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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 8AM  FOX  February 22, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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catching a shark with one purpose in mine mind, a shark selfie. what happened after the shark was caught. >> an ace with a heart of gold, how chris arching helped a young fan find an adoptive family. >> this is "good day tampa bay." >> thank you for waking up with us this monday, february 22nd. we need to get a check of the beautiful forecast right now, with dave. >> it is beautiful outside. we have temperatures already in the lower 60s. clear water, tampa, winter haven, leesburg, st. peters burgh in the ( ) lower 60s and i think we are looking at temperatures back in the mid 70s for highs. a good chance of rain coming through wednesday and maybe a few strong storms as well. i will touch more on that in the next weather. first let's check the roadways.
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dave, we will see you then. but there are delays on 75 southbound, so far this looks like the most tricky incident we have working on the roadways, overall, it's a quiet morning. we have a crash on fowler avenue, on the shoulder, a situation for the move-over law, you will be slowing down as you pass by. we are in the red here. fifteen minutes from bruce down to i-4. a couple incident, 75 southbound university, we have a crash in the left lane, it certainly points to leave early or avoid the area and please do so. also, sarasota county in the south part of the county, u.s. 41 at jack rin boulevard, a crash with one lane blocked in the northbound direction. >> 8:01. a liquor store clerk takes matters into his own hands when two men walk into the store with their guns drawn. >> and police say that one of
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shayla reeves is live at the tampa police department. will the clerk face charges for this? >> reporter: well, right now, no word on whether or not the clerk will face any charges. but, we can tell you a night on the job took a dangerous turn for this clerk and ended with one suspect dead and another on the run. let me take you back to the scene. right now you are looking at video captured there outside the 15th street cut rate liquor store. tampa police tell us they received a 911 call about gun fire from inside the store just before 11:00 last night. we learned officers arrived and found a suspect dead on the sidewalk, a handgun nearby, and right now police are still working to sort out the details. but, they did release preliminary information for us so far. right now, according to preliminary accounts, two suspects reportedly entered the business, brandished a firearm, and exchanged gun fire with the clerk.
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suspect, who died at the scene. the second suspect did not stick around. now, it's unclear if that second suspect had a firearm as well. right now, police are telling us -- they are checking out cameras, surveillance video, any video that might have captured any clues in that particular area. wuh, but, at this point, they have not released the name of the suspect as they work to notify family members of the deceased suspect. they are asking anyone with any information in the case to please go ahead and give tampa police a call. back to you. >> hopefully they will. all right, shayla, thank you. new this morning, a man who just got into a car crash was hit and killed while walking across the street to talk with the other driver. it happened at county road 611 and st. andrews boulevard late last night. police say 38 year-old frank mar martelllo had just gotten into a car accident. he was walking across to talk with the other driver when
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the f.h.p. is calling it an accident at this hour. no charges have been filed. >> it's 8:04, the search continues for the person who opened fire at a st. pete hotel disclosure a birthday during a birthday party at the holiday inn express and when officers arrived they found a 19 year-old shot in the upper body and a 17 year-old with a bullet wound to his hand. both are expected to be okay. it's more than two weeks and tampa police are searching for the people involved in a deadly nightclub shooting that happened at club rain on nebraska avenue. two people died. six others were hurt. hillsboro deputies identified a man who was shot and killed at a hueca bar ( ) saturday morning. manuel ortiz junior was one of four people shot at the smoking bowl hueca bar, the others are expected to survive. investigators think a fight broke out inside the bar and it went into the parking lot. deputies say they hope the
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>> the names of the two men killed in a serious crash in i-75 sarasota have been released, 22 year-old matthew santianna and luis vienna, it closed all the southbound lanes hours. traffic had to be detoured through northport because of the fuel leak. drivers say the 18 year-old, michael lost control and hit the impact, causing them to hit a you yes, i do tilt week, he was air lifted to tampa hospital in critical opinion. >> it's something many parents don't think would happen at their child's school, a sexting problem at lake placid middle school and school leaders are meeting with the parents and the community to try to put an end to it. last week we told you at least nine kids at lake placid middle were accused of sharing nude selfie, they are between 11 and 14 years old. deputies tell us this could be considered child pornography.
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criminal charges. authorities believe that the very least the students will be given community service. the principal says he has held an assembly with the students and now he wants to meet with the parents. it's happening tonight at 6:30 at the first presbyterian genesis center in lake placid. >> the heart gallery is known to help foster children get adopted. for the tampa bay rays they are known for being charitable in the bay area. what do you think would happen when the two come together? walter allen is here to tell us how a meeting between the group and a teen is leading to a hey, walter? >> reporter: it certainly has i. was a year ago the heart gallery reached out to chris archer and asked him to meet up with 15 year-old zachary. they played catch and taped a adoption. archer was adopted by his maternal grandmother at two years old so he had advice to give zachary but it was the video that would change the teen's life forever.
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living in niceville have two grown sons and their home felt empty. they were looking to adopt and spent a year looking for the right person to fit into their family. heart gallery officials featured zachary in their annual promotional campaign and pared him up with archer. the couple saw the campaign on the gallery web site, heart zachary talk about how badly he wanted a family, and knew that they found their match. he spent 3 1/2 years in foster care before moving in with the couple last august. it is the first time he had his own room in foster care and is doing well in school and now, starting today, he will have a permanent place to call home. while the heart gallery says it has a lot to thank, the rays for, archer says he didn't do anything at all, he was simply the arch to the connection. guys? >> clever. >> reporter: yeah, i like that. >> he did a lot more than that. all right. thank you, walter. >> we will be back in a couple minutes with why we need to enjoy this beautiful weather right now. because the tides are shifting. >> yeah, we hear it's not going to last long.
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in certain types of cancer. the vaccine more women are getting that could be saving their lives. >> and charlie charley belcher, what is going on? >> i'm in music class and they are singing to me. sing to me, kids. listen to this, my own personal concert. i love singing and dancing on a monday morning! we will always be together? we will always be together? oh my gosh, that's so awesome! we will always be together with school schools. look at that smile! i love it! we are at the academy in pasco county and have had a good day, tampa bay, stick around and i will show you why this school is so cool. hint, it's because of these guys right here. [indicating] >>
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ba da ba ba ba ((laura on cam)) welcome back, 8:11 now. good news in the fight to stop the spread of hpv. a study says that fewer young women are getting the disease. jen epstein is here to describe what is causing the decline.
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h. p. r. is a carey disease that can lead to cancer but thanks to a vaccination program fewer u.s. women are getting infected. the human papilloma virus is a sexually transmitted disease that can cause cervical, voltagenal, throat and anal cancers later in life. health officials recommended vaccines for girls and young women since 2006 and for young boys since 2011. according to a study, more females are getting the vaccine. between 2009 and 2012, 51% of teen girls and 33% of women ages 20-24 received at least one of the three recommended doses of the hpv vaccine. and those vaccines are leading to a drop in infection rates. according to the american cancer society, a decrease in cases of hpv means less disease from cases of genital warts to precancerous symptoms and the impact could be greater if the
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any other childhood vaccine. laura? >> all right, jen, good news. thank you. >> all right. wow, it was something. it was something. the daytona 500 had an historic -- a. historic or an historic? someone help me. >> an historic. >> i think you're both right. >> we have a debate going on. all right. after 200 laps and 500-mile, denny hamlin took the checkered flag by a hundredth of a second making it a true photo finish. hamlin took the win over martin trex junior in the smallest margin in history. after climbing out of the car, hamlin said he didn't even know he had won or how he had done, but she is sure glad it happened. it was not the finish but it was the first victory for a toyota car. they had four of the top five drovers. moments after his win, his mother post add photograph to twitter of a letter he had written by hand when he was 7 years old.
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daytona 500. >> how cool is that? that is awesome. are you looking it up? >> i am. i have to google it. >> and? >> so, today, these three words -- this is from oxford dictionary, "a historic event." >> so, it is "a histoic event." >> now you know. i know it's an old story, but what about that chicago wind on that? did you see the coverage? >> did you see the gas sign? >> windows were blown in? >> we are getting it in springtime, the air masses are clashing more and more and there will be bigger storms. now, before i do our weather, i got to talk about this and this is sad. a place known for its beauty, cleaning up from a, just a huge destructive storm, a
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at least 21 people infy jim. the storm hit saturday night into sunday morning. now, crews continue to clean up and assess the damage i. was named cyclone winston, destroying hundreds of home, knocking out power, and causing the flooding. the cyclone has sustained winds of 184 miles per hour. a government declared a state of emergency that will be in effect for the next 30 days. now, of course, obviously, when we think fiji, you think all the beautiful resorts and stuff like that. this was the strongest storm ever in the southern hem steer and the second strongest storm to ever make landfall. that's just amaze ing. tampa, we have a little iltered sunshine this morning as you can see working down to kennedy. we are out toward the gulf and over in bradenton beach where we have that filtered sunshine coming in. it's going to be another beautiful day. the whole weekend was gorgeous. i know yesterday we hit 76 degrees.
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to the mid 70s for today. soak it up and engy it because by the middle of the week? thunderstorms return. the latter half of the week the colder air comes back as well. you look at temperatures, in our viewing area, mid 50s and new pamta, lower 60s, tampa, brandon, lower 50s still crystal river and inneverness, plus temperatures near 60 from bradenton, leakwood ranch and sebring. off to the northwest, we have got concern there is your rain working toward the south and the east, our best rain chance is going to be on wednesday. that's also the chance we have of strong thunderstorms or two as well. so, that will be wednesday early afternoon. decent up until that point. and then turns cooler after that. so, 76 degrees for a high today. tonight, 63 for the overnight low. little bump up with the temperatures. and then warm and breezy with an isolated shower tomorrow. that rain chance tomorrow, about 30% in the afternoon with a high of 77 degrees.
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afternoon. here comes the cooler air. sixtys for a high, thursday, friday, saturday, with lows in the 40s. vanessa? >> let's talk trouble spots on the roadways now. in the brandon area we have a crash on state road 60 in parsons which is blocking. we are hearing two lanes in that westbound direction. you can't you can see heavy delays heading that way, basically approaching the crash site. and then they kind of linger as folks move away from the site, want to give yourself at least five extra minutes out the door based under the delays we see. for folks in the wesley chapel area, there is a crash with eastbound lane blocks. it appears to be more of a safety concern than a delay concern. just keep an eye out for the emergency responders on site. but we are not seeing any major delays. maybe just a couple extra minutes. just to be safe as you make your way through the area. meantime, along 275 southbound, we do have some uncomfortable travel times. thirty-four minutes from 75 to i-4. for those folks coming from passco county trying to get to
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heading into downtown. but i will let you know the travel times are timing out about the same. your best bet is to leave early at this point. also, some heavier speeds, or heavier travel times i should say, 21 minute, i-4 westbound, 75 to the interchange. >> >> pink floyd released an album in the 70s called "dark side of the moon," nobody thought twice about the title but what if the band was onto something? >> turns out the astronauts on the apollo 10 mission actually heard they heard strange music passing over the far side of the moon. what makes this even stranger, is that it's in an area where communication with earth just happens to get cut off. newly released audio recordings show the astronauts heard a whistling sound of some sort that filled the space craft. but it stopped after the space craft rounded the moon. and this tape is among a group of other apollo mission files
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>> and i guess you can hear the music. >> yes, you can. you can. it's kind of weird, too. >> it's eery space music, like they use in the movies. >> yeah. there it is. >> all right. if a mistake is made at work do you pass the buck or accept accountability? the answer can explain your future success. >> and bueller? bueller? >> anyone? anyone? >> the classic movie is getting ready to turn 30. >> oh my gosh. >> can you believe it? see how farris plans to celebrate ahead at 9:00. you're welcome for that. >> and this bay area school is -- the bay area school of cool schools, this morning charlie is
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minute he will tell us what good day, tampa, i'm charlie, sakes. charlie charley belcher, peppin academy is the pasco campus. two locations in prilsboro, this is in pasco and peppin is thinking of expanding more. my facebook people are saying please come here and there. >> that's outside my pay grade. >> reporter: i know. started. >> reporter: celeste is the principal at the peppin academy and we wanted to make sure we show where the music and art, this is all an important part of >> absolutely. we made a commitment to keeping
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sacrifice music or p. e. or art in order for them to get a full well-rounded curriculum. middle school matthews is teaching musical notes to her students. and doing it in a multisensory way. >> reporter: i love it. by the way, the acannedmy focuses on students with learning disabilities but the way i like the peppin way of putting it, sometimes the students just learn differently. >> they learn differently, yes. >> reporter: it doesn't mean there is anything wrong with how they learn, it's just different than how some others learn. >> they teach them the way they need to be taught. >> reporter: absolutely. that's the key. middle school matthews, over here, i love what you are doing. turn around this way a little bit. explain explain the process. you can wave and say hi, there you go. tell me what you are teaching here? >> we are creating quarter notes using play dough and craft sticks and they are learning to clap those out using notes. so actually they get to create them first and then they can clap them out. >> reporter: what a great way to drive home the message of the
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to be able to touch it. to touch the musical note. that's brilliant. >> >> and they are using sill lababbles like ta and tee-tee, so they use the use the one syllable words to ( ) express themselves. >> reporter: how rewarding is it to work in an environment like this? >> i absolutely love it. i started working here this year. i taught in kentucky for 16 years. and this has been amazing. >> reporter: good for you. >> i feel very blessed to be able to be here. >> reporter: good for you. good for you. and you know my facebook is lighting up with parents whose kids have either gone through peppin academy or are here now and they just love it. they love it and it's making such a difference in their child's lives. >> we have a lot of success, that's why question came here, to bring success to pasco county and we want to expand as far as we can but like i said . . . >> reporter: we have the art room next door here, this is the music room.
8:25 am
the art room. it's important that they experience these students, peppin academy, they experience everything else >> yes. they are working hard. >> reporter: and this is a public charter school television free? >> yes, free public charter school. we have a lottery, so anybody that's interesting in coming to our school, they have to put in an application. we will be doing a lottery in may, that's for grades 3 thru 12 next year. >> reporter: good. i appreciate it. when coe m back we will come back we will do a science class, mr. lowe's science class, matter of fact. >> looking forward to it. see you later. >> >> reporter: okay. >> a student with a bright futurer future is fighting for her life and her parents are fighting to bring her home. >> and ken has the story. good morning, ken? >> reporter: good morning, guys. we have an update on the situation. this woman graduates from berkeley prep and goes on to yale. she is in columbia and almost
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from tampa bay's no. 1 news station, this is "good day tampa bay." >> 8:30, a young woman who spent most of her life in tampa is now fighting for her life in columbia. >> she was swimming with friends, when a freak accident put her in the hospital. fox 13's ken suarez is live at berkeley prep where skylar went to school. ken, you have spoken with one of her friends who was with her at the time. what did she say? >> reporter: well, you know, she said this trip was supposed to be the trip of a lifetime. but, unfortunately, it didn't turn out that way.
8:30 am
skylar is a yale graduate on a fellowship. she was teaching and building homes in peru. she and her friends decided to take time off and take an eggs curgs to columbia. they were on a rafting trip when the unexpected happened. skylar and her friends jumped off a cliff into a river. she was apparently treading water when a boulder loosened up and fell right onto her head. just a little while ago, i spoke with one of her closest friends. she saw it happened. and she was absolutely stunned. >> i have a heavy heart, but i had absolutely no hope at that point that skylar was even alive and that she is alive right now is only by the grace of god and the strength of this incredible young woman. >> reporter: a guide was able to fish her out of the water and able to, thank goodness, get her to the nearest hospital. she got excellent medical care there.
8:31 am
she had fractured ribs, a fractured skull, at this point they are trying to get her back to the states. she is supposed to arrive in miami at jackson memorial hospital tonight. her mom and her sister will be accompanying her. i can also tell you that she has been an outstanding world citizen. she is really kind of out to change the world. she is on a very, very prestigious fellowship down there and has an incredible resume. no one knows better than her college counselor here who saw all kind of potential in her when she was a high school student. we will talk to that person to learn more about her as a person coming up in the 9:00 hour. back to you. >> what a long and scary last few days. all right, ken, thank you. it is 8:31. clear water beach officials want people to consider alternative transportation for spring break. so much so, they are willing to pay you not to drive. people that ride the clear water ferry will see a discount.
8:32 am
8 p.m., between march and april. riders will pay $2 for a one-way ticket, they typically cost $8. it's just one step that city officials are taking to address the gridlock on the beach. thursday, council passed the resolution allowing the membership metropolytan organization to approve ( ) a rapid transportation system. the trolley will have a discount as well. 8:32 is a busy weekend, donald trump won the republican primary, and hillary clinton beat bernie sanders in nevada caucus. donald trump is ahead of the pack by a pretty big margin and he plans to keep momentum going but he is not alone. senators marco rubio and ted cruz are also on the campaign trail. they are holding rallies ahead of nevada's republican caucus, which is tomorrow night. two senators are hoping to pick up supporters of former governor jeb bush, who dropped out of the race on saturday night after coming in fourth place in south carolina.
8:33 am
he is a reckless candidate. >> meanwhile on the democratic side, hillary clinton made be ahead but bernie sanders says he is not done fighting saying he is just starting to gain momentum. despite his famous name and endorse m, some are saying jeb bush never had a chance. the biographer behind his father's book says there were too many factors working against him for working againsthim before the race started, one is donald trump. he announced the candy da say one day after bush did and targeted him and his family name ever since and bush could not respond to it very well. a political professor at texas a&m also weighed in on another campaign style. he was interested in solving national problems, which isn't a high interest with the republican party. that same political professor says this is not the last time we will hear the family name when it comes to presidential politics. remember? jeb's son, george p. bush, is
8:34 am
commissioner and he is believed to have a very bright political future. now, in south carolina is over and one more candidate is out, the republican candidates re turning their attentions to nevada. most of them are heading there today ahead of tomorrow's caucus. the only governor left in the race, , john kasich, is focusing on superted cruz which is tuesday, march 1st. >> the man is seeing a bull shark out of a water only to take videos and pictures with it. and this video that was posted to a west palm beach reporter's facebook page, you can see him pull the shark by its tail out of the water and people are just standing by filming the entire thing. after struggling with it for a while, he finally grabbed it. look at this. holds it down. so that he can take a photograph with it. after a minute with it, another
8:35 am
back into the water. people are angry and they are frustrated with this entire thing. just last week in endangered an endangered dolphin was killed after being passed around so people could take selfies with it. the baby, no longer than a few feet long, was eventually left in the mud where it became dehydrated and died. >> come on? >> the argentinian wild life foundation condemned the incident and calling attention to the fact that there are fewer than 30,000 laplata dolphins left in the wild. >> the least you can do is put it back in the water, you know? that is the least you can do. >> i wonder why sharks attack? sorry. sorry. that's just innating, come infuhrerrating ( ). >> it's a baby. >> i'm with you. >> all right. take it from there. >> i will show you the
8:36 am
not a huge complaint there, 61 in tampa, 63 spartanburg, sarasota, mid 50s in the lakeland and temperature-wise a-ok, look at the winds and they are light but beginning a shift to a southerly direction. and as we do that, we will start to bring in a little bit more moisture. the dew points go up and with that extra moisture, you are bringing a cold front into the area and just a couple days. those two will combine to bring a line of showers and thunderstorms. really, the way it's going to set up is tuesday afternoon, we will get a couple of isolated showers. that's not the cold front. the cold front is coming through on wednesday. now, for tomorrow, there is a strong-to-severe thunderstorms orleans. that threat moves eastward on wednesday, and notice, based on the storm prediction centers latest output along i-4, there is a slight chance we will have some strong-to-severe storms.
8:37 am
the safe side, late morning to mid afternoon in the time frame, so we will be keeping a close eye on that for you. in the meantime, enjoy this. i mean it's pretty outside. 76 degrees for a high today with clouds and sunshine. tonight, we are kicking back to 63, so mild first thing tomorrow morning. we will follow that with a 30% chance tomorrow afternoon and high of 77. get ugh your boating in today. i will tell you why. the winds and the seas will start to pick up tomorrow afternoon and they won't let up, probably until sometime late thursday or early friday. rain chances are best wednesday, late morning, early afternoon. and then a little cool spell comes back. vanessa told me she wasn't quite done wearing sweaters and she needed more cool air. i said, okay, thursday, friday, saturday, highs in the 60s. >> don't put this on me. i have said no such thing! all right. dave, thank you. let's check in on the roadways right now, 8:37 is the time. in pasco county we have a disabled vehicle reportedly
8:38 am
it's at the state route 52 exit blocking the right lane. fortunately, i can let you know the delays are pretty minimal through the area but of course it's a safety concern and you will want to exercise the move-over law in the area. meantime, we want to revisit some earlier crashes that are still kind of lingering into this hour and causing concerns. however, they are kind of light ening as far as the congest ( ). pan nell has county ( ), folks heading in through the holiday area there is a crash, u.s. 19 at alternate 19, with some lane blockage reported. we have delays in the southbound direction sitting a at about 5 minutes. plan accordingly. meantime, drivers along 75 southbound near university parkway in sarasota to manatee county, we are blocked and delays are 15 minutes. not enough to route you to another road but it will jam up your morning if that's along your route. plan that extra point in time. veteran's expressway is starting to light enup.
8:39 am
lighten up. >> all right. thank you, vanessa. a couple barely escapes, lucky to be alive, after taking a ride from uber driver josh dalton. >> he killed 6 people and injured two others in michigan. fox's alexis mcadams has more on this story. >> i would never expect someone who had been killing people to come pick me up. >> reporter: that's what happened when an indianapolis couple hopped inside jason dalton's car last night in kalamazoo michigan, thinking it was just another uber ride. >> they will be here in 6 minute, he is jason in an h. h. r. >> he is accused of killing 6 people and injuring two others in a saturday shooting rampage, allegedly driving around firing at strangers. then, down ewing on his continuing to pick up uber customer, like this couple that wants to remain anonymous. they took an uber after hearing there was a shooter on the
8:40 am
safest option, they had no idea they were just inches away from the alleged killer. >> at that time he was really quiet and reserved. >> the couple mentioned the shootings during the ride and dalton appeared to be aware there was a gunman on the loose. then, they asked him a bone-chilling question. >> i half heartedly joked and said you're not the shooter are you? and he said no, and i said are you sure? and he said, no, i'm just really tired. looking back, it is a weird way to respond. >> reporter: dalton said he was driving for 7 hours that day, which is how long the police say the shooting rampage lasted. the couple tells us they did not smell any gun powder or see a weapon. but, police found a gun inside dalton's car when they caught him minutes later. >> he had a weapon in the car that he had just killed people with. >> reporter: based on the timing and location of his arrest, this couple may likely have been his final passengers. >> we feel really lucky that, you know, we came out of this unharmed, obviously, our
8:41 am
lucky. >> reporter: and the other concern, is there any way to keep this from happening again? police say this driver did not have a criminal history and that means he could have passed passed uber's employee background check, so now there are concerns whether the background checks go far enough. uber says it screens a person using a nationally accredited screening company that looks for criminal history month in the last 7 years but in the fine print it says you enter in a car at your own risk, basically absolving the company of anything. >> it is 8:41 now. it is something that people across the world are debating. whether apple should unlock a smart phone used by one of the killers in the san bernardino massacre? the fbi demanded the company do it. but, apple's ceo says he will not because if they do, it could set a very dangerous precedent n. a surprising move, the fbi posted an open letter saying, quote, everyone needs to take a
8:42 am
world is ending. ending the head of the fbi says it's about getting justice for the victims. fourteen people were killed. and many more were injured. they say they are owed a thorough investigation. and this phone, at the center of it all, is part of it. the director says that syed farook's work phone is believed to have a security feature on it that, if 10 incorrect pass codes are made, everything on the phone will be deleted. the feds asked apple to help make a master key that could unlock it but apple says that if it does, if it does that, and that key falls in the wrong hands, it could be very dangerous. the feds say they understand the concerns about privacy and security, but they also understand the need for justice. stay with us. when you think heart problems you think adult, right? kids are at risk, too. up next, our doc on call joins us to talk about the warning signs that we all, as parents,
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3 heart >> it is 15 minute as way from top of the hour. heart health, we think it affects us once we get older but good health habits start when we are young. and there are things that we can do now to protect our children's cardiovascular health later in life. today, our doc on call, dr. per no. from children's hospital is here to take bout it. good morning to you, doctor. >> good morning. >> when i think about things to talk to the pediatrician about, i don't think heart health at the top of the list but you say it should be, right? >> it should. that's why i'm here today. february is heart health month and you know i don't want us to forget about my patients to children, you know, it's something the pediatrician should be monitoring from the time they are born, when we are listening for murmurs and different defects in the heart, to as they grow, looking for risk factors, whether it be in the family, whether it's be in their activity levels, as they grow. we should be monitoring and
8:47 am
yearly visit as the kids go through life. >> let's talk some specifics here, do children need to get cholesterol screenings? >> yeah, this is something we learn, there was a study publish add few years ago that showed that 20% of american children actually have high cholesterol levels. and we know that although high cholesterol may not hurt the child in that time period, it will build up over time and obviously affect us as we get older in life. so, knowing if children are having abnormal cholesterol and again looking for risk factors, it doesn't mean that every child needs to be screened, but looking to see who should be screened and what age. >> right, if they are building the foundation for an unhealthy health condition later in life. what age are we talking about? >> great question. so, for children with high risk family a parent or close relative, that has high cholesterol, they should be screened at age 4. if you have people who have died from early heart disease in the family, these are high risk. so, this is when you would do a
8:48 am
screening at age 4, and then based upon that level, determine when you do subsequent follow-up tests and start intervene, usually with increased dietary precautions and then, obviously, increasing exercise. for the regular child who has no real significant risk factors, we recommend test between 9 and 11 and subsequent testing again based upon what you find at that initial screening. >> very interesting. and i am curious to know, we have to go after this, but how common is it for young children to have significant heart disease? the ones that come into you and into the emergency room? >> so, in young children, we see some stuff that's usually triggered by viral illnesses, so it can be quite significant. obviously, in the newborn period we worry about what we call conjental heart disease where they are born with defects and that can be picked up in the nursery to months later and then as the kids grow, we are always on the lookout for different heart conditions that affect children. they rarely, fortunately, have
8:49 am
as the adult population, but they are subject to other heart diseases that we need to be on the lookout for. so, pediatric emergency room physicians are trained to look at this and try to protect them. the pediatricians are there to screen for high risk behavior and get the kids on the right path with good diet and exercise, these are habits that will last a lifetime if you establish them in the preteens or early teen years. >> so important. regular check-ups. dr. persono, thank you. >> thank you. >> always good to see you. we will go over to charlie, peppin academy does such great work, this is a remote location, an alternate place, another school. it's a cool school of the week, right? >> reporter: yes, and remote is relative, right? nose living in new port richey, it is close and convenient. i'm invading the science class right now. i'm rudely interrupting them. i'm sorry, guys for letting me interrupt. but, we will do a really cool science experiment and all i
8:50 am
toes, and the question is: will the balloon expenal explode? i the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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good day, tampa bay, i'm charley belcher with our cool school segment, peppin academy at the pasco county campus, on middle road or ridge road? >> little road. thank you. little road in new port richey. mr. lowe, what do you teach here? >> i teach fourth and fifth grade. >> reporter: and this is science class, but i guess throughout the day you teach different subjects? >> elementary you teach all the subjects. >> reporter: very nice. what are we learning in this particular class? >> we are combined with mrs. tanner's class with fourth and fifth graders reviewing the scientific method. and doing that we will demonstrate an experiment. right now we are trying to see what will happen when we modify the age-old experiment, what happens when you put men toes and diet coke , you put a balloon on top. >> reporter: woo, exciting. >> the kids have ideas of what will happen. >> reporter: this is dedicated to students with learning disabilities but the motto is
8:54 am
it's not that they are wrong, differently. how do you teach a class where people may be on a bunch of different learning curves? >> well, you know, that is the challenge. when you have 12 different kids with 12 different learning styles, you do have to do a lot of individual instruction, a lot of repeating, and just getting to their level. they all have accommodations on their i. we have a parra professional in the class ( ) and they take care of the overflow and go around making sure that if there is something that i neglect or i, unfortunately, miss, that is not, because we don't want any of the students to fall between the cracks. >> reporter: and this is a television-free public charter school. and that's the great thing. in a public school system setting, they can't take the time to necessarily wait around or repeat. you have the luxury of being able to really do that and mick sure every young person here gets it.
8:55 am
we do have to follow the same standards, but we are given a little more freedom to really work with the kids and meet them at their level. >> reporter: all right. chicken! chicken! chicken! all right. that means it's time. so, mr. lowe, explain. she is putting men toes inside the balloon. >> men toes inside the balloon and very carefully going to put the balloon on the diet coke . >> reporter: should we warn people not to try it at home? >> as steven spangler said, don't try this at your home, do it at your friend's home. >> do it at russell's house. what will happen, everyone? what will happen? >> it blows up! >> it blows the balloon up! >> reporter: i think -- oh, oh, oh!
8:56 am
you're in the splash zone! i will tell you what will happen, nothing. mr. lowe, is that what was supposed to happen? >> that is the great thing with science, you don't always know what will happen. but if you see, we did have a i'm can call reaction. >> reporter: yes. >> the men tost that fell in there cause add reaction and created some gas and we did inflate the balloon. >> reporter: nice! >> we did succeed and see what happened, but at if you look at desk, we have baking soda and poprocks so we will break into groups and they will test different things to see what happens. >> reporter: nice. keep up the good work. >> thank you, i appreciate it. >> >> reporter: there you go. we created even more gas than i normally create. russell rhodes? most of the gas i create, nothing happened. >> do you remember when the story got out about the men toes and diet coke and we did the in the fox 13 fountain as an experiment? it works.
8:57 am
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going to have a "good day tampa bay," whoa, whoa, whoa, have a good day >> there they are. the final 5 in the republican field for president. how will the elimination of jeb bush affect the race, specifically for marco rubio? >> and, just how diverse are the movies and t.v. shows we watch? a survey is out today and it proves what critics have been saying. and good monday morning, we hope you had a good weekend. i'm laura moody. >> and i'm russell outside with dave, boy is this nice! >> this is nice stuff. >> i know it won't last, but wow. >> you have two and a half more days of this. >> tuesday and part of wednesday. >> because wednesday, kind of a transition day. we will get a big storm on


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