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tv   FOX 13 600 News  FOX  March 1, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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3 from the number one news station, this is the fox 13 6:00 news. good evening, everyone, welcome i'm kelly ring. >> i'm mark wilson. and framing and outside of details. >> i can tell you that the sheriff said the deputy crossed the line. the deputy was patroling an area when the shift was over and out of uniform. he had his eye out on one resident. the relationship was contentious, he would tell people i'm going after this person. i have to go after him. >> the sheriff said a former
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31-year-old thomas pirici. >> he then had spray painted on his trailer leblanc for sheriff, the sheriff said that his employee's actions were criminal. the 29-year-old leblanc was at wall. during the legitimate arrest, he said that he ordered a witness, james holder, to plant drug items in his bag so he could nail him on more charges. >> he told him to retreive to spoons of his own and he used them for pills. and he gets an unused needle and a crack pipe that tests positive for cocaine. that was caught on his camera but at some point he turned his camera off, violating the policy.
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and threw out the bag and never pinned him on drug charges. still, the sheriff said he crossed a line and is out of a job for it. we get irritated but you don't break the law. >> and a criminal case against leblanc is spending now they are going through cases that he was involve odd in to make sure there were no other cases of misconduct. >> thank you. and embarrassing dee tails are about to spill out in the pinellas county courtroom. hulk hogan's lawsuit against gawker is underway today. and $100 million is at stake. and gloria gomez is here now to explain some of the williamses that will play a role in the trial. tell bus it, both sides are battling over the jurors. next week some of the testimony will have some of the jurors
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>> hulk is suing gawker after they posted a clip from a sex sign with hogon and heather klem. >> what is they reported news worthy. is it something that has a value to it above and beyond an invasion of privacy. they are saying yes. >> and bubba gave his consent for the meeting but hogan did not give the okay to record it. they prepared for the details, a recorded video that included unsensored images and audio of him naked and in sexual activity in a private bedroom. expect the testimony. bubba will get on and explain why he let his best friend have sex with his wife and why he secretly recorded it and she may
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>> she is important for the same issue of privacy. there. she is on the tape. >> other testimony may come from radio personality mike lloyd. bubbas. >> we engaged in a war. >> an investigation: included he stole the - an investigation concluded that he stole the tape and hired someone to shop the tape around. the star, sex, scandal -- the jury will hear it. >> and hogan said this cost him his career. >> jury selection will last all week long. testimony will start on monday. we will cover it. >> you will, thank you. thank you very much. two more attorneys are suspended, robbered adams and
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three attorneys orchestrated the arrest of another attorney. they are expected to argue their case before the supreme court later on this year. st. pete detectives caught the man who shot another guy last night on sames avenue. darryled atkins shot him after a night. he got to a store and called for police there. after searching police found him and charged him with attempted first degree murder. he is recovering from his injuries. when love does not last, who should have to pay and for how long. lawmakers didn'ted this and shaking up the alimony system could be headed for a vote. aaron mesmer has more. what do you know. >> the center is permanent alimony should they pay a portion of their income for the rest of their lives.
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passionate about their opinions. >> i'm a 65-year-old mother of four who i took care of while i was paying permanent alimony, terry macmillan gave the short version of a long ordeal in her life. >> i have seen my income decline to a fraction of what it was, because of a judgment that forces her to pay her ex 65% of her income. >> until i die or he dies i'll live on 30%. >> she went to tallahassee hoping to convince the senators to send an alimony reform bill over the latest hurdle and wend the permanent alimony setting the amounts. that's a big deal for a lot of divorced individuals. >> we're not eliminating it we're taking it fair. >> some say it will not be fair for everyone. >> i'm opposed to the bill it
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>> lisa rosen put her career on hold. the national organization of women say a moth core be forced back to work. >> we abhor the bill. >> a judge has another issue it will set new guidelines that could give more parent as 0-50 time share. >> this sis not what they need. they need stability and stability is nowhere to be found in this 50-50 arrangement. >> despite the concerns. >> and the bill is favorably. it moved on about out similar vetos. supporters hope this time it is different. >> no adult should live off another adult for the rest of their lives. >> the governor vetoed it because it is retroactive: there is session that separates
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that will have to be ironed out if it makes it to the senate floors. the governor honored some of florida's veterans. they received the award at the armed forces preserve center in pinellas and pinellas park. the medal is a way of showing gratitude for courage and sacrifice. , they severed to make sure we have the freedoms what very today. >> it is great when they say thank you. >> the governor personally recognize the the veterans in the speech. good news for duke and light customers. the bills are going down. the companies say they are passing savings from the low cost of natural gas. duke customers who use 1000-kilo
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savings of about $5. fpl will see a 1.65 savings. check your pockets if you played the rotly. shake the kids, don't shake them. it could be a winning ticket. it could be in the house. it expires at midnight. six months ago in lakeland. circle k. and we asked some of you what you may do if it was your money. >> oh my god. 73,000. i will make sure i tithe the church. >> contribute it to a good cause. to my family. >> when i give back.
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grandmother, the money goes to florida public schools if not claimed, i hope they check it quickly. >> makes are no big deal in florida. the makes they grab are monsters. we'll tell you about the python hunters. this is crazy,. >> gorgeous, we're in a winning streak. a lot of sunshine. a great sun set.
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((mark--vo-)) these guys are python hunters.. and it's python challenge in the everglades.. they were these are python hunters and when they opened the challenge they hoped to get a big one. they didn't know how big of a one they could find. it took the strength of two men to capture this snake. >> reporter: there is one thing that bill has had on his mind. >> we dreamed of catching a super snake. anything over 13-foot is a super snake, and they competed in the state's python hunt. >> i knew it was more than i could handle. >> we have been seeing the 12-footers. and it was huge. >> during the last challenge, the guys caught this snake a 12-footer the one this year was
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snake and it is a super snake. >> this was taken afters the fight, we were probably. >> he can here he is out of breath. there is a reason why, dwayne grabs it by the tail. he pulls on the snake and it pulled back and into the swamp. >> he jumped in to help his teammate fight the snake. he is ripping and tearing and the things are wrapping around us and it was 20 minutes of sheer terror. >> they relied on strength and adrenaline to win the fight, we grabbed the snake, we pulled it out. we collapsed on the levee. the snake was tired. we were tired. it was amazing. and alive in a bag the two brought it back to camp. we pulled that out it was huge, macive, they realized what happened.
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to stumble, one in a million chances. >> look at that. that ended up being the longest one caught. they captured the most pythons, 33 of them and for that they took home a $3000 reward. [ laughter ] >> imagine that how it is going over at a party. guess what i did. >> there will be more. >> there will be. seeing the pictures. , that's not easy work, do not try that at home. enjoy the pictures or not. >> you know this will be a reality show on a cable channel. >> they are out there there now. i tell new a year or two there will be pythons on the tv a beautiful day. take a look outside. it had a hint of the summer
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>> a sea breeze. and not march or april. very strong winds. and you saw them moving around. and today. and fast winds above us it is march one as the spring. it is in a couple of sundays which is the beginning of the spring season. as far as they go and it is the first tay of spring and you talk about el nino impacts. this is incredible.
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four times the average beat it. fort myers the wet wettest. just to the south was the 15th it was wet across the state. and all this and pretty much played out. and 57 degrees. a beautiful day. there are some high clouds moving across the gulf. it will be a great sun set and in 16, 17 minutes from now. and the front producing it will weaken. a sprinkle and spots you will not see the rain. >> and you have 70s.
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cooler on the east. and the dew points are moderate in the 50s t is not humid. enjoy you know all the days. it's not far away we'll talk about the heat and humidity. but it is around the corner for sure. winds are cool all day long 72. the west wind at 7. there is a front. this is the one that i talked about the potential of and the energy is way up here in ohio. that's the low. it is tough to get weather when the parent low is to the north. as the front heads our way it will weaken. snowy in 23. minneapolis 25. flint 25. sky so tower showing rain and
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and now. the showers weaken as they slide south. 50s to the 60s. cooler at the coast and a west wind taking the trip to port charlotte, they kick off the schedule. 105. you have to love that it is back. down to 60 a sprinkle or shower. thursday is good. lots of sunshine and the coast and 73. we do a couple of 75s.
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revealing big news on a trip. tiler johnson is hankry. he banks two goals. it may not have been the same but we have seen this before. we'll have the reaction next. in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake,
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geico for your boat.
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3 what's been in the works for it has been in the works and a done deal, the rays are going to cuba. it will be for one game but a baseball. this will be the first time a team has played in cuba since there. and one of the rays got into start. they opened the grapefruit league season down in port charlotte against the nationals. the game at 1:05. and the drills will continue during the course of the season. i'm the manager said it will be specific and situational and use infield practice to stay sharp. the mentality will not change either. even through wednesday's game against washington. they will keep score, though. >> the way the effort has gone
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it is good to play another team but we could not be happier how they carried themselves leading up to tomorrow. >> you don't care about the result as much, are you competing out there but you are worried about, you know, getting your feet under you, feeling good before you go into each of the games so you get ready for the season. >> the ray's owner makes a swing through spring training. the owner likes to be opt opt miss take but is feeling better about the team and the future. there is not a stadium deal in place but the outlook for landing a location is better than a year ago. they failed to make the playoffs and in toronto scored 250 more runs than the rays. that team is loaded. but there are those predicting a banner season for tampa bay. >> we have been projected in some places to win the east or compete in the east. it has been all over.
6:25 pm
the lineup. you say how? how? you look at boston you say how? the yankees how? you know it's -- yet i suppose people looking at us to your question, you know they think we have as good of a club we had. that's all i can ask for. >> how? the pitching staff is good. a lot of people call in sick if they were hit in the face with a frozen piece of rubber. some may be out for a few days. when awe a professional hockey player is a matter of time before are you hit. they are expected to get stitched up and get out. there that's what tyler johnson did. and he took this maybe woke him up a bit. last night. he had the best game of the season striking for two goals. this is a great sign for the lightning to see him get back to the level he was.
6:26 pm
february with six goals and five assists. >> it is nice that we can, you know, still not play the greatest of games and get a win. there. >> and you know we're trying to get into the playoffs, that's all that matters getting ours in a position to win and you know time to time we can succeed in there and they are debrissing. , that's what you need. you forget about the pain and in first place. >> people were ready to ship him to the farm. he turned up the heat. >> yes. keep it going. >> two big streaks. they're playing well. they're ready now. let's bring it on. >> thank you very much, kevin. at 6:30 a push on super
6:27 pm
candidates scrambling for votes. the results will start coming in.
6:29 pm
an f-3 tornado swe3 it's a huge day for the it is a big day for the presidential contenders, and
6:30 pm
hillary clinton are the odds on favorites to win super tuesday. but as joel waldman reports they are not giving up making pleas to the nation. >> the super tuesday battle appears to be for second place counts. millions turning out to vote in 11 states with 1/4 of the delegates up tore grabs. super tuesday has been make or break for some campaigning to become the next president. this year some observers contend that's not necessarily the case. >> it is a matter of how many can cruz and marco rubio accumulate and then look to the 15th. you have a rational for everyone to stay in the race even if donald trump sweeps them. >> he hopes to perform well. especially in his home state of
6:31 pm
runner. of all the states the lone star state has the most delegates 167-8955 for the taking. and the super tuesday as the most important day on the political calendar. >> there is no doubt that any candidate who cannot win the home state has problems. >> and the vermont senator is finding himself in the same boat. the socialist casting his vote this morning hoping that many more follow his lead. >> if there is a large turnout across the country, we'll do well f not, we'll be struggling. >> several candidates will be in florida looking ahead to march 15th when the winger takes all in the states of florida and ohio. joel waldman fox news. let's go to craig patrick. craig, hello, here we go. the biggest night so far for many of the candidates.
6:32 pm
>> and it sets up florida to close it in one party, if not both. are you talking about delegates with 11 states in the party weighing in, for example on the rip race are you talking about half the delegates to get the nomination. and trump and clinton will win big in the states add run up the score later. there are interesting states to watch. let's start with the democrats. i think a state is oklahoma. here, it is very, very close and if sanders will beat expectations this is a good indicator of a better than expected night for him. clinton doing well except for vermont. the state to watch is texas. this is the biggest one. trump hobes to win.
6:33 pm
polls he is not winning. the movement is going the other way toward ted cruz. if cruz wins texas, that should keep cruz in the race. numbers. texas? >> i don't think so. i think it will be close. i'll say the opinion savvy polls, they have been accurate. the polls have underpolled donald trump. he could do better in texas than we expect. i think cruz will win it. >> will marco rubio get over that 19% to get to the 20% where he can receive delegates. that's the question in texas right now. >> you start looking at the numbers. do you the math. how much of a lead can he have
6:34 pm
>> you know i was with a very well respected expert. cohave a 200, 230 delegates out of this or 400. i get in the middle. i will say over 350. if that's the case, that's a sizable message to everyone. mark and kelly, back to you. >> stay with fox 13 and average of the primary results right here we'll keep you up to date and have a update. the battle between apple and the f.b.i. moved to captiol hill. the house judiciary committee held a hearing on encryption and privacy. this is a day after a judge ruled in apple's favor in a similar case. and we were there for the testimony today. >> as the battle between apple
6:35 pm
the tech giant takes the case to lawmakers asking congress not the courts to decide if it can be data from a phone used by one of the terrorists. >> the decision should be made as representatives of the people rather than through a warrant request on a 220-year-old statute, it is after the aim case got a government that they cannot force access to a locked iphone in the cages of a krug dealer. the fib fin is complying with privacy laws in both cases and there is no real basis for apple to refuse to help, we use what is given to us. we tell people there is a problem. >> reporter: a lame of lawmakers are preparing legislation that compel companies to assist the government when needed. that's unlikely to happen while it is being visited.
6:36 pm
those intending harm and the american people are outpacing the capability t is a bran everyone of government. let the court decide and congress can make an inquiry. loretta lynch tall for an open die nothing to avoid disputes thick lice in in the future. it's not known if there is even useful evidence on the san bernardino shooter's phone but it could hold clues to the location, contacts and communication just before i attack. an emotional day for erin andrews. she took the stand against her where a stalker toom nude photos and posted them on line. >> the incident raped her apart. >> another day in court for erin andrews.
6:37 pm
the impact nude individually shot and posted by a stalk irhad on her relationship with her boyfriend. >> he would are loved the girl more that was there before this happened. i feel gilly about that. and it would have been cool to have the star dancing with the dancing with the stars host. >> and in a deposition shot video of andrewings after altering the peephole. the footage caused trust issues. she believes she will be dealing with this. >> what happens when they come home and mom kids are saying that are you naked on the internet. is this an issue who will explain it to my grand kids.
6:38 pm
operator of the nashville marriott and barrett for $75,000. the man who shot the video is at fault. and it was not wrong when it granted a room next to hers. the national marriott put helm in a room and never called and asked me if that was okay. >> she would have called the police if she knew a man asked to be in an adjacent room. in new york. >> now michael david barrett spend two years in prison. he admitted to taking nude videos and possing them as well. police have not released details about the shooting of a black man in raleigh south carolina. he was wanted on a drug charges. he jumped a fence he opened fire a gun was found near the suspect's body. chances say he was shot in the
6:39 pm
a boy accused of opening fire at his high school appeared before a judge today. the judge ordered the teen to be held in detention. he walked into on monday and started rooting. all of them are expected to survive. and meantime the school said students will return on wednesday. at this point, our plan is to return to school tomorrow we believe getting them pack with the supports is the best for them. >> the is 4-year-old is charged with six felonies and attempted murder. there so no word on a motive. mission accomplished for one astronaut scott kelly. he is on his way back to the
6:40 pm
that is ap fire as spire year. goon to the remaining astronauts at the iss. he is heading back to earth. he was the first to spend nearly a year in space. turn - space. >> this is his last sunrise from space. yesterday he handed over command on on the iss. >> a person said team work makes the dream work in space flight. and that is the biggest team sport. it is important we work together. hours. the fourth time in a week. the space x rocket will not launch.
6:41 pm
weather. engineers say there is too much wind sheer. a concert for the rolling stones, they play a free concert in cuba. they will play in havana three months after the president's visit there. tilt will be the biggest action to play there since the revolution. it will draw massive audiences for those who pers duty cuted music. the cons sert march 25th. writings recovered after the raid of his compound.
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in his will and the worries with fresh tomatoes it's easy to turn local produce into a meal time favorite. look for the fresh from florida label when you shop. remember, delicious is always
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inary salad, this is a florida berry and citrus salad. mix arugula, fresh strawberries, blueberries and oranges. smile and serve. look for fresh from florida products when you shop.
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served fresh from florida. despite some continued violence.. the cease fire in syria is holding.. for now. despite violence the ceasefire in syria is holding for now. the temporary halt has brought about a reduction in fighting. >> but as we find out, there are fears the truce is at risk of collapsing. >> reporter: a truce in syria on shaky ground. the ceasefire brokered by the u.s. and russia and greed to marked with reports of violations. the secretary of state says that both sides may be to claim for the violence, we'll track down each violation and work to put in place a construct to guarantee they are missions
6:45 pm
>> despite the continued violence, there has been a reduction in fighting in the war which opened the door for isis to take over parts of the country. the plan is meant to help in the conflict. >> the bath is the one and only that is ice owe late the groups such as dash. >> and isis and aaffiliate are not in the truce. and meantime syrian peace talks will resume in geneva. the syrian president calling it a glimmer of hope during a german tv interview and said that his army has refrained from responding to violations.
6:46 pm
killed more than 250,000 people and displaced half the population. we'll learn what was in osama bin laden's will t is not surprising that he had $29 million to be used on jihad. he would divide it among relatives but wanted to carry out his work. he was convinced that a tracking device was planted in her tooth. he may have used a larger syringe to implaque the device. the will was released. laden.
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steakburger. there's a new warning out tonight .... for people who use a can there is a warning for people who use a cane to get around at the airport y some type is being confiscated. see why it is causing problems, too, tonight on the 10:00 news. a super tuesday for stocks. the dow is soaring. nasdaq is up by 131. s&p in the green as gaining 46. >> that's good news. video here of a driver caught in a tornado last week in lowe's. tough see this. he ran up to a true value hardware store when she saw the storms coming. the doors were locked. it was coming she hid behind a soda machine.
6:50 pm
handle on to the door until it passed. she dependent have time to be scared. she had to react. the tornado destroyed the store. it had gusts between 136 and 165 miles per hour an hour. the driver amazingly walked away. >> she was smart. a little lows. >> enough said. >> she is okay. >> paul, we don't have those. >> we have the weather lottery here. >> remember the missouri tornado a lot of people that were in stores went into the cooler, the beverage cooler to keep safe. that's how bad that was, nothing like that here but there is severe weather in alabama. that's in a second. a nice day correct. beautiful day.
6:51 pm
we'll watch it today. a few clouds go by. we had another sun set. the high clouds are moving our way quickly on that fast subtropical jet. a lot of photos. something that is interesting. we watched the sun. and it goes up. and the seasons start to change and moves down to the south. and as you go from the season to season. and south we move and the summer seasons. the chilly weather has been moving to the waste. the 8 to 14-day outlook.
6:52 pm
i expect the temperatures to go above average east of the mississippi. and next week in some places 10 to 15 degrees above average. for us, high clouds from the west. that weather is not far away. we'll somehow that you in a second t is a nice night. 60s and 70s on the board. brooksville. sarasota is 69. inland look at sebring. 7. the front there is energy up here with the front. this is a watch that includes atlanta. and down to near tuscaloosa and into macon. there has been storms, i have
6:53 pm
near pelham, alabama. there is a warning. this is moving to the southeast. here is birmingham t is close to downtown and to the southeast. this is 65. ace you take that down to montgomery and over towards auburn. the college. and the town. the cell is moving this way. and storms along i-20. and severe storms in atlanta but all of this energy will shift from us. that's my concern that we would see this over us tomorrow but i don't think that will happen. our party should be okay with a couple of showers or sprinkles what is left of the front goes by. partly cloudy. the sun set at 631. and mixture of clouds and sun. isolated sprinkle or shower.
6:54 pm
bang to sunshine on thursday. cooler at the coast and 73. the next chance of rain not big. on friday but after that. we have sunshine. the weekend is great with highs
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
>> thank you, mall.3 coming up tonight at 11... one of tampa's most wanted is now behind bars. hear about the *painful stunt he *tried to pull off... so he wouldn't be identified by police. painful. the stunt he tried. it did not pay off. detectives found a skimmer on a pump. that's on the 11:00 news. thank you, cynthia. carlie beverage and her dog are leading a movement to help animals with disabilities.
6:57 pm
tampa bay. his personality is great. >> wolfy's attitude is contagious. loves everyone. children. animals. everything he sees he cheers up. >> his owner thought about getting him put down. >> but he ended up with charlie -- carlie beverage. now it is three years later and he has not left the house. >> carlie and wolfy are now inseparable. >> he broughtenned up my day. there are times -- good boy t is a rough day i'm glad he is there, she started the wolfy project raising funds and awareness for similar animals. >> for a donation can you come
6:58 pm
your dog or child or your spouse. >> they're working together to change the lives of animals in tampa bay, one painting at a time. >> amazing, this project is helping a 9-year-old boy right now. >> think about that. p>> goodness. that's wonderful. >> good stuff.
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: we now have an answer to the question, what is under judge judy's doily? >> i was expecting a scoff. >> no, she looks good. >> she looks amazing. >> let's not overdo it. harvey: whatever number you give her on a scale of one to ten, does it go up because of her note worth? >> yeah, of course. harvey: how many points per 100 million? >> jamie foxx was at l.a.x. he goes look, it's not like black people didn't get anything at the oscars. leo got something. leo is kind of black. >> "titanic," he drowned. [laughter] black dudes don't swim in the ocean, you know.


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