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tv   FOX 13 1100 News  FOX  March 1, 2016 1:00am-1:30am EST

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closed captioning and other considerations for access
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brie larson, "room." >> from this day forward, she is oscar winner brie larson. i spoke with brie before her win and surprised her with a throw back to where it all began, one of her first acting gigs back in 1998. on the tonight show, jay leno. just the same age as her co-star, jacob now. >> i wish we could bake something. >> with the new road kill. >> you found this?
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i'm gonna die. >> remember what that is? >> road kill easy-bake oven. one of my first jobs ever. i love this outfit. oh, my gosh. i can't believe you found this. can you get me a copy, please? >> trust me, will show you way a new study pthough says sometimes the case pof mistaken identity. p>> temper residents still utting the plans tampa bay pexpress known as tpx to be at pofficials informational meeting pabout the controversial new ptoll lane expansion this time pspecifically for everyone who plives in works in ybor city. eople really were a single pright to the neighborhoods. p>>reporter: they say this
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roperties from homes to many pcommittee areas that historic pdistrict as we can't just prebuild all the premier dented ptempest traffic troubles. pthese red and blue squares mean pa lot more than this map could pever show. pthey represent her neighbors phomes that could be demolished. p>> their properties or proadblocks for the tampa bay pexpress or tpx project it will padd polls express lanes to i75 pand i for the city's core. pshe says the statements tour pthe city's neighborhoods and phalf 50 years ago.
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pwho feel the same sure about pmonday nights meeting arguing pthat project is not worth the pcost. ptheir own out-of-state probably ponly going to reduce congestion pby somewhere between 10 to 14 ercent. pthe toll lanes will run from pthe state peak gateway to pdowntown tampa into polk county pwith expanded cutting to rick phernandez neighborhood as well pin tampa heights. p>> it's a solution to a roblem that really isn't our roblem. pour problem is getting in and paround the urban corporate plooking at the bigger picture palleviating tampa traffic ptroubles before our roads can pno longer handle our growing opulation. pfernandez questions if they're
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p>> f dot says the point of pthese meetings is to continue pgetting feedback from residents pjust like they saw tonight and pmany of them offer the same psuggestion. pthey say they want to see more pmass transit like light rails pright here in tampa. pin the meantime many of these pneighbors are planning a tpx rotest the saturday it starts pat 11:00 a.m. and kicks up at pthe office of neighborhood pempowerment a north broski pavenue. p>> tough situation. p>> will trump train keep pomega stand. pwill hillary go from front prunner to run away winner all pwill be answered 24 hours from pnow. poutside of election day itself pin november tomorrow is the psingle biggest day of pcompetition in american pdemocracy super tuesday is upon pus this take a look at what's pat stake tomorrow on the prepublican side 11 states
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pthey represent the delegates of peach state will ward 595 total pup for grabs that's almost half pthe amount that is to win the pnomination.and donald trump pleads opposing most of those pstates. pif those polls are accurate he pcould massively tomorrow that pwould be difficult to overcome. ptop campaign to the south today pending with a rally in georgia pwhere he vowed to restore pkristin power and protect the psecond amendment themes usually pecho by texas senator ted cruz pbut he's banking on winning his phome state he has an eight oint lead right now in the paverage of polls over trunk. p>> were tired of being burned pby politicians. pthe stakes are too high were pfighting for this country. ptexas and the super tuesday pstate have a chance to add up pand say give us a proven pconservative who we know what phe will do pick his debates pjust brutal the coming out of pmy ears who want to do anymore pdebates is enough.
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pthink on thursday. pthe last one i was double pteamed and i won every single ole had me winning. pcan you believe it?>> onto pthe democrats now 11 states and pamerican more casting ballots ptomorrow 865 delegates of the pgraphs shaping up to be just a pbig day for hillary clinton paccording to all of the polls. pernie seems very competitive pand could win five of those pstates but those are the psmallest states in terms of pdelegates clinton holds a big padvantage among minority voters pespecially in texas georgia she pshould rack up victories to the psouth and in massachusetts as pwell which is 91 delegates. pshe was campaigning in pmassachusetts tonight she took pa believe donald trump should preally mention bernie sanders psanders has little incentive to ull this tempo today's pcampaign announced he raised p$45 million this month alone. pa sign that he can keep running pdeep into spring.
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pmarch 15 but in some counties pyou can already cast your pballot. pearly voting started today in phillsboro and polk counties. pmore than 3000 people cast both pin hillsboro about 40,000 pballots have been delivered in pmail. pmost other counties will begin pearly voting this saturday pincluding pinellas entity psarasota pascoe in hernando. pohio 14-year-old in custody pafter allegedly opened fire in pthe school cafeteria. phappened this morning at edison phigh school in madison township pit 40 miles north of pcincinnati. olice say james hancock walked pin the school cafeteria and pfired several rounds. phe hit two students their pinjuries are not plife-threatening there are teen pand 50 years old. ptwo other kids got hurt by pshrapnel trying to get away. pthe school resource officer had pjust walked out of the plunchroom minutes before the pshooting started. p>> at that point the shooter pwhich is james hancock ran out pof the building ran up on the
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pit appears that he got rid of phis handgun at that point. pit kept on running. olice k-9 caught the teenager pand they arrested him detective psaid the not sure where he got pthe guns still try to figure pout the motive too. p>> developing story were pfollowing tonight st. pete pwhere police are investigating pa shooting at happened just pafter eight ilan james avenue psouth police say two men got pinto an argument one of the pother. pthe victim was taken to a foot psurvive. pst. pete police have not pidentified him yet and is not preally clear at this time if panyone's been arrested. pwe're checking on this for you poffices are still investigating pright now. p>> a sarasota woman says psomeone she knows held a gun to pher head try to sexually passault her and her mother. pthat man is now behind bars
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pdetective said he's a pregistered sex offender and his phad several run-ins with police pthey see early this morning he pshowed up at the victim's home pheld a gun to her head passaulted her in her garage she pthen went into her house and passaulted her 69-year-old pmother.the victim was able to pget away and call 911. pit's not clear yet how esposito pknows the victims except to say pthat they are acquaintances. p>> a grave situation in pzephyrhills with that cities plooking to tighten up prestrictions on how cemetery psites can be decorated. pafter getting complaints that psome of the ranges were getting ptoo big. pnot everybody agrees many whose pfamilies of very debt oaks side pcemetery are asking the city to plet them mourn in peace. p>> almost every site here at poaks side cemetery has some psort of decorations flowers pmementos but the question is phow much is too much. pafter the city of separate phills got complaints from
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pwas a buried here the pdecorations were getting pexcessive they decided to take pa closer look at the site they pfound to be in violation of pcity ordinance had a stake ptoday with a notification of pnoncompliance that message pdidn't go over so well with psome families. pnow the city is looking to pupdate and possibly even pstrengthen its ordinance. pit's been around since 1997 but phasn't been clearly and forced peven a sign saying decorations pwere discouraged rather than rohibited. pfor years caregivers adored pgravesites and wasted like to phonor the lives of the loved pones. phe had no idea they were pactually raking the rules. pall of this has sparked a etition people asking the city pto leave the gravesites alone pit's gotten more than 1000 psignatures. pif it wasn't for the pdecorations it would feel cold pif the flowers the people that pdecorated the people that come pout and mourn the loss once. pcity manager says he hopes to pfind a middle ground he's
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paffected by this before taking pthe next step was to have an pupdated ordinance in place to pcreate a new more accurate sign palso make sure anyone who buys pa gravesite gets a copy of the pordinance. pinput meeting scheduled for pnext week anyone interested pshowing the thoughts with city pleaders to go to city hall pmarch 10 at 4:00 p.m.. p>> wrapping up february 29 ponly comes around every four pyears. phow did you spend your ex ptoday? p>> i was here. p>> so was i here is how a pfamily in manatee county spent pthe pair birthdays to celebrate pleave your birthdays check out plittle liam he was born on this pleap day and believe it or not phis dad shane black also born pon a leap year. pcan't plan that. pliam was born just before five pcaught today at manatee pmemorial mom and dad say the pthrill to have two leap year pthat they celebrate the save pmoney. p>> the fact that they're going pto actually get to share the psame birthday on a holiday that pis extremely limited coming up phere i think that's a bond
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pcarry on with them for pobviously the rest of their plives. p>> she will only have to buy pgifts for them once every four pyears. pthat's pretty great. pliam weighed seven pounds eight pounces and mom tells us started lanning some dynamic epic tool pwith a bashes every four years. pof course. p>> that is amazing the what pare the odds of that happening. p>> coming up emotional plea pfor students being held in pnorth korea. p>> will tell you what we've plearned about the crime he pcommitted and why the timing of pthis confession really stands pout that's coming up at 11:23. pnew study that could give pshelter dogs a fighting chance. pwhy so many are mistakenly plabeled as a controversial pbreed or his pit bulls that's pcoming up right today it's florida flatbread with fresh tomatoes and bell peppers. it's easy to turn local produce into a meal time favorite. look for the fresh from florida label when you shop. remember, delicious is always served fresh from florida. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it
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inary salad, this is a florida berry and citrus salad. mix arugula, fresh strawberries, blueberries and oranges. smile and serve. look for fresh from florida products when you shop. remember, delicious is always served fresh from florida. p pit bulls some people pstill talk that label less plikely to get adopted usually pwish the most frequently peuthanized on the public pshelters anywhere. pnew study that finds many of pthe shelter dogs are getting pthe mislabeled just because of phow they look. presearchers at the university pof florida to several shelters pright in florida they try to id p30 different dog breeds they pfound that shelter workers pmisidentify dogs as pimples pmost of the time and also
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psome pit bull type dna research pis a work is often just have to pguess a dog breed. pvery often when it dog is pcalled a pitbull can lead to prestrictions such as where eople can rent or whether pthere home his insurance will pcover them. pit can be a tenets for dog to pbe labeled a pitbull even in pareas where the not restricted. presearchers are recommending a pbetting is a breed that is what pshelters really don't know what pthe breeders and said they safe pfocus more on developing ersonality profiles on each pdog. pthat of course will prove the pchances hopefully getting padopted. eople think pitbull is a breed pit really isn't. pit's like characteristics so it preally is an actual breed. pcolumn pound puppies. peven the happiest place on pearth sing hard times. pdisney world trying to control pcosts on virtually for some pthat means cutting jobs.
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pnot renew context for 10 pcitizens of hollywood actors pthose actors portray old-time pmovie stars at disney hollywood pstudios their 29 of them now pbut become april 10 let go this pcomes a few weeks after his new presort laid off 100 painters pshortened hours for a few pcharacter meet and greets will ponly run the main street pelectrical parade once a night pduring the month of march. pmeanwhile disney unveiled new pseasonal single day ticket rices that new pricing is pdesigned to help speed up the pcrowd for example the park poffered value day prices to pexplore. plike september value day ptickets educating the $105 pduring a regular day price will pbe five dollars more 110 during eak times like spring break ptickets will go up to $124. p>> happening tomorrow phomecoming more than a year in pthe making. pastronaut scott kelly gets his pjourney back to earth tomorrow phe will have spent 342 days of
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pthat is new american record. pnasa hoping this will shed plight on the physical effects pof this long-term state the pgoing to compare kelly's presults to his identical twin pmark kelly who of course is pbeen unearthed this past year. pthis is considered a psteppingstone a journey to mars pwhich i think will have to take pyears to do. pthis will be pretty fascinating pto find out what how he did pversus his brother.324 days. p342. pthat's going to feel strange. pgoing around the earth up there phe's an amazing pictures he's pon twitter and some of his hotos are really incredible. p>> not quite as good of some pof your sunsets. psame type of league but his pdifferent. psunset cruise everybody at some oint in tampa bay has been on pthe pirate ship out of pclearwater beach that's a great pshot from jonathan look at the pcombination. psunset can you imagine the pfolks on that boat looking away pwith the cell phones absolutely
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ptoday a good day coming up ptomorrow pick which we consider pthe first day of our pmeteorological spring begins on pmarch 1. our spring months pmarch april and may his first pmeter all just got a many talk pabout the summer season pbeginning in june. p74 the high today on the paverage of 74 the low 50 pdegrees two degrees above the paverage of 56 leap day was retty much a normal day. pas you would expect in late pfebruary we've had amazing pstreaks this month we started poff the month on a warm note pthat a long stretch of cold phighs back on the 10th it was ponly 58 for a high we warmed up pnicely into the mid-70s for a pnumber of days over a week and pthen another culprit went by pnow we're sitting at average pwill be above average most of pthe week in march high pressure
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pimpact. phigh pressure dominates now and pusually this time of year when phigh pressure is over us and pthe winds are light dew points pup a little bit there's going pto be some areas of patchy fog pthat's about it and then ptomorrow the fog burns off nice pday to kick off a new month 62 pright now in tampa and away pfrom the city it's a little plike 57 brandon has a 55 sun pcity center the same 55 degrees pon the count is already in the p40s in citrus county inverness pis 48 crystal river the same we pslide south 50s and 60s inland punder mostly clear skies patchy pfog and 59 wachula 55 in pbartow. pwere 62 dew point is 51 wins pally generally north that some psix miles an hour pretty in the psoutheast watching an area of psevere weather moving from poklahoma likely be areas of pshowers and thundershowers in pthe deep south tomorrow. pthey'll be some snow across the
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pscored pretty much run out of pgas as it moves our way. pthere are signs that that fast psubtropical jet stream could be pweakening a little bit when pthat happens sign the el niqo pis tapering off. pit's keep our fingers crossed pon that obviously this time of pyour talk about the pollen pcount going up its all the tree ollen is getting very high ptime to think about the pclaritin flonase what not tough pthe next couple of weeks. pfargo nine kansas city 64 pthat's what happens in spring. psee big temperature contrast pnorth and south and those pcontrast do help to produce psevere weather. plook at this night in oklahoma pcity tonight this is a tornado pwatch severe thunderstorm watch pthose thunderstorms diving to pthe southeast 50s and low 60s ptonight and tomorrow away from pthe seabreeze generally east of pi75 many spots are heading for pthe low 80s. pnice tuesday coming up hope you penjoy it mostly clears patchy pfog tonight down to 59.
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pand 70s. plow 80s inland on wednesday we pgetting cold front produce a pcouple of showers. pin the mid-70s after that the pnext front on the road down the proad is going to happen on pfriday. pafter that right now the pweekend looks good temperatures pin the mid-70s. pback to you. p>> another beautiful weekend palready. pcoming up glimpse of an pamerican college student being aha! oof! weee! slurp. mmmmmm. cinnamon. milk. cinna-milk. cinnamon toast crunch. crunch! crave those crazy squares.
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(singing) i just can't wait to meet you, sweet child you're on the way, i'm filled with expectation, and you're growing everyday...
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pnext. p tearful american college pstudent begged for forgiveness pin front of a room full of pnorth korean journals today p21-year-old identity north pkorea since january he was parrested for committing what he padmits was a hostile act pagainst the state. phis confession comes as north pkorea has its own international roblems. p>>reporter: i am begging to pthe korean people and pgovernment for my forgiveness. p21-year-old american auto pstudent at the university of pvirginia put on display for the pmedia by the north korean pgovernment monday. pi have been very impressed by pthe korean government phumanitarian treatment of psevere criminals like myself. phe was arrested in late january pheld by north korea accused of pstealing a political side from pthe hotel where he was staying pduring a trip to over new pyear's eve.
1:29 am
pharming the work ethic and the pmotivation of the korean eople. revious detainees in north pkorea say authorities pressure pthem to make apologies they plater recanted after being preleased. p>> the fact is there's no pgreater priority for the pministration welfare and safety pof us citizens abroad. pthis all comes as north korea pis expected to face tough us psanctions. pas was a long-range rocket plaunch earlier this month. pon monday china's chief nuclear penvoy met with south korea's pforeign minister to discuss a prange of issues including north pkorea's nuclear program. pthe us resented a draft us psecurity council resolution plast week. p>> impact on their ability to pcontinue to fund their nuclear
1:30 am
pchina has reportedly agreed to pthe sanctions proposals that pwould dramatically tighten prestrictions on north korea. pwallowing months of pnegotiations with the us. phow does first-place sound for ptampa lightning it's been a pwhile since where be able to psay that there were about pwhether tyler johnson would peven play tonight after taking pa puck of the four head but


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