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tv   FOX 13 600 News  FOX  February 21, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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@ @t currently have several women @in the hospital one in the @intensive care unit with flu @haleigh at 6:00, a warning from @bay area officials. @flu season at its peak. @ they are searching for my @bathroom in my ceiling to see if @there was bullets going through. @>> lloyd: hotel guests awakened @by gunfire and police. @what turned a birthday party @into a crime scene. @>> tonight i am suspending my
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@>> haley: former governor jeb @bush sighing @bush signing out of the race for @the republican nomination. @the move that could have cost @him. @>>announcer: this is the fox 13 @6 o'clock news haleigh good @evening, i am haley hinds. @>> lloyd: and i am lloyd sauers @sauers. @thank you for joining us @tonight. @we begin first, flu season. @doctors in the bay area are @seeing more and more of this and @we are hitting the peak of the @flu season and what is alarming @doctors that this year's flu is @hitting young and middle-age aid @adults particularly hard. @>> reporter: sending pregnant @women to the intensive care @units at local hospitals. @station's kelly cowan reports. @>> reporter: influenza is on @rise in the bay area. @the latest day show increasing @cases across the stwait @hillsborough county reporting @the highest number of outbreaks. @many local pharmacy @many local pharmacies say they @are having a hard time keeping @medications like tamiflu, a @treatment for the flu, in stock. @and most patients are testing
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@the flu strain also known as @swine flu that became a world @swine flu that became a @worldwide pandemic in 2009. @>> this particular strand of @h1n1 seems to be moreer is glus @terms its respiratory attack @than the other strands that are @currently circulating. @>> reporter: and hitting a @surprising part of the @population hard. @>> severe flu in the younger and @middle-aged patients. @>> reporter: dr. katherine @lynch, medical director of @obstetrics at tampa general @hospital says she is also seeing @an alarming increase of @influenza cases among pregnant @patients. @>> pregnant women can become @severely affected by the flu. @we currently have several women @in the hospital, one in the @intensive care wouldn't flu. @>> reporter: the influenza virus @can cause expecting moms to go @into labor early, and can @sometimes prove deadly for both @mom and baby. @according to the state, the flu @has already claimed the lives of
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@season. @newborns cannot be vaccinate @against the flu during their @first six months of life. @that's why according to dr. @lynch, it is important for @everyone to get a flu shot. @>> we need to talk to the rest. @ community for those who are @vulnerable who can't perhaps get @the flu vaccine or haven't had a @chance yet to get the vaccine. @>> reporter: in tampa, kelly @cowan, fox 13 news. @>> lloyd: the flu vaccine takes @two weeks to be effective. @if you haven't gotten a flu shot @if you haven't gotten a flu @shot, get yours now. @dr. lynch companies more cases @in the bay area over the next @two weeks. @ two people you were in the a @birthday party at a st. pete @hotel that turned into a crime @scene. @police were called to the @holiday inn express. @there had been an argument when @officers arrived they found @19-year-old octavius brown shot @in the upper body and demetrius
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@his hand. @when all of that was going on @several gymnastic teams visiting @from out of the country were @trying sleep. @one mother heard running around @upstairs and thought it was @rowdy party. @went door to door she realized @how serious. @>> what's going on. @can you please check the room to @see if there is a bullet noel @your room. @>> a little bit shocking coming @from a foreign country and not @getting used to this type of gun @violence in the united states. @it. @>> reporter: brown was taken to @the bayfront medical center in @critical but stable condition. @crawford was created at north @side hospital. @police working to arrest the @shooter. @ an update to the deadly @shooting that happened saturday @at a hooka bar. @the man killed in that shooting @was manuel ortiz jr. @he and other victims rushed to @the hospital. @the hospital. @someone open fired at the hookah
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@deputy @deputies have not released any @suspect information or made any @arrests. @ we are hearing about major @traffic troubles on i-75 in @sarasota county. @the southbound lanes had to be @shut down fooling tanker crash. @it started around 7:00 this @morning. @fhp shut down the highway near @mile marker 178. @in sarasota county because of @the fuel spill there. @traffic has been detoured all @day south u.s. 41 through north @port. @moving southward. @out in northbound lanes of i-75 @remain open. @southbound i-75 and sarasota @county expected to stay closed @until tomorrow morning. @ a driver should expect to @hit the brakes near the veterans @expressway today where a road @closure is in effect all @weekend. @lane widening on the veterans @have shut downer lick under the @overpass as construction crews @work on that project. @equipment is taking up the way @of traffic in that spot, so
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@as an alternate take gunn @highway or sheldon road to the @west and dale mabry to the east. @ new at 6:00, a young woman @from the bay area is fighting @for her life in columbia right @now after a serious accident. @the family is. @she was swimming during an @excursion when a very large rock @fell directly on her head @causing severe trauma. @skyler has undergone emergency @surgery and needs to be @air-lifted back to the united @states for further treatment. @her family has a go fund me @account and more than half twice @her fund raising goal to bring @her home. @you can find more information on @how you can help on @ once considered the front @runner for the republican @presidential nomination, former @florida governor jeb bush has @now suspended his campaign. @the move came last night @following a poor showing in the @south carolina primary. @derek kinney has more. @>> reporter: a distant fourth
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@fourth-place finish was not @strong now keep jeb bush in the @republican primary race. @>> the people of iowa and north @carolina and south carolina have @spoken and i really rant @decision. @tonight i am suspending my @campaign. @>> reporter: the one-time front @runner was not able to turn to @early stumbles. @he struggled to answer questions @of his brother's invasion of @iraq and struggle to gain voters @iraq and struggle to gain @voters. @when the campaign decided to go @after long-time friend marco @rubio it backfired in one of the @primary's most memorable debate @exchanges. @>> marco, when you signed up for @that this is a six-year term. @this is a full-time work @>> the only reason you are doing @it now is we are running for the @same position and someone @convinced that you attacking me @is going to help you. @>> reporter: the former governor @had a huge financial advantage. @his super pac raised $150 @million by the end of last year, @far more than any of the other @gop candidates, but the fund
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@into votes or enthusiasm. @>> you get back in the business @of creating a more peaceful @world. @please clap. @[applause] @>> reporter: despite his @campaign and super pac spending @$80 million in ads over the last @nine months, more than any other @gop candidate, 6 @gop candidate, 6th place it @iowa, 4th place it new hampshire @iowa, 4th place it new @hampshire. @south carolina was his last @stand. @the bush family is extremely @popular and came off of several @strong debate performances and @it wasn't enough, after a 4th @place finish, the former front @runner is now out of the race. @in washington, garrett teny, fox @13 news. @ still to come on the fox 13 @6:00 news, bay area wide are @6:00 news, bay area bride and @grooms say i do and wait until @you hear the love story. @>> lloyd: the mission and @heroic act that brought them @together. @aaron mesmer has look just ahead @aaron mesmer has look just @ahead. @ mike, a gorgeous day for a @wedding and anything else really @wedding and anything else @really.
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@ @ just a few minutes ago, a @local couple tied the knot at @old mcmickey's farm in odessa. @this bride and groom did not @have to pay a cent for the @ceremony. @they won it for one special @reason. @aaron mesmer explains why. @good evening, aaron. @>> reporter: good evening, @haley. @the reason why. @it is the reason they won this @contest and ball a story of
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@the bride's brother actually @saved the life -- excuse me had @his life saved by the groom. @they were overseas in iraq. @the bride's brother stepped on @an explosive device and lost @both of his legs and arm when @that happened and he had his @life saved by the groom. @they became friends after that @and eventually he met his would @and eventually he met his @would-be wife. @want to show you some images of @the ceremony that wrapped up @just a little while ago. @after dating for three years, @staff sergeant proposed to @samantha back in august. @in september, a dozen military @couples who entered a contest at @mcmickey's farm called mission i @do. @the winner will have $30,000 @from the form a have their @wedding here. @got narrowed down for the final @four couples to vote on. @65,000 people voted and @christopher and samantha found @out just last month that they @were the winners. @celebrate. @we caught their first kiss as @husband and wife on camera.
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@this family, behind this couple @-- that's the reason they were @able to come out and celebrate @with that $30,000. @when people really were -- were @able to relate to this story of @heroism, although i asked @christopher if he thought @avenues hero and to hear from @people like him in the military, @no, i am not a hero. @at 10:00, haley, we will hear @first hand from this happy @couple what it means to be able @to come out here and celebrate @with so many people. @>> what a story. @certainly a deserving couple. @looking forward hearing their @full story later on tonight, @thanks, aaron. @>> lloyd: great stuff. @ still ahead, students and @volunteers making sure it bay @area kids won't go without @lunches just because they are @out of lowe's presents: how to plan for the future. happy valentine's day. happy birthday. sorry i forgot our anniversary. happy mother's day. now get 3 shrubs for only $10
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@ @ in just an hour of time will @mean tens of thousands of meals @for hungry kids in tampa bay. @250 students, faculty and @parents from berkeley @preparatory school packaged @nutritious meals for children at @risk of going without assisted @meals especially while at home @during those long school breaks. @the school partnered with @feeding children everywhere, and @it didn't take long at all to @get 250 people volunteering to @their care of their community. @>> it is who we are. @again, we -- we -- we try live @it every day. @to be a positive difference. @to be a great community member. @and -- and to make sure that we @are taking care of our @community. @so to give our kids an @opportunity to serve is deeply @important.
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@through the hillsborough @education foundation. @ as you may know around here, @we hesitate to call a day @perfect. @we don't like to impose our @values on others -- @>> haley: come on. @>> lloyd: but this day is @perfect. @>> haley: how can you not. @gorgeous sky. @>> lloyd: you ran this morning. @>> haley: i did. @6 a.m. nice. @a little cool. @>> lloyd: that's what you want. @>> haley: you want to start off @cool, and the sun rose and @everybody was happy. @>> lloyd: you and 30,000 of @your closest friends. @>> haley: we are buddies then. @>> mike: you finish with a @great time and here at work. @>> haley: i can't promise hail @be awake at 11:30. @>> lloyd: and weather trivia to @boot. @>> mike: this is great for @haley. @a complicated question so if @a complicated question so if @questions, let me know. @>> lloyd: s a usual --
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@despite being in the dry season, @february has the fourth highest @daily rainfall record of all the @manatees. @so what is that daily rainfall @record? @5.67 inches, 6.17 inches, 7.48. @or 8.29 inches. @>> haley: i am going to have to @read this over. @>> mike: the highest daily @rainfall of all the months. @this was the fourth highest one. @what was the daily -- @>> lloyd: daily rain fall in @february. @>> mike: not the daily but @average. @we will be doing a facebook live @session to discuss this question @as well. @>> haley: oh, good. @>> mike: no, i am just kidding. @haleigh this would be a game @show, phone a friend. @>> mike: you may need to phone @a friend on this one. @answer coming up at 10. @as i am tripping over cords here @as i am tripping over cords @here. @check this out.
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@look at tampa from our sky tower @camera. @clearwater-hilton beach come @showing it as well. @beautiful sunset today. @beautiful day. @76 the high today. @55 the low. @a few degrees above average but @in all all as was mentioned, you @let tate to doll her pebingt, @but this is pretty close to @perfect. @i know really hesitate, but this @is pretty much a perfect -- i @just go out on the limb and say @it, this has been a perfect week @over the last several days or so @over the last several days or @so. @76 today. @78 yesterday. @76 on friday. @74, 75. @i mean, just look at that. @that is pretty nice-looking @streak. @that would be coming to an end @as we head through the next few @days and we will discuss all of @that coming up in a few minutes. @72 in tampa. @71 in pinellas park. @71 up in westchase. @67 in weeki watch chee. @71 in land o lake. @72 in sarasota. @73 in myacca city. @77 for new sebring.
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@and 76 in wauchula. @satellite and radar. @high pressure in control once @again but you are seeing the @high clouds kind of streaming in @from the north. @they are going to make it a @little farther southward @progress during the day on @monday. @overall, a little bit more in @the way of clouds. @maybe like a filtered sunshine @as we head through the afternoon @hours. @how this looks in our futurecast @how this looks in our @futurecast. @the live view. @the front back up to the north. @stray afternoon shower tomorrow. @rain clans around 20% tops. @not looking at any kind of @big-time shower activity. @scattered showers around tuesday @scattered showers around @tuesday. @tuesday we bump those rain @chances up to 30% to 40%. @and this system back to the west @that is going to bring i really @our best shot at showers and @storms. @that will be wednesday @afternoon. @showers, storms, maybe some gust @showers, storms, maybe some @gusty winds. @maybe stronger storms as well as @that system kind of races off to @the north. @and behind that front, that is @where we are going to see the @biggest changes @biggest changes with the weather @biggest changes with the @weather. @no longer in the mid-70s.
6:21 pm
@for tonight, 59 degrees. @for tonight, 59 degrees. @partly cloudy. @milder night than the last few @nights. @for the day tomorrow, 76. @filtered sun. @isolated afternoon shower and @not a big deal with that. @77 tomorrow. @warm and more humid. @scattered showers. @seven-day forecast, warm weather @over the next few days and we @drop it off, 77 on tuesday. @76 on wednesday. @low 60s thursday and friday and @look at the overnight lows back @into the 40s, 30s out there by @next weekend. @hey, kevin. @ mike, 20-year-old chase he @will quote was the driver to @lead the pack to the starting @line-up and didn't there very @long iii @re. @merissa lynn joins us from the @finish line. @>> reporter: if you were watch @>> reporter: if you were
6:22 pm
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@we have i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story. publix. where shopping
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@ @ @ chase elliott's attempt to @pull off a daytona sweep comes @to a quick end. @the pole sitter didn't make it @to the first pit stop. @the 16th straight year, the top @driver failed to win nascar's @biggest race. @this one made up for it with an @incredible ending, the closest @ever in the daytona 500. @all eyes on elliott early. @the youngest driver to lead the @500 field. @and he clearly had a big target @on his back as the driver to @beat. @just 19 laps in, his daytona day @comes to a crashing halt. @elliott in the middle of the @pack his car goes flying, -- and @vickers filling in for the @injured tony stewart was out for @a while. @amazing @amazingly no one wrecks behind @him.
6:25 pm
@and manages to stay on the track @and manages to stay on the @track. @30 @30 laps to go, dale earnhardt @jr. makes an aggressive move @from the youth side. @avoid traffic and not the wall. @one of the favorites to win this @thing is all done for the day. @and then with 16 laps left, dan @and then with 16 laps left, @danica patrick, trying to block @greg byle and it cost her. @patrick in for a wild ride @herself. @and in the grass will tear up @her car. @she was a lap down and near the @back of the pack at the time and @brings out the 6th caution of @the day. @matt kenseth took the lead with @40 to go and held the spot until @the final turn. @denny hamlin goes high and @kenseth to block, and hamlin @goes by him. @edges him at the line and the @closest finish in the history of @the 500. @goes to denny hamlin who led the @most laps and toyota gets their @first daytona 500 victory. @ merissa lynn joins us from @inside victory lane where
6:26 pm
@was actually born in tampa, @though raised in virginia. @merissa? @>> reporter: yeah, this win has @a tampa feel to it. @as you can see behind me, the @celebration just dying down @moments ago. @going on for -- i would have to @say at least over an hour. @denny hamlin. @the new daytona 500 and speed @week begins and ends with ham @week begins and ends with @hamlin. @a week ago and it also ends this @one a much sweeter win for denny @hamlin today. @one of the things that hamlin @said going on the last lap. @says that joe gibbs that haven't @would daytona 500, didn't want @to recognize his teammates kyle @busch and that was in his head @as he made it last lap move. @>> i knew that we -- i was going @to have a decision to make. @i had such a huge run coming on @that, that -- hi to be selfless @-- selfish and try to go a @victory but the last thing i
6:27 pm
@of us and somebody else win the @race. @luckily matt gave us the room @when we did get inside, and you @know roar it all worked out, but @know roar it all worked out, @but, wow, -- still the last lap @happened so fast. @i want to relive it and rewatch @it to figure out what in the @heck i really did. @>> reporter: that track @president joey chitwith said @this was the closest finish in @daytona 500. @he edged him by .01 of a second. @>> anchor: a tight race with @the leader holding tonight end. @a wild finish. @we got to take a look at this @one more time, and really you @kind of have to feel for martin @truex, jr., who loses the @daytona 500 by basically a @bumper. @less than a foot.
6:28 pm
@martin truex jr. just blocked by @inches. @unbelievable. @it is hard to believe that this @whole thing came down to that -- @basically the last stretch @there. @but that's what daytona -- the @daytona 500 is all about. @you always see these last lap @finishes like this. @denny hamlin definitely gave @something excited about about. @wild finish and one of the best @in my lifetime. @i can imagine in daytona 500 @history as well. @>> i knew it was close. @i knew it was really close. @i hadn't -- i didn't think -- i @didn't think either way. @i just said, damn, that was @close. @that is the only thing i could @think of. @tried look up at the big screen @as always do. @the start-finish line and just @doing the best i could. @and come up a bit short. @going to have to watch that on @the highlight reel for the rest @of my career i suppose, the rest @of my life.
6:29 pm
@when it happened to mark martin @poor guy had been so close so @many times and they still show @that highlight. @the picture of that race is in @the tunnel when you come in turn @one. @i have a feeling i am going to @have to see that same thing for @a long time. @it hurts a little bit, but @something to be proud of for @sure. @>> reporter: and obviously very @disappointed martin truex jr. @who was edged by denny hamlin by @1/100 of a second. @this much. @that is how the daytona 500 @finishes today. @>> not the only driver that left @deflated. @we will check back with you with @more reaction of this great @finish. @ how about this, now to the @boys of spring. @rays players have been in port @charlotte all week, but today @becomes official as pitchers and @catchers hit the field for the @first workout of spring. @welcomed in 40 players that @should be really competitive @camp. @no big speech from cash. @holding out when the whole team @reports with the full squad
6:30 pm
@hard to believe their 19th @spring training for the rays, @8th in port charlotte. @gone are ten starters from last @year and the rays think the club @has to be better. @the philosophy doesn't change. @the success hinges from pitching @and defense. @>> the most part, most of our @pitchers come in with multiple @bull pens. @not the first time for anybody @to get off the mound. @the arnls and legs are under @weight of being in shape. @>> an ideal day. @everybody is excited and you can @kind of feel it and beautiful @day and beautiful practice. @>> there is a lot of optimism @about us. @and i think -- i think as long @as we stay healthy, everyone is @excited. @everyone know what is we are @capable of. @everyone know what is we go out @there and do. @and we have a lot of good guys @and we stay on the field and we @will prove that this year. @>> forget about punxsutawney @phil. @this is spring training now. @daytona and the pitchers and
6:31 pm
@winter is over. @lloyd we are ready. @thank you, kevin, very much. @ when we come back deadly @details in the deadly shooting
6:32 pm
@>> lloyd: what (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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@ @ developing tonight. @six people are dead and two @others injured in michigan after @a man started driving around and @shooting people. @even more disturbing we learn @that the accused shooter was an @uber driver. @>> haley: fox's mike tobin has @the latest for kalamazoo, @michigan is our heart goes out @to these individuals just out @enjoying their life and it was @interrupted fatally think about @individual. @>> reporter: a community in @michigan stunned after a @shooting spree saturday night.
6:34 pm
@around the area of kalamazoo @shooting innocent people in @three different locations. @>> as far as i know it was @completely random. @that mr. dalton had encountered @those folks in the parking lot @and just began shooting at them. @>> reporter: a father and his @8-year-old son are among the @people killed. @dalton was taken into custody, @but police says there no clear @reason why he started the @rampage. @>> he didn't struggle. @there wasn't a fight. @he seemed unexpected -- @unaffected by what was going on @and they found that obviously @pretty surprising based on what @they knew or believed he done at @the time. @>> reporter: dalton's neighbors @say they could never expect he @could be capable of something @like this. @>> he mainly stuck by himself. @him living there three years, i @never saw a distress like @something was going on. @>> reporter: members of the @community say hard to fathom @what was going on without a @clear motive. @>> this is so random. @gang violence, there are ways
6:35 pm
@when a random individual beside @being evil, i don't know how you @stop that. @>> reporter: the uber company @confirms that dalton was one of @their drivers but not confirming @what is out on social media was @working the night of the @shootings in kala plaza, mike @tobin, fox news. @ donald trump won big in @south carolina and hillary @clinton held off bernie sanders @in nevada this weekend. @the party swihes dates with @two more contests this week. @fox 13's caroline shively @reports on where the candidates @are now from the race from @columbia, south carolina. @>> reporter: no one could have @summed up the presidential race @better than donald trump did in @speech. @he takes that ten-point win onto @nevada where the republicans @caucus on tuesday. @>> we started with 17 people. @i have been hit by 97 different @angles and now down to 5 and we @will see what happens. @>> reporter: the polls in nevada @by 20 points.
6:36 pm
@marco rubio and ted cruz who @like in south carolina are @basically tied for second. @>> the screaming you hear now @from across the way is the @washington cartel in full terror @that the conservative @grass-roots are rising up. @>> reporter: former florida @governor jeb bush dropping out @of the race saturday is putting @pressure on other lower tier @candidates to drop out as well. @>> i believe the sooner we can @coalesce the better as a party @in general. @>> reporter: former secretary of @state hillary clinton is fund @raising in california fresh off @her five-point win over bernie @sanders in the nevada caucuses. @>> i am so thrilled and so @grateful to all of my supporters @out there. @some may have doubted us, but we @never doubted each other! @[cheering] @>> i believe that when democrats @assemble in philadelphia in july
6:37 pm
@going to see the results of one @of the great political upsets in @the history of the united states @the history of the united @states. @[cheering] @>> reporter: democrats vote here @in south carolina on saturday. @it is an important state, and @most polls show clinton up by 20 @points, but we are nine days @away from the real prize of @super tuesday when about a third @of the delegates gets divvy @of the delegates gets divvied up @of the delegates gets divvied @up. @in south carolina, caroline @shively, fox news. @ hillary clinton held a rally @in texas after claiming victory @in the nevada caucus. @the candidate addressing @supporters in texas after she @beat bernie sanders by a slim @margin. @injecting new life into clinton @injecting new life into @clinton's campaign and during @her speech, she addressed the @issue of filling the supreme @court justice seat left behind @by the great justice antonin @scalia. @>> whether the republicans like @or not, he has constitutional @obligation to nail vacancy and
6:38 pm
@constitutional obligation to act @on that nomination. @>> the next stop on the campaign @trail for the democratic party @is for the south carolina @primary next saturday. @ in world news tonight, a @syrian town has been taken back @in isis by a u.s.-backed @alliance in syrian fighters. @people cheered and greeted @soldiers as they returned to al @shadadi. @recaptured the islamic state in @northeastern syria friday. @this just days after the syrian @democratic forces announced an @operation to seize al shagadi @back from isis. @ officials in fiji are @asession the damage of a a @ferocious cyclone for throughout @island nation. @cyclone winston is leaving parts @of fiji in pieces. @authorities report that five @people were killed during that @storm. @hundreds of homes were destroyed
6:39 pm
@villages have been flattened. @winds reportedly hitting up to @$177 miles per hour. @downed power lines and trouble @navigating through the roads @have made it dove fully assess @the damage. @australia's foreign minister @julie bishop is already offering @the nation support. @>> we have enticed preposition @supplies that are available. @i have also offered the ideas to @send -- so we can dare out @aerial surveillance in the outer @islands. @>> haley: the government has @opened up 750 evacuation centers @around the island and a nation @around the island and a @nationwide curfew and 30 days @state of national disaster. @ up next with south carolina @behind them, republicans set @their sights on nevada for the
6:40 pm
6:41 pm
6:42 pm
@population have @ @ front runner donald trump is @riding his south carolina @victory and a large lead in the @polls into nevada's republican @caucus news. @ alienated the key voters who @are expected to turn out in @record numbers. @brian yenis looks at trump's @problems in nevada. @>> they are bringing drugs. @they are bringing crime. @they are rape @they are rapists. @>> reporter: from the time he @announced republicans in nevada @have used comments about @immigrants to fuel latino
6:43 pm
@>> used trump's rhetoric as a @tool to mobilize latinos that @could be citizens to get them @naturalized so they can turn out @to vote. @>> reporter: the workers union @is helping lateen knee workers @in trump's hotel to become @citizens to vote against him. @>> i want to vote for the person @who is going to help so many @immigrants. @>> reporter: mexican immigrant @helga florez traveled from @washington d.c. to volunteer for @hillary clinton in nevada after @13 years in the u.s., she is now @on the path of citizenship. @>> this is truly important one @and i feel from the republican @side is scary. @i think it is time to mobilize. @>> reporter: republican rivals @could benefit from those leery @of trump. @he left the republican party and @likes marco rubio because of his @immigration plans. @>> one of those things you say i @sat at this table for all this @time and i was never given what @is promised. @>> they love me. @i love them. @>> reporter: despite it all,
6:44 pm
@with the large latino vote. @>> i am voting for donald trump @because i believe that america @needs a ceo. @>> reporter: in los angeles, @brian yenis, fox news. @>> the buildup has been all week @for the daytona 500. @i finally a winner. @>> lloyd: no one knew how close @it was going to be. @>> kevin: you have to predict @who was going to win this thing @and the death 500, missing the @big wreck. @everyone was waiting for this at @the end of the race and got a @great finish. @we will go back inside victory
6:45 pm
6:46 pm
@celebration for denny ham i need new carpet. ok. i have two dogs. and a husband. house trained? my husband? no, the dogs. sometimes. i'd suggest stainmaster pet protect carpet. why? incredibly durable and stain resistant. that's why they call it master it's... i got it. now get free basic installation with purchase of stainmaster carpet and pad, at lowe's. @ @ well, the daytona 500 could
6:47 pm
@denny hamlin wins by the @narrowest margin and goes to @victory lane. @toyota had four of the top five @drivers in this race. @matt kenseth took the lead with @40 laps to go. @denny hamlin charges high and @hamlin goes by them. @to martin truex. @as you can see right here at the @line. @the closest finish in the @history of the 500, and it goes @to denny hamlin who ran the most @laps on the day. @hamlin and toyota get their @first daytona 500 victory. @merissa lynn was trackside for @the action. @joins us again from victory lane @where champagne was flowing, @merissa. @>> reporter: so was the confetti @>> reporter: so was the @confetti, kevin, what was going @on here probably about an hour @ago now. @denny was taken away doing a lot @more interviews and i expect he @will be doing a lot, the new @champion of the daytona 500. @what he told us was that, first @of all, haven't won the daytona
6:48 pm
@joe gibbs won it. @number two, denny hamlin said @that the reason he won this race @was because of the push he got @from kevin harvick from behind @able to push it ahead of h @kenseth and martin truex and @1/100th of a second and that @close of a win. @>> it no doubt was the 4 car and @that push that i got. @no doubt about it. @he actually pushed me in the 150 @as well, and i knew his car was @really good at doing that. @and so i mean -- @>> i felt like matt moving up to @block that run, he gave his an @opportunity to win. @without that, we weren't going @to have that opportunity because @like i said i was planning to
6:49 pm
@and that was the -- i thought @the best opportunity we have. @>> reporter: and so denny ham @>> reporter: and so denny @hamlin, the first since 2000. @the first time since 2000 when @dale jarrett was able to do it. @first guy to win the unlimited @and daytona 500. @so 16 years has passed and what @a feat for denny hamlin and the @crew of the number 11 toyota. @>> kevin: a great race, merissa @>> kevin: a great race, @merissa. @the workout has been fantastic @all week. @i know you will be glad to be @back. @>> lloyd: nice job, kevin and @merissa. @nice job at the track and for @once really nice weather. @>> kevin: really nice mckinney @>> kevin: really nice @>> kevin: really nice. @>> mike: as perfect condition @wise not just for the racers but @the people watching. @>> go to the beach, do a race, @what a lot of people are doing @today. @>> mike: a lot of racers. @good conditions for that and @nice over the next few days. @not like we are pushing the
6:50 pm
@and increase those rain chances. @>> lloyd: thanks a lot. @>> haley: compared to what we @had in july, august, this is @fine. @>> mike: will be getting a @little more humidity. @clearwater beach cam, you @mentioned a nice day at the @beaches. @look at this. @a lot of people at the beaches @for mid to late february day. @and look at the sunset at the @end of the day. @perfect sunset out there. @highs today -- we actually hit @officially 76 in tampa. @average high this time of year 7 @average high this time of year @73. @a few degrees above average. @79 in brandon. @78 in sebring. @77 in lake placid. @right along the coast, mid-70s. @temperatures drop a little bit @in the afternoon. @we actually see a sea breeze @developing with these @temperatures. @now tomorrow, pretty similar. @maybe a degree or two warmer. @inland, we are talking about @temperatures close to 80. @right along the coast. @mid- to upper 70s. @so another beautiful day @tomorrow.
6:51 pm
@but becoming more humid. @progressively more humid monday @and tuesday and more humid as we @head into wednesday. @a couple of fronts bringing @showers around tuesday and @wednesday. @wednesday is a threat for @showers though a little bit @higher than tuesday's threat, @and much cooler as we head @beyond the middle of the week. @high pressures in the low 60s. @some of us do not get out of the @50s come friday. @current temperature 72 in tampa. @67 in new port richey. @70 in brooksville. @72 in sarasota. @71 in wauchula. @71234 lake placid throughout @the state, toward miami, upper @60s panama city up to pensacola. @low 70s out toward jacksonville @as well. @satellite and radar, the high @clouds off to our north. @this system up to the north. @bringing some showers out to the @mid-atlantic and the northeast @and you track that to the west. @this one we are going to be @watching now heading into the @day on tuesday. @this will be potentially @bringing us stormy weather @tuesday and then again on
6:52 pm
@wednesday storm start looking a @little bit higher than tuesday. @cold weather to the north of @this front, but look at this, 62 @in raleigh right now. @53 in new york city. @64 down in lynn. @those are current temperatures. @not too bad for 6 p.m. in mid to @late february. @59 for tonight, partly cloudy. @milder night out there. @for the day tomorrow, @temperatures back into the mid- @to upper 70s. @some folks touch in 80. @filtered sunshine. @afternoon showers. @overall rain chances involved @about 20% or so. @77 on tuesday. @30 to 40% rain chances. @up to 60% storm chances on @wednesday and we cool off, highs @in the low 60s thursday, friday @and on too saturday. @guys. @>> lloyd: mike, thanks. @ drone enthusiasts across the @country had an exciting event @this weekend haleigh a look at
6:53 pm
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@ @ we are wrapping up the 6:00 @news an hope you join us at @10:00. @ the sports highlights and @workweek plus in florida we @enjoy the beach, but many people @with disabilities don't have @that option because they can't @get around in the and have. @find out how one florida man is @changing that all new tonight at @10:00. @ finally this hour, people @from all over the country are @flocking to arizona for a race
6:56 pm
@the phoenix race is in its first @year and bringing drone @enthusiasts from all over to @test their skills on the track. @fox's marcy jones has the story. @>> reporter: for husband, father @>> reporter: for husband, @father, businessman and student @dustin pennington, it is not @often he gets to feel like a kid @again, except when he is here. @>> everybody wants to do @something that is really @exciting and cool, and everybody @wants to be in a community where @everybody is like-minded, and so @that's what we have created here @here. @>> reporter: even though a newer @sport, it is catching on like @wildfire. @part of the fun of racing drones @is expressing yourself through @your aircraft. @>> what is great about this, the @frame itself is -- there is so @many different types of flames. @like everybody has their own @style. @everybody has their own @personality, and that really @comes out in the drone. @>> reporter: it doesn't take an @engineer that the first ever @phoenix cup has been a raging @success. @drawing attention from all over
6:57 pm
@vase so popular that it is even @attracting copy cats. @but you know what they say, @imitation is the sincerest form @of flattery. @>> people doing led lights for @tracks all over the united @states. @and these guys -- these guys are @the visionaries and always @setting the standard. @>> reporter: with the first @phoenix cup in the books, dustin @says they are already planning @year two. @>> we are going to outdo @ourselves next year. @this is our flagship event, and @so we are looking for sponsors @this next year to make this @event even bigger next year. @>> haley: fun that race too. @>> lloyd: need a drone race @here. @>> haley: for more news follow @us on twitter and news is always @on at @>> lloyd: see you back at so @and 11:00. @in the meantime, have a great @evening.
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