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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  February 24, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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3 3 3 (dave) 3 national weather service has issued a tornado watch for the following counties: citrus, hernando and pasco effective until 10 a.m. 3 wx live p>>dave: now with the storms pbeginning to get closer and pcloser to the coastline, now pyou're looking at the storms robably in the neighborhood of pabout 51, 52 miles away from the pcoast of pasco county. pwe do have a tornado watch which pis for pasco county, hernando, pcitrus and sumter until 10:00 pthis morning. pthat will be long gone by 10:00 pas these storms are quickly pracing toward the coast. pi think they'll be there more
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pmaybe a little over an hour. pin the past few moments, i would psay half hour or so, radar pdetected this particular cell pi've zoomed in on now is trying pto develop a little bit of protation and that's the main pconcern this morning would be an pisolated tornado so we're pwatching this particular cell, p51 miles off the coast of pasco pcounty. pwe're also watching another cell pjust a little further to the psouth. pthis one packing a punch with plots of lightning, thunder, very pgusty wind inside this pindividual storm and this is pmoving toward the east as well. pso 6:00, looking at the next phour or so, these storms start pto work onshore and then they're pliterally going to race pthemselves across the entire pstate. pwinds are gusting, too, as well. p20 to 25 miles per hour. peven a 33 mile-per-hour wind pgust in sarasota now. pthat's not even when the storm pis coming through. pso very windy this morning. pafter the storms move through, pit's going to turn cooler this
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pabout that in just a few pminutes. p>>laura: thank you. pand as we're watching this band pof rain roll through, in its pwake, this is new video of heavy prain in pensacola. pa tornado ripped a two mile path pof destruction. pthere are also reports this pmorning of several people pinjured. p>>russell: at least three people pconfirmed dead in louisiana and pmississippi. preek -- recreational park was phit. pauthorities are still looking pfor people, possibly trapped punder the debris. pgovernors in louisiana and pmississippi have declared states pof emergency. pwe'll be watching this all pmorning as this storm makes its pway to shore. pvanessa? pany traffic issues yet? p>>vanessa: not serious right now pbut we're watching the weather pand what is going to be on the proadways. pweather is having an effect on pthe roads. pright now we have a life live
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pwe do have cars driving over it pright now but f.h.p. does have a phigh wind advisory due to the pwind. pmake sure to leave extra space pbetween your vehicle and others paround you. p>>laura: good news this morning, pdonald trump hits the jackpot in pnevada. p>>russell: he owns a luxury photel there. phe's been declared the winner of pthe nevada republican caucuses. phere he was last night looking pconfident at the caucus site in pvegas. pthis is his third straight win pafter victories. psuper tuesday is next week. p>> if you could add them up, pbecause you know the other pcandidates amount to 55% so if pthey could just -- they keep pforgetting when people drop out, pwe're going to get a lot of pvotes.
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p>>laura: all right. phere are the results. pwith 100% of the precincts preporting, you can see trump pwith nearly 46% of the vote. pthere is a 22% break between him pand marco rubio. phe has nearly 23%. p21%. pwin. pthis week he picked up several phigh proceed file endorsements. pcruz is trying to shake his pcampaign after a tough stretch pwhere his campaign was prepeatedly accused of dirty ptricks. p>> at this point we've had four rimaries. phistory teaches us that nobody phas ever won the nomination pwithout winning one of the first pthree primaries. pand there are only two people pwho have won. p>>russell: john kasich and ben pcarson are still in this race. pneither showing any signs of pgetting out. pkasich spent yesterday pcampaigning in georgia.
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phas a path to victory. pjeb bush exited the race after psouth carolina. pand now the focus goes to super ptuesday when more than a dozen pstates and territories will hold rimaries and caucuses. p>>laura: 595 delegates will be pat stake, most in the single day pup to this point. ptonight you'll hear from most of pthe candidates at a special fox pnews voter summit that starts at p9:00. pthat will be hosted by megyn pkelly. pdonald trump will not be there. phe had a scheduling conflict. p>>russell: the next g.o.p. pdebate is march 3. p>>laura: hillary clinton and pbernie sanders are still hitting pthe pavement in south carolina. pdemocratic primary is saturday pand the latest poll shows pdigits. plast night the candidates made a pfinal appeal of undecided pvoters. psanders called out clinton for pher time in wall street. pboth candidates are facing ressure to release transcripts pof campaign speeches they gave
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pclinton has a huge lead in the pdelegate count, too. pshe has 503. p>>russell: sarasota county psheriff's deputy caught a driver pgoing the wrong way on i-75 pmonday. pthe camera catches the driver pidentified as brian flurry pspeeding by the deputy on the pshoulder. phe drove at least six miles in pthe wrong direction at speeds up pto 70 miles an hour. pwhen officers caught up with phim, his blod alcohol was .28. p3 1/2 times the legal limit. phe was arrested, now faces a plong list of charges. pwow. p>>laura: hillsborough deputies parrested a 13-year-old after pthey say he went on a 90 minute pcrime spree. pthe teen is accused of breaking pinto a daycare and stealing the pkeys to a van. pthey say he drove the van to a pcell phone store, climbed onto pthe roof and tried to break in. pthe owner and his brothers plocked in the van, chased him
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pto the daycare and stole a psecond van. pauthorities tried to catch up to phim but he briefly escaped pduring a low speed pursuit. pthe van crashed into progress pvillage. pthey say that's when deputies -- pdeputies say, rather, that's pwhen the 13-year-old stole a pbicycle. pdeputies tracked him down and he pwas arrested. pthis was the teen's fifth arrest psince september. phe's faced almost 30 charges in pthe last five months alone. p>>russell: right now here is -- pwhat would you do if you noticed pthat someone had accidentally pleft their wallet at the pcheckout counter? p>>laura: polk county deputies psay two women did the wrong pthing. pnow they could face serious pcharges. pshayla reaves is live for us in olk county with the video. pgood morning. p>>reporter: good morning to you. pi want to take you right to this pvideo, video captured inside a p7-eleven store. pyou're looking at video provided
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pyou're looking at the suspects, pthe pair right there at the pcounter. pthe pair saw the victim leave a pwallet and next cameras captured pa crime. ptheft. pauthorities say they lied to the pclerk and claimed the wallet as ptheir own. pover. pstolen property. pinvestigators want you to take a pgood look at the screen here in pcase you recognize these women. pthey did not make any effort to pconceal their identity. pthis all happened just before p3:00 saturday afternoon in the p28,000 block of u.s. highway 27. pheartland crime stoppers posted pthis picture of the getaway pvehicle on social media. pit's described as a red truck. pif you recognize those suspects por have any information about pthis case, you're urged to get pthe polk county sheriff's office pa call or you can reach out panonymously to heartland crime pstoppers where you could also be peligible for a cash reward. pback to you.
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pit is 6:08 now. pa new case of zika virus has pbeen confirmed in seminole pcounty. pthat brings the statewide total pto 29 now. pthe surgeon general will testify pbefore congress and discuss the pstate response. pthe preparations for the zika pvirus. ublic health emergency has been pdeclared in 10 counties. pin the meantime, the cdc is pinvestigating 14 new reports of pthe zika virus possibly being ptransmitted by sex, including to regnant women. pthe virus is typically spread by pmosquito bites. pscientists had believed that psexual transmission of this pvirus to be extremely rare. pall 14 cases, the cdc is pexamining whether women had sex pwith men who had travelled to pother countries where the virus pis widespread. p>>russell: a florida teen retending to be a doctor is palso now being sued by the car pdealership. p18-year-old love of robinson was
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plicense. pnow we've learned that he's pbeing sued by a dealership at pdel ray beach. pthey claim that he wrote a bad pcheck for $1,800 as a down ayment for a 2016 red mazda 6. pthe bank refused the check psaying the account is closed. phe claims it was a mistake and pthe dealership didn't give him penough time to fix it. p>>laura: developing this pmorning, we're watching the pradar pradar. pthere's a strong line of storms phitting the gulf coast and pheading our way. p>>russell: new videos out of ensacola. ptornados spawned across three pstates. pwe'll show you a couple of pbefore and after pictures you're pnot going to believe. phey, dave. p>>dave: there's two individual pcells within this line of pthunderstorms that we'll focus pon. pone of them should be in the asco, hernando county area in pless than an hour and the other psouth of tampa. pyou can see a lot of lightning, pa lot of thunder and we're going pto look inside those storms and
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p>>dave: now 6:14. plet's talk about the radar here. pthis line of storms approaching pthe coastline should be here pwithin an hour or so. pyesterday the computer models, pthe reliable ones were panning pin as a late morning setup. pthis could be more of an earlier pin the morning type of setup but pwe're concerned about a couple pof individual cells. pyou see the ones here and then pthis one down here which is, pagain, probably going to papproach the pinellas county pcoast, the sunshine skyway in pthe next hour or so. pwe have the ability to, once pagain, look inside some of these articular storms and as they phave approached, every once in a pwhile, the radar has been pdetecting in the lower levels of pthe atmosphere a little protation. pthere's a potential there could
6:15 am
pevery time it starts to happen, pthen it starts to get a little pbit weaker or so. pthat may be from the influence pof the cooler waters as it's papproaching the coastline. pthe dynamics in the atmosphere pare there for rotation and pthat's why we're watching very pclosely. pnow, what you're seeing here, i pswitched modes for you on the pradar. pyou're like, what is this? pthis is the radar looking inside pthe storm and detecting winds. pkeep in mind, as the radar, as pthe radar moves out and away, it pgets back out over the gulf. pit's looking a little higher in pthe storm just due to the pcurvature of the earth. pso this out here may be 8,000, p9,000 feet high. pyou can see gusty winds here pwith some of this as it starts pto work its way back toward the pcoastline. pthat's what we're going to be plooking for if there's going to pbe any rotation, we would detect pit in here. pright now at this very second, pwhile we don't see it, we still
6:16 am
pthe showers work their way. pthese storms work back to the pcoastline. pthis is one cell. pnot only the way this is moving, pit's going to impact hernando pand pasco county in the next 45 pminutes to an hour. pat the very minimum, you get pgusty winds, thunder, lightning pand very heavy rain which in pcommute. pthat's why you still have a few pminutes if you walk out the door pnow and get to where you're pgoing but please, keep your pskytower radar app handy. pthis looks like a pretty strong pthunderstorm as well. pthis is further to the south. pbradenton, sarasota, st. etersburg, sunshine skyway, get pyour bearings here. pthis storm is also rapidly pmoving to the east and right now phasn't shown signs of rotation pbut it's very strong storm and ponce again, the dynamics and the patmosphere are set up this pmorning. pone or two of these storms could pbegin to rotate. pso at the very minimum, heavy
6:17 am
pbe detected as the storm moving pin the next hour to hour and a phalf. ptornado watch is out for areas pnorth of tampa and includes pbasically every county to the pnorth. pright up 75 going up through arts of georgia as well so pyou've got pasco, hernando, pcitrus, sumter county until p10:00. pthis is one of those watches, pthough, it's not going to last puntil 10:00 because once that pline moves through, it will pstart to drop some of the pcounties from the watch. pit doesn't mean you can't have a ptornado outside this box. pit doesn't work like that. pit just means that the best pdynamics are set up that in this articular spot is where we're pgoing to likely see one. p but the slight risk of severe pweather really goes from psarasota all the way up into the pcarolinas and where the pstrongest, largest storms are plikely to be today are going to pbe up in the northeastern parts pof north carolina so yesterday, pi'm sure you've heard there are preports of big storms in
6:18 am
pdeadly storms, i think that pfocus will be in the carolinas pthis afternoon. pwe still have that slight chance pfor severe weather early on ptoday. pi think our threat will be over pquick enough this morning, pmid-morning to late morning that peverything will then shift to pthe east coast. pthe other thing is, it's windy pand warm outside. pthose south winds are pumping in pand we're at 72 degrees out at ptampa international with winds panywhere from 10 to 20 miles an phour and we had wind gusts in psarasota of 33 miles per hour. pfolks, that's a pretty intense pwind out ahead of the front. ponce the front comes swinging pthrough, the winds are going to pshift back to the northwest and pthat's going to drag in some pcolder air. pso call it a one, two punch. pstorms this morning, a few of pthem strong. pthen this afternoon, cooler air pstarts to settle in and it's pjust going to get cooler and pcooler over the next couple of pdays until our temperatures are
6:19 am
pkeep your skytower radar app. pyou can you can't sit around all pmorning. pyou have places. pi get that. pso just know if there's warnings pissued, you can get them over pthe phone. pif you're at home, stay tuned pbecause we're not leaving you puntil the storm leaves the pviewing area. ptonight we'll turn much cooler pand continue breezy with a low pof 52 and then breezy and cooler ptomorrow with a high temperature pof around 64 degrees. pand you say, well, that's cool. pthat's friday's high ptemperature. ponly 60. pthen a slight rebound for psaturday, back up to 63 and peventually head back to normal pby the beginning of next week. pokay? p>>laura: okay. pand as we monitor the severe pweather that's headed for the ptampa bay area, we want to show pyou this. pit's what a town home in ensacola looked like yesterday. aul shared it on facebook pyesterday. pnow this is what it looks like. pisn't that something?
6:20 am
papart from the front steps, this pwas part of some town homes. p>>russell: tornado dropped over pi-10 tearing down trees and pshutting down the interstate. pthere are reports that several eople are hurt. psearch and rescue operations are punderway. pthe same storm system is blamed pon three deaths in louisiana and pmississippi. pdave is watching all of it. pwe'll check in with vanessa to psee if any road problems have palready begun. p>>vanessa: nothing big. pof course, we mentioned the pskyway bridge. pthat's being directly impacted pfrom the weather we're seeing pright now and of course, we're pgoing to watch it as the showers pmove in and see how the roads pfair but so far, so good right pnow. pwe're checking in on polk county pat this point, i-4 is where pwe're checking out kathleen proad. pit looks light as far as the pvoks out here and we are running pup to speed in that area. plooks like we're also running up pto speed if you're heading peastbound of i-4 in eastern phillsborough county, 75 to pbranch forbes road is sitting at pan eight minute ride.
6:21 am
psouthbound along 75 coming from asco county. pthat pasco-hillsborough line pdown to i-4 and then travelling pdown to pinellas county, 275, pi-4 is 26 minutes. p>>russell: thank you. pwhen you're a mayor of a city, pyou touch a lot of lives. p>>laura: i had a chance to catch pup with pam iorio and learned pher compassion for community pservice did not end after pleaving office. lus we'll show you how this dog rotects its owner from a kitty pcat ready to pounce. you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing...
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3 it's time to see what's clicking on the web. katz is in the studio with this morning's hot clicks. p>>russell: it is time to see pwhat's clicking on the web. p>>laura: taylor katz is with us. pi hope she's feeling better. pthank you. ptoday we're starting things off pwith a little oscar buzz. pwe're focussing on new stars popposed to the actual ones up pfor the academy awards. pit's a mother and her daughter precreating scenes from the
6:25 am
ptake a look at these. pyep, there it is. pannual photography series called pdon't call me oscar done by a pwoman named maggie satoro and pher little girls. pwe had to reminisce as leonardo pdicaprio's big movie. pwe have this one. pthis is her middle daughter sidy pand then sadie along with her plittle sister. pbridge of spies. pthen the new addition making her pdebut, the martian, here is mad pmax. pyou can see they have little toy pcars, very, very cute. pmother says that this is a good pway for her and the little ones pto get creative, spend time ptogether and now it's just a big phit online. pthey have an instagram account. pthey're having lots of fun with
6:26 am
pall right, you guys. p>>laura: this reminds me of emma pwhen she was young. p>>taylor: really? pso lucky for you. pthis is a little ones. pshe spreads joy wherever she pgoes. pin this case, it happens to be pthe grocery store. pcould she be any cuter? pgood to see you. pmore than 45 million people have pwatched this video. pso cute. p>>laura: cute. p>>taylor: all right, you guyd s guys, plastly, they say a dog is a pman's best friend. pthat is proven right there. pthe cat wiggles and gets ready pto pounce. pthis dog comes to its owners pbehind the camera. pit doesn't do much to the cat pbut give it a little lick on the
6:27 am
p>>laura: not so fast. p>>russell: thanks, taylor. pcoming up, catching up with pformer tampa mayor pam iorio. p>>laura: we'll get her take as pbest and worst times as mayor pand what she's up to now. p>>russell: and rays are still pneck and neck in nevada. ptoo close to call between cruz pand rubio. p>>laura: a tornado watch is in peffect for some of our northern pcounties.
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pdave is watching the radar3 national weather service has issued a tornado watch p>>dave: straight up 6:30. ptornado watch has been issued pfor pasco, hernando, citrus and psumter counties until 10:00 this pmorning. pit's not going to last until p10:00. pthey'll start dropping some pcounties after this line likely pmoves through but we've had some pstrong thunderstorm activity
6:31 am
pthis cell and then this one, pwhich is actually pretty potent pas we're getting closer and pcloser to the coastline. pit's now beginning to rain right phere. pthis is not much. pjust a little light rain along phighway 19 in pasco and hernando pcounty but what we're waiting pmove onshore. pthe way it's moving is it looks plike it comes in right on the asco-hernando line, probably pabout 45 minutes or so, bringing pwith it at least some gusty pwinds and very heavy rain. pwe've been watching just inside pthe storm as it's trying to protate and then stops and tries pagain and then stops. pwe're coping our -- we're keeping pour eye on this one. pthis cell has a lot of lightning pthe east. pthis is likely to go between st. ete and the shore. pif you're getting ready to walk
6:32 am
ptampa along the coast, you have pa few minutes to get where you pneed to be but i urge you to pkeep your skytower app on pbecause we may see a couple of pthese warnings as these storms pmove onshore quickly and then prace off towards the east. pthis goes all the way up into pthe carolinas so the tornado pwatch shows you that you have pthe counties to the north and pthat's until 10:00 this morning. pthis goes all the way up into pgeorgia this morning. pnot that you couldn't have an pisolated tornado outside that pwatch box. pthis is just where the dynamics pare set up the best this pmorning. pgusty winds anywhere in our pentire viewing area as this line pof storms moves through. pafter it does, we get to the pafternoon hours and i'll tell pyou something. pit's going to be a windy, windy pday and the cooler air will psettle in by 6:00. pwe're back in the 60s for ptemperatures. pvanessa? p>>vanessa: thank you, dave. plet's go ahead and check in on asco county. pwe have a new report of a crash palong u.s. 19.
6:33 am
pdeveloping some minor delays at pthis point. pit's in the southbound pdirection. pit's just north of the state proad 54 intersection and that pcenter line is reportedly pblocked. pdelay concern and safety pconcern. pjust keep your eyes in that parea. pa live look over the howard pfrankland bridge, this is all pthe traffic heading in the psouthbound direction and then in pthis direction, these are folks pheading northbound. pjust a heads up if you're pheading northbound getting close pto the tampa side of the howard pfrankland, we do have some preports of roadway debris. pno reports of delays but be palert in the area. p>>russell: 22%, that's the pmargin of victory between donald ptrump and the next closest pcandidate in nevada. ptrump wins the state of nevada p46%. pmarco rubio second, 24%. pclosely behind, ted cruz, ben pcarson, john kasich in the low
6:34 am
pthey're staying in. p>>laura: tampa citizens review pboard held its first meeting plast night. pmembers of the board voted for pthe chairman. palready nine voting members. pgroup is next scheduled to meet pin late march. pin pinellas county, there's a ush to st. petersburg's skyline pand developers have a chance to ut in their two cents. p>>russell: those plans would aim pto redevelop the tropicana field parea. palcides segui has more now of phow the city leaders are pcovering all the bases. p>>reporter: the city leaders are pasking urban planners to come up pwith an idea what to do with pthis 85-acre site, including ptropicana field. pthey need to come up with a plan pthat includes hotels, prestaurants, housing, something pto do for families. pa one stop shop, if you will, pfor families to enjoy a baseball pgame and make it a one-day
6:35 am
pnot that. rojects must be turned in by pmarch 25. pthe finished plan is due pseptember 30. pnow, that's a quick turn around pbecause the city wants the tampa pbay rays to have that plan in ptheir hands before the end of pthe regular season on october 2. pfor many years, the tampa bay prays have asked st. petersburg pto walkway from its contract pwith the city, leave tropicana pfield and look for stadium sites pelsewhere like hillsborough pcounty. pthe city approved that move, pagreeing if the team leaves, pthey would pay millions of pdollars in compensation. pin the end, both hillsborough pand st. pete would turn in bids pand the rays will decide which pone is best for the porganization. pa series of public workshops phere in st. pete are scheduled pfor the summer to solicit ideas pwhat to do with the trop. pthere will be a plan b without a pstadium, just in case the rays
6:36 am
pa seven person review panel of pcity staffers will collect three pfinalists much like the st. pete ier process and of course, the pcity will make the final pdecision. poutside tropicana field, alcides psegui, fox 13 news. p>>laura: it is 6:36 now and pthey're the two mayors we know pand love. am iorio and rick baker, our pfavorites and we want to know pwhat they're up to these days. pboth are loving their new lives pafter their mayoral race and pyesterday it was rick baker. pthis morning it's pam iorio's pturn. pshe's loving her post as c.e.o. pof a non profit that moved pheaven and earth to get her. pthe view from where pam sits pthese days, looks good. pshe looks out over t.i.a., a lace she travels to and from pmore often than she would like. p>> every time that plane comes pin over our beautiful water, i
6:37 am
pthere's no place like home. pthere is no place like home. p>>laura: she'll never leave. pthe boys and girls club of pamerica keeps her busy and she pwon't say it but as c.e.o., she phas single handedly turned paround the organization. p>> this is just pure service and pit's all about how do we help pmentor children across this pcountry? pand i like being part of a pbigger mission. pthat's important to me. pso yes, i'm very, very happy pwith what i'm doing. p>>laura: and big brothers, big psisters is happy, too. pthey moved headquarters from pdallas to tampa just for her. pand it's paid off for both. pshe certainly had her choice of pwhat to do after her reign as ptampa mayor was over and though pit was speculated for awhile, a prun for governor just wasn't in pthe cards. p>> i gave it a lot of thought pbut you know, there's -- the ptough thing about statewide and
6:38 am
artisan it all is and very pnegative and i don't like those ptwo things. p>>laura: being mayor was life pchanging. psometimes more painful memories pcomes to mind. pthis marks a somber anniversary pfor her. pher long time friend and pbodyguard. p>> it's been 10 years since juan pdied, february 25, 2006. pi live with that, think about phim all the time. p>>laura: then the loss of two pofficers. p>> the way this whole community pcomes together, supports our pmembers of law enforcement, that plaw enforcement family is very pgratifying. pi'll always feel i'm a member of pthe law enforcement member pbecause of how they brought me pin and how close we are. p>>laura: most people remember pher for the positive marks she pbrought on tampa.
6:39 am
ark, children's museum, glazier pchildren's museum, all of that. p>>laura: to think it all started pwith a gamble, a race she got in pjust six weeks before the pelection, a campaign she wasn't peven sure she would win. p>> i had to really be convinced pto even enter the mayor's race. pi wasn't sure if that was really pthe step for me. p>>laura: she said other people pbelieved in her, even when she pdidn't believe in herself, and pwe're all better for it. pshe's paying that forward, utting her belief in the pchildren of our generation at pbig brothers, big sisters and pthat's all she's wanted to do. plive in the city she loves, pfighting for a cause close to pher heart. p>> to me it's not about the poffice, the title. pit's really about how can you pbest serve? phow can you make a mark and pleave your -- the world? phow can you leave the world a pbetter place? pisn't that really what it's all pabout? p>>laura: isn't that great? pas for getting in the political pscene or even following it at pall, she said she has always had pthe remarkable ability to leave
6:40 am
panother one free and clear. p>>russell: i remember when she ptook the job and everybody was plike, she's moving to dallas? pno way. pand she commuted. pyou know, she stayed there pduring the week and came back phere on the weekends. pi'm glad they saw the light. p>>laura: they did. pdidn't take them long, either. pthey came to tampa. pthis is their home. pby the way, i want to say the pmemorial service for juan is ptomorrow. pi didn't realize it had been pthat long. p>>russell: i didn't, either. pthere's some bad weather psweeping through florida this pmorning. ptoday's storms could put a procket launch in jeopardy. pspace x saying don't get your
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6:43 am
6:44 am
p>>dave: top 'o the morning to pyou. pwe've been waiting all morning pfor a line of thunderstorms to pwait onshore. pnow we can see some of the pheavier rain in citrus county, phernando county, pasco county as pwell as a little bit of plightning and thunder along the pcoastline as well. pwithin this line, as you go back ptoward the west, a few miles off poffshore. pit's a little further to the psouth. pas this works onshore, at the pvery minimum you're going to phave heavy rain. pof course, lightning and gusty pwinds but the dynamics are there pfor the potential of rotation pwithin this line. pit includes pasco county, p10:00. pi hope it doesn't last until p10:00 but this is one of the
6:45 am
pclosely as these individual pcells begin to work their way ponshore. pthere's no good time to get psevere weather and i get that. pbut this is one of the worst ptimes because people are on ptheir deadline that they have to pget out the door. pi can tell you that your pskytower radar app can help you pout. pif you have to go, at least you pcan get the warnings on your hone. pif you have to walk away, you pknow, i completely understand pbut for those of you hanging paround, if you could wait panother hour or so, just let pthis line blow through. pweather conditions could improve pbefore that point. pthis is a very large pthunderstorm and i've been pwatching this very closely. pit's still a good maybe 70, 80 pmiles offshore so it does have ptime to weaken a bit but the pradar itself has been detecting pthe past 30 minutes or so just a psmidge of rotation within this articular cell and we know that pby looking inside the particular pstorm.
6:46 am
pthe radar to a different mode. pit's called a velocity mode. pwinds, red color winds moving paway from the radar and green pwill be toward the radar. pin the bottom left-hand corner pof your screen, there's a light pgreen color here. pthose are some strong winds, up pto 10,000 feet and it doesn't ptake much, especially when you pget the down drafts and the pthunderstorm to actually bring psurface. pat the very least, when this pmoves onshore, heavy rain, pthunder, lightning and gusty pwinds with that potential for an pisolated tornado so here is st. etersburg. pyou have bradenton, sarasota. pthis little bit waits offshore pbut it's rapidly moving to the peast and i suspect in the 7:00 phour, maybe late 7:00 hour for pthis cell to work its way ponshore. pone more time, your tornado pwatch includes areas to the
6:47 am
pand i think for the large part pof the day, the severe weather pthreat is going to be up in the pcarolinas. pespecially -- i mean, especially pto northeast north carolina. pthey run a moderate risk for pthat severe weather. pfor us it's going to be a quick pthunderstorm this morning, gusty pwinds, like the potential for psome severe weather but then pafter it moves through, the rest pof the day for us is going to be pokay. pit's warm, it's windy outside pright now. pno doubt there's some wind gusts pthat have been up to 30, 33 pmiles per hour. pthat's what we had in sarasota pwith that south wind. pafter this line moves through, pthe winds will shift to the psouthwest and then late today, pthey'll shift to the northwest pas we push the actual cold front pthrough the area and then pdramatic cooldown. pwe hit 80 degrees yesterday and pwe're talking about only hitting p60 for a high on friday so pobviously a big difference for
6:48 am
pmy big concern is this line of pthunderstorms getting ready to pmove through the area over the pnext couple of hours. pbehind it the weather does quiet pdown so morning storms, a few pstrong. pwindy in general, even behind pthis front as temps make it to pthe mid 70s. ptonight 52 the overnight low and ptomorrow, i struggle to make it pback in the mid 60s and i think pyou'll really feel the brunt of pthe cool air once we start pgetting into the morning hours pof friday. p49 degrees for a low. pthere's your high of only 60 for pfriday afternoon. pthen 44 on saturday, 45 on psunday. pagain, hang with us. pwe're not going anywhere until pthat whole line of storms clears pthe viewing area, vanessa. p>>vanessa: you'll be watching pthat very closely, dave. pthank you. p6:48 and right now we have a plook at 275 southbound. pwe have a driver reported paccident along busch boulevard. pwe haven't seen anything pofficial over f.h.p. and pscanning some fdot cameras of
6:49 am
pable to see anything in the way pof a crash but it looks pexceptionally slow for this time pof morning along southbound 275. p75 to i-4 is a 23 minute ride. pwe've been seeing travel times pfluctuate between yellow and pred. pit doesn't look like the delay pis letting up. pthe very least, you'll want to pleave early if you have to head pthis way, but it looks like you pshould see a few minutes between pthe stretch of bearss avenue and pbusch boulevard. ptake florida avenue in the psouthbound direction. pif you have to hop back on the pinterstate after that point, pthat will work well. pseminole drivers, reports of a pvehicle that's driven off the proadway and onto a pond. psounds like all of this is going pto be on the shoulder, certainly plaw. pthere are no injuries and the pdriver is out of that vehicle. pofficials with the tampa police pdepartment are saying that psomebody shined a laser into a ptimes.
6:50 am
ptaken place early this morning pnear columbus drive and nebraska pavenue. pthe pilots are okay and an early psearch effort for the suspect phas been called off. palso making headlines this pmorning, the weather could have pan impact on the rocket launch pat cap canaveral. pspace x is set to make another pattempt to land a rocket off the pcoast. pthe launch window opens around p6:30 tonight and right now pthere's a 40% chance that that plaunch will be scrubbed. pand an eaglet is recovering pafter it got caught on a cell ptower. pa woman noticed the baby bird phanging upside down at cortez pand of 66th street. pit's claw was caught in a clamp. pcrews got the bird down. pit has a broken bone and cuts pand a second eaglet got pfrightened and tried to fly off, pcrashed half a mile away. pthey're being treat in hopes of preuniting them with their
6:51 am
p>>russell: a chocolate recall. pwhy american chocolate lovers pcan rest easy. in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake, home of the original steakburger. life as spokesbox is great. people love me for saving them over half a grand when they switch to progressive. so i'm dabbling in new ventures. it was board-game night with the dalai lama. great guy. terrible player. go paperless don't stress, girl i got the discounts that you need it's a balancing act,
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more box. any words for the critics? what can i say? critties gonna neg. [ applause ] the what?! [ laughs ] again! r again! again! again! again? again! again! general mills is removing artificial flavors and colors from our cereals. so you can love cereal...
6:53 am
3 3 p>>russell: 6:53.
6:54 am
pgovernment's order to break the pencryption on a cell phone. p>>laura: and new this morning, pit turns out that's not the only pdevice the government is wanting phelp to crack. pjoining us is lauren simonetti. pgood morning. p>>reporter: that's right. pthat san bernardino terrorist hone owned by the company is pnot an isolated incident. precently unsealed court pdocuments show that the justice pdepartment wants information pfrom apple on 12 additional papple devices. pit heats up the issue of privacy pversus national security. pwe have folks coming out with pboth sides of the matter. pin another story, a major, pmajor, major recall that will pcost mars tens of millions of pchocolate bars. pmars chocolate bars, snickers, pmostly in europe, 55 different pcountries affected right now pbecause the candy bars can cause pa choking hazard. pa customer found red plastic
6:55 am
pher snickers bars in germany. precall. pon. ptalk later. pnetwork. pif you're not sure where to find pfox business, go to fox finder. pcharley belcher. pwhere are you? p>>charley: i was g pyou the theme of where i was. pif i say louie, this is the pbeginning of a beautiful pfriendship. p>>laura: casablanca. p>>charley: i wanted to give you pa few more like, here's looking pat you kid. lay it again, sam. phe never actually says play it pagain, sam. phe says, play it, sam. p
6:56 am
pi'm at plant high school. lant high school's chorus pdepartment is among the best of pthe best of the best and for 25 pyears, they've been doing a plittle cabaret musical review pthat they call rick's cafe pbecause they kind of transform pthe auditorium. pall sorts of entertainment pflowed in and out as well as pdoing that today. pjust the music. pmusic from kas casablanca. pit's music from all broadway pshows. pi going to be thursday, friday. pit's going to be a scary commute pso if you want to stay at home, pcall in sick and have some great pmusic, i have it for you. p>>russell: looking forward to pit. pwe need a little song and dance pthis morning. ptalk later, man. p>>laura: if you're just waking pup this morning, there's a
6:57 am
pbay area right now. p>>russell: dave is tracking the pstorms and vanessa is keeping an peye on roads as well. pa story that touched all of us pthis morning. pa group of fighters who surround pabused children. pwalter will introduce us to pextraordinary ordinaries at p7:00. p>>dave: tornado watch includes asco, hernando, citrus and psumter county until 10:00 this pmorning. pa line of rain moving onshore, pheavy rain in citrus and phernando county and we have some pstrong thunderstorms just to the psouthwest and still offshore. pall of this activity is quickly pmoving toward the coastline. pthere's your tornado watch after pthis line moves through. pit's going to be much cooler and pdrier. plook at the high temperatures
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
p3 happening right now: a tornado watch for part of our area. p>>russell: a tornado watch for art of our area. pthis storm system has already pleft a path of destruction from pflorida. psome is deadly. plet's get over to dave right now pfor the latest. p>>dave: we're at the tail end of pthe line of thunderstorm pactivity and now it's beginning pto work its way onshore. pwe talked about around sunrise pand citrus, hernando county pgetting the brunt of the heavier prain. pyou've got thunder, lightning, psome gusty winds so we'll be phoning in first on that articular spot and right along phighway 19 where again, the rain pis heavy. plightning and thunder, it's a pterrible start to the day but we pdo have some heavier cells poffshore of hernando and citrus pcounty. pi look at these and we have to pbe careful because even though pit doesn't look like much, you pcan always get just a sweet


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