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tv   FOX 13 News at Noon  FOX  February 23, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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pyour can i tower pfrom tampa bay's number one news pstation, this is the fox 13 news panother noon. p>> anchor: keeping this pfacility open is contrary to our pvalues. roblem lays out his plan to pclose a controversial guantanamo pbay detention center. pgood afternoon everyone i'm plinda hurtado. pthanks for joining us. pthe president says the center is ptoo expensiving to keep open and pis used a propaganda to recruit pterrorists.
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pcriticism. p>> in a lasting made good on 200 peight campaign promise, resident obama subsidy tailing phis administration's plan for pshutting down the detention pcenter at guantanamo bay. p>> when i first ran for resident, it was a widely precognized that this facility pneeded to close. pthe president's plan which was pdelivered to congress today is pan attempt to convince lawmaker pto allow pentagon to gitmo premaining detainees to united pstates into facility costing up pto $475 million to build. p>> there are currently 91 risoners held there obama padministration says that number pis expected to shrink below 60 pby summer. p>> we'll continue to securely pand responsibly transfer to pother countries the 35 detainees pout of 91 that have already been papproved for transfer. p>> those in favor of closing pguantanamo bay says it is become ro hib actively expensive. palso arguing that holding pextremist suspected of terror
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pcharges around trial exacerbates pu.s. image among its allies. pthose opposed to president's roposal will be a removing pdetainees to united states would ponly create added security pconcerns here at home. p>> this is a president doesn't prespect law or the constitution. p13 different u.s. locationsly pbeing looked a prison facilities pin colorado south carolina, and pa kansas. pbut members of congress prepresenting those states have pvoiced strong opposition to a otential move. pin washington, joel waldman, fox pnews. p we want to bring in olitical editor craig patrick. pwhat challenge will the resident face with this plan? pi'm sure a few. poh more than a few. plet's start with congress. pyou have a republican house and prepublican senate who do not pembrace the president's plan phere. pwhat are the chances honestly pthat congress will go along with pthis? pi think the president's chances pare only slightly better than if phe had never been born. pthis is not going to happen in pcongress. pwhere does it leave him? pexecutive action possibly. pbut he's got a problem there
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pbecause if would be illegal to pbring barring changes from pcongress to bring these pdetainees on to u.s. soil. pbecause, we've been through this pstory before. pwith illinois. pback in 2009 i believe when pthere was a plan to move pdetainees there. pand congress through up proadblocks making it illegal. pit leaves the president with a pvery heavy lift and not much ptime left in this presidency to pachieve it. p>> so not likely to happen all pright craig we want to switch pgears and talk about the race pfor white house. prepublican voters in nevada head pto their caulks today how are pdonald trump's choices look for panother victory. pthey are looking excellent they phave a caucus not a primary pdonald trump has does not have ptraditional organization winning pcampaigns have had in past. pwhat we've seen so far is polls pmostly been right. pcertainly in south carolina, and pin new hampshire and dmfkt he pout performed the polls in what pwe're seeing in nevada is that phe has a very big lead.
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pit looks a lot like the results pin south carolina. pif those polls hold up it shows pthat donald trump once again pwill run the table in yet panother state. pthat will be another state pleading into a whole secession pof states flying in on super ptuesday when 11 more states pweigh in about a week. plet's talk about the battle then pbetween marco rubio and ted pcruz. pwho is the edge in nevada there pbetween those two? pdonald trump. pbecause look they are tearing peach other apart. ptrump's hands. phow many times have you seen the pguys fighting for second place ptearing each other apart and not playing much of a finger really pon the guy at first. pbut to directly answer your pquestion, polling shows right pnow, marco rubio is in third lace slightly behind ted cruz pin latest fox poll. pthen some others as well. pthat bodes well for ted cruz. phere. pbecause, marco rubio has out erformed polls before and ted pcruz has had a terrible news
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roblems for his campaign. plet's start with the pcommunications director accusing pmarco rubio falsely of mocking pthe bible and then ted cruz pfiring his communications pdirector for it. pthese are the sort of things in pthe last minute that could turn pthe polls around and hurt ted pcruz and perhaps help marco prubio. pso we will see later on then pthank you, craig. pdeveloping out of tampa police pare responding to a shooting in parea of 22nd avenue and 28th pavenue. pthey tell us two people have pbeen taken to a hospital with pnonlife threatening injuries. pbut right now is an active pinvestigation and we will of pcourse keep you updated. pand one person is recovering pafter a house fire this morning pin tampa. pcrews were called out early pmorning to home on sit can pindustry in sulfur springs. pfirefighters worked quickly to pget control of it neighbors saw pflames coming from house just pmoments after the fire started. p i jumped up to look at my pwindow as i look at my window i psee a flame. pi'm like oh my god, mom, sami
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pi jumped grabbed my phone i went pto running around the corner but pas i'm running i'm actually pcalling the police at the same ptime. pso as i'm calling the police at pthe same time, i'm just freaking pout hey, hey, hey. pit's a house on fire. pis house oh on fire. p>> crews say an attended lit pcigarette inside that home pstarted the fire. p4 people were inside at the ptime. pone of them had to be taken to pthe hospital with minor injury. pa firefighter also suffered a pminor injury as well. pa crash that damage ad lakeland phome started out as a hit and prun investigation. pbut the driver involved in the paccident has now changed his pstory. pit happened this morning off arker street. pofficers say the driver initial ptold them someone hit him pcausing has imto crash into that phouse. pthe driver has since admitted to prunning a stop sign and pcrashing. pthe homeowner says she was ptaking her son to at bus stop pwhen her mother called her and psaid she heard a big bang. pwhen gloria lopez got home she
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pyard and her porch near pcollapse. p>> i'm just thankful. pjust thankful that i wasn't in pthere. pand that nobody got hurt. plives can't be replaced but pmaterial stuff can. p>> the lakeland fire department pshored up home with a temporary psupport system to make sure the orch and roof didn't collapse. pthe driver of the truck received pmultiple citations. pthere could be some relief for pcommuters. pif proposal to bring elevated planes becomes reality. ptampa hillsborough expressway pauthority just approved p$2.6 million for a firm to pcreate the plans for such a roject. pthe fox 13 shayla reeves tells pus what it all may mean. p>> if you travel gandy pboulevard, some traffic relief pis headed your way. ptampa hillsborough expressway pauthority just approved p$2.6 million for the next step pin the selman west extension roject. pan engineering firm has hired to ut together a man's and
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pto build elevated lanes. pthe extension with would stretch pfrom selman expressway to the pgandy bridge in tampa. pexperts say those lanes are pneeded to relieve congestion but palso provide another option to pgandy boulevard in case of pevacuation. pelevated lanes again would be pover gandy boulevard and paccording to at authority, pconstruction could start as soon pas the end of 2017 or the pbeginning of 2018. pexpect completion is by 2020. preport here off gandy boulevard, pshayla reeves, fox 13 news. p thank you, shayla. pa deserving family is raising pthe roof. pand it's all for their dream phome. pjen epstein will explain. pcoming. p>> yeah we've got big changes on pthe way. pyou can see we've got some pclouds and some more humidity pfor today. pbut this is all in advance of pbig cold front which is swinging pacross much of the southeast. pwe're looking at the possibility pof some severe weather across
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pall going to swing into our pstate late tonight into early ptomorrow. pwe'll talk about all the details
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pminutes. developing this afternoon... 5 people are dead after a shooting and fire. pdeveloping this afternoon 5 eople are dead after shooting pin a fire. pit happened early morning in hoenix. olice say a relative shot his pfamily members and then set the phouse on fire. pofficers put on breathing gear pand went into home while gunman pkept on firing. p4 people in the gunman were
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p12-year-old girl was taken to phospital but later died as well. pone officer was hospitalized for psmoke inhalation. pthat shooting is still being pinvestigated this afternoon. p>> there's almost nothing left pof a home in washington state pthat exploded near an elementary pschool. pfire crews worked throughout pmorning to put out flames. pdeputies say nearby structures pwere actually damaged too. pincluding that elementary pschool. pinvestigators air still trying pto figure out what caused the pexplosion and if anyone was pinside. p>> new at noon hillsborough pcounty deputies want to find a pshoplifting suspect. pman walked out of sears as puniversity square mall with more pthan $500 worth of merchandise. phe left in a white pick up truck pand fook off with another man ptowards fowler avenue. panyone with information is asked pto call the hillsborough county psheriff's office. p well demonstrators are lanning to protest at apple pstores all across our country. pthat could include two stores pright here in the bay area. pout in protest is scheduled to pstart about 5:30 at pinternational plaza and the pbrandon mall.
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pthe futures say they are against pthe f.b.i.'s legal battle to get papple to unlock an iphone that pbelonged to one the san pbernardino terrorists. pa judge has order apple to help pf.b.i. to get into that phone pbut apple has resisted. papple claims if they hack the hone it would leave all other piphones vulnerable. p>> local family is about to get ptheir dream home thanks to phabitat for humanity. pbut first they had to raise the proof. pfox 13's jen epstein has that pstory from temple terrace. p>> the volunteers with habitat pfor humanity are hard at work. pthey've out here all day and pthey are getting ready to build pa brand new home for a very pdeserving person in our area. pyou can see they've got hard phats on. pif you listen closely they are phammering away. pthey are getting ready to pliterally raise the roof they pare doing that right now on this pnew home. pagain it wouldn't be able to phappen without the help from phabitat for humanity. pand tina swain, you're ceo. pyou're parts of this project. pand we've got the happy phomeowner here today as well.
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pmuch for being here. plet's start with you, i mean how pexcited with about this whole roject? pi'm overwhelmed p.m. i'm very pexcited. pi'm happy. pwords cannot express what's pgoing on right now, how i'm pfeeling. p>> you already give back to the pcommunity and to your family. pyour grandma and you're taken pcare of some of your pgrandchildren right now, aren't pyou? pyes. pyes. pi'm taking care of my pgranddaughter bridget gonzales pwhich is 11. pand my 13-year-old nephew pchristopher which is my baby now phe's my son. pyou adopted him? p>> yeah. pand you all be moving into this pas soon as home is ready. pyes, we will. pwhat is your current home psituation look? pwe leave in east tampa. pand it's a lot of activity, a plot of shooting and things this pwould be a great adventure for pus safer community for the kids pand myself. pwonderful. pwell congratulations again. pand tina you've working on this phome as well as many others. ptell us really what is the heart
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pwell, when we speak about phabitat the main goal of course pis that everyone deserves a pdecents place to live. pso that's the vision of habitat pworld wide. pbut really what we're trying to pdo is we're trying to break the pcycle of poverty in many psituations. pby providing a solution for phousing. pwhere they are not paying psignificant amount of their pincome for housing costs. pso now they are able to afford pmedical care, and grocery and pother things that they need, so pby doing so, they are able to pget that hand up. pyou know, and they are paying pfor their mortgage there's pdignity in there. pthey are able to move forward pwith their lives and feel about pwhat they are doing that's preally what we're here for to pbuild hope. pwe really try to provide an pavenue to do that. pwhat do you think priscilla's phouse will be ready? pi just talked to construction pdirector he said ten to 12 pweeks. pnot too long. pand she'll moving in. pthen everybody will be hearing pabout her dedication ceremony. p>> we're very excited. pyou guys do amazing work. pand april sill la you do amazing pwork in the community as well.
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pwith habitat. pyou take great care of your pfamily. pso i'm sure this is a big step pfor you in the right direction. pso, congratulations on your new phome. pand you heard it here they will pbe able to moving in next couple pweeks. pthey are putting on the roof ptoday, and they are going to be pout here throughout rest of the pweek building this new home for papril sill la reporting from ptemple terrace, jennifer pepstein, fox 13 news. pthank you, jen. erfect weather today to raise pthe roof. pwe do have rain on the way and pmaybe some severe weather. pwe will watching as we go pthrough tomorrow morning. pthat possibility of some severe pweather across the south today. psome big thunderstorms, get pcranked up across mississippi, palabama and already, we're pseeing some showers on skytower pradar. pthis this isn't an associated pwith at front, this is just all pbecause of the strong southerly pwinds bringing moisture back pacross the state. pso right now you can see some pshowers down towards highlands pcounty sebring lake placid
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ptowards the north and then lake pwales up towards haines city pjust to the north of i-4 right palong i-4 you can see some pshowers moving from the south on ptowards the north. pthat's where we will see most pthe shower activity throughout pthis afternoon. pwe'll be all away from the pcoastline and throughout pinterior. pso you can see the winds coming pup from the south, so got cloudy pskies throughout interior. pbut right along the coastline pstill a pretty good looking day ptoday. pa little breezy with winds pcoming up out of the south right pnow. pin fact, our winds are out south pat 13 miles an hour. pcurrent temperature is at 77. plook at the dew point at 66. pthat has really jumped way up pover the past 24 hours. pyou head outside now, you pcertainly do feel that humidity. ptemperatures already upper 70s, plow 80s across the peninsula. pa bit cooler once you get back pinto the panhandle. pbut panama city at 72. ptallahassee has 73. porlando currently at 79 degrees. pyou head down to sarasota,
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pyesterday, had dew points which pis just the measure the amount pof moisture in atmosphere. pthese numbers were still in the plow 50s. pso it still felt pretty nice now pwe've seen numbers climbing back pup into upper 60s. pthat's had humid air which is pnow kind of just streaming up pfrom the south, producing the pclouds and the scattered showers pthroughout interior. pand then, we're watching the pfront back to our north and to pour west. pkind of strung out across the psouth. pyou see the red box there. pthat is a tornado watch that has pjust been issued. pwe're going to watch this area pof low pressure here in the pfront behind that. pthis low is going to work its pway on towards the these and pdrag that cold front down across pthe gulf of mexico. pthat's what's going to cause psome the severe weather across ortions of the south or later pon this afternoon, and into ptonight, and then it all works pits way towards us. pwhere you see this red shade pmoderate risk of severe storms pfor later on today. preally getting into the late pthis afternoon and into this pevening.
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anhandle. pthat includes strong pthunderstorms with strong winds passociated with that. pthe possibility of large hail pand also tornados could see some pstrong tornadoes. preally anywhere within that pyellow orange, or red shade as pwe head through later on this pafternoon and into tonight. pby tomorrow, it shichts on ptowards the east. pit does weaken some you can see pwe have that slight chance of pseeing severe weather for ptomorrow. pwhat we're looking for is really ptowards the late morning and pearly afternoon hours. pwatch it on future cast. phere's that low working its way pon towards the east. pthen it drags the storms in here pby say 10, 11, noon. pright in about that time we will psee storms rolling through pcentral florida. pen and they will push down ptowards the south. pthen behind that much cooler pbreezy conditions. pso we've had very warm ptemperatures over past day or pso. pwe will cool things right back pdown. pbut before then we have to deal pwith strong storms for tomorrow.
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pa few showers throughout pinterior. pdaytime high of 78 degrees. pthen for tonight, cloudy, pbreezy, overnight low of 67. pstorms head our way for ptomorrow. pdaytime high of 75 degrees. pon the water, winds are out psouth at 15 knots. pseas two feet with moderate chop pon the bay. phigh tide 2:54 this afternoon. phere's the 7 day forecast. p70 percent chance of those pstorms for tomorrow morning into pthe midday hours. pand then notice behind it how pmuch cooler we are after the pabove normal temperatures. pwe're dropping back down into pthe mid 40s by the weekend. pthank you, jim. pa major renovation at a place pfor pets. pwhy it could help animals in
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pwe'll bring you that 3 the pet resource center in hillsborough
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pmatched up a major renovation pworkers say it will more pconducive to helping animals pfind forever homes. pa lot of dogs get lost and end pup shelter like this where pet presource center today. erfect scenario is for the powner to find the dog and all is pwell. pthat doesn't always happen punfortunately. pso i want to show you dog that pwe are still looking for the powner or the owners. pnow he is just the most docile, psweetest thing i'm not talking pabout scott over here who phappens to be the head of presource center although he's pnice guy too. pthis little guy over here is not ponly really a wonderful dog but phe has been through an awful plot. pyou can see on his leg, that he pwas either hit by a car or been pthrough some kind of a trauma. pgoing to need some work there. palso on back he's got road rash por maybe he was in fight with panother dog. pso he certainly needs some love pand probably a little bit of an pinvestment. plet me sit down and talk to you. pwhat do you know about this guy pat this point? pwe know his owner is in from new
12:24 pm
pus for about a week. pwe've not been able to reach him pby phone or by mail. pso pretty soon if we can't find phis owner someone can't help us pthen we're going to have to get phim up for adoption, and hope to pfind him a home. pso you say give him up for padoption somebody from the can pcome rescue group or what would pbe next move? pit can either rescue group or pregular adoption. pbut she does have a broken leg. pso that means going to need some pmedical care. pif a person wants to adopt it we pwill try to see if we can hook pthem up with lower cost pveterinary care. pbut it still might be a little pexpensive. pwe were talking possibly a pcouple thousand dollars. pif it's market rate. pyeah. pthat's what our vet is pestimating about $200,000 at pmarket rate. phopefully we can find someone to phelp or maybe people can help pcontribute in one the vets in parea can do the surgery for us. punfortunately, it's not one pbreak in his leg but actually ptwo different bones are broken.
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pand broken complexly they are pnot aligned any more. pthat's its an orthopedic doctor. pwe happen to be here on special pday that doesn't have to do him. pwe are dedicating this half pmillion renovation ever soic prequestly whats going on with pthat? pwe opened up front lobby used to ptwo separate sections. pnow one big open section for pmore kus fehr friendly service pcustomer touch screen tv things pthat can help people find pets pquickly i was amazed by touch pscene system if you're waiting pin line or don't want to go into pkennel to check things out and pyou see all animals get a little pbit of a background on them. pthen then zero in on one and pthat's the one for me. pyeah, that's what really great pis sometimes when people don't prealize we have a couple hundred poverwhelming. pso this will give people an popportunity to pick it out on pthe screen and not get poverwhelmed by 200 dogs back pthere. pjust to wrap things up a couple
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pnumber one if you know this plittle guy or know who owns this plittle guy, can you please get pin touch with these folks or you pmay want to own this little guy pyourself not yet. robably coming up for adoption pif the owners don't find him and preconnect with him. pthe other thing is if you want panother dog or cat they've got pgreat deals just to celebrate pthis renovation. pwe're talking $14, that include pa micro chip includes neutering pand t-shirt. pso i mean from soup to nuts you pcan find it here at the pet presource center. pand that's about it. preporting from pet resource pcenter ken suarez, back to you. p>> thank you ken hopefully owner psees your interview. pa pricey sheriff's office pcontract fueled to a fox 13 pinvestigation why a company is poffered a no bid contract worth p$2 million. pand some employees within pasco psheriff's office may have gotten
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pthat story after the b when it comes to your p when it comes to your tax pdollars i imagine you want your pmoney spent wisely so when fox p13 investigators learns that asco county sheriff signed no pbid contract for body cameras pworth $2 million investigative preporter tina jensen found free ptrips paid for the vendor that pgot the contract. pshe had some questions for the psheriff. p>> when pasco county sheriff pchris nocco announced a patrol pdeputies will be wearing bode pcamera one largest deployments pof body cameras in florida. pthis is going to protect pvictims. pand insure that people are pbrought to justice. pand on the same fact, if people pare not guilty, it's another ptool to show they are not pguilty. pwith several body camera pmanufacturer competing in pmarketplace nocco chose taser
12:30 pm
pgiving the company a no bid pcontract worth $2 million over 5 pyears. pthe sheriff didn't get price pquotes from other vendors pbecause p>> if you got a piece of junk of pcourse you can have lower price. pso how did he know other pcompanies cameras were junk if phe didn't ask other companies pfor their proposals? pnocco says a few deputies tested pout camera from one other pcompany and he sent a couple pemployees to tech conferences. pthey have all the people out pthere they have all the vendors. pyou go from table to table to ptable and you say what can your roduct what can this product pdo, you know we've seen those pcompanies. pwe knew what products were out pthere. phe says tasers unlimited cloud pstorage plan set company apart. phis agency became the first in pthe country to sign up for it. p>> pasco county sheriff's office olicy says the agency is psupposed to get as many quotes pas possible for any purchase pover $10,000. pbut there's a big exception in phis agency's own purchasing prules.
12:31 pm
pwithin his county budget to buy pwhatever he wants when ever he pwants at his own discretion. pthere's nothing in state law prequiring florida sheriffs to ut large public contracts out pto bid. p>> nocco stands by his decision. pif they can't provide services pthat are higher quality, why pwould you bring somebody in that pthey can't provide the services? pin october 2014 at dozen pdeputies started a 30-day trial eriod with a taser cameras. ptaser extend it had so the pagency it employees could work pout issues. pgetting the systems to work with ptheir own network. pmeanwhile, two pasco sheriff's pemployees flew out to phoenix pwhere technology conference at ptaser's headquarters on tasers pdime. pit was tech summit. pso a no time did i ever hear pthem pitch their product. pmajor mall the man sheriff put pin charge the body camera roject got his deputy chief's
12:32 pm
pnobody there no commitment to pbuy and no cost for agency. phe tells fox 13 the fact that ptaser paid all expenses pincluding round trip airfare, plodging a four and a half star pgolf resort and a spa, meals and preceptions didn't buy any pinfluence in pasco's contract pwith taser. pso i never once when i was there pever heard anybody during any resentation to try to purchase, pand i never saw, they never pshowed me anything. pthe attorney for the sheriff's poffice worked out the details of pthe taser contract while the two pemployees were at the result. phere a sheriff signed contract pemail showed the major ask taser pto be one sponsor from a pfebruary 2015 charity shoot out ptaser donated $2,000 the top plevel of sponsorship. pin a phone interview taser vp of pglobal sales told fox 13 the pcompany supports all kinds of pcharitable efforts for law
12:33 pm
pofficial says there's nothing pwrong with it. pif you look at cross any pgovernment agency, that puts on pcharity events, there's pcontractors that provide money. pgroups there's contractors that pgive money. pcharity. p>> ben will coulds with pintegrity florida tess the ractices fraught with problems. pit's no the benefitting the psheriff himself personally it is pbenefitting his charity, and pthere's perception vendor is pgaining influence li making that pcontribution. pi think it is great that company pgive locally we're able to help pkids. pyou know, this is a business ptoo. eter with at public watch dog pgroup common cause florida says pthere's a big difference between pbusiness which operates for rofit and government which has pspecific obligations to pcitizens. ptaxpayers want to be assured pthat their expenditure of public pfunds is serving an efficient ublic purpose.
12:34 pm
pbehind closed doors, if they are pmade out of the public view, if pthey are made in a conflict of pinterest whether a real or a arent conflict of intshgs the ublic has a right to be pconcerned. p>> a few days before pthanksgiving and with three pweeks left on the agency's pextended trial period, taser planded the pasco county psheriff's office contract. palso around thanksgiving, the plobbying firm ballard partner pland ad new client taser pinternational. psheriff nocco's wife works at pballard partner as consultant. pshe did not respond to interview prequests. pin a phone interview, brian pballard told fox 13 that taser phired his firm to represent them pin 2015 legislative session. phe says his firm has more than p200 clients he didn't know panything about pasco contract pwith taser international. pvice-president taser pinternational told fox 13 that
12:35 pm
pabout the sheriff's wife working pfor ballard partners. phe says the timing was with a p100 percent a pure coincidence. pwhat would you say to people pthat would find that a little pbit too much a coincidence of a ptiming first my wife doesn't plobby she works for a firm she pdoesn't lobby. pthat was on state level. pthird i don't think they prepresent them any more. pdid you have any concerns that pit could at least be perceived pas an an indirect benefit no pbecause there's numerous porganization i mean that's one plargest firms in the state. psheriff says when it comes to pthe no bid contract taxpayers pshould be happy. pbecause he got a good price for ptaser products compared to some pother agencies. p>> there's nothing you know, pwe're hiding nothing. ptina jensen, fox 13 news. p>> and there's even more to this pstory. pincluding some questions about pmissing emails you can read full pstory and watch extended pinterview clips head on to and click on pthe fox 13 investigates link.
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pin alabama after employees prefused to serve a police pofficer. pdid happened last friday. pthe police officer says he pwaited inside his cruiser for pabout ten minutes a crystal pdrive through. pwhen no one helped him he went pinside the restaurant. pwhen he got counter the officer psays the employees walked away. peventually the officer just left pthe fast food restaurant the olice department is concerned pofficer was brushed off because pof his badge. p>> my first reaction was to take pwhole police officer thing out pthis shouldn't happen not way pany customer wants to be treated pthat go into a place of pbusiness. p>> crystal corporate office says pthey are taking the allegation pvery seriously and looking into pit passengers ask crew members pon japanese airliner were forced pto slide down emergency chutes pin a blizzard this morning. pthe flight aborted take off pafter an engine caught on fire. plocal media reports say engine pstalled after sucking in snow pand passengers say they heard
12:37 pm
ptried to restart the engine. pthat's when cabin filled with psmoke. pimagine how scary that was. pmore than 160 people were on pboard and no one was hurt. pofficials are investigating the pcause. pbelly fat can frustrating to get prid of. pthere may be a new solution. pdr. jo has look at this new
12:38 pm
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it can be a frustrating dilemma you workout all the time and yet those love pit wan a frustrate dilemma and plove handles hang for dear life. pif uf abelly fat that just won't pbudge there's new laser that
12:40 pm
pdr. jo has the story. peveryone wants that a perfect pbody. pbut tighten those last couple pinches from your item or love phandles can be tough if not pimpossible for some. p>> you can train and train but psometimes it is hard to get pthose specific areas on your pbody. psofia works out every day and pstill says she has stubborn pareas. pi target certain areas that psometimes you just need a little pbit of extra help. ptoday sofia is trying something pthat may help her achieve her pgoal. pwe have these four frames i put pthem on the area where you want pto melt fat a new procedure pcalled sculpture. pi'm going to pew applicators pfirst fa approved one that pactually made for melting fat. pyou're expected to melt away proughly 25 to 30 percent of the pfat that's in your problem area. pno surgery required. pit's f.d.a. approved bass pincenter in tampa is one first ractices in bay area user laser pbased technology. pit passes that you the skin and
12:41 pm
pit actually causes the fat to pblow up. pthen your body's limb fattic psystem naturally clears the fat. pthere's a four minute building pone treatment takes about 25 pminutes. pfeels fine. pi mean cold and hot and kind of pinteresting sensation. pbut, it's, if anyone ever had pelectrolysis it kind of feels plike that but doctor sculpture pcouldn't viewed a procedure for pweight loss. pnot meant to substitute a phealthy diet just for stubborn pfat areas that people have a phard time getting of with pcountless hours at the gym. pbut question does it really pwork. phere some before and after shots pthe company that makes the plaser. pthe this is after six weeks and pone laser treatment. pas for sofia nine weeks later pshe's happy with the results. pand says her clothes around pfitting better. pi'm dr. joette giovinco pfox 13 news. p here's a live look outside pright now. pmeteorologist jim weber will so
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pwhen phey everybody i'm charley pbelcher coming to you from plant pcity today. pdi polo to be exact. pwe're standing on polo fields. plook at that, real live polo layer and heck real life polo pcourse. pnot something you see every day pin tampa bay area. pyou see it once a year for the plast five years. pas part of morgan auto charity olo classic. pcraig is here with a hub pinternational. pone big sponsors of the event to ptell us big deal that raised a plot of big money over the last pfive years. pso this year alone on saturday pwe're going raise over $200,000 pfor 4 charities. pits children's cancer center big pbrothers big sisters hands pacross bay morgan auto helping phand fund. plast five years, hundreds of pthousands of dollars most pimportantly, what we're most roduced of all of those dollars pevery penny has gone back to plocal community and to those
12:45 pm
pgood for you know you work hard pall year getting sponsor getting eople to donate things 100 ercent of money can go to pcharities and do the most good pwith the most dollars. pabsolutely. olo match, it's interesting, pbecause lot of are not exposed pto what that game even is. pexactly. pcompletely different a lot of preally cool things to do here in pbay area. prays and lightning and you have pbuccaneers completely different. pyou actually come to a true polo pmatch you see john back here. preal polo players. pfor those people have never been pto polo match it's really an pexperience. pbut polo is one thing. pall the food all the, all the pdrinks. pthe bands that we have going. pdivot stomp i know you get a pkick out of you have champagne pand step on divots. psomething different as just preally awesome event to be part pof a great scene to be seen. pbut, yeah. passume the position immediately. pladies we're in big hats guys pand bow tie and dapper colors. pthat's part of the fun.
12:46 pm
art of the fun. pand we're really excited we pcompletely sold out. pso this year we have a true hard psell out where a month before pthe event we're completely sold pout. pso we're talking about next pyear, okay. pfor people to get involved. pthere will be six the annual pthis will be a six the annual to pget involved early we will doing pearly presales after event on psaturday. pand more and more people are pbecoming making this in event of ptampa bay area which we're preally proud of. psomething different from golf ptournaments and all the other pcharity and galas, a little pdifferent. pto get people's interest good pfor you guys. pwell done, thank you very much. psold out this year, but, if you pown your own company or you work pfor company that loves to give pback you want to get involved pmark it on your calendar next pyear. pto go see polo match in person pit's pretty good stuff. pwe'll link you to everything you pneed to know if you go to fox 13 pin plant city, charley belcher, pfox 13 news. pcharley is sparked my interest. pwe've got cool down on the way
12:47 pm
pdown i know we have rough pweather that might be moving pthrough strong storms working pthere way through much of the pdeep south. pthat whole mess is heading in pour direction. pnow it is going to weaken some pbefore it gets here. pbut there is still that ossibility of severe weather as pwe go through the day tomorrow. pso we will talking about that. pbut look outside right now, and pit's, it's a nice day. pit's a little more humid. pwe're seeing showers through the pinterior. pas well. pand all in advance of that pfront. pso we've got a lot of changes as pwe go through the next say 24 to p36 hours. pyou have got rain, storms pheading our way then much cooler ptemperatures we'll working there pway in skytower shower showing pshowers through the interior pright now. pthis is not associated with the pactual cold front heading our pway tomorrow. pbut right now you can see some pheavier showers near sebring. pall working its way towards the pnorth, lake wales haines city palong i-4 heading over towards porlando seeing a few scattered
12:48 pm
pseeing lot of cloudy skies. ponce you get near the coastline, pit actually still pretty good plooking day with plenty of sun. pyou can really see how that psoutherly wind pushing clouds pand moisture on towards the pnorth and away from the pcoastline. pjust kind of bumping up that phumidity. pbringing moisture in advance of pthe cold front. pso basically everybody sitting pin the upper 70s to low 80s. pbrandon is 81 degrees. pwesley chapel currently at 80. pdown in bradenton sarasota, both pat 80 degrees. pthe entire peninsula really retty warm. peither upper 70s or low 80s. pa touch cooler once aget into anhandle with temperatures prunning into the lower 70s. pbut the dew points, which is the pmeasure of the amount of pmoisture in air as this number pgoes up a lot more moisture, pyesterday had this into lower p50s still felt very comfortable poutside. pnow when you get this number pinto the 60s. pmid and upper 60s, you certainly pnotice that humidity scattered pshowers throughout interior. pand throughout peninsula.
12:49 pm
pthis frontal boundary here. pall series of lows ride looking pthenning one right here. pthis one really going create pcranked up work its way on ptowards the east. pthe gulf of mexico. icking up a lot of that pmoisture and bringing some pstorms our way you can already psee tornado watch box that goes puntil 5 o'clock local time. pand we are talking about the ossibility of some pretty pstrong storms across much of the pdeep south. pyou can see that red shade pmoderate risk. pbut really anywhere in this pshaded area for later on today, pas we get into the afternoon, pinto this evening, the ossibility of strong pthunderstorms, gusty winds. phail, tornadoes are possible as pwe go through this evening. pthen it all shifts on towards pthe east and will weaken some pbut you can see we are in that psclieth risk that goes all the pway down towards sarasota. pso that potential of seeing some pstrong storms is there as we go pthrough the day tomorrow. pwatch the low. pshifts on towards the east.
12:50 pm
pthrough here as we get into say p10, 11, noon. pthat's when we expect to see psome stronger storms working pthere way through. pthen that shifts on towards the peast. pclears out the skies. pand we bring the much cooler ptemperatures in as we head into pweek. pso forecast goes like this, for ptoday just variable cloudy skies pa few showers we're seeing those pthrough the interior right now. pdaytime high of 78 degrees. pbreezy. povernight low of 67. pfor tomorrow, storms are heading pour way. pdaytime high of 75 degrees. pseven-day forecast shows those pmuch cooler temperatures behind pthe front so we've got storms ptomorrow, much better looking pweather after that. pbut much cooler as well linda.
12:51 pm
12:52 pm
12:53 pm
pspiritual alive.3 spirituals are rooted deep in black history. those songs are one of the ways slaves made it through the struggle of daily life. pthose sopgs are one slaves made pit that you the struggle daily plife as we honor black her pcontain month fox 13's crystal pclark explains how one droop is reserving traditional pspirituals. pborn out of a high school choir pin st. pete. pthe alumni singer have been psinging negro spirituals for 36 pyears. ptheir music celebrates the
12:54 pm
pmusic, with at special meaning. pit's heart filling. pyour faith. pthe alumni singer are passionate pgroup sinking negro spirituals ptogether for more than 35 years. pthe spirituals is the original pmusic in america. pbecause out the spirituals came peverything else. pgroup formed in 1980. pwhen they were members of the pgives high school choir. pthey wanted to highlight their pafrican american heritage. pthe music plus the words gives psuch a very deep meaning. pmusic first sung by slaves to pgive them hope. ptheir homes, and in fields when pthey were working to their pchildren. pthe songs became part of an pescape plan for slaves. pa sort of musical code psignalling the right time to pflee their owners. pwhen harriet tub man led people
12:55 pm
psang songs but the songs were psongs of like steal away. pmalcolm was born m mississippi. phe still remembers the stink of psegregation. p>> i remember my mother always psaying songs that would get us pthrough. pand i was singing since i was 5 pyears old 89-year-old katherine pjones says the group has a pmission. pjust sing it to help to serve eople to make other people feel pgood. pit's us. pit's a part of our history. pwe must know where we came from pin order to know where we're pgoing. pthe group is performed with at pflorida orchestra and at pchurches and concert halls. pcrystal clark, fox 13 news. p>> beautiful music. pwe're get something doer rabl
12:56 pm
pof three generations orangutans. pa ten-year-old recently gave pbirth for first offspring less pthan two months her own mother pgave birth to her fourth poffspring new baby which is girl pcreates a third generation of porangutan family living, look at pthat picture. pvery, very cute. pi didn't think orange tans could pcute or cuddly i've proven pwrong. pthose are great. ploves love, right? pit is. pso we have some severe weather pis going to affect the commute ptomorrow morning? robably not commute but right paround lunch time if you're pthat's when you will have to pwatch this. pskytower radar. pthat's not part of the front, pwhat we're looking at on that pwider view you see back towards plouisiana and texas. pthat's part of frontal system pthat will be heading our way. pso throughout overnight hours pmexico. pso it will take a little time to pget here 10, lenny, 1:21 o'clock ptomorrow. pthat's when we will watching psome storms working there way
12:57 pm
prain chances are up for tomorrow pand then much cooler ptemperatures behind that after pthe show here, going to get on pfacebook we will talking about pkind of details of what we pexpect to see for tomorrow. ptiming good. pand people need to join us ptomorrow then because that's pwhen going to be hitting sure do pthank you, jim. pnews does not end here we keep ost our latest all day. lus look for are more news, pweather sports beginning a pactive o'clock. paccess hollywood i hope to see u pright back here tomorrow night
12:58 pm
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bad news for quiche keisha in court. but plenty of support from demi and taylor. so why does demi have a problem with swift's actions? then kanye the peace maker. >> kanye yeah -- >> all those heroics can be exhausting. as kim posts that. and the first shot at saint hood. >> did you all sign contracts saying you wouldn't sleep with each other? >> listening closely to the answer, it sure sounds like two of them hooked up.


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