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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 9AM  FOX  February 26, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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p who's taking home oscar? pwe're talking about who deserves pto win and who's going to win. p and good morning everybody. pgood friday morningwe made it pi'm laura moody. pi'm russell rhodes outside with pdave right now. pit's really nice. pit is nice outside. p>> it looks nice. pif this is going to be cool nest pnext seven days, uh-huh i think pwe'll live through it. pwe'll live through it. p50s. pwe haven't moved up much because pwow, the sun is blaring we've pgot north wind a 15 and preinforcing cooler drier air is pcoming in at the same time. pground set. plow to mid 50s around the area. pas i mention going to struggle.
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pthat north wind. pkeeping temperatures mainly in pthe lower 60s for highs today. pbut by the end of the weekend by psunday we'll be up around 70 pdegrees and then back to normal pby early next week. p>> okay. p>> okay dave, thank you people pin hesston, kansas are punderstandably in shock they are pwondering why a man went on a pshooting spree last night. p>> reports are satisfying cedric pford began the night's rampage pby shooting a man in his truck pin neighboring town. pthen another person in the leg pwho was at an intersection. pafter that, he went to an excel pindustries where he worked. arts. phe walked into the assembly line pand opened fire. pin all three people were killed. pshot. pas for the gunman, he was shot pand killed. p>> this is a horrible situation, pmy friends. pjust terrible, terrible. phowever, there was a particular plaw enforcement here in hesston
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peven though he took fire he went pinside of that place and saved pmultiple, multiple lives a hero. pas far as i'm concerned. p>> yeah. pwell some are claiming that pshooter was worried about being pfired from plan and washington ost says he had gotten into a pfight with co-worker the day pbefore. p>> law enforcement admittedly psays that they do know what ptriggered ford. pbut are not saying just yet. pagain several different reports pford. pand if that is in fact the case plong criminal history. phere in florida. pincluding fleaing from police. pburglary, grand theft, and a pcarrying a concealed firearm. p>> all of the people inside that lant say when they heard the pshootig they were just running pfor their lives trying to get pout of the back door. p>> and even though in the grand pscheme of things, it's rare psomething like this is going to phappen to any one of us. pafter something like this
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pif, what if it happens at your pwork, at the mall? pat the movie theater? pwell you remember yesterday i pshowed you how the hillsborough pcounty sheriff's office trains psituations. pwell today we're going to tell pyou what they say you should do pif it happens to you. phillsborough county deputies ptraining on this a state of the part simulator. pin this case, an active shooter pin the dourt house. p>> this simulator is part of pwhat they use to train deputies pat the walter c practical ptraining site in lithia. panother is tactical city. pas a training exercise deputies pcan go from room to room to look pfor a shooter. pbut what would you do if you pwere ever in this situation? p>> if you can get away of course pget away. pthat's easiest and best plan get paway. pcall 911 give us as much pdescriptive data information as pyou can because we're coming pwe're coming as quick as we can.
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pwith as many deputies as it ptakes to stop that threat. pbut, what if you can't get away? plaw enforcement is at least pthree minutes away. pand a gunman can do a lot of pdamage in three minutes. p>> you hide. pget behind something. pthat's what i'm doing. pand when law enforcement parrives, do what they tell you. pshow me your hands. pit's real important for citizens pto know if you have an encounter plike that with law enforcement pwe tell you put your hands up ut your hands up. pdon't reach in your back pocket. pdon't pull out an id put your phands up do what we tell you to pdo, that helps news that rocess. pif i tell you to put your hands pup first thing you do go to your ocket what an am i going to pthink? phe's going for something. pso follow the instructions of plaw enforcement do what we tell pyou to do. pand finally, and this is new, if pyou can't run, if you can't phide, and you have no palternative, fight. pused to be before all they ptalked about was run and hide. pget away, and hide.
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plisten if you come down to that psituation, that scenario it's pyou or them, fight. pif you have to fight what do you phave atto loss at that point? pfight. p>> f.b.i. says that 60 percent pof active shooter situations are pover by the time law enforcement parrives. pthink about san bernardino. pthey were gone by the time the pauthorities got there. pbut think about the damage they pdid in a short period of time. pbut remember this, remember this pwhen we talk about all of this. pyou have a better chance of pbeing hit by lightning than pbeing shot by an active shooter. p>> but you always have to ask pwhat if. pand we hope this information plaura. p>> nice, yeah. pall right another week another roblem for allegiant a airlines pa flight florida st. pete pclearwater international airport phad to abort a take after assengers say they heard loud pboom. palcides segui is at the airport pnow. pany word from allegiant just
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plet's start off with this here plaura it aappears allegiant a i plines might vn issue a flight to phuntington, virginia haskell i'm pworking to confirm a reason why pi did speak with passengers they psay it's mccall issue with one pof their aircrafts. pi have emailed the public pairlines. pexact cause. pspeculate. pbut again, that flight, to phuntington, virginia has been pcancelled this morning we're ptrying to find out exactly why. pnow let's go back to the pincident that happened out here pyesterday. pone of their flights was aborted pbecause of what appears to be a pmccall issue. pactually it was a mccall issue. assengers on that flight say pthey heard a loud boom come from pthe side of the airplane. pthe f.a.a. is investigating. pcity. ptook a couple of hours before panother aircraft arrived ask ptook those folks back home. pthe f.a.a. told fox 13 they sent pa written reprimand to the
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planding in las vegas back in paugust. pthursday's flight had dozens of assengers on board. pactually leading from st. pete pclearwater to kansas city pallegiant told fox 13 the plane pinvolved in thursday's emergency pwill be inspected. pthe officer line has experienced pa series of highly publicized rons. pand one month last year, the pairline made two emergency plandings. pi spoke with a passengers again pa couple of passengers earlier pthis morning and again they tell pme that their flight was pcancelled this morning, because pof mccall issue. plisten in. p>> unfortunately they are pindicating that two planes pdidn't leave from their pdestination to arrive here to ptake us to our destination. pand that it could possibly be psome type of mccall issues. pi don't know. pbut a couple of flights got pdelayed. pand now we're stuck. pand we're going to lose a day pout of our vacation. p>> so now staying a nearby hotel
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pthey were told to arrive here at pst. pete clearwater pinternational airport tomorrow pmorning early 5:30 a.m. that pthey will have flight to go to phuntington, virginia tomorrow. pagain the exact cause of why pthat flight has been cancelled pis unknown. pi have emailed the public prelations persons for allegiant pairlines. pwe're working to hear back from pthem as soon as we know, we'll plet you guys know back home as pwell. pa story that's developing. plet you know. pall right, alcides, thank you. pruss. p>> florida lawmakers trying to rotect homeowners. pa bill is moving through the psenate that would give pfloridians more rights when it pcomes to citizens insurance. pthe bill would limit how many ptimes a year a homeowner could pbe asked to leave citizens. plegislation would also make it peasier to go back to citizens pshould private company raise the prates. pthe problem this little chance pof becoming a lar similar bill pwas passed last year governor pscott vetoed saying state needs
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pinsurer of last resort like it pwas intended to be. p also in legislative news a pbill that would allow fracking pin the state is all but dead. pa procedural move kept it alive pbut senate committee narrowly pvoted it down. pthe house has already pass ad pbill that would allow it. pright now fracking is allowed in pthe state. phowever, several local pcommunities have banned it. pif bill remains dead those bans pwill stay in place. pif bill moves on state law would psupersede local bans allowing pcompanies to frack. pnow what is it? pthis this involve our drinking pwater fracking a process that puses high pressurized water and pchemicals. pthose licks widzs or ford down poil well that breaks rock that prelease fossil if you will oily. pcritic says aquifer could get pcontaminated and a that could pcontaminate our drink water psporers say this has been done pfor years and is totally safe. pa year is long time.
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pcommander scott kelly is coming pup on that milestone. pjust a few days from coming back pto earth. ptuesday i'll hitch a ride with prussian capsule and land in pkazakhstan and then fly home. pgo to houston. phe's sending nasa longest space pflight. pkelly says he can't wait until phe can jump into his pool and peat a meal at real table. pwe are however going to miss all pof those great tweets and ictures from the international pspace station. phe did send some beautiful ones, pdidn't he? phe sure did. pcoming up speaking of space dave pis talking with nasa they are ptrack el nina this year we will ptell you whatmeans for the rest pof winter and for spring. pthen watching hollywood thisser pgetting ready for oscar we will ptake look what they can expect pfrom this weekend's big show. pso many worthy of an award pcharley belcher's in largo where pthey are selling it off. phey charley. parmed forces history museum flea pmarket 3:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. to p3:00 p.m. tomorrow everything
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pin 6 o'clock hour good day we pspoke with our friends being one pstrong edge on record. pwe talked about what it was what pit has been doing. pi want to bring them back in pdr. leslie joins us. pi want to ask you, are there any pindication based on satellite pdata you've looking at that may pbe this is starting to change,
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p>> we are seeing that mass of pwarm water in pacific start to pcool down a little bit. pso this is about the time when pyou start. pwe are seeing signs of that what pcomes next whether that ptransitions to la nina is yet to pbe seen. pbut it's remarkable year articularly being able to an pobserve this el nino the way we phave and be able to compare that revious el ninos it's been a pgreat thing for scientists. p>> i'm glad you brought up the pla nina. pit's really what i want to talk pabout here is many times after pan el nino it doesn't just go pback to neutral. pit nos flops other way. pcan you describe to your what pthat is what that may mean for phurricane season. psure. pso, an el nino is this pool of pwarm water in the equitial acific. pla nina is basically the popposite instead of being warm
9:15 am
pthat has implications for ocean pcirculation but also important pimplication where atmospheric pcirculation and for weather atterns. ptypically in el nino years pacross the southern united pstates, we see increases of prainfall and in la nina we pexpect opposite an attend a&eing pto drierer conditions. pand in terms of tropical pcyclones, it's always hard to pmake the connection but la nina pconditions at least in the patlanta equilibrium can a little pbit more favorable to storm pformation. pbut, there's so much vairnlt pthat i think we will have to way pand see one, if we do transition pto a la nina and two, what pimpact that has on tropical pstorms. p>> i know let's just do one ago pthe time. plet's just calm the present el pnino down, doctor, and then move pon from there. pthank you for joining us. pthank you greatly appreciate it p>> yes, that's enough. p>> thanks. p>> and we, i want to talk about pthe weekend.
9:16 am
pweather pattern el nino and kind pof get what what we've dealing pwith over past couple of days. pbelieve it or not you didn't pknow it, but just a little bit pago, another weak front came pthrough it a brought two it a pcouple of clouds. pthat's about it you will notice pdryer air will continue to psettle in throughout the day ptoday. pcrystal river's at 52. pbushnell 51. ptampa 56. p64 in venice. pwhy is it 64? pvenice? p61 in arcadia. pbecause that weak little front phasn't come through you folk yet ptwo to four degrees cooler where pfront has gone through. pthere it is you see the line pvery thin line of clouds. pthat's a secondary front with pcooler dryer air behind it. pand that's why for the most part pwe will stay in the lower 60s pfor high temperatures today. pdespite where you are right now pas that cooler air settles in. pnow tonight when winds die down.
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pkind of a cold night. p42 in tampa. p30s east and north. pand then for tomorrow, a little pbit better. pa couple degrees warmer with phigh of around 64 degrees. pboaters we do have caution flags pup for today. pthe rest of the weekend should pbe nice for coastal boating by psunday, we aim to get ptemperatures back up to 70 pdegrees back to normal by next ptuesday. p>> thanks, dave. pthe preps are well under way in phollywood. pthey are getting ready for 81st pannual academy awards. poscars are this sunday and it's pgoing to be a wild ride. ptampa bay times film critics psteve purcell is here to talk to pus and break it all down. pgot a lot to talk about this pmorning a lot to talk about. pso much we're doing two segments pwith us. plet's do. plet's get right to. plet's start with best picture. pyou say anyone's guess p>> yeast one of wide open years pyou've had the major precursor paward split up really between
9:18 am
pshort end spotlight. pmad max, fury road has to figure pin there too because you have pquite a bit of, ten nominations pof course, yeah. pit's hard they are year to pick pa winner than pretty much any pyear ike think of. pare you going toward one more pthan the other? p>> i'm leaning toward the "the prevenant" for one thing it was pmy number one pick in my top ten plist. pi need to stay loyal to it pthere. pbut also in the last couple of pweeks it's done very well. pthe british academy awards it pwon director's guild award. pand those are two major recursors. pso it has that late momentum pcoming in here i'm going with pthe "the revenant" there. pnot that within values my popinion i am too. pbut i haven't seen many other pones i just saw the "the prevenant" last weekend it just pblew me away. pi told you already. pi gained new appreciation for
9:19 am
pa brutal movie. pit's violent. pit's as sparing as surroundings pthat dicaprio and his character pfinds himself in. pone of those movies there's been pa kind of a sharp split gender psplit men love it women not so pcrazy. p>> throughout whole movie i pdon't want to give it away, you pknow what it means that leads us pbest actor. pdicaprio. pi don't think best performance phe's ever put out but i mean i pwould give it to him for wolf of pwall street or maybe even a few pyears ago this is his year. pnobody's, he is 5 nominations pnow only 41 years old. pthere are only a handful of pactors who have ever done that. phe's never got it p>> never won. poh tool. pthat's the kind of company he's pin terms of history. pthat goes back to what's eating pgilbert grape.
9:20 am
p>> but, yeah. pso i think well overdue. pthis is going to be the best pchance he's going to have to get pone of those things. pour 9:00 a.m. producer probably pmatt damon. pnice tip of the hat to him. pbut that really wasn't a super pit wasn't an oscar type of erformance neither is dicaprios phe has that extra benefit of pnever being rewarded before. pdo you they think they cared the pthat? pi think they do. pdicaprio is also one the few, i pmean really genuine kind of a pthrow back hollywood star. phe has that, he still carries pthat mystique around him. phe does. phe does. plike a nickelson. pstill does. pbut they are about only couple pleft you don't know everything pthat's going on in their lives. pthey are not out there putting pthemselves out there. phe maintains that kind of phollywood class. p>> yeah. pwhich i think they p>> definitely rooting for him. pall right best actress. pa lot of good names there. pbrie larson is my pick. pshe won practically everything
9:21 am
pthe movie room that she was in pwas one of my favorites of year. pshe played mother of the this pboy that they've trapped inside pthis garden shed by kidnapper pfor five years the boy's entire plife. pand she raises the child then pwhen they escape she has to help pthe child adapt to this world phe's never known before. p>> it's, it's not as tough of a pmovie really one most emotional pstories of motherhood that i can pthink of. pand she's terrific in it. pjust absolutely wonderful. pyou think this one might assover jennifer lawrence oh, pyeah. pfor one jennifer lawrence movie pjoy that's only nomination for pthat movie. pso, one of the things that it's retty historical with oscars, pand performance only has one pnomination for that film, you ptypically doesn't have much of a pchance. pall right. p>> we'll have to wait ask see of pcourse this sunday night but pwe're not done yet as i pmentioned to you before. pcoming up battle over the psupporting roles. pgood. pthat's coming up in 20 minutes.
9:22 am
p>> thank you. pand coming up next charley is pshowing off how you can bring phistory home from the armed
9:24 am
pit's an army surplus p good day tampa bay. pi'm charley belcher coming to pyou from largo today. pjust outside the armed forces phistory museum. pa fantastic place to visit. pany time of the year. pthey are doing a flea market ptoday and tomorrow. puntil 3 o'clock this afternoon. pthen 8 to 3:00 p.m. tomorrow pwhere you can find all sorts of pvery cool army navy marine air
9:25 am
psome used items, some brand new ptraining sort of things. pmuseum. pi have these frank jungle boots. pyes, vietnam veteran just walked pthrough. phe picked up these boots. phe looked at them set them down pand said the memories that are prushing in my head right now. poh, yeah. pthis is quite an occasion for psome fellas. pwe're excited about it. pa lot of folks are running into pthings that they use back in the pday. pso we're getting them preacquainted with their past. pus out. pthe main thing is, bring our punder privileged children here. pthat's funds we generate here. pthat's what we're going to be pable to do for education rograms they do. poperation education. pbring in field trips so people pcan, kids can learn our history phave a little more appreciation pof our armed forces. pabsolutely. pand learn a lot about it. pthe items are the canteens over pthere p>> flying. pwell they are a dollar apiece pfor goodness sakes. pwe, we have so many of them, pthese are seconds, thirds, pfourths and fifths.
9:26 am
pif you're a prepper this is the lace. pif you're a prepper. pyou're a doomsday prepper. pthis is place you need to be you pget ready zombie apocalypse. pthis is place to do. pwe can get you geared pick up pheard couple people talking pabout it. pi'm sure they are out there. pthey are in here. p>> that's fine. pthat's fine. pwhat is this? phave these, that's a shovel. pshovel, they call entrenching ptools. pthat's plastic cover. pso, shovel. pthey are selling. pgoing to bring some more out. pfirst aid kid. pferries aid kid. pcontainer foot locker down at pthe other end of the room. puniforms are going for 5 bucks, pkamis that are some brand new psome a little used but still in pgood shape. pit's just amazing. pfor a great cause. eople are having a ball. peverybody having a great time pfabulous. pit supports the education rograms here. pgood for you. pi have to let you know i have urchased two things.
9:27 am
ps. politer that united nations pemblem presented to particular articular general from resident of the un. pso that's, that's a dollar. pa dollar russell. pi bought glen miller army band pset of 5 vinyl records p>> $0.50. pi spent a dollar 50 here. pfrank thank you very much. prussell. pgreat cause, great place, good eople. plargo, 8 to 3 today, 8 to 3 ptomorrow. pnice. pnice. pvery nice. pall right. phey. phave a good weekend, man. pgood to see you. pthe gloves came off last night. pand punches were thrown. pat donald trump. pbut new poll suggests he's just
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pfrom tampa bay's number one news pstation, this is good day tampa pbay. p and welcome back time right pnow 9:30. p5 republican presidential pcandidates have wrapped up their pfinal debate before super ptuesday. pand it was a brawl from the pstart. p>> marco rubio went after donald ptrump hard. pripping front runner's position pon immigration, his privileged pbackground and his speaking pstyle. pon trumps ted cruz, and a two pour plus debate features pexchanges candidates shouting pover each other so much that it pwas hard to follow at times. p>> by watt i hired ten of
9:31 am
pyou hired thousands of people. pnothing but problem. plet me tell you. plet me say. plet me finish this is important. psenator p>> he hired workers from poland pand i had to pay million dollars pin a judgment. p>> wrong. p>> oh, my. pben carson got least amount of ptime to speak there was one articularly memorable moment pwhen he said he'd look at the pfruit salad of potential supreme pcourt nominee's life before pappointing him. p>> donald trump did offer a new pexplanation for why he hasn't preleased tax returns. phe says he is undergoing a proutine audit this year. pted cruz shot back by saying if ptrump claims that he's been paudited that should add urgency pto release of the document. pbut he and rubio say they will prelease new returns within the pcoming days. pflorida primary is coming up in pfew weeks march 15th. pdonald trump is the man to beat. pa look at the numbers from pquinnipiac show him getting 44
9:32 am
pin our state distants second a p28 percent. pand ted cruz third at 12 ercent. peveryone else with single pdigits. p>> and if have you seen this? porders for the bernie sanders paction figure are flooding in. pbrooklyn company designed the lastic version democratic residential candidate not in roduction yet kick starter pcampaign to raise $15,000 to pfund production. pgoal. psince wednesday, people have ledged more than $63,000. p>> now, if you donate $5,000 or pmore, the company will make you pyour own action figure. p>> south carolina voters head to olls tomorrow for the first and psouth democratic primary south pcarolina considered the tie pbreaker state between iowa and pnew hampshire. phillary clinton took the first pin iowa bernie sanders won in pnew hampshire. psouth carolina also has a phistory of selecting the pcandidate who goes on to become pthe nominee.
9:33 am
pus a lot of insight there. pwell, one largo woman proved ton retty lucky after winning a pmulti million dollar jackpot. pthat's right. pruby scored big on a florida plottery matching all six winning pnumbers for grand prize of p$43 million. pthat's her take home. p90-year-old woman bought her ptickets in winn dixie lottery pofficials say they decided to ptake lump sum $31 million. pwhat's a million or two pdifference? pshe's not only one seeing dollar psigns this morning winn dixie pstore got $100,000 commission pfor selling the winning ticket. pno word yet on how ruby plans to pspend her millions. p>> yeah. pall right. pit's nice outside. pyeah. plooks good. pbeautiful. pright, dave? pit has for us that winter pbreeze. pjust kind of feels cool outside. pit's nice. pit's turning dryer though. pand even dryer than it was just pa couple of hours ago. pwe actually had a weak front
9:34 am
pkind of a little secondary push pif you will of cooler dryer air. pso we're at 56 degrees in tampa. pit's 52 in lakeland. p60 in sarasota. plook at these winds. pyou see where they are calm? pthat's where that actual psecondary front hasn't moved pthrough or moving through now. pbecause behind it the winds pick pup out of the north like we've pseen in tampa. pbrooksville, st. petersburg, 10 pto 15 miles per hour. pand oh, yes. pthe dew points are beginning pfall as well. pback to 34. pthat is some dry stuff. pthose clouds that are moving pthrough sarasota county now, phardee, de soto and southeastern olk county highlands. pthat's your secondary push of pcooler dryer air. pi love using the visible psatellite you can actually see pthe air mass difference there. pso behind it was coming through ptampa now is cooler, dryer air. pwhich is going to stick around pfor much of the weekend. pwe go 62 for a high temperature ptoday. pit will be breezy, it will be pcool.
9:35 am
pgo down to 42 degrees, which is pway, about 15 degrees below pwhere we should be for this time pof year. pand, i do believe that even some pinland locations will dip back pto the upper 30s. pand lots of sunshine for your psaturday. pa chilly start, decent finish pwith high temperature of 64 pdegrees. psmall craft exercise caution ptoday in coastal waters. pbut we're looking more moderate pchop through saturday and for psunday. pand speaking of sunday, i think pby that point, shot of bringing ptemperatures back up to 70 pdegrees. pmonday and tuesday look pfantastic. pwith another cold front slated pto move in on wednesday pafternoon. phigh then 77 degrees. pgot a couple of ferries pbirthdays to pass along to you ptoday. plook at this adorable little pone. pbraylynn turning one she loves pgoing to park to swing and also plikes to watch paw patrol. phappy first birthday sweetie. paja hi. plet's do it. phere we go.
9:36 am
pshe loves to dance, clap her phands and sing la-la la and phouse. phappy first birthday to both of pyou. psounds like a great friday, pyeah smiles. psee you. phollywood is on edge. pthe oscar ceremony is sunday. pand we're back in a few minutes pwith steve for his picks on the psupporting role. psly stalone. pwe'll have that discussion for pyou next.
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p welcome back to good day pwe're back with steve film pcritic of tampa bay times. pwe're talking about oscars of pcourse. pwe did the big names, the best pactor, best actress and best icture. pwe can't go on without talking pabout this huge issue. pyeah. pohs ska so white. pit's a diversity issue for phollywood in general. poscar lightning rod for at this ptyke partnership way i see pacademy can only judge what's
9:40 am
pif they are not getting, it ptheir fault if they were pignoring quality films like pstraight out of compton or pbeasts of no nation that have pyou know african american sub ptext or, or, black sub text to pthem. pit's, they have to pay more pattention to those hollywood not pmaking enough of those movies. pthose aren't coming through the ipeline. pif it's a, if is a problem but pit starts not at the academy but pin the casting offices. pi mean, in the screen write psubstituteds hollywood as a pwhole. pit starting to change a little pbeth. pthey just announced this week pthey will do a third version of pthomas crown affair. pso we've had steve ma queen do pit pierce brosnan do it. pnow they will have michael pjordan do it. pguy who played creed. palso was in fruit available pstation a couple years ago. pso we've got to take this going
9:41 am
pstory and put an african pamerican. pso it's going to take more of pthose kinds of things. pjust thinking outside the crayon pbox. pto bring in other colors. pnot only black but yellow brown. pgoing to take time. pnot going to be a snap your pfingers and completely change. phow do you think chris rock will pbe addressing it? pchris rock chris rock is going pto take this problem and wres ptell to ground like secret pservice agent. pi understand that he, he's been ptrying out some of his material pin leak a small little l.a. pnight club. pand people who were there who pheard it were sworn to see crest pand stuff, word got out he's pthere's one segment he's going pget into what would martin pluther king, jr. think about the pacademy not nominating black eople for two years in row now. pactors at least for two years in prow. pit's going to be a, going to be pan interesting evening. pi think chris rock is going to phe's going to basically burn pthat place down with his words. pit's going to be fun.
9:42 am
plet's get to the next categories pthat we have supporting role psupport actress we have to cover plet's start off with actor. pchristian bale, tom hardee, pmark, mark and sylvester pstalone. pyou're going with stalone. pi'm going with stalone. pand see, this sort of violates pall of my principles of trying pto sort of piece all of the pthings together handicap in phorse race. pdid win golden globe but doesn't preally have anything else to his pcredit in terms of awards so pfar. pno sag nomination, nothing like pthat. pso he really should not be in pthe race. pbut he's playing an iconic phollywood hero with rocky pbalboa. phe did it beautifully too. pseriously probably the best erformance of stalone has ever pgiven. pthe bar hasn't been set that phigh. pbut still he's there. pand hollywood is just psentimental enough that i think pthat they would want to 39 years
9:43 am
p>> get it to them and say thanks pfor creating this, you know pcharacter. pso evening it will be stalone. pi hope it is we've got psupporting actress. pi'm pulling for alicia from the pdan issue girl. pi pulling for her from a movie pcalled x mock but she's pnominated for. pvery good in it too. ptwo things going in her favor. pone really a lead performance. pshe should really be in the best pactress category rather than psupporting. pthat always helps in this pcategory. psame position with carol. pjennifer jason lee somewhat but pmore of an ensemble type of pthing. pi did like her. pshe was with good. pshe was fun in that. pbut yeah, i think it is just pthat kind of rising star that pthe academy likes to reward, plikes to anoint and likes to psort of say here's your next pgeneration coming out here. pi think it will be alicia. pwhat do we have next? pa third one coming up here.
9:44 am
pbest director is i think it, pfor, the "the revenant" if he pdoes win that first director to pwin back to back, he directed pbird man that won last year. pfirst director to win back to pback since 1940s and 50s. pwith john ford and joseph. pso he's that was good movie just plooking clips right now he could pmake some serious history sunday pnight. pths going to great show i can't pwait to watch it i haven't been pthis excited about an oscar then pi can't remember when. pexciting because it punpredictable and because of pwhat chris rock and all the pother presenters you know this pis going to be p>> it takes a lot of people pgoing oh snag will come up pcontinually through night not ponly from what your presenter plike kevin hart. pkevin hart is going to get up phere i'm going to unload things ptoo. pwhoopi goldberg is never one to pshy away from speaking her mind. pso, i think it going to
9:45 am
pnight very interesting. pthank you so much steven. pmy pleasure. pmy pleasure.
9:46 am
9:47 am
pwith next movie a3 ((laura//2sh)) we love our p just never know do you in p9:47 now. pwe love or jobs here. pwhile a lot of news can serious
9:48 am
palong the way. p>> really? p>> it's funny moments too. pthis week's good day goodies. p well, it is a 6:54 we're pgoing check in with charley pbelcher a little later than pnormal. phey. pdid i hear breaking news sounder pjust now. pdeveloping. pit's developing you better make puh-oh. ressure's on. pany time you start a show off pwith mr. roboto from sticks it pgoing to be a good day a crazy phour. p p>> i've driving since i was 4 pyears old. pand we're going to take a big psplash here. pthere we go. phow cool. pi've driving since i was 4 years pold. pyeah. p>> head up there you go. pnow, reach forward just a little pmore you can put your hands pforward. phands forward. pthere you go. pall right. pgoing backwards. pall right.
9:49 am
pbackwards a little bit. ptrying not to say in bad words pon live tv bellow. pyou did it. pyou did it. phold on. plook at that, folks. pyeah. pharlem globe trotters thank you. pi said he wasn't going to get on phorse i to show up alcides psegui. plast year he could hardly pcontrol his horse. pyou ready for this? p>> you stand up and ride them. pyeah. puh-oh. pthis is not going to good angle. pdon't look. palled riding riding i'm going to pdo i'm crazy but i'm not stupid. pwhat's going to happen peverybody? pwhat's going to happen? p>> get out of there. pwe created even more gas than i pnormally create russell rhodes. p>> do you remember p>> gas i create nothing really phappens. pyou don't need to talk to doug pamples about that exceptional pemployee.
9:50 am
p>> that's what i was going say i pknow laura moody, i can get you pin touch with her. pyeah. pright direction. pthat's right. pwe have the thin mints. pi have nothing at my desk. pdo not, stay out of my drawers. pdave osterberg 72. pshe has a reputation. pthat's right. pthursday. pthursday dance. pit was a little thursday dance. pyay. pit's friday now. pit's friday now.
9:51 am
pwe'll be right back. i do everything on the internet. but it's kind of slow. my friends said i should get
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psecond. pno doubt about it, florida pweather is wild. pwe go from hot and humid to pfrost on the berries. pand fox 13's mike bennet is here pwith some safety tips for making pthe most of all seasons. p>> we all know summertime in pflorida can brutal. pyou can break a sweat just pwalking out the front door. pit may seem hard to believe that ptampa has never officially hit p100 degrees.
9:54 am
peach year we average 98 days in pa row of high temperatures 90 or pabove. pand it makes it feel even photter. pit can feel like 110 or higher pon summer afternoons. pand when it gets up to 105, pthings can get dangerous for eople and for animals. prisks include heat cramps heat pexhaustion, heat stroke or even pdeath. pwhen the mercury starts climbing ay attention to heat advisories pand warnings. pwear light weight and light pcolored clothing and use plenty pof sunscreen and be sure to preapply it often. pwear sunglasses and a hat, drink lenty of water. peven if you don't feel thirsty. pdehydration can set in without pyou even realizing it. plimit your outdoor activities pbetween 11:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. pwhen it is hottest and check on pelderly. pchildren and pets a they tend to pbe more sensitive to heat. pat the other extreme, cold pweather can also be dangerous. ptrue we haven't had to freeze in
9:55 am
pbut factor in the windchill, and pyour body may think otherwise. pwatch for windchill advisories por warning along with frost padvisory and freeze warnings. pdress in layers, wear a hat and pgloves. pand bring in outdoor pets. pcover those cold sensitive lants as well. pif it gets very cold, cover your ipes and allow outdoor faucets pto slowly drip so they don't pfreeze or burst. pif you're using a fireplace ractice good fire safety. ponly use safe heating sources. pdon't ever try to heat up pindoors with a grill or other pfuel burning device. pthose can emit carbon monoxide. pa winter start wildfire season pwhich typically runs from pjanuary to mid june. pwe typically see 4600 fires pacross the burning nearly p110,000 acres each season. psome are natural wildfires but pmost are accidents started by phumans. pso before lighting a camp fire por burning yard waste, watch the pforecast. plook out for fire weather
9:56 am
ply when it's dry and windy. pjust like with other forms make pa plain with your family to pdecide what to do, and where to pgo if wildfires threaten your parea. pmike bennet, fox 13 news. p thank you, mike. pit was amazing to me 100,000 pacres burned every year. pit's the average around here. pyou think don't think about that pwhen you think of florida. pthankfully no pipe busting cold pto talk about thou. peven though it's going to cold pthis weekend. pit will unseasonably cool. phow does that sound as you look pat the 62 for a high today. pour normal is in the mid 70s. pand we're not going to get back pthere i think until next ptuesday. pso cooler than normal weekend. pbut then it returns to normal pfor the beginning of next week. phave a great weekend, you guys. pyou too, dave. pyou too. pwhy. p>> yes it's been a good week. pyeah. pit does. ptoday is friday. pit's february 26th. plive with kelly and michael pcoming up next then wendy pwilliams and fox 13 news a noon
9:57 am follow us on ptwitter instagram like us on pfacebook. pit's a wrap. phave a good one everybody. p"realtime closed captioning rovided by u.s. captioning pcompany." lowe's presents: how to put your foot in your mouth. man, wish my yard looked like yours. hey, the grass is always greener on the other side of the... sorry. now get 20% off sta-green fertilizer,
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>> it's time for "kelly & michael"'s annual "pre-oscar celebration." today,, forest whitaker and jennifer hudson, john travolta, their their memories of their big night at the oscars. we will give you a close-up look at the actors and actresses nominateded this year and the co-hosts show us how to make their oscar viewing party cocktails and mocktails. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] and now, here are your emmy award-winning co-hosts, kelly ripa and michael strahan!


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