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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  February 20, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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@ @. @ from tampa bay's number one @news station, this is "good day @tampa bay." @>> anchor: all eyes on south @carolina. @republican primary voters head @to the polls today. @why it could make or break some @candidates. @ a battle in pinellas county @comes to a brief end. @a bill to allow students more @recess time will not be voted on @recess time will not be voted @on. @ good saturday morning, @everyone, thanks for joining us, @i am. @>> alcides: @>> anjuli: i am anjuli davis. @we will have those stories and @much more.
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@the gorgeous weather we have @had. @>> lindsay: we have been @spoiled, if you didn't have a @chance to enjoy it, it is here @all weekend. @pleasantly cool temps. @48 in brooksville. @58 in tampa. @56 in arcadia and 54 in venice. @on a typical morning like this, @right around 55 or so. @still running slightly above or @below average depending on where @you live. @here in tampa 4 degrees warmer @than this time yesterday. @brooksville 4 degrees cooler. @a light extra layer you don't @need it for long and i will look @out for hints of a little patchy @fog inland. @overall, nearly perfect @visibility as of about 6 a.m. @sunshine, it is back but with @the east winds. @a few fair weathered clouds this @afternoon especially across the @interior zones. @absolutely no rain this weekend. @a great weekend to spend times @outdoors. @by 9:00, 62. @we climb to 72 by lunchtime. @the cloud icons, cloudier into @the afternoon. @highs in the mid-70s.
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@chance and cooler temps in the @seven-day coming up, guys. @>> alcides: following a @developing story this morning. @tampa police are asking for the @public's help to find that woman @right there, 23-year-old erin @cuesta. @she was last seen at 3700 block @of north boulevard. @her family says they haven't @heard from her since wednesday. @and it is out of her character @to ignore their calls. @if you know where she is at, @contact tampa police. @ a sebring teacher is behind @bars after she sent a student @explicit text messages. @highland deputies arrested @stacey lynn hooks. @a math teacher at hill gustat @middle school. @within the past month, hill had @a sexual relationship with a @student. @when the student's mother found @messages on the student's phone, @she contacted authorities. @unsure how long the relationship @lasted and if there were any @victims. @>> when our young person in @middle school and you are
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@level, not only is it very @inappropriate but it is -- it is @against the law. @>> anjuli: the highland county @school superintendent said hooks @was rep prihanded for having -- @reprimanateeed for having lunch @with students. @ she is accused of a @hit-and-run crash that killed a @tow truck driver and alison @huffman will not be getting out @of jail any time soon. @a pinellas county judge set her @bond at $750,000. @huffman is accused of leaving @the scene of a deadly crash on @monday. @investigators say she struck and @killed a tow truck driver, roger @perez baruto. @the crash happened on the @northbound span of the howard @frankland bridge. @she abandoned her car and tried @to hide from police until her @friend turned her in. @>> i would argue she is a flight
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@if you read the cra, she left @the scene of the incident, @abandoned her car, went to the @hard rock casino. @then from there went to ybor and @then a residence in pinellas @where she was ultimately @arrested. @she does have three prior @convictions for dui, the most @recent is 2010. @>> alcides: she is xnted in @court some time next month. @ five months after this @school bus full of children @crashed into a retention pond, @parents say they are suing the @hillsborough county school @district. @fortunately all of those @students made it out of the bus, @but some parents say their @children have been permanently @affected by that crash. @one of the families spoke to fox @13. @this woman wants to remain @anonymous but said of two her @kids were on the bus when it @crashed into the pond in the 9 @eagles neighborhood. @the bus was coming from brian @information. @the driver was speeding and lost @control. @that mom says to this day, her @son has panic attacks whenever @they are in the car travel agent @high speeds or when it is wet
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@the family's lawyer filed notice @to the school board letting @members know they may sue. @>> the main thing for dock this @is to make sure that my children @are going to get the help that @they need, and i feel like it is @going to be a life-long problem @that they are going to suffer. @i think it is something that, @especially my son, is going to @need treatment long term. @>> anjuli: the family's @attorney said if the district @doesn't settle paying for @medical expenses they will sue @claiming negligence. @ the president and mrs. obama @paid their respects to supreme @court justice antonin scalia. @they visited the supreme court @where his body was lying in @state. @scalia's own son who is a @catholic priest made a prayer @for his father and the eight @remaining justices looked on. @the funeral service at bat @silica of the national shrine of @the immaculate conception.
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@attending this funeral but @instead vice president joe biden @will be representing him for the @administration. @security is the main reason why @the obama administration will @not be at the funeral. @justice scalia died last weekend @justice scalia died last @weekend. @we will be live from washington @with a look at the funeral @coming up today. @ all eyes are on south @carolina. @people are heading to the polls @for the south carolina primary. @polls are showing a close race. @the latest poll shows donald @trump ahead but ted cruz within @a virtual tie of the margin of @error. @cruz would get a huge boost if @he beats trump. @south carolina has a reputation @of trimming the field. @dr. ben carson got little @attention this week. @and in this field six, anyone @out of the top three is in @trouble. @ and also happening today, @the democratic caucuses in @nevada. @the state is a critical battle @ground for presidential @candidates. @political experts say las vegas @is a good predictor of the @general election because of its
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@the race between former @secretary of state hillary @clinton and vermont senator @bernie sanders is tighter than @ever going into today's caucus @ever going into today's @caucuses. @ time right is now 6:06. @if you are headed to downtown @tampa, pack your patience @anderson anderson runner also @take to the treat for the @gasparilla runners classic. @vanessa rufus let's us know what @you need to know if you were @traveling down there. @>> reporter: the gasparilla @distance classic and the road @closures. @they were scattered and started @in the overnight periods. @well under way. @taking a look at the roads @effectlittle bayshore. @selmon expressway. @and various streets partially @blocked in the area of downtown. @of course the big closure, @bayshore, platt street to ganldy @boulevard. @ganld er will be closed from @zion to bayshore boulevard. @east of macdill. @as walls an event like, expect @higher traffic.
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@have a fun day and a safe day. @>> alcides: thanks, vanessa. @ maybe you feel like lacing @your running shoes up too. @>> anjuli: coming can up all @the details of the gasparilla @races and this week's hot @happenings. @ and nascar season officially @gets under way tomorrow. @and coming up in morning sports, @a look at the weekend's @a look at the weekend big race. @ hey, the forecast for @daytona. @looks pretty darn good just like @our local forecast that starts @off nice and bright when you see @the sunshine. @skies are moon moonlit. @58 degrees. @a light north east wind. @cooler north of the bay. @if off this sweater brooksville, @not for long. @52 in lakeland. @at 53 in sarasota. @we will talk about a near
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@ geico for your boat.
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ba da ba ba ba @ @. @ in sports this morning, @drivers get ready for the @daytona 500, and spring is in @the air. @that means baseball sunday way @as well. @fox 13's kevin o'donnell. @>> kevin: good morning, daytona @500 pole sitter has every right @to be nervous. @consider this, the drivers who @have won three of the last four @500 and chase elliott is among
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@sunday's race. @chip carter is celebrating a @anniversary. @28 years ago that he covered his @first 500 for wtvt. @chipotle good evening @chipotle @. @>> chip: good evening, we are @inside victory lane counting @down daytona 500. @we all know how good these @drivers are behind the wheel. @simply put they are the best in @the world. @every once in a while one of @these drivers go out and make a @statement. @for me this driver is kyle busch @for me this driver is kyle @busch. @he goes as defending champion @which is kind of ironic because @this race last year that most @thought would be the end of his @season. @kyle busch never made daytona @last year. @this wreck broke his leg, broke @his ankle and most thought @shattered any chance of winning @the championship. @they were wrong. @after missing the first 11 races @after missing the first 11 @races, busch was back in the car @and it didn't take him long to @get back up to speed. @in one five-week stretch, he won @four races, learning how to be @better by backing off.
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@i always have been a hard-nosed @racer and maybe overdriven @sometimes. @i kind of step back a little bit @and let the races come to me a @little bit more and let things @happen more naturally and that's @when we started winning a bit @more last year and quite crazy @to see that i literally took @that step and sort of started @winning. @microchip but i don't think @busch will change his style, he @may have more patience but he @doesn't want to make the chase @with just one tries go. @busch wants to win daytona for @the prestige and that playoff @spot. @>> you are in daytona and you @have 25 weeks of chilling. @so it makes it a little bit easy @so it makes it a little bit @easier on yourself and your team @to take that anxiety away to @make the chase without a victory @make the chase without a @victory. @we will see how that goes. @obviously daytona is not one @that we are necessarily worried @about. @you get the race 10, 12, 14, @somewhere in there. @you want to have a race victory @by then.
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@busch's faith that makes him @able to defend his title. @>> reporter: the question is who @will end up in victory lane @behind me when that race starts @at 1:00. @i would say -- and always the @history of this race, kevin, it @is wide open. @>> kevin: @. @>> kevin: definitely, chip. @i am going with dale earnhardt @jr. to win this thing. @ pitchers and catchers won't @officially hit the field until @sunday, but they are all ready @to role at this point. @most have begun their workouts @and position players that don't @have to be here for another week @have to be here for another @week. @steven susso was one of the @first to hit the field early in @port charlotte. @he got there on thursday. @he knows that his production was @not where he needed to be in the @first year with the rays, and @now he is putting in early work @to help change that. @he missed a good chunk of games @with injuries. @hit just 225, but knocked out 16 @homers, and his numbers @certainly didn't match the hype @that he came in with. @>> a lot of projections were out @last year and my fault to pay
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@attention to a lot of that @stuff. @nothing bad for anybody to put @those out but for me to pay @attention to them was definitely @my fault. @so definitely trying to take @them one day at a time and in @that day, take care of my @business and end of the day just @take care of the business are @the day. @>> kevin: that is a look at @sports. @have yourself a great day. @>> alcides: i love how baseball @season is under way. @>> anjuli: it is. @always great to see. @>> lindsay: how about this @weather. @bragging lights that week. @a lot of people work this week @though, during the week. @so maybe you had an hour outside @for lunch, but now you want to @soak it up, right? @>> anjuli: absolutely. @>> alcides: the races this @morning. @>> lindsay: runners are pumped. @not too warm. @not too humid. @it is perfect out there. @and if you squint your eyes you @notice a hint of shallow @moisture. @on the lookout for a little pga,
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@mainly clear sky and a cool @start, but we are running a few @degrees warmer in tampa compared @to 6:15 a.m. on friday morning @if you were awake. @good for you. @light northeast winds at 3 miles @per hour. @dew points are low and @comfortably cool. @it if you have a jacket and you @need one this morning by 10 a.m. @need one this morning by 10 @a.m., you will peel that off. @50 in sun city center. @61 in st. petersburg. @63 in palm harbor. @a little chillier north of the @bay. @inverness you will need a jacket @for a few hours at 45. @52 in dade city. @down i-75 if you were headed to @any beaches in sarasota county, @looks good. @is from venice to sarasota. @52 myacca city. @53 in frostproof this morning. @our dew points are low in the @yellow meaning it is @comfortable. @dew points are in the 40s and @50s and has been so comfortable @for the past several days. @hopefully you enjoyed it. @you will enjoy it this weekend. @dew point scale invigorating a @good way to describe it out the @door.
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@the number any time it is less @than 1 it is fog. @ i don't have any to show you @this morning, but maybe a few @shallow patches as i mentioned. @high pressure that has been to @our norths a slowly been slip @our norths a slowly been @slipping to the east the past @few days, today is an east wind @and will bring in fair weather @clouds especially in our @interior counties this @afternoon. @can't rule out sprinkle on the @east coast of the state, but we @will stay dry through the @afternoon hours here with that @mostly sunny skies through late @in the day, by lunchtime, 72. @we will hit 75 for a high today. @1 degree cooler than yesterday. @a smidge above average. @futurecast show the clear skies @this morning. @as behead into the afternoon, @east winds go to work. @by lunchtime mostly sunny. @there are those sprinkles on @east coast. @through the afternoon, sunny @skies. @the further west thecallyer your @skies will be. @it should be a beauty tonight. @a few clouds developing late @tomorrow. @a slight southeast wind and that @means to pull in a few more @clouds in the afternoon and will
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@and daytona, tomorrow's race @features scattered clouds on the @east coast, scattered @temperatures, and 1:00, you can @watch that race right here on @fox 13. @we've had the mild pleasant air @and maybe your family in places @that are typically cold very @talked about how nice it is. @44 in the wintertime in chicago @is good this morning. @we have that surge of high @pressure bringing mid-60s to @memphis. @they are warmer than us. @new york city at 44. @but i take you to the northeast, @low pressure is bringing some @snow showers to some locations. @here is the low and the snow @racing through areas across the @interior. @boston is too warm to see that @snow. @activity. @mixed bag. @and our next weather maker will @gather out west and bring us two @different rain chances this @week. @first we will come in on tuesday @with a little disturbance. @the second late wednesday with a @cold front that will bring us @cooler changes as we head into @the end of the workweek. @today, though, no cooler air at
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@75 degrees. @mild temperatures under plenty @of sunshine. @mostly clear. @seasonably cool. @check out the sunset if you are @at the beach at 6:24 this @evening. @looking ahead to sunday, near @perfect if not perfect depending @on your comfort level and your @liking. @more sunshine and number highs @70s. @winds are light for the boaters. @east-northeast at 5 to 10 knots. @gulf is cool at 61 @gulf is cool at 61. @on the bay it may feel cool @officer you are doing any @boating. @next tide is a low tide at 7:09 @coming up shortly st. pete pier. @something for everyone. @it will bring in those two rain @chances and the winds starting @overnight wednesday into @thursday. @so we do drop late in the week @and next weekend looks cooler @and in the meantime, next @weekend, absolutely beautiful. @ government officials knew @about a deadly outbreak of @legionnaires' and did not tell
6:20 am
@>> is the water safe? @>> charlie laduff investigate @his investigation of the water @scandal. @>> most vets feel they are @waiting on us to die. @>> watch "money, power and @politics" saturday evening at 5 @politics" saturday evening at @5:30. @ looking for something @fountain do this weekend. @>> alcides: a bunch of hot @happenings around the bay area @including runners take over @downtown tampa. @the details on this weekend's @gasparilla distance classic. @ before we go to break, @having a birthday today, you are @in good company. @some of the famous faces that @share your big day. @much mover "good day" after the @break. @
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@ @ are you look can to get out @of the house this weekend? @>> anjuli: a bunch of hot @hamtion across the bay area. @runners take your mark, the @gasparilla distance classic
6:24 am
@the 5 k stroller roll and 15 k @will take place. @one of tampa's best known road @races. @attracts elite runners and first @timers alike. @the race go go through downtown @tampa and through gandy @boulevard and the 8 k and half @marathon will take place @tomorrow. @ flying back into amalie @arena. @all the high-flying dirt bike @action will move inside. @national-based and country @rapper dj ko will perform. @show starts at 7:00. @tickets start at $10 bucks. @>> anjuli: the florida @superstars dance for champion @superstars dance for @championship waltz its way into @st. pete. @happening at the renaissance of @the vinoy resort. @go out and watch dancers of all @ages perform in latin and ball @ages perform in latin and @ballroom-style he competition. @all starts in about an hour and @tickets start at $20. @ the grand prix of st. @petersburg has their kickoff @this weekend at the great @exploration children's museum. @the grand prix will bring in @official car -- this is neat, a
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@for drivers and autograph @sessions and autograph @opportunities. @and you can create a foam race @car. @to paint and try out to a full @noodle race that starts out at @10:00 and includes the price of @admission which is $10 bucks. @ @ sinking like a stone, carry on @ . @>> anjuli: if you want to @travel down i-4, you can see @nate roof, the lead singer of @fun. @he is performing at mardi gras @at universal. @the event will feature a mardi @gras parade, a lot of beads, @cajun food too. @it is free to admission to the @park which will run you about $1 @park which will run you about @$100 bucks. @nate will take the stage at 8:00 @nate will take the stage at @8:00. @ and it is your last weekend @to catch the book of mormon at @ruth eckerd hall. @the critically acclaimed "book" @has bon nine tonys.
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@of "south park." @show takes place at 2:00. @and tomorrow at 2 and 7:30. @tickets start at $38. @ @ ay-yi-yi @ cape by the ocean . @>> anjuli: you hear that song @all over the radio and now you @can hear it live in person. @janus live. @all part of a free concert put @on by 93.3. @will feature former member of @the wanted, nathan sikes. @attendance is on a first-come, @first-serve basis and the radio @station will be giving tickets @away for guaranteed admission. @>> alcides: a beautiful day for @a con serlt. @>> anjuli: a beach day or too @chilly. @>> lindsay: a nice day at the @beach.
6:27 am
@the sunglasses and sunscreen too @the sunglasses and sunscreen @too. @we have readings along the @nature coast. @brooksville, 47. @by afternoon, brooksville, more @like 76, 77. @and so much happening on @bayshore today. @run for the gasparilla distance @classic looks good runners. @53 degrees this morning turning @75 under loads of fun this @afternoon. @will it hold up for our sunday?
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@the @ @ from tampa bay's number one @news station, this is "good day @tampa bay." @>> lindsay: good morning to you @at 6:30, if you are visiting @this weekend, you picked the @right weekend to do so. @spectacular weather headed our @way and this morning a lovely @start. @cooler north of the bay, but if @you have a morning ride, the @waters are smooth, the winds are @light, the skies are clear and @61 in st. pete. @look at that sunrise in the @works. @officially about 7:05 this @morning. @depending on where you live, @that determines the type of @extra layer you may need. @maybe without one in st. pete, @you will need one in brooksville
6:31 am
@it is 53 in frostproof. @55 in wauchula and shy of 60 in @tampa. @no major swings in our temps. @a couple of degrees cooler in @brooksville. @a few degrees milder in tampa. @nonetheless, the afternoon will @be just as nice as yesterday's @afternoon. @minor changes today. @high pressure to the north will @be slip together east. @we still have that light east @wind. @by tomorrow, more of a southeast @wind that will bring in more @warmth in our interior counties. @today just a few fair weather @clouds especially inland and 1 @clouds especially inland and @100% dry all weekend. @just as perfect on sunday. @in the mid-70s both days. @early week though, we bring in @two rain chances, and then some @cooler temperatures. @so i will have the seven-day at @about 6:45. @ all right, the time is 6:3. @a quick check of today's top @stories. @a man and shot and killed in @deodora way in town and country. @deputies have not released his
6:32 am
@still very little information @thought morning, but, of course, @we will keep you up to date as @soon as we get more info. @ a fire heavily damages a @home in historic hyde park that @broke out after 6:00 at a home @in the 600 block of bungalow @terrace. @heavy flames was coming out of @the back of a two-story house. @no one was hurt. @ not the chase in pinellas @county. @two people were on board in boat @when it burst into flames. @it happened at lighthouse @marina. @the 38-foot boat broke loose @from dock. @you can see from skyfox right @there. @not much was left from that boat @fire. @one of the boaters had to be @taken to the hospital. @ a major road closure is @tying up traffic in clearwater @this weekend. @csx is replacing the railroad @crossing in downtown clearwater. @they have shut down the highway @that leads to clearwater beach @forcing thousands of drivers to @use the detour. @court street is closed between @south myrtle and south fort @harrison.
6:33 am
@next weekend. @detours are posted. @ a determined group of @parents know florida politics is @no playground. @the mandatory recess bill they @fought so hard to get past in @the shows dead in the senate. @thursday night, the house @overwhelmingly approved the @recess bill but now fox 13 has @confirmed there is no way the @bill can make it out of the @senate. @and it essentially came down to @one man, one bay area senator @who was able to shut down 24 @this bill without it ever coming @up for discussion in the senate. @we will get to him in a minute. @first the backstory here. @a group of parents from pinellas @county started this effort more @than a year ago. @they said their kids were just @too stressed out. @they spent their entire school @day preparing for tests, doing @classwork and needed time to @unwind. @time socialize and just be kids. @the parents contacted state @represent that i was came up @with a bill that would require @elementary schools to provide at @least 20 minutes of recess per @day. @>> if we want our kids to learn
6:34 am
@to do well going forward, they @have to be able to have this @exercise and time outside during @recess to clear their minds and @get ready for the rest of the @day. @>> anjuli: thursday night the @house approved the bill by a @vote of 112-2. @but senator john lag of lutz @chairs the senate education @committee and confirmed he will @not schedule the bill for a @hearing. @he said from the beginning he @believes this is a local issue. @he sent us this statement @saying, quote, the scheduling of @the school day is best @determined by our local @education leaders, not a one @education leaders, not a @one-size-fits-all tallahassee @mandate. @those closest to the school need @to be empowered with the power @to manage their own schedule. @administrators, teachers, @parents are best to engage in @solutions that best work for @their community. @the parents had hoped they do @circumvent the senator's @committee. @they asked to bring the bill to @the floor for a vote. @that is not possible because
6:35 am
@agree to bring the bill out of @committee and we knee senator @lag will not go along with that. @ very few answers this @morning after a mysteriously @broken classroom window forced @hillsborough high school to go @on lockdown for the entire day. @a teacher heard something break @a window on the second floor of @the classroom. @fearing that a bullet was @responsible, administrators and @police locked down the school @and nothing was found. @some parents received @frightening text messages from @their kids and they rushed over @to the school. @>> i immediately ran over here @and i come in there is an @ambulance leading and i don't @know if an ambulance is coming @from the school and my stomach @is turned upside down and very @nerveracking. @>> alcides: no question about @it. @investigators did not find @anything sewer that six-plus @anything sewer that @six-plus-hour lockdown. @schools it let out on time. @ a big celebration at a local @high school. @leto high turns 50 years old.
6:36 am
@the fall of 1965 on west sligh @avenue. @more than 50,000 students @celebrated the school's 50 @celebrated the school's 50th @anniversary. @former students and staff came @out for the festivities and @caught up with old friend and @shared old memory @shared old memories. @>> meet old friends and share @some fond memory @some fond memories we used to @have together. @and it is just -- just interact @with them. @>> anjuli: the school is named @in honor of leto, the former @principal of chamberlain and @jefferson high school. @that is yourle ma matter. @how neat. @>> alcides: it is. @i spoke to a couple of folks @that graduated from leto, and @they were there, and they said @it was outstanding to see all of @their friends out there and so @many people there. @it was an exciting time. @>> anjuli: something to @celebrate. @>> alcides: absolutely, very @cool. @ looking for something to do @this weekend. @why not take in a movie. @>> anjuli: coming up what is @new in theatres this weekend.
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@>> reporter: some dogs are just @picky. @others suffer from serious @allergies. @many products sold at st. peters @many products sold at st. @peters-bark are corn, soy and @wheat-free spo be able to help @customers come in. @they tell me an incident that @they have and provide a solution @they have and provide a @solution. @>> she always has natural @options. @instead of medicating my dog. @the grain-free food for my dogs. @we are not a vet. @so talk to them too as well, but @we can really work together with @the vets to provide natural @options rather than, you know, @jumping into really expensive @prescription diets. @>> reporter: st. peters-bark @have treats, food and raw food @option for dogs and cats and @locally made grooming products. @>> i can use that. @>> you can use that on yourself. @i may or may not have done that. @>> i have two very strong dogs,
6:42 am
@good leashes are really, really @important. @>> reporter: long-lasting toys @are also on the list. @>> it is great to support a @business like this that really @believes in your animal and also @have the knowledge to support @you and making the right desinks @for your pet. @>> i want to provide them as @healthy foods for them as i do @for myself and for our family. @>> lindsay: st. peters-bark @have obedience training through @have obedience training through @no bones about it. @located on 9th street north and @in st. pete. @check it out. @ get outside this morning. @you have the coffee. @check out the sunrise. @58 degrees. @skies, they are clear and we are @on track to another perfect day. @mid-70s for highs. @not a drop of rain. @we may crack the upper 70s for @some tomorrow, and the daytona 5 @some tomorrow, and the daytona @500 is tomorrow.
6:43 am
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@ @. @ time right now at 6:25. @look at today's top stories. @a woman is in critical condition @after a fire at an apartment @building in seminole. @it happened on garden avenue. @fire fighters saw heavy smoke @and fire coming from the kitchen @and fire coming from the @kitchen. @they found a 44-year-old woman @unconscious in the back bedroom. @a dog died in that fire. @no word on the cause. @ county detectives arrested a @mother and son they say stole
6:46 am
@homeowners association. @martha and matthew beard are @accused of using money from @their homeowner association bank @account to pay for food, @clothing an even a cruise. @martha was a treasurer of the @cimarron homeowners association @from 2003 to 2015. @she was dismissed last year when @board members noticed a $25,000 @deficit for payments in the @neighborhood lawn care provider. @ runners take your marks! @right now hundreds if not @thousands of people are running @through downtown tampa all part @of the gasparilla distance @classic. @races kicked off at 6:30 morning @races kicked off at 6:30 this @morning -- well, 16 minutes ago. @the 5 k stroller roll and 15 k @takes place today. @the 8 k and half marathon will @take place tomorrow. @so haley is doing that. @>> anjuli: of course she is. @a superstar. @>> lindsay: i saw her shirt @laid out. @i think that was on facebook. @>> alcides: and i think evan is @doing it. @>> anjuli: surprise dave is @not.
6:47 am
@say that again? @oh, laura cross our executive @producer is doing the half @marathon. @>> lindsay: our family @representing. @>> anjuli: i was telling them @earlier i went running on @thursday and i ran 1.4 miles. @>> alcides: good for you anjuli @awngz i almost fell down in my @driveway. @i can't imagine a -- @>> alcides: lindsay, do you @like running? i hate running. @>> lindsay: i ran cross country @one year in high school and then @i quit because i hate running @that much. @>> anjuli: running for @something, for a cause. @>> alcides: food? @[laughter] @>> lindsay: whatever you need @for the motivation. @for the runners, account weekend @be any more perfect. @in the morning the temperatures @-- they are not too warm. @i would think they would like @that because we just mentioned @neither -- none of us are @runners, but he don't want the @rain, warmth and humidity. @it is comfy.
6:48 am
@over brookdale, bayshore. @what a beauty of a day. @nonetheless, we will end up @today just like we ended @yesterday, just like the way we @ended before. @a pleasant note with a few @clouds late in the day. @as i take you to our all @children camera. @if you have any boating plans. @boats plans this afternoon winds @are light, the seawater nice and @smooth we are we are at 61 @degrees with the east winds. @a picture perfect start of the @day. @53, sarasota. @but brooksville and cooler in @the mid- to upper 40s this @morning with the east wind. @that will check out the east @coast, vero and stuart pushing @the mid-60s for lows this @morning. @warm they are. @24-hour changes. @plus or minus depending on where @you live. @3 degrees warmer in frostproof. @4 degrees cooler in brooksville. @you see that number right there. @high pressure slipping to the @east, and still have that east @wind and still have that very @dry atmosphere. @so throughout the day, the winds
6:49 am
@clouds especially the further @inland you live. @none of those will bring us a @drop of rain. @so much dry air at the surface @and you feel how comfortable it @is and a lot of stairs. @the red color on water vapor @imagery. @it is parked over the state and @here through the weekend. @but beyond the weekend, we are @going to break down high @pressure and bring in more @clouds on monday. @by tuesday, even a few showers. @today, all about the warmth in @the afternoon. @comfortably warm temperatures. @76 in bartow. @76 in venice. @if you were heading to the beach @if you were heading to the @beach, it will be a few degrees @cooler especially by the bay @with winds east off of the bay. @our bay water temps at 61. @nonetheless, the cooler changes. @we have been in the 70s all week @since last saturday. @actually last friday if we can @do the map. @one, two, three, four, five, @six, seven, eight, ninth day in @the row in the 70s. @ninth day in a row above @average. @warmth hangs on into midweek. @thursday and friday of the @upcoming week, a cold front on @deck wednesday night. @behind this, the air will be
6:50 am
@next woo weekend, it won't be as @warm as this weekend. @looking ahead looks great for @the long range. @on futurecast, high pressure on @the move. @only a few fair weather clouds @today that melt away tonight. @start sunday with light @southeast winds through the @afternoon, maybe a few more @inland clouds. @as this high breaks down @eventually an upper-level @disturbance to the north will @bring us a few showers on @tuesday not quite as comfortable @monday with a few more clouds @and highs in the upper 70s. @ a good stretch of weather. @75 for today. @mild this afternoon and loads of @sunshine. @we are down to 578 tonight. @seasonably cool the further @north you live. @you wake up right around 50 @tomorrow morning. @during the day sunday, near @perfect. @development, no weather worries. @a few more clouds on the east @coast and on the water as i @mentioned. @seas are light. @the seven-day forecast show @temperatures stopping a bit late @in the week and two rain @chances. @the first someone a small one on @tuesday. @then there will be a low. @and then late in the day @wednesday especially in the @evening, a cold front approaches
6:51 am
@approaches. @could give us a storm or two, @but right now the severe threat @is low. @>> anjuli: pretty stretch of @weather. @>> alcides: it is gorgeous, i @love it. @ up next, what is new in @theatre @is new in theatres this weekend. @ @ @ @>> the roman empire. @i fought wars against those. @but nothing could prepare me for @the truth. @it has now risen.
6:52 am
6:53 am
@of the i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
6:54 am
@ @. @ there are a batch of new @movies hope @movies hoping to knock number @one movie "dead pool" out of the @top spot at the box office. @>> alcides: fox's will carr has @a preview what is new in theatre @a preview what is new in @>> he was very special. @>> reporter: the new faith-based @film "risen" led by joseph @fiennes. @two men who try to find out what @happened to jesus after the @crucifixion. @>> you can run and you can jump, @but what i want to know is can @you win.
6:55 am
@based on the life of @track-and-field star jesse owens @track-and-field star jesse @owens. @chronicles his determination to @succeed and historic performance @at the 1936 olympics. @the new horror flick "the witch" @set in 1630 that follows a @family that gets banished to an @isolated forest where evil @awaits them. @>> two new people today and @marco i go by luna. @my poet's name. @>> reporter: opening in more @theatres the indy "touched with @fire" katie holmes and luke @kirby. @they fall in love at a treatment @facility. @their fight to stay together and @their struggle with the @disorder. @>> join a team of modern-day @explorers on an off-trail @adventure into america's great @outdoors. @>> reporter: on giant screens @across the country, imax @included, robert redford @narrated national parks @adventure. @>> i think my ultimate goal in @participating and being part of @this whole project just to
6:56 am
@first and for most. @and traveling to the national @parks and visiting these places @that are so amazingly special @and lucky to have. @>> we are only there not only to @pay tribute to the national park @pay tribute to the national @parks and wonderful legacy set @up 100 years ago but to say we @have to continue to be stewards @of these natural environments. @they will get destroyed if we @let them. @something will happen to them. @we have to be there to protect @them. @>> i didn't ask to be super and @i am no hero, but when you find @out your worst enemy is after @your best girl, it is time to be @a superhero. @>> reporter: audiences can check @out the record-breaking comic @book adaptation "dead pool" the @biggest r-rated movie debut ever @biggest r-rated movie debut @ever. @in hollywood, will carr, fox @news. @
6:57 am
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@ @ @. @ a republican showdown in @south carolina, and high stakes @for the democrats in nevada. @>> anjuli: plus a judicial @giant being laid to rest. @friends and family prepare to @say goodbye to antonin scalia. @ from tampa bay's number one @news station, this is "good day @tampa bay." @>> anjuli: good morning to you @and welcome to "good day tampa @bay." @7 a.m. on another beautiful @saturday morning. @i am anjuli davis. @>> alcides: i am. @>> alcides: thank you for


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