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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  February 29, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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3 (russell- it's been a dangerous morning on the roads. p>>russell: a dangerous morning pon the roads. phappening right now, a semi pcrash is blocking traffic on pi-75 southbound and state road p52. p>>laura: and a deadly crash pearlier in pinellas county. pwe have team coverage. pwe'll start with jennifer pepstein. pyou've been very busy this pmorning. p>>jennifer: yeah. pit's a hectic start to the pmonday morning drive punfortunately. pthe big issue as of right now is pthe semi truck accident in pasco pcounty along i-75. pnow, bay flight was on the scene pso they have reopened one of the planes. pi-75 was temporarily closed in pboth directions for a period of ptime which is causing an even pbigger backup than we had pexpected. pbay flight left and now one lane pis open, it's the left lane pgetting by. psouthbound 75 about a quarter pmile south of state road 52 and pour sky fox helicopter showing pus the delays this morning. pwe're seeing about three to four pmiles' worth of a backup in the
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pto get around it. pstate road 52 is backing up as pwell because of this crash. pdrivers are expecting to not pstay on i-75 and exiting at 52 pinstead. ptravelling from the west, you pcan use u.s. 41, maybe even the psuncoast parkway. pfrom the east you can use u.s. p301 as an alternate. pother bass crash is a fatal paccident that happened earlier pthis morning. pwestbound along 118th avenue pnorth is currently blocked off pbetween 49th street and u.s. 19. pkelly is on the scene right now. pshe has more information for us. pdo you know if they've pdetermined the structural pintegrity of the pillars yet? pi know u.s. 19 is still open, pthough, right? p>>reporter: yes. pu.s. 19 is still open. pwe have not seen d.o.t. pofficials arrive on the scene pjust yet. pi'll step out of the shot. pyou can see traffic is flowing pover u.s. 19 right now.
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pdown. pthis portion that you see pnearest to the camera, you can psee the other side is open. pthe eastbound lanes. p but the westbound lanes are pshut down between 49th street pnorth and the u.s. 19 overpass. ptraffic is still being stopped pfrom coming under that overpass. pright now on the eastbound side, pit's being rerouted. pbut this, this morning, the pscene of a fiery, fatal paccident. pwe're told that a vehicle was pspeeding along 19 north frontage proad when it ran into one of pthose support structures, those illars that hold up the poverpass so as we mentioned pearlier, d.o.t. officials to parrive on the scene to pinvestigate whether or not, you pknow, they need to shut down pu.s. 19 at all, whether or not pthere are any causes for safety pconcerns. pright now it is open. pyou can see that police still phere investigating. phomicide investigators still on pthe scene.
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pat least one person has died pthis morning. olice tell us they're not sure pif anybody else was inside that pvehicle but we'll know more in pthe following hours. pso stay with us. pwe'll be updating this story pabout every half hour here. pfor now reporting live in inellas park, fox 13 news. pback to you. p>>jennifer: thank you. pwe'll talk again soon. p>>dave: 7:03. pcloud cover will start things poff today. pthat helped to keep us mild povernight. pall children's hospital camera, pit's 61 degrees over pinellas pcounty. ptampa under mostly cloudy skies, pstarting off at 60 so we'll see pa steady stream of mid to upper plevel clouds today. phowever, it's not going to stop pus from getting in the mid 70s, pa very nice day overall. pstick around for your seven-day pforecast which we'll have in a pfew minutes, okay? p>> the republican party, the pconservative movement, the party
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pverge of nominating a con artist pto be the president, to be our pnominee for president. p>>laura: strong language from pmarco rubio over the weekend as phe takes aim at donald trump. phe calls him a con artist. pit is super tuesday tomorrow. p>>russell: it's about half of pwhat it takes to win the party's pnomination. pthere's a lot at stake here. pdoug is following the race from pwashington. pdoug, good morning. p>>reporter: good morning. pyou know, you look at the label. pthis is a map for republicans. plook at all the delegates in lay and as we get closer and pcloser to tomorrow, the attacks pare getting very personal. p>> donald is not going to make pamerica great. phe's going to make america porange. p>>reporter: marco rubio taking a age from donald trump's play pbook and going negative.
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p2" which is why i don't punderstand why his hands are the psize of someone who is 5' 2". phave you seen his hands? pthey're like this. p>>reporter: trump has legal pbattles over trump university to pan endorsement of sorts from pformer klan leader david duke pwhich trump did disenvow but he palso celebrated a big pendorsement from jeff sessions. p>> we need to make america great pagain. p>> i hate to say it. pi'm becoming mainstream. pall of these people are now pnoticing me. pi'll tell you. p>>reporter: texas may be the preal weak spot for trump which pis likely to go to ted cruz. pfor republicans, the idea of pstopping trump from the g.o.p. pconvention may be far fetched. p>> say he wins every place pexcept texas. pon what basis do you get to a pcontested convention? pdip hillary clinton mopped up
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pbig win, giving her tremendous pmomentum heading into tuesday. popposed by the democratic pestablishment, bernie sanders pmay suffer four losses tomorrow, articlarly in the south. pbut he sees no comeback. p>> we think we're going to do pvery well in minnesota on super ptuesday, colorado we're going to pdo well, oklahoma we'll do well. pi think we'll win in pmassachusetts and in vermont and pbetter than people think in pother states. p>>reporter: for republicans, pit's fair to say texas, which is pthe crown jewel of super ptuesday, is a must-win for ted pcruz. pyou can say the same thing about pflorida, even though it's not at lay tomorrow, clearly a pmust-win for marco rubio. pshayla reaves has more this pmorning on early voting. p>>russell: hi. pgood morning to you, doug. pjust a couple of hours, early pvoting will begin for phillsborough county and also olk county. pthese are just the two that will pbegin that process today. pthere are several others that
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pso if you're headed to the polls pfor early voting, there are a pfew things that you need to pknow, especially if you're pvoting in florida. pfor example, you must first be pregistered to vote to rimary. pthe deadline has already passed, paffiliation. pthe florida primary is closed. pthat means you must already be pregistered as a democrat or pregistered as a republican to articipate and if you plan to pvote early, you should bring two pforms was identification, pincluding one with a signature pand also a photo. pso some examples of accepted pforms of identification include pyour driver's license, your u.s. assport, military or student pi.d. to name a few. pwithout proper identification, pyou can still participate in the pearly voting process. pyou can vote with a provisional pballot. pif you received a ballot by pmail, you changed your mind and pyou decided instead that you pwant to vote early in person, pyou can still do that. pyou're just asked to bring your
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pvoting location so it can be pcancelled. pmoving forward, early voting in phillsborough county begins this pmorning at 10:00. pit runs from 10:00 to 6:00 every pday, weekdays, weekends as well pand wraps up on march 13. pfor folks in polk county, early pvoting gets underway at 9:00 pthis morning and it runs on pweekdays and saturdays from 9:00 pa.m. until 6:00 p.m. and it also pincludes march 6, a sunday where pvoting will take place from p10:00 to 6:00 p.m. pthese are some details you need pto know if you're planning to pvote early here in florida. pof course, we'll continue to pkeep you posted if we learn panything further. pback to you. p>>russell: we'll talk then. pthank you. p7:08 right now. olk county detectives are plooking for a violent thief. p>>laura: he had a gun when he pheld up a clerk at a quick mart pin lakeland saturday night. pnot much of a description to go pon. pthe clerk said he couldn't see pthe thief's face but detectives pare hoping that someone was pwatching.
7:09 am
pif so, call crime stoppers. pthat number is 1-800-226-tips. p>>russell: detectives looking pfor suspects after busting a pcock fight operation in phillsborough county. pthey say everybody ran into the pwoods when the deputies got pthere. pthey found cages, dozens of dead proosters on the property and psome of the roosters were still palive. pinvestigators say they were umped with steroids, too paggressive to be kept alive. pjust terrible. p>>laura: amber alert ends with a psafe return of 2-month-old girl. pshe was taken from her home near pfort lauderdale friday night. pshe was found 18 hours later at pan apartment in orlando. pshe was taken to a hospital as a recaution but she's okay. pthe mother's cousin and p14-year-old boy are accused of pabducting her. p9-year-old with courage beyond phis years celebrates a pmilestone. peric has a terminal heart defect
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phe recently got to check one pthing off the list, too. phe sill brated his birthday with pa superhero themed party. pthis is his first birthday party pever. pat nine years old, about 500 eople showed up at old mc pmicky's farm in odessa. pnew medication is helping him pwith his quality of life and phe's already more energetic. p>> that long, long walk would phave never happened before. pit would have never happened. phim coming off that truck before pand standing up where he did, he pwould have lasted maybe five pminutes and he would have been, pi'm tired. phe would have gotten his pwheelchair. pit's already working. p>>laura: the next item on his pbucket list is a visit to pkennedy space center which i'm pguessing will happen in short porder. p>>russell: bless his heart. pdressed too impress. pthat's usually the goal on oscar
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pwe'll have the winners and plosers. p>>laura: plus something that pmight be as close to perfect as pyou can get. p>>reporter: i'm in new york. ersonalized city. pthat story is coming up. p>>dave: we just touched 7:11. p60 degrees outside at tampa pinternational. pmost areas are in the 50s as we pbegin this morning. pyou see mid 50s in one or two pspots, still 40s further north. pwe should see some sun filtering pthrough clouds today. penough so to make it back up to p74 degrees this afternoon. peven warmer tomorrow with a high pof 78. p>>jennifer: big backups through pflips on its side. ponly one lane is passing.
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ba da ba ba ba pjoich p>>jennifer: tough morning. pwe're continuing to follow a psituation along 75 southbound pjust south of state road 52 pwhere semi truck is flipped on
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proadway but it is causing a big pimpact for drivers this morning. pat one point i-75 was blocked poff completely so bay flight pcould arrive on scene. pthey've since left the scene but poff. pfar left lane is getting by. plane. pthis is about a quarter mile psouth of state road 52 and boy, pare we seeing a backup this pmorning. pdelays extend back three to four pmiles. pwe're also seeing delays along pstate road 52 as well. pdrivers, you can eat wait in ptraffic or your alternate, not pthat great but if you're headed pfrom the east 75, you can avoid pit by using 301. pdrivers from the west, you can palways use u.s. 41 or the psuncoast parkway instead. pi'll let you know as soon as pthat second lane reopens. pyou can follow me at fox 13 ptraffic. phere's a closer look at the semi ptruck involved in this crash. pthe other issue we're dealing pwith this morning is an accident pthat happened just after 4:00
7:16 am
pshut down westbound lanes along p118th avenue north between 49th pstreet and u.s. 19. psingle vehicle crash and that pvehicle we're hearing was ptravelling at a very high rate pof speed when it crashed into pthe u.s. 19 overpass and caught pon fire. pso d.o.t. is on scene assessing pthe situation, trying to figure pout whether or not there was any pdamage of the structural pintegrity of that bridge. pas of right now, u.s. 19 is pcompletely open. pthe only lanes that are blocked pare the westbound lanes along p118th avenue north so drivers pcan avoid it. pinstead. pdave? p>>dave: thanks, jen. pwe've got mostly cloudy skies. pbut we are going to poke a ptoday. ptampa cam showing you the cloud pcover. pout to the beach, same thing. phow about another picture this ptime over lakeland? pmostly cloudy skies. pbut those clouds actually help pto keep it a little bit warmer pthis morning.
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pit's in the 50s to near 60 new ptampa, plant city, brandon, all pmid 50s. psame for you, west chase. pupper 50s in most of pinellas pcounty. pclearwater at 58. inellas park at 57. pthen you go a little further pnorth. pactually you don't have as much pin the way of cloud cover. psee the temps in the mid 40s for pcitrus county, lower 50s for pbrooksville, upper 50s, south of ptampa along the coastline. pit's actually a lot warmer than pit was yesterday overall. pmainly mid 50s inland as well. pnotice, wow, six to 14 degrees pwarmer than it was yesterday at pthis time. pthat is a noticeable difference pand i think it's really because phave. pjet stream is streaming across pthe gulf and brings to us the pmid to upper level cloud cover. pat the surface, winds are psoutheast. pthat will tend to warm us up. pyou get little breaks that we
7:18 am
pit will help to warm us up in pthe mid 70s. pi think we finish where we did pyesterday, just a different way pof getting there, right? pwe don't have the clear skies. pwe have the clouds and the psunshine. pmore clouds this morning. pwe'll poke out sun this pafternoon. psame as yesterday with high ptemps about 74 degrees. ptonight partly cloudy skies. pwe'll keep it mild and seasonal. povernight lows near 57. pfor tomorrow, a little bit pwarmer, scattered clouds, more pof a south-southeast wind. pthat will warm us up to 78. pwe'll go above normal for a pchange. peast to northwest winds today at pfive knots and the winds aren't pgoing to be bad. pit's going to be great to do psome boating. pyou'll have more cloud cover pobviously than yesterday. pwe're coming up on a high tide. pnext is a low tide at a few pminutes past 11:00. p20% rain chances in there but pnotice, even behind those weak pfronts, temperatures don't fall poff all that much.
7:19 am
psee the 70s the next seven days pand lows primarily in the 50s as pwell. pnot bad. p>>laura: does look good. p>>russell: thank you. plook around. plook around. pyou don't have to look far to psee how much technology has pchanged our lives. p>>laura: things have gotten a plot easier, haven't they? plauren simonetti shows us what pwe can expect this year. p>>reporter: one growth area to pwatch this year is the ersonalized city when it comes pto apartment living, small is pthe new big, buildings in some pof the most expensive cities in pamerica now offering units so ptiny that ordinances had to be pwaived to allow them. pthe perks of micro living are plarge. prenters are being lured in with pluxuries such as gyms, group pdecks and lounges. pson concierge services allow dry pcleaning pickup and delivery. pyour phone seems to know when pyou're hungry and what you're phungry for.
7:20 am
pand the phone may say, you want pto reorder the chinese again? pthat's what you got last time. p>>reporter: the way your takeout pgets delivered may change, too. p>> the car too stop at the prestaurant, the restaurant could pthrow the food in the back and pit will get to you and get pdelivered in almost no time. p>>reporter: who is driving that pcar? pno one. psome are seeing a world where arking lots can be moved to the erimeter of a city. pdriverless cars will be summoned pvalet style. pthe elderly or disabled would phave access to many more pfacilities. p>> if every one of those cars pwas just a data point that had pto all get to a certain position pand a big computer was saying, pokay. pi know how to do this. ptraffic is going to flow better. pthings will move easier and i pthink we'll see a lot less paccidents.
7:21 am
pout of driving. p>>russell: travelling 143 pmillion miles in less than a pyear. pcoming up, the unforgettable ptrip for one american. p>>laura: it is amazing and then pmost of us didn't win an oscar pbut they sure did make a fashion pstatement on the red carpet last pnight. pthe best and the worst. pwe're going to let you be the pjudge. pfirst charley belcher in another pcool school. p>>charley: don't judge what i'm pwearing. pthe fashion police probably have pa warrant for my arrest. pit's a private school in inellas county. pclearwater technically very pclose to pinellas park. pindividualized instruction and a ositive, safe christian penvironment. psmall group instruction using pthe latest technology, top pquality educational services for pboth exceptional and mainstream pstudents. plook at those faces right there. pthey know how cool this place pis. apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky,
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uh, hello geico?... yeah, i was just talking about your emergency roadside service and how it's available 24/7 and then our car overheated... what are the chances? can you send a tow truck please? uh, the location? you're not going to believe this but it's um... it's in a tree. i wish i was joking, mate, but it's literally stuck in a tree. (car horn honking) a chainsaw?
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7:25 am
pas of right now, both lanes are popen. pyou have two lanes passing 75 pafter state road 52 but the big icture here is that tow trucks pare going to be out on the scene pand remove the vehicle from the proadway. pwhen they do, i'm sure there pwill be a temporary shutdown pwhen that happens. pas of right now, all lanes are pback open. pthis just happened within a pcouple of minutes so that means pthe delays are still there and pthey're pretty extensive, about pthree to four miles' worth of a pbackup along 75. pwe're also seeing delays along pstate road 52 as drivers are pseeing what's happening up ahead pand they're exiting off the pinterstate as well. pif you're heading from the west, pyou can use land o lakes pboulevard or the suncoast arkway instead. pfrom the east you can always use p301. ptraffic is jammed this morning palong the southbound lanes of pi-75. pthe good news is the two lanes pare back open. inellas county, we're dealing pwith a fatal crash that has
7:26 am
poff between 49th street and u.s. p19. pwe're telling people to use pulmerton road. pthat's causing a backup on both pthe east and westbound side. pall the eastbound lanes along p118th avenue north are open. pthe portion that turns into pbrian dairy road not affected by pthis. pdrivers exiting off u.s. 19 will pnot be able to access brian pdairy road until this roadway preopens. p>>laura: thank you. pbusy morning for you. p7:26. pa community near washington, pd.c. is trying to cope with ptragedy. p>>russell: 28-year-old police pofficer ashley wood, she was pfatally shot while responding to pa domestic violence call over pthe weekend. phave you heard about this? pit was her first day on the job. p32-year-old ronald hamilton is paccused of killing her. phe's also accused of killing his pwife. pthe couple had an 11-year-old pson and the relatives are taking pcare of him now. pthe officer was a graduate of
7:27 am
pdaytona and also had a master's pdegree in forensic science. p>>laura: five ku klux klan pmembers arrested after a brawl pin south california are out of pjail this morning. pa rally in predominantly latino pand african-american pneighborhood turned violent psaturday. pvideo shows part of the pviolence. pthree people were stabbed and pone critically. pmore than a dozen people went to pjail. p>>russell: the anthem of the pseas cruise ship is heading home pto new jersey two days early. pcaptain chose to cut the trip pshort because of a norovirus out poutbreak and a storm. pthe cruise ship is the same one pthat went through a storm pearlier this month causing pextensive damage. proyal caribbean may be cutting pthe current trip short to stop pthe same mistake. pit should arrive in the port on
7:28 am
p>>laura: launch of the next pspace x rocket at the last psecond, the rising oxygen ptemperatures maiden begineers pnervous so the temperatures were pslowly rising as the rocket sat pbecause of a boat in the area. pno word yet when they'll try pagain. peventually the rocket will carry pa satellite into orbit to rovide broad band internet pservice to remote areas of asia. p>>russell: astronaut scott kelly pcomes home this week. phe'll leave the international pspace station tomorrow. phe's been at the station for pnearly a year along with a prussian cosmonaut. pthey orbited earth more than p5,000 times. pkelly has sent back some pincredible pictures. phe holds the record now for pspending the most time in space pfor an american astronaut. p>>dave: good for him. psafe trip home. p7:28. pmostly cloudy skies as you look ptoward the downtown area. pat least from this particular pcamera, it's darker than it preally is outside.
7:29 am
pkids to the school bus, it's pmild. ptampa around 59, 60, areas pinland mid 50s. pone or two spots to the north pare still in the 40s. pthose are mainly in citrus pcounty. pnext three days, really can't pcomplain about that. p74 for today. p78 tomorrow. pmaybe a quick shower on pwednesday but that rain chance ponly 20%. pstill mild, though. phighs in the mid 70s. p>>russell: we hope your kids got penough rest over the weekend. pcoming up it's the next round of ptesting in schools. p>>laura: and then as expected, pleonardo dicaprio won his first pacademy award for best actor. phis acceptance speech got olitical.
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p>> p>>jennifer: 7:32. pall lanes are back open but the pcrash is not clear yet. pthis is southbound along i-75 pafter state road 52. pyou can see the semi truck that pflipped on its side. pcrews are on the scene right now passessing the damage and pfiguring out probably how pthey're going to remove that ptruck from the side of the proadway. pnow, good news for morning pcommuters is that both of your psouthbound lanes along state proad 52 are back open. pone lane was closed for about an phour or so and at one point, pboth lanes were closed so bay pflight medical chopper could pland on the scene. pso we're seeing the delays pbecause of that impact. psouthbound 75 is back open but pthe delays still extend about ptwo to three miles back this pmorning. pi know some drivers are offering pto exit off the interstate and pgo onto state road 52 instead. pif you're planning on doing pthat, expect delays on the east pand westbound side there as pwell. pkeep you posted and let you know
7:34 am
pthin out. pdrivers, you can always use u.s. p301 to the east. pdrivers heading from the west pcan use u.s. 41 which is land o plakes boulevard or maybe even pthe suncoast parkway. pmight even save some time doing pthat as well. pother crash happened just after p4:00 in pinellas county along pwestbound 118th avenue north. psingle vehicle accident caused a plot of damage to the u.s. 19 poverpass and what we're hearing pis westbound 118th avenue north premains closed between 49th pstreet and u.s. 19 and for more pon this situation, head out to pfox 13 with more. pgood morning. p>>reporter: good morning. p118 is now back open in both pdirections. pi'll just step out of the frame pto show you, even though the car pinvolved in this accident premains on the scene here, both planes back open so traffic pflowing through here. palthough a lot of holdups around pthis accident scene now, what pwe're looking at is the vehicle
7:35 am
psingle vehicle car crash that pappears to have happened at a pvery high rate of speed last pnight. olice believe that the car was ptravelling northbound before prunning into the pillar that you psee there. pd.o.t. is on the scene here pchecking out the structural pintegrity of this bridge right pnow. pthis was a massive collision pwith that support beam there. pthe car completely smashed here pand it burst into flames so you psee a lot of soot and debris in pthe area. pwe're told the victim is still pinside. pobviously the car still on the pscene here. pwe have not been told exactly pwhat kind of car this is but pfrom what i can tell, it appears pto be a white pickup truck that pwas involved in this accident. pscene. pso for now, both lanes of p118/this brian carrie road right phere are back open. olice, homicide units still on pthe scene and d.o.t. still on
7:36 am
pwe'll have more updates for you pthroughout the morning. pfor now reporting live in inellas park, fox 13 news. pback to you. p>>jennifer: a terrible accident. pthank you for the information of pthe talk to you again soon. prussell? p>>russell: 7:35. pa lot of students getting ready pfor some big tests today in the platest round of state student ptesting is today. pit lasts for two months. pthe state is hoping there are no pglitches this time around. pit includes grades four through pseven taking english and planguage arts. pthis is the second year of the pfloor there are standards ptesting. plast year was filled with pcomputer issues. psome students couldn't even log pon. pthe states it's prepared this ptime after making several pupgrids to the system. p>> and the oscar goes to -- pspotlight. p>>laura: gasps and cheers, a psurprise at the end of the poscars last night. paward of the night went to
7:37 am
pnot many people saw that coming, pespecially when you consider the pcompetition in that category but pno surprise for best actor. pthat we understand to leonardo pdicaprio and he got a standing povation. pthis is his first academy award pdespite several nominations. phe won for his role in the movie pthe revanant and he had a lot of eople to think. pafter that he got political paddressing the issue of global pwarming. plisten. p>> making the revanant was about pman's relationship to the pnational world, world we felt as pthe hottest year in recorded phistory. pour production needed to move to pthe southern tip of this planet pjust to be able to find snow. pclimate change is real. pit is happening right now. pit is an urgent threat facing pour entire species. p>>laura: and 26-year-old larson pwon for best actress for her
7:38 am
pwoman and her 5-year-old son pheld captive in a small room for pseven years before gaining their pfreedom. plarson has come a long way in a pshort time. pshe began her acting career pcoulding sketches on the tonight pshow with jay leno. pthankful. p>> thank you to everyone who articipated in room. pit. pthank you to the fans, thank you pto the movie goers, thank you pfor going to the theater and pseeing our films. pi appreciate it. pthank you. p>>laura: she was absolutely padorable. pother winners last night include pbridge of spies, sylvester pstallone was up for that award pas well. pinside out won the academy award pfor best animated feature film. p til it happens to you pyou don't know how i feel
7:39 am
pawards, one of the other big pmoments of the night is when plady gaga took the stage to sing pher nominated song. pvice president joe biden pintroduced the singer. pshe sang "til it happens to you" pthat she wrote all about the pcollege rape culture and was pjoined on stage by abuse psurvivors. pand what everyone is talking pabout, host chris rock did not pshow way from the diversity pissue. phe came out swinging tackling pthe issue head-on during his 10 pminute opening monologue. pthere were no minority actors pnominated for any of the acting pcategories. pof course, the oscars are famous pfor fashions, too. pwe see the winners and the plosers on the red carpet. p>> stars lit up the red carpet psunday evening as they made ptheir way into the dolby theater pto honor hollywood's best at the
7:40 am
p>> i think the oscars have a pclassic air to them and they pshould maintain that. p>> there's a lot of wow and i pthink it was a spectacular pevening. p>> when the ladies were dazzling pin gowns of floral patterns and plong, flowing trains, and bare pskin was in with bare shoulders pand diamonds on the red carpet. p>> as always, it did not fail to pimpress. pthere's a lot of money walking pdown this red carpet. p>>reporter: the gentlemen pstrutted stuff in a mix of pmodern and traditional tuxedos. p>> guys have been on the same ptrend the past few years, a plittle more midnight blue, a plittle less bow tie but pthankfully gentlemen tend to pkeep it pretty classy. p>>reporter: and some stars took pthe opportunity to make another pfashion statement. p>> this dress is made out of precycled plastic bottles. p>> this is for the sunshine pkids, which is a great charity
7:41 am
pabout their troubles and enjoy pbeing a kid. p>>reporter: one thing is for psure. pthis year's red carpet did not pdisappoint and will be all the prage come monday morning. p>> there are very few events. pit's important for the fashion pworld as this red carpet. eople will look to these looks pfor many, many years to come. psome of them will be iconic. pso it's really a special moment pin the fashion world and phollywood to come together and pcreate some really memorable plooks. p>>russell: it is february 29. pit's leap day and that is a day pon the calendar that only phappens every four years. pyou know that. pand what if your birthday is on pleap day? pthis young lady is celebrating pher fourth birthday but she's pturning 16. pashley smith, happy birthday. pand mom kelly is with us this pmorning. pgood to see you both. pthank you. pyou're in high school. pwhat year? p>> sophomore. p>>russell: okay. pgood to see you.
7:42 am
p>> thank you. p>>russell: so what -- when it's pnot your birthday, which it's pnot leap day, how do you usually pcelebrate? pwhat day do you do it on? p>> depends on -- if it's like pduring the week, then we usually phave it, like a small party pduring the week and then on a psaturday, we'll have a bigger arty. p>>russell: i get the feeling pthat this child has not been pdeprived of birthdays. p>> no. pwe usually try to compensate for pit. pwe'll compensate for it, you pknow, before the 28th and the p1st and then the weekend and any pway we can celebrate it. p>>russell: i think most people pmight think, how sad for her pthat her birthday is like on the p29th but when you found out this pis when this baby is coming, pyour first born, what did you pdo? p>> well, actually, she was a pweek late so -- p>>russell: you didn't care at pthat point. p>> yeah. pshe actually -- when i went into plabor on the 28th, she just
7:43 am
p>>russell: so there it was. plook. pso now we need to take care of pit. pthat didn't stop you. pyou had two more. p>> i did. pbrian and nathan and nathan is p13 and brian is 11. p>>russell: and they wanted a pshout out to them. pwe worked that in. pyour birthday is a big deal, pespecially when it happens on pthe 29th, when it really does phappen. pyes? pso i know you already know. pi thought this was going to be a psurprise but mom has really psurprised you with a big present pthis year. pyes? pyou're going to -- p>> new york. p>>russell: nice. pnice. pfirst trip to new york? p>> i've never been. p>> when are you leaving? p>> wednesday night. p>> early wednesday morning. p>>russell: you told her last pnight. p>> i did. pi couldn't hold it back. p>>russell: it's just the two of pyou. p>> first mother-daughter trip pever in 16 years. pwe're excited to spend some time ptogether. p>>russell: very nice. pand this is kind of a preview to panother new york trip you're
7:44 am
p>> we're going to the macy's pthanksgiving day parade. pthe high school. p>>russell: the band? pyou are going? pare you excited about that? p>> very excited. p>> the only band in the state of pflorida representing florida for pthe 90th thanksgiving day parade pso it's a huge honor for the pband to do that. p>>russell: happy birthday. pthank you for letting us share pand have a great trip to new pyork both times. pcome back to see us on your pfifth birthday. pyou'll be 20.
7:45 am
7:46 am
p>>russell: we the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today.
7:47 am
p"good day." paccidents finally beginning to pclear up in pasco county but the pdelays are still there. pwhat we're talking about is a psemi truck accident along psouthbound 75. pthis crash is about a quarter pmile south of state road 52. pat one point, one right lane was
7:48 am
pflorida highway patrol has since preopened both lanes but check pout the delays. pthey extend from state road 54 pback about two to three miles pthis morning. pwe're seeing average speeds pbetween 19 and down to even 15 pmiles per hour. pcrews are still on the scene so pif you're travelling past this paccident, you're going to see pthe semi truck off on the side, pto the side of the roadway. pyou have emergency crews still pon the scene so even though the ptwo lanes are still open, you're pgoing to see a lot of activity poff to the side of the roadway pand that is causing some of the pbackups this morning. pso drivers, be patient if you're ptravelling southbound 75 or pavoid it. pthere aren't very many great palternates to take. pstate road 52 east and westbound pis pretty backed up this morning pbut drivers heading from the peast can always use 301. pdrivers from the west can use pu.s. 41 or maybe even the psuncoast parkway instead. pthose are the north-south palternates and also an early pmorning accident caused psignificant delays along pwestbound 118th avenue north. pa single vehicle crashed into
7:49 am
pnorth and u.s. 19 and they shut pdown the roadway temporarily pbetween 49th street and u.s. 19. pthe roadway has since reopened pso we're not seeing any big pbackups in this area. pwhere we are seeing delays is pnorth along ulmerton road pbecause that was the alternate pwe're telling drivers to take. pexpect delays 118th avenue north pand brian dairy road. pthis is the single vehicle paccident that i was mentioning pthat happened after 4:00 this pmorning. plive look outside. pthey pretty much all look like pthis. pwe're not seeing any delays on pthe howard frankland, even pcoming into hillsborough county pwhich is nice really for pdrivers. pit should only take eight pminutes to cross the water. pdave? p>>dave: mostly cloudy skies. pyou see how this is a filtered psunshine here in the brookdale pbayshore camera this morning. pwe'll slide over to the beach. pagain, you have that filtered psunshine. pit's interesting, though. pyesterday clear skies. pwe still made it up to 74 pdegrees. ptoday with the cloud cover,
7:50 am
pback to the mid 70s. pso the end result today will be pthe same even though it will plook different. p46 degrees in crystal river. p50 in brooksville. p55 wesley chapel, 60, down to 61 pdegrees in st. petersburg. pit is quite cool along i-10 this pmorning. pthey're going to need some pjackets. poverall, we're running 10 to 13 pdegrees warmer than we were pyesterday at this time. pso just expect that we have this pfiltered sunshine throughout the pday today but temps with a psoutheast wind should manage to pgo back up to 74 degrees. pi just think it's going to be a pnice day. pwe have a few clouds but no pbiggie. ptonight overnight lows, 57 pdegrees with partly cloudy skies pfor your tuesday. pscattered clouds, you're going pto notice tomorrow a little pwarmer with a high temperature paround 78 degrees. pso bringing it up a notch. pboaters, you'll enjoy today. psmooth to light chop. pmore of an east wind shift to pthe northwest in the afternoon.
7:51 am
pbut still, it's going to be a pnice week. pa couple of weak cold fronts pwednesday and friday. ponly 20% rain chances, russell? p>>russell: now the lightning lay the maple leafs tonight in ptoronto. pwe won six straight games now. pbolts beat boston on the road pyesterday 4-1. psteve stamkos had his 28th goal pthis season. pwin moves the lightning past the pbruins. psecond best behind the florida anthers. p>>laura: all right. pcharley belcher? p>>russell: do you want to? p>>laura: let's do it. pcool school on monday, right? p>>charley: hello, hello. pthat was me last night. pi had the hockey game going, poscars starting, flipping back pand forth a little bit. p>>russell: nice. p>>charley: charley, what were pyou watching last night? pi know you were on the edge of pyour seat wondering. p>>russell: thank you. p>>charley: we just communicate pthis way, russell.
7:52 am
pwoodlawn community academy. pit's so special in many ways. pwe're going to tell you all pabout it. pthey had a spring fling weekend
7:53 am
7:54 am
ba da ba ba ba p>>charley: "good day."
7:55 am
pclearwater, very close to inellas park. pyou can see pinellas park from phere. pwoodlawn academy is the cool pschool of the week, it's a rivate school and shirley not ponly the principal here but the pcreator, one of the founders of pthe school. p>> that's correct. p>>charley: how long have you pbeen around? p>> about 17 years. p>>charley: good for you. pwhat is woodlawn? ptell me about the school. p>> woodlawn community academy is pa school that was started by the pspecial education 3 pwhomented -- who wanted the pstudents in the community who pwould not get services potherwise. pwe wanted to be able to offer pthem individualized services. p>>charley: it's a k-12 so you pcan run the gamut here and the pindividual academic plan, that's pa very important part of what pyou do here. pyes? p>> yes, it is. pin fact, students are tested
7:56 am
pthen as they start, we place pthem within small groups for preading, small groups for math, psmall groups for spelling, pvocabulary, writing, just about peverything they do throughout pthe day is in a small group. p>>charley: and you were telling pme that every teacher here is pspecial ed certified or in the rocess of becoming so. p>> yes. pevery classroom has a special peducation teacher in that pclassroom. pmany of them florida certified pworking toward certification pbecause they moved from out of pstate. p>>charley: but not necessarily pjust the school for children pwith special needs or pdisabilities. pbut certainly that's the focus pbut you have integrated with pkids who might not necessarily phave special needs. p>> absolutely. pwe feel like we have an awesome penvironment here to offer both pstudents. peven your regular students, some pmight be functioning really high pin reading but low in math. pthey give you opportunity to phave a group at their level. p>>charley: individual pachievement. pthat's very important. p>> yes.
7:57 am
pthank you for having us here. pwe'll continue to explore. pwe're going swinky swine. pthat's the teaser. pyou have to stick around and pfigure out what that is. p>>russell: say it again. p>>charley: swinky swine. p>>russell: all right. p>>charley: sounds like a band we phad in high school, russell. p>>russell: see you later, man. pall right. palaska comes to florida. plooking at a dog sledding team pand why they're making a very pspecial trip to pinellas park pschool. p>>laura: plus move over, miss pdaisy. pthere's a new woman being driven paround the country.
7:58 am
8:00 am
pdriving miss 3 ((russell a monday morning mess.. pa monday morning mess. ptwo terrible crashes causing big ptraffic problems in two separate pbay area counties. pand a combing kids' fears pdoctors's office can a scary lace. pwe'll tell you what parents can pto ease the anxiety. p8 o'clock. pi'm russell rhodes. pi'm laura moody. pgood morning everybody. pwe thank you for waking up on pthis monday, february 29th. pleap day. pyes, it is. p>> wow. p>> happy leap day, dave p>> you got it. pso, four years from now it will phappen again. pfour more years. p46 degrees crystal river.


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