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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 8AM  FOX  February 19, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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((russell a lot of exciting changes at daytona this weekend.. the track.. pa lot of exciting changes a pdaytona the track the experience pand jeff gordon out of the car pinto at broadcast booth. pguess what? pwe're talking with him live. p>> anchor: you're excited about pthat a swine sold for tens of pthousands of dollars at the phardee county fair. pwhy a local community pooled ptheir money together to help a pyoung boy who raised this pig. p from tampa bay's number one pnews station, this is good day ptampa bay. p>> anchor: friday morning p8 o'clock i'm russell rhodes. pi'm laura moody. pgood morning we thank you for pwaking up with this us on pfebruary 20th. pget to dave for look at the pbeautiful forecast. phey dave.
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pi'm looking first of all pvisibility tremendous too drier pair at the surface, drier air paloft obvious knoll fog we're pdealing with brook dale bay pshore camera you can see skyline erfectly there. pcheck temperatures here at p8 o'clock. p56 at tampa international. p55 in brandon. pwe also have lower 50s now pcrystal river to brooksville. pwe're heading back to the mid p70s for high temperatures today. prest of your weekend forecast pcoming up in just a few minutes. plet's check roads on this friday pmorning. pyeah, not too much to complain pabout on roadways. pwe don't have lot of incidents pwe're following as far as pcrashes and lane blockage. pwe do have congestion in normal pareas for that we have skyfox pchecking out veterans expressway pwe're in area of gunn highway pyou can see it starts to slow pdown that you at that stretch in psouthbound direction north found pdrivers not too much to worry pabout. pwe check in the speeds and ptravel times and area, got heavy pdelay gunn highway to about pwaters avenue. ptimes are below 30 minutes so pthat good news for drivers. lan for about 26 minutes top to pbottom.
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pto hit up the best beach in the pcountry. pclearwater beach. pbut you know what they say, pgetting there is half the fun. pyeah, starting a just under an phour the main artery to the pbeach will be shut down, fox p13's shayla reeves is live for pus in clearwater with what with pthat's going to mean for your pweekend plans. pnot an easy area to get to as it pis, right? p>> it can a little bit pdifficult. pi know clearwater beach is a opular spot for a lot of folks. pbut if this is a place where you pwant to go over the weekend, you pmay want to plan a little bit of pextra time on the road. pin fact the traffic impact this pweekend hassing described as psignificant. pand again we're just under an phour away. pthis area that i'm in right now pis court street near south pmyrtle avenue. pwe're getting to end of the rush phour morning commute. pand in come 9 o'clock that's pwhen you'll start to see those pchanges. pso right now, as you mentioned pclearwater beach is just been pnamed trip advisors best beach pin the country.
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pcame out prior to it we did find pout that csx was already plan pmanaging rail road repair and pimprovements in this area. pso, it's work that's going to pits start daing if you're going pto be out and about here's what pyou need to know starting a p9 o'clock court street is pexpected to close between south pmyrtle avenue and south fort pharrison avenue. pit will last from 9 o'clock this pmorning that you 11 o'clock psunday night. pthen next weekend, a similar pclosure is scheduled to impact ptravel on the next street over pchestnut street. pstretch of the pinellas trail pwill also be impacted during pconstruction meaning you won't pbe able to use a stretch pcleveland street south and pturner street at that time. pnow roared according to city of pclearwater there will be a pmarked detours along with police pofficers who again already see pbehind us here already making pthis way out here to make sure pthat folks know how to utilize psome detours that will be in lace to get you around these
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pso, you're best bet, if you're ptrying to get to clearwater pbeach this weekend, is to give pyourself a little bit of extra ptime to get there, guys. pback to you. p>> all right shayla, thank you. p>> just about 8:04. psometimes it's really about the ptiming. pa martin county sheriff's pdeputies unknowingly walks in on pan armed robbery. pand walks the suspect out in phandcuffs. psurveillance videoed from pchevron gas station on lost priver road in martin county. pyou can see the man walk in pdeputy matt roll up just after. phe planned to get some sunflower pseeds on his way to work. pnotice there was a fear in the pclerk's faces. pso he did what he does, jumped pinto action. pdeputy ended up arresting p24-year-old dominic pierce pcharged him with armed robbery. asco county sheriff chris nocco phas stern warning for criminals. phis deputies are off limits. pthat's because a man trieded to pset a deputy's house on fire pearly yesterday. pnocco says a daniel thomas hall
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pwith his sister and told her p"i'm going to get out tonight to pget an arrested." pboy did he. pinvestigators say a hall started pa fire on the deputy's porch. phall spent night in pasco county pjail he faces a long list of pcharges and you can add arson to pit now. pa community comes together to phelp a young boy who lost so pmuch so quickly. pa couple of days ago, she died psuddenly a heart attack. pshe was teacher. pshe was also a single mother to p11-year-old heath. pfamily is still trying to heal pbut last night at the hardee pcounty fair something very pspecial happened. pthis video was sent to us by pwith a viewer who wants to stay panonymous. pbut you know heath has raising pthis pig to sell at the fair. pvery important to him high ressure last night it went on pthe auction block. plocal ranchers joined together pto buy the pig ats an heard of rice.
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pthe pig wieed nearly 290 pounds. pmore than $47,000. pwhen winning bid is announced pyou can see people in the barn pgive the little boy a standing povation. pwe're told there was not a dry peye in the house. pthat money will go towards his pmother's funeral and the rest pwill go to heath to help in his pcare. pthat's our good day good deed, pruss. pnot dry eye in studio either. pwow. pthank you, laura. pgoing to be great weekend to get poutside. pdave's go at beautiful beach pforecast for us next. pfirst, it's also a big weekend pfor race fans. pjen is in daytona. pit looks so pretty there. pit looks beautiful. poh my gosh. prussell rhodes, this view is pbreath taking. pwe were out here earlier this pmorning before the sun roads. pand just take look at this, i pmean what more can i say? pit is good day tampa bay. pwe're live in daytona. pmore coming up after the break. pbut first charley belcher. pwe're talking about fast cars pyou're talking about fast bikes?
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pyou got good day daytona. pi've got good day oldsmar pactually. pwhere we are. poldsmar bmx super cross track pthat just opened last year gator pnationals are here. pwhy motors will be running over pin daytona all pedal power here pand they are coming in from all paround the world. pbig economic impact for our parea.
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p>> anchor: welcome back. pit's just about ten minutes pafter top of hour one most ptalked about goods right now the pbattle over borders. pand immigration. pespecially after yesterday's pvery public exchange between pdonald trump and the pope. pand we can't overlook the resident upcoming trip to cuba peither. pthis weekend the u.s. custom and pborder protection commissioner pis in town to talk trade and to precruit. pthis morning we have him? ptooud to talk about this and so pmuch more. pgood morning to you pcommissioner. pthanks for being with us. pthank you. pthere's lot of talk right now pabout building this wall between pu.s. and mexico even the pope phas weighed in on this. phow possible is it in realist psnik that's a lot of ground to pcover. pit's not realistic. pi think people that have
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phow diverse it from mountains to pdessert to rio grand valley and pthe river know that it would be pvery, very difficult or pwall. p>> there is anything that can be pdone at all it is a relates to pbarrier like that? pfencing. pand it's used to so that we can pdeploy our resources in the most pappropriate places. paircraft. pwe have a ground sensors. pwe have infrared. pwe have something called ptethered balloons with large pvideo systems in them. pand of course right now we have pa more boots on the ground, more pborder patrol agents on the pborder than we have ever had pbefore. p>> and you know there's a lot prhetoric on campaign trail. pi have to wonder when you hear ptalk about the wall, when you phear debate about it, what do pyou think? p>> well i know that we have an pincredible complex problem. eople should probably put in
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phave less than 400,000 arps phengss at the border last year. pwasn't that many years ago we phad up to 1.6 million. pso things are certainly better. pthose cities along the border, psan diego to el paso, they have psome lowest crime rates of any plarge cities in the country. pso things are actually much pbetter. pthe border is much more secure. pbut this is a large diverse pcountry with really complex my pcraigs problem. pyou've got lot of on your hands pthere. pall right. plet's talk about trade one the preasons why you're here today pcuba and ussery stored their prelations we no a lot of pconstruction contractors are poffered there in hopes that pbusiness will be built. pand the economy will regien its psuccess. pwhat is this going to mean for ptrade? p>> well i just returned from pcuba about two months ago. pwe met with ministry of ptransportation, the ministry of pinterior and others. pyou know, they are very excited pabout tourism. pthey have large numbers of
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pbut they are also interested in phow do we screen people? phow do away make sure that eople coming in to cuba are not peither transporting drugs or pthey are not criminals. premember before the revolution, pthere was a time during our hey pday of prohibition and organized pcrime that cuba was a central plocation for that. pthey very much want to prevent pthat. p>> yeah. pi have to ask you, because, pyou're back in florida, you're pgoing to speaking at your old pschool hop how does it feel? pgreat to go back i certainly pdon't recognize usf any more pfrom time i went this long time pago that was even before they phad a football team. pit's wonderful to be back. pbut of course we're recruiting pand literally thousands of job popenings. pwe have 60,000 employees. pwe're all over the world. pand we have, we need attract pbright talented people that are atriotic and want to give
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pit's a great job at custom and pborder protection. pyeah. pyou're focussing on this younger pgeneration. pthis is the explorer program pyou've talked about? pwell law enforcement explorer rogram is one. pbut, in that diversity we have pagriculture inspectors. pwe scientists. pavenue wide array of computer pspecialists. pbecause technology is such a pkey. pso just about anything that psomebody would want to do in rofession we have a job that pthey could handle. p>> all right. pwe've got to leave it there pcommissioner good to have you. pthank you for taking your time. pyou're here. pthank you. p>> all right. plet's get over to dave osterberg pand look at the forecast. pfriday. pyou see, i'm going to start with pusf marine science camera try to pget each one of our cameras on pseveral times. pand when you get a day like pthis, it's just, you want to pshow off everything. pthere's tampa bay. plooking eastward.
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palso seems to be a couple pdegrees warmer here in the p8 o'clock hour versus where we pwere yesterday at this time. pnot a huge difference. plook at the mid 50s. pfrom tampa to bradenton to psarasota. pwe've got mid 50s in the sebring parea. pall the way up to leesburg. pstill hanking in 40s along i-10. pbut if you compare this to pyesterday, here in central pflorida running two to three pdegrees warmer. psunshine, again that wall to pwall for you. pa couple of clouds along the peast coast today. pbut we still, we're still redicting no rain until some ptime tuesday into wednesday. pwhich means, it's going to be a psunsational with high of 74 pdegrees tonight. pdrop 20 down to 54. pyou thought i said drop two 20. pwe will drop 20 to 54. pmostly sun and high of 75 pdegrees. pboaters looking fantastic pthrough the weekend. pand once again tuesday into pwednesday, a line of showers pmove through the area. puntil then, we're dry and quiet pvanessa. pall right dave, thank you.
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pout roadways right now. pwe have an earlier mentioned pcrash still working handed off pto polk county sheriff's office poriginally fhp was reporting pthis one. pin polk county city area dean pstill road and moore road. pthis originally overturned pvehicle. pwe actually just got viewer icture i didn't have enough ptight it turned around check it pout if you'd like to fox 13 at ptraffic. pvehicle might not have poverturned maybe just crashed pinto a fence. pwest intersection. phearing they will still pbasketball lane blockages in the parea. pbut some minor delays. pi think if you do have to head pthat way maybe just five extra pminutes at the very most poutdoor. plive look for you over it is psunshine skyway bridge. pnice travel times for you folks pthere. pand pretty shot for you as well. pyou can see that. pnorthbound 275, once you hit inellas bayway coming up to i-4 lan for about 30 minutes and pstill got light congestion we're pseeing along northbound 75 and
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pinterchange. pwelcome back. poutside in good day garden. pgood friend widwam organics. pi'm well, thank you. pbeautiful. pisn't it i love it. pjust absolutely beautiful. pwe're going to talk tomatoes ptoday. pthat's right. pand what do you want to tell me pabout the good day garden ptomatoes? p>> our tomatoes have been doing pgreat. pwe have had some spots on the pleaves. pthat's pretty normal for pflorida. pany leaves that showing pyellowing, or this, you don't pwant this spreading around the lant. pso you can just remove them ptomato plants can deal with lot pless leaves than most people pthink. pwe're not trying to grow big ptomato plant trying to grow ptomatoes. pleave the tomato and cut leaves poff. pall right. pso where are we in the process pof our tomatoes? pthat one's looking. pyou could. ponce they start get a glow to pthem pick them and bring them
8:18 am
pnot refrigerator. pthat's right. plet's talk, one of the goods we pbrought up last week i thought preally important was the fact pthat how you fertilized, pespecially if you have an porganic garden which is what we phave here. pand sometimes this garden these ptomatoes may need something that pthey don't have with them all pthe time tomato are real heavy pfeeders with calcium. placking in our soil as far as pbeing available to the plants, pand one of the fertilizers that pevery away been adding is this pnature safe fertilizer right pback here. p5, 6, 6. p5 percent nitrogen phosphorous pand potassium. pa little bit unique in that it pcalcium. pyou look here on the bag, this phas 7 percent calcium. pokay. pand that's something that the ptomatoes need. pthis is commercially available pfertilizer.
8:19 am
phave access to this. p>> do you assume they are going pto need calcium? pabsolutely. pall right. pand can you assume probably that psoil you have may not have it pyou may need to supplement is it pt. has it's just not available. p aget that get that. pyou said that's available pimmediately. pwhat if it's like com posing psituation? pokay. pviewer can add calcium using pshrimp shells. pi mean egg shells. pthe egg shells, depending on how pmuch you break them up, if you padd them directly to the soil, pit won't available to the tomato por to the garden for about three pmonths to a year. p>> okay. pokay. pso et building that stuff pincorporated in early is very pimportant. pif you're composting in and pcompost pile, it breaks down pabout the same speed that your pcompost turns into soil. pthere's recipe you were giving pme for using egg shells when pyou're going to compost them i pnever heard and i think is
8:20 am
pif you need calcium immediately. pfury getting blossom, you can ptake shrimp shells, egg shells. pand you bake them in the oven, p180 degrees for two hours ulverize them then mix them pwith white vinegar. pand covey grinder and you mix pthem at ratio of 1 to 1 with the pvinegar tore one hour and then pyou can pour it directly on the lant. pthere it is. pthere it is. pall right. ptomatoes gr to go.
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ick it stake it p all right. pyou may release the racers. pgood day tampa bay. pi'm charley belcher coming to pyou from oldsmar. palong at them up there. plook at them up there. pgetting ready to go. pthe gate will drop and they are poff. pwelcome to the oldsmar bmx super pcross track. pan incredible state of the art pstadium and facility here. pand the gator nationals are in ptown this weekend. pyou will have a bmx super cross pracer around the world. poh olympians all in oldsmar pcompeting this weekend. plook at them coming down the pstretch. pi love it. pwhat a beautiful sight. pmatt is st. petersburg pclearwater sports commission. pyour official title.
8:24 am
pbusiness to have this track in poldsmar. pi tell you what, charley thanks pfor having me on. pyou know, the promotes markets pand brings economic impact to inellas county area. pthe oldsmar b m x gator pnationals has been around for pfew years. pincredible the growth from pgrassroots level b m x strong pclub here and john sawyer to now plook we've got, we've got one pthe best if not the best track pin the world. pso my job is to partner with the pcity of oldsmar usabxx bring pamateur and olympic hopefuls not pjust in bmx but all sports. pwe were right now, we hit last pyear over 140 different events pthat we're a part of. pthis is just one. pit's really unique because it's pon the stretch of our ready set prio campaign we launched last
8:25 am
pand, it's all the olympic pqualifiers in sports of bmx pvolleyball and sailing. pwhich, which hits all kinds of pdifferent communities in popinions county. pand actually, ready set rio pcampaign is promoting pinellas pcounty as an olympic training pdestination. pbecause this is an olympic psport. pyes. pyeah we have olympic riders here pthat will be going to rio that phave been in olympic and hopeful pto be in the olympics even small pones you will see on the strider pseries. pthey start a young two years pold. priding bikes on this a track. pit's impressive. pyeah, what he do is we want to pcapture all of the athletes that pare coming in. pshow them, you know, the inellas county hospitality from pa sports commission and visit pst. pete clearwater. pand i think we've done that. pour marketing campaign we've got pa t-shirt for you actually. plook at that. pready set rio.
8:26 am
pour b m x specific long sleeve ptee. pthis is for you. pit u rrl race.original explains pall venues and events. pi love it love it. pfantastic going to be great pweekend out here, folks. edal power out here. pand nothing but a horse power pwhere jennifer epstein is this pmorning. pgood day, jen. pgood morning, charley. pa little quiet right now but pwe've been inside, outside going pall over the international pspeedway all morning long we pshowed you outdoor and track and pconcession stands. pnow we're taking a look at where phigh rollers sit ah, this lucky boy... he has no idea what's coming. my taste - so huge, yet so unexpected. i'm like a boxer in a ring.
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you don't expect much... and then, wham! i hit 'em with a whole lotta creamy goodness! left! right! uppercut! leaving taste buds... deliciously dizzy! look! his tongue is knocked out! oh! mom steps into the ring! bring it, girlfriend! rich, creamy, 100% natural cheese. mini babybel.
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3 3 it's time to rev up your p all right. ptime to rev those engines get pready for a fast paced weekend. eople from an across the pcountry are in florida for the pdaytona 500. pand fox 13's jennifer epstein is pin daytona live for us at the ptrack to give us a first hand plook at what we can expect to psee on sunday. phey jen how are those upgrades plooking? pgood morning guys. poh my gosh talk about upgrades plaura you said it exactly. pfirst of all you know how we pwere talking earlier and all the ress releases said there really pisn't a bad seat in house pbecause of this whole revamped pinternational daytona pinternational speedway? pit's true. pbecause we were down at the plower level earlier in the pmorning and we made our way up pto the fourth level. pand it all looks the same. pi mean take look at this view. pwe talked about it in tease pearlier. pand it is just spectacular. pi mean you can see miles and
8:31 am
pwhere we're alt right now rolex p24 lounge of the daytona pinternational speedway. plike i said before, kind of pwhere luxurious live while they pare watching races. pwe're with andrew booth this pmorning you're spokesperson for pthis whole thing. pi mean this is really nice. pisn't it? pthis is the spot to be at. pit's been one of the most opular spots since we've put in pthe new renovation project rolex p24 daytona lounge. pthis is high level fan, premium phospitality area. pit's $4,500. pyou get all of the week's events pand coke zero 400. pit includes your ticket out here pin stadium just outside of these pwindows right here where start pfinish line is. erfect view of the entire pfacility. pand then inside this beautiful pbuilding here, you get all of pyour food and your beverage. pwe're talking some high end food phere like prime rib, pork tender ploin. pmaybe a dessert station with a pbananas foster. pi mean this is getting hungry pright now.
8:32 am
pwe just didn't have prior to pdoing the renovation. pand now that we have it, it is pjust been a very popular hit pwith the a fans. pand here in bar area. pso you can go out and enjoy the paction in your seat. pyou come in here get your food pand beverage relax in this pbeautiful comfortable couch and pchairs. preally just take it easy enjoy peverything about a world center pracing we did want to show you pthis area right here. pyou have to see this chandelier. pis very unique. pand there's a back story to it, pright andrew? pwe paid a lot of attention to peddy tails in this project. plittle details. pwe really wanted to have psomething really special when it pcame to the chandelier inside of prolex 24 daytona lounge. pthe today nona international is pnode by international speed pspeed a corporation they own ptrefl race tracks. phere at the bottom is martin's plittle speedway the paperclip. psmallest facility to work all pway up to the top, 12 race ptracks at the top talledega
8:33 am
pgreen twoi.5 mile trial. pso, that's a motorsports pchandelier right there. pyou you've been with at company p15 years. preally grand stand before, none pof this existed. pthis is a huge deal. pis a huge transformation for pdaytona. pabsolutely. pi came here as a kid and watched pevent. pi went into grand stands to pwalkthrough facility wide pconcourses, wide seats arm rests pcup holder and venues such rolex p24 lounge some suite level and psome different injector and all pcrazy amenities inside of there. preally, real experience. pand it really takes me back. pi never thought i'd see my pdaytona as i grew up a fan to psee what it looks like today. pit's beautiful, thank you so pmuch. pandrew actually hanging oh out pwith photo journalist joe pshowing us ins and outs of peverything. pthank you so much. pask, man on man coming up with
8:34 am
pout daytona 500 maybe next year. pdream big can't we? palways the dream. pjoe chitwood has has done an pamazing job. pwe'll talk to you in next hour. p>> all right. pthanks, guys. p>> russell. pit's 8:34 right now. p13-year-old girl is facing grand ptheft auto charges after inellas park police say she pstole a van. ptook it for joy ride and then pslammed it into a brick wall. lows say they spotted a van pdriving recklessly late pwednesday night. pwhen they tried to stop the van, pthe person behind wheel turned poff the lights kept going peventually coming to stop after phitting that wall. pthe teen was arrest have alaska pchecked out no one was injured pin the incident. pbig changes could coming to pmarijuana laws in city of tampa pand punishment if people are pcaught with it. pthe city council voted to hold a ublic hearing on a proposal
8:35 am
pusers of pot from having plife-long principle records. purnl proposal fin found carry pless than 20 grams would get a pfine instead of a misdemeanor pcharges fines raise from $75 up pto $450 from repeat offenders. p>> all right. phappening right amalie arena pvery cool transformation. pcovering ice and put down lot of pdirt. pit has to be a quick change. pbolts played last night. pthe dirt bikes are arriving ptoday. pso we sent our own guy pundergoing a transformation phimself. pfox 13's alcides segui, how you pdoing buddy how long will it ptake them to get everything pdone? pgoing to take them about pactually hours. pi think it will take about 12 phours. pthey start at 10 o'clock this pmorning going to end a p10 o'clock tonight. pabout 12 hours or so i'm tired pjust looking at them lindsay, pthank you so much for being with pus. pwith arena cross, that is what pthis is all about. pyou've got thee thousand tons of pdirt coming in.
8:36 am
pone day load in i say last night pstill is ice we just put a ufrj pabout plywood over top of it and pnow putting a lot dirt like you psaid 3,000 pounds of dirt. pjust lot of operational crew on pstaff today. pthey are making pristine pconditions for this weekend. parena cross. pour second time coming to tampa. pand last year, the fans were so pinvolved in the show. pthey had a lot of fun on the pedge of their seats. pwhat you're going to see this pweekend is just intense racing paction. rofession will athletes out for pa championship. pthey are here to fight, they are phere to battle. pthey are here to'in with the restigious carmichael cup. pand win bragging rights at the p2016 cross champion. pso on a course like this one phere, amalie arena, how pdifficult is it to put like this ptogether sni know it's difficult utting dirt in getting peverything set up once all that pis in put course together i ptoo. pvery strategic everything needs
8:37 am
pthese guys are going out there ptape measure and making sure peverything is a yeah, they have pto make sure distance are good pbecause, timing is everything in parena cross. phow, foufr the jumps are apart. phow steep they are. peverything has to play into pfactor how these, and in reality phow riders will be competing in. pthere's a lot of punpredictability this weekend pbut lot of strategic planning pthat goes in for these riders. plot that is a stake 20 second plap times you don't have lot of ptime to fix any type of air they pmake sure this timing is do un. pthank you very much. ro race tomorrow 7 o'clock. pamateur night sunday. pfor 65 bucks you can come out pbring your dirt bike and pactually race on that course. pit's not going to be exact, pgoing to be a little bit down pgraded so that folks at home can pdo it. pbut either way really, really pcool. pwe've posing it on social media pa lot of feedback people really penjoy arena cross comes into ptown, you can get involved. pyou can art pa of something
8:38 am
pso again, it looks like there pmay be a quarter of the way pdone. pmaybe not i don't think so. pthey are not going to get done puntil 10:30 tonight. pi mentioned earlier, dave and pwalter, the game the hockey game pfinished 10:30 last night and p10:32 that crew was like okay, pguys you need to get off the pice, we need to do our job when pthey started a 10:32. pthat's going to continue until pabout 10:30 tonight. pback to you. p>> you know alcides segui while pyou were doing that interview we pwere watching a time lapse. robably of last year. pdid you see that? pisn't that cool? punreal. pit just. pthe transformation. pthen they will have to take it pall out right after this weekend ptoo. p>> thanks a lot. pappreciate it. p>> showing you tampa cam here at p8:38. pand beautiful sunshine. pi'm look's weston contend not ptoward downtown toward howard pfranklin off to left-hand side. philton clearwater beach. pnumber one beach in the country,
8:39 am
pthere it is, folks. retty. pyeah. pthe water temperatures are still pquite cold. pat 61 degrees. pbut the air temperatures this pweekend are going to be a erfect. pif you just love to head to the pbeach and just hang out and prelax. pwe're starting in the mid 50s pbrooksville 52. ptampa 56. p58 in st. petersburg. pnortheast wind still 8 to 16 pmiles per hour. pdry air, northeast winds full psunshine. pwe're going right back up into pthe mid 70s. pwe have 74 degrees for the past ptwo afternoons. pso let's go a little bit ersistence forecasting bring it pright back up to that 74 degree pmark. ptonight starry skies. pnear normal temperatures. p53 is about where we should be pfor this time of year. pthat's where we will be tomorrow pmorning in many spots. pmostly sun for your saturday. panother pleasant day with high pof 75 degrees. prays fans gorgeous sunshine if pyou're heading across state pheading to day to at that mostly psun 72 for race day.
8:40 am
pmoderate chop today. pthen light chop for at rest of pthe weekend pew away don't bring pany rain in until tuesday to pwednesday then it starts to cool poff a little bit by thursday. pvanessa our highs back to mid p60s. pall right excellent, dave, thank pyou. p8:39. pwe want to revisit polk county pcity crash we mention before pavengs dean still road. pwe're getting word from polk pcounty sheriff's office they pwant drivers to avoid this area pcompletely. psome more information overturned pvehicle we're learning that this pis a semi. pand we put that there are is ossible alternate in area. pbut folks in that area you'll pnotice a bit out of the way. pbut alternates are kind of few pand far between. lease give yourself extra time pif you'd like to take green pond pridge east and westbound of pcourse welcome to do so. pbut you'll definitely see some pdelays in that area. pactually, want to thank viewer pdonna who sent it to me on her pfacebook page. pshe tells me another vehicle pthat actually involved in that
8:41 am
pthat overturned semitruck before pit overturned actually papparently hit this truck pcausing it to crash into her pfence. pso sad situation on roadway this pis morning. pwe want to get over to the pselman expressway. pnot a good picture here either. pwe've got some westbound delays. pa crash reported near 30 one is preally backing z up. pbasically all way to 75. palso seeing some delays on 75 pitself approaching the selman pexit. pso drivers actually fury coming pnorthbound on 75 trying to paccess the selman you'll want to pdo so by u.s. 301. plet's get out to charley now. pwant to see how that bike ptraffic is doing. pthe track is, it full. ptraffic moving along swimmingly pout here because the practice pofficially under way for gator pnationals. phere they come up right now in pfact. pit is an incredible facility phere. poldsmar bmx super cross track. pgator nationals happening today. pall weekend long.
8:42 am
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good morning, good morning, hello, my name is patricia rodriguez. good morning governor, counsel, and jim allen. good morning everyone. i think it's still the most important thing we can do for any family in this state is to create an opportunity opportunity for them to get a job. i'm a single mother of three. i've been working for the seminole tribe for fifteen years now. this company has given me the opportunity to provide for my children. how does it make you feel when you worry about whether this compact gets signed? if the compact isn't signed, then it does affect me tremendously because i would be out of a job. a month ago my sister passed away. she have children? how many? five. so are you taking care of them?
8:44 am
this compact not being signed would affect me and many people that have grown with me at this company. if would affect them immensely. jobs for florida. the new seminole compact. oh-oh, oh-oh oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-ooh, oh hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share.
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pjust about 15 minutes away from ptop of the hour dozens of tampa olice officers have signed up pto work security for beyonce's papril 29th concert a raymond pjames. pthat's according to a tpd. pearlier this week just yesterday pwe told you no officers had psigned up to work the event. pbut department says that that phas since changed. pbut could not provide us a list pof who has signed up. pthey say that the process is pbeing handled by several pdifferent supervisors. p>> pasco county sheriff's pdeputies are doing what they can pto bring a smile to young boy's pface that this morning second pgood day good deed. pthis is eric. pand he loves police cars. pso deputies brought the biggest pones they had to his house. pby look on his face you can see pthat he had a great time. pbut with pasco county sheriff's pdeputies say it was an honor to
8:46 am
peric is in desperate need of a pheart and lung transplant and pfamily set up a gofundme account pto help with his medical needs. phow about that? pwell from driver's seat to pfwroed cast booth one biggest pnames in racing is now analyst pfor fox sports.
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
pwill be talking live3 the countdown is on to the green flag at daytona.. and while it is a huge day for the will also be a big day pthe counted discount down own on pa huge day for rateser it will palso be a big day for jeff pgordon. pyou know this he's no longer in pdrive's seat but still going to pfront and center as newest panalyst for fox nascar. pright now, he's joining us along pwith an old friend, daryl pwaltrip. pgentlemen, good morning. pgood morning. p>> good morning. p>> jeff we will start off with pyou you're moving from driver's pseat to at analyst booth. pis it going to hard to watch pthose guys out there competing por are you happy to kick your pfeet up and kind of relax you're pnot back in the grind? p>> well i don't know if i call pit relaxing when you watch pwhat's going on there on race ptrack. pit's definitely adrenaline rush. pwe've talking about how it's
8:50 am
pand to know i was out there last pyear last several years doing pthat, kind of blows my mind. pi'm actually having blast being pup in the booth. pseeing it from whole new erspective. pdaryl, you did this the same pthing not that many years ago. pyou made the adjustment? pwhat is toughest part? p>> well one the hardest things pis like in 200 one when astepped pout of the car into tv booth, we pstart our season off down here pat daytona with the super bowl pof racing. pour biggest race of the year. pand just like jeff, i mean he phadn't been in tv booth before. pso he's learning every time we pgo in the booth and every time pwe're on air he's learning pthings. phopefully it's all going to come ptogether and el away big hit on psunday when day nona 500 rolls poff a 1 o'clock. pso on fox, so he's doing a great pjob. plot of fun, great time together. plot of fun he brings a really pnice new insight a breath of pfresh air looking forward to psunday. pnice. pgood. pgood.
8:51 am
pelliot family. pobviously, father son tandem phere. pnow he's driving the 24 car. pthais your old number. psitting on the pole. pyou expect big things out of phim? pi really do. pi think this kid is going to psuperstar, chase elliot. pwhat a just a cool guy, you know phe's young. phe's, very talented. phe's with a great team. phe has instant fan base of 24 pfans out there that are really plooking forward to him taking it pto the next level. pi really think he's going to you pknow, do huge things in this psport. pand he has his dood bill elliot ast do ta no 500 winner and pchampion to fall back on. pi think you're going to see a plot of great things. pdaryl i'm kind of bummed i'm not pover there with you guys. pthis year but it didn't work pout. pand what is i know they've done pa ton of work on that track. pwhat does it look like over pthere?
8:52 am
pwe've seen. p>> it blows my mind out here at pnight. pyou look you're on another lanet. pthe way they have it all lit up. pmagnitude of it. pit's, i've never seen anything plike it. pthey don't call them entrances pyou this enter the grand stand pyou're injected into grand stand pyou've got great seats peverywhere. prestaurants, restrooms, food i pmean it's, it is displays it pblows my mind what they did phere. pescalators we hear. pi mean it's great. pit's great. pall new daytona. pyou've got to come get over phere. pi know. pit's not a far. pi should. pwe've got couple of days. phey so sunday, any favorites? p>> oh, yeah. phard not to do go dale, it is so pimpressive not this year but pevery 83 he won the dual last pnight and did it in a very pstylish and powerful way the
8:53 am
pdefinitely think he's going to pbe car and driver to beat. pbut right next to him will be pkyle busch or past champion who palso won his dual. pso lot of competition. pkyle bush is he didn't even run pthis race last year he got psaturday on sunday and didn't pget to run this race he won it pis dual last night and a fast ptoyota. p75th anniversary for that m & pm's i think he has lot of to rove he's going to hard to beat pjust hearing your voices just pscreams racing. pyear starting off. pdaryl i want to tell you psomething before we go, i've pcoming over there for years i pget chance to interview every pyear. pjeff gordon i have chasing you pat daytona for like 15, 20 pyears. pit's taken me this long to get pto talk to you. pand what a pleasure, what an phonor. pcongratulations on everything pthat happened to you along the pway. pwell thank you very much. pi just had to join the fox team pto make that happen p>> that's right. pi know. pwhatever it takes i'll take it, pman. pyou guys have fun on sunday
8:54 am
p>> appreciate it. plooking forwarded to it. ptake care bye-bye. peight:53. pcharley belcher is doing a plittle bit of racing on his i'm pkind of thrilled right now. pyou toss. pi just want to enjoy the moment pa few more minutes. pyou guys got racing i am i got pracing. pladies and gentlemen, we'll be phitting this very track right phere, i saw awe stretching out pwarming up a little bit over pthere. polder you get you got to put in pthe time. pthose are bikes you guys are on. pnot like they come in different psizes necessarily. pwell they do, but they are, we phave 20 inch wheels then we have p24 inch wheels on bigger pcruisers i race both bikes. pthey all to untrained eye they pall looks like kids bikes. pwe've been on them. phow long you've doing this now? pi've racing for 30 years. pwow. pso i'm been around for while pseen sport change and grow into pwhat we see here pretty amazing.
8:55 am
pwe're pretty proud of it here in poldsmar. punbelievable collaboration. pyou know city of oldsmar and the pst. petersburg clearwater sports pcommission as well as usabmx all pcame together build this multi pmillion dollar facility i'm just phappy to be here take part of pevent gator nationals that is pcome around everyier. palways look forward to my trips. robably a thousand racers here pfrom all over the world really. pwe will oh olympians here i'm pwith a company team red line pwe've go two oh lifrn uns here. pso they will riders here from pall over the world doing battle ptrying to get set for olympic pthis is summer. pthat's just it. pthis is an olympic sport and pit's a big deal you can see pthese folks right here in our pbackyard. pdoesn't cost a dime. pthere may be a small parking pfee. pten bucks to park. potherwise have a seat in pbleachers and going to be paction. praces start about 2 clock today pand go all weekend. pwas take me through track these pguys are going and gals.
8:56 am
pwhat's your strategy? pyou come out of the gate, you pknow the big thing to lay down pthe power and try to get elbow pthes out in front so you have pclear path. pno one in are c way get over pjump smooth, fast, safe. p>> you want air or don't want pair? pyou've got to the jump some of pthe jumps out here trick to stay pas low as possible. pwe're trying to scrub time and pevery fraction of a second. pthere are some jumps. pyou get down here third pstraight, rhythm section all of pthose jumps in row. preally deep. pdoesn't look leak much. pat high speed you tense up a plittle too much or get your pweight too far forward really peasy to get over bars. planding is the tricky part. pthird straight away will be a preal, real decisive part of the prace this weekend for everybody. pthat's great, man. pyou come around last turn sprint pto line there you go. pif you have any legs left.
8:57 am
pit lasts 30, 40 seconds you go pfull throttle. pnice to meet you man. pthank you so much i appreciate pit. pthere we go. pgator nationals start today all pweekend long.
8:58 am
pand i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it
8:59 am
i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
9:00 am
3 guilty until proven innocent. defendants are now saying that's what colleges are doing in sex assault cases. 3 but on a lighter note.. p and then, on a lighter note, pjack bauer is with us. plive. pthat's right real life kiefer psutherland. pwe're going to talk life in phollywood and a working with plegendary dad. pnice. pso excited about this it's ab pgood morning kiefer sutherland pjeff gordon. pit has, it has. pyes it has.


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