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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 9AM  FOX  February 27, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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@ @. @ capturing the truth. @we will talk to the chief of @tampa police department how they @hope videos like one will build @public trust. @ polls open up in south @carolina, but bernie sanders and @hillary clinton are already @looking forward to super @tuesday. @ and a new water taxi service @gets under way right here this @morning in downtown tampa. @why the owner feels like now is @the best time to drop anchor @along the riverwalk. @ from tampa bay's number one
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@tampa bay." @>> anjuli: good morning to you @and welcome to "good day tampa @bay." @morning. @went from chilly to cold. @i am. @>> alcides. @jim in for lindsay. @>> jim: good to be here. @on the cool side this morning, @but i remind people -- @>> anjuli: enjoy it. @>> jim: enjoy it because july @and august we would all love to @have a day -- something close to @this and will continue to see @side today. @look at the numbers where we @start out this morning, 43 here @in tampa. @30s to our north. @up in brooksville, you are @already -- you are down below @freezing for a time at 3 @freezing for a time at 31 @degrees. @crystal river 32. @we have plenty of clear skies @and plenty of sun for today. @light northerly wind, so it is @really going to be a nice @really going to be a @nice-looking day. @just a touch on the cool side. @outside right now here in tampa @at 51. @brooksville, you rebounded
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@st. petersburg at 55 degrees. @we are heading into the upper @60s for today or lower 60s @rather, but we are looking for @these temperatures to rebound up @into the upper 60s and @into the upper 60s and low 70s @by tomorrow. @we will have a nice warming @trend under way, and we will @talk @talk more about that warming @trend coming up in just a little @bit. @>> alcides: thank you, jim. @ social media is ingrained in @our daily lives. @police departments are using not @only to fight crime but get @their own message @their own message out there. @police chief is with us. @thank you for being with us. @>> good morning. @>> alcides: talk to us about @social media. @why is it important to use it to @get that message out. @>> a great opportunity for us to @reach 350,000 of our residents @at one time. @important that we put that @message out to our community and @give them a glimpse of what our @law enforcement officers @encounter on a daily basis. @>> alcides: @albertson's let's talk about the @latest video on our facebook @page. @wonderfully put together.
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@it gives us a better idea what @law enforcement face every @single day. @and it seems like to me -- and @chief, correct me if i'm wrong @-- but it seems that law @enforcement officers now more @than ever before are being @targeted. @>> yes. @to make. @you know, the public only sees @that negative news coverage of @the law enforcement officers. @if it was up to us to give them @a total glimpse of what a law @enforcement en counters on a @daily basis, each encounter with @our citizens can change very -- @a matter of split seconds. @so we try to give -- give the @opportunity an opportunity to @see within seconds how a @situation can turn very violent. @>> alcides: i want to encourage @everyone to go to your faceback @page and see this. @you talk about some statistics @of what your officers deal with, @20% of your law enforcement @officers were actually involved @in an assault or they were @assaulted. @you know if -- if our citizen @out there. @if you are someone who is living @out there.
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@just seems that people don't @obey law enforcement officers. @there was -- a pasco county @sheriff's office and i know is a @different case, but they @released some video yesterday as @well of a woman who did not want @to be arrested. @she resisted arrest. @according to this video and @according to the sheriff's @office, what is your message for @folks out there. @just obey the law and obviously @follow the law enforcement @instructions, right. @>> correct. @the key goal is that we need to @work with our community. @we need to work as a partnership @with our community to reduce @crime throughout our city. @law enforcement can't do it @alone, so it is going -- it is @going to take an effort, a joint @effort between the community and @law enforcement to reduce crime @throughout our city. @>> reporter: body cameras are a @big part of that too. @>> absolutely. @body camera has a necessary @place in our organization. @you know, i think these this @video is a good example of how @we can use that video to get @this out. @>> a positive and a negative @especially when you can show the @public what you are dealing with
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@chief ward, i can't thank you @enough. @thank you and have a wonderful @weekend great, thank you. @ in other news, voters in the @palmetto state head to the polls @for the presidential primary @for the presidential primaries. @>> anjuli: the polls opened up @at 7:00 and an uphill battle for @bernie sanders who has a long @climb to overcome klinsz's @advantage in that state. @polls suggest that clinton has a @huge advantage with @african-american voter. @clinton was taking shot of the @gop hopefuls for offering what @she calls failed economic @policies. @sanders also made a stop in the @state and chose to attack @clinton for having accepted @campaign contribution and @speaking fees from wall street @interests. @>> i do not have a super pac. @i do not raise millions of @dollars from wall street. @secretary clinton has a super @secretary clinton has a @super-pack last filing period,
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@>> both camps are looking beyond @south carolina today. @clinton will hold rallies in @alabama and sanders are in both @texas and minnesota. @ did you see this? @a few more days until the @pivotal super tuesday primary. @republican front runner donald @trump picked up a big -- big @endorsement at a news conference @in fort worth, tech. @chris christie endorsed donald @trump for president. @christie said that trump is the @best candidate to defeat hillary @clinton and fix washington. @the endorsement brought the @biggest blow to that man ohio @governor john kasich's campaign. @he asked for christie's support @but he decided to go elsewhere. @he is expected to hold two @events today in tennessee. @ good news for drivers of @csx. @the construction on chestnut @street has finished up ahead of @schedule. @between myrtle and fort harrison @avenue is back open. @no more planned construction @projects near the memorial cause
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@ the hillsborough county man @is behind bars and facing @charges this morning in a case @dating back to 2014. @deputy @deputies have charged kareem @deputies have charged kareem @myree of killing marcus williams @in seffner. @williams was in his car when @myree ordered him to get out and @fatally shot him in the head @with a shotgun. @then believed that myree drove @off in his car. @all about drugs. @a large amount of marijuana and @cash were found at the victim's @home. @ a tampa @ a tampa man accused of @exposing himself to young girls @is also under arrest this @morning. @deputies say this man @23-year-old andrew poplete @driving slowly around pierce @middle schools and leto high @schools exposing himself to @young girls. @cops were watching them because @a couple days earlier he exposed @himself according to police to @two 13-year-old girls who wrote @down his license plate and @reported it. @detectives say there could be @more victims.
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@million lottery jackpot and not @keeping a cent of it. @that is exactly what a 90 @that is exactly what a @90-year-old couple say they did. @ruby and her husband won the @february 14 florida lotto @drawing. @took the lump sum walking away @with $31 million. @instead of keeping it, they @family members. @neighbor say that could not @neighbor say that could not have @happened to a better couple. @>> they are great. @the quietest niceist people you @have seen in your life. @>> he comes out to get the mail. @still mows his own life. @real simple people and have a @real simple life. @>> reporter: they bought the @ticket from a winn-dixie in @seminole. @the store will get $100,000 for @selling the ticket. @ and happening today in largo @ and happening today in @largo, the armed forces history @museum will be holding a @military surplus flea market @from 8:00 until 3 p.m. the event @will take place at the warehouse @directly next door to the @museum. @admission to the flea market is @free, and if you want to visit
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@be discounted admission prices @of just $10. @a lot of fun down there and so @much to see. @check it out. @still ahead, the latest on the @zika virus and how it is @affecting pregnant women here in @the u.s. @we will give you new numbers and @hometown many children have been @affected by the disease. @ a water water taxi service @is planning to make waves in @florida. @the ships that will take @thousands of people up and down @the hillsborough river. @ hey, jim. @jimz a perfect weekend. @temperatures on the cool side @this morning. @head outside. @and you are just going to need @that jacket as you go through @the day, but still plenty of sun @the day, but still plenty of @sun. @gorgeous-looking weather will @continue all weekend long.
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@warmer temperatures (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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@ @ tampa mayor bob buckhorn was @on hand where three ships were @christened. @local businesses decided to @sprout out all around the river @and one business owner is hoping @his idea will tie it all @together. @>> i just want to push in for @picking passengers up. @>> reporter: a one of a kind @experience and one that is aim @experience and one that is @aiming to help land lovers in @downtown tampa travel the high @'seas of the hillsborough river @and the garrison channel. @instead of fume @instead of fuming into the seat @of your car during rush hour, @troy mancy of star fleet cruises @hope that people will sit back,
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@views along tampa's riverwalk. @>> the riverwalk complete. @we have many attractions on the @river walk. @we have location coming down to @our downtown to experience the @riverfront and it is time to @connect at all. @>> reporter: he says that he @finally sees the city of company @taking advantage of one of its @greatest and fastest growing @assets. @he hopes his you pirate water @taxi service can become an @important part of that. @>> all attractions and @restaurants on the riverwalk are @very exciting now and exceeded @just about everyone's @expectation and i think water @taxly exceed our expectations as @well. @>> reporter: tampa mayor bob @buckhorn agrees. @>> the most eventful occurrence @in 30 years. @adding restaurants and bars and @adding the ability to move up @and down the water is critical. @a new water taxi service sits @perfectly with what we are @trying to do. @>> reporter: the water taxi
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@district and davis island. @the three 50-foot taxi also also @have congestion @have concessions, rest rooms and @historical narrations. @>> not just the water taxis. @our captain @our captain also have a great @pirate hats and pirate character @and the kids will feel very @welcomed and eye patches for the @>> reporter: the idea of the @water taxsy nothing new in tampa @though, for more than eight @years, the tampa water taxi @company offered dolphin and @sunset tours around the @hillsborough bay. @his company carries around 2,000 @people a month. @and in 1994, the tampa town @ferry started up, but the @riverwalk concept wasn't there. @and the business sank before @finally dissolving in 2002. @mayor buckhorn says now things @are different. @>> this is a new city. @i mean, once we open up that @riverwalk, we expose the @downtown. @we expose the water. @ front to a whole new generation @of people. @>> reporter: businesses will be @launching talks between
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@a proposed ferry service between @tampa and st. petersburg begins @november. @it is a six-month pilot program, @and mancy says he is willing to @change his water taxi schedule @all to meet the these of those @being dropped off at the tampa @convention center @>> the high-speed ferry comes in @at 7:00 and two water taxis @sitting there. @>> alcides: water taxing from @10 a.m. to 10 p.m. monday @through nurse and midnight on @fridays and saturdays. @you can always go to our web @site at @i got to tell you, jim, i think @it is a great idea, the water @taxi service. @>> jim: really is. @to get out there and see the @views around here. @we don't get to see it all that @much, and we had great-looking @weather over the past couple of @days. @we continue to see that again @today. @plenty of sun. @a little on the cool side, but @we will warm up as we go through @the afternoon, but temperatures @today only getting into the low @60s.
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@start that warming trend, so @some of us maybe think it is @little on the cool side. @take jacket with you and you @will be just fine as you go @through the afternoon hours, but @by tomorrow, we are back up into @the 70s for daytime highs. @outside right now 51 degrees. @dew point at 34. @humidity at 52%. @the barometer at 30.31 and @rising and the winds still @coming out you have that @northerly direction which is @still bringing that relatively @cooler air down the state. @so that's why these temperatures @are just very slowly warming up @for today. @54 over in brandon. @wesley chapel you are at. @up in brooksville, all the way @to 31 degrees and back up to 49. @st. petersburg at 55. @bradenton, 54 @bradenton, 54. @society, 5 @society, 5 3 degrees and seeing @40s in interior where lakeland @sits at 48 degrees. @over the past 24 hours, you can @see we are still running on the @cool side. @most areas sitting between 4 to @5 degrees colder compared to
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@but places down to our south, @down toward venice sitting at @about 11 degrees colder. @ certainly a very chilly air @that has moved over the state. @a lot of sun for today. @high pressure sits back to our @west that will slowly work its @way to the east as it heads @through today. @plenty of sun for today, light @winds, and then once that high @is toward the east, that is what @starts that warming trend. @really pretty quiet yet across @the country. @you look to our north. @some clouds. @a couple of snow flurries across @portions of pennsylvania, @western pennsylvania, up into @new york state as well. @but really it's -- winter is @hanging on. @you look at these temperatures @all across the country. @really not seeing any warm spots @across the country. @so we will continue to see cool @temperatures for today and then @that warming trend starts for @tomorrow. @and by the time we get into @middle of next week, nice, nice @warm temperatures. @if you like the warm @temperatures, we are heading
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@there is that high, shifting to @the east. @cold front works its way down @into the southeast. @and that will head our way. @by wednesday, but as you look at @it, you are just not seeing much @moisture with that front. @so as it pushes through here, we @we will see a slight chance of @some showers. @30% chance. @behind that front, no dramatic @dramatically colder temperatures @temperatures. @there is that warming trend that @starts tomorrow, and by tuesday, @we are all the way back to 77 @degrees for that daytime high. @plenty of sun. @daytime high 63 degrees. @one more chilly night for @tonight. @overnight low of 44. @then for tomorrow, 71 for that @daytime high. @on water winds are continuing @out. @ north at 10 to 15 knots. @seas 2 to 4 feet. @moderate shop on the bay. @high tide at 4:19 this @afternoon. @here is the seven-day forecast. @that warming trend starts @tomorrow and continues through @the week. @and then you see that rain @chance about 30% on wednesday,
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@bit cooler, but nothing @dramatically colder. @back to you. @>> anjuli: just gorgeous. @thank you, jim. @ 83-year-old yoko ono has @been hospitalized in new york @city. @>> alcides: her publicist is @down playing the illness that @sent her there. @an ambulance took ono from her @apartment in manhattan on friday @apartment in manhattan on @friday, and paramedics said she @was actually unconscious. @initial reports show she may @have had a stroke, but her @publicist call it flu-like @symptoms. @he says she will be released @from the hospital soon, maybe @even a little earlier today. @antiocho ono has lived in the @same apartment building since @the early '70s ben she was marry @the early '70s ben she was @married to john lennon. @he was shot and killed in front @of his apartment building in 19 @of his apartment building in @1980. @ no word why a gunman on @washington state killed four @family members and turned the @police. @the violent ending followed a @hours. @all happening in the town of @bell fair, 70 miles west of @seattle.
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@be the gunman's daughter escaped @and was the lone survivor of @that shooting. @ police have arrested the @ex-girlfriend of the man who @killed three people and hurt 15 @others in a factory in central @kansas. @28-year-old sara hopkins was @charged with providing the gun @used by cedric ford earlier this @beak. @investigators say even though @ford was a convicted felon, she @supply @supplied whim three guns. @she is a preschool advocate for @a kansas school district. @she could serve ten years in @prison if convicted. @ in the meantime, hundreds of @people gathered for a candle @candlelight vigil in honor of @the victims. @organizers say they hope the @community come together and heal @and speakers offer prayer and @the victims. @ alarming news about zika @here in the u.s. @the cdc says that the @mosquito-borne virus has been @across the country. @all contracted overseas. @three babies have been born, one
9:21 am
@the cdc says also had ten @additional reports of pregnant @travelers with sdmreebinga. @ downright scary. @the chief legal counsel that @rick snyder said about the flint @water quality in an e-mail back @in 2014. @snyder administration released @8,000 e-mails relating to @flint. @those e-mails show snyder's @office was asked to switch the @water supply back to its @original source in october of 20 @original source in october of @2014. @snyder has since apologized to @the people of flint and refunded @30 million to residents for @their high water bills. @ all right, after the break, @the playoffs are getting ever @closer for the tampa bay rays. @we will show you how they did @last night in new jersey. @ the usf women's basketball
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@ @ in sports, lightning @forward steven stamkos extended @his streak to a season high five @games. @led the lightning to a 4-0 @victory over the new jersey @devils. @was the bolts fourth straight @and a fourth in the eastern @conference. @goaltender bishop had a big @night 21 saves for the third @shutout of the season. @the team now heads to boston @where they play the bruins @tomorrow night. @ and later on this afternoon, @the 21st-ranked usf basketball @team will tip off against temple @university at the usf sun dome. @two games left before tournament @comes around. @on monday, the bulls round out @the regular season with a @match-up against the currently
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@ a great weekend daytona. @atlanta. @today the nascar infiniti series @and camping world truck @administer reese will hold pole @qualifying and sprint cup @drivers will be able to get out @for one final practice this @afternoon. @of course you can catch all the @races right here on fox 13 @tomorrow beginning at 12:30. @ and soccer fans, today is @the last day for the suncoast @invitational of al lang in st. @pete. @two big games. @toronto and the philadelphia @union. @major league soccer play. @and at 7:00, the tampa bay rowdy @and at 7:00, the tampa bay @rowdies versus the montreal @impact. @still plenty of tickets @available if you want to go @clear them on. @ still ahead an icebreaker @ship stuck in antarctica. @good news. @we will tell you how they got @them out. @ spring baseball is a few @days away. @the rays are pumped up and our @kelly cowan is live at the trop @for us. @good morning. @>> reporter: good morning. @those fans are starting to
9:27 am
@they are about to open to season @ticket holders in half an hour. @we will have everything that you @can expect from rays fan fest @coming up. @push. @ weekend is off to a good @start. @plenty of sun. @we enjoyed nice weather over the @past couple of days. @you know what, why ruin a good @thing. @plenty of sun for today and the @temperatures a little on the @cool side, but we will warm up @as we go through the weekend as @well.
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@ @ from tampa bay's number one @news station, this is "good day @tampa bay."
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@thanks for joining us on this @saturday for "good day tampa bay @saturday for "good day tampa @bay." @i am. @>> alcides: @>> anjuli: and i am anjuli @davis. @a check up with jim, and a quick @headlines. @ the south carolina primary. @polls have hillary clinton @beating bernie sanders by 20 @points. @both camps are looking forward @super tuesday with clinton and @sanders making numerous campaign @stops in other states today. @ allegiant passengers whose @flights were cancelled at st. @pete-clearwater international @airport are expected to fly out @today. @they are told their flights were @cancelled due to mechanical @problems with aircrafts. @the cancellation comes a day @after one of its planes was @forced to abort takeoff at the @same airport. @since 2015, more than 25 @incidents have been reported by @self-media outlets across the @country. @the majority of them occurred @right here in the bay area at @st. pete clearwater airport. @ from his sarasota say they @found three gas skimmers in the @city in the past month and a @half.
9:31 am
@about them, they are also team @about them, they are also @teaming up with gas station @owners to fight against them. @officers have been out telling @owners to check their pump for @devices several times a day. @skimmers come in many shapes and @sizes and if you see one, you @are asked to call police. @ beautiful looking weather. @we continue with that today. @temperatures a little on the @cool side, but as we go through @the day, we slowly warm things @up into the low 60s outside @right now. @we are currently sitting at 51 @degrees. @after temperatures below @freezing up toward brooksville. @you are back up to 49. @crystal river 50 degrees. @bradenton, 54. @down in sarasota, currently @sitting at 53 degrees. @light northerly winds. @temperatures stay a touch on the @cool side. @high pressure continues to work @its way over and plenty of sun @and we start that warming trend @tomorrow. @by tomorrow, we are back up into @the 70s. @we will continue that warming @trend into the week, but we also @have to deal with maybe a little @rain toward the middle of the @week.
9:32 am
@little bit. @ later on this morning, rays @fans can help kick off the @season at fan fest. @the rays players and coaches @will be at tropicana field to @meet and greet and take photos @with the fans too. @our own kelly cowan is also @there. @kelly, i understand you are a @big sports fan yourself. @have you brought your batting @gloves this morning? @>> reporter: that is absolutely @right. @i am a huge sporting fan, but my @hitting game is not always the @best. @just a little spotty, anjuli. @and i think i might be a little @too old to step up to the plate. @i think it is for kids only @today to take part in that home @run derby. @so -- [sighing] @-- i think i am too tall to @participate in that activity but @should be a great day. @there are already a lot of fans @showing up. @of course the gates open in 30 @minutes to season ticketholders. @seen the kids trickling in with @the older fans. @a lot of the older fans are @decked out ready to get @autographs. @swaim those kids.
9:33 am
@mitt and their ball. @of course they will get a chance @to play in the outfield and a @have a chance to get all over @the field. @the home run derby on the field. @they will also have a chance to @get pointers from rays players @in the outfield. @so it should be a great day, of @course, get those autographs. @if you were planning to head out @to the stadium today, make sure @you grab a couple of items to @sign, but i am sure the rays can @help you out, sell you something @if you try to get an autograph @down here and you don't bring @your own ball, but should be a @great day down here. @a lot of free events for the @kids and family @kids and families as long you @pay your entry fee to get in, @and then, of course, i am told, @the tickets for the autographs @do cost a little extra, but all @down here. @and should be a fun day. @the gates for regular admission, @general admission, open up at @11:00 and go on until 4:00. @fun day here at the trop. @report can live, kelly cowan, @fox 13 news.
9:34 am
@ florida fish and wildlife @says florida's manatee @population is growing. @they counted more after that 62 @they counted more after that @6200 nants florida waters this @month. @150 more than last year. @swc surveys found that the two @most popular warm water spots @for them to gather are three @sister springs in crystal river @and the canals at teco's big @bend power plant that is located @at apology had low beach. @ three 12-year-old girls in @volusia are facing criminal @charges for allegedly spiking a @soda that made a middle school @teacher ill. @one of the girls was angry with @the teacher after she was @disciplined for dumping glue @into another's back pack. @expected of masterminding and @another friend is believed to @pour crushed red pepper into the @teachers a soda while other @friend distracted the teacher. @the three friends have been @transported to the regional @detention center if daytona @beach. @ a state appeals court has @ruled that women must wait 24
9:35 am
@the court overturned injunction @that was blocking the new law @requiring a waiting period. @as a result of that, the law is @effective immediately. @supporters of this law say the @wait is -- is consistent with @what other medical procedures -- @but opponents argue it will @impose hardships on women by @forcing them to miss work, lose @wage and pay for additional @child care. @ the islamic state group has @claimed responsible for a @suicide truck bombing in central @syria. @state run tv is reporting that @at least two people have been @killed after a car bomb exploded @on the edge of a government held @town in the central part of the @country. @several others were also @reported as wounded. @ and just hours after a @cease-fire agreement went into @effect in syria. @the agreement was arranged @between russia and excludes the @islamic state group. @the syrian government and @opposition forces including 100 @rebel groups have said they will
9:36 am
@u.s. ambassador samantha powers @says she is skeptical of how @well the plans worked given @syria's history. @ a islamic extremist group is @claiming responsibility for the @death of 14 people in somalia. @the violence unfolded at the syl @hotel in mogadishu. @the attackers made their way @inside after a suicide bomber @rammed their car at the traeps @of the hotel and blew it up. @hotel guards and government @forces exchanged fire with the @militants ending the siege. @ good news out of antarctica @this morning, 37 people stranded @on board australia's flagship @icebreaker have been rescued @opinion on wednesday, the ship @ran aground after breaking free @of its mooring line. @a barge ferry @a barge ferried expedition @members to a research center @after the weather improved. @days. @ coming up, we all want our @best care for parents when they @get older. @there is a new app that will @help them have somebody that @they can get along with.
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@night's winning lottery numbers. @no winner in the mega millions @drawing. @the jackpot up to $135. @not bad. @someone did win the lucky money @drawing though, so that jackpot @resets to $500,000. @the rest of last night's winning @numbers in case you want a @time 1 @time is 9:36. @good luck and good morning. @ marco rubio and ted cruz are @nailing donald trump. @>> if you haven't heard of $200 @million, you know where donald @in manhattan. @>> reporter: marco rubio is @getting hammered in his own home @state and cruise is losing @evangelical. @>> if i can't beat her, you
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bright house wifi hotspots. its free for 30 days. @ @. @ if you have ever been @concerned that you are
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@because of i didn't genes, you @are not alone. @testing to get your dna code @costs thousands of dollars. @>> alcides: medical centers @offering tests for free due to @their research prochbltion. @laura angels has that story. @>> reporter: dna sequencing @project are under way. @gisener health systems is one @that is offering patients to @volunteer. @president obama has also @proposed an initial i have to @fund facilities committed to dna @research and share their results @with scientists worldwide. @here is why. @>> the goal of our large-scale @research project is to learn @which differences in dna @sequence influences your health @and risk of particular diseases. @>> reporter: dr. ledbetter says @his research so far has @determined that one in every 50 @people has a genetic change that @puts them at an increased risk
9:41 am
@heightened risk for heart @disease, heart attacks or high @cholesterol based on family @history. @once an at-risk patient is @tested and made aware of @potential health implications, @they make that information @available for prevention and @treatment options. @the data is saved electronically @in a bio bank and can be pass @aid along this descendents and @other relatives. @>> having your parents and grand @>> having your parents and @grandparents health information @and dna we think in the future @can be extremely valuable to @informing your doctors about @your individual health risks. @>> reporter: aside from research @projects studying the genes of @healthy volunteers, dna @sequencing is also used to test @people with a strong family @history of certain diseases. @crystal goverick got tested as a @recommendation @recommendation of her mother's @doctor. @>> i was brca-1 positive and due @to my family history and a lot @of people having breast cancer
9:42 am
@genetic mutation. @the chances of me having breast @cancer was 90%. @>> reporter: she decided to have @a prophylactic bilateral @mastectomy. @her chances went down 5% and her @insurance paid for the dna @testing and preventive surgery. @>> i think it is very important @for a person to understand about @their genetic make-up. @i believe there are a lot of @genetic mutations out there that @haven't been discovered yet, and @i feel like the more people who @are tested, the more genetic @limitations they can come up @with that will help treat @patients to prevent -- prevent a @lot of diseases and cancers. @>> researchers are able to @determine the individual genomic @profile of every baby born in @the united states. @they say it will help determine, @prevent and reduce future health @risks. @in new york, laura ingal, fox @news.
9:43 am
@ a check on some top pete police chase @are said to be interested on @police officer's guns. @the cameras turn on whenever the @officer pulse the weapon out of @his holster and sends an alert @to other officers and streams to @supervisors. @the police chief said the camera @the police chief said the @cameras would document exactly @what would happen in a police @shooting. @we buy the technology now if @they work correctly but still @adjustments that need to be made @adjustments that need to be @made. @ hoverboards are still @popular so no surprise they are @target of thieves. @st. pete police say three homes @have been broken into in the @last week and all the cases the @target was a hoverboard. @the break-ins happen at the @avondale by the lakes complex on @28th street south, the reserve @at lake point, and wingate at 1 @at lake point, and wingate at @112th avenue north. @if you have any information on @the crime, you are asked to @contact state police. @ a big day for a lot of @puppies. @the walkathon is taking place in @st. pete and kicked off at the
9:44 am
@kicked off 45 minutes ago. @it is a nonprofit that provides @highly trained guide dogs to @people including veterans. @all the money that is raised is @done privately our mark wilson @is emceeing the event and looks @like a beautiful day, jim. @>> jim: it really is. @that time of the year and really @enjoy that kind of weather. @get outside and enjoy the low @humidity. @again today a nice one plenty of @sun. @a little on the cool side and @warming into the low 60s for @today. @take that jacket with you. @and everything will be a-okay. @look over downtown tampa right @now. @a little hazy but high pressure @is moving overhead and will @continue to give us plenty of @sun and nice mild temperatures @over the next several days and @warming it up through the week @as well. @forecast is coming up. @ @i think a anjuli thank you, jim. @ after the break, a couple in
9:45 am
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9:47 am
@how much ba da ba ba ba @ @ rise and shine. @this is "good day tampa bay." @>> it wasn't chocolate that gave @a couple in washington state @quite a shock dine @quite a shock dining out. @>> alcides: in fact you might @call it a seafood surprise.
9:48 am
@she ordered a pasta dish with @mussels and clam. @she bit into something hard. @she spit into her hand notice @she spit into her hand noticing @what and to be a shiny black @rock. @after taking it to a jeweler. @the couple found thought rock @was a rare black pearl valued, @anjuli, everyone at home, $6 @anjuli, everyone at home, $600 @bucks. @gem experts say finding a pearl @like that is extremely rare. @>> i only had a few occurrences @of paerltion coming in under @this scenario in 35 -- of pearls @coming in under the scenario of @35 years. @this is the first of gem quality @this is the first of gem @quality. @>> she will likely use that @pearl as part of a necklace to @use for good luck. @>> anjuli: do you look like -- @at 7:00 we were watching this @story and he said it didn't look @like a pearl. @>> alcides: i was kind out of @my mind at that time. @[ laughter ] @>> jim: thinking of a second @cup of coffee. @>> alcides: i love the way she
9:49 am
@>> anjuli: i can't help but @pick on you. @>> alcides: everybody else does @[ laughter ] @>> anjuli: a gorgeous day to be @outside, jim. @jim. @>> jim: it is. @[ laughter ] @you know i am going to be nice @real nice. @>> alcides: i appreciate you. @>> jim: i just googled this so @makes me the expert on pearls. @it is 100 times more rare than a @white pearl. @>> alcides: no kidding. @>> anjuli: get out of town. @>> alcides: almost doesn't @>> alcides: almost doesn't look @like a black pearl. @>> anjuli: you didn't know. @>> jim: so rare it doesn't even @look at one. @that's how rare it is. @>> anjuli: thanks for that @research, jim. @the power of google. @you know we are looking at a @nice day. @a little on the cool side right @now. @we are at 51 degrees. @and slowly warm these @temperatures up you. @and the winds coming out of @north at 8 miles per hour. @that just helps to reinforce @that cool air that we have over @us right now. @but by tomorrow, the winds
9:50 am
@they turn more toward the east. @coming out of the east that will @help moderate those temperatures @afternoon tomorrow. @51 outside right now here in @tampa brandon, 55 degrees. @wesley chapel at 53. @brooksville all the way down to @31 degrees. @and you rebounded pretty nicely @considering you are now 49. @and a lot of 30s up across the @panhandle and everybody @basically back up into the 40s @right now. @so high pressure. @that is sitting back to our west @west. @that is going to meander on @toward the east and bring us @plenty of nice weather real @lever the next several days into @the middle of next week. @by then, we have a cold front @that will be swinging down @across the southeast. @you can see some clouds with @this. @but really not a whole lot of @moisture so that rain chance as @it moves over us by wednesday, @only about 30%. @and once that pushes to our @south we will cool things down a @little bit and we are not
9:51 am
@down. @as this high moves to the east @that will warm things up the @next several days and by @tuesday, we are looking at @daytime highs into the mid and @upper 70s. @look at that nice warm-up if you @like the warmer temperatures. @it is headed our way by the time @we get into monday and tuesday. @still going to stay at fairly @comfortable temperatures as well @comfortable temperatures as @well. @so pleasant. @plenty of sun for today. @daytime high of 63 degrees. @then for tonight. @one more chilly night. @overnight low of 44 for @tomorrow. @nice afternoon, day time high of @71 degrees. @winds are out of the north at 20 @winds are out of the north at @201015 knots. @seas 2 to 4 feet with a moderate @chop. @high tide at 4:19 this afternoon @afternoon. @here is that seven-day forecast, @warming these temperatures up as @we go into next week. @that front about a 30% chance of @some showers as we get into @wednesday.
9:52 am
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where all meals are under $4.
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@ @ finally this hour, a new @web service looking to @revolutionize at-home care for @the elderly. @>> alcides: they do it by @matching patients with health @care workers based on their @personality. @fox news correspondent douglas @kennedy has more. @>> are you doing okay? @>> reporter: when marie's
9:55 am
@>> more than likely parkinson's. @>> you know you have therapy. @>> reporter: she decided a home @attendant was better than a @nursing home. @unfortunately you found your @husband's caregivers to be @detached and unreliable. @>> absolutely. @i couldn't count on someone @showing up on time. @when they were here, maybe they @were a little detached to the @whole thing. @i couldn't plan everything with @my day. @>> reporter: their experience @with caregivers is not uncommon. @in fact only 20% of home health @care workers stay in their job @over a year. @it is a lot of inconsistency @that in turn leads to a lot of @anxiety in the elderly. @>> it is about that beautiful @day. @>> reporter: exactly why josh @bruno invented home team, a web @service that matches the age @with caregivers based on @personality. @>> so this is sort of a for home health care. @>> for us it starts with that @match between older adult and @amazing caregiver. @we are matching painters with
9:56 am
@gardeners. @>> reporter: the result 14% @turnovers. @>> you have caregivers that @someday very long time with your @company. @>> we provide caregivers a @career with home team. @we want a relationship. @you can trust that they will be @with you for years. @>> reporter: home team puts an @integrated ipad in every home @allowing family members to set @activity level and read reports @on medical status in real time. @>> reporter: with the i tag you @can check in any time you want. @you can send suggestions on @meals and things to do. @>> absolutely. @you can see i have a sense of @not home, someone is watching @over him and you can see how he @has been taken care of while he @is gone. @>> reporter: even she is not @home, she says she still feels @connected. @in marlton, new jersey, douglas @kennedy, fox news. @ a lot of people probably out @and about this weekend.
9:57 am
@>> on the cool side, and as we @get into the afternoon, low 60s. @i think just that light jacket, @but we are going to see plenty @of sun. @and these temperatures are going @to be pretty nice as we get into @next week. @look at the seven-day forecast. @63 for today. @but notice by tomorrow, that is @pretty nice. @plenty of sun. @daytime high about 71 and @warming right up as we get into @the rest of the week. @>> anjuli: a perfect sunday, i @love it. @thank you, jim. @remember, you can keep up to @date on all your news all the @time by logging on to our web @site at @>> alcides: follow us on @facebook and twitter. @have a great morning, everybody. @>> jim: and have a great @weekend.
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