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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  February 25, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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3 3 a big lie sets off an even bigger chain of events ... a woman tells police her c p>>laura: a big lie sets off a pbigger chain of events. pa woman says her car was stole pwith her young son inside. pnow as it turns out, he was okay pthe whole time. p>>russell: training for the pnightmare scenario. pactive shooter on the loose at a pschool, church, anywhere that pwe're all at the most pvulnerable. prules have changed since pcolumbine. pi'm russell rhodes. p>>laura: and i'm laura moody. pgood morning. ptop story this morning from the pgulf coast to new york city, we pare still dealing with the pdevastation caused by two days pof very severe weather. pdeadly line of thunderstorms pdelivered heavy rain and strong pwinds. plook at that.
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ptornado hit a small town, pdestroying dozens of homes. pfour people were killed. pincluding a 2-year-old boy. pthree others were killed by ptornados in louisiana and pmississippi tuesday night. p>>russell: and yesterday, a ptornado ripped through a pneighborhood in the harbor pheights area of charlotte pcounty. pthis is near port charlotte. pnearly 30 homes damaged nearby poff state road 776, u.s. 41, a psuntrust bank building was also pdamaged. ieces of the roof could be pspotted in the parking lot. pno one was seriously hurt. p>>laura: dave, you know, you pwere so busy yesterday, keeping pan eye on the storms and then eople were scared, a lot of pthem stayed home from work pyesterday. pthe storm is gone but likely pwon't be gone before there's panother one like it. p>>dave: no. pin fact, it looks like next pwednesday night to thursday pmorning. pthat's a long way away. pi'll not putting that in my mind puntil next week. plet's just continue to recover pfrom yesterday.
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pafternoon, we had the storms pfurther south which did cause psome damage. pnow what's left is a little pdrier air and windy conditions, ptoo. pwe're at 53 degrees. pwe're still dropping. pcame in, it was 58, 59, now back pto 53. p50 crystal river. p14 to 21 miles per hour wind so pwindy again today. pwind gusts close to 25, 28 miles pan hour in clearwater. pwe will have a little bit of psunshine but it's going to be a pstruggle today for temperatures. pmid 60s is not bad for high ptemperatures. plet's not go too crazy but it is p10 degrees below normal. pcolder than that for tomorrow. pwe'll touch on that in a few pminutes. pvanessa? p>>vanessa: good morning, dave. pyou show the wind map. pwe do have a travel advisory for pfolks crossing the sunshine pskyway bridge this morning. pwe do have an open bridge for pfolks, no delays to really preport but you might want to
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pdrive safely, hold on to the psteering wheel, be safe out pthere. p>>russell: this morning we hope pto hear the 911 call made by the pwoman who said that her p3-year-old son was in her car pwhen it was stolen. p>>laura: it turns out the child pwas safe the whole time and now pboth of his parents are in ptrouble. pshayla reaves is live outside of pthe clearwater police pdepartment. pwhat happened here? p>>reporter: good morning to you. olice are telling us that the p911 call and also the pinformation they got in those pwritten statements, that's what pmade the difference in this pcase. pwe're still working to get our phands on those 911 calls this pmorning but i want to take you pright to these mug shots for the arents involved in all of this. pyou're looking at the parent at
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p24-year-old angelica and pbadillo. pthey're accused of calling 911 pand filing a false police preport. olice were frantically psearching for the boy that was pnever married. pshe said she left her 3-year-old pson in the car, came out of her phouse and discovered the child pand car missing. pofficers tracked the vehicle, pthe driver crashed at 19 and pcurlew road. olice did not find a child, ponly the stolen car and a psuspect accused of taking it. plater investigators say she padmitted she made the story up pabout her son. pofficers found the child at a inellas park daycare. phere is what the parents had to psay after their arrest. p>> no comment. olice will take care of it. p>> until the truth comes out, pi'll just wait until i get my pturn in court. p>>reporter: now, nester said he
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punfolded and it's not the first ptime his car was stolen. pthe 3-year-old boy and his p4-year-old sister are now in ptheir grandparents' custody. pas for the driver of the stolen pcar, stevie gamble, junior, he's pbehind bars facing grand theft pauto, wreckless driving, driving pon a revoked or suspended plicense. pdrugs played some role in the pcase and we'll keep working pthroughout the morning to get pyou some additional information pand of course, those 911 calls pas soon as those are released. pback to you. p>>russell: talk later. pthank you. p6:05. olk county deputies arrest a pwoman after her long time pboyfriend was found dead in his phome. pnow while she's not charged with pmurder, they say it's only a pmatter of time before they get pthe evidence they need to pupgrade her charges. olice say she was the last erson to see her boyfriend,
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ptwo children today. ptima olice say she asked her brother pto help bury the body. phe refused. pinstead the woman's 19-year-old pdaughter found her stepfather's pbody the next day and she's the pone who called police. psheriff says she is charged with paccessory to first degree pmurder. p>>laura: it is 6:06 now. pthree pregnant women have tested ositive for the zika virus in pflorida. pall three cases are believed to pbe travel related. pofficials are not identifying pthe counties where the pregnant pwomen live. pa total of 32 cases have been preported in florida. pthree in hillsborough county. pflorida health officials want to pcontinue testing pregnant women, ptoo, and the new mothers. pit has been linked to a rare pbirth defect that can cause pbabies to have a small head and pbrain. pgovernor rick scott has asked pthe cdc for $250 additional
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pstate has used $255 tests since pthe start of the month. pthe department of health has pabout 1200 currently available. p>>russell: with super tuesday pnow just five days away, each of pdonald trump's rivals are trying pto prove that they're the one pwho could beat him. p>>laura: with each win, trump's pgrip tightens on the republican pnomination. pthe candidates are going on the pattack and walter allen has pmore. pgood morning, walter. p>>walter: good morning. pa special forum in houston, each pcandidate had a chance to take a pswing at trump. pthe gloves came off since trump pwasn't there to hit back. p>> well, listen. pthere's never been a candidate plike donald trump. pif you look national in the head pto head polls, donald pconsistently loses to hillary. pi consistently beat hillary. p>> we're not going to allow the pconservative movement to be pdefined by a nominee who isn't a pconservative. p>> do you know what a lot of eople say? pif i were to get out, donald
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pwould be the end of it. p>>walter: trump had a pconflicting event in virginia. pso far trump has swept three of pthe four states. pall five remaining candidates pwill face off tonight. pcnn and telemundo are hosting pdebate at the university of ptexas. platest polls give cruz a double phome lead in the state. pflorida, 99 delegates are at pstake. phillsborough county elections pofficials are setting up early pvoting sites. pthat runs from february 29 pthrough march 13. pvoter's primary is march 15. p>>laura: thank you. pindependent mind and pworld really works. pthose are just a few of the ptraits that president obama is pscalia. pone name getting a lot of ptraction is the nevada governor. phe's a republican. pbefore he was governor, he was a
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pattorney general. phe was also the first latino pcandidate elected to statewide poffice in nevada. phe has not said whether he would paccept the job if offered but paccording to "the washington ost," he's willing to hear if pthe president asks. p>>russell: scary, scary words. pcolumbine, sandy hook, san pbernardino, names burned in our pmemories. phow law enforcement agencies ptrain to respond to those pnightmare scenarios. p>>laura: could the right job pmake you more attractive to the popposite sex? ptinder has come up with a list pof the most right swiped rofessions. p>>russell: and aren't you glad pwe're out of that mess? pspace x is hoping for better pweather after scrubbing pyesterday's rocket launch. pwe'll tell you when they're lanning to try again. p>>laura: you have no idea. p>>dave: sun will be up in less pthan an hour. pin fact, about 6:59 or so. pif you look real closely, you're
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plooking down kennedy and at pleast from this vantage point, pwe have clear skies and 53 pdegrees with brisk pnorth-northwest winds. pso how do you dress the kids? pwell, even though temperatures pare running pretty close to pnormal this morning, we are plooking at temperatures to be in pthe mid 60s for highs this pafternoon. peven cooler for tomorrow. pso don't go away u the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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3 3 yesterday's bad weather forced space-x to p>>russell: yesterday's bad pweather forced space x to ostpone the launch of a falcon pnine rocket at the cape. pgoing to try again today. pthe company is attempting to pland part of the rocket on a pfloating platform in the patlantic. plast three attempts ended in pfailure. plaunch window opens at 6:46 p.m. pwe'll be watching. p>>laura: hey, dave. pwhat's going on? pa little lighter morning for you ptoday, i think. p>>dave: i know. pit's much milder. pdo you know what's interesting, pthough? pright at 10:00, they cancelled pthe tornado watch and then i go phome and my phone just starts plighting up with all of these pwarnings and it's like, wow. pso you have more stuff in the
6:14 am
pin the afternoon that turned out pto be stronger than the morning. p>>laura: i've never had a pgreater appreciation for our app pthan i did yesterday. p>>russell: dellagado talks to me pway too much. p>>dave: when you're in your car pand you're listening to music pand a warning comes out, you're pnot going to know, right? punless you have that. pso it's like the one time you pwant paul yelling at you, right? p>>russell: that's right. p>>dave: el nino warning has been poff course as advertised. pwe've had severe weather and pthis was just kind of eery as pthis -- another tornado moves pthrough the town of duette. pnow, remember that was the same ptown that unfortunately lost a pcouple of lives last month in a ptornado. pthis time it touched down in an popen field. pvisual confirmation thankfully pno damage. pwhen you go to charlotte county, pnear deep creek, this was a much plarger circulation.
6:15 am
pdown to the ground at the same ptime so you can see just by plooking at the radar that this pwas stronger. pthis was an ef 1 tornado, 97 pmile-per-hour winds estimated pthere from the weather service. p33 homes damaged. pfive major damage and eight pvehicles picked up and moved. pthankfully no serious injuries pbut it could have been a lot pworse. pthese were the two confirmations pthat we had yesterday plus some pother minor wind reports that pcame in but obviously it was pmuch worse further to the north pin the carolinas and virginia. pthis morning behind the front, pit's still windy. ptemperatures are manageable. pwe're at 53. ptampa, new tampa, wesley chapel, pthere's one spot, inverness has pgotten below 50 degrees. pi think crystal river goes below p50. pcoming up soon as well, some pcolder air continues to pour in. pnow, thankfully the sun will be pup in less than 45 minutes. pthat will help a little bit but pit's still going to be a much
6:16 am
p56 in bradenton. pmid 50s for you in highlands pcounty. pand in brandon, actually crystal priver, okay, 22 degrees colder pthan it was yesterday at this ptime. pbrandon 20, tampa 19. pit is a noticeable difference poutside this morning versus pyesterday. pand that wind is not helping. p20 to 28 mile-per-hour wind pgusts but believe it or not, pthis is better. pwhen i first came in, there were pwinds gusting 33, 35 miles per phour. pso windy will be the theme of ptoday as we get a little psunshine to mix in. pwe'll see a few cold air clouds pstreaming through from time to ptime. pbut with that colder air moving pin, even though the sun is ptrying to warm us up, the net presult keeps our temperatures prunning about 10 degrees below pnormal. pas i mentioned before, we're in plate february now so 10 degrees pbelow normal is not all that pbad. p64 for a high temperature.
6:17 am
pyou're going to wake up tomorrow pmorning, go much cooler, 49 for pthe overnight low. plower 40s expected to the north pand then sunshine and punseasonably cool air tomorrow. p62 for a high temperature. pyeah, that's well, well below pnormal this time of year. pby sunday we're gorgeous pweather, near 70. pdoesn't get back to normal until ptuesday. panother front looks to threaten pus with rain, strong storms pwednesday into thursday of next pweek. pvanessa? p>>vanessa: thank you. pwe're at 6:17. ptaking a look at pinellas county palong 275, we were monitoring pthe cam radio here at 38th pavenue north. pthere was some construction that pit was pointing towards with plane blocks and looks like pthat's cleared out. pwe have smooth sailing for folks phitting the roads in this area. pheading southbound through the pstretch, 375 coming towards inellas bayway, four minute pride.
6:18 am
p75 northbound and i-4 westbound pas well. p>>dave: 6:17. pare you lucky in love? pmaybe you have the wrong job. p>>laura: tinder has come up with pthe most attractive jobs for men pand women and according to jen, pwe are in luck or at least prussell is. p>>russell: oh, really? p>>jennifer: you are, russell. plucky in love. paccording to tinder, tv ersonalities are the fifth most pright swiped men on the app. psadly, same is not true for pwomen. plaura and i are out of luck. pwho cares? pwe're spoken for, right? pall right. pso here is a look at the top pfive most attractive jobs for pmen on tinder. ilots, go figure, number one. pfounder or entrepreneur, number ptwo. pfirefighters are number three. pand of course, tv and radio ersonalities at number five and
6:19 am
prhodes, how handsome he is. pwomen, physical therapists, pinterior designers second pfollowed by entrepreneurs, ublic relations jobs are fourth pand teachers round out the top pfive. pand probably could have guessed pthis one. pmodels are in the top 10 for pboth men and women. ptinder says million of users phave added professions to their rofiles since they made the poption a few months ago and they psay people who link their jobs pare more likely to find passion. pyou stud, russell rhodes. p>>laura: you're so right pswipable. p>>russell: do you and i yet know pwhat it means? p>>laura: on tinder, if you right pswipe, they go into your ortfolio. pif you're left swiped, then pyou're out. pi'm just glad we're out of the pright swipe generation. p>>russell: i won't be doing a
6:20 am
p>>laura: seminole hard rock pcasino taking a big gamble on pmale surfers. p>>russell: coming up, alcides psegui is going to tell us if phe's got what it takes. lus a big dog with a large pamount of patience. phe's the perfect patient as his ptiny human practices her pdoctoring skills.
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pthey put hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. think about it
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3 3 it's time to see what's clicking on the web. p>>laura: all right. ptime to see what's clicking on pthe web this morning. p>>russell: taylor katz in the pstudio with hot clicks. p>>taylor: good morning. pa trip to the doctor, it's one pwe don't always like to make. pthat is, unless it goes a little psomething like it does in our pfirst hot click. ptake a look at this. p>> he is really sick. p>> he is a patient, huh? p>> yes. pare you checking her ears? pbe careful.
6:24 am
p>>taylor: how cute is this? pnala, a gentle giant of a dog pjust sits patiently as her young phow many goes through a complete pcheckup with her set doctor ptoys. p>>russell: adorable. p>>laura: it's like a person. pa thermometer, checking the pears. pseriously just like a person, pvery gentle. pand then at the end, brooklyn pgives her a big hug. pthe whole thing, there it is. pyay. p>>russell: good, good. p>>taylor: so cute. pnext up we have an endearing hoto that's getting tons of pattention online. pit was shared by the popular pfacebook page called love what pmatters. pit claims to show a husband pkindly helping his wife pick out pthe perfect shade of makeup. pall right. pso in the caption, it says in art, she was having a girl pmoment in a panic, struggling to
6:25 am
phe calmed her down, helped her pfind her color and kissed her on pthe forehead. pit was a simple way to show how pbig his love was for her. pa reminder the body grows old pbut the heart doesn't have to. phow sweet is that? p>>russell: i can't talk right pnow. p>>taylor: so sweet. plastly, for a final hot click, pwe have a little pup who can't pquite figure out how the big pdogs walk on the treadmill. phis name is bandit. phe's a rescue pit bull, just padorable. pthis guy has got it. phe was like, yes. pand this guy is like, no. p>>russell: good ones today. p>>taylor: we'll be voting, you pguys. p>>russell: that's right. pit's thursday. p>>laura: the golf course is pdamaged by yesterday's severe pweather.
6:26 am
phow the storm affected the pclub's residential gator. p>>russell: and a frightening psituation. pthe threat is the same.
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prespond to an active s (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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p>>dave: almost 6:30. pa gorgeous start to the day. phowever, calmer and still windy poutside. pthose north-northwest winds with pthis vantage point about 14 pmiles per hour. pevery once in a while we stream pclouds through today. plakeland 54 with the northwest pwind at 17. pthe winds have been pretty gusty
6:30 am
pthe strongest i've seen this pmorning has been 33 miles per phour. pi do expect windy conditions to plast throughout the day today as pwell as the cooler air settling pin. pso high temps will make their pway back to the mid 60s for ptoday. pvanessa, how are things on the proads? p>>vanessa: quiet which is good pfor folks getting up and getting pout the door right now. p6:30 is the time. pwe have a look in the area of olk parkway and i-4 and we do phave volumes picking up in this parea, still looking pretty clear pas far as those travel times. pheading from this point going ptowards that 75 exit is just a p17 minute ride right now. p>>laura: thank you. psome of our top stories this pmorning, clearwater police say a pwoman called 911 to say that her p3-year-old son was in the car, pin her car when it was stolen. pall the while, he was safe in a inellas park daycare. olice did end up finding the pcar but only after it crashed pand the man behind the wheel was parrested.
6:31 am
pangel ica and her boy friend padmitted they were lying the pwhole time. pit's not clear why. pbadillo bonded out of jail an phour ago. pthey were charged with calling p911 and filing false reports. pthe boy is with his grandparents palong with his sister. p>>russell: a former animal pcontrol worker is accused of pstealing thousands in donation pmoney. pthe office manager at the bishop panimal shelter until she was pfired pfired. pshe took more than $66,000. pshe faltered the books to show pless cash coming in by omitting padoption fees. p>>laura: new images from myakka ines golf club. pthis is the story we were ptalking about a moment ago. powners claim a small tornado ptouched done yesterday, whipping ptrees around. pthere was even n alligator ptrying to swim into a drainage
6:32 am
pyou might remember that in pnovember of last year, two pgators fought each other on the psame course. premember that picture? p>>russell: the seminole hard prock in tampa is making some phistory and breaking gender pbarriers. p>>laura: for the first time pever, they are hiring mail -- pmale servers. pit's a story raising eyebrows. p>>russell: it's cool. pi think. p>>laura: i didn't realize that pgender differentiation was pthere. p>>russell: p>>reporter: absolutely. pit's been going on many years. pvegas is the same situation for pmany of the casinos. pdo you know what? pthis is a big move for the hard prock. pyou know, as we mentioned. pwaitresses have been at the pcenter of casinos for many pyears. pthe fact they're making this pmove is a very big move and you pknow, the times are changing and
6:33 am
pseeing. paccording to the executives phere, more than 50% of the pcustomers that walk into that pcasino are women so obviously pthis change targets those pguests. phard rock is planning to hire 50 pmen as servers on the casino pfloor as a first on the roperty. pit currently employs 170 drink pserves pservers, all women. pthey want to expand the amount pof services on the casino floor pso they need to hire more pemployees. pthey held a job fair and preceived several job papplications. pit's not the only casino for pmale servers. pin atlanta city, new jersey they pmade this move. pthey'll wear boots, black pants, pbutton down shirt and red pundershirt as well. pit's meant to watch the -- match pthe waitresses. pthey're paid $3.25 an hour plus
6:34 am
pcurrently hiring for those ositions. pcoming up a little later, we phope to speak with the public prelations person at the hard prock to get a better idea of who pand when they're hoping to fire. psooner rather than later. p>>laura: it makes sense. pall right. pthank you. plast night governor scott signed pa series of bills, including pones that bans backyard gun pranges. pthe bill bans the recreational puse of firearms on residential roperty when other homes are pnearby. pissue caused a stir last year in pst. petersburg. pjoseph gallaradi built a gun prange in his backyard. pneighbors caught wind and they pwere not happy. phe eventually took it apart, pthough, when he was offered a pfree gun range membership. pthe new law specifically states pthat property owners can still pfire a gun to protect themselves por their property. pviolating the ban is punishable pup to a year in jail and a p$1,000 fine. pit goes into effect july 1. p>>russell: it's 6:34 and this
6:35 am
prepresentative patrick neveb pintroduced a bill that would pallow guns in colorado schools. phe is a survivor of the pcolumbine high school shooting pand says more of his friends pwould still be alive today if pmore good people had guns. pthe bill will allow teachers pwith concealed weapons permits pto carry weapons on school pgrounds. pthis happens far too often in a pschool, in a movie theater, psomeone pulls a gun and just pstarts shooting. pit's called an active shooter pand in just a few minutes, lives pare lost, changed forever. plaw enforcement trains for this pterrible scenario. pand how they train has changed pbecause of one tragedy. pthat one we were just talking pabout. p>> when you think of an active pshooter situation, this one pcomes to mind. pthe columbine high school pshooting in 1999. pfor law enforcement, columbine pchanged everything. p>> before it was considered a ptactical situation. pactive shooter, tactic which pmeans you let the people who
6:36 am
pcome respond to that type of psituation which, in essence, pmeant a swat team, a tactical punit. pafter columbine, you want to ptalk about a change. pnow we've changed where everyone phas become a tactical deputy pofficer that you get there and pyou get there as fast as you can pand you get in there and stop pthat threat. pour main focus is to stop that pthreat and preserve life. p>> door right. pdoor left. p>>russell: and that's why they ptrain. pat the tactical training site, phillsborough county deputies ptrain for active shooter pscenarios. pthis building is used for ptraining for every deputy. pchanged. pno deputy will have the same pscenario. peven experienced deputies come phere to train. p>> no matter what kind of guns pwe give them, what kind of ammo pwe give them, there's still a phuman being operate that go pweapon. pwe have to train that person and pthe way we do it, we expose them
6:37 am
pwhile they're going through the ptraining process, they can pformulate that plan so when they pget to an active situation, pthey're like, i've seen that pbefore. pi've seen something similar to pthat. p>>russell: no one wants another pcolumbine, sandy hook or san pbernardino pbernardino. pthe reality is it will happen pagain and the hillsborough pdeputies must be ready for it. pso much to think about in very plittle time. p>> who is the good guys? pwho is the bad guys? pwho has weapons? pwho is your shooter? phow many bad guys are there? pyou're processing this pinformation as you're trying to pdo it as quickly as you can to pgo stop the shooter. p>>russell: another thing to pthink about here is the length pof time involved. pan active shooter can be in, do ptheir damage and be out or kill pthemselves just a matter of pminutes. pand while law enforcement will pget there, what can we do to rotect ourselves until they do?
6:38 am
pthat tomorrow whether you run, pfight. pwe'll have that tomorrow. p>>laura: scary to even think pabout. p>>russell: i'm the same way. p>>laura: you said when you were pthere, i was talking to you when ptraining center was. pthe walls move. p>>russell: they can completely pchange that building so that plike if a deputy had been going pthrough the year before and they pturned right, now they might phave to turn left. pyou see a guy walking backwards. pyou have to think. pyou have to think. p>>laura: all right. pcoming up, dave has a much more leasant looking forecast on the pway. pit gets cooler today, too. pthen teaching kids to speak.
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p>>dave: top 'o the morning to pyou again. pwhat a beautiful start to the pday we have. pwe've got sunshine, we'll see a plittle cloud cover with that psunshine but as far as our ptemperatures go, we're pretty pclose to normal. pi'll be it they're going the pwrong way but 53 degrees from pwest chase, new tampa, plant pcity and even the tampa pinternational area, 53 degrees. psun city center. pas you go north, it does cool a plittle bit to 48-degree range paround inverness, 50 in pbushnell, 50 in crystal river, p52 in brooksville. pmid to upper 50s south of tampa palong the coastline and then olk county, in the low to mid p50s this morning. pif you compare this to yesterday pat this time, the rains are pcoming through, wow. pup 20 degrees cooler in brandon pthis morning. p20 degrees cooler in wesley pchapel. pthat will show you how warm pyesterday morning was. pour temps right now are close to pwhere they should be for this
6:43 am
pcrystal river, 22 degrees colder pthan yesterday morning at 6:42. pour winds ranging from seven to p21 miles per hour. pespecially along the coastline, pyou have the double digit winds pcoming in and out of the pnorthwest. povernight that did generate some pcool air clouds which filtered pin from time to time. pwhile many of us were enjoying pbeautiful, sunshiny start to the pday, you see cold air clouds phere in the gulf and a few of pthose will slide in as the day pmoves along. pno biggie. pwe'll get enough sunshine. pwe'll need the sunshine today pbecause colder air is pushing in pfrom the north, be dragged down pthrough the state so while the psun is warming us up, you have pdrier air aloft. pit's actually going to be a pdecent day. pthe colder air is trying to pknock our temperature down and pthat's why i think today we paverage it out to the mid 60s. pnow, reinforcing cool air comes pin tonight.
6:44 am
pto get back in the 40s for povernight lows. pso honestly, we're going punseasonably cool for the next pfew days and in fact, our ptemperatures don't get back to pnormal, mid 70s until the pbeginning of next week. pbut still, i mean, other than pthe overnight lows, temps aren't pgoing to be all that bad. pyou will be breezy today with 64 pdegrees for a high. pyes, jackets, tonight 40s for povernight lows and then ptomorrow, probably the coolest phigh temperature of the next pseven days. p62 for a high temperature. pbut we should have a lot of psunshine and a pretty day. pjust stand right in the sun and pit will be a few degrees warmer. pnorthwest winds, 15 to 20 knots. pboaters, not today. pwe've got high surf advisory, pyou've got the rip current pissues again. pthose will both subside tonight. plow tide at 9:22 this morning. phigh tide at 3:30 this pafternoon.
6:45 am
psee that slower, steady work up pthe ladder again. p69 on saturday and then we get pthe nice, comfy 70s back for pmonday into tuesday. pvanessa? p>>vanessa: sounds good, dave. pthank you. pabout to switch over to 6:45. plet's get a look at 275. plooks pretty clear out here poverall as far as the crashes pwe're dealing with in the bay parea. pwe do have a few here and there pbut none of them block any planes. pso far, so good out there. pthis is a live look near the pmlk, junior boulevard entrance pramp. pwe have volumes picking up and pbecause of that, we have things pslowing down a little bit. pit looks like we have relatively pnormal conditions as far as the pcongestion is concerned. pwe're up to 16 minutes bearss pavenue to i-4. psouthbound direction of 275, we pdo have some yellow travel times pto show you on 75. pthat is absolutely unusual but pdoesn't look alarming as far as pwhat we're seeing here. pbruce b downs boulevard heading psouth to i-4, the folks who are ptravelling westbound coming from
6:46 am
pinterchange, your travel times pright now about 13 minutes. phere as we head into 6:46, we pwant to say good morning to pcharley belcher. pi haven't seen you in awhile. p>>charley: sorry. pyeah. pthe lights just came on. psuddenly it feels like a circus. pyes, vanessa. pyou've been busy, dave has been pbusy, wacky weather this week, pall kinds of traffic issues. pfor some reason i was following plauren simonetti which i should pbe her opening act, really. pi should never follow lauren psimonetti. pso yeah, it's nice to be back pchatting with you. pi'm in a wonderful place today. pi love being under the big top. pthis is probably where i belong. pi should have just runway and pjoined the circus as a wee lad pbut that's all right. pi'm in sarasota just -- let me pask you this. phave you been to the new
6:47 am
p>>vanessa: no. pi've been kind of avoiding -- plucas has family in the area and pthey're like, the traffic there pis a little tricky. p>>charley: you would know. pyou would know. pit's humongous. pit's been open about a year. pwe're right at exit 213 of i-75 pand it's ginormous. pit's a big, big shopping -- no pmalls like to be called a mall pbut it's a mall. pit's giant and magnificent. pcircus sarasota, this is where pthey put up the big tent this pyear so it's great visibility pright off i-75. ponce you get off exit 213, you phave to wind through university ptown center to get to the big ptop but you can't miss it. pit's gorgeous. ponce here, the best of the best pcircus performers from around pthe world kind of come together pfor circus sarasota so it's the
6:48 am
pcome together for this very pspecial show. pit's tonight, it's tomorrow pnight, a couple of shows on psaturday, another show on psunday. pyou want to get your tickets, pgood family fun. pdeath defying acts. pthis is the wheel of death. pthe show is called -- you want pto see me -- do you want to see pme in the wheel of death? phere we go. pi was in the wheel of death. pthe show is called red, white pand fellow. pask russell rhodes about fellow pknock. phis daughter broke a world precord on this very site this pweek. pit's going to be a fun day at pcircus sarasota. p>>vanessa: you look good under pthose lights. pthat's cool. pall right. psee you, charley belcher. p>>laura: 6:48 now. pflorida senate voted to rebury pthe student whose remains were pfound at the notorious dozier
6:49 am
pthat school was closed in 2011. pformer students had accused pschool officials of physical and psexual abuse. pmore than 50 bodies were found pat the site. pyoung bald eagle died after it pgot stuck on a cell tower in pbradenton. paccording to busch gardens, the peagle had no nerves in their plegs. panother eagle was hurt when it ptries to fly away while crews ptried to save its sibling. pit is recovering at a wildlife pcenter and then high school pstudents could soon take pcomputer coding for a second planguage. pstudents are required to take pforeign language for two years pto graduate and the bill heads pto the florida house. pif it passes, it would take peffect for the 2018-2019 school pyear. prussell? p>>russell: coming up, apple pworking on a new phone. pit is designed to be much harder pto hack.
6:50 am
pon your facebook feed yet? pnew icons are giving the like pbutton a little competit some people don't like to share their wifi, but at bright house networks, we do. login to one of our hotspots and get your code for free wifi at over 50,000
6:51 am
6:52 am
3 3 3 new this p>>laura: welcome back. p6:52 now.
6:53 am
pnew iphone that is even harder pto hack. p>>russell: new security measures pcould make it impossible for the pgovernment to break into a plocked iphone. pjoining us from the fox business psimonetti. phow does it work? p>> make it even impossible for papple's engineers to modify the hone to hack into it. pthis comes from a report from p"the new york times." papple is frustrated. pi understand how. pthey don't want to give up the rivacy of users so apparently, preportedly, they're working on pthe unhackable device pcompletely. pif we move in this direction, pyou know, eventually become a pdevice you can't get into, just pa word to the user. pusually when you have something pwith so many features on, it it pruns slower a little more pclunky. pi'll -- i'm not saying that pwould happen but if this device pcomes out, it could happen. p>>laura: we've been talking pabout that a lot lately. plet's move on to something a plittle lighter.
6:54 am
ushing a few new buttons. pwe have the reaction of the new pemojis. p>> my reaction, meh. pthere are five others. plove, ha, ha, wow, sad and angry pin addition to the traditional pthumbs up showing that you like psomething. pfacebook is adding these five pnew emojis because sometimes pit's a sad post or a post that pelicits a following other than pthe like. pnow you can choose these other plook. pi get it but people are pwhoa. pwe need a button for this and we pneed a button for that so it's a plittle clunky, i think. p>>russell: i have to think about pthis awhile. peyes? p>> that would be great. pwe have to go. ptalk later, all right? p>> bye. p>>laura: don't miss lauren psimonetti on our sister network pstation.
6:55 am
pthe fox business network, log on pto fox and look for pchannel finder. pthe final season of the american pidol is getting down to the pfinal. p>>russell: we have a look at who phas already been cut. p>> this is one of the people pthat we thought for sure had to pgo through. pdalton. p>> the judges kicked off pwednesday's show with a bang, icking only four of the premaining 14 contestants to move pdirectly into the top 10. p>> we were pretty much solid. pwe knew like one, two, three, pfour and number five, there were psupposed to be five tonight and pamerica was supposed to pick pfive. pwhen we got to that point, i was plike, i want this one. pi want this one. pi want that one. pjust became too much of a deal. pwe couldn't decide. p>> there's a lot of diversity in pterms of style, but i think i poverheard keith saying there's a plot to like. p>>russell: p>> getting the good news early
6:56 am
p>> i don't have words. plike i was just -- i was pstunned. pi was stunned, in the moment. pi couldn't believe it. p>> i thought it was a really pmean joke they were playing on pme. pthen it wasn't. p p>> the rest of the hopefuls will phave to fight for the six premaining spots for the first ptime since the competition pstarted. pamerica will get to weigh in pthis week, picking who gets to pmove on and who gets sent home pbased on the singer's erformance. p p>> everybody did really well ptonight. pi really feel like out of the p10, there was like eight like pblew me away. p>> you'll find out thursday when pamerica's votes are tallied and
6:57 am
pfor the american idol crown. p>>russell: tonight idol comes pfull circle. pthe original, kelly clarkson is pback and she will perform one of pher hits. pstarts at 8:00 right here on fox p13. pa picture drawn by a 6-year-old pfrom sarasota getting a lot of pattention. psee what it has to do with marco prubio. p>>laura: the link between pexercise and your child's pgrades. pdogs and cats are so 2015. pthen the future is this. pcan you see it? pnot really. pyou will next hour. pstay with us. pthere it is. pjennifer epstein explains the pfascination and the care behind pmini pigs at 7:00. p>>dave: 6:57. pa breezy outside this morning. psun will be out in a minute and pa half. pthat's great. p52, 53 degrees as you walk out pthe door today. pwe're anticipating temperatures
6:58 am
pit's going to be below normal pbut you know what? pa lot better than (vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru,
6:59 am
7:00 am
3 3 ((russell- 3 3 ((russell- a big lie. p>>russell: a big fat lie. ptelling police that your child pis missing, the chain of events pthat were revealed and an palleged coverup involving bay pcare parents. p>>laura: and driver pdistractions. pthe risk of crashing, why pthere's a good chance you're pbuilty of something. p>>russell: hog wild. pit's the new pet craze. pjen will join us with why micro igs may be the perfect pcompanion. p>>laura: a face only a mother pcan love.


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