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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 8AM  FOX  February 28, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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p>> anjuli: absolutely. p hillary clinton posts a big pwin in south carolina, but pisn't over yet. pnow all the remaining candidates p>> alcides: on her first day on pshot and killed. pthe latest out of virginia this
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p>> anjuli: an unforeseeable pblessing. pgood morning, and welcome to p"good day tampa bay." pit's 8:00 a.m. on this sunday pmorning. pi'm anjuli davis. p>>. p>> alcides: jim is here for plindsay milbourne. pthanks for being here. p>> jim: great to be here. pgood weekend and it's beautiful. pa little cool in the morning. pyou like the wrigley clip. pso you know we've got a little pcool in the morning, but we're pwarming up really nicely in the pafternoon. ptoday we kind of start that pwarming trend heading into the p70s so a look outside right now pand we see plenty of sun. pwe have scattered clouds poverhead and it made for a pnice-looking sunrise. pright now here in tampa we're at p49 degrees, dew point at 41. pthat makes the humidity 74%. pthe winds are turning more ptowards the east northeasterly pdirection so we don't tap the pcold air to the north and that phelps warm the temperatures up. pby noon we're in the upper 60s
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pthe 70s. pwe have a couple of cold fronts pthis week, and that will give us pthe small chance of some rain. pwe'll talk about the fronts in a plittle bit. pback to you. p>> alcides: thank you, jim. pspring break is just around the pcorner, and kids kick off the pvacations in a couple of days pand people flock to the local pbeaches. pkelly cowan is live in pclearwater beach this morning pwhere it looks like they're pgetting ready for a lot of pfolks. pgood morning, kelly. p>> reporter: good morning. pyes, they are getting ready for lenty of folks. pspring break is starting just pnext weekend, and they expect phuge crowds out here throughout pthe month of march and april. pnow, if you look behind me over phere at this pier, the fences phave come down after five months pof construction. pthey are complete and ready for ptourist season here at pclearwater beach. pthey've expanded the beach walk phere. pthey made a couple of smaller pimprovements that you might pnotice. pmore green space, and one of the pthings that i like best about
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pmade, they made an amp thee they pare-like structure we're toll, pand that will bring back the psunset cinema series. pfree movies friday and saturday pstarting just this weekend. pi believe it's a hunger games pmovie on friday night and i'm pdrawing a blank on the movie the pnext day. p"the internship" is on saturday pnight. pthat's going on throughout the ptourist season here. panother thing tourists want to pcheck out, of course, anytime pyou come to any beach, not just pclearwater beach america's newly pnamed number one beach. pany beach parking is a headache pfor people. pclearwater is trying to palleviate some headaches for pyou. pthey're offering a dollar off pferry rides if you want to park pin downtown clearwater. pthere are three separate pickup plocations where you can take a p$2 one-way ferry over to the pbeach and just leave your car pdowntown. pferry over to the beach. pit should alleviate some roblems for you.
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pdrive around and worry about the arking. arking is free down here, but pit's hard to come by sometimes pseason. pfor now we get a nice look at pthis gorgeous beach on this pgorgeous morning. pa little bit chilly, but i'm pexcited for the temperatures to pheat up. pi'll toss it back to you in the pstudio. p>> alcides: we'll take that pgorgeous weather behind you. pkelly cowan in clearwater. pthanks so much. p it wasn't just a win but a pdecisive win for hillary clinton pin south carolina. p>> anjuli: her campaign is plooking at the primary results pthis morning as an indicator of phow she may fare across multiple psouthern contests on super ptuesday. phere's the numbers for you with p100% reporting, clinton pcommanded 73.5% of the vote from psouth carolina. psanders only received 26 and pdidn't win in any county. pclinton now has wins in three of pthe first four contests like pdonald trump in the republican pfield. pit looks as if the results will pshow strength among miernlt pvoters. pexit polls indicate pafrican-american voters
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pthe vote in south carolina. pthat same voting bloc will be pkey in southern super tuesday pstates like georgia, arkansas, palabama and virginia. p>> alcides: the focus now for pall of the candidates, of pcourse, shifts towards super ptuesday on both sides texas is pthe crown jewel. pit has the most delegates at pstake for both the republican pand democratic party. pit's also considered a must-win pstate for ted cruz, who needs panother win to slow down the ptrump. p12 other states will also be pheading out to either vote in rimary or caucuses. phillary clinton and bernie psanders will be fighting for 865 pdemocratic delegates. pin the meantime, 661 delegates pwill be allocated for the prepublicans, many of which pdonald trump feels he is pconfident he will win. p>> you know, little marco rubio, pthis guy is going around and pgoing crazy, he's number two or pthree in florida. phe's a senator.
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pif he ran in florida today for pan office, he couldn't run for pdogcatcher. phe wouldn't be elected. phe wouldn't be elected. phe's unelectable. p>> alcides: polls open here in pflorida on march 15th. p>> anjuli: senators ted cruz pand marco rubio turn up the ressure on donald trump this pmorning to release his tax preturns. prubio has released five years' pworth of tax return documents. phis campaign only released artial returns providing a plimited look at his finances. pdemocrats and some republicans pwho criticized the limited prelease, but rubio says the pdocument shows his family's tax prates are in line with rates aid by americans with similar pincome levels. pcruz has released four years pworth of his latest tax returns pon top of his returns the receding five years, that he pmade public earlier. pcruz called on trump to follow psuit saying he owes it to the pamerican people as a candidate.
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pwraps until the audit is pcomplete. pthe irs says he's free to prelease the information if he pwants to p>> alcides: a police officer psworn in on friday in virginia pis dead this morning. pshe's in the middle of the pscreen. ptwo other officers were hurt pfollowing a shooting in a pwashington, d.c. suburb. pinvestigators say officer ashley pguindon of the prince william pcounty police department lost pher life during what's believed pto be the first shift with the pforce. pshe's a graduate from embrey priddle university in daytona pbeach and served in the u.s. pmarine corps reserves. ptwo surviving officers are precovering at the hospital. pno word yet on their condition. p>> i did hear cops yelling and pat one point the cop yelling on pthe microphone like -- he has phostages and they all start pbusting in the door. pwhat's going on? pa cop comes and starts to yell pget inside, so we run inside.
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pthe husband had shot the wife. pi saw little girl that was in a pstretcher. pthey put her in the ambulance. pso hopefully they're okay. p>> alcides: the suspect in the pshooting was not hurt but is in pcustody. pauthorities say he has a pmilitary background and will pmake his first appearance in pcourt tomorrow. pthe suspect's identity has not pbeen released yet. p>> anjuli: here's a home phillsborough deputies are trying pto track down the ringleaders of pa cockfighting ring this pmorning. pneighbors saw dozens of car pdrive in a property. pthey found an arena, cages and pdozens of dead roosters. psome were still alive and were pcorralled by animal services. pdeputies weren't able to make pany arrests because they say the articipants bolted. p>> upon arrival the units pobserved multiple trucks exiting pthe area, at which time they
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p>> anjuli: sadly, the surviving pchickens have to be euthanized. p>> alcides: an investigation pcontinues this morning how a pbaby girl was kidnapped in fort plauderdale and ended up in a phospital in orlando. pthat child is safe this morning, pbut the 2-month-old taraji kemp pwas taken from a home on friday pnight by armed intruders. pthe mother and child were psleeping in the bedroom at the ptime. pthe baby was found last night at pan orlando hospital. pa person of interest in this pcase and the suspect's car were pboth found in fort pierce. p>> alcides: still ahead, the pstate department is racing ptowards a deadline this morning pas they get ready to release panother round of hillary pclinton's e-mails. pwhy they say these may contain pmore sensitive items than pbefore. p>> anjuli: there's a new queen pin tampa. pwhen we come back we talk with pthe newly crowned miss tampa. p>> jim: we continue to enjoy pthis great-looking weather.
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pa little on the cool side today, pbut these temperatures head into pthe 70s for today. pas you look from the brookdale pbayshore camera long bayshore pboulevard, beautiful start to pthe day. pyou see a few wispy clouds poverhead, so plenty of sun ptoday. pwinds make their turn towards pthe east heading towards the pupper lowe's presents: how to put your foot in your mouth. man, wish my yard looked like yours. hey, the grass is always greener on the other side of the... sorry. now get 20% off sta-green fertilizer,
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3 the state department has p>> anjuli: want state pdepartment is working tirelessly pthroughout the weekend to review pthousands more of hillary pclinton's work-related e-mails pfrom her time as secretary of pstate. p>> alcides: they're working phard as the deadline is ptomorrow. pthey've released by 93% of pclinton's e-mails on her private pserver. pthe final 7% may contain the pmost complex and sensitive pinformation because they contain pinformation from multiple pintelligence agencies. p>> i'm aware that there are, in pfact, still conversations taking lace between the various parts pof the interagency talking about psome of the e-mails. pthose are ongoing. pwe hope to resolve them by pmonday. p>> alcides: keep in mind the pstate department blew past a psimilar deadline last month, but
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pe-mails could come just a day pbefore super tuesday. psomething clinton herself says pshe isn't worried about. p>> anjuli: 13 people are under parrest this morning after a pviolent brawl during a ku klux pklan rally in southern pcalifornia. pthe kkk was holding an panti-immigration demonstration pin anaheim when counterprotest pcounterprotesters showed up and pclashed with the klansman. pone of three stabbing victims pwas sent to the hospital in pcritical condition and has been pupgraded to stable p>> alcides: a security flaw is pclaimed this morn for allows phackers to bra break into the puniversity of cal berkeley psystem. pfinancial dat may have been pcompromised. pthey say there's no evidence any pinformation has been stolen. p>> anjuli: time is 8:14.
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pif you think it's cold outside, pin the studios it's 5 degrees pcooler. p>> alcides: it's nice and cold pin here. p>> jim: you have that blanket pin july here. pi'm a florida ian and i'm cold all pthe time. p>> it dips below 85 and you get pout the turtleneck. pit's going to be a nice day. pcool start this morning. pwe're still sitting in the 40s pand we have some 30s just to our pnorth, but it's going to warm up preally nicely into the pafternoon. pwe head back in the 70s for ptoday. pby the middle of the week we're pback approaching the upper 70s. pnow, we do have a couple of cold pfronts which will be working ptowards us, and that will give pus a slight chance of a couple pof showers and slightly cooler ptemperatures by the end of the pweek. pwe're not going to see the ptemperatures dip as cold as this pby next week general. pright now we're at 49 degrees in ptampa and west chase as a 47 and pnew tampa is 40 degrees and lant city at 42, sun city pcenter at 50.
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pwarmer, downtown st. petersburg palways watch that temperature pthere. pthat's that influence to the pwater surrounding downtown pbecause the water temperatures prun in the low 60s, so right palong the coastline there in pst. petersburg 55 degrees for pthat temperature right now. pa big cooler up in brooksville pat 39 and inverness is at 39. pcrystal river currently sits at p41 and down to the south to pmanatee and sar stoet at that, plakewood ranch waking up to 48 pthis morning and sarasota the psame and venice at 50 degrees pand 40s through the interior. pwatching the high to the north, pit will continue its trek into pthe atlantic later on this pafternoon. pthat turns those winds out of pthat easterly direction as we go pthrough this afternoon and preally over the next couple of pdays, really pretty quiet pweather across the east right pnow. pthere's the high shifting to the peast. pwe have one front that's going pto try and make its way over the pstate. pit looks like it will run out of
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phere's front number that forms, pand that will push our way as we phead towards wednesday. pwe will have a slight chance, p20% chance of some showers, and pbehind that just slightly cooler ptemperatures. pso today mostly sunny skies and pdaytime high of 72 degrees. pa nice night for tonight. povernight low of 45, and then pfor tomorrow plenty of sun. pwe continue mild, and daytime phigh of 75. pon the water winds are out of pthe northeast at 10 knots and phigh tide comes up at 4:53 this pafternoon. phere's our seven-day forecast. pdaytime highs are heading back pup into the 70s, and then just a pslight chance of showers on pwednesday and again on friday. p now, your new miss tampa p2016 and recipient of a $5,000 pscholarship is contestant number p19. p>> anjuli: how exciting.
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p21-year-old morgan boykin named pthe new miss tampa at last pnight's scholarship pageant at pbusch gardens. pthis morning we have morgan pherself. pthank you for coming in. p>> thank you for having me. p>> i'm sure it's bin a windchill pwhirlwind, but how does it feel pthis morning. p>> it's still incredible. pi can't believe it. pit's a miracle and i'm so pblessed to say i'm the new miss ptampa. p>> it's awesome. pwhat a great opportunity. ptell us about the pageant. pyou've done some before, but pyou. p>> yes. pthis pageant is one of the restigious pageants in the miss pflorida organization. phaving the honor to represent pthe tampa bay area, i'm a baton ptwirler so doing my talent up on pthe stage is so much fun for me pand just meeting the girls and penjoying the company of them is pamazing. p>> you're a usf student. pwhat are you majoring in it's pvery specific. p>> i'mage agricultural
8:19 am
pa passion for the agriculture pindustry. pthat's my platform. pi've been involved with the pagriculture industry and been pinvolved with livestock shows. p>> you got a $5,000 scholarship pscholarshipment that's huge. p>> absolutely. pthat's something that's so pincredible about the miss pamerica organization. pthere's so much money that goes pstrictly to scholarships, and pthat's what a lot of people do pnot know. piments incredible that they give pthese opportunities to young pfemales like myself. p>> next up is miss florida. phow are you feeling about it? p>> i'm very, very excited. pi cannot wait to meet all the pgirls and spend that week to repare for miss florida and peverything. pi'm so excited and so blessed pfor this opportunity. p>> we're rooting for you. pthank you for coming in. p>> thank you. p>> let's toss it over to palcides. p>> alcides: thanks so much. phe's a reigning super bowl pchampion, but the end could be pnear for broncos quarterback eyton manning. pwe'll talk about that. p a record-breaking shot you pjust have to see.
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p3 in the battle for second place in the american league.. it was the u-s-f p>> alcides: in the battle for psecond place in the american pleague, the usf basketball team pcame out on top. pthey had a win on their home pcourt against temple. pthey led by 12 entering the pfourth quarter and led by double pfigures the entire rest of the pway. pthe bulls head to connecticut pwhere they play the undefeated puconn huskies. ptournament beginning this pfriday, march 4th. p>> anjuli: we're mere days away pfrom the first pitch of sprain ptraining. pat 2016 fan fest kids took a run paround bases getting ihigh-five pwith the rays players. pthere was a reading with the
8:23 am
pto stories read by team members. pmatt moore gave surprise phone pcalls to fans' families and pfriends. pso cute. pthere were baseball clinics, rizes and autograph sessions pout there. p>> alcides: later on this pafternoon spring cup drivers pstart engines and get ready to prace in the quiktrip at atlanta pmotor speedway. pkurt busch will start on the ole after his brother's time pwas thrown after his car failed pinspection. pthe race begins at 1:00 on fox p13. pthat's when they begin the live pcoverage from atlanta. p>> they have a time-out and pdecide not to use it. pcurry way downtown, bang, bang! pwhat a shot from curry! p>> anjuli: did you see that plast night with just 0.6 of a psecond left in the game, golden pstate warrior stephen curry hits phis 12th and most important pthree-pointer of the game pagainst the oklahoma city pthunder.
8:24 am
pfeet away to give the warriors a p121-118 overtime win. pthe bucket tied an nba record pfor three-pointers in a game. pcurry had 46 points in total. p>> alcides: it looks like ayton eyton manning is one step pcloser to ride the bronco off in pthe sunset. pthey report that he'll announce phis retirement later this week. pif he goes he goes out a ptwo-time super bowl champion, pthe most recent, of course, pcoming earlier in month when the pbroncos beat the carolina anthers in super bowl 50. pa spokesperson says manning has pnot made his final decision, but phe's meeting with the team later pon this week. p still to come on "good day," pwe talk live with chris wallace pon "fox news sunday." phe has the three leading prepublican candidates on the pshow this morning. pwe break down the chance of pwinning on super tuesday. p>> anjuli: the price of heading
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p>> jim: welcome back. ptime is 8:27. pwaking up to another cool
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preally a gorgeous start to the pday. pyou look over clearwater beach ptemperature 52 degrees and lenty of sun. pwe jump inland, and you see pscattered clouds working over plakeland this morning. preally it's made for a pof the area. pright now here in tampa we're at p49 degrees, dew point is at 41. pthat makes the humidity 74%. pwinds turn towards the easterly pdirection. pthat means nice, mild ptemperatures for today. pnot only today but really going pthrough the rest of the week. pwe warm these temperatures up pinto the mid and upper 70s. pby tomorrow we're at 75 degrees. pwe do have a couple of cold pfronts heading our way, so we phave a couple of chances of some prain as we go through the week. pthose rain chances are going to pstay fairly small. pwe talk more about that in a plittle bit. p>> alcides: presidential pcandidate hillary clinton came psouth carolina. pshe beat bernie sanders with 73%
8:29 am
pnow, both camps and republicans pwill turn their focus towards psuper tuesday. phere to talk more about this is pchris wallace, host of "fox news psunday." phe joins us live from pwashington. pgood morning, chris. pthanks for joining us. p>> good morning, alcides. psunz p p>> alcides: you have donald ptrump as your first guess. pthe back and forth between rubio pseems childish. pit's working for trump, isn't pif? p>> we have to see. prubio went after trump last pweek. pwe talk next week talking to tt plive, ted cruz live and marco prubio. pwe have all three of the pfront-runners for the republican prace. pone of the reasons they're pcoming on and one of the reasons pyou see cruz and rubio go after ptrump, they're desperate. psuper tuesday is a big deal, 595 pdelegates at stake and they know ptrump is in a commanding osition, three straight pvictories. pthey have to find some way to
8:30 am
p>> what does this mean for rieb prubio? phow important is tuesday for him pconsidering he's a second and pthird. phow important is it for him? p>> we're going to ask him about pthat, because you're right. pthere have been four contests so pfar. phe hasn't won a single one. pthere are 11 contests on super ptuesday. pcould he go through super ptuesday and be 0 for 15 and be a pcredible canada? phe's talking about florida and pwinning his home state on march p15th, but gosh, if you can't win pyour home state, that's a pknockout blow. pdon't you have to do better than psna that's ? pyou have to win something to pmaintain credibility. p>> let's shift to ted cruz. phe has to win texas. pif he doesn't, will he step pdown? pwhat are your thoughts on that? p>> look, he could stay in. phe's obviously refusing to panswer that question, but he pwould not have any credibility
8:31 am
pif he can't win -- you have to pgo back. pback last summer ted cruz was psaying that this whole south, pthis so-called sec primary, was pa firewall for him. pthat he expected to do well not pjust in texas, which he took for pgranted, but akroos the south. pif the best he can do is win ptexas but trump runs the table pacross the rest of the region, pthat would be, i think, a very oor showing for cruz. pwe'll talk to him about that as pwell. p>> alcides: lastly, i have to pask about kasich and carson. pthis? p>> carson, you know, look panybody can run for president. phe's a very nice man. phe has an interesting message. pi don't see any path for him to pthe nomination. pshot. phe's basically giving up on psuper tuesday hoping to pick up pdelegates in other states like pmassachusetts, some of the less pconservative states. phe's really counting on the pmiddle of the model.
8:32 am
pof the country, the midwest and laces like michigan and pminnesota and his home state of pohio, illinois. ptrying to do well there, but pthat isn't until the middle of pthe month, and you know, you pcan't pick and choose which pcontest you run in. pone of the things i'll say for pthe three guys we're going to ptalk to today, rubio, trump and pcruz, they run everywhere. pto be a credible presidential pcandidate, you have to run peverywhere. p>> alcides: love watching your pshow. pthanks for joining us. pwe appreciate it. phave a good morning. psee you soon. p>> you bet. p>> alcides: you can see "fox pnews sunday" right here on fox p13 starting at 9:00 a.m. p>> anjuli: in local news, after pfive months of renovations pconstruction at clearwater pbeach's pier 60 park is finally pcomplete. pcity officials say the new pdesign will improve the flow of edestrian traffic and see the preturn of the popular sunset pcinema. pit's open today from 6:00 a.m. pto 9:30 in night. p>> alcides: in florida python
8:33 am
pthousands of dollars. pbill booth and his team caught pthe most snakes and one was the plong. pin all hunters from 29 states pcaught 106 of those invasive pburmese pythons between january pand february. pthough fwc says the hunt won't phelp control the populations, pofficials said it brought pawareness to the state's penvironmental concerns. presearchers are looking at the pstomach contents of those pcaptured snakes. ponce that's done, the hundred phunters will claim the snakes pagain that sell for $150 apiece. p>> anjuli: spacex hopes today's pnear-perfect conditions will be pgood enough to get the falcon 9 poff the ground. pa launch window opens up tonight pat 6:46 p.m. and lasts until pjust after 8:00 p.m. pthe last two laufrnls were pscrubbed due to weather pconditions and technical issues. ponce up, spacex will try to land
8:34 am
latform in the atlantic. ptomorrow is the backup date in pthe case of another scrubbed plaunch. p>> alcides: disneyworld punveiled new single-day ticket rices. pdepending on when you go, it pwill cost more money. pthe new price is designed to phelp spread out crowds. pfor example, the park will offer pvalue days during slower periods plike september. pduring a value day, a ticket to pmagic kingdom costs $105. pregular days are $5 more. eak times like spring break and arts of the summer will be $14 14 p$124. pdisneyland in california is also padjusting prices. p>> anjuli: a state court will pdecide sometime this year if prestrictions will be lifted on pdoctors in florida talking about pgun ornship with their patients. pa 2011 state law bans gun pquestions between doctors and atients. pa lawsuit has been filed by pmedical organizations to pchallenge that law. pdoctors say the restrictions pinfringe on their first
8:35 am
psupporters like the nra say pdoctors overstep bounds by ushing anti-second amendment pagendas. pthe current law is the only one pof its kind in the nation. p>> alcides: around 300 disabled pand medically ill migrants have assed through the border to pmacedonia. pthey roped the door to let the psmall number of refugees pass. pthere are, however, still phundreds of migrants and prefugees stranded this morning pin greece. pthis is after several countries palong the balkan route announced pa daily limit on migrant rivals. pgreece has been undergoing ressure to handle the migrant rizes. p p>> anjuli: for memory mexican resident felipe calderon joined phis predecessor by unloading on pdonald trump.
8:36 am
phe said he exploits social pfeelings to that of adolf phitter. phe was a president from 2006 to p2012 in mexico. p>> alcides: after the break a plove store rooted at tampa pgeneral hospital. p>> anjuli: hear how one man's pnear-death experience led him to pthe love of his life. p the republican establishment pis starting to panic. pdonald trump is rolling into psuper tuesday, and marco rubio pis trying to trip him up. p>> throw out everything you know
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one man's near-death experience p one man's near-death pexperience led him to love and a ptrue sense of purpose in his plife. pit's this week's "faith in paction." pthis is where debbie and bill's plove story begins, bedside at ptampa general hospital. p>> i came to tampa general for pan evaluation for a heart ptransplant. p>> he had just suffered a pmassive heart attack and was pgiven 48 hours to live. psomething or rather someone kept phim hanging on for nearly a year pwhile waiting for a new heart. phis nurse. p>> she caught your eye quickly? p>> yes, very attractive and pseemed like she had time for me. p>> well, i thought he was very pinquizive ! pinquizive. pi felt like he was bored after pyou're there ten months.
8:40 am
ptransplant unit, bill got the pcall he was waiting for. p>> when i was first informed pthat i had a heart available for pme, i was sad, because i knew psomeone had just died so that i pmight live. pi knew that that encompassed a pnew responsibility that god this pgiven me to live not only for pmyself but for him. p>> the first part was making ptheir love official. pthey married six months after pbill got a new heart. pgarden. pwe thought, wow, lord if you pjust give us a year or two pyears, we'll make the best of pour lives and serve you. pnow that two years turned into p16. p>> ten years into their pmarriage, they were dealt a pdevastating blow. pdebbie needed a kidney ptransplant due to a deteriorate pdeteriorating pre-existing pdisease. p>> my friend i worked with for pyears here, she insisted that pshe was going to be my donor.
8:41 am
pyears later both debbie and bill pare healthy and thriving. p>> it's just immeasurable that pthe blessing that can come from pone person having a transplant pthat works and you don't have a plot of side effects much less ptwo. p>> today they're paying it pforward in the place where it pall began. pbill plays piano to the phospital's critical care atients, a gift he picked up ost-transplant with no formal ptraining. p>> it's able to bring peace and pcomfort to everyone. p>> debbie tags along, too, pkeeping people company and pmentoring new transplant atients. p>> you're in good hands here. p>> to them the hospital feels plike home, a place where the pworst news turned into an punforeseeable blessing.
8:42 am
pit's a true miracle we found peach other. p>> such a sweet couple. pthey celebrate their 16th pwedding anniversary in april. pjim. p>> jim: that is just fantastic pright there. pwhat a nice one. pwe have got a beautiful-looking pday today. pwe're seeing a lot of sunny pskies, nice mild temperatures pinto the afternoon. plooking for that nice warm-up as pwe go through the week. pthese daytime highs head into pthe mid and upper 70s. pa couple of cold fronts work ptowards us. pwe have a 20% chance of showers phere and there. pwe'll have the complete week's pforecast coming up after the pbreak. p also after the break, get aid while you shop.
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3 3 last hour our couponing expert showed us some of p>> alcides: last hour our pcouponing expert showed us five pof the most buy items for the pmonth of march, and right now pshe's back with the deal of the pweek. pjoining me is kati kiefer, pthanks so much. p>> freebies don't get better pthan free. pyou just have to get paid to buy psomething. pokay. pthis deal is at walmart, and it pis the fun thing is that it's pnot like a special sale. pit's an all the time pregular-priced item. pso we don't have to get crazy pand go in there immediately, but pif you do this is what you're plooking for. pthe ten-pack of razors is pregularly priced 277 cent $2.77 and $2.97 pbecause your store will vary
8:46 am
pmy walmarts vary from corner to pcorner. pin today's paper this is where pthe magic happens. pthere's a $3 coupon, so you have pa $2.70 item or $2.97 depends pwhere you are, and you have a $3 pcoupon pcoupon. pyou get paid between 23 and 3 pcents to test out this item. p>> alcides: it really is free? p>> it's totally free. pthe 23-cent oefrn ver aj will go ptowards the tax. pthe deal doesn't expire until psaturday, march 19th. pso you have a little ways to do pit. pthey have tons at the store. pthe only thing everybody needs pto be aware of is there's a plimit on the doup coupons. pyou can use four per house held er day. pif you have four, then you would pbe able to have a dollar towards pyour other groceries. pi suggest another thing in the
8:47 am
pit's not uncomfortable and pthat's it. p>> alcides: i fovr got to ask pyou, where is this? p>> this is in today's. p>> alcides: that's awesome. pyou go today. p>> easy, right? eople. p>> go today and get the pnewspaper and it's in the vision pworks and smart source. p>> some people complain and say phow do i know if my walmart has pthis on the shelf because you pdon't want to get frustrated pbefore you go. pi came up with a plan on this psite on phe told you how to tell you if pit's on the shelf at the store. pfor more information go to our pwebsite, and click pon the "seen on tv" tab. p now your sky tower radar pforecast with fox 13 pmeteorologist jim weber. p>> jim: we continue with those pbeautiful conditions. pa little cool in the morning,
8:48 am
poutside we're at 49 degrees and pthe east-northeast at 3 miles er hour. pthat's the key as we go through ptoday into the next couple of pdays. pthose winds instead of a pnortherly wind pulling down the pcooler air, it's an east wind pcoming from the atlantic. pit's that moderating wind pdirection that helps to remember pwhat temperatures up into the p70s this time of the year. pover many brandon kurnlt late 50 pdegrees along with wesley pchapel. pstill just barely in the 30s. pup in brooksville 39 degrees and p48 in crystal river and pclearwater at 53. pstill very chilly into the anhandle. anama city at 39, tallahassee pchecks in at 36 degrees, pgainesville still sits at 38 pthis morning. pthat high pressure working its pway to our north so you can see pall the calm winds. pthat's why it's so much colder pacross the northern part of the pstate. pthey have calm winds, clear pskies, and that's what we call pradiational cooling during the
8:49 am
pany heat from yesterday pbasically escaped up into space, pbut once you get into central pflorida, you notice you're not pseeing that northerly wind, it's pmore out of the east-northeast, pand that helps to warm it up. pthere's the high sitting back to pour north and west. pthat will continue to work its pway onto the east out into the patlantic, and that's what brings pus nice-looking weather the next pseveral days. peven though it moves away from pus a little bit, it bridges back pover us and kind of keeps its phold over us over the next pseveral days. pin fact, it's going to keep this pnext front from making its way pover us and kind of pushes into pthe southeast and then it dies pout. pworks it's way on towards the peast. phere's front number two. pthat one should make its way pover us by the time we get into psay about wednesday. pwe'll have a 20% chance of pshowers behind that just pslightly cooler temperatures. pthe bulk of cold air is well to pthe north with that front. pmainly sunny skies for today and
8:50 am
pof 72 degrees. pclear skies tonight and povernight low of 45. pfor tomorrow nice another pnice-looking day. plight chop on the bay and high ptide comes up at 4:53 this pafternoon. phere's your seven-day forecast. pyou can see these at the same ptime highs climbing back into pthe 70s, a 20% chance of showers pwith that next cold front on pwednesday. pnow, it's time to talk about pfirst birthdays here with some pof our youngest fox 13 viewers. pfirst up is ethan and reed. pthese two love playing with ptheir big sister, ava. pnow, ethan enjoys climbing on peverything while reed prefers pfinding snacks in the pantry. pnothing wrong with that. pand then we have little miss priley here. pshe wants to be a great pfisherman like her dad.
8:51 am
pwanting to say happy birthday to pyou. p>> anjuli: cuties. pthank you jim. pthe story of a man (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some
8:52 am
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contract. just go to or call 1.888.get.fios. tv & phone for our best offer ever. switch to better. switch to fios. finally this hour: as we come to p>> anjuli: finally this hour as pwe come to an end of black
8:54 am
pa story of a trail blazers that popened door for pafrican-americans in aviation. p>> we will tell you how james linton jr. broke the color wear pyore for airline executives. p>> james plinton jr. was always pfascinated with aviation. phe was one of the first black pflight instructors at the famous ptuskegee army airfield during pworld war ii. assing on july 4th, pindependence day, best sill pbollizes his life spent breaking pbarriers and fighting for pfreedom. p>> he was an amazing man that paccomplished many things in his plife. p>> reporter: he called lake pwales and let behind a legacy in paviation and civil rights that pwill stand forever. p>> he went through a lot of pstruggles to overcome prejudice, pand he did. p>> plinton broke the
8:55 am
pin 1957 he became the first pafrican-american executive at a pmajor airline. pin 1971 he was hired as vice resident of eastern airlines. phe was the highest-ranking black pairline executive in the nation. p>> there was many times people pslammed the door in my father's pface, but that didn't stop him. phe had the capability and was pextremely intent. p>> his love for of a yags began pat the university of newark pwhere he enrolled in a civilian ilot training program. phe passed with honors and was precruited to go to the tuskegee parmy airfield. p>> he was an instructor the for pthe 99th red tails. p>> that's true they were heroes pof world war ii. pfollowing the war he faced his pultimate challenge, finding pequal footing in a segregated psociety. p>> there were times in life pwhere he wanted to buy a house, pand they didn't want to sell it pto him because he was black. p>> determined to bring change, linton sppted the civil rights pmovement.
8:56 am
pwith martin luther king jr., and pit was a struggle. peverything was a struggle. p>> turned away by u.s. airlines, phe went overseas to work at pforeign airlines and came home pwhen twa discovered his talent. p>> my dad always used to say age pis but a number and race doesn't pmatter. phe overcome prejudice by pachieving. p>> an bree bree prenear he popened a dry kliner in haiti in p1948 and was elected president pof the national ymca. pjames died in 1996. phe was 81 years old. pcrystal clark, fox 13 news. p>> anjuli: latter. pweather, jim. p>> jim: it looks good. ptoday we start the warming trend pand warm up nicely. pwe're into the low 70s, but pnotice by tuesday we're papproaching the upper 70s. pwouldn't be surprised if we saw pa few 80s away from the
8:57 am
pcouple of showers by wednesday. p>> alcides: love that weather. ptoday is february 28th. pyou can keep up-to-date on all pthe news all the time by logging ponto our website at p>> anjuli: be sure and follow pus on facebook and twitter and phave a great morning. p>> jim: and a great weekend. closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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america runs on dunkin'. i'm chris wallace, as we head to super tuesday, the biggest day of the republican campaign, we'll sit down with donald trump, ted cruz, and marco rubio on fox news sunday. >> trump gets a big endorsement. >> the best foern beat hillary clinton is donald trump. >> donald trump joins us tloif explain how he intends to cement his standing as the front-runner. team up. relax. >> i'm relaxed. >> you're a basket case. >> there's a statute of limitation onz lies.


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