road. pken is covering the search for pthat very bold and selfish pdriver. pgood morning, ken. p>>reporter: good morning. preally a scary situation. pso many times we tell you we phave great video coming up. pwe really do and it is very
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pit before, take another look. p>>russell: welcome. pit's 7:30. pwe're going to start this half phour with a search for a hit and prun drive he were. pshayla reaves is along the phoward frankland bridge with the platest on all of this. p>>reporter: good morning to you, prussell. ptraffic is flowing again on 275 pnorthbound after not only the pfatal accident this morning but pa second vehicle accident with proads blocked hours later. pi'm going to start with the pfirst one for you. pit happened around 2:30 this pmorning. pthe florida highway patrol preceiving a call. pthose troopers arriving out here pwithin 20 minutes.
7:31 am
paccident, troopers on the scene pare telling us that the tow ptruck driver was struck and pkilled and right now, f.h.p. is plooking for a 2014 or newer pvolkswagen black jetta or e.o.s. pwith damage to the right side of pthe vehicle. pthis happened before 2:30 this pmorning. pwe learned that two occupants of pthat disabled vehicle were psitting inside of the tow truck pat the time. pthe driver of the tow truck was pworking outside the vehicle on pthe inside lanes. pas florida highway patrol ptroopers worked that pinvestigation, as we made our pway into the rush hour this pmorning, we learned a second paccident and not too far away pfrom that first one here near pmile marker 36 and during that paccident, there were additional proad blocks that slowed down ptraffic here on the howard pfrankland for a short time. pbut again, things are moving pthis morning.
7:32 am
panyone with any information on pthat crash with a fatality to lease go ahead and give them a pcall. pback to you. p>>vanessa: thank you so much and pof course, this is a sad preminder of that move over law. pcertainly not a joke and there's pa reason why we remind folks to pmove over or slow down as pthey're passing a crash site. pa very busy morning on the proads. pwe have sky fox checking out pthat reported deadly crash, this pis actually the fourth one preported this morning and the psecond currently working one pthat we're following so pcurrently working as far as the plane blockage we're seeing. pthis is bruce b downs just north pof fletcher. pwe're hearing initial reports pthis might involve a pedestrian. psouthbound lanes are actually preduced to one. pwe are seeing delays heading in psouthbound direction not only at pbruce b downs boulevard but also plivingston where it feeds into pthat general area so drivers pshould probably take 42nd pinstead and we'll keep you osted with new details.
7:33 am
pcrash i mentioned before, i-4, pthis is the crash we're pfollowing in the area of pmacintosh road. pa car has slammed into a pguardrail and was blocking a pleft lane but it looks like the pleft lane has opened and we're pseeing heavy delays, almost ptaking an hour from buckman phighway to 75 so drivers should ptake another choice. plooks like sam allen road might pbe the quickest one at this ptime. pdon't forget the second pcurrently working fatality so pthis is the second one we're pseeing with lane blocks pview. pu.s. 301 and panther trace, pnorthbound lanes are blocked. pbackups only to bear back and psouthbound delays as well. pdrivers can take bull frog creek proad. p>>laura: in light of all that pvanessa just talked about, some eople think it's cool to do pdonuts with a car.
7:34 am
pmiddle of a busy road. pthat type of vehicle is a crime pand this morning, pip he will as ark police want to find the pdriver. pken is live for us with the psearch to find the driver before pthis happens again and someone pgets hurt or even killed. pgood morning, ken. p>>reporter: only a matter of ptime. pevery time i see the video and pyou've seen it a couple of times pthis morning so far, i think, pwhat is this driver thinking? pthe three guys in the vehicle, pwhat are they thinking? pit's all fun and games until psomeone gets hurt and possibly peven killed. pas i've been saying all morning, pcops have seen more and more of pthis type of thing. pkids videotape it, post it on pfacebook or twitter or whatever pis trending at the time. pthey put other people's lives in pdanger. pthis particular incident phappened recently on 66th street pnorth and 121st avenue in
7:35 am
ponly a couple of days ago. pa woman just happened to see the pvehicle driving dangerously a pfew minutes before this video pwas shot and thought something pwas up. pshe was right. pshe pulls out her cell phone and pvideotapes what happens next. pthe car does that donut, that pvery dangerous donut. pthe amazing thing, it's all pintentional. pand the car takes off. pat this point, police are plooking for the car, the four pyoung guys, probably in the late pteens, early 20s, involved in pthis incident. pthey were apparently involved in pother incidents as well the same pday. pand other kids are doing the psame thing. pif you know any kids doing this, lease tell the cops and try to phead off trouble before it pactually happens. p>>laura: that's not a game. pthank you. pa manatee county deputy is on proutine administrative leave pthis morning after fatally pshooting one. pwitnesses say the deputy had no
7:36 am
p50-year-old mark stoddard pallegedly had a knife and pwouldn't put it down. pthe deputy was responding to a pdomestic dispute. phis wife says he was drinking pand became violent. pthat case is under pinvestigation. pa brush fire in weeki wachee is pno longer a threat. pthere are a few hot spots psmoldering. pthe fire is under control. pno buildings are in dang he pwere. pcrews had to close part of u.s. p19 for a few hours on saturday pbecause of all the smoke from pthe fire. p>>russell: florida voters head pto the polls in four weeks. pit does not have to be pconfusing. pa new app can simplify the olitical process. phere is douglas kennedy. p>> it doesn't allow to you pconnect on the issues. p>>reporter: for years he would pupdate his facebook page about phow he was feeling when it came pto what he believed. phe kept it to himself. psocial media is great at pconnecting people socially but pit's not always great at pconnecting people politically.
7:37 am
plike facebook, sometimes it pallows people to go all over the pmap. p>>reporter: a fact he says keeps pyoung people alienated from the olitical process. pin fact, less than half of young eople today identify with any olitical party and less than p20% say they feel politically pengaged. ptwo all-time lows in recent pamerican politics. pone other reason so many new phampshire millennials flock to pnon main street presidential pcandidates. pand the main reason james winden pcofounded brigade, an app to pengage young people politically. phe calls it the tinder of olitics. pusers swipe their opinions on olitical issues. p>> it makes it easy to be olitical online. poip p>>reporter: users are asked
7:38 am
panswers put them in touch with plike minded individuals. pfor more information and pdiscussion. pnow, if users get really pinvolved, you'll be with pnational advocacy groups. p>> you can express your opinions pand we put you with porganizations. pyou can create actions to create pchange. p>>reporter: it also encourages pyoung people to write their own popinions which they can pdistribute to their friends or pthe general public. p>> this generation wants to talk pto each other and think about pthings differently. p>>reporter: think about things pdifferently because they're now pconnected differently. p>>russell: don't remember -- pdon't remember. psorry. pdon't forget tomorrow is the pdeadline to register to vote in pthe primary. pflorida is a winner takes all
7:39 am
p>>laura: don't forget to premember. pwhen you consider a mortgage, pvehicle, credit cards, the paverage american is about p$225,000 in debt but that's pnothing in comparison to what pkanye west claims. pjennifer epstein has the story. pgood morning. p>>jennifer: here we go, lawyer pa. just days after his new album pdropped, he's claiming he's $50 pmillion in debt. phe tweeted this. pi write this to you, my pbrothers, while still $63 pmillion in personal debt. lease pray we overcome. pthis is my true heart. pand he's not too proud to ask pfor help. phe tweeted mark zuckerberg pcalling on the facebook founder pto realize his, quote, the pgreatest artist of all time and pto invest $1 billion in all of phis ideas. phe even went further to tweet to
7:40 am
pasking him for financial help, ptoo. phe may be in debt but that does pnot mean he's broke. ptogether, kanye west and kim pkardashian's net worth is $253 pmillion. pdon't forget about christmas. phe bought kim 150 gifts and the p$3 million proposal or pfinancial adviser. pwhat do you think? p>>walter: all right. p7:40. pall good things usually come to pan end. pthat's true for the lightning. pthey had a nine game home pwinning streak going into pyesterday's game against the pblues. pnot anymore. pthe blues beat the bolts. pthey are back home again ptomorrow night against the psharks of the kobe bryant made phis last appearance at an nba
7:41 am
phis 18th in his career. phe had 10 points plus seven passists, six rebounds for the pwest team. pit was a defensive showdown. pthe west beat the east 196-173. prussell westbrook won his second paward. pthis is a picture of the gift pmichael jordan gave him. pair gordons, 60 in each color. pkobe is planning to auction off pthe black pair to donate money pto the michael jordan charity. pso now that picture we were pshowing you. pduring a recent game between the redators and lightning, carrie punderwood decided to have one pwith the forward. pthe 23-year-old player was pcaught on camera kits ssing his phockey stick. punderwood tweeted out a series
7:42 am
pjohansson tweeted back this icture of him smooching punderwood's husband in front of pa picture of underwood with a pcaption, get your own valentine. pcute. p>>russell: that is funny. phere's a big incentive for some pfuture stars. padidas offering $1 million to pnfl prospect who can break the p40 yard dash record. phere is the catch. pthe prospect must be in a didas pshoes. pthe record was set in 2008. pinteresting proposal. p>>dave: do you know what? phere's the problem with that and pi'm just afraid some of these rospects will try too hard to pdo that and end up hurting
7:43 am
pu.s.f. camera, we're at 60 pdegrees this morning. pyou can kind of see as we are pheading over, you know, that psoutheast wind at eight miles er hour. pwe've also got mostly cloudy pskies in tampa. pthe clouds are around but the pmild temperatures are going to pcontinue. pwe're all about that coming up pon "good day" in a few minutes. p>>laura: it is shaping up to be pa pretty busy morning. pright now we want to give you a plive look courtesy of sky fox. pthis is in tampa. pthe area of hanna and 53rd is pwhat the chopper is telling us. pit appears as though a recycling pfacility is on fire. pcrews actively on scene right pnow trying to put the flames pout. pheavy smoke in the area. pi mentioned hanna and 53rd. phillsborough drivers will see psome smoke in the area as well. pthe latest here but really pshaping up to be a busy morning pfor folks just all around would
7:44 am
7:45 am
7:46 am
7:47 am
pan p>>vanessa: welcome back. pwe continue to follow a pstructure fire out of tampa. pwe have sky fox showing us crews pthat are battling the fire. pwe're learning it's at a precycling center at 53rd and phanna. pheavy smoke we're seeing in the parea. pthis isn't a traffic concern. phowever, we do see some lane pblock jamgs ages pblockages. pas i mentioned before we went to pbreak, this is in the area of phillsborough avenue and we're pseeing slowdowns in the area of pscene. pmaybe folks are slowing down to ptake a look at smoke in the parea. pwe'll keep you updated on peverything happening out here. pyou can see heavy smoke in the parea. pcrews on scene with the fire pdepartment.
7:48 am
pdelays here along i-4 westbound. pdrivers should definitely pcontinue to avoid this year. pthis crash is involving a pvehicle that slammed into a pguardrail. pstill looks like we have ponlooker concerns in the area. pof course, we're following two pdeadly crashes that are pcurrently working right now. pthere are four in total since pthe start of the morning but two pare currently causing concerns pon the roads. pthis is the one we're checking pout in river view. pu.s. 301 at panther trace, pnorthbound lanes are blocked. pdelays are back to big bend road pand southbound delays between anther trace and big bend road pso drivers can take 75. pyou can see those sensors are prunning up to speed and showing pgreen here and also the other pfatality we're following, ossibly involving a pedestrian. pbruce b downs boulevard just pnorth of fletcher avenue, we're pseeing the left lane passing ponly in the southbound pdirection. plooks like northbound lanes
7:49 am
pshould take 42nd. p>>dave: clouds are streaming in. pbeginning mostly cloudy. pbecause of the clouds and more pof an east-southeast wind, it's pmild this morning. ptampa international running at pabout 59 degrees so our ptemperatures are running 10 to p15 degrees warmer than yesterday pat this time. p60 in st. petersburg all the way pdegrees. plakeland is at 57. pfar cry from what we had over pthe weekend. pnotice a couple of sprinkles pinto the gulf and we may see one por two little showers late today pbut in general back to the pnorthwest. pwe've got a cold front on the pway. pbest rain chance honestly povernight tonight into very pearly tomorrow morning. pso it may be one of those weeks pwhere we get some rain overnight ptonight and then the rest of the pweek looks gorgeous so 74 for a phigh today. pmaybe a shower.
7:50 am
prain chance. pgood rain chance is tonight with pa low of 62. pany rain we get tomorrow will be pvery early in the day. pskies will quickly clear and phead back to mostly sunny and 73 pdegrees for a high temperature. pnext seven days, it's pretty pnice. prain out of the way early in the pweek. pno extreme cold, no extreme pwarmth. pwe'll have temperatures mainly pnear normal. p>>russell: we'll find out ptonight if taylor swift will padministrator awards to her ptrophy case. pshe could win seven more ptonight. plamar has more grammy pnominations this year. phe has 11. pswift is among adele, justin pbeeber and pilt bull. -- pit bull. p>>laura: revanant won best icture.
7:51 am
pand he thanked his leading lady. p>> there's one person i have to pthank. pi would not be standing up here pif it weren't for this person. rivilege. pi grew up in a very rough pneighborhood in east los angeles pand this woman drove me three phours a day to a different pschool to show me a different popportunity. pit's her birthday today. pmom, happy birthday. p>>laura: yeah. pgreat. pother winners include brie plarson, kate winslet for best psupporting actor. pstar wars fans know him as fin pin "star wars: the force pawakens." p>>russell: hey, certainly pappreciate that, charley pbelcher. p>>charley: indeed. pgood day.
7:52 am
pnap time has been instituted as rogress village middle magnet pschool. pare you asleep? pno. pthey're not asleep. pit is not nap time. pwe should bring nap time back, pthough. pwe love it. rogress village middle magnet pschool. pit's a magnet school for erforming arts and these, of pcourse, are 3 pstick around, everybody. pi'll tell you why
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know you can keep your financial big picture under control. know you can see how much you have to spend and whether you should transfer funds. know you can easily keep track of what you're putting away. and know you're budgeted for the great escape.
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3 3 3 3 p>>charley: "good day." pi'm charley belcher coming from rogress village middle magnet pschool for the performing arts. pnormally we talk to the rincipal who brags on his pschool but no, no, no. ptalk to my teachers, my pstudents, tell everybody what pthe wonderful programs that are phappening here, i'll give up my ptime. pthat's what he has done. pwe're talking to a geometry pteacher. pschool for performing arts and pwe're talking geometry? p>> a lot of people wonder if we phave academics but we do. pwe have talented students and we pstarted the program about two pyears ago. pwe've had about 60 students psuccessfully complete go pgeometry, 10th grade class as
7:56 am
p>>charley: what is this project? pit does not look like geometry pto me. pwhat is this? p>> this is a quadri lateral pfamily tree in order to emigrate pthe arts, we were able to create pit in our special, unique ways. p>>charley: this is brilliant. pif you're learning geometry and phaving fun, you win. p>> we get to draw, sometimes we peven dance. pwe try to bring in the arts a plot in their math classes. p>>charley: tell me about yours pand how you did what you did. p>> i just tried to put all of pthe shapes in as much as i could pfor the people because like pobviously they're all the shapes pand just find them hidden paround. p>>charley: the family tree, down
7:57 am
pand the triangle. p>> you can still come here. pwe have a great program here. p>>charley: and by the way, we phave dancers back here. phow are you doing? p>> good. p>>charley: now, are you guys in pgeometry class, too? pyou are? pvery nice. pyou go here because you love pdancing, right? p>> yes. p>>charley: you keep leaping and pstretching and do whatever you pdo. pthat's what's great about rogress village middle magnet pschool. pboth sides of the brain. pthey're cultivating both. pthey leave here well rounded pstudents going off to high pschools all over the place. pstick around.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
pand we ((russell)) good morning! it's 8:00 ... i'm russell rhodes ((laura)) thanks for waking up with us on this president's day--monday, february 15th. >> it is monday, february 15 and busy morning on good day. we're following a news alert now a structure fire business at hannah and 53 avenue and inside a recycle inside a recycling plant or waste management plant we're trying to figure that out. you see smoke billowing out of the business. all we know there's more firefighters called to get control of it. >> and a crew on the way to the scene and we will update you as


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