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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 5AM  FOX  February 29, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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3 florida students: hope you got plenty of rest over the weekend... the latest round of state testing begins today... what's at stake... and the extra, irritating worry, some kids 3 "donald is not going to make america great, he's going to make america orange." --jen 3 wait, what? in a battle between red and blue...
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*orange? what florida senator marco rubio was *today, some of you can for the white house. 3 ((walter and... let's see... there was a touching reunion for the "titanic" being honest but funny... a huge standing ovation... for vice president joe biden... and oh yeah, a big surprise winner at the end of the night... so much for predictability at the oscars! 3 3 ((walter)) its now 5:__ thanks for joining us. i'm walter allen 3 ((jen)) and i'm jen epstein. and we start with a news alert out of pinellas park. 3 pinellas park police are on the scene of a deadly crash. it happened a short time ago on 3 bryan dairy road under the u-s highway 19 overpass. we know one person is dead. 3
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speeding before hitting the overpass support pillars. the vehicle caught fire. the driver is confirmed dead. the vehicle is so badly damaged, officers aren't sure if anyone else is inside. an inspector from the department of transportation has been called out the scene to seen if there is any structural damage to the overpass. bryan dairy road under the overpass will be shut down over the next few hours while police investigate. we have a reporter and photographer at 3 the scene... a live report
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3 3 3 3 ((walter)) 3 after weeks of debates and campaigning... finally, florida voters, get a say... in the race for the white house. early voting begins in hillsborough and polk counties today... in the presidential primaries... and state officials are expecting a very big turnout... 3 ((walter fox-13's shayla reaves joins us now, with everything voters need to know.
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3 3 3 3 3
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3 thanks, shayla. 3 3 (jen) our early voting starts during a very busy political week. tomorrow is super tuesday... when voters in more than a dozen states head to the polls. 3 (jen according to the polls, texas could be the only state that prevents donald trump from sweeping super tuesday. and, he just picked-up a major endorsement... from senator jeff sessions of alabama. he's the first sitting senator to endorse trump... and it comes just days after new jersey governor chris christie dropped out of the race, and but florida senator marcor and he's bashing the 3 he now says, he says that i sweat all the time, it's hot in here am i sweating? he doesn't sweat because his pours are clogged by the spray tan he uses. donald is not going to make america great, he's going to make america
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3 3 (jen) now remember: rubio's been predicting he'll win his home state... florida... come *our primary day... which is march 15th. and even if trump wins here... and every state on super tuesday... he still might not have enough delegates to lock up the republican nomination... the g-o-p race could go all the way to the convention, in july. 3 3 (walter) a health update this morning... affecting school kids in florida. a new outbreak of super lice, that's affected half of the u-s... has now made its way to our state. the c-d-c reports that up to 12-million a year will get lice... but this outbreak is so much worse. the lice are resistant to the over-the-counter treatments. parents have to be vigilant about coming them out... and the treatments last several weeks. you should wash clothes and linens in hot water. 3
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the search for an armed robber, in polk county. deputies could have a hard time identifying him. 3 (jen here's why... look at these surveillance pictures... the man has a dark shirt over his head... it happened saturday night, road" in lakeland. deputies say: the man showed a gun, and demanded cash. he took the money, and ran off. investigators think: he may have brown or blonde hair, and could be in his mid 20's. he was last seen wearing dark shorts and dark shoes. if case, please call the polk county sheriff's office. 3 emotional sight on the howard frankland bridge, sunday... as nearly 100 tow trucks lined-up to honor the memory of driver, "roger perez borroto." the procession stretched all the way from st. petersburg into tampa... borroto was killed in a hit and run crash earlier this month on that bridge, when he stopped to help a stranded yellow lights flashing and black ribbons tied on, were a tribute... and a message to the community. "whenever you see a
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and give us the right of way to do our jobs. that way there'd be no accidents, nothing happen like this no more." --walter/vo continues-- 3 the move-over law doesn't just apply to police... it applies to wreckers and tow trucks, too. you must move out of the nearest lane, as long as it's safe to do so... and slow down. 3 3 "well, i'm here... at the academy awards... or as i like to call it, the white people's choice awards." 3 --jen-- that's chris rock... hosting the oscars last night... and he addressed the big issue right out of the gate: a lack of diversity. for a second year in a row, all of the nominated actors, were white... and rock didn't shy away from the controversy... he went after it, head on. "what i'm trying to say is: it's not about boycotting anything. we want opportunities. we want the opportunities as white actors. that's it! and not just once. leo gets a great part every year, you know." (shot of
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3 up) --walter 3 and while this was going on *inside, the reverend al sharpton was leading a protest *outside in los angeles... calling for the same thing. in response to the controversy, award-show organizers have started an affirmative action program, and, among other things, promise to double the membership of women and minorities by 20-20. 3 (walter) *this year, producers tried different things at the oscars... like mixing-up the order the awards were presented in, and scrolling thanks from the winners at the bottom of the screen. (jen) the jury's still out on those ideas... at least until the ratings come in... but there were some other memorable moments. 3 "and the oscar goes to...
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3 (jen this was one the big ones... leo's win for best actor... in "the revenant." not a surprise... he'd swept the category at all the other award shows this season... but after several nominations, this was his *first oscar win... and he was a huge sentimental favorite among the fans and audience. and look at this: his longtime friend and "titanic" co-star, kate winslet, couldn't hide her emotion when he won... 3 (walter best actress went to brielarson for "room"... she was also a lock going into this... she'd won everything else. one of her first duties after her name was announced: hugging her little co-star, jacob tremblay... together they played a mother and son, who were kidnapped and forced to live in captivity... then face *more harships, after being freed. 3 "and the oscar goes to... spotlight." (cheers) (walter/ 3 *that was a surprise. "spotlight"... the movie about
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the catholic priest sex scandal... took home the "best picture" award. you could hear the gasp from the crowd... that's because 3 many expected "the revenant" to win... what a moment for "batman," michael keaton... two years in a row he's been in the "best picture" cast. last year, it was "birdman." 3 (jen one of the biggest cheers of the night... went to vice president joe biden. he got a rousing standing ovation... but he quickly got the crowd re-focused on why he was there... to introduce lady gaga... who was performing a song she co-wrote... against sexual assault and violence. it's called "till it happens to you"... and it was part of the movie, "the hunting ground." several survivors joined her on stage... and the crowd was moved to tears, and to their feet. 3 (jen/ and how's this... not to be outdone by ellen having pizzas delivered a couple of years ago... host chris rock helped his
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sell cookies inside the dolby theater. steven spielberg and jennifer lawrence quickly dug out money... christian bale did too... but had to ask his wife to loan him some cash. and "man of steel" star, thin mints. hey, even superman gets hungry! 3 fox news alert out of pinellas park this morning.((walter)) a car ran into an overpass overnight, and at least one person has died... this morning, investigators are checking structural integrity of the bridge... we have a reporter live on the scene, after the break. 3 ((walter and... you gotta be *brave, to bag these bragging rights. the winners in florida's python challenge... what it title, and the cash.
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33 we're continuing to follow a news alert... out of pinellas park... a car crashed into an overpass... and we're hearing at least one person has died. 3 (jen it happened on bryan dairy road, on u-s highway 19. a car ran into one of the overpass supports and caught fire... and we're hearing at least one person has died. 3 ((jen fox-13's kellie cowan is on the scene in pinellas park. kellie... this 3 3
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3 ((jen thanks, kellie. 3 it is 5:__: time now to find out what's happening on the roads - with our
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3 no closed captioning is available for traffic. 3 ((anchors)) it's now 5:__. 3 time to check the forecast with dave. 3
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3 (jen) now, did you know... today is actually a big day for wedding *proposals... but there's a twist... in this case, the *women do the asking. (walter) it started with an irish legend, and has spread... some countries call it "bachelor's day"... and in certain cultures, the man has to pay a *penalty, if he refuses the proposal. 3 3 ((jen)) so cramped... so cranky... so uncomfortable...((walter)) but today... the fight
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flying. the lawmaker... who's taking on... airline seats! 3 ((walter plus... after a nearly a year in space, astronaut scott kelly gets ready to come home... what he's gonna miss up there, and what he can't wait to do again, down here. 3 3 spokesbox: go paperless, don't stress, girl i got the discounts that you need safe driver accident-free
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3 it's 5:--, on monday, february 29th. i'm walter epstein... we're following a news alert this morning, out of pinellas park. 3 (jen a deadly, single-car accident on bryan dairy road at u-s 19. a car ran into one of the overpass supports and caught fire... one person is dead and authorities are working to determine if 3 cowan is on the scene in pinellas park. kellie... there's concern the crash may overpass.(take remote) 3
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3 3 ((jen thanks, kellie. 3 3 3 no closed captioning is available for traffic. 3
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3 3 3 ((walter the time now is 5:__. let's get you up to the minute
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3 today's top stories: this morning, early voting sites will open in 16 of florida's 67 counties ... that includes hillsborough and polk counties.. most others will open on saturday ... you can find a list of early voting sites on your county's supervisor of elections website. by law, counties must offer early voting for at least eight days. if you want to vote, you need to be registered. in florida, only registered republicans and democrats can vote in the primary. 3 ((walter the florida department of education is crossing its fingers this morning. the latest round of student testing begins today... and lasts for two months. and the state is hoping there are *no glitches this time. testing today includes grades four through seven... taking english and language arts. this is the second year of "florida standards" testing. last year was plagued with computer issues... some students couldn't even log on. the state says this year it's prepared.
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3 you may have felt the squeeze -- if you were recently on an airplane. airlines have been slowly cutting down on legroom and seat width. 3 and the changes aren't sitting well with everyone. the average legroom in most airlines has declined by nearly 4 inches, and the width of the seats has narrowed by almost 2 inches. but one new york senator is trying to change that, with an add-on to a mandatory f-a-a funding bill. he believes the changes should be done *without a fare increase since airlines are making record high profits. an industry trade organization called airlines for america says government regulations should be limited to seating -- not seat size. goes as planned, this could 3
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abort." 3 --walter well, third time was *not the charm for the spacex falcon nine rocket. they tried *again last night, to launch the rocket, and the communications satellite its carrying, into orbit. at 1-33 in the countdown, they had to put it on hold because of a *boat in the area. when they continued, there was a problem with rising oxygen temperatures... and then, the launch was scrubbed. no word yet on a new date for the next attempt. 3 3 after a record 340 days in space, astronaut "scott kelly" is coming back down to earth. he's spending his *final day on the international space station. but before he heads home, kelly reflected on what he'll
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3 3 ((jen)) kelly will hand over command of the space station today at 3. then tomorrow kelly will undock from the space station just after 8. and is scheduled to land back on earth at 11:27 tomorrow night in kazakhstan. 3 ((walter)) 3 a road trip across america: nine decades in the making.((jen)) one woman's dying wish... that's inspiring *millions of people. 3 ((jen and... she was the
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alicia vikander won the "best supporting actress" award... and a lot of fashion praise, for her dress that reminded many of "beauty and the beast." ahead: a look at the *other oscar gowns that drew gasps... and giggles... on the
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(phone ringing)
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3 older people the key to a long, successful life, they usually have good advice: like never going to bed angry. (jen) well, one 90- year-old woman says: cherishing every moment, and making the most out of things, is the best way. and her story is inspiring millions. here's russell. 3 (russell) her name is norma... and she started a facebook page, to document her travels across the country. and yes... she called it "driving miss norma." 3 (russell this all started back in august, when her life took a series of sad turns. first, her husband passed away... and then, days later, she was diagnosed with cancer... but instead of getting treatment, norma wanted to hit the road. so she tagged along with her son and daughter-in-law... they have an r-v... and they're driving her to every
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and stopping at all the biggest attractions along the way. that includes disney world here in florida... and the grand canyon in arizona. 3 (russell) and her family says: it's been a dream for norma. her spirits are way up... and she's doing okay physically too... thanks to
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3 3 3 3 3 it is 5:__: time now to find out what's roads -
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3 traffic". 3 no closed captioning is available for traffic.
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3 3 3 the lightning are on fast charge right now... they're playing like they team that we expected to see all season.... they're still not fully heathly, but that's ok they just have ripped off 6 straight wins and took down the team they were tied with.. the boston bruins. bolts
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their power play hasn't been good, but anton stralman breaks through boston's d... he feeds alex killorn he blisters it past tuuka rask then it's time for a boston blooper adam mcquaid just falls down and ryan callahan is there to pounce... it's a two odd-man rush for the lightning.. killorn to cally and the bolts are on top after one period. theh this... steven stamkos on a breakaway and watch this cheap shot by brad marchand.... he pays as stammer is awarded a penalty shot... stamkos beats rask and extends his streak to 6th striaght games with a goal. that's all they needs as the take over sole position of 2nd place in the atlantic the sprint cup running in atlanta.... matt kenseth gets slap for this penalty in the pits.... his fueler placed a wedge wrench on the deck-lid while fuel was being put in... that's a no-no... kenseth is black flagged and is penalized a lap.... it was about the only flag we saw for a while... the race runs green for all but 3 the last 3 laps.... joey logano avoids the yellow, but takes out the orange committment cone... he's got a pretty athletic pit crew, watch the jackman jump over the hood... good ups. kevin harvick ran in front most of the race, but jimmie johnson passes him and kyle busch with 40 laps to go..... finally with 3 laps to go we have our first real yellow.. .ryan newman blows a tire and his car goes up in smoke... so it take overtime to decide this lead on the restart.... involved in a wreck with david ragan, ryan blaney and landon cassill.... but jj is going to run to the checkered flag career... dale earnhardt by six-one hunderds of a second. 3
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3 so last night, leonardo dicaprio... brielarson... "mad max"... and "spotlight"... won all sorts of oscars. but who was named "best dressed?" (jen) it's the unofficial favorite category for viewers... fox's julie chang was there on the red carpet, with some of the hits and misses. 3 the stars lit up the red carpet, sunday evening as they made their way into the dolby theater to honor hollywood's best at the 88th annual academy awards. wilde says: "i think the oscars have kind of a classic air to them, they should maintain that through the fashion." zuckerman says: "there's a lot of wow and i think that it was a spectacular evening for the carpet." the ladies brought their a-game, dazzling in jewel-tone gowns, floral patterns and long flowing trains. glittering gems and skin were in, with bare shoulders and bright diamonds dominating the carpet. (julie chang to whoopi goldberg)chang says: "whoa are you serious -- can i touch it? (whoopi: yes) zuckerman says: "the jewelry on the carpet this year as always did not fail to impress. there's a lot of money walking down this red carpet." the gentlemen kept it classy, strutting their stuff in a mix of modern and traditional tuxedos. smith says: "trying to be classic with a touch of whah!" zuckerman says: guys have been on the same trend for the past few years, a little more midnight blue, a little less bowtie and and straight tie, but thankfully the gentleman tend to stay away from the trends and keep it pretty classy." and some stars took the opportunity to make statement. cole says: "this is made out of recycled plastic is the sunshine kids which is cancer to just have a chance to forget about their troubles
5:51 am
oscars red carpet did not disappoint, and will be all the rage come monday morning. zuckerman says: "there are very few events that are as important for the fashion world as this red carpet. people will look to these looks for many many years to come. some of them will become iconic. so it's really a special moment for the fashion world and hollywood to come together and create some memorable, you know memorable looks." (reporter tag) in hollywood, julie chang, fox news. 3
5:52 am
3 this... every woman's big fear... that someone else will show up in the same dress. well, it's close... for tina fey and reese weatherspoon... both visions in violet. 3 3 (walter well... michael strahan didn't have to worry about finding a fashion twin... his blue suit was definitely unique... strahan helped with the red carpet coverage before the awards... and managed to make his own fashion statement, while asking everyone else who they were wearing. 3 ((walter)) sometimes, it takes *little kids to teach us the *biggest lessons. ((jen)) they make us think, and definitely make us
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((jen like nine-year-old eric... he just celebrated his birthday... but so much more... how he's using a huge *sadness in his life, to spread so much *happiness. 3 3 hi, guys! we all know about bogos from other stores, right? pbut did you know they're not always the best deal? pwalmart has every day low prices on everything they sell, not just on select items. tampa the total amount saved at walmart vs winn-dixie was $20.64 on this week's basket- that's 16% including bogos. why shop anywhere else? pstart maximizing your savings on your entire pbasket of groceries by shopping at walmart. start shopping with walmart's every day low prices today
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yesterday i took a very long walk.even though his heart is failing--you just can't stop the beat of 9-year- his determination.i walked the whole this party is not only a delayed bash for eric's 9th birthday--but a celebration after a personal milestone.recent surgery was successful in helping get him a new drug to give him more time and a better quality of life.randi piburn, eric's mom that long long walk wouldn't have happened before. it would coming off that truck before and standing up where he did he would have like lasted would have been like i'm tired i need to get in my wheelchair floor. so it's already working. eric has a terminal heart defect called tetrology of fallot.his 9 years have been hospitals and open-heart his mom randi to come up with celebrating birthday partyme and mom were saying let's put up a bucket list and we thought we'll do other stuff, but once we thought of it we came to this party.a party is something the people at old mcmicky's farm in odessa knew how to make did 500 or so of eric's friends--some strangers just moments ago. donations raised funds for eric's treatment.but the icing on the cake--was some special guests.spiderman: you're amazing.eric: thank you spiderman.a superhero theme-- for a 9-year-old whose courage in the face of defeat inspires even the most villainous among us to become better people.
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3 3 ((jen)) there's much more to come on good day.((walter)) let's turn it over to russell and laura - to find out what's ahead in our 6 o'clock hour. 3 ((russell/2-shot)) we are following a fatal crash in pinellas park.. that could cause big problems to the monday morning commute.. ((laura)) the accident is
5:58 am
structural damage to u-s 19.. the department of transportation is checking it out.. we'll bring you a live report. 3 ((russell/take vo)) and: doing the delegate math. we'll add up the "what if" scenarios.. to show you just how close a candidate could be to winning the nomination - if they have a super, super tuesday.. 3 ((laura/take cg3)) and: here we go again.. the dress dilemma is over.. but the jacket debate begins... what colors do you see? it's all ahead at six! 3
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3 3 p>>jennifer: we're following a pdeveloping situation in pinellas pcounty. pa fatal accident single vehicle pcrash shuts down a portion of p118th avenue north and u.s. 19 pin pinellas county. pwe have some pictures that were pgiven to us by pinellas park .d. and you can see the single pvehicle involved in the crash. pit was travelling at a high rate


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