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tv   FOX 13 News at Noon  FOX  February 17, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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3 now at noon... a polk county church is a total loss after fire rips p>> new at noon, a polk county pchurch is a total loss after pfire rips through during a bible pstudy. pgood arch and thanks for joining pus. pright now investigators are pgetting to the bottom of what pstarted a church fire in haines pcity. pthey say those inside managed to
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pken is live at the baptist pchurch. pscary moments, huh? p>> yeah. pa terrible situation. pthe fact is, this is not just panother church. pit is a heart and soul of this pcommunity in this area and now pit's gone. pthere were 30 members in the pmiddle of bible study when a pblaze broke out in the ceiling. peveryone got out okay but the pbuilding itself a total loss. pit's been the center of the phaitian community here for 80 pyears. pwhen people came from the pisland, this was their first pstop. pthe church was their home away pfrom home. pthey made sure they were able to psettle into their new world and pthey had food, a place to live pand folks who spoke the same planguage. pthey're now out in the cold. p>> we have an issue with the pinsurance and everything else. pwe don't have insurance on the pbuilding because the building pwas about 80 years old.
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pafter six months, they cancelled pthe policy. pthey sent our money back and psaid they're not going to be pable to give us insurance. p>>russell: investigators haven't pdetermined the cause of fire pyet. pthe congregation is wondering pwhat next. pa local baptist church said that pyou can come to our church if pservices. pin the meantime, i was talking pto yhurch pstart a go fund me or similar pkind of account, hopefully to pget some money so the folks can pget back on their feet. pin the meantime, they're just phoping that people open their phearts and minds and realize pthey probably cannot do this palone. plinda? p>> thank you, ken. phopefully more members of the pcommunity will step up to help pthem. pwe're seeing video of a pharmacy pbeat down. pa 26-year-old man was trying to prob a walgreen's on cortez road pwhen another customer noticed pwhat was going on and confronted phim.
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pother customers held neiman down puntil deputies arrived. pyou can see from his mug shot phow bloodied and bruised he was pfrom the fight. phe's charged with first degree pattempted robbery. pdetectives in palmetto are pinvestigating a violent case of proad rage. pthey've arrested arlon osbourne, pjunior. pthis is a mug shot from a prior parrest in hillsborough county. pas shayla reaves shows us what phappened. p>>reporter: a deputy pulled over pa bradenton two suspects. pyou're looking at the scene pshortly after the suspect's parrest. pinvestigators searched the car pand worked to collect evidence. pthey have not said if any pweapons have been recovered but pif you just can imagine, you're ptravelling down the road, you phear the sound of gun fire and a pbullet strikes your car. pthat's what palmetto police say phappened just before 7:00 in the pmorning to the people inside pthis car. pit happened not far away from
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pnow fortunately, they didn't get phurt. pthe victims continued on into pbradenton where they're stopped pat a gas station and called olice. pauthorities issued a be on the plookout alert for the suspect's pvehicle. pa manatee county sheriff's pdeputy spotted a short time plater near the airport. pdeputies were able to stop that pvehicle, take the suspect into pcustody and at this point, the pcase is still under pinvestigation. pwe'll continue to keep you osted as we learn more. pshayla reaves, fox 13 news. p>> thank you. pa loaded gun went off this pmorning at a citrus county pelementary school. pscary. pthe good news here, no one was phurt. pit happened in crystal river. psheriff's office says a staff pmember found the gun before the pstart of school and while they ptried to secure it, the gun pdischarged. pthe sheriff's office is pinvestigating and parents were pcontacted just to let them know pwhat had happened. pwe showed you this video of a pwreckless driver doing a donut pon a pinellas park road.
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pthe vehicle and the driver. pthey say the driver and two assengers were all juveniles. pright now the charge is a pmisdemeanor. pcriminal charges are pending pwith the state attorney's office. pa man is facing charges after a proutine traffic stop. pjustin merdoff was pulled over pfor an ex tired tag and arrested pfor marijuana. pofficers found a large amount of pchild porn on multiple pelectronic devices that he had pwith some children as young as ptwo years old performing sex pacts. pmurdoch is charged with 100 pcounts of possession of child orn. pa cape coral man heads to court paccused of threatening young pgirls online. plucas bales told an 11-year-old pto send him nude photos and if pshe didn't, he threatened to ost her home address and asked
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phe's also accused of terrorizing pthe 12-year-old. pbales was transferred to polk pcounty yesterday because that's pwhere the victim lived. phis first court appearance is pthis afternoon. resident obama has enflamed the pg.o.p. war of words with just pthree days before republicans psquare off in south carolina. pa nevada poll shows how tight pthe race is there before psaturday's general caucus. p>> he has done such a lousy job pas president. pyou're lucky i didn't run last ptime are romney. p>> i continue to believe that pmr. trump will not be president pand the reason is, because i phave a lot of faith in the pamerican people.
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pbeing president is a serious pjob. p>>reporter: a new poll runs pcontrary to the president's rediction showing the new york pbillionaire with a 20 point lead pnationally over second place pmarco rubio. pformer florida governor jeb bush pcomes in at just 4% as he pcontinues to defend his brother, pgeorge w., with an onslaught of pcriticism with trump over 9/11. p>> this is war talk when you say pmy brother caused 9/11. pyou should be impeached, that he pknew there were no weapons of pmass destruction. p>>reporter: a new poll in nevada pshows bernie sanders and hillary pclinton neck and neck before the pfirst in the west presidential pcaucus. pand it's not just a tight race pin nevada. pthat new poll also shows clinton pand sanders in a virtual tie pnationally. p>> a clearwater homeless man is
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pit's coming from the community. pwe'll tell you how they're prallying behind him. lus jim is checking the pforecast. p>>jim: we had a lot of fog. pthe widespread fog took a little ptime to burn off but now we're pback to just beautiful looking pweather. phumidity is still at very pcomfortable levels so we have lenty of sun the next several pdays but we're looking ahead. pit looks like we could have some prain in the forecast.
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won't do it. p>> apple says it won't do it. pthe company refuses to break pinto an iphone used by a gunman pin the san bernardino mass pshooting. pthe f.b.i. wants the phone phacked so it can see who the pshooter is contacted. papple says that's a government poverreach. padam has more from los angeles. p>> it's apple against the pfederal government in a case pthat could have huge legal pimplications. papple c.e.o. tim cook says he'll pfight a court order requiring phis company to help the f.b.i. precover data from an iphone used pby one of the san bernardino pterrorists. pthe ruling requires apple to phelp the f.b.i. disable the psecurity feature which erases pdata from the iphone after too pmany attempts to unlock it. pcook says he's fighting the porder over privacy concerns, parguing it has implications far
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p>> volunteer, if apple wants to, pyes. phaving the government, having pbig brother tell you, you must phelp us, that's why we have a pconstitution. p>>reporter: cell fon locks have pbecome problematic the last few pyears and officials are hoping pthis ruling will make it easier pfor them to get court orders to phelp bypass the laws. p>> i had investigations that i pcould not get into the physical hone. p>>reporter: it can be a tough psell with some saying no one pshould be able to override the rivacy features they pay for. p>> i don't let my friends. pwhy would i let the police? p>> maybe the police look into pmore than they say they're ptrying to find. p>>reporter: they say the iphone pis essential over the case. papple now has five business days pto respond to the ruling.
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pfind out who the jackpot winner pis. pthe winner will be revealed at p1:30 today. pit was sold at a publix in pmelbourne beach and they'll take phome a share of the $1.6 pbillion. pyou may remember the mega pjackpot caused one of the pbiggest lottery frenzies in phistory. pthe florida ticket was one of pthree winning tickets. pyou hear this all the time. psomeone is so kind they would pgive someone the shirt off their pown back. pit's not just a saying. pit actually happened to a phomeless man in clearwater and pnow as fox 13 alcides segui preports, an entire community is prallying around him. p>> it's a good deed that is pspreading across the bay area. plet's talk more about that. pthanks for being with us. procky, who was homeless a short ptime ago, as of yesterday, and pthis morning, not the case panymore. phe's staying at a hotel. plet's start with you, matt. pyou met rocky a couple of weeks pago. pyou were just fishing. ptake me back to what happened. p>> i think maybe it was just a
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pand just fishing like i normally pdo. pi fish all the time. pand i was trying to block the pwind and he happened to be playing there sleeping and walked pover and about five, maybe 10 pminutes tops, here comes rocky pfiring up a conversation. pwe just talked and from there, pone thing led to another and phere we are sitting here today. p>>reporter: he didn't ask you pfor food or money or clothing at pall but you wanted to help out pand you gave him literally this pgray sweater right here. p>> yeah. pi mean, it's -- he never asked pfor nothing at all. phe explained throughout the pconversation just getting to pknow each other, he expressed pthat he was homeless and that. phe had just got a job and that pis what got me. pto know he's on the streets and ptaking the initiative to go in pthese places and ask for them to pgive him a chance and somebody pdid, i thought it was amazing.
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pthat's what led me to help him pmore. p>>reporter: you wanted to make pthe change so you put a post on pfacebook and got a lot of pattention. pdiane, who saw this post, who is pnot here right now, but she saw pthe post and started this go pfund me account and it's raised pwell over $1,000, money you're pgoing to use for permanent phousing. pit's incredible. p>> i cannot believe all of this. pi mean, i've been on the streets pfor too long. pi don't ask for anything. pthese have been given to me and pi just am overwhelmed with pkindness and generosity. pit's hard for me to accept it pwithout feeling like i owe panything in return. p>>reporter: you've been homeless pfor several years, four years pnow. pbut you've wanted to get back on pyour feet and you knew it was pgoing to be hard. pyou got a job here at crabby's. pyou're telling me they're great eople. p>> yes. p>>reporter: then you met matt. p>> i met matt first.
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pthey didn't get me on the pschedule just yet. pbut things have been clicking pand happening, going my way. pi'm just overwhelmed by peverybody's love. p>> i met him. pjust asked for a few necessity pitems and turned into an poverwhelming response. pknowing he had a job, it's mind pblowing. p>>reporter: and you wanted to phelp out. pthat money you'll use for ermanent housing. pi take it you have to go find peither an apartment or something palong those lines. papartment. panything is better than sleeping pon the streets. p>>reporter: how are you doing? p>> amazed. pi'm just very warm inside. pi went to church this new year's
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pdoing it. p>>reporter: rocky, good luck to pyou, my friend. pgood luck. pmatt, thanks for coming out here pand talking to us. pthat go fund me account has praised over $1,300. pthat's money that rocky is going pto use to find permanent phousing, somewhere around the pclearwater area. pthank. fully he has a bus pass. pit's not a problem no matter pwhere it's at. palcides segui, fox 13 news. p>> great story. pthank you. panother heart warming story for pyou this afternoon, a group of pboy scouts show the sarasota pappreciation. pthis morning members from pack pcards. pthey all thanked the department pfor keeping them and the pcommunity safe. pon the roads this morning, i was pa little concerned about being psafe. ulling out into traffic in that pfoggy weather. pi knew the sun was just maybe an phour or two away.
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pit's going to take a little time pthis morning. pwe'll predict especially pthroughout the interior so very pthick fog, visibility under a pquarter mile even as late as p9:00, 9:30 this morning. pyou look outside. pthis is a great looking time plapse from this morning. pthis is 1400 feet above our ptransmitter tower. pjust watch that fog. pit's melting away as the sun pgoes to work, you can see up pabove there, we're seeing just a pbeautiful looking day. plots of clear skies. pyou can just see some of the phigh, cirrus clouds and they pmelt away right there revealing pa gorgeous looking day. phumidity is still pretty pcomfortable levels for today so pthroughout the afternoon, very pcomfortable with that low phumidity and daytime highs in pthe lower 70s. pyou can see it here on the pvisible satellite loop. plook at the beginning. pyou can still see some fog pburning off right there, right paround 8:00, 9:00, 10:00 this pmorning. potherwise, we're seeing mainly pclear skies.
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pdegrees. pwest chase has a 69. alm harbor 68. pclearwater 69. pupper 60s to low 70s to the pnorth. pland o lakes sits at 70 degrees. pdown towards venice, 72. psar society on -- sarasota has a p71. pin the 60s in the interior. pvery quiet weather, a little low ushing off the carolina pcoastline, a little trough line pwhich is really not going to pchange our weather. pjust kind of reinforce ing that pdry, pleasant air over us as pthat swings down towards the psouth. pand as you look at the water pvapor imagery, you can see all pof the dry air across the psoutheast stretching back ptowards texas so really that all pjust equates into nice, tranquil pweather all the way into the pweekend and into the first part pof next week. pby the time we get into, say, ptuesday we will finally have a pfront working its way towards us pso our rain chances are going up pfor tuesday. pit looks like into tuesday
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pcontinue to fine tune that as we pgo through the next several pdays. pbut cold air is certainly still pon the map to our north. pflint, michigan 29. pbuffalo is 30. pnew york city at 39. pbut compared to what they had pover the weekend, that is pcertainly a big warmup for them pacross the northeast. phigh pressure continues to pdominate our weather the next pseveral days, all the way pthrough the weekend so if you're pconcerned about any outdoor pactivities, not a problem at pall. pcold mornings but the afternoons pare just spectacular with these pdaytime highs running in the low p70s with that high pressure pbasically over us all the way pthrough the weekend. pforecast for today looks good. pmostly sunny, pleasant pafternoon. pdaytime high of 70 degreesment pthen for tonight, we'll see pclear skies, cool night, povernight low down to 50 pdegrees. pfor tomorrow, another gorgeous plooking day. lenty of sun, daytime highs pinto the lower 70s. poff the water, winds out of the pknot at 10 knots.
12:20 pm
plight chop along the bay. phigh tide at 12:40. panother one at 9:31 this pevening. pnice, long stretch, gorgeous pweather all the way through the pweekend. pfirst part of next week, we'll phave rain chances working their pway back up by the time we get pinto tuesday of next week. p>> thank you, jim.
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phe could win a fitness 3 hillsborough county leaders have approved more money to combat the zika virus. p>> hillsborough county leaders phave more money for the zika pvirus. p$500,000 is allocated for pmosquito spraying. pso far there haven't been cases pin the u.s. spread by me skoet powe
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pthey've all come through travel. pfitness competition shows are pall the rage on television right pnow. pand the top of both spectrums is pamerican ninja warrior. pone local competitor find out pyou have more to gain than pwinning the title. p>> there is a point where you psee it's crazy. pthat's what i like. pi like crazy. p>>reporter: jonathan has always plooked at his surroundings. p>> i was always using my finger ptips, climbing houses, trees, pthat's always fun for me. pas a kid i would take it to the pnext level, going to the phighest, you know. pthe next level, go as high as i ossibly can. pthe danger zone is always pintriguing.
12:24 pm
pswinging in and out of trouble. p>> definitely have been in ptrouble as a kid climbing stuff. pmy father had to bail me out of pthe principal's office a couple pof times. pit was basic kid stuff. pfacebook like great job. pi remember when you were a kid pdoing this and now you're doing pbig things so it's always great pto have that. p>>reporter: american ninja pwarrior pwarrior. p>> i would love to do this. pit's major. pi just have to train and get pmyself into perfect shape for pit. pand i did it. pi mean, it happened. p>>reporter: he is ever in shape. ptake a look at this submission pvideo. phe's competed twice on the show pand ready for a third stint. p>> the audience, the lights are pon you, you don't want to fall pin the water. pyou just get that energy, just pgo. p>>reporter: actual training for pthe show has been ongoing for a pfew years.
12:25 pm
reparing his whole life. pgoing from obstacle to obstacle phas taught him it's not how many psteps you take. pit's so make every one count. p>> you have to take it one step pat a time. pthere are things you can't do pthat is an obstacle that you pcan't do unless you train. pyou know, you might find psomething you can't do. pjust keep at it and keep at it pand stay persistent and peventually you can get through pit in life or american ninja pwarrior. p>> he makes it look so easy. pthe producer and i are like how pdid he do that sideways thing? pcrazy. phe hopes to win the grand prize pof a million dollars and earn pthe title of american ninja pwarrior. phe has my vote. pthey can be annoying, those punsolicited robo calls. pwho is behind them? pis there anything we can do
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pour consumer3 robocallers ring us unsolicited. p>> robo callers bring us punsolicited over and over again. pwho is making the unwanted pcalls? pwhat can we do about them? pchris asked those questions. p>> they've got your number. pwhoever they are. pcomputer generated robo calls pare worse than ever. pthe tech company call has run pthe numbers and estimates we preceived more than a billion punwanted phone calls nationally peach month. p>> we're shocked it's nearly pdouble in four months. pit's now 1 1/2 million robo pcalls every month and growing pquickly. pthat's really surprising. p>> they're in a unique position pto track robo calls before it phandles voicemail for seven pmillion consumers, they can flag
12:29 pm
pthan a human ever could. p>> we see a little number that pshould be a verizon cell phone pfrom miami but it's calling p100,000 calls an hour. pwe're pretty sure that's a robo pcall that we can block. p>> meet the man we're calling pgraham bell. p>> i don't know what else to do. phe uses a different name because probo calls are plaguing his plife. pspecifically the credit card poffer. p>> recorded message saying this pis your second to last popportunity to take advantage of pa credit card reduction. p>>reporter: graham is on the pdo-not-call list and yet he gets phis opportunity to refinance. palmost every single -- p>> they don't stop. p>>reporter: -- day.
12:30 pm
pshould be no more calls. p>>reporter: debt collection, psales pitches, scams, most are pbanned. ponly political calls get an pexemption. pthe federal communications pcommission told us some illegal probo calls originated here in ptampa. pthe fcc recently fined travel pclub marketing prlt incorporated $2.9 pmillion for making robo calls. p>> are you surprised? p>> very surprised. phe claimed i was the first to ptell him about the fcc pinvestigation which began almost pfive years ago. pyou have no idea for the past pfour years, the fcc has been plooking into your company for pmaking robo calls? p>> no. pnone. p>> they say they've sent you pnotifications. p>> i haven't gotten any pnotifications. p>> fcc file tells a different pstory. pwhen the feds first warned the ptravel company it could be pfined, miller must have received
12:31 pm
pin writing. phis 2011 letter requested a preduced punishment because he pclaims a multi million dollar pfine would, quote, cause psignificant harm to our company, pincluding total corporate and pfinancial dissolvement. pas of this broadcast, miller's p2.96 million dollar fine remains punpaid and has been sent to pfederal collections. pwho else makes robo call? pthis company. phow do i know? pgolden ticket getaway's computer pcalled me. p>> we don't win anymore. p>> there was a survey about the pelection. pi played along until a human icked up and told me he was art of a well known company. p>> we are a subsidiary of royal pcaribbean. p>> donna degreed to let me precord the call and then told me pi was getting a free cruise. p>> i want to congratulate you on pgetting your free bahama ticket
12:32 pm
p>> it's not part of royal pcaribbean and not scoring well pwith the better business bureau. pit gets an f. pwhatever don was trying to sell pme might have been legal but the probo call is questionable. peven though it began with a olitical survey, which is pallowed by law, the federal ptrade commission says disguising pa travel offer with a political psurvey is illegal. pwhen i explained that i was a pnews reporter, don offered a eculiar response. p>> that's hysterical. p>> he says federal penalties for pmaking robo calls are too lax pand making robo calls is easier pand cheaper than ever. pconsider this. pcriminals could be making pillegal robo calls right now pwith a setup as simple as this. pa desk top computer and a phone pline. pthat's all they need. p>> just ring, ring, ring,
12:33 pm
pit doesn't take much to take a pday off. p>> since no one in power is paggressively cracking down on probo calls, u mail has created a pnovel tool that relies on three pmusical notes. pumail thinks those tones could pbe the key to beating robo pcallers. phere is how. pumail offers a free service that preplaces ordinary voicemail. pwhen it detects a black listed pnumber calling your phone, it pdid something simple. pit cons the con man with a pmessage tailor made for them. p>> that robo caller will hear pthis. pat that point, they say, hey, pthis number is probably not pgood. pi'm not going to call it panymore. p>> for the moment, supply pvoicemail might outwit the pcaller but people like graham
12:34 pm
pgraham bell used to work for the hone company. phe's perplexed that no one ounds the circuits that dial pthousands of calls an hour or phas built a switch that can shut pthem down. phis call is a plea to dc, put psharper teeth into the federal plaw to stop the auto dial pnuisance. p>> at the present time, there pshould be a penalty. p>> during the course of that six pminute long story, robo callers laced 208,000 unwanted calls. pchris' full conversation with pdon is posted on our website. pcraig patrick is working on an pinvestigation of his own for ptonight at 10:00. ptell us about it. p>> well, for the past few months pwe've covered cases of veterans pacross florida and tampa bay phaving benefits cut off because
12:35 pm
pwere deceased. pwe found an example of what pwe're finding here and pcontinuing an investigation in psome cases veterans after 26 pyears of trying to get their pbenefits, after a court order pordered it expedited and they're pstill waiting. pthis is continuing blunders and pissues at the v.a. that even pafter a billion dollar pcommitment from congress hasn't pbeen resolved. p>> big issue, big story. plook forward to that tonight. pa decorated veteran is attacked pin a fast food restaurant. pchris said a couple of rowdy pteens pulled him inside a pmcdonalds and asked him if he pbelieves that black lives pmatter. pwhen he kept eating, he walked poutside and things escalated. p30-year-old was hit in the head pand knocked unconscious. pwhen he woke up, his pants were pripped and his wallet gone. phe was taken to the hospital pwhere he was treated for head ptrauma.
12:36 pm
pi had this sharp pain that goes pstraight down my face and i preally haven't slept at all psince it happened. pi just want them caught. p>> he was awarded a bronze star pfor valor in 2004. phe's one of the two marines ictured in an iconic photo pcarrying the sergeant out of pthat so-called hell house. pthat photo was the focus of a no pman left behind statue. olice are searching for the pteens attacked. pthe fan experience is getting penhanced in daytona.
12:37 pm
12:38 pm
12:39 pm
daytona p>> the improvements at daytona p500 speedway are done. pthe most notable change is the pgrand stand that's a mind pboggling .9 mile long. pthere are other fun features pthat makes daytona more than pjust a race. p>> linda, we're standing here at pone of five entrances here to pthe new daytona speedway and pthey're called injectors and pthey're here to provide fans pwith an enhanced experience of pthe racetrack. pnow, everything here from this pseat to the stand, everything phere at daytona international is pbrand new. pmore than 101,000 seats, brand pnew to the fans this year and pit's all really here to enhance pthat experience, actually the pseats are made so that there's pno head in your face. peverything is in clear view of
12:40 pm
phere at daytona international pspeedway and coming up a little plater at 5:00, we'll go there pand see the in vekt jectors and see pthem enhance the fan experience pand as you can hear and see, pthere's a little bit of track paction going on right here. pthat is the richard petty pexperience right now here at pdaytona international. pright now we're reporting here pat daytona, fox 13 sports. p>> wow. pthe daytona 500 is this sunday. pstart at 1:00 and you can catch pall of the action right here on pfox 13. pkate middleton tries out a new rofession for the the day for a pgood cause. pduchess of cambridge served as peditor of the u.k. edition of pthe huffington post. pit was aimed to do an editorial pmeeting focussing on mental phealth in children.
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i'm caridee. i've had moderate to severe plaque psoriasis most of my life. but that hasn't stopped me from modeling. my doctor told me about stelara it helps keep my skin clearer. with only 4 doses a year after 2 starter doses... ...stelara helps me be in season. stelara may lower your ability to fight infections and increase your risk of infections. some serious infections require hospitalization. before starting stelara your doctor should test for tuberculosis. stelara may increase your risk of cancer. always tell your doctor if you have any sign of infection, have had cancer, or if you develop any new skin growths. do not take stelara if you are allergic to stelara or any of its ingredients. alert your doctor of new or worsening problems including headaches, seizures, confusion and vision problems. these may be signs of a rare, potentially fatal brain condition. serious allergic reactions can occur. tell your doctor if you or anyone in your house needs or has recently received a vaccine. in a medical study, most stelara patients saw at least 75% clearer skin and the majority were rated as cleared or minimal at 12 weeks. stelara helps keep my skin clearer. ask your doctor about stelara
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p>>charley: i'm charley belcher pcoming from sarasota today pvisiting andrea dasha. pshe's the artist who is pinternationally known, calls psarasota homes inside her pworkshop which is an amazing, pcolorful place to spend a little ptime. pshe's got a show coming up and pof course, the artist created a psign for me. pit's called flying colors and pit's in march and allstot pcontemporary studio. phow do you explain your art? pwhat is it that you do? p>> well, i mostly work with pmaterial which is very exciting. pyou can do many different things pwith it. pit's dimensional.
12:43 pm
lanning everything to be 3 d so pit's going to be something that pdraws even more into it. pit's sensual ande pi love that piece right there pand it's resin, it's paint, it's p-- p>> canvas. p>>charley: it's a little bit of peverything. p>> this is called fusion because pit's fused with many things but pit gives you a feeling of pdimension. pi have the shiny, not shiny so pit's very exciting and relatesll pyou can see where it comes from. p>>charley: and you love working pwith resin. ptell me the process here. pyou mix it up and then -- p>> it's basically the compound pof two different materials that pyou have to mix very well and pyou have to wait certain times pso it's kind of chemistry here pbecause you really have to be pvery careful on timing. pi can do a ton of different
12:44 pm
pit's an experimental stage. p>>charley: it's interesting to psee something like that from pyou, too. pthat's actually a finished piece pwith no color. p>> no color. p>>charley: you never -- pardon pthe negative but you never don't phave color. pyou always have color. p>> i have to tell you something. pthe beauty of this is that i pfound a resin you can do this pwith. pi tried it in color but it looks pmore religious and i have to say pspiritual. pwhite. pinteresting here. p>>charley: it lubes -- it looks plike a coral. pbut it's a piece of art. p>> here is a modern shape. pso that's different. pthis is kind of really like a pspiritual -- and people react pthat way. pi'm very excited about it pbecause i'm sure i'll be able to pdo big pieces with it and pcontinue in this direction.
12:45 pm
ieces that hang on the wall, pthat's a good example of merging pyour resin paintings, if you pwill, with three dimensional pobjects coming off of it. p>> i am continually trying to pget more out of the canvas in pevery possible way i can. pthis is a challenge and pexciting. pi definitely think it's very pexciting. p>>charley: you used to be in the pfashion industry. pyou were a fashion designer and p20 years ago you said, no. pi was trained as an artist. pi want to live like an artist. p>> and i'm living my dream. p>>charley: it's beautiful work. pi highly encourage you to check pout our showdown here in psarasota. pfrom march to april, you can see pright there and also check out pher website. pit's her name. pif you go to,
12:46 pm
pyou can enjoy the works of pdasha. p>> thank you very much. pif you headed out this morning, pyou were probably met with a pscene of fog. pit's pretty widespread. pthese pictures, these are some pshots taken this morning in phillsborough county. pnot quite as beautiful up in pgood ol' lutz but it was enough pto make me slow down going to pwork today. p>>jim: it took time to lift it. pnow we're just left with a pbeautiful looking day so no roblems right now. plook outside right now, in fact, pand you can see just plenty of psun. pthis is a view through tampa bay pup into downtown from our pbrookdale, bayshore camera. pjump out to the beach, same pstory there. pyou can see just a few high pclouds and these will continue pto move through the area as we pgo through the afternoon. pbut still plenty of sun, nice, pmild temperatures during the pafternoon. pyou look at this visible psatellite loop real closely in pthe beginning of the loop and
12:47 pm
pburned off through the morning phours and then leaving just a pgoshlgous looking weather for pthe afternoon. poutside right now we're at 70 pdegrees. pdew point is at 52. phumidity is 53%. pwinds out of the north-northwest pat seven miles an hour which is pjust helping to bring down more pof the dry, pleasant air over pthe state. pover brandon, currently at 73 pdegrees. pst. petersburg has a 67. pnew port richey at 68. p70s showing up through the pinterior from frost proof all pthe way to arcadia and lake lacid, all at 70 degrees. pjust a bit colder up in the anhandle where temperatures are peither in the mid 60s or back to ensacola currently sitting at a pcool 61 degrees. pdew points, just measure the pamount of moisture in the air. pas this number goes down, the pair is drier and feels more pcomfortable.
12:48 pm
oint that makes it feel so pcomfortable outside. pin fact, this kind of number is pgoing to stick around all the pway into the weekend so you want pthat low humidity, the nice, pmild temperatures during the pafternoon, look for that all the pway through about sunday or pmonday. pby tuesday we do have some rain pheading our way but at least for pnow, you can see quiet pconditions across the entire psoutheast. pas you look at the vaurt water pvapor imagery, that's dry air. pthere's nothing to produce any pweather the next several days. pas you look back to the west, pyou can see high pressure pcontinues over the four corners. pthat's why we just have a long pstretch of really quiet, quiet pweather. pto our north, there is a cold ptemperature but compared to what pthey had over the weekend with pthe minus 30, minus 50 wind pchills, temperatures running pbelow zero in many locations
12:49 pm
pcold but it's a lot warmer than pwhat they had. pso watch future cast here. pthen highs are going to stick paround. pwe have this reinforce the plittle trough that just helps pbring more pleasant weather over pus. phigh pressure will just settle pin across the state all the way pthrough the weekend and peventually this front will kind pof sink down in the southeast pand we're watching an area of plow pressure which will go back pto the north and west across the pnorthern gulf of mexico. pby the time we get into tuesday, ptuesday evening, it looks like pthe rain chances come up. ptweak the forecast as we go pthrough the coming days. pthere could be stronger storms pheading our way. ptoday mostly sunny, daytime phighs of 72 degrees. ptonight a pleasant night. povernight low down to 50. pfor tomorrow. lenty of sun during the pafternoon. pin the water, winds out of the pnorth at 10 knots. plight chop on the bay. phigh tide at 12:40. panother one at 9:31 this
12:50 pm
phere's the seven-day forecast. pdaytime highs slowly warming up pin the mid 70s. povernight lows on the cool side pfirst thing this morning but it pwarms up quickly as we get into pthe afternoon all the way to the pmiddle of next week.
12:51 pm
12:52 pm
pstill ahead, a peek into the final season of american idol is coming to an end. th p>> final season of american idol pis coming to an end. psemi finals continue tonight. plast night 12 contestants sang ptheir hearts out, five were sent phome and a dozen more fight for pspots tonight. pthey're getting help from past
12:53 pm
psee how they do tonight at 8:00 pand tomorrow night right here on pfox 13. pwhat comes to mind when you pthink have florida industries? pstrawberries? pcitrus? pdisney world? ptampa museum will take you back pto a time when cattle was king. pit's what's right with tampa pbay. p>> this museum, commissioned by pthe florida cattleman's pfoundation is kind of an poverview of america's oldest pcattle producing state. pthe spanish brought cattle to pflorida in the early 1500s. p>> they've been here since, been pthe first cattle in america. pthe industry really started with eople owning cows to supply ptheir own meats, for meals and pfood and et cetera. pand it's grown into more of a pcommercial.
12:54 pm
roducer east of the mississippi priver. p>> we have artifacts that prepresent pretty much every paspect of the cattle industry in pflorida. p>> we have the old tractor and pcow. p>> and also a lot of beautiful hotographs that tell the story pof the many cattle ranching pfamilies. pit's really a generational pindustry here in florida, some pof these families have been in pthe business for eight or nine pgenerations and a lot of their pstories are told as well. p>> it's a way of life. p>> nice. pthe nation's top dog was jes pcrowned. p140th westminster dog show pwrapped up last night at madison psquare garden. pmore than 2700 dogs took part. pone pointer passed them all.
12:55 pm
pthe run -- it's fun to watch pthose shows if you're an animal plover. pi'm totally enjoying our weather pright now. pthat's why everybody comes from pup north this time of year. pit's perfect. p>>jim: and it's the time of year pwhere we're bragging how nice it pis. pjune, july when we're sweaty, pit's a different story. pbut check out there right now pand just a gorgeous looking view pout there. pit feels so comfortable. pdaytime highs stay in the low to pmid 70s all the way into the pweekend. pwe're looking at the next week. pwe may have storms heading our pway.
12:56 pm
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lights, camera, grammys. undercut your success or take credit for your accomplishments. >> did that play well? did taylor land her kanye counter punch? i'm billy bush. on the flip side, the whole story behind that, of a friend she beat. who had the great perform performance of the night? we have so much you didn't see.
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