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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 9AM  FOX  February 25, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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health-care insurance for all. including p well he was health supposed pto hale care insurance for peverybody including thieves. pdwr a report now says obamacare pcosting taxpayers millions in pfraud. p>> and mixing genres of music pcreating unique sound. phe's live here in our studio. p>> wow. p>> wow. pi radar good thursday morning peverybody i'm laura moody. pdave. pi got to tell you something i pwas when we all left here pyesterday, i kind of thought the pweather was done and we got panother dose p>> actual front hadn't come pthrough now prefrontal now big pstorms yesterday. pnow we've got clouds. pthese clouds ant going ren rate prain p>> not in more. p>> these strat cumulus clouds. pi know whaer thp these are cold pair clouds, russell. p>> 57 degrees is colder air
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pwhat you were thinking mid to pupper 50s to start. pthing is northwest winds, 14 to p20 miles per hour. pdraining in that cold air. pthat will keep us in the mid 60s pfor high today's. pcolder tomorrow though. pas we start in the 40s, and pfinish in the lower 60s. p>> vanessa. pall right dave, after relatively pquiet morning it seems like pwe're starting to get busy on proadway within last 30 minutes por so. pwe do have few crashes with lane pblockage report i'm just going pextort off here with more pserious one in tampa area. pwe've reports of a dump truck pthat hit a utility pole causing pground. pat this time. phillsborough county sheriff's poffice that they like drivers to pavoid that area. pi am watching the chopper shots pright now. pscene. pbut we'll keep you posted when pthey do get on scene meantime a plook from a viewer along 75 psouthbound near state road 54. pwe have some lane blockage here pafter a truck overturned.
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pdirection, we do have some pdelays. phere we go. pskyfox by the way, finally pgetting on scene here 50th and pcauseway by the way. plooks like we still have that pdump truck there in the middle pof the roadway still working a pclear watch this for you and pkeep you posted. p all right vanessa, thank pyou. pobamacare, it was a supposed to phealth insurance. pand it has. p>> but like with anything good pthere are people who want to pabuse it. pand new report from the pnonpartisan government paccountability office says that pthe feds are not doing much of panything to stop it. pfox 13's walter allen is here pnow with more. p>> good morning there laura goa psays federal government is assive when it comes to otential fraud of obamacare. pso what's at stake in billions pof taxpayer dollars. phere's the issue. preport says there were 431 pthousand priksz for health pinsurance that had pinconsistencies meaning pinformation provided on the papplications does not match with pthe different government pagencies have.
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pmarital status or size of the pfamily? pwhen this happens the person is poffered insurance and given pseveral months to correct the roblems. pbut, when they are girn pinsurance they are also given psubs si des government pays part remium for 431 thousands papplications that have problems por subs si des cost government. ptaxpayer $1.7 billion. pthe report continued to say that pobamacare didn't have any fail psafes anyway to follow-up to revent fraudulent applications. pnow other issue the report found pthere are possibly 22,000 pinmates. p22 inmates that apply for health pinsurance and receive subs si pdes inmates are not eligible for paffordable healthcare act. pthe now question is, what where pdid that money gore? pthat leads to another 68 million pquestions. plaura. pall right walter that's not only pbad news for obamacare either. psix states are now suing the pgovernment. pthey have an issue with health pinsurance providers fee.
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pand states to cover the subs si pdes that help pay for premiums. pthe suit is asking for an pinjunction to that rule asking pfor a refund to what's already pbeen paid. pthe legal papers say the fee is pexpected to bring between 13 and p$15 billion over the next ten pyears. p one major crises facing this pcountry right now is use heroin. pgrowing use of heroin mayor pithaca, new york proposed punconventional plan to combat pheroin overdose and use. phe wants to open a supervised pinjection facility. pit would allow users to shoot up pwhile being monitored by phealthcare professionals and pwithout the fear of being parrested. pthere are already sites like pthese in can and europe first of pits kind in u.s. pcritics say all it would do is penable drug users. pit was win for pro-life movement pin louisiana. pa federal appeals court upheld a pnew state law mandating all
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padmitting privileges at a local phospital. pthe backers say this is a safety pmeasure. pbut the critics say this is just panother way to make a more pdifficult to get an abortion. ro-choice reporters say if this plaw goes into effect it will pclose all clinics in the state. pcenter for reproductive rights pis now asking the united states psupreme court to block the pruling. pand by the way the florida plegislature is moving a bill pthat would also mandate abortion pdoctors have those hospital rivileges. p>> well it was certainly an pintense scene yesterday pafternoon. pif you get alerts on your phone pyou probably saw it a frantic psearch for toddler inside a pstolen car. pbut in a twist of events the olice later discovered that the pmom was not telling the truth. pthat child was never missing. pand new this hour the mom pinvolved in all of this is out pof jail and talking. pshayla reeves is with us with
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p>> reporter: hi, good morning to pyou, russell. pthis is new video just in tour pnewsroom this morning. pi want to show thank you to you phere shortly we were there this pmorning as angelica walked out pof the pinellas county jail. pnow she was behind bars arrested pjust yesterday charged with pfiling a false police report and pmisusing 911. pthis morning she spoke with preporters, photographers as she pwalked out of the jail. pshe was accused of telling olice her child and vehicle pwere stolen and ones people got pup with that vehicle there was pno child inside at all. pin fact, we learn she reportedly precanted her original story. phere's what she told crews out pin the field this morning. p>> my mom wasn't worried she pknew where my son was the whole ptime? pthe whole time. p>> person was stalking me. pin order to get my vehicle i ptold them my child was in the pcar. p>> didn't you think people would
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p>> last night we did have a pchance to speak with her mother pwho said the whole ordeal she pdescribed it as awful and just pwanted to see her grandkids pagain. pultimately those grandkids were preleased into her custody. pauthorities found the children pafter hours of investigating. pthey located the 3-year-old boy pand 4-year-old sister at inellas county day care. pso, we will continue to follow pthis story and keep you posted a pwe learn more. pauthorities have told us that pthe man accused of taking that pvehicle is behind bars as well. pfacing multiple charges as well pas the father of the child. phe is behind bars this morning pwas behind bars has since bonded pout and facing charges as well pfor misusing 911 andless at pfiling of false police report. pwe'll keep you posted a we learn pmore. pauthorities saying that lastly pthat drugs may have a played a prole in this case. pwe'll continue to keep you osted a we gather further
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pi'm sorry it was really punderstand what that woman was psaying. pwhat did she say? pthat sound bite can you tell me pwhat she was saying? p>> yes. pa portion of that she said that pher mother knew where those pchildren were the whole time. p>> that's what i thought i pheard. p>> at this point it sounds, pyeah. pit sounds like she was saying pher mother knew the children pwere in the day care during this pentire ordeal. pokay. pall right. pjust needed to clarify that a plittle bit because it was really phard to hear shayla thank you, pwe'll talk later. p>> all right. p>> thank you. p>> it is 9:08 now. pyou know old wives tale a strong pbody leads to strong mind if pyou're physically fit you have pan active healthy brain too. pnow an interesting study out of pnetherlands. pin this month's journal ediatrics. pthey found that there is a link pbetween test scores and active plearning. presearchers found children plearned by activity.
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pspelling tests than the students pthat learned the old fashioned pway. pwith just books and pencils. pwhat does that mean? p>> well it meant when learning ptwo times 4 equals 8 for example pthey would jump in place eight ptimes. pand they elled do the same for pspelling jumping up and down for peach letter. p>> the researcher are noft sure pwhy students learn better during pactivities they are encouraged pby the results they say. premember, this was done in the pnetherlands. pamerican science tists are not sure pit also worth noting this study pwas done upper middle class pschool and again they are not psure how something would do in plower socioeconomic school. psince those children have more pchallenges then their middle pdifference. pinteresting though. preally interesting. pall right training for around psituation they hope will never phappen. pcoming up next i'm going to go pbehind the scenes with phillsborough county deputies and pwith how they train for an pactive shooter. pyou got to see this.
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pchanges coming to the hard rock. pmen getting equal rights to be pservers. pand charley, you did it, man pamazing. pit was something. pnever seen anything like it. punbelievable. p>> yeah. pnever doing that again. pi'm too old for this. pmagical. pyou talk about you talk about pstrong bodies and healthy bodies plaura moody. pwait until you get a load of ell greene brothers and what pthese guys can do. plook at the guns on that dude. plook at that. pwhen we come circus sarasota the
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p this week colorado state prepresentative patrick 9/11 pintroduced a bill that would pallow guns in colorado schools. phe is survivor of the columbine phigh school shooting he says pmore of his friends would still pbe alive today if more people, pmore good people had guns. pthe bill would allow teachers pwith concealed weapons permits pto carry weapons while on school pgrounds. pyou know, dave this happens far ptoo often in school movie ptheater. psomeone pull as begun they just pstart shooting they call it an pactive shooter in just a few pminutes person's life is gone oh pcertainly changed forever. plaw enforcement local law
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pand they changed how they train pthanks to that one scenario, pthat one horrible tragedy we pwere just talking about. p>> when you think of an active pshooter situation, this one pcomes to mind. pthe columbine high school pshooting in 1999. pfor law enforcement columbine pchanged everything. p>> before it was considered patactical situation. pactive shooter tactical. pwhich means you let people who ptrain for tactical scenarios to pcome, you know come respond to pthat type of situation. pwhich in essence meant s.w.a.t. pteam some type of tactical unit pafter columbine you want to talk pabout change. pnow we've changed where everyone phad become a tact cat deputy pofficer that you get there, you pget there a fast as you can and pyou get in there and stop that pthreat. pour main focus is to stop that pthreat and preserve life. pand that's why they train. pat the walter c practical ptraining site in lithia. phillsborough county deputies ptrain for active shooter pscenarios.
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ptraining for every deputy. pthe walls can moved. pthe rooms changed. pno deputy will ever have the psame scenario. peven experienced deputies come pback here to train. pno matter what equipment we give pthe deputies, what kind of guns pwe give them, what kind ammo we pgive them still a human being poperating that weapon. pand we have to train that person pin the way we do it is we pexposed them to as many pdifferent situations as we can. pwhile they are going through pthat training process it gives ptheir mind to formulate that lan when they get to an tifr psituation they can go yeah i've pseen that before or i have seen psomething similar to that. pno one wants another columbine, psandy hook or san bernardino. preality is it will happen now, phills bro deputies must be ready pfor it. pso much to think about in very plittle time. pwho is good guys? pwho is bad guys who has weapons pwho doesn't have weapons? pwho your shooter how many bad
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pinformation as you're trying to pget as quick and expeditiously pas you can. pto go stop that shooter. p>> another thing to think about phere is the amount of time pinvolved. pan active shooter can be in, do ptheir damage, then be out or pkill themselves in just a matter pof minutes. pwhile law enforcement will get pthere eventually what can we do pto protect ourselves if erie pever stuck there. pwe will talk about that ptomorrow. pwhen do you run, when do you phide and worst case when do you pfight. pwe'll be talking about that with pmajor chad tomorrow. pa fascinating story wee both psitting here watching i said to pyou i'm glad they train for pthis, but it's unfortunate that pthey need to. p>> yeah sure is. p>> sure is. p>> look forward to that tomorrow pa beautiful start to the day. psun just kind of poked out a few pmoments ago out from cold air pclouds that have been sdraeming pinto the gulf. pthere they are. pon your tampa cam. pwe are currently a 57 degrees
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pis what happens wintertime when pgulf of mexico waters are cool. pwhile they are still a little pbit warmer than that cold air pwhich is coming on top of them. pbut what you get is you get what pwe call stratocumulus clouds prolling from the gulf. pfrom time to time you mix in the pclouds. pnow right now lakeland looks pgreat. pthey haven't made there way that pfar inland. pi do think along coastline pyou're going in and out of pclouds overall today. pstill though just going to be pcooler than norm will mid to pupper 50s. pwe've got a little bit of wind pthis morning although, i will ptell you wind is no the as bad pwhen i first came in this pmorning came in this morning pwinds were gusting 30, 35 miles er hour at least now, a little pbit better. pand we'll go in and out from pthat sunshine throughout day ptoday. penough so that we manage to get pback up into the mid 60s. pwhich is by the way ten degrees pbelow normal. pbut still very nice outside. ptonight, reinforcing cool air psettles in. pand it will knock us back into pthe 40s. pthen for tomorrow 62.
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pbut still, i mean hey, highs in pthe 60s, cooler than normal but pi'll take it. pwe will get back to the 70s peventually. pby monday, and our next chance pof rain to late wednesday and pinto thursday. pall right dave, thank you. p>> and let's touch on a couple pother trouble spots we're seeing pon the roadways in valrico area. pwe do have delays westbound palong state road 60. pnew crash that's actually preported with some lane blockage pheading in that direction. pof course you will see some pdelays of course also remember pthat move over law as you pass pon through. plet's check out pasco county, pstate road 52 at hicks road a pcrash westbound direction center plane blocked. pso watch out for emergency crews pheading that way. pi do want to remind drivers. pavoid 50 street causeway skyfox pmonitoring the situation pinvolving dump truck that hit putility pole knocking some live pwires into the ground. plooks like we still have full pnorthbound and southbound lane pblockages.
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pmore minutes. pright now seeing deputies moving psome of those cones around. pi don't know if they are pclearing the road if they are pjust adding more cones. pso we'll keep you posted. p>> vanessa thank you. pseminole hard rock kaf nay and pcasino is known for the pgambling. pbut also, for food and drink pserved by women. pbut now there will soon be psomething for the ladies too. pfox 13's alcides segui is at the phard rock where they are finally phiring men to serve the guests, pright? p>> yeah exactly right. pgood morning to you laura. pyeah cocktail waitresses at the pcenter of casino business for pdecades now. pit looks like things are finally pchanging. pat least here at the seminole phardrock cafe in tampa. pthey are hiring male servers and pexecutive say more than half pcustomers that walkthrough the pdoor are actually women. pso this change will actually ptarget some san francisco those pcustomers. pthat's exactly why they are pmaking some of those moves.
9:20 am
pmale servers in the casino pfloor. pfirst time ever on the property. pcurrently employs 170 gring pservers. pall of them women casino pemployees say they want to pexpand amount of services on pcasino floor. pso of course they need to hire pmore employees. pso they are doing so by hiring pmore men. pthey actually held a job fair pand received several job papplications. phard rock is not only casino pthat has male servers either. pa couple of years ago atlantic pcity new jersey made the move as pwell male servers here at the phard rock boots, black pants pbutton down shirts with red pundershirt. puniform that's meant to match pthe waitresses. pservers who will work between 24 pto 35 hours get paid about $3.25 lus tips of everything is ad up pshould make them somewhere pbetween 10 and $12. pcurrently hiring for those ositions by the way for more pinformation gone 0 than go to pour website, pby the way we were talking about
9:21 am
plaura and russell are talking pabout it as well lot of people pviefd there are not real servers pcurrently on casino floor now pserving drinks. pnot the case only women but pagain that soon will change. pequal rights for men. p>> yeah. pall right, alcides, thank you. pamazing sounds coming up live in pstudio. pcharley belcher showing up pcircus sarasota in fantastic pfashion. pwe're back after this. lowe's presents: how to put your foot in your mouth. man, wish my yard looked like yours. hey, the grass is always greener on the other side of the...
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pi just a note you may get pconfused about which one i am, pbecause we all look so similar pi'm the one in the vest. pjust keep that in mind. pi'm the one in the vest. pcircus sarasota is here. pup and running red white and lel pbelow is name of show tonight, ptomorrow couple shows on psaturday and sunday. pfun for the whole family. pgreat acts from around the world pincluding the brothers here pandre spokesperson for the pmorning what kind of act do do? p>> hand balancing act basically pwe balance each other and some pkind of pyramids. pfetts of strength. pyou got to be strong to do this p>> a little bit, yes. p>> and it's very close contact pso good thing you guys are all pbrother. pright. pit helps a lot. pit does help a lot. pshall we see you guys in action? plet's go. pthere they go ladies and
9:25 am
9:26 am
9:27 am
poh, no way. p oh, wow. pare you kidding me? pimagine the triceps strength. pare you kidding me? pthe triceps strength that you pgot to the have. poh my goodness. pagain, i'm the one in the vest. pi'm the one in vest i know it's pconfusing. pwow. pgood job, guys. pthanks. pwell done, good job, guys. pman, that's amazing circus psarasota, get down, exit 213 off pi-75.
9:28 am
pamazing acts through sunday. prussell, you got to pretty pimpressed. pwe all were. pwe're all in the studio watching pthis and it was so funny because pwalter had the best response he pwas standing here watching it pwith us he just looked at and he pwent dad gum. pthat's the best thing. pthat was just it. pwow. pwow. pyeah. ptell everybody there thank you. psee you when you get back. p>> you too. prock star wannabe turns spanish pmusic into something electric.
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3 (russell p 9:31. pand new this hour donald trump pis getting serious about a pflorida gop front runner is psending a team to tampa this pweekend to campaign for votes. pmove comes less than two weeks pbefore at florida primary. paccording to tampa bay business pjournal, trump's campaign team pwill work out hi store garcia pand vegas cigar factory on parmenia. papple ceo tim cook says he's repared to take on battle with pf.b.i. with san bernardino pcourt. pcook also says he would trying ptry to make this is case pdirectly to president obama. pin n interview on abc world news pcook se fib waited too long to pask apple for help with pinvestigation. hone was actually owned by syed
9:32 am
pcounty of san bernardino. p>> directed the county to reset pthe icloud password when that is pdone, the phone will no longer pback up to the cloud. pand so i wish they would have pcontacted us earlier. pso that would not have been the pcase. p>> tim cook goes on to say if pappear el were to create pencryption busting code as if pthey created a software version pof cancer. p>> attorney general loretta plynch made her case to congress pshe said apple should assist psince its reasonable in their ower to do so. resident obama and whole lot of pcelebrities paid tribute to late pray charles last night final erformance for, white house artnerships with a pbs features pamerican performance art. p ?
9:33 am
that's great. resident says late singer song pwriter favorite musician. pwith a rare ability to collapse pin motion interest a single pnote. pusher demi lovato and a band erry just some of the erformers. pall of that will be broadcast ptonight on pbs. p>> that looked like a nice arty. pyes it does. pyeah it does. pa fun crowd. phey dave. phey. panother party i wasn't invited pto. pnever get those invites. phey, it's weird the way things pare set up right now. pi'm sitting here with all this pcloud cover around. pbut just a few miles to the east pit's beautiful outside. pthat's when happens about pnorthwest wind and cooler prunning over warmer waters of pgulf does generate coastal cloud pcover 57 in tampa. pmost areas still in the 50s. pbrandon has managed to get back pup to about 61 degrees. pand there it is that, persistent pnorthwest wind. pyesterday at this time. pit was due south.
9:34 am
pnorthwest you drag in that dryer pair. pit does feel great outside. palthough it is quite windy. peven up around brooksville pyou've got winds gusting around p28 miles per hour. pagain look at this. pwhere we're standing, from the pstation back through pinellas pcounty, mostly cloud skies. pthose mostly cloudy skies are pheaded right into bradenton and psarasota. pyou go up into pasco county. pyou go up into hernando and pcitrus county. pwall to wall sunshine. psunshine. pnasty what cold air clouds can pdo. pthat's puts a little damper on ptemperatures overall i'm going pyesterday. pthere we go. ptemperature. pwhat you're not going to notice pyou will notice when you wake up pbut not really going to know is pa little bit of reinforcing pcooler air punches in tonight. pthat will develop us back into pthe 40s. pand tomorrow, barely making it pback up into the low 60s.
9:35 am
pand that is sydney, sydney is pturning one today. psydney sage. pwas a beautiful smile. pshe loves to laugh, watch minnie pmouse and the lion guard. pshe also loves playing with her pbig sister. pso happy first birthday sweetie. pvanessa. pi hope sydney is having a very phappy birthday certainly has pbeautiful smile. plet's jump into road report pright now new crash with lane pblockage and delays. pit's in south sarasota. p75 is where we're seeing pnorthbound direction delays. pcrash is reported river road pwith left lane blocked. pdelays all way back to please ptake u.s. 41. pall right vanessa thank you.
9:36 am
pcontinuing our look at severe pweather awareness. ptoday we're talking about psurviving hurricanes and floods. pcoming up next, live in studio, pthe magical sounds. pand lie a live picture of the pboard.
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p and that was at world prenowned emmy award winning pspanish guy tarist. phe joins us live in studio right pnow to talk about this whirlwind pexperience for him good morning pto you. pgreat to be here in tampa. psou so you got a great story you pmoved out to l.a. pyour hope was to a become a rock pstar. pthen something interesting phappened. ptell us the story. p>> well i, i ran across spanish pguitar on road one day i fell in
9:40 am
pguitars in the closet and pstreet. pand two of us turned into vibe pin the band we added our dancer pand just started to snowball. pit's a mix of a lot of different ptypes of music. plot of genres tell us what your pinfluences are. pit is nugs. pmy influence are led zeppelin pand, so we fuse different styles pand do salsa we do tan gs go psome waltz. plot of, musical styles we've plistening to this. pso beautiful. arts of your team kind of come ptogether and say i want to do or plet's try that? pyeah. pyeah. pand we do different musical psounds from around the world. pwe have gym bay and lot of pdifferent cultures are pinfluenced in our music. pso tell us what you're going to lay for us. pso this is a gypsy game called pjam i was talking to them pearlier he stay in each city. pand you know he was saying just pa day. pi thought isn't that exhausting.
9:41 am
pthey are gypsy self proclaimed. ptell us what you're playing ptampa theater tonight. ptonight, one night only. pi think we still have tickets pleft tampa theater 7:30.
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pfox 13's good day. plocal for you all morning long. pthis week we've dealing with pstate. pbut once summer starts it's all pabout hurricanes. pnow we've lucky the bay area phasn't hit directly in some ptime. pbut that doesn't mean the threat pdoesn't exist. pmike bennet what makes phurricanes so dangerous. pit's been more than ten years psince florida has seen direct phit from hurricane. pand almost 100 years since tampa pbay has seen one. pand yet we still are one of the pmost vulnerable areas in the pcountry. pofficially our hurricane season pbegins june 1st and continues pright through november 30th. pbut storms can still form even pout of the season. pnow storms are measured by their pwinds which can range from 74 pmiles per hour to greater than p155 miles per hour. pbut wind isn't the only psignificant effect of
9:47 am
pthey can also cause storm surge, pcoastal flooding, severe weather ptornadoes and inland flooding pcaused by heavy rain. pwinds are stronging along the pcoast, where it pushes water pabove sea level creating storm psurge. pmajor hurricane can produce a pwall of water more than ten feet pabove normal. pwhich can easily flood many of pour coastal communities. p90 percent of all deaths world pwide in hurricanes are from pstorm surge or rainfall pflooding. pthis is why evacuations ahead of pa storm are so important. pdon't wait to evacuate. pknow what evacuation zone you plive and where you go. pkeep an emergency of telephone pnumbers with you and create a pdisaster supply kit with pnonperishable supplies batteries pfood, water, toil tree and pclothing among others. pfurther inland, the winds can pstill have an impact along with psevere weather tornadoes. pbut the biggest impact is often pfrom inland flooding. ptorrential downpours can produce
9:48 am
pspan of time. pstreams and rivers may rise and pthreat for flooding may exist pwell beyond the duration of the pstorm. pas we know flooding can also poccur during our summer rainy pseason. pmajority of flooding does happen pwhen people try to drive through pflooded areas. pit only takes a couple feet of pmoving water to lift your car. pif you can't see the road pbeneath the water, don't drive pthrough it. pturn around. pdon't drown. pand remember, it may be a good pidea to purchase federal flood pinsurance. pit's not covered under most phomeowner's policies. pwhile warnings for hurricanes pusually give ample time to act, pflood warnings do not. pbut having a plan and preparing pfor both the same way will help pyou and your family in case peither strikes. pmike bennet, fox 13 news. p great information mike. pand also, anybody who lives palong the coast know your pevacuation zone. pthat is huge.
9:49 am
9:50 am
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pbe right back with last look at pto learn out how to dive you pdon't always have to get wet.
9:52 am
ptonight about ten:15 p>> channel what? p>> channel 13. pchannel 13. pthe best in the league at pthere's position. pnow. p[ laughter ] p[ laughter ] pour photographer just, simeon price was one of those players. p[ laughter ] p[ laughter ] p>> that's awesome. pi just lost it. pjust totally lost it. p>> and that one of the things pwe're ghost to miss most about pchip carter who retiring ptomorrow. pwe just love you. p>> oh. pyou're sweet spirit and your, i pdon't know. pwe don't even know what that was pall about about. pbut we love it. pdying laughing watch you laugh. pman, how you feeling? pit's kind of weird now. pit's closer the date get more preal it becomes at the same time
9:53 am
pto do this. pand it's, you know, it's tough. pbecause, you know, everybody phere is just so cool. pi will seriously miss the eople. pthat's the toughest part about pit to walk away from that. p>> i will miss, and we don't preally do it any more. pbut the years that we went to pdaytona. pyeah. pthat we had the frat house we pcalled it. pwe did. pwe did. pthis is apartment, and nick or pfriend nick would cook dinners pfor us at night. pwe all hang out together and phave great time. pthat was like spring break. pit really was. pwe treated at times. pbecause russell can make pmanhattan. pwe had eight people sleeping papartment designed to sleep 4. pso i mean people would on air pmattresses on floor. pit was like spring break and we pwould be there for the week. pi tyke an air bed and chip has pking size bed all by himself. pbut it's okay. pbecause it was chip. pit was chip. pthat's great. p>> you know i will say that one
9:54 am
pget to see each other that much. pwe work on different shifts but pyou and i did the world series. pworld series in 2008. pweather was just, look at some pof these clouds. poh my gosh. pi was going to say you haven't paged. pyes. pyes. p>> you know just such a pro. pi was in, you know, we were in hilly. pbud was not coming off me he was pjust not, i just felt like we pwere just never going to get out pof philly. psnowing. pi mean we had to go to walmart pto get cold weather clothes and pstay longer than we thought you pwere such a proceed i remember pwith. pworking satellite truck about pthe size of this table right phere. ptrying to turn out. p10, 11 then they told us never pto put fox 13 mic flag on pmicrophone because we were pbarricaded in because of psecurity. pand philadelphia fans p>> oh really knew we were from ptampa they would have rushed our
9:55 am
pi do remember that. pbecause they traveled from l.a. pyou were in bad neighborhood. p>> not good outside that pstadium. pi know, let's talk what's phappening? what's going on? pwhere you going? pi'm going to move to new pengland. pget into some alligator free onds. pwe do lot of hiking and camping pduring the summer we've always pgone back there. pwhere i'm from originallyi grew pup in new hampshire. pand aive got family down here my pbrother runs a law firm. pso i can come down here and pvisitmy wife has family up in pnew hampshire, vermont, pmassachusetts we're going she pgrew up on big dairy farm i'm pgoing to get off the grid and ress apple ises make maple psyrup and do that kind of things pfor a while how many dogs do you phave right now p>> two but we're adding to. pas loris watching this surprise. robably a surprise. pyou heard it. pbecause you love your goldens. pour daughters veterinarian in pwales in the uk to get over pthere we've got to get more than pwhat you usually get here for pvacation other son's in virginia
9:56 am
ptravel get off the grid a little pbit. pand take imagine. preally nice. pworking for this for so long you pintent on it planning on it here pit's really nice. pit's fantastic. pcome i want to thank you too pbecause coming in here seeing peverybody, because we are on popposite shifts. pfun with charley belcher. pand daveyou know cover the pstanley cup can charley is no pbetter way to get out that that preally. pgreat. pwe will miss you so much. pwe just love you. peverybody loves you thanks. pnight. p6:00 p.m. p6 o'clock. pyeah. phappy for you thanks buddy pappreciate it. pthanks a lot. plooking at the next 7 days, pcooler than normal weather. pno doubt. pin fact temperatures friday, psaturday, sunday morning in the p40s. pdon't worry, we'll rebound back ptuesday. pall right that will do it for us pi'm sorry i thought something p[ laughter ] rovided by u.s. captioning
9:57 am
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