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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 5AM  FOX  February 22, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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3 turns the tables on two men guns. the latest on this 3 ((jen here in the bay area we are very familiar with lightning. on this severe weather week... how can you protect you and your family. 3 ((walter plus, music on the dark side of the moon? it could be a reality. the new tapes, that has people asking questions. 3 3 ((walter)) its now 5:__ 3 thanks for joining us. i'm walter allen((jen)) and i'm jen epstein. let's start off with a check of the forecast, with dave. 3 3 (dave 3
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filtered sunshine 3 on tap for today, with high temps back to the mid 70s. mostly cloudy tonight; lows in the lower 60s. tomorrow will be warm and breezy with a 20%
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3 3 3 (( 3 new this morning: a liquor store clerk turns the tables on a pair of would be robbers. fox13's shayla reaves is live at tampa police department. shayla these suspects got an unexpected surprise... 3 3
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3 thanks, shayla. 3 3 flu is on the rise in the bay area. the latest data from the c-d-c shows an increase in cases across the state...with hillsborough county reporting the highest
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3 most patients are testing positive for h-1-n-1, the flu strain, also known as swine flu, that became a world-wide pandemic in 2009 what's alarming -- doctors tell us this year's flu is hitting young and middle-aged adults they're seeing an alarming number of flu cases among doctors are encouraging everyone to get a flu shot help protect yourself and everyone around you. doctors tell us the majority of flu cases they've who had not gotten their flu shot 3 3 with south carolina in their rear view mirror... the republican presidential candidates are now focusing
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most of them will be in nevada today ahead of tomorrow's caucus. the only governor left in the race, john kasich, is *not making any campaign stops there. he is focusing his efforts on super tuesday, which will take place march first. 3 searching for the gunman who petersburg hotel. just after midnight to the holiday inn express on 54th avenue north. there had been an argument. when officers arrived, they found a 19-year-old shot in the upper body and a 17-year- old with a bullet wound to his hand. while all of this was going on, several gymnastics teams visiting st. pete from out of the country were trying to sleep. one mother from bermuda said, she heard people running around upstairs and just thought it was a rowdy party. but once officers went door to door, she realized how serious
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3 the 19-year-old was taken to the bayfront medical center in critical condition, but is stable. the 17-year-old was treated at northside hospital. 3 3 in tampa, authorities have identifed the victim in a deadly shooting at a hooka bar. 3 his name is "manuel ortiz junior". ortiz and three other victims were rushed to the hospital.. after someone opened fire outside the "smokin bull hookah bar" in north tampa just after 4 a-m saturday. deputies have not released any information about the suspected gunman. 3 two men who posted dogfighting videos on facebook are under arrest. 3 deputies say "leo perry" and "damien haynes" allowed a pit bull to attack and fight a caged raccoon. one of them posted the video on the internet.. and deputies tracked them down. detectives say the crime happened at perry's house in largo.. where they found ten pit bulls. those pit bulls are now in the custody of animal services. 3
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for the first time, we're deputy... hurt when a teenager sergeant "marcy pearce" is nursing some pretty nasty injuries. pearce was released from the hospital sunday. deputies say a teenage driver ran her over friday morning... when she tried taking him into custody. investigators say the 15-year-old stepped on the gas and headed straight for her.. pearce has a broken foot.. and has four stiches in her head.. but she says she's support. 3 records show orange county deputies have arrested september, when he's murder charges. 3 a cat and dog are firefighters pulled them from a burning home in hillsborough
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out at a mobile home off whisperwood court in tampa friday night. 3 crews had to revive a cat and a dog . luckily... they were okay-- no people were hurt either. no word on what caused that fire. 3 3 a nascar driver from tampa is the big winner of this year's daytona 500. and denny hamlin won the race is spectacular fashion. the 35-year-old pulled off a 3 stunner... motoring from fourth to first over the final two win nascar's biggest event. fox13's "kevin o'donnell" will break down the entire race, coming up in morning sports at 5:48.
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his lawyers best efforts "bill cosby's" wife will be deposed today in the defamation suit being brought against the comedian. plus, a dramatic rescue off the washington coast is caught on camera. 3 3
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3 a community gathers to remember the six people killed in a random shooting spree. a prayer service was held sunday at a kalamazoo church to remember the victims. people held hands and sang songs. 3 a 45-year old father of two is accused of going on that shooting spree. police say "jason dalton" ... who worked as an uber driver ... killed six people and injured two others. authorities say it appears the gunman chose his victims ... who range in age from 14 to 74 ... at random. fox news correspondent, kelly wright, has more. 3 ((take pkg)) runs: 1:38 out: stdchyrons:00:12 - 00:19 jeff getting / kalamazoo prosecuting attorney00:38 - 00:46 devin fletter / friend of shooting victim's neighbor 01:03 - 01:09 matt mellen / uber passenger01:21 - 01:28 robin buchler / superintendent, mattawan consolidated schools01:29 - 01:38 kelly wright / new york, ny / fox news correspondent (on-cam "fox news" tag) ----------------------------- ----------------------------- ----------------------------- ----------------------------- ----------------------------- ----------------------------- ----- a michigan community is grieving after a gunman goes on a shooting spree ...
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and injuring two others. the violence breaking out saturday night in the city of kalamazoo. getting says: "there is no connection that we are aware of between the three sets of victims to each other or any of the victims to mr. dalton." according to officials ... 45-year old jason dalton shot five people outside a cracker barrel restaurant ... including a fourteen year old girl .... before killing a father and son outside a kia dealership. a woman was also shot outside of an apartment complex.fletter says: "a bunch of people just came out and started helping her. i was like, 'oh, jeez. this lady got shot.'" dalton ... who was taken into custody sunday morning ... had no criminal record and worked as an uber driver. a man who had been a passenger in dalton's vehicle hours before the shootings says he could tell something was wrong.mellen says: "we got a mile from my house and then he got a telephone call and after he got that telephone call he started driving really erratically. we were running stop signs." meantime ... people in kalamazoo coming together for a prayer vigil sunday night ... those at the event pausing to remember the victims ... while others saying the incident has left them shaken.buchler says: "there's an underlying feeling of fear, and there's kids who don't want to go outside and are just really fearful." (on-cam tag) jason dalton is expected to be arraigned monday on multiple counts of first degree murder and in new york, kelly wright, fox 3 3 fox news.york, kelly wright, in new attempted
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3 3 despite a last minute effort from lawyers, "bill cosby's" wife will give a deposition today about her husband's sexual assault allegations. 3 cosby's lawyers have been fighting to keep "camille cosby" from giving that testimony. they even filed a last minute motion to *delay the testimony. but a judge *denied that appeal late last night. seven women are suing bill cosby in massachusetts, claiming he defamed them... by denying the is expected to take place around 9-30 this morning. 3 a coast guard rescue
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by the defense department. it shows u-s coast guard crew members hoisting two women and a man to safety... they were trapped in rough waters off the washington coast. the man had attempted to help the women, but conditions were too dangerous. all three are in good condition. 3 victims of the san berardino terror attacks say they will file legal papers opposing apple on i-phone encryption. they hope the move will force apple to unlock the phone belonging to one of the shooters. the lawyer for the group says they want to know why they were targeted by the shooters. this comes as apple and the justice department clash over gaining access to encrypted information on one of the shooter's phones. apple says granting the government access would infringe on the privacy rights of their customers. 3 3 a cease-fire in syria may be in our immediate future. secretary of state says both sides have expressed an interested in ending the country's five-year civil war.
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and the opposition rebels are in the process of ironing out the final terms of a cease-fire . under the agreement both side would have activity... that would also apply to russia and the united and the rebels respectively. the rebels are also demanding assad allow civilians. 3 switching gears now: you might say these athletes have 'ice water' in their veins. russian swimmers decided not to 'checkmate' a crazy idea, and went ahead with a a new way to build up their stamina and playing chess in ice water. they say they do it to overcome obstacles, and to help aid in your concentration. the water temperature? a balmy 41 degrees farenheit, with the air temperature somewhere in the 20's to 30's. 3 ((walter // jen)) it's now
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3 the forecast with dave. ((he has a vo about the fiji cyclone)) 3 a record-breaking cyclone has killed at least 20 people in fiji. the storm hit saturday night. cyclone winston destroyed hundreds of homes... knocked out power... and caused flooding. a nationwide curfew is in effect whiles crews clear debris and retore electricity. the government has decleared a state of emergency for the next 30-days. the cyclone sustained winds of 184 miles-per-hour.. the strongest cyclone every recorded in the southern hemisphere. 3
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3 it is 5:__: time now to find out what's happening on the roads - with our
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3 no closed captioning is available for traffic. available for captioning is no closed
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3 ((walter)) the supreme court will get back to work this morning after the death of the late justice "antonin scalia".((jen)) now the focus shifts to who will replace scalia on the nation's highest court. 3 (jen and florida severe weather awareness week kicks off today. up first, we'll tell you about the dangers of lightning and how you can stay safe.
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when i want you and all your charms whenever i want you all i have to do is
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3 this week is severe weather awareness week. the week is designed to get people prepared for any kind of severe weather that may come their way. today we start with how to deal with lightning. here's fox13's "mike bennett".
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3 ((jen)) a food fight lands a group of people from south tampa in jail.((walter)) why workers at one pizza place
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((walter plus.. a young woman from the bay area is injured while visiting colombia. the latest on her fight to get home. 3 3 spokesbox: go paperless, don't stress, girl i got the discounts that you need safe driver accident-free
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3 and thanks for tuning in to
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i'm walter allen.((jen)) and i'm jen epstein. let's start by checking in with dave, who has your work week forecast. 3 3 3 3 3 available for traffic. 3 3
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3 it's 5:xx looking at some of today's top stories. tampa police are investigating a shooting at cut rate liquor store. they said they got a call about shots being fired overnight. when they got dead on the sidewalk. according to witnesses two men tried to rob the store, but own gun and shot and killed the clerk was not hurt. 3 ((walter police in miami- dade county are looking for shooting and killing a "king carter" was playing outside his apartment when two men got out of a car and not clear who they were aiming 3 rlicky...and apparently too much for a some people in palm coast. four people are in jail after a fight over food. a customer at palm coast pizza got mad at the staff because they put cheese
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but police said she threw a tip jar at them. the group then started violently tearing up the store. all four were arrested and have been charged with burglary and criminal mischief. 3 3 a young woman from the bay area is badly hurt while in colombia. now her family is desperately trying to get her back home. fox13's "ken suarez" is outside berkeley prep this morning where she attended school a few years ago. 3 what happened? 3
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3 thanks, ken. 3 3 thanks, ken. thanks,
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3 3 the eight remaining supreme court justices will for the first time since the death of their colleague justice "antonin scalia". with justice scalia laid to rest... the focus is now on who will replace him. as fox news correspondent "kristin fisher" tells us: the debate is dividing lawmakers along party lines.... 3 ((take pkg))runs: 1:31out: std chyrons:0:02-0:21 kristin fisher / washington, d.c. / fox news correspondent (on cam fox news tag)0:22-0:27 josh earnest / white house press secretary1:01-1:11 sen. ted cruz / (r-tx) presidential candidateclinton/(d) presidential candidate ___________________ ___________________ ___________________ ___________________ ______________ there's no question that president obama will nominate someone to replace justice scalia. the question is... when. right now -- president obama's in the process of whittling down a number of potential replacements to a short list. on friday -- he was photographed at the white house carrying a thick binder. inside are the resumes and records of people - who the white house says - "may be worthy of consideration." earnest says: "i suspect the president will be dedicating a significant portion of his weekend digging into that information."((fs graphic- mcconnell-grassley head shots)) last week --- president obama called two key republicans on capitol hill... senate
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judiciary committee chairman -- chuck grassley but both continue to say they will block any replacement that this president appoints. obama's promisingto nominate someone who's indisputably qualified... someone who even his most fierce political opponents would say... would serve with honor. but it's tough to imagine who could possibly fit that criteria in the midst of such a heated presidential race.candidates on both sides of the aisle weighed in. here's senator ted cruz in south carolina.... followed by hillary clinton in nevada. cruz says; "his passing one week ago today underscores the enormous stakes of this election. it is not just one but two branches of government." clinton says: "we all want to get secret unaccountable money out of politics. that starts with appointing a new justice to the supreme court." the supreme court returns from a month-long recess they will begin hearing oral arguments with only eight-justices on the bench... and no timeframe for when that ninth seat may be filled. in washington kristin
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3 iraqi forces are preparing to re-take mosul from isis. the iraqi government has pledged to take back mosul this year .... sunday, the country's defense ministry deployed troops to a military base nearby. reclaiming mosul would be a major victory for iraq and for the coalition fighting isis ... but the fight for mosul is expected be long and difficult. it is by far the largest city isis has claimed ... with more than one million people living in it under isis control. 3 zika infections in south american continues to grow this morning. especially in columbia... where nearly 37-thousand people are sick with the mosquito borne illness. 3 colombian health officials say the country has seen a 17-point-2-percent increase in infections in just the last week. that includes more than 6-thousand pregnant women. the virus
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the international health community is working furiously to develop a vaccine ... but it could be nearly two market. a fire at a hotel in germany may be linked to influx of middle eastern migrants. police say people cheered as flames engulfed the building. the hotel was being converted into housing for refugees. investigators are calling it a possible arson, after finding fire accelerant at the scene. thankfully no one was hurt. they have arrested two people... police say they were drunk and refused to leave the scene and were interfering with firefighters. 3 pope francis affirms the roman catholic church's opposition to the death penalty ... the pope is appealing to the world's governments to enact a global ban on the death penalty ... and urging catholic nations to set an example by halting executions for the next year ... and abolishing capital punishment in their countries ... he made the comments to show support for an anti-death
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3 hundreds took to the streets of tokyo during military protests. they were demonstrating against the defense policies put into place by japans prime minster. particularly, a security bill that would enable japanese troops to fight overseas. the protest was organized by a group of stts japan's constitution. 3 3 some runners are waking up a little sore this morning... the 39th annual gasparilla distance classic is officially over. 3 the 8-k run and half marathon wrapped up in thousands of runners hit the pavement... while a huge crowd richmond" from babson park be atkinson".... whose whife happened to win the women's title. "kayla atkinson" crossed the finish line in 1 hour 20 minutes and 45 seconds. looks like the family has a lot of bragging rights this
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3 3 ((jen)) plus another race comes down to the wire. ((walter)) we have all your highlights from yesterday's daytona 500, coming up in morning sports. 3 ((walter they say there is no sound in space... but astronauts report hearing odd music... on the far side of the moon. russell will tell us all about it coming up next. 3 3 ((dave)) 3 3 3 3 3
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3 moon... it's not just a pink floyd album any more. an odd case involving the apollo 10 space mission is making headlines... nearly 50 years after the fact. "russell
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3 apollo 10 astronauts reportedly told nasa officials they heard odd "music" while traveling on the far side of the moon. 3 the astronauts who flew the dress rehearsal for the first lunar landing reported hearing mysterious "outer space-type music" while flying behind the moon in may of 1969. it was all uncovered during an upcoming episode of the science channel series "nasa's unexplained files". the episode focuses on the apollo 10 crew's mission... they flew to the moon, entered lunar orbit and got within 5-thousand feet of the moon's surface. in a newly uncovered recording apollo 10 astronaut's can be heard on
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those tapes were recorded far side of the moon, out of radio communication with earth. the whistling sound lasts nearly the entire hour the astronauts were out of touch. 3 some say the sound *could have been radio interference. there is no record of the astronauts ever discussing the noise with nasa or the public. it's also not clear if astronauts or any later missions heard the same sound. 3
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time to check the forecast with dave. 3 3 3 it is 5:__: time now to find out what's happening on the roads - with our "skyfox on time traffic". 3 no closed captioning is available for traffic. 3 3
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in sports this morning: a close finish in the dayonta 500 and the lightning take on the hurricanes in north carolina. here's fox13's "kevin o'donnell". 3 the daytona 500 couldn't have been any closer.... denny hamlin wins by the narrowest margin and brings toyota their first trip to victory lane for the 500.... toyota actually had 4 of the top 5 drivers. matt kenseth took the lead with 40 laps to go and held his spot until the final turn.... denny hamlin charges high.. .kenseth goes to block and hamlin gets by him.... it's down to hamlin and martin truex.. hamlin edges him at the line... it's the closest finish in the history of the 500 and it goes to denny hamlim who actually led the most laps.... hamlin and toyota get their first daytona 500 victory. the lightning pick a perfect time for their father's trip... it's just the 2nd annual, but after seeing how their boys played this weekend... they just might want to keep them around a little longer.... the lightning trail 1-nothing in teh 2nd period and watch them work the puck.... j.t. brown finds a loose puck in front and he buries.... brown is a great season.. the lightning's traveling dad's club..... they just love it, especially jt's dad. steven stamkos has great vision... he finds ryan callahan and he has time to tee it up and let it fly.... 2-1 bolts.... carolina ulning p time is running out on the pp when tyler johnson gets he's not missing... his 25th goal of the season and it's the game winner. the dads get thier victory. bolts win 4-2
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3 still ahead, a special couple get a wedding they'll never forget. "this is the happiest day of my life, marrying the girl that i love." a dream wedding comes true for a couple... who didn't have to pay a dime.. because of their inspirational story..
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3 a military couple gets the wedding of their dreams... and it didn't cost them a penny! their story of sacrifice won them the chance to have their wedding at old mc-micky's farm in odessa. 3 dozens of military couples entered this competition last year...called "mission - i do." by was down to a final four. 65-thousand people voted on the winner. and as fox13's "aaron mesmer" shows us, "chris and samantha is what set them apart. 3 "chris, you may now and should kiss your beautiful bride!" saint onge's marriage is built on love."i couldn't be happier." and sacrifice. and it started long before
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before samantha emerged from a pristine pink antique car in a gorgeous gown. rewind their lives back a few years. 23:20:31 (chris) (covered with picture of them from the ball???)"he actually showed me a picture of her before we deployed. i kind of had the hots for her." back then...chris barely knew his evenutal best man and samantha's brother, bryan dilberian. chris -- an army sergeant -- had bryan in his squadron. neither had any idea what fate had in store for them."i stepped on a 30-pound ied, which is a homemade explosive and i lost both my legs, my left arm." that was in afghanistan in 2011. chris saved bryan's life. 23:04:27 (bryan)"he is one of the reasons why i'm standing here and experiencing my baby sister getting married." as they helped bryan recover...chris and samantha got to know each other. eventually they were inseparable."everything fell into place and it's just they were engaged last august...and entered a contest to win a 30-thousand dollar wedding at old mcmicky's farm. chris may not consider himself a hero..."the heroes are the ones that didn't come back, the ones that came back wounded." but the story of heroism and destiny won over voters...and won them a dream wedding that had everything...even a bride in a '57 chevy. and most importanly..."we're blood brothers." family and friends to celebrate these newlyweds, who aced the best mission of their lives."you can't compare it to anything.
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3 that was aaron mesmer reporting. this is the second year old mcmicky's farm has held this competition. the consolation prize for the other three couples who didn't win the 30-thousand-dollar wedding..wasn't bad at all. they still got the to hold their weddings at the farm -- free of charge. 3 ((jen)) there's much more to come on good day.((walter)) let's turn it over to russell and laura - to find out what's ahead in our 6 o'clock hour. 3 an uber driver is accused of killing six people
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spree.. new this morning ... why police think he kept working between attacks.. *and a look at the background checks these drivers are put through. 3 and: lights out for donald trump ... but not in the way you'd think .. see how protesters left "the donald" in the dark at a rally in georgia. 3 and: nothing sums up a monday.. quite like this.. see if this spinning pup ever ends up with a bite to eat.. coming up at six. 3 3 ((dave))
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3 3 new this morning, a shoot- out between a clerk and two p>>russell: a shootout between a pclerk and two armed robbers, now pone is dead, the other on the prun. p>>laura: uber driver is accused pof going on a murderous rampage, pkilling strangers at random and icking up passengers on the pway. phear from one of the passengers. p>>russell: and now that jeb bush pdropped out of the race, the pother candidates are racing to pwin over his donors. p>>dave: decent start to the day. pa lot of 50s out there. olk county all the way through phardee county, de soto county.


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