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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  February 22, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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3 3 new this morning, a shoot- out between a clerk and two p>>russell: a shootout between a pclerk and two armed robbers, now pone is dead, the other on the prun. p>>laura: uber driver is accused pof going on a murderous rampage, pkilling strangers at random and icking up passengers on the pway. phear from one of the passengers. p>>russell: and now that jeb bush pdropped out of the race, the pother candidates are racing to pwin over his donors. p>>dave: decent start to the day. pa lot of 50s out there. olk county all the way through phardee county, de soto county.
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ptampa is holding on. pif you go back to yesterday at pthis time, most of us are prunning between two and four, pmaybe five degrees warmer than pyesterday morning so we're on pthe uptick as far as ptemperatures go and we'll filter pin some cloud cover today but no preal significant rain to speak pof with highs in the mid 70s. pvanessa? p>>vanessa: we remain clear on pthe roadways. pwe do have sky fox checking out pthe clearing construction. pi actually mentioned this pearlier this morning. pit's in pinellas county along p275 really was affecting that ponramp from 26th avenue south. plooks like we have some plingering flashing lights but pyou can see the roadway is preopened. pjust be courteous as you pass pthrough for the construction pclues. p275 and ashley drive, keep an peye out coming towards the area pof armenia. pwe have a reported hit and run. pdon't know about lane blockages pquite yet. premember the move over law. pwe do have a heads up, drivers pin downtown tampa, big change phappening today.
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pdrive to franklin street is pgoing to become a two-way pstreet. puntil now, that road only went peast so be sure to plan ahead. pfolks might be getting used to pthe traffic pattern this morning pand we're going to keep you pupdated how drivers may be padjusting. p>>laura: thank you. pnew this morning, police are pinvestigating a deadly armed probbery in east tampa. pit happened at the liquor store pon north 15th street. p>>russell: shayla reaves is live pat the tampa police department. pinvestigators say there was a pshootout and one of these probbers, we understand, has pdied. p>>russell: you're absolutely pright. pone suspect is dead and police pare still continuing their psearch for another. pright now i want to take you pback to this video captured pthere at 15th street. pit was right around 11:00 last pnight when tampa police tell us pthey did receive a call about pgun fire from inside of that pbusiness. pwell, we learned those officers
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pone suspect dead on the psidewalk. pwe're told a clerk is okay. pthey did not get hurt out of all pof this. pbut right now, they're still ptrying to sort out the details pand find out exactly how all of pthis began. pbut according to preliminary pktsz, we're told two suspects preportedly entered the business, pbrandished a firearm and pexchanged gun fire with the pclerk. pat least one bullet struck the psuspect who died there at the pscene and the second suspect did pnot stick around. pnow, it's unclear if that second psuspect was armed. olice are checking surveillance pcameras to see if those cameras preveal any sort of clues. prye now they're not releasing pthe name of the suspect who died pbecause they're still working on pnotify family members. pof course, we'll continue to pfollow this and keep you posted. pif you learn more, if you have pany information about this case, lease go ahead and give tampa olice a call. pback to you. p>>laura: six people are shot and pkilled in the community of
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pit's an attack that lasted seven phours and appears completely prandom. p>>russell: the authorities say pthe driver was an uber driver pand in between shootings he icked up and dropped off assengers. pjen has the latest on this. p>>jennifer: jason dalton is a pquiet man who likes gun. puntil now, no criminal history pand reportedly passed uber's pbackground check. pthis morning he's in jail paccused of killing six people pand shooting two others. pthe rampage lasted nearly seven phours. pstarted saturday night. pa woman of shot and seriously phurt in the parking lot of an papartment complex. pfather and his teenage son were pgunned down while looking at a pvehicle at a car dealership. pfour women and a 14-year-old pgirl were shot outside of a pcracker barrel restaurant. pfour women died and the teen is pin critical condition. pthe couple who wants to remain panonymous say that dalton picked pthem up between the shootings pand they asked him this bone pchilling question.
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pyou're not the shooter, are you? pand he said, no. pand i said, are you sure? pand he said, no. pi'm just really tired. pand looking back that's a weird pway to respond. p>>jennifer: he'll likely face psix counts of first degree pmurder, attempted murder and pvarious weapons charges. puber has offered to assist pauthorities in their pinvestigation. pthe chief security officer preleased a statement saying that pthe company is, quote, horrified pand heart broken at the pviolence. puber says it screens drivers and pconducts background checks. pcritics say the screening pservices doesn't have access to pas much information as local pmiss. pearlier this month, the company pagreed to pay $28.5 million to psettle two lawsuits that alleged puber misled customers about psafety procedures and fees. pstate and local governments are pstill debating ways to regulate puber. plast year hillsborough county
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pto let the drivers operate psafely. p>>russell: it's almost 6:06. phillsborough deputies have pidentified a man who was shot pand killed at a hookah bar. pmanual ortiz, junior was one of pfour people shot at the smoking pbowl hookah bar. pthe others are expected to psurvive. pinvestigators think it started pwhen a fire started in the bar. pit then went outside. pdeputies hope the shooter was on psurveillance video. p>>laura: two teenagers are in pthe hospital after being shot pduring a birthday party at a psaint pete hotel. pit happened yesterday morning at pthe holiday inn express on 54th pavenue north. pan argument sparked the
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p19-year-old octavius brown and a p17-year-old were shot. p>>russell: we've learned the pnames of two men killed in a pserious crash in sarasota pcounty. p22-year-old matthew santiana and plewis via. pit closed the southbound lanes pfor nearly 24 hours. ptraffic had to be detoured pthrough north port because of a pfuel leak. pit's opened now. ptroopers say the driver lost pcontrol and hit the median. pthe impact caused the roof on pthe car to hit a utility pole. phe was airlifted to tampa pgeneral and he's in critical pcondition. p>>laura: a disturbing situation pat a school in highlands county pthis morning. pmiddle school students are psuspected of sharing sexually pexplicit pictures and videos of pthemselves with other kids and ptonight, school leaders are phoping to put an end to it. pschool district is holding a pmeeting about sexting at a pchurch in lake placid. pthey want parents to be there. plast week we reported at least pnine kids at lake placid middle
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pkids are between the ages of 12 pand 14. pdeputies tell us this could be pconsidered child pornography and pthe students could face criminal pcharges on the matter. pauthorities believe at the very pleast, the students will be pgiven community service. pthe meeting is tonight at 6:30 pat the first presbyterian pgenesis center in lake placid. p>>russell: this weekend, former pflorida governor jeb bush psuspended his campaign after a pdisappointing finish in south pcarolina. p>>laura: and bush's exit now has pthe other candidates scrambling pto win over his donors. pright now marco rubio has a pslight edge. phe and ted cruz were pretty much ptied after the votes were added pup. pthey both emerged from psaturday's primary claiming that pdonald trump's hold on the pg.o.p. nomination is not punbreakable. p>> it depends on how bad things pare. pyou can't just say you're going pto make america great again.
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pgot support. p>>laura: most of the candidates pwill be in nevada for tomorrow. pthe only governor in the case, pjohn kasich is not stopping pthere. psuper tuesday is march 1. p>>russell: after winning all 50 pof south carolina delegates, pdonald trump hopes to widen the plead in the south. pyesterday he held a rally in patlanta but things did not go as lanned. p>> we put them in our jails pbecause to put them in our pjails, they -- i like that much pbetter. poh, that's so much better. pthose lights were brutal. pdid they come from the dishonest ress? p>>russell: protestor at the prally cut the spotlight on ptrump. ptrump went along with it saying
6:10 am
panyway. phe led supporters on a chant, pturn off the liedz. pgeorgia votes on super tuesday. ptoday trump will be in nevada. p>>laura: the nevada democratic pcaucuses were saturday. pafter losing in new hampshire, phillary clinton defeated senator psanders and now sanders is phoping to make a stand in south pcarolina. p>> what the american people are pdemanding is a government which prepresents all of us, not just pthe handful of wealthy campaign p-- p>>laura: and with less than a pweek to go before south pcarolina, clinton leads sanders pby 24 points. pthey'll hold events throughout pthe state all week long. pthe primary is saturday. p>>russell: a young woman with a pvery bright future is fighting pfor her life after a terrible paccident in south america. p>>laura: at 6:30, what happened pand what her family is doing to pbring her back home.
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pthe year is decided by inches. pwalter is going to bring us the phighlights from daytona. p>>dave: we're flirting with 60 pdegrees this morning. pit's 59 at tampa international. pas you go away from the water, paway from the city, it's a plittle cooler. plow to mid 50s. pit's a decent start, 50 crystal priver, 55 lakeland, 57 in pvenice. pback to the mid 70s today. penjoy it because it looks like pclouds and showers are back pbeginning tomorrow aftern the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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p>>dave: good monday morning. pstart with our weather headlines pand warm. pwe're starting off upper 50s. pwe'll make it back to the mid p70s, at least the mid 70s the pnext couple of days but pincreasing cloud cover for pmonday and for tuesday. pwhile we do have a chance of an pafternoon shower tomorrow, our pbest rain chances are going to pcome through on wednesday and pthere's the potential for strong pthunderstorms on wednesday. pnow, a time frame for this right
6:15 am
pso just after lunch. pagain, we may tweak that by a pfew hours. pstay tuned. pthere's that potential. pthe best chance for strong pstorms looks to be tampa and pthen areas north as you're going pback up towards citrus county. pafter the front moves through on pwednesday, we have a big week pcooldown and we're talking about phighs in the 60s, lows getting pback in the 40s so yeah, a big pcold front on its way. pthe next couple of days will be pwarm. pit's 58 leesburg, 59 in tampa. pstill hanging on to 63 in st. etersburg. pthat's a nice, child start. pactually, you go back up to the pevery morning last week. plook at this. ptallahassee at 60. ensacola at 64 degrees. pthey're almost as warm as miami pis. pmiami in the upper 60s. pright now our -- it's very pcomfortable outside. pmoisture levels are decent, tups
6:16 am
pgoing to start to shift to the psouth. pthat's going to carry in to this pgreen color, the dew points in pthe 60s. pbeginning tomorrow, it may feel pa little more uncomfortable. pnot any summertime mugginess but pyou're going to notice a pdifference in the atmosphere ptomorrow. pwe're going to filter the psunshine today. pi don't think there's going to pbe anything significant in terms pof rainfall today and even ptomorrow, pushing the rain pchance of really only around 20% pto 30%. pwhat i'll do is show you the pfuture cast. pwe'll stop it for tomorrow and pit's bringing in just a few pshowers tomorrow in the pafternoon, especially for inland plocations and kind of pushing peverything from southwest to pnortheast but then a main line pof rain starts to really set up pshop and you can see it here. pby wednesday, early morning when pyou're watching go ahead good at pthis time, you're going to start pto see the big thunderstorms paround panama city and out to pthe gulf and then they'll pcontinue to stream our way and
6:17 am
pafter lunchtime on wednesday, pthose showers and thunderstorms pare going to come through with pthat potential for one or two pbeing strong to severe. pit's wednesday. ptoday is monday. plet's enjoy a nice back to work, pback to school deal, huh? pclouds, sunshine, 76 degrees for pa high temp today. pmostly cloudy and mild tonight. plook at the difference in ptemperatures. pmany of us in the 50s right now. pwe'll be in the lower 60s ptomorrow morning and then warm pand breezy, 30% rain chance for ptomorrow afternoon with a high pof 77 degrees. pfor boaters, trying to plan your pweek out. ptoday will probably be the pnicest, i think, to do some pboating. pnot only weatherwise but pchopwise. psmooth chop expected for today. pi think the winds and seas may pstart to pick up and that will plast at least through thursday. ptoday is probably the best day. plow tide is 10:00. phigh tide at 2. p406789 this afternoon. pnext seven days, it's yoour ptransition. pwednesday afternoon the showers
6:18 am
phighs in the 60s for thursday, pfriday and saturday. pvanessa? p>>vanessa: thank you. p6:17. pwe want to check in on the pcitrus park area. pwe do have reports of some ossible smoke in the area. pthis is along gunn highway south pmotley road related to what was preported as a truck fire and pit's really a dump truck's pbrakes that locked up and poverheated. pno lane blockages but you'll robably see a scene on the side pof the road and some smoke in pthe area. pthat's what's going on if you're assing by. phere's a look like at 75 near pfowler avenue. pi wish i could have brought you pthe camera by bruce b downs. pthat camera is not working but pnorth of this point, we have a preported crash with lane pblockage in the southbound pdirection just a little bit pnorth of bruce b downs. plooks like we're not dealing pwith any severe delays along 75 pbut we'll watch it and keep you osted on the late west that pcrash. p>>russell: now this morning, papple says that a common piece pof software would have allowed pthe f.b.i. to unlock the san pbernardino shooter's phone.
6:19 am
pcounty office building where he pand his wife killed 14 people in pdecember. phis cell phone was county pissued. psoftware, which the county patd pfor but never installed, would phave allowed the f.b.i. to premotely unlock the phone. pnow a federal court has ordered papple to hack the iphone. pappear em argues doing so puts pevery customer's privacy at prisk. psome victims of the san pbernardino terror attacks say pthey will file a legal brief popposing apple on iphone pencryption. pthey hope their lawsuit will pforce apple to take action. papple supporters in more than 30 pcities are expected to rally poutside of apple stores ptomorrow. pthey're protesting the f.b.i.'s porder to force apple to unlock pthe phone. p>>laura: people in massachusetts pare riled up over putting snakes pon an island. panimal experts want to establish pa kol colony of timber rattle snakes pthere.
6:20 am
poff the island and come onshore. p>>russell: well, even if you're pnot a racing fan, you have to pappreciate the drama in the pfinal lap of the daytona 500. p>>laura: what a finish it was. pclosest finish in daytona's phistory. pdenny hamlin's take on his wine pat 6:30 and they say they're the
6:21 am
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it's time to see what's clicking on p>>laura: all right. pit's time to see what's clicking pon the web this morning. p>>russell: taylor katz, what's pgoing on? p>>taylor: good morning. pwhat's going on? pwe have a little bit of love in pthe air for a couple, a law penforcement couple on the west pcoast. pso take a look at this. service....comes love. that's the title p>>taylor: what service dogs plove.
6:24 am
osted to the los angeles county psheriff's department facebook age and that's now sweeping the pinternet. pcommander mark says his son, who pgraduated from class 409 last pmonth, decided to propose to his pgirlfriend of three years, pkaitlyn, after she graduated pfrom class 410 last week. pand a really fun fact about the pfamily, commander mark says that phis son and soon to be pdaughter-in-law are not the only pones in law enforcement. pbadge along with his two pbrother-in-laws, sister-in-law pand his nephew. pone big crime fighting family pand a whole lot of love to go paround. pthey're just beaming. pshe said she pvery fun. p>>laura: family affair. p>>taylor: yes.
6:25 am
pwas just trapped in a hungry pspinning vortex when the outdoor pchair prevents him from stealing pa bite. oor guy. p>>laura: does he ever get it? p>>taylor: no. ponline they say, some say he's pstill spinning. p>>laura: that's just great. p>>taylor: poor little guy. pand lastly, we have a video that pshowed that police canines are pstill just like any other dog at pheart. pi know you see him in just a pflash, but i will tell you that pthat is a police canine and all pit takes is a little bit of pwater and a hose to bring out pthat every day dog in them. pyes. pcanine officer max, he was out pwith the police trooper, his
6:26 am
pcar. pit's a little warmer today with pa good chance to clean the pwinter grime off the car. pyou can just find a partner to phelp. p>>laura: can't be all work and pno play. p>>taylor: no. pdefinitely not. pdefinitely not. p>>laura: so cute. pthanks, taylor. p>>russell: well, a new report pwhitewashed. p>>laura: what a new study says pabout diversity on the red pcarpet and then a trip to south pamerica takes a tragic turn and pnow, a young woman is fighting
6:27 am
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3 3 ((russell 2shot) good monday morning.. it's 6-30... i'm russell p>>russell: welcome. pit is 6:30. pi'm russell rhodes. p>>laura: and i'm laura moody. plet's get straight to dave with
6:30 am
p>>dave: good morning. pi hope you had a fantastic pweekend. pit's a nice start to the day. pgranted, a little cloud cover. pwe're filtering that through. phere's a shot at kennedy and plooking to the downtown area pwhere it's 59 degrees out at ptampa international. pwe'll keep some clouds filtering pin throughout the day but like pyesterday, a mild one. pi'm thinking at least into the pmid 70s so enjoy it. phow are things on the roads, pvanessa? p>>vanessa: pretty quiet. pwe want to see how the selmon pexpressway is fairing. pwe have a live look at the area pof 50th street and you can see pwe've got lots of heavy pwestbound traffic starting to ick up at this point. pwe still have some good travel ptimes, though. pheading in the westbound pdirection, basically from 75 all pthe way to gandy, that's a 17 pminute ride heading in the popposite direction, about 15 pminutes you can see the sensors pare still in the green. p>>russell: thank you. pit's almost 6:31 and a clerk pfought off a pair of armed probbers, killing one and sending
6:31 am
pthis morning police are psearching for the second man pinvolved. pit happened just before 11:00 plast night. pcut rate liquor store on 15th pstreet. pthe two walked in with a phandgun, got into a shootout pwith the clerk. pone robber was hit at least once pand died at the scene. pthe other got away. pthe clerk was not hurt. pright now police are checking psecurity footage for more leads. p>>laura: two pinellas county men pare accused of dog fighting. pdeputies say that leo perry and pmainian mayes allowed a pit bull pto attack and fight a caged praccoon. pone of them posted the video on pthe internet and detectives ptrack them down. p>>russell: tampa police stop a pwrong way driver on the 50th pstreet exit ramp of i-4. pthe officer saw the car pbeginning to merge onto the pinterstate and head into poncoming traffic. olice do not believe the driver pwas drunk or impaired.
6:32 am
phim around and let him go. p>>laura: a young woman from the ptampa bay area is fighting for pher life in colombia after a pserious accident. p>>russell: her family says she pneeds to be airlifted to the pu.s. to get the help she needs. pken is live where the young pwoman was a very promising pstudent. p>>russell: yale university, pbottom line is that we've been pgiving you information from pwritten reports just a few pminutes ago, i got off the phone pwith another young woman who was pat the accident scene and saw pthis all happen and this is pessentially what she told me. pthat schuyler arakawa is in pbetter condition than we preportedly. pshe was in critical. pnow she's in stable condition in pa colombian hospital. pher mom and sister are flying pdown there to be by her side. phope. ply she's going to be back in pmiami tonight. pschuyler is a yale graduate, pboth undergraduate and graduate
6:33 am
pshe was down there on a restigious fell " owship fellowship. pthey trapped over to colombia to phave the time of their life, to pgo repelling, rafting and have psome fun. pthe most bizarre thing happened. pshe jumped off a cliff along pwith other people, was in the pwater and out of the blue, a big pboulder falls on her head. pthe friend tells me that peverybody was watching and it palmost happened in slow motion. pit took, it seems to them, four pseconds or so for that rock to pfall and of all places, where pwould it fall but directly on pher. pall kinds of problems as a presult of that. pshe has a fractured face, a pfractured skull. pshe has lung problems and pfractured ribs. pshe's getting excellent medical pcare down there but there's pstill a lot of problems and pthere's going to be a very big pbill that has to be paid so it's pmy understanding that the pcompany down there, the rafting pcompany, has maxed out pinsurance.
6:34 am
paccount in this country to pay pthe excess. pbefore we were saying she had to pbe kept in the country until pthat medical bill was paid. pthe newest information is that pthey're going to let her out. pshe's going to come up here but pit still has to be paid so if pyou know her or if you feel like pyour heart is going out to this erson, really, really promising pyoung woman, then something pincredibly bizarre happened, go pto the go fund me and check it pout. pback to you. p>>laura: at least there's some rogress in her case. pgood news. pthank you. pit is 6:34 now and fiji is pscrambling to restore power pafter a cyclone. pat one point 80% of country was pwithout power. papt least 20 people are dead, pdestroyed hundreds of homes. pwinds from the cyclone reached pover 170 miles per hour making pit the strongest storm in the psouthern hemisphere on record. p>>russell: islamic state pmilitants claimed responsibility
6:35 am
pover the weekend. punited nations peace keepers say pchildren are among the victims. pattacks come as the syrian pgovernment and opposition groups pfire. p>>laura: across the border in piraq, hundreds of iraqi soldiers pare prepare to go retake mosul. pisis took control of months -- pmosul. pu.s. forces want control. pback in 2004 during the war, pcoalition air strikes will passist the new offensive. pmore than a million civilians plive in mosul. p>>russell: a crowd watching a pfire reportedly cheered the pflames. plocal minority has staged rotests in front of refugee psites. pin the past year it's been a psurge of violence against psimilar refugee centers. p>>laura: to the daytona 500 now, pdenny hamlin didn't even know he phad won when he crossed the pfinish line in daytona but he
6:36 am
p>>russell: it was the closest pfinish in daytona history. p>>walter: good morning. pthat's right. p500 miles and it was decided by pjust a few inches. psix to be exact. pden any hamlin made a big move pin the last lap and it paid off. p>> photo finish. p>>walter: look at this finish. pman. pdenny hamlin chased down mark ptruex, junior. pit turned into a drag race to pthe checkered flag. phamlin won by .01 seconds. pclosest finish in the history of pthe 500. phamlin was happy but humble pafter taking the victory lap. p>> this is a team victory. pmy teammates did an amazing job pall day working together. pjust a proud moment for everyone
6:37 am
pfrom. pi don't know what happened. pi can't even figure out what i pdid. pbut it all just came together. p>>walter: this is hamlin's first pdaytona 500 victory. plike he mentioned, in 11 tries, pthis is the first for toyota as pwell. pdaytona 500 also marked the preturn of jeff gordon as part of pthe broadcast team. pit doesn't get any better than pthat, does it, russell? p>>russell: no, it doesn't. pav a gorgeous weekend, we're pseeing rain on the seven-day. pdale will have that for us. p>>laura: and a fight.
6:38 am
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plooking across the bay now, we pstart to see the clouds pbeginning to filter in. pit's still going to be a pretty pday, a lot of sunshine and with pthe winds shifting to the south, pno problem getting back up in pthe mid 70s. pi honestly -- i mean, i love the pclear skies, the most beautiful psunrises in the morning but psometimes when you get a few pclouds, i think it makes it a plittle prettier. pthat's just me. pthen we have some clouds looking pover downtown. pfor those headed to lakeland, pthe sunrise will be one minute pearlier than yesterday. pit's like 7:04, 7:03 in that ptime frame. ptemps are mild, 55 in lakeland. psouth on 27, sebring, they're palso at 57 degrees. pwe still have one spot, st. etersburg, hanging on to 63 pdegrees. pa little cooler north as it ptypically is. pyou have brooksville at 51. pocala with a temperature of 50 pdegrees and while the winds are pmainly light right now, they've pbeen out of mainly an easterly
6:42 am
pthey're going to start to shift ptoward the south. pthat will help to pump the ptemperatures up so we shouldn't phave an issue getting up to 76, p77 degrees but it also starts to pbring in the moisture, startsz pto raise those dew point numbers pa little bit. pit won't be extremely puncomfortable but notice the pnext 24 hours. pthere's the south wind pumping pin moisture. pthere's your front slowly pwashing toward the south and peast. pand this front comes through on pwednesday. pahead of it, probably very early pin the afternoon on wednesday, pwe're looking at a line of pshowers and thunderstorms and pthe way it's setting up is there pcould be strong storms first in pthe panhandle beginning tomorrow pand this, by the way, is an penhanced chance. pit's above slight risk for psevere weather. pthat does include the pensacola parea, all of mobile, back into pthe coastal mississippi into new porleans and then as the risk pmoves further east, you notice
6:43 am
ptampa are under a slight risk. pbasically north of i-4. pthat slight risk for severe pthunderstorms, that will be very pearly on wednesday afternoon and pthen everything shifts through pand to be honest, we'll follow pit with a decent cooldown. pi'll show you that right now. p76 degrees for a high today. pnice, mild, enjoy the afternoon ptonight mostly cloudy and mild pdegrees. ptomorrow warm and breezy, 77. pthere could be a quick shower ptomorrow afternoon but i think pthe main line of rain is not pcoming through until wednesday, pearly in the afternoon. pboaters, great today and i'll ptake advantage of that because pbeginning tomorrow afternoon, pthe winds and the seas are preally going to get up there, pespecially on wednesday as that pline of storms moves through. pit will be breezy wednesday into pthursday. pafter the rain moves through, plook at the difference in temps. p76 for a high on wednesday. p63 for a high on thursday. pand yep, i got the 40s coming pback for lows on friday and
6:44 am
p>>vanessa: all right. pthank you, dave. p6:43 is the time. pwe have sky fox checking out a pnew crash that happened along 75 psouthbound. pwe're seeing some slow speeds phere heading in this direction. pthis is near fowlor. pa left lane was blocked. pit might be a partial lane pblockage at the very least. psome vehicles are jamming up and pclustering as they pass by so lan some delays. pwe'll watch it, make sure it pdoesn't get too severe as far as pthe backups in the area. plet's head over to port richey. pa new crash in the area of fox phollow drive and regency park pboulevard. pyou could see minor delays pheading through that pintersection. pand speaking of delays, it looks plike we do have some normal pcongestion and delay as long 275 psouthbound, that's up to a 15 pminute ride. psame goes for i-4 westbound. palso 15 minutes. p6:44 is the time. pwe're checking in with charley pbelcher. pgood morning.
6:45 am
phappy monday, vanessa. p>>vanessa: same to you. phappy monday. p>>charley: how are you doing? p>>vanessa: good. phow was your weekend? p>>charley: it was fantastic. pthe weather was unbelievable, pwasn't it? pthat is what we suffer through paugust for at floridians, right pthere. pwhen we're complaining in july pand august and september and poctober, november -- that was pjust unbelievable. pjust sit outside and my wife and pi went for a ride yesterday and popened the sunroof and rolled pdown the windows and playing a plittle beach music. pit was just -- wow. pjust one of those perfect pflorida kind of chamber of pcommerce weekends. pso much going on outside and peverybody was running for the pgasparilla stuff on saturday and pthen the daytona 500. pyou want to see nice weather for pthese big events and it doesn't palways work out that way so it pwas kind of cool to see such a pgreat weather.
6:46 am
paround and i got home and turned pon the tv just in time to see pthe last three laps of the pdaytona 500. p>>laura: holy smokes. pwatch? p>>charley: my gosh. pthat was like the most exciting p-- i tuned in exactly at the erfect time to see that finish pwas so much fun. pi'm always teasing my dad saying pi just watched the last 10 laps pand my dad will watch every psingle lap of every single race pfor the entire season but i pthink i got him. pi think i saw the best part of pthat race, the last three laps. pthat was incredible. p>>vanessa: it was pretty pexciting. p>>charley: that was fun stuff. pi'll tell you what else is pexciting. pthe cool school i have for you ptoday. pyou may remember pepin academies plast year. pit's a tuition-free public pcharter school. pi have to make sure i get all of pthat right. pit's free to come here.
6:47 am
pis a public charter school and pit is designed for students with plearning disabilities. pso those who have a hard time, pyou know, and that scale is pquite a big scale so they are pchamps. pautistic students here and maybe pdyslexia or just, you know what? pthe student just doesn't quite pcomprehend the information the pway another does so they kind of pget left behind at some schools. pthis is a school where they're pgoing to say, nope. pnobody is going to get behind. pwe're going to go individually pand make sure you're put where pyou need to be to understand the pconcepts you need to understand pto be successful in life. pand if you remember down in phillsborough county, we had some pgreat students with some pincredible dreams who are really pdoing well. pi'm sure we'll find the same pthing out here. pwe're in new port richey on plittle road. pit's an interesting school. pthey put the public charter pschools where they can fit them. pwe're in a public shopping pcenter. pthis used to be a restaurant phere and now it's their pcafeteria and many of the other
6:48 am
pcenter has been converted into pclassrooms but that's all right. pit doesn't make the physical pspace. pit's what they can do. pit's a great cool school for ptoday. p>>vanessa: sounds wonderful. pthank you, charley. psee you in a bit. p>>russell: deputies need your phelp in finding a woman who pwandered from her home pyesterday. pher name is cheryl anne perch. pshe's 70 last seen at parker pdrive in ruskin. pshe's 5' 2", gray hair wearing plight blue pants and a light pshort sleeved top. pfood fight got out of hand in pflag ler county and now four eople are in jail. pthis happened in the palm coast izza restaurant in palm coast. pcustomer got mad because there pwas cheese on her garlic knots. pthey tried to give her money pback but police say she threw a ptip jar at them.
6:49 am
pother people joined the woman in pviolently tearing up the prestaurant. pfour have been arrested charged pwith burglary and criminal pmischief. pspring training in full swing in ort charlotte. pyesterday the first official pworkout for the pitchers and pcatchers for the rays. pthe rays manager welcomed 40 layers for what should be a pvery competitive camp. pthe team lost 10 starters since plast year. pthe first spring training game pis a week from wednesday. pcity of tampa getting ready for pan annual tradition. pthis morning the water pdepartment is going to test some priver. psame dye crews will use to color pthe river for st. paddy's day pnext month. pdye is not toxic, bio pdegradable. paround 10:30 they should look pgreen between the cass street pbridge and the kennedy bridge. p>>laura: taylor swift is one of pthe biggest stars in the world. pcoming up, find out how someone pelse outshined the grammy pwinning star. pmeet the robot that hunts down
6:50 am
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with sleep number. 3 3 while some people write positive reviews ... yelp is known as the place where people go to complain ... p>>laura: while some people write ositive reviews, yelp is known pas the place to go where people pcomplain.
6:53 am
pof complaints, especially when pthey're directed at them. p>>laura: good morning, lauren. pwhat did this person do? p>>reporter: she wrote a review. pi'm 25 and trying to save a life pfor myself that doesn't involve p-- here is her gripe. pshe's getting some sympathy ponline but essentially she's psaying, look. pi live 30 miles outside of san pfrancisco. pi make 12.25 an how were. pi can't afford food, can't pafford to heat my home. pi'm spending $200 to get to pwork. pthis is ridiculous. pi have student debt to pay off. pother folks are saying, pay your pdues. pthis is ridiculous. pyou're acting line an entitled pmillennial. pshe wrote the letter and got the pboot.
6:54 am
pto find a new job anyway. p>>russell: lauren, i don't think pyou know this but most of the eople who watch do know this pabout me. pi love to iron. p>>laura: he'll dedicate a whole pday to it. p>>russell: there are so many pthings wrong. plet's not ask dave what's wrong pwith me because he has a list pbut i'm one of those people that plove to iron. p>>reporter: is it relaxing for pyou? p>>russell: i don't know. pit's something therapeutic. p>>laura: he wears the not pwrinkle shirts. p>>russell: i iron not wrinkle pshirts. p>>reporter: you always look psharp and crisp. pmy ironing stacks up like all pthe stuff i have to iron just pstays in a corner for like a pweek until i can get to it. pgood for you. pnow you can be replaced, your pironing skills, by a robot. presearchers have come you tell pwith essentially a robot using ptwo x box motion sensors to map pout the shirt you're about to piron, the pants and then target
6:55 am
pthey said that developing this ptechnology was so difficult pbecause of the precision that's pnecessary for anybody, humor probot, to iron precisely. p>>russell: i'm fascinated with pthat iron i see right there. p>>reporter: i want to see a pvideo of you ironing. pwhat do you do when you go on pvacation and naturally things pget wrinkled in the suitcase? p>>russell: there's an iron in pthat hotel. pthere's an iron in that hotel. p>>reporter: that's true. p>>russell: we have to go. psee you later. p>>laura: don't miss lauren psimonetti on our sister network pstation. pif you're not sure where to find pthe fox business network, go to pfox and look for pchannel finder. p>>russell: deadpool held on to pthe top spot at the box office. pthey added $55 million to the ptotal. pit's earned a spot among the top p10 comic book movie openings of pall time. pkung fu panda 3 and risen prounded out top three. p>>laura: the academy awards are
6:56 am
pbut before the red carpet rolls pout, a new report accuses phollywood of whitewashing. pstudy released by the media pdiversity and social change pinitiative features exclusivity pindex of 10 major companies from pdisney to netflix and it gives a pfailing grade to every movie pstudio. pwhite. ponly a third of speaking pcharacters are female, only 28% pare from minority groups. preport comes as several pafrican-american actors are lanning to boycott the oscars. pthis is the academy's second pstraight year of all white pakding -- acting nominees. p>>laura: this weekend, taylor pswift took a step out of the pspotlight to be the maid of phonor at a friend's wedding. ptaylor says she and her friend pmet when she was just 10 years pold. pyou could say she was the poriginal member of the t-swift psquad. ptaylor met the groom in pkindergarten. pshe was the happiest bridesmaid
6:57 am
p>>russell: this weekend, a lot pof -- lock of john lennon's hair psold for $45,000. phe was preparing for a movie prole and the beatles just preleased the revolver album. p>>russell: i can't look at that. pi can't. p>>laura: $35,000 bird nest. pwe'll move on. pthe flu is here and it is phitting us hard. pcoming up at 7:00, the bay area pcounty that is feeling the peffects the most. p>>russell: and we're all about pstyle here at "good day" but at pwhat age are we our most pstylish? pand it may be older than you pthink. p>>laura: and denny hamlin is the pwinner of the daytona 500 in pfantastic fashion and he redicted it years ago. pcoming up, the letter his mother pis showing off today written by pdenny decades ago. p>>dave: a great start to the pday.
6:58 am
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america runs on dunkin'. 3 3 ((russell- a deadly decision. a store clerk pulls out his **own gun during a robbery p>>russell: deadly decision. pshootout with suspected thieves. lus -- p>>reporter: we're still talking pabout south carolina and nevada pas the race for president. pi'm in washington and we'll have pthe very latest just ahead. p>>laura: and looking your best. pthe age when we are the most pstylish and it takes men about psix years longer and welcome to pthe 7:00 hour of "good day tampa pbay." pi'm laura moody. p>>russell: and i'm russell prhodes.


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