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tv   FOX 13 News at Noon  FOX  February 26, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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pyour pfrom tampa bay tampa bay tampa pbay's north carolina been number pone news station, this is the pfox 13 news at noon. p we're following a few pdeveloping stories right now. pgood afternoon everyone. pi'm linda hurtado. pand thanks so much for joining pus. pa florida appeals court just pordered enforcement of a law pthat requires a women to wait 24 phours before getting an pabortion. pthe court lifted an injunction pthat blocked the waiting period pfrom taking effect. pthe panel contend ad judge pdidn't have enough facts or pevidence to support blocking pthat law. p>> and we're getting new details pin work place shooting that left pfour people dead including a psuspected gunman. olice now say they serve ad rotection from abuse order to pat gunman. pjust 90 minutes before the pshootings they believe that
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ptriggered that rampage. pofficials say cedrick ford was pserved with a notice to around p3:30 yesterday. pthey haven't said who or what pnotice was for. pbut did say those types of porders are served in abusive prelationships. olice say an hour and a half plater the 38-year-old drove to pat lawn mower parts factory and pstarted shooting. pthree people were killed and panother 15 were shot. pa police officer then killed 4 pford during a shoot out. p>> this is horrible situation my pfriends, terrible, terrible. phowever, there was a particular plaw enforcement here in hesston pthat responded right away. pand even though he took fire he pwent inside of that place and psaved multiple, multiple lives a phero as far as i'm concerned. p>> there were enough two to 300 pemployees inside that building pat the time of the attack. psheriff ford had an assault pstyle weapon and if that officer phad not shot and killed him
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pmore deadlypublic records show pcedric ford had ties to florida. pin past decade ae was charged pwith burglary grand theft paggravated fleeing and carrying pa concealed weapon. pall of those convictions stemmed pfrom a broward and miami-dade pcounties. pwe'll bring you more information pas the details come in. p>> new at noon st. petersburg olice and mayor are counting on pgun shops to deliver a message. pmayor says florida law prohibits pthe city from getting a list of pregistered gun owners. pbut law enforcers want to remind pthem to keep their guns locked pand a secure in their homes and pin their cars. pso a letter has been written in pthe hopes the firearms industry pwill hand it out. p>> stores that sell guns to gun pshows, anywhere that guns are pused gun ranges, to tell owners pof guns use these responsibly. pthe late last year st. pete saw pa number of homicides committed pby people with unlawful pfirearms. pthe city is also been dealing
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pwith lot of weapons listed among pthe stolen items. p we have new details on panother issue involving an pallegiant airlines flight. pas fox 13's alcides segui preports, the flight from st. ete clearwater airport to phunking ton west virginia was psuddenly cancelled possibly due pto mechanical issues. p>> reporter: it appearance pallegiant airlines has another phiccup this morning a flight pscheduled to leave st. pete pclearwater international airport phas been cancelled. pwe're working to confirm the preason, but passengers tell me pit was a mccall issue with one pof their aircraft. pi have emailed allegiant pairlines pr department and i'm pwaiting to hear back to find out pthe exact reason. pbut again, just yesterday, they phad an issue with one of their paircrafts. pduring take off, they had to pabort take off they heard a loud pboom coming from side of plane. investigating a not pfirst allegiant has had issues peither fa a.a. told fox 13 they psent a written reprimand to
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planding in las vegas back in paugust. pthursday's flight had dozens of assengers on board here in st. ete clearwater. pit was a leaving to kansas city. plee jant told fox 13 at plane pinvolved in thursday's emergency pwill be inspected. pthe airline has experience ad pseries of highly publicized roblems in one month last year. pthe airline made two emergency plandings, again i spoke with assengers earlier this morning pthat tell me their flights today roblems. p unfortunately, they are pindicating that two planes pdidn't leave from their pdestination to arrive here to ptake us to our destination. pand that it could possibly be psome type of mccall issues. pi don't know. pbut, a couple flights got pdelayed. pand now we're stuck. pand we're going to lose a day pout of our vacation. plee jant is busiest airline here pa st. pete clearwater pinternational airport. pwith 1.6 million travelers pagain, allegiant airline pcontends their aircrafts are
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pfrom the pr department. pknow. pin st. pete, alcides segui, fox p13 news. p>> anchor: it was a free for pall at the final republican pdebate before next week's super ptuesday. pdonald trump ducking and preturning fire from the two pcandidates trying to catch him pin the race. pon democratic side bernie pagainst hillary clinton. pfox 13's joel waldman is in pwashington with more. pwith super tuesday just four pdays away and winner take all pstates of florida and ohio, up pfor grabs soon after the tension pamong candidates was palpable pduring tenth gop debate of the pcampaign season. p>> i watched five times four pweeks ago. pi tell you i saw repeept pyourself five times five seconds pago. pmarco rubio trailing drufr by pdouble digits in home state of a pflorida tussle of illegal pimmigration to billionaire's pbankruptcy filings repealing of pobamacare bringing the two to ptheir crescendo.
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pwe're going win win win win, psenator please. p>> ted cruz finished third last pthree contests but leads in ptexas also piled on trump about phis unwillingness to release tax preturns before trump fired back. p>> this guy's a joke artist this pguy's a liar. pwhat's become a somewhat typical presponse from an atypical olitician. p>> he's making his own party and pnow republican party the prepublican establishment is prushing to catch up with trump. pben carson once a target going plargely unnoticed during barrage pof rapid fire insults pleading pto get back in the action. p>> can somebody attack me lease. pwhile on democratic side of the prace, once refusing to go on pattack himself bernie sanders phitting hillary clinton hard. p>> i have not given speeches for phundreds of thousands of dollars pto wall street. phillary clinton while still prefusing to to release ptranscripts of wall street pspeeches, says she has pabsolutely nothing to hide.
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p let's go to our political peditor craig patrick sparks were pflying last night they kept ptalking over each oh half time pthey were talking over each pother so much i couldn't punderstand what was being said. p>> that helps nobody. pthat's childish. pit reflects poorly on all the pcandidates. pbut it was bruiser. pit was bruiser last night. pwhat you have beyond the pinterruptions for the a very pfirst time, a two on 1. pyou had marco rubio and a ted pcruz instead of attacking each pother for much the night they iled on the guy in the middle pthrowing the kitchen sink at phim. pand while it was partly cruz it pwas mostly rubio, and bam, bam, pbam going after him for years a phire illegal immigrants for pbuilding trump tower you said it pkind of left ben carson squeezed pout a bit he may have scored the pline of the night can somebody lease attack me. pjohn kasich still in the race i pthink he's hoping he can win his phome state of ohio and collect a pgood chunk of delegates. pbut at this point it's all about pdonald trump.
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palready in the delegate count. pand in polls. pheading into super tuesday. pa full head of steam. pthis is marco rubio's last pchance to catch him. pand if he doesn't win a state on psuper tuesday, and polls show it pdoesn't look good for him it pmakes it all about florida on pmarch the 15th. plet's talk about florida. rimary coming up in a few pweeks. pwhat are the new polls showing pfor republican race. ptrump, all trump. ptrump leading big in the state pof florida. pquinnipiac came out early pyesterday afternoon was the pfirst of two showing that marco prubio is trailing badly to pdonald trump. pand i think because of that, pmarco rubio got the memo from prepublican establishment that pyou have to nail donald trump if pyou've a hope to catching up to phim. pbecause it's lights out if you pdon't win florida. pthose numbers reflect very oorly on marco rubio's chances. pif he does not reverse it the pquestion is have we seen this pversion of marco rubio in prior pdebates, might the calculus be a
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pi think that that performance pgoing after trump if republicans pare looking for a lighter that pmight have moved the needle. pthe question is too little too plate. pwe will find out beginning on ptuesday night. p>> yes we will. phow about polls for the pdemocratic race all hillary pclinton because the race is pheading south. pshe won in nevada and in pentrance poll she won among a pvery diverse group of voters. pthis bodes very well for her a prace movers to south carolina. pbut beyond that, to much of the psoutheast where the clinton phaves historically been very pstrong, have made a great in proads among african american pcommunities. pthat's where bernie sanders is pfacing a challenge. phe continues to stay on message. pthat it's about a revolution in pthis country breaking the choke phold that money has in the rocess prp free public college pfor all. pthat is resonating in particular pwith younger voters. pbut what a lot of candidates plearn is that younger voters ptend to leave them at the altar. pthey did don't turn out to vote
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pother demographics. pand that has wounded bernie psanders at least stalled his pmomentum somewhat. pand it could hurt him yet again pif he does not find a way to preverse that within the come pdays i know you have plenty to pchoose from tell what coming up psunday night. pwe're covering a lot of ground ptuesday. pto that end we brought in our olster matt who has nailed it pin the early dissipates drawn pnational attention for it. pwe have republican strategist padam goodman in house as well pwith very interesting insight on pthe campaigns. pwhat they have to win, how the pdelegate race shapes up and what pwe can expect not just coming pout of tuesday, but on to pmichigan and florida as well. pthat is sunday night at 11:30. plooking forward to it. pthank you, craig. p>> polk county detectives are psearching for a group of pburglars they broke into sprint pstore in davenport on wednesday. pfour burglars ran around looking pfor things to steal everything pwas stored inside a safe they pcouldn't open.
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pbroke. psheriff's office is always plooking for this man. pthey say he's a person of pinterest in the case. pif you know who he is or panything else about that pburglary, call the polk county psheriff's office. pa multi million dollar mystery pis now been solved. pwhat we know about the local pwoman who just won a very, very pbig lotto jackpot. lus mike's here checking your pforecast. pheylin today, another wall to pwall sunshine day. pbut with cooler and breezy ptemperatures, certainly, feeling plike february.
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pthings back up 3 an update now, to a multi-million dollar mystery. the winner of the 43 *million dollar florida pn up a up dade to a winner of p$43 million florida lotto pjackpot has been revealed. pfox 13 aaron mesmer is live in pseminole. pwhat do we know other than she's psuddenly very rich? p>> very, very rich. pthis is a couple though, linda pthat does not want any ublicity. pwe went by there house talked to pthem off camera. pthey and didn't want their icture taken during check resentation we always see at pthe florida lottery. pthey didn't want to go on camera pthey did talk with me off pcamera. pthey've already guinea all pwinnings away to all relative pthey split it up and don't want pown lives. pno plans on that happening. paccording to florida lottery, prubio bought $43 million winning pticket at this winn-dixie here pon park boulevard.
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pher husband is also 90. plottery officials say they chose pto take lump sum pay out pfebruary 17th drawing. pthat comes out to a little more pthan 31 million before taxes. pbut as i said they told me they pare not keeping a cent of it for pthemselves. pthey may be taking low key papproach but their neighbors pabsolutely thrilled for them pgood quiet people who seem to plive a simple life and something plike this couldn't happen to pbetter people. p>> it's great. pthey are quiet's nicest, most preserved people you ever saw in pyour life. ponly comes out the mail still pmows his own lawn. preal real simple people. pgot real, real simple life. pbeen here forever. pmy brother has been here about p25, 27 years. pthey've been here forever too. pquietest people in the world. p>> and the winn-dixie was pawarded $100,000 for selling pwinning ticket as for winners pthey are still going to be plivering that simple life and ptell me they plan on doing all
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pasaid they don't plan on having pthat extra money that they now phave and have hand it had down pto family members. pthey don't plan on letting that pchange their lives one bit. p>> aaron, i'm a little pspeechless here. pso mike bennet are watching mike pdid he say they are not going to preally? pnothing they gave it all away. p>> yeah. pmembers. pthey say that's more important plives. pthey say giving is better than preceiving. pthey are a good example. pthank you, aaron. p>> you know the saying put your pbest foot forward. pget a leg up. pbut in ordered to do both you've pgot to start with the heart. pand fox 13's jennifer epstein psays today's home town heros rove just that. p>> ariana is never far from the pcourt she's playing ball since pshe was kid and can't imagine pher life without the game. pi love the game. pi'm always had passion. pthe rest of basketball players pat florida college have more pthan just a passion for shooting phoops. pthey've got a heart for helping pothers.
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pthink like man, you know, others pdon't have maybe, it's mind pboggling. pit's hard to think about it. pso they've teamed up with souls pfor souls an organization that pdistributes shoes to people all pover the world. pbecause who knows more about the pimportance of a good pair of psneakers then basketball layers. palways on their feet. p>> on being on court being able pto run, jump, move, cut all pwhile being comfortable is pamazing to me. pi have lot of shoes probably pabout 30. pshoe drives on campus during pgames, some players even donated ptheir old stuff. pi'm going to go through my shoes ptomorrow. pno shoe is too worn for souls pfor soles. peach pair serve as purpose pdepending on condition it pdistribute repaired or recycled pa pair of shoes can go long wie peven when they are finished. psimple thing donating an old pdifference. pnot just for the people all over pthe world who need them. pbut for the guys and girls on pthe giving end too. pit's not only challenging us a
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pus as a family. palso a friend challenge they say pthey are happy to take on. pthe seam way they handle pcompetition on the court. ptogether, as a team. p>> soles for souls on 3. psoles for souls. p>> they have collected one 62 airs of shoes in about 20 psingles. pshoe drive ends march 20th if pyou want to donate drop off old psneaker sandals boots whatever plike they said they will even ptake a single shoe at the pflorida college campus gym. pwell i still can't, i'm still pkind speechless about giving paway $43 million, right? p>> yeah. pjust, we need more of that in pthe world. phow selfless is that i'm excited pabout that as you said i think pthere's a bigger story there pmaybe we can all learn from pthat. pdefinitely that's a huge, i pmean, i guess, you know you've plived 90 glorious years, what's pa little money going to add to pthat. pyour heart's in right place. pabsolutely. pi it will you what kind of plooking at this million dollar pweather forecast out here.
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pif you like the cooler weather pwe've got some of that warmer pweather we've got some of that ptoo. pcheck this out visible satellite icture big key over next four por five days. pthere is going to plenty of psunshine out there. pcan see clouds. pthat was a secondary front. pushering in cooler air. pnow pushing some of that cloud pcover off to south. pyou look around the area, if it pis just wall to wall sun sirata pbeach inland usf marine science pbuilding see if you can see pclouded in any one of these pviews grand court, no. phead inland, lakeland. pno none of our cameras even icking up single cloud out pthere. pthat's how much dry air is in lace. pnow yesterday, we finally broke pthrough in dropping temperatures pbelow 70, 64 was the high today. pwe may not even get above that. pwe're likely going to be stuck paround that 61, 62-degree mark pfor our high. pweather headlines breezy and pcool very cold night tonight pwinds start to die down povernight allow temperatures to
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pslow warming as we head through pthe weekend, mid 60s tomorrow, pmore like upper 60s or low 70s pas we head into sunday. pthen upper 70s as we head ptowards next week. premember, we're talking pyesterday about that front maybe plate wednesday thursday. pnow. pwe're looking at wednesday as pthat. p61 in tampa. p64 in brandon. p60 in brooksville. p62 in bradenton. p63 in wauchula. pit's still pretty breezy out pthere. pwinds occasionally gusting to 20 pmiles per hour. psustained out of the north. p10 to 15 miles per hour. pwe're going to continue to see pthat breeze through much of the pafternoon. psatellite and radar view, pthere's that secondary front pdraped over the area. phigh pressure will be building pin behind that front. pthat's going to allow again the pwinds to start to die off a bit pas we head into overnight eriod. phere's your future cast, chilly, p30s to the north sunny but cool pon day saturday. pand then sunday as well. pwe'll stay a little bit on the pcooler side.
12:21 pm
p70-degree mark. pas we head into the day on pmonday, that's where we will pstart to see temperatures really prebound back into the mid to pwednesday. p62 for today. lenty of sunshine. pbut cool and breezy. pfor tonight, 41 in tampa. pbut 30s to the north. pstarry skies. pheads up could be patchy frost pseven-day forecast 64 on psaturday 71 on sunday. ptuesday. pand wednesday, that's when we psee that front go through. p30 percent chance of showers and pstorms. plinda. pmike, biggest knight in phollywood coming up this pweekend. pwho favored to pick up as oscar
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3 (linda) the suspense is academy pthe suspense is building in
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pgiven out sunday night. pfox's adam housely has a preview pfor you. p as the academy awards make ptheir final preps on the coveted pred carpet and inside hollywood pdolby theater the oscars will be pa night to celebrate this year's pbest but also touch on a hot pbutton issue p>> this oscar night people will premember because diversity issue pohs ska so white #which really phas trending since nominations pcame out. pthat has really dominated award pseason. pexpect host comedian chris rock pto address lack of diversity in pfilms. phe's going to make fun of it. phe's going to make jokes about pit biting about it. pit will be humorous but biting phumor is best way to describe pit. pin the best picture categoryist pa three film race between pcatholic priest cover up pspotlight the gritty adventure pthe "the revenant" and housing pshort. pwe have to act now.
12:25 pm
pup throughout all of the gould pnominations nobody really knows. pso this is really a nail biter pthis year. pin a best acting category the pexpect rev 90 p>> and supporting role sent mant pfavorite sty stalone are pexpected to have a good night. p>> and what most people may premember come monday northern pmorning is what the stars wore pto the show as many will be pdressed to impress. pred carpet is such a huge deal pyou want to see how your pfavorite stars are dressed. pthis just one big agency pekts eople tune in even they this pwatch whole show people watch pthe carpet in hollywood adam phousley, fox news. p>> last night a very special pidol home coming finally
12:26 pm
p it was really good i'll try pto put ling on my facebook page pthat original idol kelly pclarkson performing on the first plive "american idol" show of the pseason. pshe got emotional i don't need pto tell you singing song she pwrote in tribute to her husband. psong also mentioned her father pwho was not around when she was pa child. pthe top 10 finalists were also pannounced last night "idol" preturns next thursday night. pa two dash hour episode two more psingers will go home and top peight will perform live for your pvotes.
12:27 pm
pon fox 13. pand former "american idol" pwinner in town today you can see phim for free. pdavid cook is headlining last pfriday in downtown clearwater. arty will honor 100th birthday pof morton plant hospital. pthat concert is along cleveland pstreet. pthere will be some food and pdrink vendors. pit all starts at 5:30 tonight. p>> this is a story that's pgetting a lot of reaction on psocial media. pfamilies says they were forced poff a plane because of their
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pwhat they say we've been following that developing workplace shooting pwe've following developing work lace place shooting pinvestigtion out of kansas a pgunman armed with what police pare calling an assault style prifle killed three people and pinjured more than dozen others pin lawn mower factory in kansas popinion he was shot ask killed
12:30 pm
pthere were about 150 people in pfactory when that shooting pbegan. pand even after news like that paccording to f.b.i., you pactually have better chance of pbeing struck and killed by plightning then you do of being pshot and killed by an active pshooter. pyesterday russell rhodes shows pyou how hillsborough county poffice trains for that kind of psituation. pand today he's going to talk pabout what you should do if you pare ever in that situation. p>> hillsborough county deputies ptraining on this a state of the part simulator. pin this case, an active shooter pin a courthouse. p>> this simulator is part of pwhat they used to train deputies pat the walter c practical ptraining site in lithia. panother is tactical city. pas a training exercise, deputies pcan go from room to room to look pfor a shooter. pbut, what would you do if you pwere ever in this situation? p>> if you can get away, of pcourse get away. pthat's the easiest and best plan pget away call 911 give us as
12:31 pm
pinformation as you can. pbus we're coming a quick as we pcan coming as many as many with pas many deputies as it takes to pstop that threat. pbut, what if you can't get away? plaw enforcement is at least pthree minutes away. pand at gunman can do a lot of pdamage in three minutes. pyou hide. pget behind something. pthat's what i'm and when law penforcement arrives do what they ptell you. pit's real important for citizens pto know if you have an encounter pwith law enforcement we tell you ut your hands put your hands up pdon't reach into your back ocket put your hands up do what pwe tell you to do. pthat helps us in that process. pif i told you to put your hands pand first you do is go to your ocket, what am i going to pthink? phe's going for something. pso follow the instructions of plaw enforcement do what we tell pyou to do. pand finally, and this is new, if pyou can't run, if you can't phide, and you have no palternative, fight.
12:32 pm
ptalked about was, was run and phide. pget away and hide. pwell now you're getting into pmore into fight part. plisten if you come down that psituation scenario it's you or phim fight. pif you have to fight what do you phave to lose at that point? pfight. p>> whats russell rhodes. pf.b.i. says 60 percent of active pshooter situations are over by pthe time law enforcement parrives. pin san bernardino they were gone pby the time authorities got pthere. p>> new this afternoon greece is poverwhelmed with migrants that phave no place to go. paround 2000 people cross into pcountry illegally every single pday. prefugees coming from countries peligible for asylum aren't pdetained but stuck with nowhere pelse to go. pofficials say about 20 thousand pmigrants are set up in temporary pcamp with macedonia. pofficiallies allowed only about p100 people to cross that border pyesterday. p>> the american assistant psecretary terry of state met pwith south korean officials in pseoul today. pu.s. is thinking about deploy
12:33 pm
psystem would in response to precent north korean nuclear and procket tests. pu.s. officials say they hope it pwill will pressure north korea pgo denuclearrization. pmeanwhile u.s. military launch pad ballistic miss nil pcalifornia. poperational test happened at the pair force base. pit's the military's second pintercontinental ballistic test pin a week. pit's a not so subtle display of ower to china, russia and north pkorea. pit took just 30 minutes for that pmiss toil travel more than 4,000 pmiles and hit a target in the psouth pacific. pa heart breaking ordeal for one parizona family. pthis after they were forced off pa flight because their son pstarted having an allergic preaction to a dog on board. pwe're also told a few passengers padded insult to injury. pnicole garcia has more. pi feel kind of happy and sad pstill. pand i feel kind of mad. phis trip to washington state is pone he will never forget.
12:34 pm
pfilled with great memories until pthe very end. pthe family was on an allegiant pair flight ready to fly back phome to arizona when giovanni pstarted to have an allergic preaction to dog that was on the lane. pwhen giovanni's mom alerted the pflight attendant she was met pwith a tone she wasn't pexpecting. pshe said well just a moment she pwent and told other there's dogs pon every flight it was she pdelivered message we are former pfoster parents i have raised 14 pchildren. pi've dealt with lot of attitudes pi know when we're getting one. pred eye flight was delayed a pmedical personnel met with gee pvane ultimately deciding it was pnot safe for him to fly. pfamily was forced off plane. pwhat some passengers did right pafter broke the little boy's pheart. p>> we heard the clapping. pwe heard it. pi just turned back and i just pshook my head i just couldn't pbelieve it i was so hopeless. pclapping was like a slap in the pface.
12:35 pm
pduring an already hopeless psituation. p>> he's going through so which pand giovanni is hearing so much pof a burden. pthey hope to turn this into a pteaching moment. pa lesson on why people should pshow empathy and be kind. pthat was just made me sad when pmy dad's dying of cancer, and pthat was really not nice. p>> he said it. pallegiant reportedly hassing in pcontact with a family apologized pfor negative experience. pairline says cases where assengers get sick or pexperience medical issues they pconsult with contracted doctors pon how they should proceed. pthere's a magical police chase pin california. pofficers in madeira were trying pto catch a unicorn. pit was actually a pony with fake phorn attached. pit broke loose and at pony pactually got loose twice. psecond time it took officers pseveral hours to track it down. olice say the pony could have
12:36 pm
pthankfully he was captured pwithout getting hurt. pthere's a different kind of sale punder way right now. pand charley belcher will have a plook at it. lus those wearable fitness
12:37 pm
12:38 pm
pconnection even when they are a medical milestone, in ohio. surgeons at the cleveland clinic performed the nation's first *uterus transplant. 3 the nine hour surgery was pfirst uterus transplant. pnine-hour surgery was a erformed oh 26-year-old woman pusing a uterus from deceased pdonor. pwoman will have to wait a year pbefore she can get prelth and polympics. pthis uterus will be removed pafter she has kids so she can
12:39 pm
pclinical will release more pdetails next week. pmore than 50,000 women in u.s. pwill be candidates for that rocedure. pwow. p>> they track steps, heart rate, peven sleep. pwearable fitness wrist bands and pclips are flooding the market. pdr. jo takes a look how these pdigital devices are creating a pconnection even when they are poff-line. p>> christmas morning beneath pbrightly colored paper a lot of eople discovered one of these. p>> oh, a fit bit. pmy fee an say the go wearable pfitness trackers and all shapes pand sizes hot items i ended up pgetting fit bit from my mother pstephanie and holly or coworkers pwho hit the pavement during ptheir lunch breaks. pthey changed their life styles a plittle over three months ago pwith healthy diets and exercise. p>> stephanie lost 47 pounds. pholly, 27. pfit bit helped them stay on ptrack.
12:40 pm
pfor when i'm at work sitting get pup and get moving. pto not stay seated. pi like to check it if i don't phave my steps in i will get my psteps in by the end of the day por at least set a reasonable pgoal. p>> lisa is an avid runner she precently upgraded to fit bit psurge. pthis works more like a watch. pyou can actually see your steps, pyour heart rate, how many miles pyou're doing. pand you're calories. plisa says it helps her modify pwork outs in real time. pit's actually more not pevacuating because you're like i pwant to do a ten minute mile, so pi'm looking down to see what my ace is and if its at 11 i'm pgoing to speed myself up speed psteps calorie counting and a psleep monitoring. pthese digital data collectors pstimulate people to reach ersonal goals. pand create competition at work pand at home. pyou see each other's steps you pcan also communicate like a pgroup chat. pmy husband has one. pmy dad has one. presearchers are noticing too, pthey collect data to study
12:41 pm
psleep cycle and memory to pchronic diseases like krohns arkinson's and ms high tech pbands have an impact on the mind pand body. pi think that when i come back in pi'm not my mind is clear. pand so that i'm able to do more, pfocus better i'm more penergeticic more enthusiastic ponce i'm able to get out and premove myself from work, kind of pcome back in recharged and start pover. pit's nice. p>> now as our dr. jo reporting. paverage price ranges about 50 to p$250. pif you're thinking about getting pone, best to do your homework. pnow. pmeteorologist mike bennet will phave another check on y hi, guys! other stores, right? pbut did you know they're not always the best deal? pwalmart has every day low prices on everything they sell, not just on select items. tampa the total amount saved at walmart vs winn-dixie was $20.64 on this week's that's 16% including bogos. why shop anywhere else? pstart maximizing your savings on your entire
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switching to better internet is now easier than ever. only fios has the fastest internet and wi-fi available. so you can send files up to 5x faster than cable, with capacity to handle all of your devices. now get something that only fios offers: 100 meg upload and download speeds plus tv and phone for a price we've never offered before: just $69.99 a month online. and there isn't even an annual contract. just go to or call 1.888.get.fios. that's 100 meg internet speeds, tv & phone for our best offer ever. switch to better. switch to fios. phey everybody i'm coming to you pfrom largo today just outside pthe armed forces history museum pwhere they are having one whale pof a sale.
12:44 pm
p3 o'clock this afternoon and p8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. tomorrow. pyour chance to get some pretty pcool items at pretty great rices. pask all for a good cause. pfrank action one historians parmed forces yesterday museum. plet's start out. pthat truck is $5,000. pinternational harvester let me ptell you something. pthis thing is a little rough paround the edges outside i tell pyou engine wise a good shape if pyou need to transport serious pequipment or logging or pwhatever, it's a heck of a ptruck. pa heck of a truck. pinside we saw so many different pthings from the foot lockers to pthe boots, to the clothes that pthey sell for $5 apiece and plittle bitty things where is all pthat stuff coming from why are pyou selling? pwe're doing it so we can pgenerate funds for our operation peducation. pwhich brings under privileged pchildren to our museum. pand unlike any other museum or pgroup out there, we provide ptransportation, a meal for the pchild and a fantastic guided ptour.
12:45 pm
pfunds we're generating can bring pmore kids over here. pthat costs money and way to poffset costs. pand these are items that were peither surplus of the gentlemans pcollection that started this pmuseum or things that have been pdonated and people say if you pcan use it in museum fine if you pwant to sell to raise money pfine. pseconds fourths, fifths. pwe already have back ups to pthem. pthis is left overs really. pand fantastic. pwe have trailers out here. pyou got a stall worth for pbritish forces. pvehicles. pjust about everything. pwe can outfit a battalion. pspeaking of that bazookas in pthere on the wall. pthey are inert. pthey don't fire. pthey do not fire. pfor raining purposes. pbut. pand it's the real thing t will plook great up in man cave up on pa wall or whatever. pit's definitely a conversation iece. pa lot of fun. pa lot of fun. p>> yeah. plike, like i always like and pnavy surplus stores. pthis kind of that kind of feel.
12:46 pm
pbetter prices. rices are awesome frank always pa pleasure my friend. pthank you, armed forces history pmuseum. pcome with your kids, neighbors pgreat place to come bring them pas we show off our tampa bay parea. pstop here in largo and flea pmarket until 3 o'clock today p8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. tomorrow. pyou better hurry, the stuff is pgoing fast. pyep. pcharley belcher, fox 13 news. p thank you, charley. pare you music fan looking for a pjob you might want to head mid pflorida credit union pamphitheater this weekend a big pjob fair tomorrow. plooking to fill positions for psummer and almost every area. pit runs from 10:00 a.m. to p2:00 p.m. pyou want to attend the pfairgrounds through the orient proad entrance. pthey are hiring all positions pfrom at box office to vip staff pto security guards. pwell here's some tasty news. ptampa is getting a cupcake atm. pyou heard right. psprinkles cupcakes the company pthat went viral for doing this pin beverly hills is now bringing pthe sweet idea to hyde park pvillage.
12:47 pm
pthere be sprinkle bakery too. pwill open this spring and they pare hiring right now. pcupcakes start at 3.75 each. pactually 4.25 if you purchase pthem at the atm and also sell phomemade cookies ice cream and pcupcakes for dogs. p>> oh it's so unfair to show pthose pictures during the noon pnewscast. p>> this is a part where my pstomach starts to grumble a plittle bit. pwe were talk about this before pthe show. pwe won't want to try it you know pwhat i didn't realize so pcupcakes machine is right poutside the shop. pin shop cupcakes 3.75 in atm p4.25. pyou're paying an extra dollar pfor the experience i guess. phuh. pi'll go inside the shop. pi think kind of a frugal guy. pthe experience at the atm pdoesn't really bring. pokay. pno. pdefinitely not. pa beautiful day out there today. pespecially if you like the pcooler weather. pwe've got cooler temperatures paround. pand they are here to last for at pleast the next couple of days. pso again, if you like it, get
12:48 pm
pif you want warmer temperatures phang in there. pthey will here in next couple of pdays riverview time lapse you psaw amazing start to the day pthere. pthrough. pnow it's just beautiful sunshine pacross the area. pcurrent temperature 61 degrees. pdew point of 34. pso very, very dry air in place. plook at that relative humidity pat 36 percent. pwinds out north, northwest at 14 pmiles per hour. pother temperatures around the parea it's 60 in new port richey p64 in brandon. p63 in bradenton. p65 in arcadia 61 in lakeland 60 pat brooksville what you see here pis pretty much what you're going pto get am i getting taller or pshorter as i go here? pi think so, right? p>> let's keep doing that. pi like that. panyway, temperatures not going pto climb a whole lot more as we phead throughout day today. pby tonight we're looking at retty cool temperatures out pthere. p41 for overnight low in tampa. p35 in wesley chapel. p34 up in brooksville. p39 in wauchula. pand 40 in lake placid. phere's a look at the current pwind gusts.
12:49 pm
pbrooedz day out there. pwinds out north sustained 15 pmiles per hour, so gusting above p20 at times. pthat wind starts to die down a pbit later on this afternoon on pinto this evening. pand that's going to allow ptemperatures overnight to drop pagain to levels you saw this ptheir secondary cold front ushing through another cold pfront off to north. pthis doesn't move through for us pa setting stage for lake effect psnow crossed much midwest on pinto northeast. pmuch cooler air for them. plook at new york city right now p35. pburlington at 20. p22 in buffalo. pcold air pretty much in pnortheast. pwe've got chilly temperatures. pthe colder air for tonight, that parrives a little bit later. phere's a look at our future pcast, chilly and breezy for ptoday. povernight tonight, high pressure pcontinuing to shift in. pwe will see 30s to north. psunny but cool, as we get into pthe day on saturday. pand sunday a little bit warmer. phigh pressure still in control. pby monday we're talking about pthis cold front dropping a plittle bit closer, no the quite phere yet though.
12:50 pm
ptemperatures back into the 70s pfor next week. pso for today, 62 degrees. lenty of sunshine out there. pcool and breezy. pfor the overnight hours tonight. p41 degrees. pstarry skies. pcold night 30s to north heads up pfor patchy frost. pand then for the day tomorrow, p64 degrees. pmore sunshine. pthat sunshine is going to be a ptheme for the next few days. pso warm up the temperatures. pwe'll keep sunshine around. pdrop that breeze a bit into pweekend as well. pall in all looking to be a retty nice weekend. p71 on sunday. p74 on monday. p77 by tuesday and wednesday. pthat front moves through. pstill a little bit of puncertainty as it just how cool pthings get behind it. pit doesn't look like it gets as pcool behind it. plinda. pthank you, mike.
12:51 pm
12:52 pm
12:53 pm
pof how pwe have a news alert to tell you pabout. pformer presidential candidate pgovernor chris christie just pendorsed donald trump. pthese are live pictures or ictures that we just took pcoming in. pfrom twitter i'm proud to be phere to endorse donald trump for resident of the united states pand also accepts endorsement of pchris christie governor. pkristi had trump's side in fort pworth. pof course we'll have lot more on pthis coming up tonight at p5 o'clock. p>> jacksonville defied the odds pbefore he was born doctors pdidn't give him much of a chance pto survive. pthat has changed thanks to all pchildren's hospital. pas fox 13's kelly ring reports, pjack's new life is what's right pwith tampa bay.
12:54 pm
phe was born with serious heart pdefects. pit was a dark time. pbecause we felt like we were pwaiting to lose him. pdoctors didn't think he would plive after he was born. phe looked at us and said i'm psorry. pthere's no good way to say this pbut your baby isn't going to plive. phe's going to be fine inside pmama but as soon as he's born, pit's going to be minutes that pyou're going to have this kid. otent heart medications kept pjack alive well beyond pexpectations. pbut severely limited what he pcould do. phe hasn't been able to be in ool hasn't able to play pbaseball he hasn't been able to pbe outside or get off the couch pmuch. pthat all changed last and all pchildren's hospital where jack phad a heart transplant. ptransforming this ten-year-old's plife. pit's incredible. pi still feel like i'm pinching pmyself.
12:55 pm
pand play on the swings. pactive and fun play time poutdoors that would have never pbeen possible. pi never expected bonus time to pbe this sweet. pi never thought he'd been this phealthy really ever. pjack's outlook on life is now pbrighter. pwaiting for someone to be in the ool again. pthat will be fun. pjack's health and new heart are pclosely monitored. pbut his family is so thankful pfor his progress. pwe went from feeling like we pwere going to lose this kid for phis whole life to all of sudden pwe are in some unbelievable pblessed bonus time. ptime the family thought they pwould never have together. pand they are so grateful. puh-huh. pso happy. pso happy. pawesome. pthat was our kelly ring that was pone wonderful story. prace fans can help kick off the pseason tomorrow at fan fest. pthe rays players and coaches
12:56 pm
pmeet and take photos with fans. pthis year free activities pinclude a discussion a hall fa pbaseball writer. pkids 14 and under can visit a pfree autograph station with more pthan 40 major league players. pit's free to get in. pspeaking good sports today we're pseparating our friend can pcolleague chip carter. phe has been part of fox family pfor nearly 30 years only third psports director in station's p61-year history. ptoday chip carter is retiring. pwe invite you to join us pstarting tonight at 5 as we wish pthis deserving guy the vest pbest. pi haven't worked with chip that plong but every day i've worked pwith him, he's made me either psmile and/or laugh. p>> and i think i forget who said pit yesterday but they put it pbest, they said he makes sports pfun to watch for people that pdon't even like sports i pcouldn't have put it better. pwe will miss him. pdo we have time for quick pweather? p>> yeah. retty similar to yesterday. pchilly breezy day out there
12:57 pm
pwe start to warm up, 71 by psunday. p74 by monday. pand by the way, plenty of psunshine out there for the next pfour or five days. pnext front doesn't arrive pbasically until middle of next pweek. plove it. penjoy it. pnews does not end here we'll pkeep posting the latest all day pon twitter and pfacebook. lus look for more news, weather pand sports beginning at 5. paccess hollywood's next i will psee you here tonight at 5. p"realtime closed captioning
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
1:00 pm
i would also like to take this moment to publicly support ke$ha. >> though many have now come forward for ke$ha in her case against dr. luke, adele is the first to say it out loud. i'm billy bush. on the long list of superstars that have actually worked with dr. luke, we'll tell you who's sharing and who who has remained silent. >> i'm 100% certain. >> the hotel gets its turn in the erin andrews peeping tom case, as does erin's psychotherapist. is the actual video now being shown to the jury? >> here's the real story. >> and it turns out snooki's got a perfectly good and believable explanation for her wobbly


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