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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 8AM  FOX  February 23, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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pbefore3 ((russell an answered prayer? a neighbor up pan answered prayer. pa neighbor up late, praying, pspots from a nearby home. pher quick action may have saved plives. preleasing stress for nine months pknowing your baby's health at pnine weeks. pdr. jo tells us a pros and cons pof a new prenatal test. pfrom tampa bay's number one news pstation, this is good day tampa pbay. p hey everybody it's 8 o'clock pi'm russell rhodes. pgood morning everybody.
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pthis tuesday. pfebruary 23rdrd. pwee going to get over to dave pright now for look what we can pexpect outside dpa. p>> yeah i can't believe its this pmuggy already. p64 is our dew point. p66 our current temperature. pwell winds are mainly south, psoutheast about three, 5 miles er hour. pbut, it's a little juicy out pthere. pwe've got some cloud cover pmixing in. pi think what we're going to do pbring temperatures back the pupper 70s while running just a p30 percent risk of a pthunderstorm. pi'm sorry a shower. pexcuse me later this afternoon. pthe thunderstorms are going to pbe tomorrow during the day. pit looks like mid to late pmorning along the coast pafternoon as you go further pinland i'll talk more about that pin a few minutes. pbut yeah pretty muggy and warm pvanessa, what do you think? p>> yeah. psuch a change i guess coming to pus from what where we are right pnow. pall right 8:01 is time. pwe want check on trouble spots phere pasco county skyfox monday pforking state road 52 appear pjack niered tractor trailer you pcan still see right there under
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pblocking eastbound lanes. pthose drivers should avoid the parea either taking-road or st. pjoe's road. pwe also are seeing westbound ptraffic, basically blocked from pentering southbound 75. pwe were seeing some heavier jams pin the area. plooks like that westbound ptraffic seems to have lifted if pyou do try to access 75 psouthbound from this point. pbest bet probable head down old asco road to wesley chapel pboulevard entrance ramp. plooks like still in process of pmoving that one out. pmeantime big jams here westbound pi-4 a new crash between 75 and p30 one with the center lane pblocked. pwe do have back ups all way back ptowards man go road solidly. pyou'll probably want to exit as pfar west as that point take u.s. p92 around this crash site. p>> here with a developing story, pwe could see travel times pimproving a little bit if roposal to bring elevated lanes pto gandy boulevard becomes preality. ptampa hillsborough expressway pauthority just approved p$2.6 million for a firm to
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pfox 13 shayla reeves is live in ptampa. pnow shayla, do you know where pthose lanes would actually pstart? p>> yes, good morning to you. pthose lanes are actually going pto pick up where the selman pexpressway ends and take it all pthe way to the gandy bridge. pthis of course, you can see pthese new lanes traveling on pthem as soon as 2020 we're phearing. pand here's what you need to know pthough if is part of your pregular route. pin fact gandy boulevard would plikely see some elevated lanes pconstruction beginning some if i pam around 2017 towards the end pof the year into 2018. pagain plans to wrap that up by p2020. pthe money just approved for the roject. pand just oh to give you an idea pof what we're talking about phere, an engineering firm has palready been hired to put ptogether the plans a pconstruction company will need pto build a selman west pextension. pextension is toll road. pexperts say the lanes will help pwith congestion and also provide
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pmay may need to get out of area pquickly especially in case of an pevacuation. p>> when an evacuation should phappen, pinellas people are pgoing to come over and they are pgoing to clog gandy boulevard pwith the extension in place we pcan put all of that pinellas pcounty traffic up on the pextension, both lanes can turned pin eastbound direction. pand that will leave all of gandy pboulevard and the regular selman pexpressway eastbound lanes for psouth tampa and gandy south of ptampa residents to evacuate. p>> and in addition to that, one pof the changes you'll also see pis typically if you travel gandy pboulevard now the lanes such as pmanhattan low is, also west pthose. pwell once this extension is pbuilt, you'll be it i believe pskip right over those lanes on pabove. pso this is certainly an palternative for folks that used pto using gandy boulevard to get pwhere they need to go in morning pof course we'll keep you posted
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pthank you so much. pi know lots of folks will be pinterested to see how that story pdevelops. pmeantime on to this crash story. plakeland family got quite the pwake up call this morning. pdriver of a white pick up truck pyou can see right there crashed pthrough a fence, ran right into pat front of this house. poff of parker street. phurt. pthe lakeland fire department is pusing a truck and a tower to pshore up the building right now. pthey may want to make sure porch pas well roof do not collapse. pwe're hearing the driver ran paway after this crash. p>> a dog is missing this morning pafter a house fire in tampa. pbut if it wasn't for a neighbor pwho was up late praying this may phave been a whole lot worse. pthis is was scene just a few phours ago heavy smoke filling pthe air firefighters working to ptry to get a control of it. pwe spoke to woman who saw flames pcoming from her neighbor's phouse. pmoments after that a fire pstarted. p>> i jumped up and look at my pwindow as i look in my window i psee a flame and i'm oh my god, pmom.
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pi got to go. pi jumped the grabbed my phone i pwent for running around the pcorner. pas i'm running i'm actually pcalling the police at the same ptime. pso as i'm calling the police at pthe same time, i'm just freaking pout hey, hey, hey. pit's a house on fire. pis house on fire? p>> three people and two dogs pwere able to get out of that phouse. pone of those dogs is missing pright now though. p>> freak accident may have put a pyoung tampa bay area woman in phospital. pbut her story we learned is far pfrom over. pon friday 22-year-old skyler and pa friend were white water prafting when a boulder fell pdirectly on her head causing a pwhole list of fractures. pthis happened in columbia. pdoctors in nearby town were able pto save her life. pbut they could just two so much. plast night sky letter was flown pto jackson memorial in miami pwhere she's going to have pseveral surgeries. pflight was not covered by her pinsurance. pfriends and family members are ptrying to raise enough money to
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pso far they've raised more than p$146,000. pthey are hoping to reach p$200,000. p>> every mother wants there pnewborn to be healthy. pnot every pregnancy sadly enough pis risk free. pbut there is a few prenatal ptest, helping to find pabnormalitiesally nine weeks pinto pregnancy. pthis is something. pwhat an advancement in medical ptechnology. pwe will bring in dr. jo to pdiscuss this this morning. pgood morning to you. pgood morning. pwhat is this test? phow does it work? pyou know we looked at pan ra ma pbut multiple tests like verify, pharmony, whaer they are doing is plooking for fetal or mra seven pfall genetic material pcirculating in mother's pbloodstream they basically draw pblood from the mom and they look pfor these things. pand they can determine if the pbaby is male or female at nine pweeks. pbut then they can also look for pthings called micro deletions a iece of chromosome is missing pthose can intellectually and pneurologically challenged have pseizures.
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psyndrome and other types of psyndromes where there are pmultiple chromosomes present. p>> i, you know think about how regnancy. pthere is any chance that some of pthat could be wrong or possibly pyou might want to give the baby pmore time to develop before you pknow anything definitively? pabnormality. pgoing to trigger additional ptesting. pyou may have for go and do some pchore antic sampling. pand amniocentesis. pdepending on what's happening pthey will do ultra sounds of pcourse. pso yeah, some cases i think it pis troubling to the parent. pthere can be some false ositives. pthey say it 99 percent accurate pand accuracy yet. paccurate. pbut that doesn't mean there are pnot false positives. pand when you look at mom who is plower risk say for down psyndrome, they are saying that pthe false positive rate can high pas 67 percent, at least when pthey are higher risk moms as pthey advance in maternal age or
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pdown syndrome, that false ositive rate drops to 20 ercent. pso a huge difference there. pso you have to know going into pthis what is going to tell you. phow to interpret it and they phave to have genetic counselors pthere for you in the event that pyou come up that you're not pnormal risk. pbut there are moms that are at pthat 35 year mark that may not pwant to have an amniocentesis. pi've told if this test is pnegative it is pretty much pnegative. pand so, you can possibly skip pthat amnio when you're at that padvanced paternal age. p>> is there harm in doing pamniocentesis? pthere can be. pthere's always risk for it. pand that's why we look at 35 as pthat one magical point where the prisk of amniocentesis is about pequivalent to risk of that down psyndrome. pso there's kind of an pequilibration there. pbut certainly when is warned and pneeded certainly amnios are you pknow should be done and that prisk is, you know, you take that poption. pbut if you don't need one, why
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pright. pexactly. pyou know i listen to you talk pabout this i wonder in your pmedical opinion i'm sure that psometimes this might in some pcases, this might present a retty ethical issue for these pnears get news they may not want pto hear. pabs, yes. pone obstetricians look, knowing pahead of time i've had moms say pit doesn't matter what wrong pwith them i'm going through regnancy. pbetter. psome of genetic abnormalities pcould also mean a heart defect por something else wrong with in pa baby. pso they would have the mom pdeliver it in place where pthere's a good nicu. pthey know ahead of time they can pread, they understand what to pdo. palso when you know ahead of ptime, then, sometimes if can pborn. pso maybe you will get them into pof in a nature. pyou know you will have to do pthose things. pit's been a benefit there. pi have talked to someone else pwho has child with down psyndrome. phe really wants me to tell eople that look there can be
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pand certainly that's another pthing to look at. pso yeah. pdefinitely. pyou have to note, really have to pbe educated when you take one of pthese tests. pdon't just go into it i want to pknow if i'm having a boy or pgirl. preally understand what the test pis about and understand how it pcan benefit you. pbut understand what you're going pto do if does come back ositive. pright. pbecause that's kind of thing. pif good news good news if bad pnews awfully is a long time to pbe in agony. pgot to leave it there dr. jo. pdave is back in few minutes with psome rain in 7 day. lus the event is called raise pthe roof. pbut actually they are lowering pit. pright, jen? pi guess you got to raise it up pfirst to lower it. pmaybe you're rights. pmaybe you're right. pyou look good in a hard hat. pwho knows. pwhat i do know i'm got hard hat pon that means we're getting pready to work on this home and pfor habitat for humanity. praising the roof lowering the proof putting on a roof i can ptell you that for sure. pwe will talk to some of the
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pthat's coming up after the pbreak. pbut first, charley belcher. pgood morning p.m. hey good day pto you. pyou know i said i wasn't going pto get on a horse but i had to pshow up alcides segui. plast year he could hardly pcontrol his horse. pbut i've covering charity polo pclassic for so long, i mean this pis just second nature for me and pold romeo here. pwe will tell but a great event pin plant city it has become a pwonderful charitable annual ptradition d i polo. plet's go horse. pstick around everybody. plet's have a good day as we
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3 ((russell 2shot)) a tampa bay area family is about to ptampa bay area family is about pto come home to a place of their pown. pand all thanks to habitat for phumanity. pbut first they have to raise the proof or lower it, it doesn't pmatter at all. pfox 13 jen epstein is live in ptemple terrace where one very pdeserving family's dream is pabout to come true. p>> yeah. pgood morning, guys. pthey are out here.
8:16 am
pthey just got done with a prayer pbefore they started working. pi just heard some clapping. pso really active morning out phere. pas they get ready to raise the proof. pi learned a new word, guys. pthe word is trust. ptrusses. phabitat tore humanity the pdirector of all of this building ptoday ron. pand you said well today they are pgoing to be putting on the ptrusses. pi had no idea what that word pmeant but part of the roof and pnow i know. pi'm going to move out way they pare literally bringing part of pone of those trusses in right pnow. ptell me about the home that they pare building. p>> well it's a three bedroom two pbath. pabout 1340 square feet. riscilla is our homeowner. pthis is some new ways we're pdoing things with cement blocks pand hip roof and things like pthat. pjust making things better and pbetter as we go. pyou've got great crew here pworking with you i know you were pout here delegating telling peverybody where to go. pwhat is your position exactly? pwhat are you here to do this pmorning? pthe construction director just
8:17 am
pand helping to oversee the whole pthing. aul is the site supervisor. pwe're working together to try to pmake sure all volunteer punskilled know how to put in pnail and how to put it up. pit gets built. pyou kind of answered my next pquestion as far as volunteers go pnot everyone has to know how to pbuild a house. pwe take everybody. pwilling spirit good attitude we pcan do amazing things. pwhen do you hope to have this pall complete and ready for riscilla to move in by in 10 pfor 12 weeks i know you have lot pof work to do thanks for taking pif i am and talking with us. pgood luck everyone today. pthey've got lot more work to dos pa you heard hoping to have riscilla move in next couple pweeks. pshe's here this morning. psheets got her hard hat on too. pshe will doing some work out phere getting her own home built pand we're going to talk to her pcoming up in the 9 o'clock hour. pwhat blessing that is. pwhat a blessing. pvery nice. pvery nice. pall right. ptalk later, okay? p>> okay. pall right, bye. p>> well so is it going to be pokay day for them to build that phouse?
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pwarm and muggy outside. pit may be the tiniest little pchance of a shower this pafternoon. pup. priverview camera. pwhere pretty, we do have cloud pcover streaming in. pand of course we've had this psoutherly component to our wind povernight kept temperatures up pinto mid 60s. pmid 60s outside here in p8 o'clock hour. pyou know, forecast, obviously pwe're looking at rain chances ptoday at about 30 percent. pbut then tomorrow, a line of pshowers and thunderstorms going pto set up. pthat line could actually be pstrong. pwe do have slight risk for psevere weather. pthat being from i-4 north. pask i want to show you where all pthat's coming from here. pwith our radar. psee that big, big area of recipitation in houston. pa big piece of energy we'll call pthat that sliding toward the peast. pthis is going to be responsible pfor a big severe weather poutbreak right along the pnorthern gulf coast for later ptoday.
8:19 am
pshifts to north we're looking a ossibility here of a slight prisk for severe storms for us ptomorrow. ptiming late morning into pafternoon from tampa north. pa few strong thunderstorms. pbut then, after the front comes pthrough, it just starts to cool poff a little bit. pforecast brings us variable pclouds today. p30 percent chance of a shower pand high of 77. ptonight cloudy, breezy, 67. ptune in first thing tomorrow pmorning we'll be radar watching pto see where line of showers and pstorms setting up what time it pwill come through probably late pin more than after it squeezes pthrough here comes the cooler pair. ptomorrow's high 75. pthursday is not going to all pthat school. p65 for high. plook at the difference on friday pmorning. plows in the 40s. pand highs back to barely 60 pdegrees to finish off our week. pvanessa. pall right thank you, dave. phere 8:19 we want to get back pover to i-4 wreck not only pcausing delays in westbound planes of i carb 4 west of 75. palso causing concerns along 75 pitself. pso just a summarize here what pwe're seeing along i-4 back up
8:20 am
pman go road. pcenter lane still blocked in pthis area. pbuck man highway to that 75 exit pis 29 minute ride. pnow getting to delays we're pseeing kind of as domino effect palong 75. pwe have northbound, and psouthbound some delays papproaching i-4 where of course pyou see all of that traffic is ptrying to funnel through that preduced travel lane. pif you do have to head in those pdirections of 75 you probably pwant to take u.s. three 0 one pinstead or very least leave ten pminutes or so early because pthat's the sort of delays we're pseeing in that area. pmean if i am, speaking flooe 0 pone we do have crash reported pflorida. phowever it looks like it's going pto be more of a concern in that peastbound direction at mlk where pthis crash is reported.
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(vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru,
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p good day tampa bay. pi'm charley belcher coming to pyou from a plant city. pwe're an oh, look at that. pnow that, that's the way you're psupposed to look when you're priding a polo horse. pis it a polo horse? pis that is what you call it? pall right. pthat's john everybody. pwe're d i polo. pand we're out here for the polo pcharity classic. p>> hello. pokay. pall right. pyou're working. pthat's cool. pour spectators what you want for psee ladies in big beautiful phats, dapper guys with bow tie pand colorful clothes on. pand a big charity event phappening this weekend. pjohn tell me about the sport of
8:24 am
pthis is has been around for a plong, long time this sport. pwell as best anyone can tell it p>> is that right? pwatch out ladies you don't want pto be on that end romeo. phe wants to play now. p>> well once he gets on polo pfoaled polo horse off polo field phe's lazy. pall right. pall right. pwe'll do the dance. pi know which end i'm supposed to pbe on. phere we go. plook. plook. plook. pgo get it. p>> see. pthere he wants to go get it pdon't you? pwhat am i watching for when pwatching a polo match? pwhoever scores most goals? pcalled a goal? p>> simple as that yes. pis like soccer or horseback. pi like soccer is like polo on pthe ground. pbut yes. pand the terminate knolling that pyou got mallet in your hand. pthe little white thing p>> that's a ball.
8:25 am
ptaking notes at home. pa chucker is the period. pi'm going to stand by you jason. pi don't want to be behind that phorse. olo is typically between 4 and p8 chuckers depending on the plevel being played. phow many goals are normally you pcall a goal? p>> yes. phow many goals are normally pscored in an an average polo pmatch. p>> well more the better. pmore chuckers play the more pgoals scored. pbut, probably this weekend we're plooking at maybe 5 goals a side. pokay. pvery nice. pand the big thing that crowd ploves is the different stomping. pyou guys are running around and pmaking little divots and they pstomp them in with champagne. p>> well yeah. papparently like right there? pyeah i mean. promeo champagne must be the fun art. phe good 1100 pounds and he has
8:26 am
plet me see, let me see you take pa shot. pyou want to take shot on goal. pno pressure, charley. ponly live fv. plet's see what we can do. pcan you head this? p>> no. pthat's too bad. pyeah. poops. pyay. pyou're wide right. pvery nice. pnow, this is a dumb question i pthink i ask it every year i pforget the answer. pthere's no goalie, right? p>> no. pi thought put some kind of pcollides clydesdale. olo goalie. pi could be the goalie. ut me in i'm just sit there. plove it. p>> i love it. p>> okay. psee you later. p>> all right. p>> his kids are growing former pst. pete mayor rick baker is pready for the next chapter in phis life. pbut what's that going to be? pi sat down with baker. pi asked him that very question.
8:27 am
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. 3 3 ((russell 2shot)) it's 8:xx p hae everybody 8:30. peasy to say this he put st. pete pthe modern st. petersburg on the pmap. phere's the thing. phe's quick to share credit for pthat. pnow former st. petersburg mayor prick baker about to begin a pdifferent political adventure. p>> may surprise some. pfor him he's just writing a new pchapter fwh this book called plife. pif you're lucky enough in life, pyou get to enjoy a job as much pas rick baker did.
8:31 am
pmayor best job i had ever. phe was a beloved mayor too. pst. petersburg was in trouble pwhen he took over in 2001. ptoday, it's beautiful. pthe place fob. p>> i think if all started in st. ete with when we redeveloped pbeach drive area. pwe got 400 beach drive and park pshore. pwhole nation started paying pattention. pgrand prix came for down the pchihuly followed suit. pthe new dali and resurgence of prowdy and that's just to start. pwhen you put together a plan to ptry to bring if downtown back, pand then it works, that's, what pa great feeling that is. phe's quick to credit the entire pteam for in a. pif took whole town to pull it pfoeing. pand there have been some great pmoments along the way in a punited the city like never pbefore. plike in one. p>> the rays run for the world pseries in 2008. pthat was a lot of fun. pthat was lot of fun.
8:32 am
pand speaking of the rays former pmayor fauks about whun more pcomplex parts of the job. pwill what become of the trop. phe smiles happen to say that is pnot his job any more adding that pwhat. p>> i will tell you, if i had 85 pacres of downtown st. pete i am psure you could find great things pto do to make a tremendous peconomic impact for city. pthese days he's president of pedwards group with list of rojects a mile long. pamong them, the sun dial, where pwe ducked into the locale pmarket. phe has something else on his pmind 52. pi am, interested in getting back pinto public service again. phe always loved public office. pbut after his reign as mayor he pmade his family the priority. phis wife joyce, his kids. pmy kids were 4 and 5 when i took poffice. pand so they literally grew up in pcity hallhe swore he would see pthem through school to be there
8:33 am
pnow my youngests freshman in psophomore in college. psouths if i am. pand though he hasn't filed if is pexpected that he will run for pcongressman david jolly's seat. pwho is leaving to run for the pspot left open by seven for pmarco rubio an election that put phim up against charlie crist his ponce republican ally. pi want to have an impact i did pwant to have an impact on eople's lives in some way, pwhatever i get into. phe told me some people get into poffice to be something. phe will run to do something. pthat's just the kind of leefr he pis. pwe'll keep you posted. pand i always forget how tall he pis. pif you're ever at the saturday pmorning market too and rowdy pstadium parking lot keep look pout for rick he'll playing the pguitar. phe says he's playing a lot of pglen frye lately who signature pon guy far he played for years. ptomorrow i'll catch up with
8:34 am
pand we're going to talk about pwhat is going on behind scenes pwhen everyone was pushing for pher to run for governor. pvery interesting. pruss. p>> thanks laura. pnice story. pyou know we're just hours away pfrom the gop caucus in nevada. pand if donald trump wins tonight phe may unstoppable. pwith jeb bush out race donald ptrumps looking stronger than pever leading in nevada ahead of ptoday's caucus senator ted cruz pin is a second marco rubio 93rd. pboth p>> trump says he's conserve an pjust a common sense pconservative. pif might be working in his pfavor. psome analyst expect trump to pwalk away with 35 percent. p35 percent of the vote in pnevada. pdemocrats, hillary clinton and pbernie sanders go head to head pone last time before this pweekend south carolina primary platest fox news poll gives pclinton a 28 point lead in south pcarolina. psanders says he still has few pmore days to turn the numbers in phis favor. pafter in week in south carolina,
8:35 am
prepublicans turn their attention pto the big stuff, super tuesday. p>> a puppy, possibly hit by a pcar injured and all alone. pbut despite all that he's been pthrough he's still friendly and plooking for his owners. pfox 13's ken suarez is live for pus hillsborough county animals pservice. pgood morning, ken. p>> we have him in no. pwe'll move on now. pwe'll get over to the weather. pdave always saves us. pdave to the rescue. pif you want me or not i'm here. phey i want to look first at the ptampa cam. pit is pretty start to the day. pwe're looking weston kennedy. pway left side in the background. pflorida would be howard pfranklin. pit's warm, it's muggy. pit's really a completely pdifferent feel this morning. peven though it's gorgeous out. pwe will start to generate a plittle bit more cloud cover and pa little bit more instability plater this afternoon. pas we did yesterday afternoon. pwe may follow that with couple pshowers.
8:36 am
pinto quick shower late today. poverall rain chances today only paround 30 percent. pi've got mid to upper 60s for ptemperatures. pthat's how warm it is already. p68 degrees at tampa pinternational here in 8 o'clock phour. p68. pwow. p>> yeah you go back to the west. peverybody's in the 60s. por the 70s. pmid 70s around west palm. pdown that you miami. pand of course all that out early pwind pumping in all this warmth pand moisture. pwe're running interest 7 to nine pdegrees warmer then we were pyesterday at this time. phere's the big picture. pyou see a couple of isolated pshowers near state capitol. pthis is big weather maker. pyou can look and seat spin here pgenerating big thunderstorms and psome cases severe weather moving pthrough houston as this slides peastward there's the potential pfor a major severe weather poutbreak today from baton rouge, plouisiana all the way up for pjust south of montgomery.
8:37 am
psevere weather. pa lot of energy moves to the pnorth tonight. phowever, tomorrow late morning, pas the line of storms moves that pyou here. pthere's a slight risk for severe pweather from fa for the north. pso the bad weather for us is pgoing to be a mid to late pmorning through mid afternoon ptomorrow. ptoday, variable clouds, 77 pdegrees for high temperature. plooks like we'll generate a pquick little shower this pafternoon. ptonight quiet. ptomorrow windy with a showers pand thunderstorms moving pthrough. pthen a lot cooler by the time pthe weekend rolls in we're ptalking lows in 40s, highs in plower 60s vanessa. pall right dave, thank you. p>> 8:37. plet's againing check on roadway pa couple new incidents we're pfollowing caused concern for you pfolks starting off in tampa preports of overturned tree ptrimmer. pthis is along hillsborough pavenue at 15th street westbound planes are blocked at the very pleast. pbut we're seeing delays both pdirections. pyou might want to avoid that parea altogether if that's pusually along your route this pmorning. pmean if i am pinellas county pdrivers we have a new crash with
8:38 am
ptenth avenue north a seminole pmoved. pseeing most of our delays in psouthbound direction. pvery plan extra time outdoor if pyou have to head that way pearlier shot skyfox before pheading off to another site, pflew over nebraska. pthis is a crash that they saw pjust between fletcher and pfowler. pwe have at least one lane pblocked as well as that median plane blocked. pand some delays worse of them in psouthbound direction. pand here 8:38. pthe times you know they are pchanging. pyou can just ask lego. pfox 13's walter allen is look m pnew modern take on the false. pgood morning. pthe world is getting mo rogressive it all blue and pink psome boys dressing up princess pand tools and trucks being pmarketed towards girls leave it pup to lego to adapt changes. ptake look new city. pdad in red played shirt pushing pthe baby in stroller. pmom in work clothes. resident of lego says the pcompany is staying in tune with pworld around them and constantly pchanging.
8:39 am
phome dads are becoming more pcommon they are far from norm. ugh research number of stay phome dads in u.s. grew from p1.1 million to two million pbetween 1999 and fwent 12. p21 percent of dads say, they pchose to take care of their pkids. panother 79 percent say new psurvey at home because new can't pfind work or around disabled. pbeauty of kids playing with plegos is they don't have to pthink about who main financial rovider is. pjust about the image. pso think about t it's the father ushing the stroller and that's phim engaging with other members pof the lego family. pits also another way of getting phim marketed towards both boys pand girls. pif i am now is 8:39. pyour canine is a compass. pdave o. science pro explains. pi guarantee you'll think about
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8:42 am
8:43 am
phave you ever been on a walk, in pis interesting. pstay with us on this have you pever been on walk with your dog pand you got lost? pyou don't have compass, as it pturns out you don't need to look pany further unanimous your dog pfor figure out which way is pnorth. pall you have for do is wait for pin a dog to go potty. pthis is hard hitting. pjust start. pthis is hard hitting news. plisten to this, you're out in pwoods you go for a walk you pdon't have your compass don't phave your phone or anything. pyou don't know where magnetic pnorth is just wait for your dog pto relieve itself. pwhy? pbecauser in regular compass. pbelieve it or not. pthey are sensitive, dogs are psensitive to small vaergsz of pthe earth's magnetic field. pand there is study done and i pdon't know how they even started pthis study how much money they pspent on study basic finding was pin, when dog goes number two paway from its house now, not in
8:44 am
pit's likely to align it's spine palong a north south axis. pthey used 70 different dogs for pthat. p1893 instances of this. psix thousands incidences of pnumber one. pdogs had to be off leisure, out pof their back yards and away pfrom power lines and buildings. pjust about every one of them psouth. pyou know if going around and paround, come on just do if. pit's trying to find it's pinternal compass. pso snout north. pof the dog is facing north? p>> it doesn't really say it just psays spine of the doing is north pto south. pso i guess yeah maybe the head ptop the spine is north. pi will say this is have a pvanessa and jennifer swear by pthis. pnew believe if. pi've never heard this. plet's not show the picture of
8:45 am
ptook her dogs out they all arallel line themselves up and pthey did it p>> i don't know. pthere's something to this. pyou know what i, you know, pmaybe. pmaybe there is something. pi'm going to go with this. pi'm leaving this one in light of ast segments. pwell they think the magnetic pability might be connected to ptheir territory marking too. p>> really? pyou got to remember p>> so interesting. pwe know, okay sunrises in east. pdogs don't know they have their pown special little compass. pand that's one the ways animal pinstinct. pi like this. pwhy i like this story you know pwhat's going to happen every psingle one of you when you're pdog goes to the bathroom outside pyou're going to check. pyeah. pis a notice west. pwest. premember what dave said peverybody it has to be away from phome. pnot in familiar surrounding from pfamiliar territory dog doesn't pknow where it is. pthat makes sense too. pokay.
8:46 am
ptooth? pmaybe you don't want to admit pthat? psome people do in then what phappens? pa sharp turn. pgo to charley martin's office. phere's the thing, sharks, sharks phave almost an unlimited number pof teeth, right row and rows, pthey lose row. phere's the thing, they of a pspecific gene inside the shark pteeth. pguess what? pwe also have that same gene. phowever, for some reasons in our pbodies that gene seems to die pout after our adult teeth come pin a fascinating to scientists, pwait a minute if we can find a pway to regenerate that the gene, pthis may be a help, hope for eople who have a lost adult pteeth and may be a way for them pto regrow new teeth. pso this is the study they are pusing sharks as a way to find phow, how they keep regenerating
8:47 am
pthat gene alive in our bodies ptoo. pthis is why our kids when they plose their baby teeth the adult pteeth grow in but they are done. pwith sharks it goes on and on pand on and on. pbut in turns out it's the same pgene, they just hold on to that pgene for life ours kind of pfizzles away after our dult pteeth come in. pkind of a cool finding if you pcan find a way to manipulate pthat one gene maybe you can put pit back in and regenerate panother tooth perhaps. pi don't know. pi mean maybe down the road. pjust a thought. pthey are going to try to develop ptherapies with this special gene pto help with tooth loss. pyou're opening up trouble here. pi know but kind of cool if you pthink about it. pwhat if you start growing extra pteeth? pno, no. pi mean, like teeth growing pthere. pand this. pthen you got like fangs coming pout all over the place. pthat's what i'm talking about. pmaybe they can manipulate so you
8:48 am
pthis is your one tooth. pa cool science story that came pout. pit's interesting. pi wanted to pass it along to pyou. pvery interesting. pthank you, dave. pall right. pthank you for everything just in pgeneral thank you. pjust in general. pto charley. pi think so. plet's go there. pyou know, as you guys were doing pthat segment i'm thinking about phaving that dream the dra em pwhere your teeth are falling pout. pa terrible dream. pyou know what that means, if pyou're dreaming about your teeth pfalling out it means you are pstressed about your job psituation afraid of looking pstupid in front of people. pstressing about looking older or ptrying to stay young or you have pa lied to somebody. pwell there it is. por lacking power at work. pwow. pi have had that dream. pi have. pyeah. pthere's nothing you wake up are pthey there, are they there? pyou guys probably wonder what pheck i'm talking about. pthey are only hearing one end of
8:49 am
pconvinced i've lost my mind. eople together enough to tell pyou about charity polo classic phappening in plant city where i pam. pwe're going to talk to lovely eople behind charities that are
8:50 am
8:51 am
8:52 am
p good day tampa bay. pi'm charley belcher spending a pbeautiful morning so far out phere in plant city. pd i polo is the home of the polo pcharity classic. pam i getting words right polo p>> morgan auto. pi know morgan auto. pfor goodness sakes i don't care pif you say polo or charity. pall right. pwhy did i even ask these people? pall right big charity event. psold out anyway. pi want to know for next year i pwant to let you know all the pgood things that they, the good pthings where this money is going pthey are raising this weekend. pfirst and foremost children's pcancer center a place near and pdear to my heart. pyou've been here how long you pbeen a children's cancer center pnow? pseven years. pgood for you. pgood for you. pand remind everybody what the pchildren's cancer center does. pfor over 40 years children's pcancer center has providing psupport to children and their pfamilies in the area of
8:53 am
pskills. pgood for you. pi mean a little bit of money pgoes a long way. pa lot of money coming in event plike this really helps. pwe have been so fortunate fifth pyear has benefitted from an pamazing event. pit keeps support groups going phere for kids and their families phere in tampa. pcraig works for hub pinternational representing vip psponsor for this event. prepresenting a morgan auto group phelping hands charity. pwhat is it morgan auto group. preally unique for any employees pat morgan auto that maybe had a plittle bit of bad luck other pemployees are able to put money ptowards them to help them out pmaybe maybe behind on rent or pelectric bill. psome of this charity will go ptowards that helping those folks pas well. pfantastic, what a neat part of pbusiness. pand big ben is here from big pbrother and big sisters of tampa pbay. pof tampa bay. pthat's right. pof the counties. pyes. pyes.
8:54 am
plittles and you know, that's big pbrothers big sisters been around pforever. pso long i think sometimes we ptake for granted we remember pthis it is still there. pabsolutely we've number this pcommunity more than 50 years. pwe do one thing we take great pkids and call them littles who pmaybe struggling with different pthings going on in their life we air them with wonderful pvolunteers called bigs. pbig brother and big sisters ptogether they are a match what pwe have find in mentoring rocess kids do better in school pless likely to get in trouble pmore likely to graduate from phigh school. pand so that really benefits the pentire community. pso events like this helps us preach more kids who really need pthat mentor in their lives. pmoney that is raised here helps pi'm sure do the screening for pthe big and helps support them pand their relationships. pabsolutely. pwe don't just take first child pand put them together. pyou know we really want to make psure that will good match we do pbackground check on every single pvolunteer that walks in the door pwe do interviews. ptraining, so that's where that pmoney helps us make sure that we pcan provide that for those kids.
8:55 am
pi should also mention an another pcharity benefitting hands across pthe bay. pjulies hands across bay she's robably off busy selling pjewelry somewhere this morning. pbut hands across the bay does pall kind of great work psupporting other local charities pand people in need in the tampa pbay area. pso good for you guys. praising great money for great porganizations, they are sold out pthis year, but they are going to pdo this again next year. pfifth annual become such a psuccessful event they are going pto continue this year after pyear. pif you ever want to watch polo pmatch in person a great popportunity to do so. phave a great time, kind of a pfancy time. pand raise money for great causes pat the same time. pi'm talking about horses. pken suarez doggies and kitties pon your end. p>> hey, you know, a lot of times pwhen you lose your dog you can pgo to place like this, pet presource center this morning you pfind it. pwell, that doesn't always work pout that way. pwe have dog here very special pone we have to show you. phe parentally was host in new
8:56 am
pguy. phere. pseems like he was hit by a car. phe may not be able to see it pthere road rash or maybe he was pin fight with another dog. pand the bottom line is he pactually has a micro chip. punfortunately, the folks here phave been trying desperately to ptry to get a hold of owner the pfar. pnotification, you know maybe pthere. pso if you know this little dog pare it's your dog where he's at. pnow if he is not picked up pwithin the next couple of days por so they have to do something pwith him. pso they've got a couple of poptions. pnumber one you may go to rescue pgroup. por he may go up for adoption. pyou have to realize, there's robably a lot of money that is pgoing to be spent on this dog. pwe hope to get him reunited with phis family. pin the meantime we will talk
8:57 am
pbut get a busch gardens fun card now and let the fun begin. pay for a day, dive all year, splash all year, thrill, get your fill, and celebrate all year. climb, launch, roar, and soar all year. pay for a day, play all year. and if you get the busch gardens
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you'll also get an adventure island fun card for free. limited time offer. visit busch gardens tampa dot
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prides rise of the machines. probots are coming to take your pjob. peven the white house is worried pabout this. pchange. p>> and then, a childhood pfavorite, an aid to weight loss? pdr. jo is here to help on pchoosing right peanut butter. pgood tuesday morning i law will pyou ra moody. pi'm russell rhodes outside with pdave. p>> any time you start off with a pshow off mr. roboto is going to pa crazy hour. p p . pit feels weird out here today. pit feels weird. p>> that's because a it's warmer. pb a lot muggier. pokay. pwe've got that humidity back. pits going to be here for about p30 more hours. phow does that sound? p70 degrees the current


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