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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 5AM  FOX  February 26, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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3 i c can't believe the guy that shot people up lived right across the street from us. "you just don't know people." --walter 3 four people dead... more than a dozen wounded... this morning on good day: the latest on the workplace shootings in kansas... and the man who pulled the trigger. 3 "i got along with everybody, you got along with nobody..cheering" 3 --jenand... donald, double-teamed. the g-o-p candidates try to stump trump at the latest debate... did it work? 3 ((walter and... fitness foul! turns out exercise... could actually do a body *bad. the rules you must follow, to keep workouts, working for you. 3 3
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3 its now 5:__ thanks for joining us. i'm walter allen((jen)) and i'm jen epstein. let's start off 3 with a check of the forecast, with dave. 3 3 (dave 3 sunshine and cooler temps on tap for today, with highs in the lower 60s. tonight will be clear and cold; lows in the lower 40s. lots of sunshine this weekend, with steadily warming temps. highs for saturday in the mid 60s, and
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3 3 no closed captioning is available for traffic. 3 3 3 ((walter)) 3 developing this morning: shootings at a factory in kansas has killed four people, including the gunman. (jen) actually, it started out on the street and in the parking lot... with one man opening-fire on his co- workers... this morning, he's dead, and at least 14-people are hurt.
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(jen/ it happened last night at a plant in "hesston"... that's about 35-miles north of wichita... the sheriff says: a man who works at that factory was driving through the streets with an assault rifle, firing at people... then, he walked inside with that weapon, and started shooting fellow employees. 3 (jen/ this has shaken the small town to its core... so many people who lived nearby knew the gunman... and co-workers say: they never saw any sign of trouble. 3 "he was nice guy when i worked with him on the second shift... i mean we hung out, everything was hunkey dory, i mean he didn't seem like this kinda guy." --jen 3 an officer eventually confronted the shooter... and they started firing at each other. the shooter was killed... and the sheriff says: that officer possibly saved dozens of lives. 150-people were in the building at the time. 3 (jen) still no word yet on a *motive. and we're still waiting on authorities to identify the man... but we're hearing he had a criminal history, in south florida. 3
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increasingly common. would you know what to do if you ever found yourself facing an active shooter situation? deputies talk to fox 13 about the steps to take to protect yourself... that's ahead in our 6:00 hour. 3 3 (walter) a fiery debate ahead of super tuesday. and this time, the strategy for g-o-p candidates seemed to be "get donald." trump was double-teamed by his republican rivals last night and fox's steve rappoport shows us: it got nasty. 3 3 rubio says: "well you're the only person on this stage that's ever been fined for hiring people to work on your some workers from poland." one on this stage that's hired people. you haven't hired gop presidential candidates... debate before super tuesday. with nobody. you don't have the endorsement of one republican senator and you work with these people. you should be ashamed of yourself." cruz says: "donald, if you washington. that's not a good attribute for a president." frontrunner donald trump now a major target... rubio says: mentioned me in his answer, immigration is what's driven this debate. well, the truth positions that he's now taking and ted cruz -- looking to slow trump's momentum...trump tens of thousands of people over my job, you've hired nobody." rubio says: "yeah, you've hired a thousand people
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"you've had nothing but problems, with your credit cards, etc. so don't tell me about that."rubio says: "let me finish the statement. this is important."trump says: "you haven't hired one person in your life."rubio says: "he hired workers from poland. and he had to pay a million dollars in a judgment."trump says: "that's wrong." while, for john kasich and ben carson it's all about staying alive politically.carson says: "our nation is heading off the abyss of destruction."carson says: "we will not solve any of these problems by trying to destroy each other."kasich says: "look we have a great president here - george bush." "he worked with ronald reagan to pass effort to try to solve this problem." kasich says: "a path to legalization." kasich says: "i favor a guest worker program. i think it's practical." the debate - taking place at the university of houston -- in texas...a must-win home state for ted cruz.cruz says: "donald has told us he will go to washington and cut a deal. so, that means on supreme court he's going to look to cut a deal rather than fight for someone who won't cut a deal on the constitution." steve rappoport, fox news. ----------------------------- ----------------------------- ------++see full cnn debate use restrictions below++cnn republican presidential primary debate usage guidelines:hi all, below are the usage guidelines and satellite coordinates for the cnn telemundo republican presidential primary debate. usage rules for cnn republican presidential primary debate: domestic broadcast use: upon conclusion of the debate, news organizations in the u.s. may use excerpts (up to 3:00minutes at a time) and must provide on screen credit throughout "courtesy of cnn." cnn affiliates are asked to contact cnn newsource for more information.domestic digital video use: similar to broadcast rules, upon conclusion of the debate, news organizations in the u.s. may use digital video clips (up to 3:00 minutes at a time) and must credit cnn. select digital video clips of the debate will be shared with credentialed media during the debate for immediate use. international use - broadcast and digital (non cnn affiliates): usage for international news organizations in broadcast and digital will be limited to one minute, cnn branded, after 1amet, for 24 hours only. all debate material will be "no access japan". no redistribution by news agencies. please contact with additional inquiries: out this piece for additional info: /2016/02/24/politics/ how-to-watch-republican- debate/index.html let me know if you have any questions. thanks so much, liza pluto public
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(walter) and by the way, a new poll released yesterday over rubio here in florida... despite rubio's predictions that he'd win his home state. trump now leads 44 to 28- percent over rubio, among likely republican voters. 3 3 sleeping: rescue crews saved two people from a burning home in clearwater. it started around 1 a-m... on "pennsylvania avenue." firefighters say: it started in the *kitchen. they were able to contain the flames to *inside of the house... no word yet on how those people are doing. 3 ((jen also new this morning... polk county detectives are searching for a group of burglars. they broke into the sprint store off deer creek commerce lane in davenport on wednesday. the four burglars ran around looking for things to steal... but everything was stored inside a safe they couldn't open. this silver 2-door car was seen driving around right before they broke in.
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looking for this man... they say he's a person of interest in the case. if you know who he is... or anything else about the burglary call the polk county sheriff's office. 3 3 ((walter)) it's not something she could have ever predicted... especially at her age... but it's a delicious dilemma for a largo woman in her 90s... she has 43-million dollars to spend! 3 ((walter fox-13's shayla reaves is at the winn dixie in seminole, where the winning lottery ticket was sold. shayla: this must be the utlimate surprise, for her and her family! 3 3 3
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3 ((walter thanks, shayla. (walter take me out to the ball-park... rays fans can help kick-off the season tomorrow, at "fan fest." players and coaches will be at tropicana field, to meet with fans and take photos. this
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include: a discussion with 3 hall-of-fame baseball writer, "peter gammons"... a social zone... and other baseball related activities... kids 14 and younger can visit a free autograph station with more than 40 former major league players... entry is free... but autograph passes for *rays players are 25-dollars each. that money... goes to charity. 3 new this morning... we're getting our first look at universal's new king kong ride at islands of adventure. "skull island: reign of kong" will be one of the longest rides ever created for the theme park. the 3-d ride starts out at a research team camp... then moves into the ruins of a shrine. that's when riders board an expedition vehicle... and come across an enormous temple wall.... from there you'll find some ferocious creatures-- including kong. the ride will open this
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3 ((jen)) it's the hottest attraction in hollywood... the stars line-up for it... ((walter)) and now, it's coming to tampa! it'll ruin your diet, but what a way to go. 3 ((walter and... from melting in the heat... to shivering in the chill... florida weather is definitely not boring! how to stay safe no matter *what mother nature gives us... we'll help you handle the extreme. 3
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know you can keep your financial big picture under control. know you can see how much you have to spend and whether you should transfer funds. know you can easily keep track of what you're putting away. and know you're budgeted for the great escape.
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3 3 3 3 3 time now is 5:xx apple just got more support in its legal fight against the f-b-i. tech giant "google".. plans to file a "friend of the court" brief on apple's behalf, sometime next week. 3 the company is still drafting the document. google makes the software that powers most of the smart-phones in the world. like apple -- it fears that this move by the f-b-i would create un-precedented cyber security issues. last week.. a federal court ordered apple to create software to unlock a phone that belonged to one of the shooters in the san bernardino terror attacks.. apple filed it's *formal objection yesterday.
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more bad news this morning.. for former cleveland browns quarterback "johnny manziel".. his domestic violence case is headed to a grand jury.. manziel is accused of hitting and dragging his ex girlfiend, "colleen crowley" into a car during an incident in late january.. the former heisman trophy winner, denies the claim.. he was also cut by the browns this off-season 3 the washington post is reporting that before he died.. justice antonin scalia was on a getaway with high-ranking members of an elite hunting fraternity that dates back to 16-95... they say that scalia was a member of a secretive austrian society called the "international order of st. hubertus".. however.. the owner of the ranch where scalia died.. tells the post that he is not aware of any relationship between scalia and the group. the f-b-i has ruled that scalia died of natural causes.. 3 (walter) no doubt about it: florida weather is wild... we can go from stinkin' hot and humid... to frost on the berries! (jen) you could call our climate *extreme... and fox-13's mike bennett is here with some
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most of *all seasons. 3 we all know summertime in florida can be brutal. you can break a sweat just walking out the front door-- so it may seem hard to believe that tampa has *never* hit 100 degrees. but we do get hot. each year, we average 98 days in a row of high temperatures 90 or above. and the heat index makes it feel even hotter.the heat index is what it actually "feels like" when you combine the warm temperatures with high humidity. and around here, it can feel like 110 degrees or higher on summer afternoons. and when it hits 105, things get dangerous for people and animals. risks include heat cramps, heat exhaustion, heat stroke, or even death.when the mercury starts climbing, pay attention to heat advisories and warnings. wear lightweigh and light-colored clothes.. use reapply it often. wear plenty of water, even if you dehydration can set it without you even realizing it. limit outdoor activities between 11am and 5pm, when it's hottest. and check on the elderly, children, and pets as they tend to be more sensitive to heat. at the other extreme, cold weather can also be dangerous. true, we haven't had a freeze in tampa in more than 5 years. but factor in the wind chill, and your body may think otherwise. wind chill is how cold it feels when you combine the temperatures with the wind. so when the mercurty dips, watch for wind chill advisories or warnings, along with frost advisories and freeze warnings. dress in layers, wear a hat and gloves-- and bring in outdoor pets and cover cold-sensitive plants. if it gets very cold, cover pipes and allow outdoor faucets to slowly drip so they don't freeze or burst. if you're using a fire place, practice good fire safety. only use safe-heating sources - and don't ever try to heat up the indoors with a grill or other fuel burning devices, which can emit carbon monoxide (is that true?) winter is also the start of our wildfire season (january to mid-june). floirda typically sees 4600 fires, burning nearly 110,000 acres each season. some are natural wildfires but most are accidents, started by humans. so before lighting a camp fire, or burning yard waste, watch the forecast. look out for fire weather watches or red flag warnings -- especially when it's dry and windy. just like with other forms of severe weather, make a plan with your family to decide what to do and where to go if wildfires threaten your
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3 it's now 5:__. time
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3 3 3 it is 5:__: time now
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3 no closed captioning is available for traffic. 3 3 new this morning... kohl's is closing 18 stores this year... as officials say they expect earnings to fall. the company's c-e-o says it will be the first time kohl's
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stores at once. those closures will generate 55- million-dolars in savings. at the same time... kohl's is opening several smallers store as well as outlets. so in the end... the company will actually have more locations. kohl's won't be releasing a list of the stores they plan to close until next month. 3 (jen but *here's tasty news... in fact, some people are "tickled pink" about it. tampa... is getting a cupcake a-t-m. sprinkles cupcakes... the company that went viral for doing this in beverly hills... is now bringing the sweet idea to hyde park village. and there will be a sprinkles bakery, 3 this spring, next to "sur la table"... and they're hiring! cupcakes start at 3-75 and they'll also sell homemade cookies, ice cream
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3 3 ((walter)) sometimes something so little, can mean so much...((jen)) yeah, it turns out you can change *dozens of lives... just by cleaning out one *corner, of your closet. 3 (jen coming up: let's start shuffling those shoes! your old sneakers, loafers and pumps can put new spring into the steps of so many... it's giving, from the ground up... and our hometown heroes show us how to do it. 3 3 the new caramel macchiato of espresso, milk, uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense.
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(donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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oh-oh, oh-oh oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-ooh, oh hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. 3
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sayings: "put your best foot forward"... "get a leg up"... but in order to do both, you've gotta start... with the hometown heroes prove that... as they donate "soles for 3 is never far from the court... she was a kida& and can't game. i love the game. i've always had a passion for it. arianna and the rest of the basketball have more than just a passion for shooting hoops.they've got we're so fortunate and don't have so. it's mind bobbling, you know it's hard teamed up with "soles for souls" an organization that distributes shoes to people all over the world. because who knows more about the importance of a good pair of sneakers - than basketball players - always on their feet. being on the court, being able to run, jump, move, cut all while being comfortable is amazing to me i have a lot of shoes. probably about 30. they've held shoe drives on campus and during games... some players even donated their old stuff. i'm gonna donate my shoes tonight and donate some tomorrow. no shoe is too worn for soles for souls.each pair serves a purposea&and depending on the conditiona&it's distributed, repaired or recylced. a pair of shoes can go a long way even when you're finished with them. they can help someone else outit's a simple thing... donating an old pair of shoes.but it's made a big difference..not just for people the all over the world who need them. but for the guys and girls on the giving end too.. it's not only challenging us as a basketball team but also challenges us as a family and also as friends. it's a challenge they say they're happy to take on...the same way they handle competition on the a team. soles for soles on three 1,2,3 soles for soulssoles for soles on three
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3 (jen) they've collected 162 pairs of shoes and about 20 singles... the shoe drive ends march 10th. if you want to donate you can drop off your old sneakers, sandals, boots.. at the
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((jen)) 3 helping the 3 stork...((walter)) the amazing new surgery that could make *pregnancy an option for thousands of women, who feared it could never happen for them. 3 ((walter plus... more *angst and anxiety for allegiant airlines... and its passengers... why the feds are investigating an emergency landing on a local flight. this could be, the final straw.
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3 it's 5:--, it's friday, february 26th. i'm walter allen.((jen)) and i'm jen epstein. the man suspected of killing three people at a kansas factory has ties to florida. 3 (jen investigators say a man armed with an assault rifle... started shooting at people in the street.. outside a lawn mower factory in hesston thursday. the man then pulled into the plant, where he worked, and opened fire on his co-workers.
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and killed the gunman. factory workers identified the gunman as 38-year-old cedric ford. no word yet on a motive, but authorities say ford had a criminal history in broward county. 3 3
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3 available for traffic. 3 3 ((jen)) we have new details this morning on *another aborted takeoff involving an allegiant airlines flight. (walter) this time, a thursday afternoon flight from st. pete- clearwater airport to kansas city, was forced to *abort a takeoff, because of engine trouble. 3 ((walter fox-13's alcides segui is on the story... alcides, this is just the latest in a *string of incidents for allegiant... but
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investigating... good morning. 3 3 3
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3 3 3 new this morning... sarasota deputies have arrested a man accused of going on a shooting spree with a b-b gun. his name is 'mateo urieta-carbajal'. they say the 17-year-old shoot at businesses, people, and birds in venice. fortunately, no one was seriously hurt. 3 ((walter call it a sign of the times... this year's florida strawberry festival is beefing-up security. the tasty event in plant city draws about half-a-million people each year. and this year, you'll find an officer stationed at each admission gate... as well as other officers on *horseback, patrolling the parking lots. there will also be more security cameras... especially near the gates and livestock. and officers will use hand-held wands to inspect guests at random. organizers say: there's no specific threat... they're just being extra cauteous. the strawberry festival runs march third through the 13th. 3 3
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unbelievable medical breakthrough. surgeons in cleveland have performed the nation's first successful uterus transplant. the nine-hour operation involved a 26-year-old woman... who received a uterus from a deceased donor. surgeons say the surgery opens a new frontier that aims to give women who lack wombs a chance at pregnancy. 3 (jen - also new this morning: less is more when it comes to physical fitness. there's growing evidence that high levels of intense exercise may be toxic for your heart. new research suggests exercising too hard to your heart and lead to clots and stroke. to point out that this applies to people who run 3 long distances like marathons
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3 3 (jen) do you feel that? that's the sweet glow of friday creepin' in.(walter) and we're ready for it. let's start the weekend fun... with good day goodies. 3 3 "it is 6:54...uh oh, pressure's on.""anytime you can start the show off with mr. roboto...go.""i've been driving since i was four- years-old...i know ""let's see if we can do this...i'm a globetrotter, thank you.""you know i said i wasn't going to get on a and romeo here." "you ready for this...crazy, but i'm not stupid.""what's gonna happen everybody, what's gonna happen?...take cover." "there we go. we created more gas than i normally create, russell rhodes...nothing really happened.""you know, russell, you don't have to talk to doug about exceptional employee...i got it wrong.""we have the thin mints...she has a reputation.""oh, that's right...yay!" 3 ((jen)) it was supposed ((jen)) 3
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3 ((jen)) it was supposed to be a dream trip... instead, it turned into a nightmare...((walter)) why people on a plane started clapping, when a little boy and his family were kicked off.... 3 ((walter and... spring has sprung... even in this very unusual spot... the rare bloom that has park rangers scratching their heads, and doubting their eyes. 3 3
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3 we know... traveling can be a pain... flights get delayed... seats are cramped... it's uncomfortable... (walter) but what happened on a flight out of washington state recently went way beyond *cranky behavior... to *heartless. russell is here to explain. 3 (russell) it happened on a
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allergies, was asked to get off the plane... and when the family left... the other passengers actually *clapped. but they had *no idea what the family was dealing with. 3 (russell here's the deal... little giovani was on the trip of a lifetime with his parents... in fact, it was on his "bucket list"... but giovanni is allergic to dogs... and he had an extreme reaction to a service animal on the plane... he broke out in hives... and couldn't stop scratching. that delayed takeoff... for about 90-minutes... finally, the crew asked the family to get off the plane... and the other passengers started clapping... that hurt little giovanni's feelings. he felt so ashamed. 3 (russell) and adding to his heavy heart: his dad's health. giovanni's father is suffering from stage four throat cancer... this trip was supposed to be a happy memory... now it's quite the opposite. giovanni feels like the whole thing was his fault... and he wants to remind everyone: be careful who you make fun of... they could have lots of sadness in
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3 it's now 5:__. time to check the forecast with dave. 3 ((dave look at "death valley" in california... you wouldn't expect a place with such an *ominous name, to be so pretty... usually really hot, and really dry, the area is in the middle of a rare show from mother nature. it's called a "super bloom"... and it hasn't happened in more than a decade... wildflowers of all sorts are bursting out all over... in places that are usually just dusty and rocky... it's like a barren landscape has sprung to life... it won't last long... so if you're out in southern california, you might want to
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3 it's about 150-miles east of los angeles. 3 3 3 it is 5:__: time now to find out what's happening on the roads - with our
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3 no closed captioning is available for traffic. 3 3 3 i know it has to be an incredibly frustrating season for usf's orlando antigua...he doesn't have enough healthy players, he doesn't have enough talented players....he's forced to put names on the floor that won't be playing next season.........all of that was a factor tonight at home against uconn.... the freshman jamal mcmurray.....taking his time, drains the three, usf off to a solid with ten points...but at this point it just evaporates..... as uconn goes on a fourteen to two run.....just chewing up the bulls in the paint.......this is why it has to be frustrating for antigua, the bulls hit a one for fifteen stretch from the floor, that is brutal.....usf goes nearly nine minutes in the first half without a bucket.....and unconn just owned the inside.....this game was over
5:50 am
but again, orlando antigua doesn't with right now.... 1st half... seminoles down 2....malik (muh-leek) the basket and throws it down... game tied at 10.later in the 1st... duke up 4...brandon ingram finds chase jeter underneath for the dunk...duke led by 13 at the break.2nd half... duke now up 14...-- ingram forces the turnover... then gets it back and throws down 2 of his 16 points...-- moments later...grayson allen drives and gets the bucket high to go off the glass (had a game-high 18 points)duke up 16.duke wins 80-65 it's funny how things can change in a year, last season the lightning were the highest scoring team in the team scored more goals...this season, not even close....but the defense is better....that's the change... now remember four weeks ago, the bolts defense, was leaking as jon cooper called it...the team called a players only meeting....and that seemed to turn it around.......they got back to being one of the best defensive teams in the league...... that's the difference a year can make, that's how a team can change in one season....and jon cooper knows if his team makes the playoffs, it's because of his defense... alright,
5:51 am
5:52 am
3 (walter 3 and speaking of the lightning, check this out. jay feaster with the tampa bay lightning, surprised chip last night during the six o'clock show... he paid tribute to chip's long career... and honored him with a signed lightning jersey, complete with his name and lucky number hockey family... so this is special for him. of course, it comes as chipper gets ready to retire, after 28- years at fox-13... 3 tune in *tonight, for his last newscasts... we're gonna miss you buddy. it's 5:-- stay with us.
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3 police swarmed the home of a 93-year old woman thursday. but it was all good: they were there to bail her out of a code enforcement issue. ((jen)) four years ago, "margo chauncey" was the victim of a home invasion and robbery. and fox-13's steve nichols tells: us the
5:56 am
back to help her again... 3 she was 89 years old when a con man touched up the paint on margo chauncey's car... and demanded more cash than she offered... he grabbed the envelope and threw me down against the toilet and i bled like a pig..." pushed her down she ended up hitting her head on the toilet..." that's how margo met clearwater police sargeant tim downes... he helped her through the prosecution of imprisonment of tommy mitchell. more recently...margo met codes enforcement officer vickie fletcher... her house needed painted, so she got a violation for it..." at age could margo paint the house she moved into in 1951? i had painted it by hand before..." it didn't come to that. not after the codes and police officer put their heads together... and gathered a swarm of volunteers... we have a lot of officers here, we have a lot of people from code enforcement here as well..." enough helping hands to do more than just paint... so we figured we take it to the next level and clean up the whole property while we were here because she deserves it..." they raked, they painted, they got rid of a lot of my clutter..." so now margo knows...there are tommy mitchell's out there... they take advantage of you. but on flip side there are good people. yeah there are. i found that out today. unbelievable..." and we are told...margo knows the graciousness of a thank you... ...and she says i love you. and i said you do? well i love you and she said no, i love you with all of this" in clearwater, steve nichols,
5:57 am
3 ((jen)) 3 there's much more to come on good day.((walter)) let's turn it over to russell and laura - to find out what's ahead in our 6 o'clock hour. 3 ((russell/2-shot)) it is a busy friday morning.. coming up at six - rubio, cruz and trump don't hold back at the latest debate.. what rubio has to say about trump's business record.((laura)) and.. we'll talk live with nasa about why it's closely studying this year's strong el
5:58 am
impacts its had on earth.. from space. 3 ((laura/take vo)) and - the latest on the mass workplace shooting in kansas.. watch as a woman is reunited with her husband.. on live television.. 3 ((russell/take vo)) and: what do you do if you are in an active-shooter situation..? run... hide... fight? the hillsborough county sheriff's office explains the three options to staying safe - ahead at six. 3
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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lowe's presents: how to put your foot in your mouth. man, wish my yard looked like yours. hey, the grass is always greener on the other side of the... sorry. now get 20% off sta-green fertilizer, at lowe's. 3 a shooting rampage rocks a small town in kansas .. p>>laura: a shooting rampage procks a small town in kansas. pthe gunman taking shots at eople before storming the pfactory where he worked. pthis morning the officer who put


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