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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 430AM  FOX  February 22, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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3 3 3 3 new this morning: a robbery attempt... ends with a deadly shooting. but the robbers picked the wrong store. fox 13's shayla reaves joins us now from tampa... to explain. 3 3 3
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3 making headlines in south florida: a family in miami is pleading for help... finding the people who shot and killed... their 6-year-old son. 3 police say "king carter" was playing outside his miami apartment saturday afternoon when two men got out of a car and started shooting. carter got caught in the crossfire and later died at the hospital. carter's father and aunt made a public plea for justice on sunday. the community also held an anti-violence march. there is now a 25 *thousand reward for information leading to an arrest. police are looking for the two shooters... along with a third person who was driving them, in black 4-door sedan. 3 3 four people are facing charges on the east coast... after a food fight, got *way
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it happened at the "palm coast pizza" restaurant in palm coast. a customer got mad at the staff because they put cheese on her garlic knots.. they tried to give her money back.. but police said she threw a tip jar at them instead. then, police say three other people joined the woman in violently tearing up the restaurant. all four have been arrested. 3 3 one bay area couple just celebrated their dream wedding over the weekend. and they didn't have to pay a *thing for it. 3 christopher and samantha saint onge tied the knot at old mcmicky's farm in odessa last night. they won a 30- thousand-dollar wedding at the a contest called "mission - i do." it provides a free wedding... to a local veteran. their story is what set them apart from *dozens of other finalists. chris saved the life of samantha's *brother...after he stepped on a bomb in afghanistan. her brother lost both of his legs and an arm. chris and samantha met... during her brother's recovery. they say they didn't realize how great their story was, until
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3 this is the second year that old mcmicky's farm has held this competition. 3 3 and now, an important question: ?if a hurricane or tornado is heading your way... are you *really prepared for it? well today is great day, to change all that. this is florida's "severe weather awareness week." it's sponsored by the florida division of emergency management. it runs from today through friday... with each day focusing on a *different weather threat. 3 and today's threat... is probably the most *common one in our state... lightning. with more than one *million strikes every year, it's no wonder florida is called the "lightning capitial" of the country. that also means florida gets the most injuries and deaths, related to lightning strikes. and here's another example of how *dangerous lightning can be.
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can reach 50 *thousand degrees fahrenheit. that's hotter... than the surface of the sun. 3 and lets go to dave right now... with more on that lightning threat, and ways we can 3 3 3 thunder -30 30 rulemiles-can travel 10 3
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3 3 still ahead: the supreme court standoff. the latest on the search... to replace justice antonin scalia. 3
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sexually *abused. the controversial court case... that has the music industry taking sides. 3 ((walter but first, here's a look at last night's winning lottery numbers... no big winner in the powerball over the weekend. so that jackpot is now up to 236 million dollars. and tomorrow's mega millions jackpot is up to 114 million. good luck, and good day is back in less than two minutes. 3 everything you need to know about life, you can learn from granola.
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3 3 a final farewell 3 a final farewell over the weekend... for supreme court justice "antonin scalia." his funeral serving as a brief moment of peace... in what will be a *very contentious year, for the nation's high court. 3 later this morning, the eight remaning supreme court justices head back to work... for the *first time, since the death of their collegue. it will be a tough day... and a tough *year. as the fight to find a *new judge... causes one deep divide in congress. 3 right now -- president obama's in the process of going through several *potential replacements, and making a short list. on friday -- he was spotted at the white house carrying a thick binder. inside were
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people - who the white house says "may be worthy of consideration." republican leaders say they *still plan to block the president's nominee... no matter who it is. so as those justices begin hearing oral arguments today... there is still no timetable for when a *ninth judge will join them again. 3 at least one person is dead, following a deadly avalanche... in canada. 13 people were trapped in it... while taking part in a guided ski tour. six other skiers were hurt... two with serious injuries. this was the *second avalanche in that area over the weekend. the first one killed a man on a snowmobile. 3 one pop star is helping another... in a very serious legal battle. singer "kesha" is fighting to get out of her contract with producer "dr. luke." she claims he sexually assaulted her, for *years. a judge still ruled on friday that she couldn't of the jumped to support kesha on social media... from lady gaga to kelly clarkson. and now, taylor swift is *really
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to kesha, to help with her finanical needs. 3 and... on this day in history, back in 19-80... one of the greatest moments in american sports history. "the miracle on ice" at the winter olympics in lake placid, new york the u-s hockey team pulled off one of the biggest upsets in sports... beating the soviet union hockey team, four to three. the u-s team was made up of only amateur and college players... the russians were all professionals and heavy favorite. fun fact... a lot of people don't relize this was *not the gold medal game. the u-s still had to play finland. and yes... they won that game too. 3 ((walter/jen))
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3 3 still ahead: "dead" does it again. the superhero film... that just keeps *shocking hollywood. 3 plus: a galaxy *not so far, far away. disney gives us a new sneak peak... at "star wars land." and if you weren't *excited before, you're about to hit hyperspace. 3
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3 the time now 4 xxx... and here's a look at the top trending stories this hour. and we begin, with another dominating weekend.. for "deadpool." the foul- mouthed marvel superhero just crushed the competition again, at the weekend box office. 3 it made another 55 million dollars the past three days. it's now made more than 230 million dollars here in america... and almost *five hundred million dollars, worldwide. it could actually pass that half a billion milestone, later today. the "deadpool" character was first introduced in an x-men movie.... and this solo film has now made more money, than *any of the x-men movies did, during their *entire runs. and of course... a *sequel is already in the works. if you can't tell from the mask and the special effects... the movie stars "ryan reynolds." this is already the highest grossing film, in his career. 3
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it's not doing *star wars good. "the force awakens" shattered box office records the past few months. so it's no surprise... disney has been *ramping up plans for it's new "star wars" lands, at it's parks. 3 and fans got another speak peek of those plans last night, during a t-v special celebrating the 60th anniversary of disneyland. actor harrison ford introduced a short segment, which showed a few more *artist renderings of how the lands would look. the lands are opening at both disneyland and hollywood studios here in florida. we already knew *two rides were in the works... one being a millenium falcon simuator ride. but disney now confirms there will be marketplace... a cantina bar... and a restaurant with some kind of *live entertainment. no completion date was given... but rumors say it will take at least two to three years. 3 and disney also had another big reveal on sunday. the trailer for their *next big remake. but the funny part? most people
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the *original: 3 remember the 3 *original "pete's dragon?" it came out back in 19-77... starring mickey rooney and shelly winters. this time it has robert redford and bryce dallas howard. the story is about a boy and his dragon... who everyone *thinks is imaginary. it hits theaters in august. 3 still ahead: it's a holiday that jimmy buffett helped create. how you celebrate it today... as soon as you find that lost shaker of salt. plus: dave has another check on the monday forecast. 3
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petersburg... it's storytime! and a few local *leaders will be doing the reading. it's part of the city's african american history month celebrations. it's going on at several libraries across the city, today through friday. the guest readers include mayor rick kriseman and deputy mayor doctor kanika tomalin. it kicks off at 10-15 this morning at the mirror lake community library on fifth street north. 3 3 a great deal for drivers in tampa today. if you've ever had your *brakes done... you know it can be pretty pricey. well today, you can get it done for *free. "ice cold air" is offering the service to anyone who drops off at least *eight cans or boxes of nonperishable food. it will go to "feeding tampa bay." the food can't be expired or homemade. the promotion is *only for the "ice cold air" location on sligh avenue. and it runs through march 14th. 3 and... why wait until cinco de mayo? today is "national margarita day." dozens of people have claimed they invented the cocktail... which mixes tequila, triple sec, and lime juice. including a bartender in
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1934. he claimed he invented the drink for his friend, margeurite. a similar story popped up in 1938 from a bar in tijuana. and then there was a story from dallas, texas... where a socialite named "margarita sames" made the drink for her houseguests. one of those guests was tommy *hilton... who added the drink to his hotels. then it got really popular inthe 70's.. when
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3 3 ((//2shot)) toss to dave... 3 3 3 3 ((vanessa toss to shayla.... 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3
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3 turns the tables on two men guns. the latest on this 3 ((jen here in the bay area we are very familiar with lightning. on this severe weather week... how can you protect you and your family. 3 ((walter plus, music on the dark side of the moon? it could be a reality. the new tapes, that has people asking questions. 3 3 ((walter)) its now 5:__ 3 thanks for joining us. i'm walter allen((jen)) and i'm jen epstein. let's start off with a check of the forecast, with dave. 3 3 (dave 3


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