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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 8AM  WTVT  February 15, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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pand we ((russell)) good morning! it's 8:00 ... i'm russell rhodes ((laura)) thanks for waking up with us on this president's day--monday, february 15th. >> it is monday, february 15 and busy morning on good day. we're following a news alert now a structure fire business at hannah and 53 avenue and inside a recycle inside a recycling plant or waste management plant we're trying to figure that out. you see smoke billowing out of the business. all we know there's more firefighters called to get control of it. >> and a crew on the way to the scene and we will update you as
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pictures. >> this is the fourth deadly crash of the morning. and we're hearing that this might involve a pedestrian. you see we have southbound lane blockage reduced to one lane. left lane is only one passing and right now we're seeing southbound delays and 3 3 you've seen the back-up.. now.. the investigation.. the florida highway patrol needs help finding the car that killed needs help finding highway patrol the florida the investigation..the back-up.. now..
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seen 3 the back-up.. now.. the investigation.. the florida highway patrol needs help finding 3 the car that killed that tow truck driver.. fox 13's bridge all morning.. 3 3 3 3
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3 developing this morning on the roads--a very serious crash on ulmerton road and feather sound in clearwater. you can see this truck wrapped around a pole--there's not much left of it. it took *hours but rescuers were able to get the driver out... they even called in doctors to try and stabalize the driver.. while they worked.. we don't know the person's condition.. crews are still out there, investigating and working to clear the scene. 3 and in new port richey-- a semi and motorcycle collide--killing the motorcycle driver. it happened along ridge road around 12:30 this morning. they have not released the name of the person killed or what caused the accident.
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3 ((laura 2shot)) this is the first day of "hit and run awareness" week.. it's something that has happened a lot recently - including, of course, today.((russell)) last year alone, there were 186 hit and runs across the state -- and the florida highway patrol says it needs to stop. they say leaving the scene.. makes a bad situation even worse. 3 taking off could cost you big. in florida, it's a felony if you leave the scene of a crash involving an injury. drivers are required to wait at the scene and provide help for anyone who may have been injured. and if that hit- and-run crash is deadly you could get thirty years in prison. 3 one deadly hit and run that remains unsolved today involves a child. 11-year-old alex torres' body was found on the hillsborough avenue bridge last fall just after 2:30 one saturday morning. his bike was found nearby neatly propped up..his backpack up high in a nearby tower. the driver of the vehicle never stopped, never called the authorities and they are still looking for that driver today.
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right now, hillsborough county deputies are investigating a violent home invasion .. they say thieves broke into a home on j-r manor drive just before five this morning. four adults were home at the time--one was shot and rushed to the hospital. this story is still developing--we will update it as soon as we get more information. 3 ((laura on cam)) a little boy makes a disturbing discovery at a home in st. pete--one that could've gotten him killed. 3 it happened yesterday afternoon, in the 17-hundred block of yale street south. police say the boy had been playing with a cat when the it ran under the house .. the boy followed it and that's where he found a loaded hand gun. he took it onto the porch and fired off a round. 3 ((laura on cam)) thankfully he wasn't injured. the boy's grandmother and mother called police to report the incident. police say it was an unregistered revolver and they believe someone either discarded it there or hid it in the crawl space. 3 3 ((russell qd)) some families were forced out of their home overnight after
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duplex. 3 the fire started just before 10:30 last night at a complex off west bay drive in largo. everyone was evacuated after smoke and flames were reported. no one was injured. the cause is still under investigation. 3 3 ((russell qd)) firefighters save lives everyday--but yesterday they went above and beyond the call of duty to help a little boy. and that's this morning's good day good deed. 3 ((russell cg3)) you can see this firefighter cutting limbs off a tree..but that's not where this story starts. citrus county fireghters from squad 23 and rescue 7 were called to rescue a 7-year-old autistic boy who climbed up into a tree. it wasn't just any tree--but 24 feet high and not sturdy. they got him down, then cut lower limbs off making sure he couldn't climb back up there...and stayed safely on the ground! 3 ((laura on cam)) up next - the death of supreme court justice antonin scalia.. and the political firestorm it's creating. good
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3 3 3 3 3 3 3
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i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
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3 it was the news that caught everybody off guard.. supreme court justice antonin scalia died of a heart attack early >> supreme court justice antonin scalia was on a hunting trip at texas ranch and died. >> his body was discovered when he deposit come down for breakfast and friend reported
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it raises a lot of questionsch the court and to the cases still waiting to be decided. fox 13 political editor is here no, i with a look at what is beginning to be a political fire storm already, good morning, craig. >> this story was huge from the moment it broke. first of all he had become longest serving jng on the court and then it's election year communicates it right? >> we heard this. because this came down the same day we had the next republican debate and with this, that was the first question, understandably and you are already haring a lot of republican candidates that senate should either stall or delay or simply not cop firm an appointment from president obama because many not all of the case have been decided by before in the favor of conservative interpretation. it's a conservative vote or court while we say that justice kennedy has been between folks now effectively it's antonin scalia here.
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appointment will ultimately remake the court conceivably in one direction or the other. it's not just his vote. he was bold. he was proactive. he was a very, very strong conservative voice and by president and for that reason i think republicans are going to be hard pressed to confirm an appointment from president obama and he has the constitutional authority to name a replacement. . >> and is that the what it comes down to. because mitch mc connell already said as you said as well. but does the president have power to use his executive authority in the matter even if they do block or even if they do try to impede him with the full authority they have. >> where have we heard this before. depend who you ask i suppose. but if it comes down to it the president good exercise the so-called nuclear option with recess appointment.
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we don't know he will do that and we do know that recess appointments something that came up before the supreme court ironically and the court ruled that the president over stepped his balance. we just don't know. we do know the president plans to appoint someone that this will not come right away. they're looking for the list don't want that. they want the next president. whoever it may to be ultimately make that decision and they are making argument that in a presidential year with so much at stake the balance of the court at stake the american people should weigh in as well. >> and you know you listen to them over the weekend he says and he uses these specific words he'll fill the seat in due tomorrow which may give the impression that he would leap on the side of moderateism and he would take the time and consider the fact that a president will be elected and it could be a republican or could be a democrat. at least he's acknowledging sglat sure, sure, that's
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process here and you have to go back in time to 188 the last time a justice was confirmed in an election year under reagan and that would have been justice kennedy and he was relatively moderate compared to ford and other alternatives thrown out there. so there is precedence for that and at the same time republicans are not likely going to be interested no matter who the president picks because they see the opportunity to retake the white house next year and with that, you're going to have a battle and you're going to have a lot of stalling and presuming that the president apoints someone and with this, that will work into the presidential race as well. democrats can make the argument or at least they'll try to that republicans are trying to -- the constitution. this is certainly not unheard of. we had the battles before. it has taken in some cases you have to go way back in time more that a year to get a replacement. >> so much to talk b we have to leave it there at least for
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>> dave we'll get over to you and the forecast. looking nice out there. >> we have cloud cover. you compare temperature to temperature, 10, 15 warmer than yesterday at this time and because of the clouds and that south easterly wind. so while we don't have a beautiful blue sky we had over the weekend, we're going to lever the jack threats morning as well. 60 tampa and 60 st. petersburg and 69 sarasota and couple of spots further knowledge back to upper 40s and lower 50s in general temperatures warmer than yesterday at this time. mainly east. but occasionally east southeast wind and 8 to 12 miles an hour. so, clouds rolling in. going to be mild day. notice how we're beginning to pop up sprinkles in the gulf. it would not surprise me to get a quick shower later today and main rain kill come probably very early tomorrow morning. like the wee morning hours, 3, 4, 5:00 that's cold front comes
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so, i'll show you the 7 day in a second and it looks like a cloudy rain symbol tomorrow. it will be early in the morning and then sunshine comes out later in the day today. variable clouds. late day shower and high of 74. tomorrow, very ordinarily rain and mostly sunny in the afternoon with high of 73. and then look at that. wednesday through sunday. sunshine, highs in the low to mid 70s vanessa and lows in the low to mid 50s. >> that's certainly looking you, dave. time now, 8:18 as we mentioned before the top of the hour it's been a busy morning on the roadways and few knew incidents to talk b fortunately this is a serious injury crash we start with at david city lake iola road. lanes blocked in that area. you want to avoid that area. we also have a crash we're seeing along 75 southbound at the overpass that's north of state road 50. so middle road that's where we seat outside line blocked in the southern direction.
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delays and there's some to speak of and of course as we've been saying throughout the morning this is a situation for the move. and let's check out the travel times. 275 actually looks pretty clear at this point as far as delays are concerned and really our main concern on interstates will be long i 4 westbound we still have that scene that's near mcintosh causing folks to slow down and take a peak westbound direction and buck noop 75 and that's still just under about an hour of a ride. continue to avoid that area. . >> all right. vanes a. thank you. >> your ego could be getting in the way of your career. coming up at 9:00 the five signs of exceptional employee. >> and we're talking toys. we'll look at the newest hot oingt toys the ones the kids will be begging for. that's all at 9:00 and charlie is ping hag out with students in progress village magnet
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what makes this >> all right. break being news. good day, tampa bay, i'm charlie coming to you from progressville annual middle arts. we're going to tell you about this magnet program and a lot of classes come together for the common good. we have an art student over there and we have acting
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and we have our strong scene buildings here. you guys are literally moving the set for beauty and the beast, right? is that what it is? >> yes. >> what is the actual class called. >> technical theater. >> what do you learn from technical theater. >> measurements how to build up and cut thing and put together for the musical. >> meerz what i want to know. how do you get this out --. >> well, we're going through -- i'm not sure. . >> and reassemble outside. >> well done. >> and these are my acting students. what class are you involved in. >> drama. >> and also is it a club or
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>> this is the elite group. >> yes. . >>. >> i notice that painting looks a little rick the screen. is that what it is. >> i do and it's monday morning we need wake everybody up. want to hit me with what you do you in the show. there there. >> now you're art students you come together here and do you the background. >> yes. >> tell me about art class is it fun to be able to be part of performance like this. >> yeah. >> i should not -- no questions.
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>> what is name of -- tell me what else you do in art class. . >> we -- >> we --. >> how long did it take. . >> good for you. >> probably the way it turned out. >> good for you i like it too. poing gressville annual middle magnet school for performing arts. sometimes you come one yes and no questions. >> no you did the best you can. >> i love the kids. only a prop, grandma, only a prop. . >> only 3 (russell/2shot) as we're seeing a lot this morning - the roads are dangerous enough.
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being *purposely reckless.. ((laura)) but they are.. the driver seen doing donuts on a busy road.. and what police are doing to track him down. 3 (donkey sound) (elephant sound)
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between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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3 3 ((laura 2shot)) there is a big fire burning at a recycling plant in hillsborough >> there is a big fire burping at a recycle at a recycling plant. to hannah and 53 street. walter. . >> russel, laura, good morning to you. the good news out this one person was considered injured. they refused treatment at the scene. that is good news. everybody is okay this morning.
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i want to show you how much smoke is filling the air and this is not even as bad as it was 30 minute ago. and now fire fighters are tell me this fire started just after 7:00 this morning about 7:13ish and they're telling me that they believe it started -- they were doing welding inside that recycle recycling area where all the trash is and that is what start trash is and that is what started this fire. right now they're pouring water on it trying to knock it down. once the fire is out, they're going to get a loader in there and start removing some of that trash. and right now this is tampa waste processing facility. right now we're going to turn around to video a viewer sent me video of when the fire looked like it just started and he works next door and right now the amount of smoke in the area is going in their particular building and it is impacting not only tampa waste processing facility but a number of businesses in the surrounding area that's just
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and traffic makes it worse this intersection of 53 and hannah and there's a number of firefighter equipments trucks, hose as cross the roadway. drive around here is not possible in the next 30 minutes to hour. hillsboro county fire they told me public information officer is in route. hopefully they can get more information and next i will check in with you and hopefully the fire will be out, russel, laura. >> we'll stay with you. talk to you later. >> two toddlers nearly drowned in clearwater offer the weekend and one case is a reminder that even the smallest amount of water can be dangerous. >> the first toddler was found floating face down in backyard pool yesterday at a home on 2 pool yesterday at a home on 2-year-old faulkner was in critical condition st. joseph hospital in tampa it's believed he was in the pool less than five minute and not sure if anyone was outside with the boy or if he out on his own and second happened at a home highland acres drive in clear
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1-year-old anthony petrosky found lying face down in 55 gallon drum of water being used as a fish farm. the father was working in the yard nearby when he says anthony wandered off for a moment and fell in. he was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. >> and a dangerous trend tun folding on panelas park road. someone is getting not only their life but lives of others at risk. >> live with a look at this trend. and who it involves and when you watch the video of what these guys are doing it's amazing no one already died. so far and that's the problem. you can go for a while but eventually the odds catch up with you. we don't want to see that happen. how many times have you seen a close call on bay area roads. probably more times than you would like to remember and in most cases those are
8:33 am
intentionally doing donuts and not only at this location. 66 street north and 121 avenue and it happened a couple days ago. police say the same car possibly possibly g 8 or chevy super sport was also seen doing donuts around town causing other problems. someone spot today 102 and brian dery near the foot bridge doing the same exact thing on same exact day and we understand there were four young guys in the vehicle and a woman who was taken back by antics shot this video on cellphone and then hand today over to the cops. now usually the kids involved in the prank sthoot themselves and post it on social media site to impress other people. it may be impressive to them and other young people who are reckless drivers and not impress toyv moist pext the cops are looking for the young driver and passengers and if
8:34 am
longer be a joke. back to you. >> it is not a game. ken, thank you. . >> let's go over to dave right now to talk about the weather. beautiful for us right now, hu? . >> i mean the temperatures are great granted we get a lot of cloud cover this morning. clouds, east, southeast, have kept the temperatures mild this morning. got a lot of 60s out. there you have st. petersburg and clearwater and tampa. and arcadia and see bring and these places slowly rising back to 50s. along i 10 we have 47 in tallahassee over to the jacksonville area. again, we do have a lot of cloud cover and clouds will continue to thickening and throughout the day today. and as we await a cold front to come through. before you moan and grown, this cold front is not going to pack as much cold air that the last one did. which is good news.
8:35 am
spotty showers eastern gulf and few of those later today and in general back to north wiingt. this line, that's going to come through very early tomorrow morning. and the big picture, here's cold front moving through louisiana now. -- will be here tomorrow early too. we're talking about a shower late today and potential for line of showers maybe a few thunderstorms very early tomorrow morning maybe before the sun comes up say 5, 6:00 time frame. 20 to 30% rain chance high of 3 4 tonight showers and thunderstorms likely. but, also likely if you wake up at 8:00 tomorrow morning it will be going at that point and tomorrow afternoon, sunshine, it's coming back out. temperatures in the lower 7 0s. and it will be a brief period of somewhat cooler weather. but i mean a low of 50 and hive 70. that's the coolest we got over the next 7 days. i'm not going to complain. vanessa. >> no complaint. there and i wish we could say the same for the roads this morning.
8:36 am
very busy. new crash we're foal out of pasco county reported along state road 5 2, i 75 eastbound direction where you see the one lane blocked. of course you may see delays in that area and don't forget to slow it down as you pass by emergency crews and keep it delays on two deadly crashes working right now with lane blockage. this one on the boulevard the one we're hearing might involve a pedestrian. southbound lanes reduced to one. lessening delays on boulevard southbound approaching this crash site and you'll still be able to save a little extra time taking 42 street and seeing heavy delays southbound livingston approaching this area. and so drivers should actually if they can make their way to nebraska and make their way to 275 and if you can pass on by that crash site taking interstate, u.s. 301 report of northbound lanes blocked following this deadly crash.
8:37 am
getting out of heavy part of rush hour and seeing delays of five minute for some folks it may be under five. >> valentine's day is over that doesn't mean the love has to end. in fact wedding season is about to begin and if you plan your big day we have the perfect event for you. and good morning. >> good morning, jen, thank you so much for having me. >> you're welcome we have lots to have to talk about this morning. let's start with the event happening this week in tampa for all of the brides to be. >> yes. we're so excited to host tampa bay. it's awe unique wedding experience for couples and family and friends and they're more comfortable with the choices. >> what's the location. >> locations all over tampa bay six events and they started through sunday. >> i'll post that information notice lincoln fox 13 web site or my facebook page. you're here this morning to talk about the dos and don't
8:38 am
biggest mistakes brides and grooms make while planing a wedding. i heard this so many times the first one is people decide they're going to save money and not hire a professional planner not hire a professional planner. definitely don't. you shouldn't do that. >> that's one of the biggest mistakes couples not valuing importance of hiring a wedding vendor. skip a few dollars by handling a friend or family member. will they know what to do if there's an emergency moments before you walk down the aisle or what happens if friend's equipment breaks down during the wedding reception will they have backup sforz keep the party going. it's your big day and important to hire professionals that could help anything that has gone wrong. >> and these professionals have planned 100 weddings where your aunt has done one, yours. >> and when we talk about booking a vendor taylor cats our web producer is in the
8:39 am
her wedding she is engaged and she's talking about vendors and i like this one and want to see this one and this one you have to book them fast. >> believe it or not being booing venue gore vendor is like buying or renting an apartment. once that date is gone you have to start the search again all over again. so if you find a location you like, don't wait too long to research other options because chances are if you love that vendor or that venue someone else will too and can snag your date right from underneath you. >> that's a good point. all right. whatel do we have diy versus buy a lot of people want to make their own invitation and think think they're saving money that way. >> there's good inspiration that couples want to do wedding themselves and however what they don't understand it's a lot of extra stress added to wedding day and responsibility. so real little ask yourself, do you really have the skill set to make professional lorking arts and crafts and do you have the time to make hundreds of them. >> that's true. what we
8:40 am
professional setup. i don't think i could have put together a ensemble of flowers. >> absolutely not. >> and then lastly we have talking about tradition some people want to go to the traditional round their parents or grand parent did but it's not necessarily the case. you can go with what the couple feels is best. >> so what we want to make sure is that couples don't have someone else's wedding. and what i mean by that is so many couples now are incorporating their own personality personalities and not having your traditional wedding element. for example, some couples are doing first look where they see before the wedding ceremony and are including personal preferences maybe having man of honor at wedding party instead of tradition allege roles. >> interesting. >> so you should have the wedding that suits what the couple is together. >> exact limit. >> have a wedding that reflects you. ape it's real will a reflection of who they ares a couple. >> and coming up next stick
8:41 am
talk about the wedding trends of 2016. >> yes, we have amazing de core and dresses to show you. >> what we're showing now is a sneak peek. we'll show you dresses and gowns and bridesmaid dresses and lightsening and lights and anding and how you can incorporate your pets.
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3 ((russell bw)) pretzels.. a piece of popcorn.. even a cheesy bite of pizza.. these are all choking hazards for kids.. and, as a parent, you have to know what to do.. 3 ((russell dbl box)) this morning, our doc on call-- dr. pamela love of all children's hospital is here to talk about choking hazards and how we can make meals safer for our kids.. good morning doctor!q-- what makes children (as opposed to adults) more
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eating?q-- 3 how can meal or snack times be dangerous for
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foods should be avoided?q-- 3
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textures be more dangerous?q-- meals. -do not allow children to eat while you are driving, unless there is another adult
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play while eating, as this increases the risk of choking. offer them relaxed, seated or electronic devices, which eating.-inspect and child- proof the child's environment. home environment from a caregivers may actually have inspect the rooms at a child's eye level. remove all obvious pieces of food or hard candy from floors and from in- between couch or seat cushions. young children love to explore their environment, 3 3 ((russell dbl box))thanks doctor
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love! 3 3 3 (( 3 3
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good morning, good morning, hello, my name is patricia rodriguez. good morning governor, counsel, and jim allen. good morning everyone. i think it's still the most important thing we can do for any family in this state is to create an opportunity for them to get a job. i'm a single mother of three. i've been working for the seminole tribe for fifteen years now. this company has given me the opportunity to provide for my children. how does it make you feel when you worry about whether this compact gets signed? if the compact isn't signed, then it does affect me tremendously because i would be out of a job. a month ago my sister passed away. she have children? how many? five. so are you taking care of them? yes. this compact not being signed would affect me and many people that have grown with me at this company. if would affect them immensely. jobs for florida.
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p p pgood day tampa bay.i'm coming pto from the school performing parts. pwe are going to hear from the porchestra a little later. pnice to see you. pthank you for being quiet right pnow. pyou saw the advanced women's pchorus. pthey have skedaddled and preplaced by these fine young eople. pthey are preparing for beauty pand the beast. pi guess you're just getting
8:53 am
p>> the second week of prehearsals. p>> what is your name? p>> shelby. p>> and you are the beast? pwhat is your name? p>> nicholas. p>> and you get to where some pkind of costume? p>> i assume. p>> these are the costumes. phave you come up with a plan pyet of how it's going to look plike? p>> we have come up with some psketches. pthe. p>> host: tell me what goes pinto the costume design. p>> we have to see the things pwe have to build off of and pincorporate into the designs. p>> host: will you buy some of pthese costumes? p>> guest: know.
8:54 am
pwe are trying to make steam pcome out of it. p>> host: that is not easy to pdo. pis that the beginnings of the pbeast mask? p>> guest: yes. pi was the beast in community ptheater production of beauty pand the beast. pi made this. pthis is like a ninja mask. pwhen you move your mouth, it pdoes that. p>> host: very cool. pyou think you're going to use pthat for this production? p>> guest: i have no idea. p>> host: that's a great idea. pwhat you think about? pthat's not bad. pthat could work. pgood . phave you started working on pyour songs? p>> guest: we started pchoreography for a few songs in pthe act. p>> host: do know any of your psongs?
8:55 am
p>> host: let's here little . p p p she will not discover it is phim until chapter 3. pnice. pwhat greater un? p>> guest: eight. p>> host: very nice. pyou literally have just started prehearsals.i'm proud of you. pa very nice job. pyou have a son prepared? pit's all right. pgood job. pi can't wait to see those pcostumes.
8:56 am
pit is may 6 and 7 at spoto high pschool. pvery talented students here. p the relationship expert is psaying there is a timeframe for pwhen you should or should not pget married. pguess what? pyour biology has a lot to do pwith that. p plus, the traits that make pyou not just a good employee, pbut an exceptional one. phow that will help you the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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pmisconduct while he was at ptennessee. p playing on turf. pmillions of young people do it pevery day. p a boost for the brain. phow two drugs can help remature babies develop poutside the womb. p come monday morning. pi'm laura mooney. p>> russell: i'm russell prhodes. plet's get to vanessa with ptraffic. p>> vanessa: four deadly pcrashes on the road. pwe have a working investigation pwith lane blockage. pi'm showing you north of pfletcher has some pnorth of the south bound lane pblockage. pwe got it involved in a edestrian and we're still pwaiting on confirmation. pmost of the delays are psouthbound.


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