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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 9AM  FOX  February 22, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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going to have a "good day tampa bay," whoa, whoa, whoa, have a good day >> there they are. the final 5 in the republican field for president. how will the elimination of jeb bush affect the race, specifically for marco rubio? >> and, just how diverse are the movies and t.v. shows we watch? a survey is out today and it proves what critics have been saying. and good monday morning, we hope you had a good weekend. i'm laura moody. >> and i'm russell outside with dave, boy is this nice! >> this is nice stuff. >> i know it won't last, but wow. >> you have two and a half more days of this. >> tuesday and part of wednesday. >> because wednesday, kind of a transition day. we will get a big storm on
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and then for thursday we will cool things down. but at least today and tomorrow, enjoy this. is that 67? are we at 67? >> where are you looking. >> that's what it says. is your machine right? >> it is right. sixty-six in brandon? it will be a warm one today. dare i say 77 and 78? couple days. maybe a stray shower tomorrow, but the best rain chances look to be early afternoon on wednesday, and we will focus more and talk more about that in just a few minutes. >> all right. dave, we will see you then. at 9:01 we will check in on trouble spot, really not dealing with new incidents just previous crashes we have been following causing concerns. lakeland drivers we have a crash we are following at memorial in florida, still hearing the northbound lanes are k blod in that area. the very least if you head that way you want to avoid the area. but we are seeing delays in all directions through the intersection. we also want to check in on the howard franklin bridge, still seeing lingering delays here.
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kennedy boulevard, plan 10 minutes. >> all right. vanessa, by now, this is the second year in a row that oscar nominations for the four top categories consist of all white actors. there is no diversity there. and that has sparked outrage and debate on how to change it. some of the recommendations include possibly changing the voting process. or change the people that make the movies an films, or make the films that are worthy of the academy's expectations. and while all those suggestions may help, it will take time. but what's apparent, at least according to a survey out this morning, is that it's not just oscar worthy films that are mostly white, it is all the major films, and t.v. shows, too. fox 13's walter allen is here. >> lauren, good morning. the university ofsoso california school for communication looked at major films and t.v. shows as well as t.v. shows that aired from september of 2014 to august of 2015.
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film pes and 305 t.v. shows and looked specifically at speaking characters, writer, director, show runners and media company executives. here is what they found. in front of the camera, 28% were minorities. according to survey that's 10% less than may norths represented in the real world according to the census data. only 18% of films and t.v. series were gender balanced. the older the characters got, the fewer women were cast. behind the camera it's worse. even 3% of directors were women. 87% of directors were white. so, maybe whoop pi goldberg is correct saying minorities need people behind the scenes riblg for writing, hiring and directing and the rest of the integration will come. guys? >> thanks. a store clerk fought back and won. and now, a robber is dead. shayla reeves at at the tampa police headquarters with how it played out.
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russell. right now police tell us they are still down ewing to search for one more suspect still out there. so, i want to take you back to how this began i. was just last night, just before 11:00 when tampa police tell us they did rereceive a call to the 15th street cut rate liquor store. it came from inside the police and once they arrived they found one man, one suspect dead outside of the store on the sidewalk. and the clerk we are told was okay. now, according to preliminary accounts, we are told two suspects reportedly entered the business, brandished a firearm clerk. at least one bullet struck the suspect who died at the scene. and the second suspect did not stick around. and what's unclear if that second suspect had any sort of firearm, at this point, police search. one of the things they are going tock looking at during the day will be those security cameras, surveillance video at the
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reveal any clues in this case. we are still working to find out the name of the suspect who died and we will keep you posted as we learn anything further, guys. back to you. >> all right. shayla reeves reporting for us. for the first time in more than a week, the u.s. supreme court will meet. it's been 10 theys since justice scalia died. the remaining 8 justices go back 10:00. they will hear two cases today. one regarding veteran's given preferences when trying to obtain v.a. contracts, the other, regarding illegal searches and seizures. and, who will be scalia's replacement? we still don't know. the senate is also back today from a week-long recess. still holding firm to the fact they will not approve anyone who is president obama's choice. but, they will wait until the next president is elected and sworn into office, whomever that might be. >> hillary clinton is one step closer to securing the
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she beat bernie sanders in nevada by 5 percentage points over the weekend giving her another victory. now, clinton and sanders will focus on south carolina for saturday's primary. on the republican side, trump's victories continue, he han dilly beat the other candidates in the south carolina primary saturday by 10%. senator rubio beat out ted cruz for the second spot and south governor jeb bush. >> he announced he was suspending his campaign after finishing a distant fourth place with just 7% of the vote. there is a lot to talk about here. we brought in craig patrick, fox 13's political editor. let's start with jeb bush, craig. dropping out i guess it was too much for him. he put his whole heart into this race and it just can i didn't go far enough. >> not just energy but gop money and he saw he had no path forward. he didn't have to think about it saturday fight as the results came in. the bush camp assumed the bush name was golden in south carolina.
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him because he put a lot of time nd attention and money in this state, and with that, when you finish with but 7% of the vote, you realize there is just no way through. what state is he going to win? they start coming one after the other at this point. he did not have the momenttum. in the end he basically spent a lot of time raising money in the first half of 2015 in a year where money is not driving voting behavior. >> you know, we talked about bush. he is out now and raises a lot of questions who he will throw his support behind. a lot of tack about marco rubio, who is a very respectable second place finish. what do you think? >> i think it is a safe bet, jeb bush will not be endorsing donald trump. think there is a good chance he will be endorsing mar coriewb yo. we have to see. maybe there is hard feelings there. it got a bit rough in iowa and new hampshire. between the two of them. but put be jeb bush's endorsement aside, it is clear a lot of republican money and
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with bush are moving toward marco rubio. there is no question about that. the challenge goes back to what we are talking about is that this year, the importance of money and endorsements can be a bit overstated. this is not what is driving current, as it were. and there are no guarantees that all of jeb bush's votes will drift to marco rubio. for example, somebody like john kasich can argue he is the last governor in the race if you want someone with executive experience, as sen tryst relative to the other candidate, or moderate right, than he may be the way to go. and even if you gave all of jeb bush's votes to marco rubio, what we seed, 7%? trump won by 10. marco rubio would still be in second place in south carolina. >> did it surprise you about south carolina? it is a state filled with evangelicals he typically does well with. >> it didn't surprise me because we have good pollsters at news 13, matt nailed this one again. the only poll i believe that got
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were not surprised in that sense. but this is disappointing for ted cruz because he is losing evangelicals to donald trump. that was supposed to be the lynchpin of his campaign. and the challenge is where does he go from here? the good news is that texas is coming um. that is his home state. the poll, although i have not recent numbers show him leading in that state. that can give him a big boost. and he will pick up perhaps a good number of delegates. but, the question is beyond that where does he win? and with trump doing so well as crack. >> and texas is part of >> yes. it the a scaled back supertuesday, but yes. >> before we get to supertuesday, we have nevada. these candidates need to focus on tomorrow's caucuses there. what is the plan here? john kasich, we hear, is not even going there. he now is moving on to supertuesday states. >> yeah. john kasich doesn't have the same amount of money and
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have, so he is concentrating on michigan and ohio, which happens to be march 15th, the winner take all state, that is his home state. he is concentrating on the northeast as well. basically, well, largely conceding much of the south which is come ugh up on march 1st. but, because so many states are coming up on march 1st, the candidates all have to pick and choose. right now they are focused on nevada. that was a state where marco rubio invested a lot of time and money and the challenge they are facing is that trump is well known. his name was on signs in nevada long before the campaign here and the polls show he has a very solid lead in that state as well. >> how long does dr. carson stay in the race? >> probably march 1st. he has said that much. look, he put this much in it already. dr. carson said we have a lot of states on march 1st. let's assess where we are from there. if i'm guessing, it's a good guess he might be out after that. >> let's tack about the democrats for a few moments and i know we are running out of time here.
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sander, she wins by a five point lead in nevada. she is looking strong in south carolina, how is her campaign? is she on more do lid ground >> clearly. this is a rebound win for her. she wins by 14 points and entrance polls among nonwhite voters. she wins women voters han dilly and does well, basically across the board with the exception of younger voters, but because younger voters are still moving towards bernie sander, i think this race is still going to be a long way from finished. bernie sanders can make the case that he was down some 25 points in the polls in nevada just five weeks ago and here he is, falling just a smidgen short. i think he will be in this for a while as well. >> he love to be the underdog. >> relishes it. >> thank you, craig. >> thank you. >> all right. being an exceptional employee, what traits do they have that the rest of us? we will talk about that. >> and in the war of words,
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as apple still says no to the feds. >> one more time we go to the charley belcher at the peppin academy. i guess there is more than one now? >> yes, that's what surprised me, too. it's neat. >> and you know russell you don't need to talk about doug arms for the exceptional employee. i can talk to laura, right? >> we knew it was coming. >> i know laura moody so i can get you in touch wither he. yes. >> he pointed in the right direction, too. >> take care. >> yeah, he did. right direction. that's right. see, i got it wrong. that's hard. >> i am in new port richey at pep pin academy pasco county campus, interrupting high school class at the moment. where we are learning a bout national parks and the attractions at the taxal parks which turn 100 this year in august. i just learned that. we are talking about why this is such a cool school. we will talk to the cool high schoolers when "good day tampa the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts.
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fox 13's good day, local for you all morning long. >> welcome back. last week, we talked about what makes an exceptional employee. these were the first five. you can delay gratification. you can tolerate conflict. you can focus. you can be, if you have to be, judiciously courageous ( ) and yes, you are in control of your ego. doug arms is back to finish the list. >> you love the judiciously creative? occur rays you? you need to bring it into your
9:16 am
become judicious liqueur rayjous. now, this seems to be a hard one to do. you have to weigh this one. you are never satisfied. >> yeah? >> you can drive yourself crazy but i always felt the best employees have a personal bar that they raise and it's always higher than the bar that anybody else raises for them. it's not the person trying to achieve what everyone else want, they are their own worst critic and they are the ones no matter what they achieve they say what is next? having a good balance. you can't drive yourself crazy, but having a high personal standard i think is really the message there. >> and we're not saying, always looking for the next job. >> no, no, it's your performance within your job. it's not the bigger better deal, it's saying if the expectation is to perform something at a, you know, at 90-100%, they say how can i make it 110% and do the extra credit and make it even better and really blow away eck peck teags? >> this next one, too me, is one
9:17 am
judiciously courageous. >> it may. >> recognize when things are broken and fix it. >> and you have to do it in every day life. it can be little thing, processes, people, hey, i walk past a piece of garbage on the ground and pick it up. people who see when things are not done properly, they take it upon themselves to fix it. they take ownership. that's a big part of what i think the common theme of these, you know, ten items are. it's who takes ownership for their job? who takes ownership within the company and is constantly on the look lookout to improve things? >> that leads to the next one, they are accountable. >> it's a phrase wees to we toss around so much and responsibility, but accountability comes down to those that are comfortable enough to not try to get away with things, okay. it's, if i blue it, if there is a report i screw up, i'm not going to try to sweep it under the carpet or there i to make the boss, you know, hopefully he won't figure it out.
9:18 am
attention and say look there is a mistake, i will fix it next time and get on it immediately. >> they are marketable? >> external and internally, how likeable are you? how much do people want to work with you? it can be external, marketability, but how much internal credit do you have to work with other people in the company? >> okay. >> the last one? phew. right. they neutralize tiksic people. >> it can be pervasive throughout the company, how much ownership do you take in the organization. it doesn't mean turn them in, but the reason they are feeling negative can be a bigger problem, you need to recognize it's broken and need to fix it. getting with the individual, recognizing that the there is a problem that could spread and addressing it immediately. so, they really are an ambassador to the company. >> but, what happens, man i see a whole segment with this
9:19 am
is a boss? is a superior? >> happens many times. there is plenty of enwhat, even senior leadership that is a problem. and for whatever reason, they are kept in the company. it's one of the things where you have to focus on the common good. you focus on the mission. confident in the mission of the company they can focus on the person they are confident with. conversely, if you're not confident in the person, maybe you focus on the mission. you stay laser focused under what you can do? how can you stand out? believe me, if somebody is negative and you're positive? and you are very focused? it will be very obvious to people, you know, who the person they want to stick around, who is showing leadership skills. you don't need to a title to be viewed as a leader. they see you as a leader and other people are negative or damaging to the company as a personality type, people respond to that. >> okay. good. very good. i want to pursue that. >> that's a good one. >> good to see you.
9:20 am
>> you can be judiciously courageous and courageously judicial, right, dave? >> sounds good to me. they seem interchangeable. >> it's 67 degrees outside at this hour. might be the warmest 9:00 temperature we have had in quite some time. seventy, it's 70 already in brandon. sixty-five for bradenton, spartanburg, you get the point. it's nice. and it's mild. and it's about 4-5 degrees warmer than it was yesterday. so obviously we are seeing a big difference in that. the visible side of life, we have a little built of very thin high cloud cover, streaming in, especially as you go much further north. but that's about it. i think, today, may be the nicest day of the week overall. when you take into account the sunshine, plus the temperatures. in general, we will watch the weather go downhill beginning tomorrow. tomorrow, more cloud cover, and a risk of a shower. notice here two or 3:00 you can
9:21 am
through the area, or our main line of rain though is not going to be until late in the morning, it looks like, or early afternoon on wednesday. that's going to be a line of showers and thunderstorms. with the potential for some strong storms. tomorrow the potential is up in the panhandle and then on wednesday, that potential is from i-4 north, a slight chance that we will be dealing with severe weather. we will be watching that for you. in the meantime let focus on how beautiful it will be. clouds and sunshine, nice and mild, 76 degrees. we are taking it all the way through the weekend. look at the change, right? showers and thunderstorms late wednesday morning. early afternoon. breezy and cooler for the rest of the week. and, in fact, friday and saturday morning, vanessa, we are looking at lows getting back into the 40s. >> oh, jeez. all right. dave, thank you. >> here at 9:27, let's check in on the roadways now. a few incidents we are following that popped up in the last few minutes or so. we have out of pannellis county a crash involving a se my truck
9:22 am
live wires down in the roadway, lanes are going to be blocked at seventh avenue north and 17th street north, so definitely avoid that area. we hear that duke energy is en route to the scene to get everything kind of cleaned up in the area. so, it could be tricky and slow in that area for a little while. meantime, here is a live look, 275 at ashley drive. right now we are watching, what is actually a disabled vehicle here that is abandoned. apparently the person walked off leaving their vehicle in the side of the road. road rage, it's blocking the right lane. not a delay concern but a safety move. remember the move-over law in that area. >> take a deep breath. that's what the fbi director told the world yesterday regarding the feds request that apple create software to unlock terrorist syed farook's cell phone. james comey issued a statement yesterday saying they don't want to set a precedent or message of any kind. the statement continues and we are quoting here, "well we
9:23 am
search warrant to guess the terrorist pass code without the phone essentially self-destructing and without it taking a decade to guess correctly? that's it. we don't want to break anyone's encryption or set a master key loose on the land" that is the issue. if forced to create what apple says is the master key, the company says the precedent will be set and that would threaten everyone's phone, ipad or computer. but here is the thing. farouq was a county employee and the cell phone in question was county issued. apple says there are simple software that could have avoided all this to begin with. they say, if the county had the software, the fbi would have been able to remotely unlock the phone. but according to apple, even though the county bought the it. there is a lawsuit hoping to compel the city to comply, but tomorrow rallies are planned in support of apple and their courts. apple has until friday to
9:24 am
officially to the court order. and from a battle in the courts to a a battle for survival. a tampa woman hurt abroad is fighting fighting for her life. charlie is showing off this week's cool school, tappan academy in new port richey, we
9:25 am
9:26 am
i love it. can you do the whip? you guys want to whip the nea nea? i'm charley belcher at preponderance pin academy campus with the high schooler, the leader of the school, quite literally justin is the student council president right there. we will find out from these wonderful students why peppin
9:27 am
is your name and grade? >> i'm ron, i am in tenth grade. >> reporter: why is peppin academy such a cool school? >> it gives you more so a way to learn and the class are short or smaller and you can be able to work with teachers one on one. >> reporter: good for you, ron. absolutely. good job. >> dezi, what grade are you in? >> 11th. i'm in like everything here. i was prom king last year and it's like everyone is supernice here and you don't get judged very often like we all -- it's not really overwhelming. my last school was too overwhelming, nobody understood what you were trying to say to them. >> that's what peppin tries to do, people learn differently and you may process things differently than i do, than ron processes but the teachers are good at this. >> they understand what we are trying to tell them. >> very good. you were what? prom queen? >> i was prom queen. >> i'm suddenly a little nervous here.
9:28 am
i will have to move right on. all right. school? >> i think it's like we have great teachers an a great teachers and students and you can make a lot of friend, too. >> reporter: good place to be. tell me what grade you are in? robert toe mendez, 11th grade. >> reporter: why is it a cool school? >> we have teachers here who come in every day to give nothing but love, care, and compassion. to not only the work they do but the students that they teach, and we have really good student body over here who also show to everyone here. >> love it, man. middle school keller, our principal here, you are having a fund-raiser if people want to support the work you do in peppin academy, how can people get involved? >> yes, april 2nd and 3rd, we have a fishing tournament, river. and we would love everyone to go
9:29 am, to find out how to participate. >> reporter: well done, keep up the good work. >> thank you for coming. >> fox 13 we will link you to the web site so you can support the great kids. ready? going to whip? come on, come on. you know it. yeah. stacy is like, no way, sorry. that's why she is the prom queen. she is smart enough not to um bar embarrass herself. >> little prom queen is great, she is trying to cool you off. we will talk to you later, charlie, when you get back here. >> the other side of the moon has been a mystery since mankind began watching it but now the first humans that saw exactly what was on the dark side soft moon, say they heard something
9:30 am
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from tampa bay's no. 1 news station, this is "good day tampa bay." >> 9:32, berkeley prep has a great reputation. their motto is berkeley puts people in the world who make a positive difference. that's what one of their alums was doing. in columbia. before a tragic accident has changed her life forever. fox 13's kenney suarez is at berkeley where they are hoping and praying to help this former student. right? an outstanding student here and at yale, skylar, we have been telling you about her all morning long. let me recap the story for you. she is down in peru on a fellowship, decides to vacation with friends in columbia, goes
9:33 am
where a boulder, a two foot by two foot boulder hits her in the head in the river. she has fractured bones and skull, they are trying to get her home right now. to learn more about her and how the alumni community here is reacting to the whole thing, please welcome kent hol neverston, you the director of college counseling. what are people saying at this point? >> skylar is a strong berkeley presence even as a garage watt. i think what is amazing is to come together. a lot of it is through social media. but, a lot of memories, a lot of folks really reflecting back to what she has meant to us as a community, but what she's meant to them. she's one of the people that brings people together. even after graduating, she has done that with her alumni group. so, to see members of the community that don't know her trying to be supportive, making donations, but sending prayers and love and sending positive thoughts to her mom and sister, it's a tragedy that has brought
9:34 am
given us a chance to reflect on what an amazing young woman she is and how hopeful we are that she will get through this. >> reporter: a few minutes ago we were talking and someone told me that she was known as the light and the life of the campus here. what is she like as a person? >> they talk about people who can light up a room? skylar can light up our entire campus. she actually just came back to visit in january and for some of us it was the first time we had seen her since graduation. and that same presence, she is just really genuine. she's probably one of the most come in addition gnat young people, i think i have ever had the pleasure to know. and that compassion something that seems to have just continued to grow while she's been away from us at yale. >> people are olening their hearts. there is a go fund me account for her. and there is over $100,000, just in the last couple days. does that surprise you at all? >> not at l al. i think what's been, maybe most emotional for us is looking at some of the names of the people who are donating.
9:35 am
her, but i'm hearing such incredible things a bout who she is as a person and i want to help. seeing kids who graduated, who i know for a fact didn't know her personally, and they are giving. and they -- i have kids who just went off to college who are giving $10 pause that's all they can give. it's everybody trying to reach out and help and get her back to the states. >> that really says something about her as a person, that her legacy is still here after a number of years. talk about getting her back to the state, she is still in columbia. her mom and sister are down there now, flew down to be by her side. the plan is to bring her back by air ambulance to miami, hopefully by tonight and then she has a plan at jackson memorial hospital to get further treatment. back to you guys. >> all right. thank you, talk to you later. thank you. >> what was supposed to be a memorial for earthquake victims turned ugly.
9:36 am
honor people who died during a 6.3 earthquake in 2011. it is considered the country's worth natural disaster in more than 80 years. after the ceremony ended, someone tossed an ice cream container full of goop onto the earthquake recovery minister. the country is still recovering from the earthquake and many people are very unhappy with how all of this was handled. police say they arrested a 41 year-old man and charged him with assault. >> lawmakers are working to help m frustrated with service animals. >> people with disabilities opened door to commit fraud, maine, arizona, virginia, new york, and puerto rico are considering bills like this. anyone caught trying to pass off their pet as a service animal will be penalized. last year a wisconsin woman brought her kangaroo into a mcdonalds claiming it was a service animal. people with disabilities say incidents like these take aware their credibility. federal law does not require
9:37 am
public places. lawmakers hope to weed out fakeers by allowing disabled people to get state issued cards. listen to this. in florida, miss representing aer vis animal can land you 60 days in jail. >> now were outside, how is it? >> it is beautiful outside. just gorgeous. >> you know, the moon is full right now. so when we walk into work, it's crystal clear. you can see the full moon, i thought it would be another gorgeous day today, too. >> we got it. i noticed laura, i'm glad you said it. i noticed it was a little off today. it has to be the full moon. >> ware wolf thing is coming out. >> i wouldn't criticize me on a full moon. >> because i'm right there with you baby. >> beware the moores. >> russell, come out and we will do a story or two. >> you want me to? >> i think he will, yeah. 67 degrees outside, our current temperatures, nice and mild.
9:38 am
temperatures quickly start to make their way up to the upper 60s an back around 70 degrees. seventy-two already in brandon. statewide, 61 in tallahassee, already 75 down in miami with the visible satellite, we are surrounded by cloud cover. we will get more cloud cover in here for later today and especially during the day tomorrow. we will hold off, the big rain chance until wednesday and while i do think we are going to be dealing with showers and thunderstorms, the best chance will be on wednesday. i want to focus your attention, northern gulf coast tomorrow they have an enhanced risk of severe weather from pensacola back to new orleans. then the shift moves further east with that slight risk of severe weather, late morning and afternoon tampa north on wednesday. that's the main rain chance and then behind it we get the cooler weather. seventy-six, you know what, it may be warmer than that in some spots later this amp. sixty-three tonight. tomorrow, back to the upper 70s.
9:39 am
the afternoon. around 30%. the main rain moves through wednesday late morning, early afternoon. we will follow that with some cooler air, 60s for high, thursday, friday, saturday, with lows in the 40s as well. all right u , dave, thank you. >> you know, songs an albums are dedicated to it and there might be a very good reason for all the mystery surrounding the dark side of the moon. but, what happened to the first humans? it may unleash a whole round of speculation, who were at the dark side of the moon. five years 0 years later, what apollo astronauts heard when they were out there. >> and a live look at the board on wall street. boy, doesn't that look good? maybe the market is turning around this year. >> nice. >> we are back after this.
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fox 13's good day, local for you all morning long. >> well, taylor swift certainly had a busy weekend. first, she helped out a friend.
9:43 am
$250,000 to singer kesha. you will probably recall kesha's been trying to get out of a contract with her producer, dr. luke, but was unsuccessful. the singer claims luke sexually, physically, verbally and emotionally abused her for ten years, starting when she was 18 years old. but the judge ruledt and heavily negotiated. swift is not the first high profile entertainer to support kesha but she offered money, so. >> speaking of swift, after this, she flew to pennsylvania to be maid of honor at her best friend's wedding. her childhood friend brit mac got married saturday to a long-time boyfriend. taylor posted some throwback pictures on her instagram account saying she was the happiest maid of honor ever. >> congrats to her. >> so for folks who are 40 something, this is either going to be really depressed or you will be so excited, that you are going tock booking a flight to
9:44 am
the now-classic movie, "ferris bueller's day off" is turning 30 this may. yeah. great movie. and in honor of it, chicago is hosting if the ferris fest" that will start with a showing of movie with the movie parent, as well as some the mater d. from the restaurant. organizers are also planning a two-part bus 2004 to tour to the art institute, the high school and the festival would not be complete without recreating the iconic scene, we where looking at it now, the "twist and shout" you see during the parade. tickets by the way, are single day, are $175. hopefully you put in your vacation request instead of playing hoo ki. >> all right. nine:44 is the time. from the dark side of the moon comes new music, and dave is going to explain that coming up next.
9:45 am
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it has blood pressure a been a mystery, what's on the other side of the moon. there are theories tof life, alien, transformers . . . but now, the first humans to see the
9:48 am
side of then moo, the apollo 10 space mission, say they didn't see anything, but they heard something really funny. and the tapes from that mission have been released. and now, what happened is making headlines. nearly 50 years after it happens. this is real, folks. apollo 10 astronauts reportedly told nasa officials they heard odd music while traveling to the far side of the moon in may of 1969. it was all uncovered during an upcoming episode which i believe runs sunday from the science channel series, "nasa's unexplained files," it focuses on the apollo 10's mission. they flew to the moon, entered lunar orbit, got within 5,000 feet of the service and the pilot can be heard ton the flight recordings.
9:49 am
whistling sound? woo. it is sure weird. it's music. it's unbelievable. [static in background] >> i don't know. >> those tapes were recorded when they were at the far side of the moon out of radio communication with earth. the whistling sound lasted nearly the entire hour the astronauts were out of touch. some say the sound could have been radio interference, there was no record of the astronauts ever discussing the noise with nasa or the public. >> and we still don't know, not clear, if any other astronauts on any other missions at the moon heard that same weird music. wow. >> what do you think? >> i think it's going to add to the conspiracy theories what is out there and up there. >> you know what i say? send a satellite out there and anchor it right on the dark -- behind the dark side of the moon
9:50 am
that will take care of the whole con conspiracy theories? that's why we have them. >> this is a severe weather awareness week. we may have severe weather to talk about, right, before we're done? >> what do we have got? >> you need that? >> this is a week designed to get people prepared for any kind of severe weather that may come our way. and, today, in my opinion, this is the one we have to deal with the most, that is lightning. so we have fox 13's mike bennett. >> it's something we see often around here, and hear in florida. 1.4 mill job times per year. florida has more clouds and ground lightning strikes than any other state. unfortunately, we also claim the most lightning-related deaths. fifty-two people have died since 2005 in the state. so, clearly, the threat of lightning is especially real in florida. now, at its most basic
9:51 am
an leg electrical discharge like rubbing your socks on a carpet but a much larger scale. lightning is so powerful it heats the air around it to five times hotter than the surface of the sun. the energy that it contains is absolutely enormous. more than enough to power a car back to the future. but with that energy comes extreme danger. even though lightning only kills about 10% of the people it strikes, the rest tend to have lifelong problems. and it doesn't take a direct strike to injure someone. in fact, only 3-5% of lightning injuries are from direct strikes. so, when lightning starts to light up the sky and the sound of thunder rolls around you? the best place to be is indoors. stay away from windows, plumbing, or electrical devices. if you are caught outside, don't try to take shelter under a
9:52 am
find the sturdy builder or hardtop vehicle. rule. what is the 30/30 rule? if thunder is heard within 30 seconds of a lightning strike, threat. and you want to wait until 30 minutes after the last clap of thunder before heading outdoors. finally, remember that a human body cannot store energy. if you see someone struck by lightning, immediately tend to safety. i promise you will not be electrocuted by touching them ( ). while lightning is dangerous, we can stay as safe as possible by following these simple rules. mike bennett, fox 13 news. >> right. >> good advice. very good advice. especially around here. >> when thunder roar, go indoors. if you can hear it, it can strike you. >> all right. >> that's all you have toto know.
9:53 am
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3 ((laura//live pix)) here's another live picture of the board on wall street. all right. here is a look at the board on wall street. doesn't that look good? from the fox business network we will bring in lauren simonetti. let's talk about the market. >> hi. we have a rally going on t. best week of the year for the major companies this year, one big
9:56 am
price of oil surging. right at $32 a barrel. a game of 6%. the reason is the international energy agency is expecting u.s. shail production, our out put, to decline this year. if prices for oil go up, because production goes down, well, that's boosting the oil market and, in turn, it is boosting companies as well. >> all right. let's take bout another story that's just come out, that's pretty concerning to some lumber laminate flooring. >> right. if you recall, the 60 minutes report really took down this company. lumber liquidators use formaldehyde, a chemical linked to cancer. the c. t. c. came out with a report earlier this year and it basically said no increased risk for cancer because of lumber liquidators floors. well, they redo the report and say our mistake, we used an inaccurate measurement to do that. there is usually three times the greater risk of cancer because
9:57 am
and now the shares are down 0%. >> i'm sure they are. what are they offering we have to go. we are out of time. we have to see you tomorrow, buy, lauren. >> sure. >> dave? >> another seven-day forecast, today, great, tomorrow, showers later in the day but still nice. showers and thunderstorms coming through on wednesday. late morning, early afternoon, we will follow that a little bit of winterlike atmosphere, late week, highs in the 60s and low 40s. >> feels glorious out here.
9:58 am
9:59 am
10:00 am
go outside and play, thank you. >> it's "live! with kelly & michael." today from the film, "london has fallen," angela bassett. and from the new series, "lucifer," rachel harris and the academy awards is just around the corner. so we're kicking off our after-oscar games. and it's time to reveal madam tussauds's newest creation, wax strahan. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television]


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