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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 9AM  FOX  February 15, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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pmisconduct while he was at ptennessee. p playing on turf. pmillions of young people do it pevery day. p a boost for the brain. phow two drugs can help remature babies develop poutside the womb. p come monday morning. pi'm laura mooney. p>> russell: i'm russell prhodes. plet's get to vanessa with ptraffic. p>> vanessa: four deadly pcrashes on the road. pwe have a working investigation pwith lane blockage. pi'm showing you north of pfletcher has some pnorth of the south bound lane pblockage. pwe got it involved in a edestrian and we're still pwaiting on confirmation. pmost of the delays are psouthbound.
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palso, southbound livingston papproaching bierce.driver pshould take nebraska instead of pthat and then eastbound along pbierce approaching bruce downs. pthe second crash in the priverview area. pthe lanes should be clear. pthe delays are completely gone. pus-31 at panther trace. pif you do encounter a crash psite, it will be in the pnorthbound direction. pi would advise you to exercise pthe move over law. p not only have the roads pbeen a mass, there is a big pfire at the waste management pcenter in east hillsboro pcounty. pwalter allen is there to tell pus about the latest on the pinvestigation. pgood morning. p>> reporter: good morning.
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pwe are moving in a positive pdirection.hillsboro county pfire brought out there foam ptruck. pthe have a front end loader and pthey are pulling the pile of arts allowing them to get to psome of those hotspots. ponce the fire has been deemed ut out, that is when they are pgoing to start the pinvestigation into the building pto make sure it is structurally psound.i want to get to the pcell phone video. pa viewer gave us this this pmorning. pthis is when the fire first pstarted at about 7:13 this pmorning. pa viewer shot this on his way pto work at a building next pdoor. pwhen firefighters got here, it pwas a one alarm fire and went pto a second alarm fire. pthey put more bodies and trucks pto make sure the fire was out pand did not spread to any other pneighboring structures. pwhen person was injured, but pdid refuse treatment at the pscene. pwe did talk to the public
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phillsboro county and she said pthe fact that there was only pone entry in the person refused ptreatment and all the pfirefighters are great, peverybody gets to go home and pthat is a good day.>> we had eople on site as fire watch. pright now, our main mission is pmaking sure the fire is out. pwe will let the company deal pwith everything else with the prest of the ramifications. pwe have no injuries and no pstructural on fire. pit is good day right now.>> preporter: the question leading pup to the soundbite, i asked pnicole what started the fire. pthey were doing welding and psome of the sparks is what pstarted the fire on the trash ile right there. pthey did have some fire pspotters and a quick call to p911. pthey will get the trucks and pequipment out of the road. phannah and 53rd is impassable. pthere are hoses in the middle pof the road as well as a number pof different fire equipment.
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pis completely cleared up. p>> laura: a credit to the fire pcrew. p the one right spot is the pweather. pwe will get over to dave. p>> dave: i knew it was dark pwhen we came in, but it's pcloudy and overcast and kind of pdamp, but 10 degrees warmer. pour temperature is 63 degrees pat tampa international. pevery time you get a breeze, pfeels cooler. pagain, let's think about what phappened in the northeast with pthe 30 below zero. pi'm not complaining about the p63. pforecast today back to 74. pcould be an isolated shower. pbest rain chance will be very
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pthe rest of the week looks nice pand sunny. p you know, it is the new pthing on playgrounds these pdays, on athletic fields like pfootball, soccer, baseball, the partificial turf made up of precycled tires. pit is softer than mulch. pthe federal government is ptaking a closer look at the precycled material. pthe florida senator phil nelson pand richard blumenthal of pconnecticut wrote a letter purging president obama to pgreenlight a new study. pthey say too many children are laying on the new material. pit is officially called crumb prubber turf in their has not pbeen a study on the link to pcancer. pa soccer coach explained the
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pcancer, most of which are psoccer goalies. pwith more athlete fields being pmade of this rubber, it is only rudent to research the effect pof recycled material has on phumans. pthe white house said the pinitial study will include 50 pmillion. pit has been slated as an poriginal budget. presearchers will be conducted pjointly by the epa, the cdc, pand consumer product safety pcommission. pthe letter was not the first ptime the two senators urged the pgovernment to research this pcrime rubber turf. pthey asked last fall for them pto start their own independent pinvestigation. pthe cpsc said they would assist pin researching the health peffects. p if you are watching, you pknow it. pit has been at deadly morning pon bay area roads. pit started round 2:30 with a pdeadly accident on the phillsboro county side of the pfranklin.
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pup a disabled vehicle to his ptruck with a driver in another pcar hit and killed him. pfor the highway patrol looking pfor 2014 or newer black pvolkswagen with damage to the pright side of the vehicle. pa short time later, a car pslammed into a pole in st. ete. pyou can see the truck wrapped paround the pole. pit took two hours, but rescuers pwere able to get the driver pout. pwe still don't know the drivers pcondition. p this is a timely story in plight of all of this. pin pinellas park, someone is pmaking roads a dangerous place pto be for other drivers. pthey were caught on camera b i pdon't know if you can see it. pcaught on camera doing pdoughnuts at the intersection pof 66 street north and 121st pavenue. inellas park police said they pare looking for four teenagers pwho were inside the car.
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psenator charles schumer urging resident obama not go through pthe plan. phe is proposing to cut $300 pmillion from counterterrorism rograms. pthe democratic senator said the pcuts are ill-advised and pill-timed and they must be preversed. pand of story. pno word on how president obama lans to respond. p supreme court justice pantonin scalia is back home. phis body was flown home last pnight. phe died over the weekend. pthe texas corner said it was pnatural causes. p it didn't take long before pthe unexpected passing of the pjustice created chaos at pcapitol hill. resident obama said he will pdominate a successor. pmitch mcconnell said they would pnot confirm whoever the resident appoints.they will pwait until the next president pis elected whoever that may be. p. p>> laura: the saga is far from pover.
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paway, but we're going live to pthis year's annual toy show pnext. p what makes an employee pgreat? pthere are several traits that pmake a difference. p charley belcher showing poff this week school school. pthese could showing off that rogress village middle magnet. p>> reporter: is a mouthful. pmiddle magnet school for erforming arts. pyou need some incredibly ptalented people. pi love the cool school segment pyou meet people like emma who pis president of the national pjunior honor society. pwhat else are you doing? p>> i'm in journalism, porchestra, theater, and captain pof the school soccer team.>> preporter: what grade are you pin? p>> eight. p>> reporter: good for you.
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porchestra in just a minute. some people don't like to share their wifi, but at bright house networks, we do. login to one of our hotspots and get your code for free wifi at over 50,000 bright house wifi hotspots.
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3 ((laura/wipe vo)) christmas is done. but that doesn't mean the toy p christmas may be done, but pthat doesn't mean the toymakers pare finished. pthey're looking for the latest pand greatest thing. pinternational toy show in new pyork city right now. pchris barnes from the
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pgood morning to you. p>> good morning. pthere is so much going on. pi picked a few of the phighlights to show you. pwe're going to start with the pdisney princess fashion dolls. pthese are from hasbro. ptheir beautiful dolls, all 11 rincesses. pwhat's unique is the faces and pthe size are true to the movie. pwe have rapunzel and all of pthem here. preally beautiful dolls. pthere $9.99 and up. pthat man is superman don of pjustice is going to open. pthis is the best man voice pchanger helmet from mattel and pwarner bros. pit has light up voice change pwith different phrases and a pgreat way for kids to interact. prole-playing is a huge trend. pkids love to get into the pstories of their characters. pcollecting is also a big trend. pthese are wonderful collectible pdisney characters.
9:14 am
pyou can stack them up. pthey're wonderful collectible pas per the committee three ack, nine pack. p>> laura: my daughter is into pthose, the sum sums. pyou stack them on top of each pother? p>> you stack them on top of peach other. pit is all about the big, small, pand tiny ones. pyou stack them up and that is phow they play with them. pthey're all the different pcharacters. pthey're just gorgeous. pi think they did a beautiful pjob. p>> laura: i just couldn't pfigure out what she would do pwith them. pwe can move on. p>> collect them. pthe playset from just play. pit brings the tv show to life. pfriends defend the pride land. plots of activity. pthat is $29.99.
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pis the almost clear 3-d drawing en. pit let you draw in 3-d. pyou start by putting down the pink and then a special like pcures it. pthat is what i can do in 10 pminutes. pthat is what a professional partist can do. pit's about $40 from redwood pbenches. pthis is the ultratek destiny. pthis is pretty amazing. pfinally, a toy i think is going pto go viral. pthese are called booger balls. pthey are from fun rise. ptheir jelly filled things just plike boogers. pyou can make them and throw pthem at things like our zombie pfriend and have a wonderful ptime. pthey are $4.99 to $19.99. pthis is the old-fashioned toy pindustry coming back.
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pget the kids outside and play a plittle bit. p>> by the way, this is pnon-toxic, nonstaining, and pbiodegradable. pit is a controlled mess. p>> laura: controlled chaos is palways good. palways fun to talk to you. p>> thank you. p>> dave: showing up the latest ptoys. p 63 with mostly cloudy pskies. pour temperatures are actually p10 to 15 degrees warmer this pmorning than yesterday at this ptime. pwe're going to get a few pshowers this afternoon, but the pmain line of rain very early ptomorrow morning and then the psun comes back out tomorrow pafternoon.mild, pleasant, pdrive. pit's going to be a nice week. pthere is 63 degrees in tampa. p64 and brandon. psebring in the 60s. p63 in clearwater. prussell and i were talking and pit does seem cooler. pit is actually 9 to 13 degrees
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plook at the thick cloud cover. pwe're going to have mostly pcloudy skies throughout the day ptoday. pmaybe later today a quick pshower. pthe actual front will come in plate tonight or very early ptomorrow morning. pwe're looking at a time frame pof 4:00 until 6:00 a.m. where pwe get a line of showers and pstorms.a severe risk today. pthe highest from new orleans pright along the northern gulf pcoast. ptampa will remain with the pmarginal risk. pa few rumbles of thunder povernight and very early ptomorrow morning. pwe do our best to get back up pinto the mid-70s, but with pearly cloud cover coming in, pmaybe it stays in the lower p70s. phonestly, when i look at the pnortheast temperatures, i am pfine with this. p62 tonight. pshowers and storms likely. pthey are going to be gone early ptomorrow morning.
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pback to mostly sunny skies and ptomorrow's high temperature paround 73. pknots. pwater temperature up a smidge, pbut cold at 58. pin the next seven days, psunshine wednesday, thursday, pfriday, saturday, sunday. plooking good after the front pmoves through tomorrow morning. p>> vanessa: a fantastic plooking forecast. pthank you. p 9:17. pwe will get back out to i-4. pwe have been following delays pin the area of macintosh due to pan earlier crash. pstill seeing slowdowns in the pwestbound direction in that parea. pthe good news is we are out of pthe red as far as travel times, pso no need to take a detour or pdo a workaround to avoid heavy pdelays.just leave a bit pearlier if you have to head pthrough this direction. pit looks like this is in the pdade city area.
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pand westbound between this pintersection and 75. pthe good news is we're not pseeing major delays, so it plooks like if you give yourself pa few extra minutes you should pbe fine. p you go to work every day pand you think you are doing pyour job well, but you don't pget the raises you want, or the romotions you think you pdeserve. pwhy? pmaybe it's not what your boss pthanks is an exceptional pemployee. pdoug, vice president of kelly pservices back with us this pmorning to talk about that. pgood to see you. p>> you too. p.with. p>> russell: an exceptional pemployee is one willing to pdelay gratification. p>> we talk so often about the pentitlement factor especially pin the millennial generation. pit has come to hiring managers psay they don't want to deal pwith that. pyou don't look at your job
9:20 am
pyou say you're going to pcontribute were ever the pcompany needs you. pthe boss looks for that kind of pquality and people. p>> russell: tolerate conflict. pthere is plenty of it. pa lot of this is being able to pshield yourself from a couple pof arrows. pyou may not always have the opular opinion. pwhat you may want to accomplish pmay not be the general public pof the company wants to paccomplish and being able to pfight that off and not take pthings personally. pall these things we're talking pabout is the majority of what phiring managers think. p>> focus, can we stay on task? eople have trouble with focus. pstay focused on the planet palways give updates of where pyou are. pif you're going to be off on pthe timeline b remained on the ptask at hand.
9:21 am
p>> russell: an exceptional pemployee is judiciously pcourageous. p>> that sounds very serious. pwhat if you hear something and pyou speak up and say, i'm going pto challenge that because there pmay be information you're not pconsidering. pin able to pick the right times pand not always be a naysayer. pwhat battle am i going to pfight. pmake sure you can be that kind pof person that can speak at the pright time with the right pvalidation. pcourageous in those kinds of psettings that you are willing pto put yourself out there. psometimes it is asking a psimple question. pthere's conversation going paround where somebody's using a pwords, you can say, i don't pknow what you're talking about. p>> russell: an exceptional pemployee is in control of one's pego. p>> let's accept the fact that pin profit driven situations pmany people have them.
9:22 am
psome have very strong egos. pbeing able to keep them in pcheck and not taking things ersonally. padmit when you're wrong. pmake sure you give credit to pothers when they are part of pthe solution and not taking all pthe credit yourself. phaving an ego balance is pimportant. pit makes you look very pfavorable and someone the pcompany wants to build teams paround. p>> russell: there are five pmore points. pwe're going to delay pgratification until next week. p>> we are the multistage of pdelivery. p>> russell: i love it. pgood to see you. pthanks for hustling back from pnew york. pi bet it was cold. p first comes love and then pcomes marriage. pafter how many weeks, months, por years of dating b
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p good day tampa bay. pi'm charley belcher coming to pyou from progress village pmiddle magnet school of the parts surrounded by wonderfully ptalented young people. pwe're going to do a pcross-section of music and pdance. pwe're going to talk to some peighth-graders. pwhat is your name? p>> andrew valencia. p>> reporter: what are you pinvolved in? p>> concert band, jazz band. pi think it's a cool school as pyou can express all your talent pand it teaches you how to learn pand play and you can do pwhatever you want that pexpresses your talent and who pyou want to be. p>> reporter: good for you. ptell me what you are involved
9:26 am
p>> performance team, the padvanced dance class, and pjournalism. p>> reporter: why do you think pit's a cool school? p>> because you can show what pyou know and how talented you pare through the arts. p>> reporter: these are middle pschool kids are what your name? p>> riley justice. p>> reporter: your name? p>> candace shepard. pa performance team. p>> reporter: why do you think pit's a cool school? p>> the art options are really pgood. p>> reporter: what is your pname? p>> alecia herrera. p>> reporter: what are you pinvolved in? p>> advanced women's chorus. pi'm in the play beauty and the pbeast. pi just got put into fashion pdesign. p>> reporter: good for you. pwhy do you think it's a cool pschool? p>> because if you have a phidden talent and you want to pexpress your talent through pmusical, you can show your
9:27 am
pfor you. pwhat is the answer you want to pgive when i asked why he pthought it was a cool school? p>> because i go here. p>> reporter: i thought that pwas a good answer, too.thank pyou. pi appreciate it. phow about we have a little pmoment from p partners village middle p magnet school for the p performing there you go. plaura, can you name that tune?
9:28 am
pit sounds beautiful. pi'm sure you'll appreciate this pbecause you love community ptheater, but to see kids doing pmusic, art, and dance in pschool. pthey just don't have time for pit a lot of schools. p>> reporter: i love the assion and the excitement. pit is fun. pit is nice to see. p>> laura: thank you charlie. p>> reporter: have a good day. p everybody loves peyton.
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a normal kind 3 p p from tampa bay's number
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pday tampa bay. p>> laura: welcome back to the ptime is 9:30. ope francis is halfway through phis trip to mexico. p>> russell: he has already pheld an open air mass and preceived a special present he pwill probably never forget. pyesterday, hundreds of pthousands of people attended pthe pontiffs mass in the pmexican city. ope francis condemned drug ptrade and violence and he took ptime to visit children too sick pto leave the hospital. pwhen child gave him a pvalentine. ptoday, the pontiffs will hold a pmass in three native languages. plater, he will visit the border pto bring attention to the light of immigrants. p snow, sleet, and rain laguing the mid-atlantic and pnortheast this morning. pthe winter weather comes after pmuch of those states
9:32 am
ptemperatures on valentine's new hampshire, got pdown to -40 on mt. washington. pthe good news is the impact pwill not be too significant ptoday. pa lot of schools and businesses pclosed for presidents' day. ptomorrow is a different story. pthe temperatures warming up the pmelting snow could cause pflooding in a lot of areas. pfor the most part, people pliving and snowing conditions pknow how to drive in them, but pus floridians may not handle it pso well. p>> russell: if you're pwondering what's going on here, pthis is a golf cart. pan outfielder crashed into a ond at a golf course in miami. pthe 21-year-old may be known pfor making amazing catches with pacrobatic moves. pdriving this car on a perfectly pmanicured lawn tends to be a pchallenge. pnobody was hurt. phe insists the car rolled into pthe pond on its own.
9:33 am
p>> russell: of course the pdead. p>> laura: the boys giving you pa hard time on the course. phe will never hear the end of pthat. p>> anchor: go out and play psome golf. p>> russell: i would go, but pi'm not very good at this. p>> anchor: it's all about phaving fun. p mostly cloudy skies with a plittle bit of wind. p62 sebring. psoutheast wind at 9 to 14 miles er hour. pas the wind shifts psoutheasterly, to get us back pinto the 70s.
9:34 am
pyou saw what it was like the pnortheast this weekend. pwe're sitting in the middle of pfebruary with a high of 74 pdegrees.i'm not going to pcomplain. pa late day shower possible ptoday. pbest rain chance we have is plate tonight into tomorrow pmorning. pi would say between 3:00 and p6:00 a.m. a lot of showers and pthunderstorms to move through pwith a low of 62. ptomorrow, the forecast high paround 73. pfrom there, we're going to take pit and bring the sunshine back. pthe sunshine comes back ptomorrow afternoon and it hangs pwith us right through the pupcoming weekend. plook at the highs saturday and psunday with the mid-70s and plows in the mid-50s. pit is time to pass along the pfirst they wish to sell we. pzoe is turning one. pshe loves peaches and bananas pand loves to play with her pteddy bear. pwe hope you have a great first
9:35 am
p>> vanessa: that will brighten pyour day. ptoo we want to check back on pthe roadways. pthe good news is for drivers pwatching the delays along i-4, pwe're getting close to normal pin the area between buckman and p75. pthe crash near mcintosh seems pto be clearing out. pwe don't have any new incidents pon the roadways that are pnotable with lane blockage. pnice clear travel times. pif you're coming up from inellas and for the phillsborough area through 75b p your people getting pmarried because of divorce. p>> laura: one relationship pexpert had an interesting presponse when asked how long pcouple should wait before tying pthe knot. pshe says when people fall in
9:36 am
presponsible for logical pdecision-making actually shuts pdown. p>> russell: agreed. p>> laura: it takes about a pyear before reactivates. p>> russell: agreed. p>> laura: experts say two pyears, one-year for the logical pbrain to catch up and another pyear to go through the ptediousness of everyday life to psee how truly compatible you pare. p>> russell: i say leap of pfaith. p>> laura: exactly. p another interesting study. pthis time about premature pbabies. p>> russell: the university pmexico has find a way to pincrease the iq of premature pbabies. pon average, preemies score pabout 10 points lower on iq ptests than the normal weight pbabies. pnow, researchers say they pdiscovered by injecting reemies with two blood pbuilding drugs shortly after
9:37 am
pit is fascinating. pthat could lead to on average a p12 point increase in iq bring pbabies to a normal iq range. presearchers are quick to admit pthis is a small study, but the pimplications could be huge if pthe results were similar in a plarger study group. pthe study was published in ptoday's journal of pediatrics. retty impressive. pcan you imagine if that's true? p he is loved by pwith peyton manning may be
9:38 am
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adventures from $599, plus up to $300 to spend at sea. come seek the royal caribbean. book now, offer ends today. p p fox 13's good day local pfor you pthe clock ticked down to zero pat super bowl 50. peyton pmanning was the big winner. eople celebrated the broncos pand all things patent. pthe day after the super bowl,
9:41 am
pnews b p>> russell: asked the question pwhy people were talking about pthat picture instead of cam pleaving the press conference. pthis is what happened. pthat's 11 of the comments let a pcurious reporter onto a bigger pstory. pnow we are hearing a story pabout a future hall of famer pthat is disturbing. pthe manning family room the pgood career of a speaker, rofessor, and trainer of some pof the best athletes in the pworld. p>> russell: patent, while at pthe university of tennessee, psexually assaulted her while pshe was checking his foot for pan injury. pshe filed a complaint against phim. pmanning at first denied it phappened and then changed his pstory to say he was mooning panother teammate. pthe teammate refuted paytons pstory. pshe and manning were under a
9:42 am
p>> laura: that is until peyton pand his father archie wrote a pstory trashing her. pshe is a respected professional pwith a doctorate degree. pshe trained the u.s. women's ptrack and field olympic pathletes for beijing. pwhen the book came out, she was passistant professor of athletic ptraining in lakeland. p>> russell: florida southern pfired her because of the book pcontroversy and so she sued the pmannings in court. paccording to court documents, pwitness after witness all ptestified to her rofessionalism and compassion. pnothing like what the mannings pwould have you believe. pthe suit was settled with the pterms not disclosed. pwhat all this does do is call peverything we know about rofessional athletes in pquestion.
9:43 am
ersonality that has made him pmillions. p>> laura: she is sticking to
9:44 am
9:45 am
p coming up, most women dream of their >> most women dream of their wedding day when they're a kid, food, women, guy, and as you grow your taste evolves and so
9:46 am
marry me tampa bay with the top trends of 2015. this is the best part. start with the gowns. you brought in bridesmaid dress. >> yes. >> so last fall i had the pleasure after tending new york bridal fashion week. >> oohh. >> i love seeing all the glamour available on the run ways. so one thing standing out this year is sparkle and shine. it's a huge trend for 2016. >> we're showing off major spark m and shine beautiful. >> love seeing seek win bridesmaid dresses and this is a great way to add style to the wedding even if more traditional bride. you can add papa pizzazz and gives a little sparkle and glam to wedding and then wedding gown of course, that's what the ladies want to see. this gown is stunning, beautiful. it's not white. definitely not white. more off white. >> what we're seeing with
9:47 am
continued with color. especially pan tone color choice are rose quarts we're seeing them go more fashion forward and incorporate blush colors instead of traditional white or ivory. the sgoun we have is liquid metallic dress and it adds modern elements for sophisticated bride. >> we were signature at the gorming us table and we'll introduce you more now it's stunning and beautiful. >> yes, so, we seem to have really glamorous wed ago tire and we weren't sparkle into wedding de kour. linens take up a lot of real estate at wedding reception and having a specialty fabric can make your sweetheart table in this case pop. >> not necessarily sparkle at every table this is just for the bride and groom. >> maybe for bride and groom or i went to a wedding jedd where they had sequins on every other table it kind of adds really great atmosphere to the table and we also have coupled it with mirrored charges and
9:48 am
that glamour look and we're seeing a lot more greenery added to weddings this year. >> and the lights. the lights so bright. that's beautiful. this say big trend this year. >> yes, we love the big white trend. >> okay. >> and what's great about this is lighting adds such a great atmosphere to the wedding reception. and so having this big statement piece can really set stone for fun and exciting night. >> and not only just you know the heart you see there but bride and grooms getting new initials in there too. >> yes, these make great statement pieces and just adding something small, maybe just initials are really great way to personalize your wed snring as most viewers know from my weding a lot of people are incorporate are incorporating their pets into their weddings as well. we have video to show you now. so talk to me about this what we're looking at now this video we're looking at now this video. a dog is wearing a go pro not only in the wedding but capture only in the wedding but capturing the footage for the wedding right? >> what's really awesome you can hire a wedding planner just
9:49 am
what they've done is add a go pro camera in. you can see what the wedding day looks like from their perspective. >> what a cool idea. >> and interact with all the wedding guests and happiness on their faces. >> we have two pups with us when talking about wedding fashions not only for the bride and groom and bridesmaids but your dogs as well. we have a pretty lady here this morning dressed up in her wedding finest right? >> she's got her flower crown on even tuvrming he'd owe on and pets getting as much wedding fashion as bride and groom. >> do you doing okay. >> and go pro. he has a go pro and tuxedo collar is that what he is. >> and they have all different types after tire for them and if you add your need your wedding day, definitely check with the venue to make sure animals are allowed on property of course, make sure they would feel comfortable in a large crowd and something very important make sure they take a bathroom break right before the wedding ceremony. >> we have to go but quickly
9:50 am
marry me tampa bay wedding week happening all weekend long throughout weekend and we have the link posted if you want to see the different venues stopping by on seen on tv section fox news it's unique. >> we're doing sweat and sparkle workout. brides can come and do a workout and have sham pain and meet with vendors and celebrate their engagement. >> great way to kick it off. thank you so much.
9:51 am
>> we'll be back (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
9:52 am
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3 ((russell/wipe vo)) by now, you >> here right now that cop servetive supreme court justice antonin scalia pass away this weekend he went to bed friday night hunting resort in west texas and never woke up fridaych the political battle already started about who will replace him on the court and when. let's get back to fox 13 political editor craig patrick to talk about this craig, you and i mentioned to this a few minutes ago and in an already strange, rough, crazy political season this adds one more thing to it, right? >> it occurred the very night
9:54 am
this entered the realm of politics with the number of republican candidates saying that the senate should either stall or president to a point as success sore. maishing appoint he member of the supreme court by work ago . >> and as for the session there's supreme court stion going on now there are decisions and opinions that have already been written by justice antonin scalia and would those hold as
9:55 am
3 q- right now, the court is deciding some major cases (abortion, affirmative action immigration) ... what happens to those decision? - if scalia has already written an opinion on those- what will happen to that? q- if the senate does wait until 3 after the election- the timing is strange- the court's session starts in october... that future jurist wouldn't hear all the cases? how does that work? 3 3 3 3
9:56 am
9:57 am
3 3 3 ((russell/laura)) today is monday, february 15-th. live with kelly and michael is up next. followed by wendy williams and the fox 13 news at noon. and as always you can get the latest at our website, fox 13 news dot com or follow us on twitter and instagram or like us on
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phillip: nice to see everybody here. leslie: it's presidents' day. always the third monday in february. washington's birthday is on the 22nd. and lincoln's birthday is on february 12. it's set up to honor all our president of the united stateses, past presidents. happy presidents' day. [applause] phillip: michael strahan and i did something backstage. we had something called a miracle berry. have you heard of miracle berry? ok. so it comes from the miracle fruit, which is a plant native


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