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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  February 19, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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at steak 'n shake. 3 ((russell- a **bummer getting to th p>>russell: a bummer getting to pthe sand and surf. pexpect bumper to bumper traffic. pthe issue is expected to cause a pbig headache for beach goers pthis weekend. lus -- p>> a tourist helicopter crashes pinto pearl harbor. pwe'll show you the incredible,
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pcoming up. p>>laura: and then losing sleep. pno wonder a lot of you are pwaking up groggy. pliving here doesn't help. pwe'll explain what we mean by pthat. pwelcome to the 7:00 hour of p"good day." pi'm laura moody. p>>russell: and i'm russell prhodes. pa lot ahead but first, the pspectacular forecast from dave. p>>dave: our sun will be up in pfour minutes if you get a chance pto check out the pretty sunrise pthis morning. pyou have an unobstructed view to pthe east. p54 degrees, northeast wind six pmiles per hour as the tampa cam plooks gorgeous. plakeland 52 with the wind at pseven miles an hour. pi have one more camera shot for pyou over the brookdale, bayshore parea. p53 there with an east wind at p11. pgorgeous sunshine today. ptemperatures back in the mid p70s. pvanessa? p>>vanessa: thank you. pin the last report we mentioned psome notable delays on the psuncoast parkway related to some pconstruction that was blocking a
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preally affecting drivers coming pin, trying to access the top of pthe veterans expressway. psome good news is as we send the pchopper to check this out, lane pblocks have cleared so some ptraffic is starting to thin out. pit's looking a little slow and pjammed up. ptravel times have ticked down pbut they're still more than what pwe're used to seeing. pit's 21 minutes coming basically pall the way from state road 52 ptrying to access the top of the pvets and you can see those pdelays that we're seeing pstretching from the top of the pvets to state road 54. pmeantime, we do want to check in pon some detours that folks need pto know about affecting folks ptrying to get to downtown pclearwater, trying to access the pbeach. pfor that we have to get out to pshayla reaves. pgood morning. p>>reporter: hi. pgood morning to you. pgood morning. pin fact, those detours will plikely kick in, in the next pcouple of hours but if you are ptravelling during rush hour, you pshouldn't have any problem pgetting where you need to go.
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pthey've been described to us as psignificant. pand they're going to impact you pif you travel along court pstreet. pright now i'm on court street pjust down from south myrtle pavenue and there are a number of pbarriers. pyou can see some orange cones pbehind me there in the distance. pwell, this is some planned pconstruction work by csx, the prailroad company. pthey're making some railroad pimprovements to the area. pand these planned projects are pkicking in today. pso it's going to impact those ptracks that cross court and pchestnut streets so after rush phour, court street is expected pto close between south myrtle pavenue and south harrison avenue pand it will start at 9:00 this pmorning and run through 11:00 psunday night. pthen next weekend, a similar pclosure is scheduled to impact ptravel on the next street over, pthat's chestnut street and a
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pwill also be combak impacted during pconstruction. pso according to the city of pclearwater, there are already a pnumber of signs that are up. olice will be out here as well ptrying to help people navigate psome detours in place to get paround these areas. pso you're going to let folks pknow what to do to get around pthem. pi'll send it back to you now. p>>vanessa: thank you so much. pso the things to keep in mind, pcourt street will be affected pthis weekend. pchestnut street will be affected pnext weekend and you'll want to lan some extra time to navigate pdetours. psounds like they already have pthem mapped out for drivers in pthe area. pbasically court street folks, pwhen this detour is in place, ptraffic will be pushed onto pier pstreet and then come next pweekend when we see all of the pclosures along chestnut street pand the detour for folks and pthis depends on which direction pyou're getting pushed, pnorthbound or southbound off pchestnut. pyou'll be directed onto franklin pstreet or turner street. pgive yourself extra time if you pwant to head that way.
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paffecting folks that use the inellas trail in the same area pas well. p>>russell: all right. pthere's a recent study shedding plight on infrastructure across pthe country, including right phere in florida. p>>laura: the study suggests that pnearly 10% of all bridged in the pu.s. are structurally deficient. pall bridges in the u.s. pwalter allen has more on this. pgood morning. p>>walter: yes. pcertainly something to think pabout. pbrooklyn bridge in new york city pmight be one of the most iconic pbridges in the world but it's palso one of thousands of bridges pin our country that federal pofficials say is in desperate pneed of repair. pthe classification of division pdoesn't mean the bridges are in pimmediate danger of falling pdown. pthey'll soon require repairs if otential safeguards like weight plimits. phere in florida we have 12,000 pbridges, 251 or 2% are not pclassified as deficient. pthat places us as tenth best pstate for bridge integrity. pone of the states most heavily
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pbridge $ in hillsborough county. plee roy selmon near the ikea has pbeen deemed in need of repair. pmore than 44,000 people drive pacross the overpass every day. pcountry. piowa is the worst state in terms pof the sheer number of pstructurally deficient bridges. pmore than 5,000 of them have pbeen deemed unsafe. pdespite the memorial bridge in pthe nation's capital being pstructurally unfit, the district pof columbia is the best. pnevada, delaware and hawaii and putah round out the top five. pcongress approved a bill in pdecember to help fast track the pnation's road repairs but it's ponly a one time payment. plocal governments say they're in pneed of a larger source to pcontinue getting funds. pyet? pvideo of a tourist helicopter pcrashing in pearl harbor.
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pin critical condition. pwitnesses ran to rescue the pvictims. p>>russell: dramatic video pcaptures the moment a tourist phelicopter crashes in pearl pharbor. pfive people were on board the pchopper when it slammed into the pwater thursday. p>> you can hear it sputtering, pwhite smoke was coming out the pback. p>>russell: one person suffered pcritical injuries and other four pare also in the hospital. phundreds of tourists at the parizona memorial were watching pthe chopper as it crash landed pin the water right in front of pthem. p>> i definitely thought it was art of like a tour. pi thought they were just getting pclose and then, i mean, when psomeone screamed like everyone pget down, we just turned and pran. p>>reporter: witnesses believe pthe pilot prevented the aircraft pfrom hitting people onshore pwhich would have caused more pinjuries. p>> it looked like the pilot did pa really nice job of trying to pcontrol the crash. p>>reporter: once the helicopter phit the water it quickly sank
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pseveral people rushed into the pwater to help. pwhile witnesses say four people pwere able to get out, one person pwas still trapped inside and was ulled out, thanks to good psamaritans. p>> so i jumped in and tried to pextract him and one of the navy olicemen had a knife and we ptook turns cutting on the seat pbelt and finally got him out. p>>reporter: investigators are pnow travel to the site to pdetermine the exact cause of the pcrash. ptours of the herl -- pearl pharbor memorial are now closed puntil further notice. p>>laura: this morning police in ursuit of a stolen car end up pon the other side of the tampa pbay area. pstarted early this morning. olice followed a car they say pwas stolen from a car dealership pin tampa. pand ended up pursuing them all pthe way to st. petersburg. olice say the three people pinside the car parked behind a phouse there and ran inside. pbut someone tipped off the
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ptampa and st. pete police along pwith a helicopter all teamed up pto track down the car thief. pa 13-year-old girl is facing psome grownup charges this pmorning. olice in pinellas park say that pshe stole a minivan wednesday pnight and went for a joy ride. pofficers saw her driving pwrecklessly on 82nd avenue and pbegan chasing her. pthey say she turned off the plights and eventually hit a pbrick wall. pthere's the picture right there. pshe's facing a grand theft auto pcharge. pshe was not hurt. p>>russell: 7:09. pnearly two weeks now since pbeyonce released a controversial pnew music video and the debate pover the message is as heated as pever. pand some of the most vocal popponents, police officers. pin fact, the police union in pmiami is boycotting her concert papril 27. pthat is the night she starts her pworld tour. olice union president in miami pthinks she's been promoting an panti-police message with the pvideo to her new song. lus her super bowl dancers wore pcostumes reminiscent of the
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pearlier this week, police pdepartment in tampa told us no pofficers had signed up to work psecurity for that concert, her pconcert on april 29. pnow, though, we're told dozens, pthat's the word, dozens of pofficers are planning to work pthe event. pthey will not give us a copy of pthe list. pthey say several different psupervisors are handling it all. p>>laura: she doesn't seem to plearn her lesson. pa steer -- serial stowaway in ptrouble again. p>>russell: and see how we have a pmentor to a group of young boys pthat need guidance. p>>dave: heading to the coastline pthis weekend, beaches are great. pwater temperatures, it's pfebruary. pyou can't have everything. pbut as you walk out the door, pwe're going low to mid 50s and preally just a nice, nice start pto the day. psun is now up to temps will make pmid 70s the next couple of pafternoons. pi do have some rain early next pweek to talk about. pwe'll do tha the new caramel macchiato
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p>>dave: i want to show you a pcouple of pictures, maybe not. phow is that for a picture? pwe have 54 degrees, northeast pwind at six miles per hour. phere we go. pthese pictures won the awards in pthe 59th annual world press hoto contest. pthis is the first place picture pin the nature category. pthe daily telegraph shows a pmassive cloud hovering over van pdyke beach in sydney, australia pin november. pthe other picture we're going to pshow you, this, i don't know. pi like this better. pit was taken in mexico. pit shows powerful night pexplosion of the volcano. pit's a combination of lightning, pballistic projectiles and pincandescent rock falls. pthat's just my personal reference. pthat's a beautiful, beautiful icture. pyou see the stars in the pbackground there.
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plet's show you the temperatures pnow. pthey'll spin around and give you pan idea of how pretty it is on pthis friday morning. p54 degrees in tampa with the pnortheast wind at six miles per phour. priver view equally as beautiful. plooking out toward the west, pit's 52 degrees so yeah, you pneed your jacket first thing pthis morning. phow about sirata beach? pit's 58 degrees and an peast-northeast wind at 13 miles er hour. pso winds are up a little bit palong the coastline. pwe do have clear skies just like pwe did yesterday. plight winds to the north, notice pthe temperatures. p58 in st. petersburg so a pcoolish to start but now that pthe sun is up, give it like two phours and we'll quickly warm ptemperatures up to the 60s and pthen eventually mid 70s. pthat's where we left you pyesterday and we'll go right pback there this afternoon. pnortheast winds 10 to 13 miles er hour. pso you get that wind coming pacross the state and it's
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palong the east coast but other pthan that, other than those pcouple of clouds along the east pcoast, the whole weekend looks pfantastic and that means for pboaters, that means for runners, pright? pgasparilla distance classic psaturday and sunday morning. pthe daytona 500, you name it, pthe weather does a -- does look pfantastic over the weekend. ptonight overnight lows will dip pback in the 50s, starry skies ptomorrow. psunshine, mild afternoon with a phigh temperature of 75. pi mentioned boating and the pdaytona 500, 72 degrees. pdrive er rs pdrivers, start your engines, pright? psorry. pi had a couple of almonds before pi went on the air. pi think they're stuck. plight chop for tomorrow.
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pagain, your next seven days, we pdon't bring rain in the forecast puntil tuesday into wednesday. pthat leaved us friday, as a presult, sunday, monday, sunshine pand highs in the mid 70s. p>>vanessa: sounds good. pthank you. ptime right now is 7:16 and i pwant to revisit an earlier pmentioned crash because while it pwasn't causing delays at first, pwe are seeing delays in the parea. pdale mabry highway at fletcher pis where the lane blocks are preported. pwe had sky fox check this out pearlier. plane blockages were northbound pbut that's not the busiest pdirection this time of morning. pthe delays we're seeing are psouthbound with backups getting ptowards village drive at this oint so plan a little extra ptime out the door if you head pthat way. pmeantime, take a live look 275 pat hillsborough, starting to pslow down in the area. pthe congestion is light for this ptime of morning. pit's 17 minutes from bearss pavenue to i-4 with light pcongestion. pi just like the travel times. pi put i-4 there twice so enjoy.
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pwe often hear about children in pthe foster system being left pbehind, not getting the pone-on-one attention they need. pbut there is a local program phelping the most vulnerable kids psucceed. pand with the help of this week's phome town hero, they not only phave a mentor, they have a life plong friend. p>> it was the boot call. pthree, two -- that's one. pcome on. plet's go this way. pmeet. pwhether it's pronouncing words pin his favorite book or helping pfinish his homework, byron is palways there to make sure jimmy pis a success. p>> what i like about mr. byron pis that he helps me with my laces. p>>reporter: the relationship pstarted two years ago through
7:19 am
air high risk kids in the pfoster system with a mentor. p>> they're there to supplement pwhatever the caregiver is doing. p>>russell: p>>reporter: it's a long term pcommitment that starts and pcontinues through high school. p>> we'll be with him 12 years. pi will never not be with him pwherever he goes. p>>reporter: byron is more than a ptutor and mentor. phe considers jimmy and seven pother boys he helps a part of phis family. p>> i consider these boys as my psons. pi want to make sure i give them pthe same opportunities i give my pkids. p>>reporter: he makes sure all of ptheir basic needs are met. p>> making sure that they have a pride to school, make sure they p-- accommodations are fine. pi make sure that they have what pthey need.
7:20 am
pa job to byron. phe says it's his calling. p>> i'm helping them to become a pbetter person. p>>reporter: it's a way to give pback to the community that once phelped him. p>> he was raised in this pcommunity, came from a poor pfamily and had good mentors, saw pthe need for mentors and found phe's dedicated his life to be a pmentor. p>>reporter: he also inspired pjimmy to continue a life of pservice, too. pwhen you grow up, what do you pwant to do? p>> what i want to do is help pother people with their work. p>>reporter: you want to be like pbyron when you grow up? p>> uh-huh. p>>reporter: yeah? p>>laura: that was jennifer pepstein reporting. pjimmy is back home with his dad
7:21 am
pwith byron until he is 18. pbyron says he's become close pwith everyone in jimmy's family pand says that his phone is palways on for any of them to pcall when they need help. pruss? p>>russell: a message sent to pgod. pcoming up, the nfl quarterback pwho is thankful for hail marys. pa lot of us do not get enough psleep at night. phow many hours should we be pgetting? pi hate these stories because we palways find out we're not pgetting nearly enough. pright, charley? p>>charley: how much do you get? pmore than we get. psorry. pget up early and do this. pso beautiful. plook at the sunrise. plook at the sunrise. pwe're at oldsmar at the brand pnew, state of the art, bmx psupercross track. priders, ready? pgo. poh, yeah. pthe gator nationals are phappening here all weekend long. pthe best of the best in bmx
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pyou know it's going3 3 (laura- welcome back to good day tampa bay. the
7:25 am
former **subway pitchman jared p>>laura: lawyers for former psubway pitchman jared fogle have puntil the end of the day to pappeal his sentence. p>>russell: and his sentence is pmore than 15 years. pit's longer than the plea pagreement he had in indiana. phe's doing time for paying punderage girl for sex and ossessing porn. pthey met when he came to the parea 10 years ago. pthey were friends until she pfound out what he was doing. p>>laura: tragedy in pensacola. pa house fire killed four pchildren ages one, three, five pand 11. pa mom -- the mother and older psibling made it out alive. pneighbors tried to help but the pvictims. pit took firefighters seven pminutes to get there and by then pfire.
7:26 am
p>>russell: remember this boy in phartman has been arrested pseveral times for boarding pairports several times. pshe's banned from airport roperty. pwell, yesterday when hartman pwent to chicago o'hare, her pdevice tipped off police. pshe's arrested for violating robation and trespassing. pshe is being held on $200,000 pbond. p>>laura: rescue crews braved icy pwaters to save a dog that fell pthrough thin ice in virginia and pit's all caught on camera. pit happened early wednesday pmorning. pangel's owner called police pafter the 75 pound dog struggled ptrying to get out of the water. pit only took 10 minutes from the ptime they got the call to when pangel was rescued and while she pwas cold, she was just fine. p>>russell: there's a moment pright there where she went punder.
7:27 am
p>>dave: and 54 degrees outside pat tampa international. phow were. plooking at temperatures, don't psee a huge difference from pyesterday. pif anything, i think we're a pdegree warmer than we were pyesterday at this time. pit's not a big deal. plook at the next few days, pthough. pfriday, saturday, sunday, highs pin the mid 70s, lows will be in pthe mid 50s. psteady as she goes. pgreat for the gasparilla pdistance classic, great for the pdaytona 500. pand for boating. pactually anything outdoors, pvanessa. pjust enjoy it. p>>vanessa: looks perfect. pthank you. p7:27. plet's check the roadways. psome good news for drivers. pearlier mentioned delays we're pseeing along the suncoast arkway heading to the vets are pclear. pof course, they cleared out the pconstruction that was jamming pthings up and now we're back to pnormal travel times. p14 minutes between state road 52 pand the top of the veterans. pmeantime, the veterans is not ptoo much to complain about as pfar as southbound travel times. pnormally we're around 30 minutes por so.
7:28 am
pbelow that by seven minutes so pthat's a 23-minute ride top to pbottom on the vets and pnorthbound is looking clear at pthis time. pwe do have some reports of a pladder in the roadway. p75 northbound at university arkway in the manatee county parea. pleft lane is blocked. pmeantime, here's a live look. pthis is close to the tampa side pof the courtney campbell pcauseway. pabout a 12 minute ride coming pfrom mcmullen booth road heading pto the veterans. p>>laura: the war of words. pthis time it's donald trump and pthe pope. p>>russell: just when you thought pit couldn't get crazier, that. lus life in the fast lane. phey, jennifer epstein. p>>jennifer: hey, russell rhodes. phey, laura moody. p>>russell: what are you doing? p>>jennifer: you do not have to pbe a professional race car pdriver to get behind the wheel pat the international speedway. pchecking out a cool fan pexperience coming up after the
7:29 am
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i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
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3 (russell welcome back to good day tampa bay. p>>russell: welcome to "good pday." pit is 7:32. pthe funeral for supreme court pjustice scalia is tomorrow. p>>laura: today family, friends pand even the president will pattend a public memorial at the psupreme court building. pdoug is there. pgood morning to you, doug. p>>reporter: good morning. pin a couple of hours, justice pscalia will arrive here at the pcourt. phis casket will be carried up pthe stairs here for initially a rivate ceremony and then the ublic will have an extended popportunity today to pay their prespects. pinside the court, the signs of a pgrieving institution. pthe seat that justice scalia
7:33 am
pthe chief justice draped in pblack. phe'll be remembered as a serious pscholar here who established his pgeneration's standard for pconservative legal opinion. pwhile he could be a lightning prod for critics, he will also be premembered today as a gregarious pman, quick to engage with those pto whom he disagreed. p>> i liked him very much. p>>reporter: sandra day o'conner pworked with him. p>> he was a fine justice. phe just had the background in pthe past to do the job pmagnificently. p>>reporter: his sudden passing pcreated a vacancy and an popportunity for president obama pto appoint a replacement and pdeepen his impact on the court's pideological balance. pwhile some republicans initially psaid they would refuse to pconsider a nominee, it's ossible there could be senate phearings but that won't
7:34 am
pall of this spills on the pcampaign trail. p>> the senate has the obligation pto process that nomination. p>> we're one justice away from plosing our religious fundamental pliberty. p>>reporter: the white house is punwilling to disclose the resident's schedule. p>> given the president's desire pto find a respectful way to pay ptribute to justice scalia's pservice to the country, we pbelieve we've settled on an pappropriate and respectful parrangement. p>>reporter: as we come out live pto the court here, you see psecurity there in the process of pgetting everything set for pjustice scalia's arrival today. pyou hear the white house talking pabout finding an appropriate way pto pay their respects. pjoe biden will be attending the pfuneral tomorrow, kind of in lace of the president to prepresent the administration but pagain, the president will not be pattending the actual funeral.
7:35 am
p>>laura: all right. pthank you. p>> what did the pope say? pi like the pope. pwas it good or bad? ope. pif it's bad, i don't like the ope. pit's true. p>>russell: that's donald trump presponding to a statement from ope francis. pthe 79-year-old pontiff said pthat trump's idea to build a pwall along the southern border pis not very christian. pwell, trump thinks that the pmexican government gave the pope psome false information while he pwas there this week and he said pit's not fair to judge him like pthat. phe said he's christian and very roud of it. platest statistics show 70% of pthe u.s. population considers pthemselves christian. pthat number has been dwindling pthe past decade. pit was 78% in 2007. pwebster dictionary says pchristian is someone that pbelieves in the teaching of pjesus. p>>laura: we know the health roblems linked to smoking and pjunk food, not getting enough
7:36 am
pwhat about not getting enough psleep? pa study shows more than a third pof us aren't getting enough shut peye and the cdc found 35% of us padults are sleeping less than pseven hours a night which is pwhat the experts recommend. eople in the southeastern part pof the u.s. reported getting the pleast amount of sleep. ponly about 64% of floridians say pthey get at least seven hours of psleep every 24 hours. pthat can lead to health problems pincluding diabetes, mental pillness and heart disease. pour region also had a high rate pof obesity and other conditions. eople who sleep seven to eight phours of day have the lowest prates of obesity. p>>russell: number of tourists pflocking to our state keep pgrowing. pannouncement in orlando this pweek, governor scott said more pthan 105 million people came to pthe sunshine state in 2015 and pthat beats the previous high of p98.5 million. palso marks the fifth year in a prow of record numbers of
7:37 am
pstate officials expect as many pas 115 million tourists to visit pflorida this year. pthe state is also predicting p$100 billion in visitor spending pby 2020. p>>laura: there is a need for pspeed at the daytona pinternational speedway this pweekend. pa new nascar season starts with pthe daytona 500. pjennifer epstein is there in pdaytona. pgood morning. p>>jennifer: good morning, laura. pyou know, when i think of nascar pdrivers, i think of those little prace cars. pbut not everyone drives one of pthose. eople drive trucks on the pinternational speedway. pmaybe it's common knowledge for peveryone else but i didn't know pthat. pyou are part of the camping pworld truck series. pand talk to me about the pvehicle, first of all, that you pdrive. p>> i drive the number 13 toyota ptundra so we drive these awesome ptundras. phow cool is this thing? paround that racetrack out there. palmost 200 miles an hour so pwe're going to have a lot of fun ptonight. p>>jennifer: what we're in right
7:38 am
pexperiences and you'll take us pfor awhile. pnot nearly as fast as you would pbe driving on the racetrack but pyou can go ahead. pi'll keep talking to you. pi know this isn't good. pdon't try this at home. pso my first question to you was pbefore, how fast are you going pwhen you're driving on the ptrack? p>> close to 200 miles an hour. p>>jennifer: much faster than you pare right now. pso you're 19 years old. pi asked if this was your first prace at the international pspeedway and you said no. ptell me about your driving phistory. p>> i've been driving since i was pfour years old and we're going pto take a big splash here. pi've been driving since i was pfour years old. pso i've been through a lot of pracing experience and last year pi got my shot in the rofessional series so that's retty cool. p>>jennifer: and you're racing ptonight. ptell me about that. p>> i'm racing tonight. pwe'll be racing on a 31-degree pbank. pthat's what we're going to go pover right now. pthis tundra will be awesome on
7:39 am
ptonight we're going to go out pthere. pwe have a great tundra for ptonight and hopefully we'll see pif we can end up on top. p>>jennifer: did you say you've pbeen driving since you were pfour? p>> four years old i started pdriving. pso i've been racing now for palmost -- i guess 15 years, pbeing 19 years old and hopefully pthat experience will be put to puse tonight. p>>jennifer: what do you think pabout the new speedway? pthey've reramped it, $400 pmillion. pit's impressive, isn't it? p>> it's supercool. pthe injector here, so many great pfeatures here and great to be pback, great to be back in the pseries and how cool was this fan pexperience here? pthey are so cool so everyone pshould come out and enjoy it. p>>jennifer: thank you. pyou took it pretty easy. pi don't know if you saw joe in pthe back. phe was wobbling around a little pbit. pi hope you get breakfast after pthat ride. pare you doing okay in the pstudio?
7:40 am
pthat was fun. pthat was fun. pyou keep going, jen. pwe'll talk to you soon. p>>jennifer: i will. ptalk to you at 8:00. p>>russell: there's a big psporting event in tampa. pworkers have been up all night pgetting amalie arena ready. pthat means replacing the ice pwith dirt. psort of. palcides segui is there. plet's talk about that. pnot replacing. pwe should clear that up. p>>reporter: we should clear that pup. pthe ice is still there. pthey have an ice decking on top pof that, then they have a piece pof plastic over the top of that pand then about a 3/4 inch lywood on top of that as well. pas you can see, lindsay, thank pyou for being with us. pstep over here so we can see pwhat's going on behind you. pfolks are putting on the plywood pright now. pyou have the plastic sheeting pand below that the decking and pthen making sure the ice stays pin pristine condition. pthe lightning are fighting to
7:41 am
psee the dirt on the right-hand pside. p3,000 pound of dirt will come in pto the amalie arena all day ptoday and that crew you see pright there will be working puntil about 9:00, 10:00 tonight. plindsay, arena cross, thank you pfor being with us. pi appreciate it. ptalk to us a little bit about parena cross in case folks at phome don't know. p>> it's the most intense pmotorcycle racing on the planet. pwe're here in the amalie arena. pthis is the second year coming pback and we could not be more pexcited. plast year the fans were pextremely involved. pthey were enthusiastic. pthey loved it. pwhat you're going to see this pweekend is just great racing paction. pi went last night. pi was so -- i went to the plightning game. pi mean, wow. pwhat a great game. pit remind me a lot of arena pcross. pthose guys were bumping and pfighting and that's the same pthing these guys are doing. pthey're here for a championship pso they're fighting week in and pweek out. pwe're around 7:00 so a lot of pthe beginning is done and now
7:42 am
pmode and they go and they're bar pbanging, inches apart from each pother. pthere's a lot of drama going on pin the season we have five pdifferent winners so there's a plot of different things. pthere's a lot of guys that could pstill win. panything could happen tomorrow pnight. p>>reporter: i was talking about pthis on facebook and already a plot of people are responding psaying they came out last year, pthey can't wait this year. pthere's a lot of emotions, a lot pof banging and a lot of fun that pgoes with it. psaturday starts at 7:00. pthat's the pro race. pthen along sunday is amateur pnight which i thought was cool. ptalk to us about that. p>> amateur day is anybody. pwe have over 30 different pclasses for all age and skill plevels. pyou can try your shot at race pago reason across. plike you mentioned earlier, how pdid these guys get to where they pare saturday night? pthe pro guys? pthey start on amateur day. pthis is where they start and pthese people are qualified to pcompete in an arena cross pchampionship which will be held pin may in las vegas.
7:43 am
pfor them to expand upon their pamateur career. p>>reporter: thanks so much for pbeing with us. pi appreciate it. pagain, crews will be working puntil about 9:00, 10:00 tonight. p170 truckloads of dirt will be pcoming through amalie arena all pday today. pthey'll have this entire arena pcovered, this whole area here pcovered in dirt. pby the way, dave osterberg, you pjust heard lindsay say a while pago, tomorrow is amateur night pwhich means -- i know you've got pthat dirt bike in that garage, pmy friend. pbring that dirt bike out. pcome out here. pregistration is $65. pyou, too, can race on the -- i pdon't know what it's called. pthe track tomorrow. pactually on sunday. pa lot of fun. retty excited. pback to you guys. p>>dave: you know, we'll give it pa shot but you're going to work pwith me on monday morning after pi race something.
7:44 am
pwill kill you if you even pconsider it. pcome on. pyou're athletic guy. pdid you see the lightning game? pthey won 6-5. phow about that? p>>dave: we're going to talk pabout the lightning. pthank you. pbig nail-biter that alcides psegui was just talking about. pbolts in the latest home stand pand much needed win. pthey beat the winipeg jets. pstamkos had the game winning pgoal of the shootout. pthey had a 4-1 lead in the final eriod. pthe lightning will play the enguins tomorrow in pittsburgh. pi think it's a day game. pthe wait is over for rays itchers and catchers who report pto spring training today in port pcharlotte. pthey'll start to practice on psunday. pthe rest of the team will join pthem friday for spring training pmarch 2 against the nationals.
7:45 am
phome against the toronto blue pjays. pgreen bay quarterback rodgers phad a great season in 2015. phis season will be remembered pfor two amazing passes. phe heaved a pass against arizona pthat sent the game into povertime. pit's season over, rodgers is pback to his game on social media pand his first tweet of the year pwas a bit of a hail mary in pitself. pthis time aimed at the big man pupstairs. pin it he says, i have to start pmy return by thanking god for an pexciting season. pi say thank you for those two pthrows. pthis isn't the first time prodgers has thanked god in his ptweets. plast season he said god is a ackers fan tonight. psome say that was a dig at
7:46 am
pabout his religious blefs. phudson beach camera, it is
7:47 am
7:48 am
7:49 am
pthat answer p>>dave: good friday morning. phow pretty is that looking pdowntown at the brilliant psunshine that we have. pstarts off similar to yesterday, pwouldn't you say? priver view, looking out to the pwest. pi'm loving the beach shots. eople are jogging up and down pthe coastline. pthe water temperatures are cool punless you're coming from the pnorth and then it's perfect. pbut for us, yeah, a little plonger until we jump in the pwater but it's going to be retty out to the beach this pweekend. pequally as beautiful there plooking west on kennedy. pour temperatures still the 40s
7:50 am
psliver color of blue that goes pdown to the eastern pasco pcounty, dade city, those spots pin the 40s. pupper 50s along the coastline. pnotice the 24-hour temperature pchange. pit's not a huge change but ositive one, four degrees pwarmer than yesterday at this ptime. pand we still have those winds pout of the northeast from 10 to p13 miles an hour. pthe satellite is just quiet pother than a few clouds along pthe east coast today and through pthe weekend, today similar to pyesterday. ptomorrow similar to today. pso on and so on. pour changes don't work their way pto late in the day on monday pwhen the clouds start to build pup with showers around late in pthe day on tuesday. p74 for a high today. pthat's pretty similar to pyesterday. p54 the overnight low tonight. pbig 20-degree difference, right, pbecause of all the drier air pthat cools off quickly and ptomorrow, mostly sunny with a phigh of 75. pon monday, 40% that rain chance.
7:51 am
ptuesday and very early on pwednesday morning. p>>vanessa: all right. pthank you, dave. pthe roads have been pretty quiet pthis morning. pwe do have a new crash we're pfollowing with some minor delays pin some lane blockages. pthis is s is inned before -- this is pin bradenton. pit's eastbound and westbound pdelays but as i mentioned, they plook minor to me at this time. pwe have an update here. pwe've been following this crash pfor a little while ago. pthey're updating this on the psystem. pall the northbound lanes are pclosed for. pthis good news is the northbound pis going in the opposite pdirection from the busy traffic pflow for this time of morning. pwe're actually not seeing any pdelays. pbut if you want to avoid the parea completely, you can take pthat to ehrlich road and that pnorthbound direction. psouthbound drivers, just be repared for a few delays pheading in the other direction. pjust a couple of minutes. pbuckle up and enjoy.
7:52 am
plet's get out to charley having psome fun on the track. p>>charley: that's right. poldsmar brand new bmx racetrack. pthese are very light, these bmx pbikes. pthe seat is incredibly puncomfortable but that's because pyou don't sit down when you're pdoing this sort of racing. pare you ready for this? pyou stand up and ride them. pyeah. pthis is not a good angle. pdon't look. pthis is all the riding i'm going pto do. pi'm not 3 pi'm crazy but not stupid.
7:53 am
7:54 am
7:55 am
pwe'll show you those who are p>>charley: "good day tampa bay." pi'm charley belcher coming from pthe fine city of oldsmar. palways enjoying my time in poldsmar and chatting with the pmayor of this fine city. pthank you for coming out this pmorning. p>> thank you. pthank you for coming. p>>charley: you have to be proud pof the bmx supercross track. pi mean, this is an incredible pfacility. p>> we built this thing about 13 pyears ago and i got to tell you, pwe never expected -- that was pbefore it was in the olympics in p2008 and 2012 and we never pexpected it rose to this level. pwe shoud have 1200 riders from p40 countries, maybe around the
7:56 am
polympians will be here racing. p>>charley: and to be clear, you pdidn't build this track 13 years pago. pthis is a newly rebuilt track pthat just opened last year for pthe first time. p>> they call it the best track pin the world so -- p>>charley: we're seeing video pnow from last october with the plaunch of this and people from paround the world will descend pupon oldsmar this weekend for pthe gator nationals. p>> absolutely. pwe have the team from germany, prussia, china, japan, the dutch pnational team is here, the 2008, p2012 gold medal olympians will pbe here in brazil, colombia. p1.3 from the state and the rest pfrom us and they felt it was a pgreat investment because of the pamount of people that come and pstay in the hotels and use our prestaurants, it was a great win pfor the entire area.
7:57 am
pto watch that bottom line, do pyou agree it was the right pinvestment? p>> i think so. pwe run the numbers on the first pquarter and it's about a p$200,000 impact over what it pwould have normally done to the parea so it's great. pour businesses love it. p>>charley: i don't doubt it. pwe're right on tampa road just peast of the mcmullen booth area. pit's a great location and it's pgoing to be a great weekend. pthank you, sir. pfwator nationals, free to watch pthem, 10 bucks to watch. pstarts today. pit will be gorgeous weather for pit. p>>russell: it is. psee ya. pstumbling upon a crime in action pon the way to work. p>>laura: and how a stop for
7:58 am
(vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru,
7:59 am
8:00 am
((russell a lot of exciting changes at daytona this weekend.. the track.. pa lot of exciting changes a pdaytona the track the experience pand jeff gordon out of the car pinto at broadcast booth. pguess what? pwe're talking with him live. p>> anchor: you're excited about pthat a swine sold for tens of pthousands of dollars at the phardee county fair. pwhy a local community pooled ptheir money together to help a pyoung boy who raised this pig. p from tampa bay's number one pnews station, this is good day ptampa bay. p>> anchor: friday morning p8 o'clock i'm russell rhodes. pi'm laura moody. pgood morning we thank you for pwaking up with this us on pfebruary 20th. pget to dave for look at the pbeautiful forecast. phey dave.


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