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tv   FOX 13 600 News  FOX  February 16, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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a automobile crash he still is make ting a positive difference in the community. tonight at 6 how a deputy who died three years ago is connected to a man in mexico in trouble for sex crimes. >> take us over the edge. >> you don't think of blight when you think of st. pete beach. why the mayor was trying to convince the county of otherwise. >> good evening, everyone. i'm kelly ring. >> i'm mark wilson. >> first up here at 6:00. this sarasota student wants to pave the way for change over the district. but this is difficult. it is uncomfortable for many. and nate quinn is a transgender student and the transition from female to male has left the school board with a tough decision to make. and kimberly kuizon explains.
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board members did not think they would face. >> if they go to the bathroom it would be less of a problem. >> reporter: they are trying to fick out bathroom policies for transgender students. >> it is here we need to listen to the community and listen to the students, all of them. >> they main be the first to con confront the issue. >> the district is entering unchartered interest interest territory here. >> and it is controversial with some parents. >> i do not want to make policies based on fears that are not based on reality. >> the district has no set policy. schools can handle it on a case-by-case basis. nate quinn who was born female but identifys as a male said there needs to be a set policy. >> leaving it open to schools is going to make it harder for trans people to be accepted t is
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>> and nate's principal allows nato use the men's room. >> i'm comfortable i'm more accepted. >> i believings the policy should allow students to use which ever they identify with an idea that is unsettling to some and some of the board members. >> i have four granddaughters who would be appalled to walk in and have boings with them in there. so i find it very discerning. >> they are leaving the decision in the hands of the school. >> now, the districted could lose funding if they do not make a decision here. the office of civil rights gives funding and if it is a violation of civil rights they could stop that funding. thewoman who hit and killed
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judge set allison huffman's pond at $750,000. we know who turned her in. and anjuli davis was there for the first appearance. what kind you find out today, anjuli. >> allison huffman was anxious in court. she was shaking her add. running her hands through her hair. a prosecutors said she should be held on a high bond. setting it at $750,000. she is accused of hitting rogelio perez-borroto while he was loading a car on to his truck on the shoulder of the howard frankland bridge. she did hit him and did not stop because she was scared. she went on to dump the car behind a hotel. call a cab and head to the hard rock casino. she trialed to hole up at an apartment he called the cops to
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she has three prior argues but she did have a valid license. roger's family said she should not have been behind the wheel. >> the saying one time. shame on you. twice, shame on me. it is unfortunate it took a life to say we have to stop this. >> law enforcement spent the entirety looking for her. her friend turned her in. she was able to get in contact with him. looking for a place to hide out. he invisitted her over. when he got off the phone call she was on her way. when she got there in st. pete. he stepped out of the apartment
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the home. >> i have someone who hit someone last night. i want to you pick her up. >> right now huffman is being held in the pinellas county jail. >> a lot of people. three duis and a valid license. we'll find out more in the coming days. thank you. the family of john taylor baxley has been waiting for justice. and the family will have to wait longer. gloria was in the courtroom and drama in the case, i don't know but the families on both sides were waiting for a sentencing. and it just did not happen. the judge actually called both sides to the bench. and pulled the plug and said the
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and justin garwaki has pleaded guilty and took a deal in exchange for a lighter sentence of 30 years. and he testified against his girlfriend who was convicted for manslaughter. some believe that the yellow judge may not be happy with the deal he worked out and give the defendant more time behind bars t is clear where this is going. we'll be there in march and how that plays out. >> how about this, there is a lot going on. other drama with another case. >> fsu student is accused of killing her mom and stepdad. she said she heard are screaming voices and left the campus and left home to kilt her parents. that's all we know. most are sealed.
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unsealed to so the problem is aware of everything going on. and the judge is expected to make a ruling on this in ten days. >> tack to you. detectives are solve 57-year-old sex case and make an arrest in mexico. the diego guzman had sex with a 12-year-old and she got pregnant. his office has never stopped working to find him. and a break when he applied for a visa to come back to the such. >> he offered her a chance to run away and go to mexico with him. when he found out she was pregnant, he was going back to mexico. he did not want to stay here as bad as he thought he did. we chased him. with the authorities we took him into custody. >> and the sheriff gave credit for the arrest to the late detective who investigated the case.
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cruiser went off the road and crashed. >> a proposal allowing people to bring guns into terminals but not through security screening is taking off in the state senate. the measure was narrowly aloved. it it would allow people with weapons licenses to carry the concealed side averages in airports that are outside of check points. the sponsor did to let people mat their safety and trapping off or pinging up travelers; they do not recommend the laws. this lee fobbinger the soft spots. this eliminates a spot. >> this reworried if it an incident happened they don't know who is carrying a -- careering a dun and who does not. we're now about halfway through the legislative session and political editor craig patrick is joining us.
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and what aren't? >> reporter: the budget of. last year they could not even come together. the one thing they are supposed to pass a budget and the house broke the law and going home. that was last year w that fresh the house and senate will not likely do this again. they already each have budget proposals. plans, they spend roughly 80 million. they are closer without the die essential over medication expansion. there are some privilegingles on health care. to what extent. and the governor wants a mimedon and for companies that add jobs. the challenge is that the senate is concerned, in particular, about a forecast showing that not as much revenue is coming in
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may be hard pressed to pass what the governor wants. >> with about what the ones that are appear in that are deed in the water, the gun at airport bill. well, you just had that passioned in a somebody committee. there are other gun measures that have marrowly passed. >> i think in the end because we're halfway through time is running out. they are contentious. they may not pass in the end. >> there is a measure that restricts it across florida. i don't think that will pass. you have problem plans to spend more on reservation as amendment one deck kates. >> thank you. new at 6:00.
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big city approach to get money. it didn't work. and the commissioners said a request for 50 million does not commute. >> the request and the rejection. >> this is what you think of when you hear st. pete beach but there is a tart that never takes rooted. and streets for pedestrians and bike safety and a few side streets worded up properties. >> you put that on a pig it is still a pig. the mayor pitched commissioners asking for a partnership that would divert 75 million property tax dollars into tourism. >> we're 9000 we go to 25,000 we're we have about 45 using the services by the sometime you get
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>> but the median income is higher than the counties. the median home value is double but the tax rate is half of the county. >> i do not want to raise the rate because i can. >> you don't want to raise your taxes more than i do. >> and 7 commissioners, zero support for this. >> are you asking us to commit a bunk of money more than what your own city is willing to kick in. >> some of the needs seem like responsibilities of a municipality. >> a county with a dozen towns. we have a lot of communities up to clearwater that is not -- could be in the same situation. >> st. pete beach will not open the lid to the treasury. >> now the peach has time to come with a plan b.
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million in the next five years. >> a gorgeous sun set view.
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from across the country will be here before you know it. spring breakers will be here before you know it, they're not the only ones wanting to soak up the sun. but locals will have staycations. there has been an increase in rental scam es. >> and what the police are finding -- finding out. >> reporter: detective says they find a ton of the online rental scams between january and june. we'll show what you they are talking about here. go to craigslist put in clearwater beech rental. looks great. three bedroom. 119-dollar as night. look at that view. nice pool. this is a deal that does not exist. you can see that same photo on a realtor web site the cop dough is 2 grand a month. the scammers post on
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they cope a photo from a mls and slap a price on it. you send them your deposits when you show up you are turned away you never see the deposit someone in another country has it. if it is too good to be true. you know the story. >> if you see a condo a 2000 square foot condo overlooking the gulf for 100 a night. that's a scam i can tell you the places being listed don't allow short term rentals. thee are super high end condos. they don't have transient occupancy like that. >> and the detective said the scammers are in another country. nigeria, dubai. call the management of the complex and if you are close enough to do this.
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before you fork over money. now your sky tower radar forecast with paul dellegatto. >> check out sky tower. we watched a squall line approach the coast. it prompted a watch from tampa bay south. some of those cells moving on shore. heavy. >> we had some warning around by day break it was gone. we had lots of sunshine today. the fast jet stream. and a after a nice day more good weather coming up. the 7-day looks outstanding.
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the high today. 1 degree below the average. we hit 71. similar temperatures coming up. the low 0 -- 70s. the map show as front. us. change day by day. and. and in the red. >> and moving in from the west. in the 60s.
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holding in the 50s. not all that bad 64. and at 9:00. >> and it is tough to believe that many spots were at 25 below >> rain and snow on the backside. and 52 in new york. they were in the single digits. and they were 10 to 15 below.
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fog. and 50s and spring. cooler along the coast line. and future cast moving away. another front will not bother us. a cool start. and by friday it is more of the same with high pressure locked in along the coast. no real big change. minor day by day. this means a lot. this is the water where you see the brown. brown is dry air. it stays over us wednesday and into thursday. this time no chance of rain for the next 5 to 7 days. clear and cool. sunshine tomorrow a beautiful day. a built on the school side. the weather is continuing on thursday. lots of sunshine and nice and
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and the 7-day forecast is pretty much locked in. we stay in the 70s every day. only chance of rain that i can find is not until tuesday of next week. >> chip is over at daytona. what have you got? >> i like the forecast. this is one of the best days. weather wise we'll go inside the media day.
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i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me.
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i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story. publix. where shopping
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we're live here in daytona. gatorade victory lane. we'll see who pulls in here. a lot of racing to do and practice still left before they drop the green flag. the first step in the process started today. and it is just a lot of fun. you get to talk racing all day long. the big names file past you like jimmy johnson and austin dillon. ty dillon and brad keselowski. this changes in terms of technicalities, the prison of the place, what makes it an eye could be never changes. that eswhy the drivers who win it say it gives them goose bumping.
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drive through the tunnel when i was 11, that was the first time i came to daytona. when i pulled through the tunnel and drove up i was like the crazy thing that i saw. >> i get cold chills. >> and it makes me smile and figure for a couple of weeks in february i'm where i'm supposed to be. >> and things have not changed in 58 years. kyle busch is back but he had a nightmare here last year. broke his leg. compound fracture in his hand. missed four months not only makes the chase for the
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and comes in. and i talked to him out of 36. and won five times. stronger in the car. >> i'm better what happened and going through the rehab and what happened to get back in the car. and to push myself back. >> and step back and come to me. and, and took the stem and they started winning. >> that's kind of scary for the competition to see this is a driver who wins anyway. i'm not sure they are see seem
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>> and we were told that steven stamkos would not be traded. he dependent do that to settle down stamkos but settle the team down. 27 games left in the season the lightning gripping, i don't need a firm grip on the last playoff spot. that was stamkos' decision. that was something he teamed up to create. kind of a partnership which shows you the negotiations are going smoothly. and this is stamkos' reaction today. >> i would not say keep me focused. it is something that you have to deal with as a prime minister. you too i to do the best job i have done in that regard. that's all i can ask myself for come and i trying to do and prepare myself to help our team win. i have more to give and want to you know now this helps with
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on my game and what i have to do to lead the team and help the team continue our push. >> what he is talking about is become in can being in a -- being in a slump. >> and we'll be out here through the race and i'll be back on friday and having fun. a great place to be here. >> enjoy it. this is your, enjoy, this is it for you, chip, my last 500 i know. >> it will be special. >> thank you. >> see you in a bit. still to come. numbers out of south carolina. >> what they will show. plus, the world's number one
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((kelly--vo-)) senator ted cruz layed out his plan today for boosting the u-s ted cruz laid out the plan for boosting the military. he called for increasing active duty troops and battle ships. he did not talk price but looked to the reagan approach as a template for how he would get it done. the 2016 candidates are crossing the state of south carolina ahead of this saturday's primary and there are new poles out for
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>> and marco rubio rat 14% and followed by jeb bush with 10%. let's look at the democratic side and hillary clinton and bernie sanders 38%. and fox's has the developments tonight from washington. >> after clashing during the debate in south carolina, the war of words between donald trump and ted cruz is clearly not letting up. >> i have never seen a human being lie so much. >> he cannot be trusted to nominate conservatives given 60 years of his life he described himself as pro choice. >> this while the front runner unleashes the attacks. and jeb bush who is joined by his brother fors first time on the campaign trail last night. both bushes responding to trump with some strong words of their own. >> the strongest person usually is not the loudest one in the room. >> and the candidate said we do
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he can use his real estate skills to magically bring to light the weapons systems necessary to keep our fighters safe. >> the democrats are getting ready to caucus this saturday in nevada. with the hillary clinton campaign hoping to slow down the momentum of bernie sanders foowing hampshire primary. >> we have work to do. and i nose very well that you know both my campaign and more importantly my presidency. >> and in washington, peter doocey, knox news. >> and a big problem in nevada. the polling for hillary clinton shows hillary clinton and bernie sanders tied. the chair at the supreme court is draped in black. a symbol marking his death. the entrance to the courtroom and the bench in front of his chair draped in black.
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justice died saturday in texas at 79. his body will lay in repose and the funeral is set for saturday. the president talked about filling the vacancy this afternoon. here it is. >> the constitution is pretty clear about what is supposed to happen now. when there is a vacancy on the supreme court, the president of the united states 1 to nominate someone. the senate considers the nomination and they disapprove of that nominee or that nominee is elevated to the supreme court. >> the president went on to say he is ready to do his job and hopes that the senate is ready to do its job. they are making the remarks. day two of a summit of asian leaders. 10 southeast leaders arrived in california to talk about economic and security issues. this is on the heels of the
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conflicting claims over the south china sea. rebalancing the foreign policy to the asia pacific has been the priority as the commander-in-chief. and experts say the symbolism is to be more significant than any outcome. and a train collision in germany killed 11. a train dispatcher sent a wrong signal which caused two trains to slam into each other on a single track. they were supposed to pass each other but they slided head on. prosecutors opened a criminal investigation against the dispatcher of suspicion on the night it happened on negligent homicide. isis is facing a cash shortage. they bragged about minting currency but it is having a hard time meeting excesses.
6:35 pm
they're releasing detainees for a lower price of 500-dollar as person. military officials say they have a hard time meeting expenses because of air-strikes. and boxer manny paqeeao calling same-sex couples worse than animals. he is not backing down on his opposition of same same-sex marriage. he is a conservative christian who said his views come from the bible. he is running for a senate seat in the phillipines. >> and justice scalia's death is sending shock waves through washington. how is the supreme court going to operate with only eight justices and affect the cases heard before his death.
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and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. ((kelly--vo)) the death of the death of justice scalia caught everyone by surprise and not only created a political firestorm but a bit of a judicial one as well. let's bring in our attorney and legal expert jeff brown to talk about this. first of all, what is the justice's death mean for the cases the court was hearing now but had not made a decision on? >> this is unchartered. the cases that were heard as far as the oral arguments. the theory now by most of the experts is that the cases may have to be reheard again and have the oral arguments one more time. they had them because the decisions had not been agreed upon and they were circulated among the justices they made need to be reheard.
6:39 pm
with those. power, and it is a precedence how they will be handled. >> and what happens now. >> it will be. the cases before the supreme court will come before them. the opinions will be written up and the problem that we'll have in the country if we don't fill that spot the cases will have to be decided by the remaining 8 justices which could possibly lead to many opinions that are 4 to 4 which would be no decision in the cases which means then that whatever the case was coming out of the court of appeals, that will be the decision that says if it is 4 to 4. senate republicans deciding to fight a nominee that the president puts forward s there a danger. i mean we'll have an empty seat for the next year. what do you think. what is history say will happen
6:40 pm
>> and the president gets to nominate and a vacancy. and it is equally clear that the nominee has to be approve offed of or it is called the advice and consent of the senate. they will have to agree to the pick. it may well be the politics that we have seen over the last couple of years will find its way into the debate. we could be left with a supreme court that is not filled as far as that ninth seat. because we have had so many decisions that have been 4 to 4. we could end up with a lot of cases where we're left with cases or law that unresolved. let's say out of our circuit. it goes to the supreme court that is in favor of, say, gun control. that case if it gets to the supreme court and stays 4 to 4 will remain as whatever that 11th circuit's opinion is that's the law of the land. we may face a situation where we
6:41 pm
they can come back with the ultimate decision on and leave it at the court of appeals decision. >> if you're an attorney and have a case you may say, wait. let's not take it yet. >> or look at what the court of appeal says. the ninth circuit considered a more liberal. that contains oregon, washington and california. you know that may be favorable for your law whatever it is you want to overturn. if you get that decision and it goes to the supreme court and gets there and stays 4 to 4. that is the law of the land. you may be looking at where you want the cases and 4 to 4 it stays there. >> we'll see what happens.
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for err. they dial at warm speed without permission. >> the calls will not stop. we'll expose who is making the robo calls.
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tonight at 10. stocks were higher. the dow rising 222 and the s&p 30. there is a new kind of seafood showing up. it is seaweed. and we explain why it is gaining in popularity. >> it is becoming less foreign to a lot of people. there are actually people harvesting it off the coast of california and maine t is readily available. and restaurants are taking cues from the japanese and nordic chefs and adding seaweed t is being used by cultures in all parts of the world because it is a great source of nutrients. >> the variety of the greens is vast. >> they all have different different flavors. and nori is toasty tasting t is toasted. dolce is smokey.
6:46 pm
does not have a strong flavor. >> it does not hurt it is packed full of health benefits. >> it is rich in minerals. calcium, for example, and magnesium. if you do it a few times a week. you add a lot of minerals. >> and they get omega-3 fatty as acids. >> in terms of the acids, the long fatty as aids and it is in the right range. it is quite super food to me. >> and sea vegetables have been found to be a promising course of protein as well as the cancer heighting anti-ox dands.
6:47 pm
area of research that scientists are looking at. >> if you use it like a sal idea or flavor, seaweed can be a great alternative. >> sea vegetables have a lovely briny taste. and it may take getting used to for some people that don't like that flavor but when it is piped with onions or a japanese cooking wine. it can be have a satisfying taste. >> students have shown farming it has little impact on natural systems and off sets ocean acidify cages caused by emissions. a new go cart is going high tech. active motors have the arrow smart cart. this comes with high tech features that are like those
6:48 pm
it has speed settings that can you be saturday through a. it is not cheap. it will run about $600. the company will ship the models this jumper. >> just in time to get them hyped for christmas. >> maybe dad, too? >> i don't know if you fit in there. >> i don't know they're not making them like they used to. >> and we had high clouds coming in. >> before i go home and have seaweed. >> that is great. we'll show you a lot coming up at this is number 2. and lisa wilkerson, late in the
6:49 pm
we had high clouds stream in along the jet. we'll post more. this is good, too. double 6s. a west wind at 9. we're adding two minutes of daylight in the evening as we move to the first day of spring. 71 was the high. 59 the morning low. the storms around they whipped to the southeast most why gone. s stage is set for many day as nice week. this is the jet. we this low which is producing hail in pam bam is not heading our way. the weather trend will be high pressure building in. and different.
6:50 pm
other days. fair weather. and lows in the 50s. it is perfect between now and say tuesday a 64 in tampa. 67 and brooks ville. same in land owe lakes. 70s. both at 71 trees. outside now. >> cold front is gone. moves by us. producing rain and some hail. sleet and snow from tennessee into north carolina. you have rain that is melting. lots of snow. heading for penalty and cape cod having heavy rain after a
6:51 pm
now in the 50s. 31. and it is cool but not cold. 40s and 50s. temperatures not bad. a touch of spring in the 70s inland along the coast. it will not be long. the season is days weeks away. that's that deal with the pollen. it's not far away. clear and cool. 53. nice looking wednesday. on the cool side. and on thursday more sunshine. the next chance of rain is literally, the weekend will be
6:52 pm
>> back to you. how florida used to introducing longhorn' s big, bold, steaks. the only way to make em' better was to make em' bigger. our new center cut 10 ounce filet. our perfectly seasoned 16 ounce t-bone. and our fire grilled 18 ounce outlaw ribeye. big, bold, steaks. only at longhorn steakhouse. you can'
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for lunch, try our steakhouse burger or any steakhouse lunch
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coming up tonight at 11. tough see this a home robbery stopped. how a woman stopped men from taking things. she did it from the palm of her hand. and a slip up. a web site goof for jeb bush and advertising mix-up for marco rubio. that's on 1:91 o'clock news. chris. >> what comes to mind when you think of industries, straw strawberry. disney world a museum will take you back to a time when cattle was king t is what's right -- king. it's what is wright with tampa bay. >> this museum which was
6:55 pm
foundation is a overview of state. the spanish brought cat toll florida in the 1500s. >> brought over by boncede leon. they have been evolving and it was an industry that people raised their own and then it has thing. >> we're the largest cow calf producer east of the mississippi. >> we have everything that represents the industry in florida, we have the cracker cow. >> a lot of beautiful photos that tell the story of the ranching families. it is a gen rational. some have been in the business 8, 9 generations.
6:56 pm
about this way of life. you know you don't think of florida and cattle but look at. >> that the pictures are something. that's special. >> our roots indeed. the news keeping on going.
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i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: best video of the year. paul mccartney, the biggest star in the world in music, denied after an after party. >> what v.i.p. do we have to get? >> denied twice from tyga's grammy party. >> maybe this is not paul mccartney's deal here. harvey: i would know snoop if i saw him and paul mccartney is at least as popular as snoop. >> paul mccartney was nominate for a rap grammy this year. in your face. >> it's in your mouth now. >> taylor swift. the grammy cameras caught after after she just opened the show
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