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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  February 18, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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3 3 3 the "bey-hive" is buzzing over beyonce's upcoming w p>>laura: the bee hive over pbeyonce's world tour. pa recent controversy is driving pa wedge between police and queen pbee. p>>russell: u.s. supreme court psays a rapist and others like phim deserve a second chance but phis victim's family wants to pmake certain he never sets foot poutside of the prison. p>>laura: and this video will pkeep you on the edge of your pseat. pa man drives through the path of pa tornado.
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pdrivers should never do. p>>dave: 41 in citrus county. ptampa international at 53 so pyeah, chilly outside this pmorning but we're about an hour pand five minutes from a gorgeous psunrise this morning. pwhile you need your light pjackets early, you won't this pafternoon. pwinds are running seven to 13 pmiles an hour. pfor the most part, that's pkeeping the fog away so sunshine pand very nice today as our high ptemperatures get back in the low pto mid 70s. pvanessa? p>>vanessa: thank you. pwe do have a couple of pvisibility concerns in the area prelated to prescribed burns. pnot like the fog, like what we psaw yesterday. pf.h.p. is reporting reduced pvisibilities in polk county and pcounty road 630. pthis is in frost proof area and pthen also in sarasota county pnear the state park.
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pslow down, use low beam lights. p>>russell: thank you. pit's 6:01 right now and new this pmorning, hillsborough deputies pmake an arrest in connection pwith a deadly valentine's day pshooting. pfour people pulled into a arking lot along west phillsborough avenue to buy pmarijuana and xanax bars. pafter the deal, they say the pseller rolled down the window pand started shooting. ptwo men hit and one man died. pa witness gave deputies the pseller's phone number that led pthem to ortiz. phe was charged with second pdegree murder. p>>laura: right now police are pinvestigating a double shooting pin north sarasota. psomeone shot a man and a woman, pboth in the leg. pofficers believe it happened pnear the 3,000 block of maple pavenue. psoon after, officers secured two pother crime scenes. pit's not immediately clear why, pwhat if anything those scenes phave to do with the first crime pbut the man and woman are at psarasota memorial hospital.
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p>>russell: beyonce is coming to praymond james in april. pit's almost guaranteed to be psold out. p>>laura: while fans are plenty pexcited so far not a single ptampa police officer has offered pto work security for her pupcoming concert. p>>russell: shayla reaves is live pwith what could be driving these pofficers away from this work. pright? p>>reporter: good morning to you. pher super bowl performance has phad a lot of people talking, pincluding police officers right phere in tampa. pin fact, beyonce's concert is pstill a couple of months away pbut so far no officers have psigned up to work security. pnow, this comes after the super pbowl performance of the just preleased song "formation." pher dressers dressed as black anthers. pthey say it includes a wall with pthe words, stop shooting us.
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pmother's ancestry and physical pfeatures of her own such as her phair and her nose that she liked pas well. pin the video she appears on top pof a sinking police cruiser. pit's that kind of message some pofficers in tampa say is too olitical and unfair. ptampa police spokesperson had pthis to say. p>> we live in a society where eople are pretty polarized pabout their politics and they robably have some very strong pfeelings. p>>reporter: the concert is pscheduled for april 29 at praymond james stadium. pso far the cheapest tickets pwe've seen for this particular pevent, $70 and we've seen a few ponline as well for $80 so when pwe were asking the tampa police pwhether or not the officers pwould be forced to work if they pdon't sign up, they say it's too pearly to say anything of that pnature. pthey're two months away and they pwant to see who is willing to
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pif not, officers that are pscheduled to work that evening pcould be reassigned to work that articular venue and they'll pmake accommodations to make sure pthe city of tampa is covered as pwell as far as police coverage pgoes. pback to you. p>>laura: today a judge is pexpected to decide the fate of a pdouble murder. pin november lester ross was pconvicted of killing his p3-year-old daughter. phe kept her body in a freezer pfor a month. pwhen the baby's mother came plooking for the child, ross oisoned her to death. pross could face the death enalty. phe could have but the jury precommended life in prison. pthe judge will have the final psay. p>>russell: man accused of pshooting at a car in a bit of proad rage due in court this pafternoon. pit happened yesterday morning palong u.s. 41 at palmetto. parlon osbourne, junior became pupset. phe pulled a gun and fired at the pcar three times. pnobody hurt. phe was arrested at a nearby gas pstation and a gun was recovered
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phe's charged with aggravated passault and discharging a pfirearm into a moving vehicle. p>>laura: a man who attacked and pbeat a young woman and left her pfor dead could walk out of rison earlier than expected. pkendrick morris was granted a presentencing hearing because of pa supreme court decision that psaid it's unconstitutional to psentence juveniles to lengthy rison terms. phe was a teen when he brutally pattacked. phe was sentenced to 65 years in rison for that crime and for praping another woman. ptoday, young can't walk, talk or psee. pmorris is not the only one pserving a lifetime sentence. p>> i feel like my sister was pserved a life sentence against pher will and not li choice and pshe was robbed of her entire plife. pi wish she was given the choice pto get less than a lifetime
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p>>laura: well, a resentencing phearing won't necessarily mean pless time for morris. pnow that he's an adult, the pjudge has an option to sentence phim to life in prison. pthe family plans to be at the phearing to tell the judge what pappropriate. p>>russell: hillsborough is pconsidering an ordinance to keep pcertain sex offenders from pchildren. pvictims who were under 16 to plive at least 1,000 feet way pfrom the schools, parks and pother places where kids gather. pwell, the county wants to extend pthat to 2,500 feet. pa similar ordinance passed last pyear. pcritics say the plan could force psex offenders out of their homes pmaking them harder to track. p>>laura: florida's controversial popen carry bill is dead. pthe bill had already passed in pthe house but the head of the psenate judiciary committee says pit will not pass and he will not psentence. phe also shot down two other pbills that would have allowed
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pcampuses and another one for pairports. p>>russell: a law would require pat least 10 of 12 jurors to pagree on the death penalty for pit to go forward. lans still need to be passed by pboth houses and has to get the pgovernor's signature. pthe legislature is rewriting the plaw after the supreme court pruled that the current method in pflorida is unstomach. p>>laura: -- is punconstitutional. p>>laura: a bill would require at pleast 20 minutes a day of recess pfor elementary schools. pwhile the recess measure has preceived bipartisan support, panother plan to allow parents to penroll their children in any pschool statewide will likely pface op progression from pdemocrats. p>>russell: and president obama pis making a trip to cuba. pthe trip will happen sometime pnext month.
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pcastro said they would begin pnormalizing ties. pthis week the obama padministration announced the preturn of flights to cuba in pfive decades. pcalvin coolidge was the last resident to visit cuba. ptruman visited guantanamo bay pbut that wasn't a state visit. pit's still controlled by the pu.s. p>>laura: the primary for south pcarolina is saturday. pthis morning there's a new prepublican frontrunner pnationally. p>>russell: what ted cruz is psaying about the man that he phas, for now, unseated. pand a terrifying video. p>>dave: 6:09. p53 degrees at tampa pinternational. pcoolish this morning. pthe further north you go, a few pspots have gotten back in the p40s. pless than an hour away now. pit will be absolutely beautiful pday.
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p>>russell: you know, i'm no pmeteorologist but this is the erfect example of what not to pdo during a storm. panthony was driving on tuesday pwhen he drove right into a ptornado. phe didn't see it coming. pthe whole time he's yelling at pother drivers to get it out of pthe way. pnational weather service pconfirmed two tornados in the parea tuesday morning. psame storm moved through the ptampa bay area. pthey got it a whole lot worse pthan we did. p>>dave: they did. pactually, the panhandle, too. pthe panhandle, then we had a pcouple of strong storms. pbut i'm so glad you didn't play pthe audio. p>>russell: you don't want to phear the audio. p>>russell: this place would be a pgarage if we played the audio. p>>dave: most of the people ulled over, got out of the way
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pit's almost 6:14. plook at temperatures this pmorning and they're on the cool pside. pour normal is around 53 degrees pso our normal is not 70 or panything like that. pwe need the jackets as we start poff. pbut it's going to be even, i pthink, nicer than yesterday and pwe're going to warm up by 9:00, p10:00. pwe'll be outside doing "good pday" at 9:00. pwe won't need our jackets out pthere. p53 in frost proof. psaint for sebring as well. pnotice how the 40s have pushed pdown to parts of pasco county so pwe are dealing with a few spots pthat are kind of chilly first pthing this morning. pi have to show you how dry the pair is, though. pand it's not only here but pthroughout the whole south. pdew points in the 30s and the p40s and watch the forecast for pthe dew points. p40s and lower 50s. pthe drier air is going to hang paround all the way into the
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p50 or below, just invigorating phere. pyou can feel that yesterday. pwe'll see a dew point of 60 the pnext couple of days. pkeeps it nice, very pleasant paround here. pi love this time of february, ptoo, because you start to get pthat spring fever, you know, itchers and catchers are coming pin and the weather is starting pto turn around and that's the pkind of weather pattern i see us pstaying in for the next several pdays. phigh pressure is sitting over pthe southeast clockwise flow paround the high, northeast winds pwarm us up. pthe other thing we don't have to pdeal with this morning is a ton pof fog because the winds are up pjust a little bit. pso when you walk out the door pand say, you know, it's chilly pthis morning, it's not going to plast. pour temperatures easily get back pup into the 70s for today. pdo we hit 73? pdo we hit 74? pdo we stay at 72? pthat's the biggest question pmark.
6:16 am
phave, i think we're looking pgood. pthe weather pattern doesn't pchange all the way through the pweekend. pour next chance of rain still plate tuesday into wednesday of pnext week. pwall to wall sunshine, mild, 72, pgive or take a degree. pit should be lovely this pafternoon. plight jacket is needed again ptonight. pcoolish will describe the pweather. pand then for friday afternoon, pmostly sunny and pleasant and phigh of 73 degrees. pwe still have a moderate chop. pnortheast wind at 15 knots, may pdrop back to north at 10 later pthis afternoon. pthe water temperature also has pdipped to 59 degrees. phigh tide at 1:17. pthe clouds roll in, we're plooking good. pweekend has highs in the mid 70s pfor saturday and sunday. pvanessa? p>>vanessa: that looks good. pequally nice road report. pno crashes to report. preally the biggest thing we're pable to find is sky fox overhead pto the howard frankland bridge. pdisabled vehicle.
6:17 am
peastbound direction and it is on pthe side so it's not blocking pany of the travel lanes. pas always, remember to move over pas you pass by that crash site pand the very least, if you can't pmove over, slow down to 20 miles pan hour below the posted speed plimit. pmeantime, we have nice speeds. pif you're travelling 275 through inellas county, also looking pgood northbound 75 in phillsborough, i-4 westbound pdrivers heading from 75 into the pinterchange. pjust a nine minute ride. p>>laura: there's been a seismic pshift in the race for the prepublican nomination. pthere's a new frontrunner just pdays before the south carolina rimary. p28% of republican voters pnationwide support ted cruz. pthat's according to the latest pnbc news, "wall street journal" oll. ptwo point edge over donald trump pright now. pmarco rubio third followed by
6:18 am
p>>jennifer: this is the first ptime ted cruz has led in a pnational poll. plast night in a town hall in psouth carolina, he used his pfrontrunner status to challenge ptrump's friends to sue him over pa campaign ad. p>> this has not been a typical prace by any sense, and i don't pthink anyone is surprised that pdonald is threatening to sue eople. phe's done that most of his adult plife. pbut this letter really was -- plook. pi've practiced law 20 years and pthis letter really pressed the pbounds of the most frivolous and pridiculous letters i've ever pseen. p>>jennifer: ben carson and marco prubio were also at the town phall. prubio is getting a bump in south pcarolina thanks to an pendorsement from governor haley. pshe has 81% approval rating. pher message has been vote for panyone but trump. p>> i want a president that's pgoing to fight back on the last peight years we've had to deal pwith and also going to make sure pthey hold a conscience to every prepublican to make sure they're
6:19 am
pto do which is balance budgets, preduce our debt and grow our preserves and i think marco rubio pis the man to do that. p>>jennifer: trump will have a pchance to respond tonight. phe, jeb bush and john kasich pwill be at another town hall. pon to the democrats, cnn, orc oll shows bernie sanders and phillary clinton running neck and pneck in nevada. pquarter of the electorates say pthey could change their mind. pthe nevada caucus is saturday. p>>laura: millionaires are coming pup left and right here in pflorida. p>>russell: a couple claims a big pchunk of the historic powerball rize. psomeone else hits a jackpot pright here in tampa bay and psometimes our photographer pstumbles upon some great pouttakes. pin hot clicks, the question pdr. jo's producer asked this
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pand it threw
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p>>russell: do you know what time pit is? p>>laura: hot clicks time. p>>russell: you bet it is. p>>laura: taylor katz time. p>>taylor: good morning. pthere's nothing quite like the pbond between a brother and a psister but for most siblings, plike myself, it takes a little pgrowing up before you truly punderstand they're your friend pand not the person who is always pin the front seat of the car or pstealing your favorite toy. pthings are different for our psiblings in our hot click. ptake a look at this video. p>> it's a hamster. pi paid for it. is happening..."runs: :30oc: are you crying? cuz i am
6:24 am
adorable is this?! facebook user rachel stout p>>taylor: how cute is this? pall right. phere's the back story. pfacebook user rachel stout osted this video of her two pkids on facebook a couple of pdays ago. pin the caption she said her pdaughter abbey recently got a phamster and ever since, her pbrother daniel had been working phard around the house doing tons pof chores trying to make enough pmoney to buy one for himself. pwell, it turns out that he pdidn't have to. pafter counting up all her pbirthday money, she had $55 and pa perfect plan. pwhen asked what she wanted to do pwith that money, she told her pmom she wanted to surprise pdaniel with a hamster that he'd pbeen wanting. pdaniel got a sleepover with some pfriends and during that, abbey's arents took her to buy the phamster for her brother and psurprised him when he got home. pso, so cute. pi love that story.
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pover a million views so very, pvery cool. pnext up we have an original to pshare with you. pdr. jo was recently doing presearch for a story how to pick pthe best, healthiest peanut pbutter brands. pduring the process she came pacross a little one named tommy. phe had a lot to say about his plove for the yummy spread. ptake a look at this. p>> so tell me, you like peanut pbutter? p>> yes. p>> and why do you like peanut pbutter? p>> because you can make a lot of psandwiches with peanut butter. p>> how do you like your peanut pbutter? p>> i like my peanut butter with pbananas or jelly and i really plike peanut butter all types of pways or peanut butter with
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pso that's a few facts and a few pclues for you. p>>taylor: tommy loves peanut pbutter and he knows the best pways to enjoy it and he loves to pshare it. pwe thank tommy. plastly we started on a happy pnote and ending on one, too. ptake a look at this little pbunny. pso cute. pi have to thank nancy lewis on pfacebook who sent this over to pme. pshe said she knew that it would pmake us smile and she loves pwatching each morning. pthank you, nancy. pthis definitely brought a smile pto other faces. plook at that face. p>>russell: pretty cool. pyou have great ones right there. p>>taylor: they're fun. pstrong end before the vote. p>>laura: that was good. p>>russell: still ahead on "good pday," it's apple versus the pgovernment in a battle that pcould affect our privacy. p>>laura: it's been a dangerous pweek on roads and turns out pdeadly crashes are becoming a ptrend, a disturbing one, too. pright?
6:27 am
pas you hit the road this pmorning, please drive carefully. pa new study reveals that deadly paccidents here in florida are up in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to
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good thursday morning.. it's 6:xx.. i'm laura p>>laura: good thursday morning. pit's 6:30 now. pi'm laura moody. p>>russell: and i'm russell prhodes. pwaking up to a beautiful pforecast. price, dave? p>>dave: do you want to see how retty? plook at the shot coming from ptampa. p>>laura: happy thursday. p>>dave: skyline in the pbackground. pnot a cloud in the sky. pgranted, you'll need your jacket pfor the next two to three hours pbut temperatures that are pstarting off right now for a lot pof us in the 50s, 52, 53 will pwarm up quickly back up in the
6:31 am
pwe're also not dealing with the pfog that we had yesterday as pwell so really is a nice start pto the day. phow are things on the road, pvanessa? p>>vanessa: good. pwe've been quiet overall with pthe number of crashes we've been pseeing. pwe have a few here and there. pwe're not seeing any serious plane blockage. psky fox is checking out pinellas pcounty. pwe had a crash newly reported poff to a nearby parking lot. pthis is sunset point and u.s. p19. pwe mentioned most of this is a arking lot. pas i was checking the shot out pearlier, it looked like maybe an pemergency vehicle and ambulance phere very close to one of the ptravel lanes. pmake sure you're moving over or pslowing down as you pass by. potherwise, looking clear. pas i said before, still for the pmost part, remaining up to speed peven here along 275 at i-4, that pdowntown interchange. pnot really seeing any yellow pyet. p>>laura: some of our top stories pnow, authorities say a suspected
6:32 am
phernando county deputy. pit happened tuesday afternoon on pspring hill drive near pilgrim proad. pdeputy ryan smith was driving pwestbound in an unmarked car pwhen another car crossed the pcenter median and slammed into pit. pinvestigators say the driver was plikely speeding. psmelled of alcohol and showed psigns of impairment. pbruno was driving on a suspended plicense which had been suspended pseven times before. pshe was arrested. pdeputy smith is recovering. p>>russell: the captain of a pfreighter that sunk in a phurricane last year refused to ptake a vacation the day before pit happened. phe wanted his off time to be phome for his 25th wedding panniversary. pthe captain and all 33 crew pmembers died. pcoast guard is investigating pwhether misconduct or other roblems led to the ship's psinking. p>>laura: today is the grand popening for the first new pconcessions at tampa pinternational airport's ongoing
6:33 am
pthey include a local company. p65 new restaurants and stores pare set to open the next two pyears. palmost half will have local pties. p>>russell: 6:32 right now. pmonday morning, just monday pmorning four people died on bay parea roadways. pfatal crashes are becoming more pcommon not just here but across pthe country. p>>laura: but especially in pflorida. pfox 13 alcides segui joins us plive now to look at some of the preasons why this is happening. p>>reporter: good morning to you. plast year was a deadliest pdriving year in a half century. pabout 38,000 people were killed pon u.s. roadways. p4.4 million were seriously hurt. pas you mentioned, florida pactually seeing quite the pincrease, about 18%. pwe rank in the top three. pgeorgia sits at number two. pwe've had our fair share of paccidents here in the bay area. pyou mentioned in the last couple pof days, there have been several pfatal crashes.
6:34 am
pdeaths, including two motorcycle pfatalities. pthe video you're looking at here pwas a fatality in new port prichey. pwe've also had the tow truck pdriver on the howard frankland pbridge who was also killed. pa couple of days before that pcrash, there was the wrong way pdriver. pthat accident killed two people. p65-year-old eugene fisher was on phis way to work when troopers psay larry thompson was going the pwrong way and slammed into him. pthe study was put together by pthe national safety council. pit found that a stronger peconomy, lower unemployment prates and lower gas prices were robably key factors in this phike. pwith driving more affordable, pmore people are hitting the road pand hopefully the roads stay pclear of accidents this morning. palong i-75 in pasco county, palcides segui, fox 13 news. p>>laura: thank you. phere's a quick look what's phappening around the world this pmorning. pat least 28 people were killed pby a car bomb targeted in the pturkish military.
6:35 am
pblast. pauthorities say that a syrian pman, likely a kurdish militant, pcarried out the attack. p>>russell: drug lord el chapo is pturning into a zombie because of pa lack of sleep. h pcentral mexico. pthe cartel leader escaped from a pmaximum security system last psummer during a mile long ptunnel. phe was arrested last month pfollowing an interview with sean enn. p>>laura: and the pope marked the pend of his mexican trip with a pmass. pthousands gathered in el paso's psun bowl stadium to watch on pvideo. plead -- he called the forced pmigration of central americans a phuman tragedy. p>>russell: apple c.e.o. tim cook pstanding his ground after prefusing a court order to help
6:36 am
pof one of the san bernardino pterrorists. pcalifornia judge ordered apple pto help the f.b.i. unblock the piphone used by syed rizwan pfarook. papple says it would have to pcreate the software that would pmake phones vulnerable, putting pcustomer security at risk. ptim cook says the company won't pdo it because it creates a pdangerous situation. pthe company c.e.o. says it would pbe wrong for the government to pforce us to build a back door pinto our products. pultimately we fear this demand pwould undermine the very pfreedoms and liberty our pgovernment is meant to protect. pwhite house says that's not ptrue. pno one is telling apple to predesign the iphone and this prequest just applies to one hone. p>>laura: 6:36. pwe finally have a winner. pone lucky person in seminole won plast night's florida lottery pworth $43 million. pstill no word where specifically pthe ticket was sold. pit could be some time before we pfind out who won, too. pit took more than a month for pthe winners of january's
6:37 am
pin florida. pthere they are. pkulchman. pthey claim their slice of the p$1.6 million jackpot yesterday. pthey opted for the lump sum pgoing home with $327.8 million pbefore taxes. pmaureen said she's been playing pthe same lottery numbers for the plast 30 years. pit looks like that persistence phas finally paid off. p>> when he brought the ticket to pme and said are you messing with pme, what are you doing, i knew pthey were my numbers and i ran pand looked online to make sure pthey were correct and we didn't pbelieve it. pwe just kept watching tv and pgoing online and checking and prechecking. p>> and then they announced it to pthe public. pthis is the real deal. p>>laura: the couple says they pdon't know exactly what they
6:38 am
pbut they do want to help family. pthey want to get david a new ptruck and retire. pthe other two winners of the precord breaking jackpot were pfrom chino hills, california and ptennessee. p>>russell: apparently they've pdone everything right. pquiet and just set it up before pthey went public. pif you can take a walk outside ptoday, do it. pit's beautiful. pdave has the forecast for us pnext. p>>laura: and then 15 years ago, pdale earnhardt, junior died on pthe final lap of the daytona p500. psee how he's being honored ptoday. pand then it was one of the pcoldest nights of the year. pand an elderly man wandered from phis assisted living home. pthe man who found him and gave
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p>>dave: 6:41. phow is this for a start to your pday? retty brookdale, bayshore pcamera. pdon't get me wrong. pit's cool outside. pyou need light jackets outside pwith a wind at eight miles an phour. pwe just have beautiful sunshine pyesterday at this time. pyou couldn't even see the other pside of lake mirror because of pthe fog that we had. ptoday 52 degrees. pnorth-northeast winds at seven pmiles per hour and a great start pto the day over in polk county. pagain further north you go, pwe're in the 40s. phernando county, most of citrus pcounty, eastern portions of asco as well have snuck back in pthe 40s. pbrandon only sitting at 50 pdegrees. pbut this is one of those air
6:43 am
pabout 20, 25 minutes we will pquickly start to warm things up poutside. pbecause the air is so dry, we're pgoing to take these ptemperatures, which are now 40s pand 50s, and solidly push them pback up into the 70s. pso northeast winds for today, pvery pleasant wind for us poverall keeps the humidity down, pwarms us up enough, that plus pfull sunshine gets us in the p70s. pfuture cast, watch the wind pdirection. pit starts to shift towards the peast, especially by later in the pday tomorrow. pthat brings a couple of clouds pin but that's also a warming pwind. pwarming wind across the state, pthat's why i think once we get pinto the weekend, forget the plower 70s. pwe're talking about temperatures pback in the mid 70s. pwhen is the next chance of rain? pwe're really stretching the pcomputer modeld now. pwe're going all the way out pthrough the weekend, we're good. pquiet.
6:44 am
pall the way out to the beginning pof next week. pwe're good for sunday. pwe're good for monday. pthen all of a sudden, into ptuesday and wednesday, an area pof low pressure develops in the psoutheast bringing with it a pcold front through the state and pthat's when we bring the rain pin. pwe're looking at late tuesday pinto wednesday. pjust fast forward the computer pmodel for wednesday and that's pthe first hint that we have of pthe rain moving in. pwe have plenty of time. pwe're looking at 72 degrees, pwall to wall sunshine for today. pjust a lovely afternoon. ptemperatures have a cool start. ptonight equally as cool with plows in the 40s up north. plower 50s in the tampa area and pmostly sunny for friday. pvery pleasant with a high ptemperature of 73 degrees. pshould. pnortheast winds 15 knots, 10 pknot wind this afternoon and pmoderate chop and the next seven pdays, low to mid 70s. p77 in there for next tuesday
6:45 am
pagain, there's your rain chance ptuesday night into wednesday pmorning. pvanessa? p>>vanessa: thank you. pand right now we have a very retty shot for you courtesy of psky fox showing us the downtown ptampa area. pif you can't see, it's fairly retty outside so enjoy the pride. pit's pretty clear as far as pcrashes. plooks like the speeds are so far premaining up to speed. pcheck in on the interstates, 275 pover the sunshine skyway bridge, palso a beautiful view. pabout a 17 minute ride which is retty much ideal at this point pcrossing the water in the pnorthbound direction. pso far, so good. pall right. p6:45 is the time. plet's check in with charley pbelcher. pgood morning. p>>charley: good day to you. phow are you, vanessa? p>>vanessa: nice. phow are you doing? p>>charley: doing well. psorry. pi saw my reflection in the lens
6:46 am
pi looked more professional than pusual. p>>vanessa: like fabio. p>>charley: i kind of see my preflection in the lens which is pdisconcerting. p>>vanessa: you were distracted pby your beauty. p>>charley: hey, i got something pto share with you. pthe cleanest cities in the pworld. pno, they're not. pthe cleanest countries in the pworld. pthat's much different. pthis is a list compiled by yale pand columbia universities, penvironmental performance index. pbased on 25 different indicators psuch as environmental health, pair pollution, clean water presources, that kind of thing. pwhat do you think is the number pone cleanest country in the pworld? p>>vanessa: greenland? p>>charley: that's a good guess.
6:47 am
pnumber one is switzerland. p>>vanessa: okay. p>>charley: i've never heard panything but great things about pswitzerland. pand now i know that isn't that pwhere everybody hides their pmoney? pswiss bank accounts? p>>vanessa: i wouldn't know panything about that. p>>charley: they keep your money pnice and clean, too. pnumber one is switzerland. pnumber two is sweden. pnumber three is norway. pnumber four is finland. pall of these -- all scandinavian pcountries. p>>vanessa: they're like happy pover there, too. pi always hear they have happy eople over there. p>>charley: they're all happy. pi want to go where they're all phappy. pthen the last one is costa rica. phow about that? pcosta rica comes in as a fifth pcleanest country in the world.
6:48 am
pthere you go. pnow i have got -- good grief. pgod grief have i good a "good pday" for you. pyou know why i might be saying pgood grief? p>>vanessa: charley brown? p>>charley: yes. pthat's right. pthere he is right there and his pbest friend snoopy. pyou're a good man, charley pbrown. pone of my favorite musicals of pall time. pwe're at dream house theater in plutz right on 54. pa great little theater. plocal, live theater. plove it and you're a god -- good pman, charley brown. pi have a preview for you this pmorning. p>>laura: thank you. pthis morning tampa city leaders pwill discuss decriminalizing psmall amounts of marijuana. pit's something that's already pbeen done in several other pcities. ptampa's legal department and the olice department are expected pto weigh in on the issue.
6:49 am
ack the city council meeting to pshow their support. pthe meeting starts this morning pat 9:00. ptoday the clearwater police pdepartment will honor a good psamaritan who found a missing pelderly man on what was the pcoldest night of the year. pon january 19, dennis johnson, a ark worker was making his prounds at the cemetery when he pfound bob taylor laying down in pthe cemetery freezing. phe covered him up. pthere's a picture right there. ptaylor was treated and now back phome and this morning, johnson pwill be presented with the pclearwater police department's pgood samaritan award. pthen a new discovery in the pflorida panhandle challenges st. paugustine's claim as the first peuropean settlement in the punited states. pa newly cleared lot along ensacola bay is expected to be pthe landing site of deluna. pthe exact location of the camp
6:50 am
puntil now. pst. augustine is still the poldest continually occupied psettlement in the u.s. p>>russell: lower and lower. pwal-mart getting competition in pthe bid for the lowest prices.
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
pjust isn't enough.3 3 walmart's big sales pitch is that p>>laura: welcome back. pwal-mart big sales pitch is that pthey have the lowest prices, pright? pthat may no longer be the case. p>>russell: what's going on here? plauren simonetti joins us. pwal-mart has competition, huh? p>>reporter: they do. pamazon and other e-retailers, pwal-mart trying to do what pamazon has done, being the peverything company. pclose their workers -- paying ptheir workers more, closing some pstores. pwhen wal-mart reports the latest pearnings, we'll find out how phealthy the company really is. pthey've done a tremendous job ptrying to compete, getting their pshare price back up, including pstore traffic and now a for peffort, truly.
6:54 am
pthis is the problem we have with pamazon. pwhen you want to stay techie and padvanced, you spend a lot of pmoney. pwal-mart is going to hire pmanagers to make sure it's ptreated properly. pgreat idea but they are pexpensive. p>>laura: it's pretty pinteresting. ptell us what day it is, lauren. p>>reporter: thursday, happy hour pday, gateway to weekend day. pand national drink wine day. pi wore merlot to celebrate. pi'm only kidding. pi didn't have any. pmaybe this afternoon. pmillennials drink in general, pnot because it's national drink pwine day. pthey drink an average of three pglasses of wine each time they psit down to drink. pwhen you add this all up, that's pactually more wine than any pother age groups. pyoung adults that don't have
6:55 am
pi was surprised. pi thought it was craft beer. pand cocktails. p>>russell: see you later, okay? p>>reporter: are you going to pcelebrate? p>>russell: no. pnot anymore. pgave that up. pbye. p>>laura: we have to go, lauren. pdon't miss lauren simonetti on pour sister network station f. pyou're not sure where to find pthe box -- fox business network pgo to and look for pchannel find he were. p>>russell: pacquiao is running pfor senate in the philippines. p>>laura: authorities in arizona pare investigating whether pvanessa hutchins used a state ark. pshe posted a carving.
6:56 am
pfrom instagram with the hashtag, psonota dreams are still on the psite. pit's known for the towering pbedrock. pthey're federally protected. pdamaging a national feature on a pu.s. forest service land is a pmisdemeanor punishable by up to psix months in jail and a maximum p$5,000 fine. pshe has not commented on the pinvestigation. p>>russell: 15 years ago today, pdale earnhardt, senior died. pit's the last lap of the daytona p500. p>>laura: today drivers plan to pmake tribute. phe finished 22nd. phis first nascar cup wane came pfour years later and in the pyears since his death, no driver phas died in a nascar national pseries stock car event. phis son, dale earnhardt, junior, pwill be among the drivers this
6:57 am
p>>russell: yesterday drivers put pin a few laps. ptwo got into a crash. pthey're both okay. pkyle busch will also be on the ptrack. p>>laura: and the daytona 500 pairs right here on fox 13 this psunday starting at noon. pstay with us. pthey are just 11, 12 and 13 pyears old but this morning, a pbay area middle school is caught pin a big sexting scandal. phow the principal is taking phelp. ptoday. pdo you have tax questions? pwe have accountants here to panswer them. pand a monkey gets drunk, grabs a eople at a bar. pthis isn't a joke. pwe're not kidding. psee how it ends at 7:00. p>>dave: 53 degrees, brookdale, pbayshore showing us the sun is
6:58 am
retty outside. pback in the lower 70s today. pdon't stop there. pno. pwe'll keep moving it up going pinto the weekend. p73 tomorrow and 75 on saturday. p in 1934, the world didn't need another hamburger. a steakburger. 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake,
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life as spokesbox is great. people love me for saving them over half a grand when they switch to progressive. so i'm dabbling in new ventures. it was board-game night with the dalai lama. great guy. terrible player. go paperless don't stress, girl i got the discounts that you need it's a balancing act, but i got to give the people what they want -- more box. any words for the critics? what can i say? critties gonna neg. [ applause ] the what?!
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3 ((russell- p>>russell: beyonce backlash. pfans. pthe possible issue it could pcreate ahead of her concert in ptampa plus -- p>>reporter: with republicans pfacing off in south carolina pthis weekend, a new set of polls pout showing that the race is pchanging pretty quickly. pi'm in washington. pwe'll have more on the numbers pjust ahead. p>>laura: and don't mess with pthis monkey. pyou might get hurt.


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