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tv   FOX 13 600 News  FOX  March 4, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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joining us everybody. after a week of questions and opinions and excuses, we do have a jury in the hulk hogan lawsuit against celebrity gossip site gawker. at the center is a sex tape. hogan is suing for $100 million. focuses 13 gore ray has been following the developments from the courtroom. what do we know about this injury. >> reporter: the jury was picked this afternoon, 4 women, 2 men. does one side have the edge over the other? gawker says yes. >> celebrity gossip site says hulk hogan has a huge home field advantage in this legal fight. and they may be right. >> i remember him having wrestling, my little brother was a fan and watched wrestling. >> reporter: jury after jury seemed to symp thats is with the wrestling star.
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racial slurs in the sex tapes. >> [indiscernible] >> reporter: hogan is a hometown boy. some juries seemed more concerns with his actions. >> drug and alcohol, a big wrestling fan. that kind of -- i don't know, exposure to his private life may be lessons my opinion a bit. >> reporter: hogan is suing gawker posting a clip of a sex tape. the two are now divorced but at the time, bubba allowed his best friend and wife to have a sex rand did he vow. helpingen said he felt betrayed when he learned baba had secretly recorded it. the gossip site stands by its decision to post it claiming hogan went on radio shows bragging about his sex life. they see it as fair game and first amendment issue.
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thing distasteful. >> [inaudible] sex with a friend's wife seems a bit [inaudible] >> my opinion. >> >> reporter: the trial starts monday, expected to last 3 week. we will be there. >> thank you so much. authorities in south florida have captured the 4th and final suspect in the polk county triple murder case. u.s. marshals captured 26-year old man in miami yesterday. he is facing numerous charges include 3 counts of first degree murder murder. on january 6, deputies say 3 people were shot and killed at a home on east magnolia drive in lakeland a 4th person injured but survived. deputies previously arrested 3 others in that case. >> anchor: police say they have arrested the man they say stole somebody's bicycle, and tried to sell it on craig's list. officers say the victims were
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when this guy, richard, stole their pike on wednesday. the next day the victims found their bike for sale on craig's list for $150. they contacted the investigating police and police posed as buyers, made arrangements to meet them. they sold the bike before rearrived. gave police information that helped them, then, track down the bike. >> anchor: new at 6:00 they have been laying the groundwork for the tallest building ever for a few weeks now. today, the groundbreaking for one st. petersburg, 41 stories tall. the project will have a 13 story hyatt hotel, so those structure theirs will fill an entire city block. we're told tonight 2 other major projects are firming up across the street. >> reporter: go ahead, summon up images of beach drive, shopping, dining. there is a lot more coming to downtown st. petersburg. >> 2, 3. >> reporter: a couple blocks
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official groundbreaking for one st. petersburg which had 41 stories is so tall, flight patterns had to be adjusted. and while the one becomes pinellas county's highest riser, a hyatt hotel. >> also to have a hotel which we really need here in st. pete in downtown is, you know, a dream come true for me. >> reporter: across the northwest corner of the one project we've seen plans for a 35 story luxury apartment tower. also at all enough to require faa approval. >> that for real? >> yeah. i think it is. >> reporter: now how about a world class museum of western and native american art courtesy of a collector tom james, purchased the lower levels of this parking garage directly south of the one project. the one, the hyatt, the high-rise apartments will all have street level shopping and dining.
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helps to sell pricey condos and for shopping in general -- >> i think we'll see a connection. right now you have beach, a couple blocks, and then you have central. all the activity here and all the future development will allow it to connect so it will be more continuous and enhance walkability. >> reporter: so it's going to be noisy around here for a while. before major inning projects will dramatically change this downtown. in pinellas county, fox 13 news. >> anchor: a bill that would place new restrictions on abortion clinics has passed the florida house, now taken up by the state senate. the house approved it 74-44, largely along party lines. the bill would require clinics that first first trimester abortions to have transfer treatments with nearby hospitals or for doctors to have admitting privileges nearby. it's about protecting women's health. ponies say it's about making it
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abortions. >> this bill provides common sense medical care for women. this bill will ensure better physical care and better mental wellbeing for women. >> how many ways is this legislature going to question my or any other women's decision legal procedure? >> anchor: if passed the bill would bar public money from going to organizations that own, operate or are affiliateed with clinics that perform abortions. >> anchor: marco rubio insists he will win florida but he's losing to donald trump and his campaign admits it. new numbers to show what he's up again. what do you think. >> reporter: rubio has a problem because he's running out of time. and people, a lot, are already voting here in florida. if you hook at the numbers, this are some 430,000 plus votes that have already been cast here in the state of florida.
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people will ultimately vote but we think this may be roughly about 25% of the returns residenter in. look at the polling. -- already in. look at the polling. rubio is down nearly 20 points. even if the polls are not right, say he's down 10 points he still has to make up a lot hoof ground and have to do it immediately overtaking trump. so if you look at the math, if he is not already taken trump over taken trump, it may be impossible for him at this point but rubio is holding out hope. part of the problem, though is that all the inult is we saw on the debate could work against him. it could be off putting. they may just remember something like this. >> i have a policy question for you, sir. >> let's see if he answers it. >> i will, don't worry about it. don't worry about it. don't worry about it little marco, i will. >> let's hear it big donald. >> don't worry about it little marco. >> gentlemen.
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>> you ought -- gentlemen, gentlemen, you have to do better than that. >> and there is the point right there for the moderator, chris walls. you've got to do better than this. and this could cost both candidates in particular marco rubio. a strategy, though, is that this is a very different kind of year where insults and slinging them around seem to be working for donald trump so he's trying to make up some ground by going in that same direction. >> what do you think it would take for raspberryio to win here in/? -- rubio to win here? >> he's got less than two weeks. it's not impossible. can do. first off, beyond his control, he needs endorsements. endorsement from jeb bush would help to a certain extent. the same goes for pam bondy, the same goes for rick scott. but so far, they're staying on the sidelines. that sends a message to a lot of that base that they may not be enthused about marco rubio. though that could change in the coming days.
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for another debate this one in florida next week with ruba can try to turn the tide and also marco rubio is hoping for a very strong turnout in his base in miami dade county in south florida. and on politics this weekend, saturday at 5:30 we'll sit down with marco rubio one on one for a candid discussion of his campaign strategy. we have preparticularses, projections for our polster, also sunday night at 11:30 p.m. and our contributeder is in house, inflorida, previewing michigan and/for us march 14. >> always interesting. thank you. >> anchor: along time ybor city restaurant is closing its door, after 25 years spaghetti warehouse is serving the last plate wednesday. it once housed the ybor cigar factor, the language in the world. the church of scientology has
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the chain did not give a reason for closing the tampa location but wants to thank its customers and that's a wonderful restaurant. we wish them well. today in lakeland, congressman dennis present add local veteran with a medal for his heroic service during the corian war. u.s. army sergeant first class effort grady hole come received the distinguished service cross, given for extreme gallantry and risk of life in combat with an armed enemy force. he is the first living prisoner of war to receive this distinguished service cross. >> a historic b29 plane on dispray this weekend in sarasota, and one of the missions brought and end to world war ii, remember. just weeks before the war ended. the ship was sent to the bottom of the sea and men overboard. fox 13 kimberly introduces us to aviorer of the uss indianapolis. he believes and others are
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were given a second chance. >> reporter: the attack caught the crew off guard. >> i was relieved, just about to come down deck from the first torch pedo. >> he was just getting off watch on the uss. they were gab gating the philippine sea. just finished dropping off contents of the atonic bomb. >> flu the bow off. >> within minutes uss indianapolis began to tilt. >> we got everybody together, tied them to the nets in the sea, life nets. >> reporter: for four days, five nights, tribal and the men fought of sharks, mental exhaustion and thirst. >> they were young but they started to realize that by themselves they were nothing. but as a group, we had a chance.
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in the water they knew they had survived. >> i was doing morris code, doing it so fast the ship guy said you're doing it so fast we can't read it. >> reporter: with the rescue came the harsh reality that many had died. >> 325 men with me, and i brought out of the water another 151. >> he knows he and other survivors were given another chance. >> god had intervened in our lives. and it was meant that we had other things to do in life. >> in sarasota, fox 13 news. >> anchor: well, after the war and his wife happened four children, today he is 94. >> anchor: that's wonderful. they're hoping for greatness on clear water beach. when we come back we'll tell you about the wind surfing championships. it's windy enough. let's go to paul. >> reporter: gusty today behind the cold front. it will be a great weekend to be outside. nice sunset under way in plant city.
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strawberry festival, clear skies. little breezy but a very nice night to be outside move maybe a little jacket or sweater later on. all in all, pretty g we'll have the weekend forecast in detail in five minutes. see you medley served with sirloin steak. the sizzling sound of fresh florida vegetables mingling together; saut\ zucchini, squash, bell peppers, and tomatoes in golden olive oil. garnish with fresh parsley and serve with juicy sirloin steak. that's how easily pan roasted florida vegetables complete a delicious meal. visit for more great recipes. and remember,
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in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake, home of the original steakburger. 3 this may look like just another day at the beach.... but it's serious >> anchor: this may look like another day at the beach a serious business for wind surfers who are right now on clear water beach. the championships are going on all weekend at clear water beach. >> anchor: perfor them. the winds picked up just perfectly this afternoon.
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out. >> we were having the clear water mid winters, a fantastic race for wind surfing. >> it's a blast, exhausting. the wind is pretty high, gusty out there, challenging. >> dusty, so the wind is coming in, so -- and it's coming over the building. a little shifty. it's very tactile. really, really fun. >> the waned came up and the fleet -- wind came up and the fleet thinned. we lost a few after the second race. >> it means a lot. a great sport. you got to see your old buddies. you're in the water, we're duking it out. and competing against each other. and it's great. >> so you have to have a very competitive spirit. you need to be in shape. >> once you take some lessons, you got the basics. very tough progression. very rewarding sport.
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tons of fun. it's way, way too much fun. >> oh, yeah, your whole body is sore and tired. it's a good kind of sore. yeah, tired. get right back up, life like. you fall, get back up again. >> that was a tough weekend. now i have to go back to work. >> that's no fun. >> look at that. perfect weather. >> it's great. just enough breeze for the rest of us to enjoy. just perfect for them out there. it is good. maybe less pollen, you get away from the trees. it's tough. it doesn't end until the trees fine niche the process of getting -- finish the process of full leaves on the trees. about a month away. that's a great view. already people lining up getting set for the sunset which occurs about 20 minutes from now.
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the distance, it's going to be a good one. looking the other way, looking south to north on the brook dale bayshore cam, look at the visibility. pretty issue non stop. unlimited visibility. this is downtown, of course bayshore winds around here. some of the high-rises. good looking evening t weekend is going to be outstanding, both days. in the mid 70s. the bonus, low humidity. nice breeze, great to be you had. away from the water, 84 in sea bring. 83 in palm dale. by the end of next week with the big high building over us i would not be surprised if we see some 85 to 90s across the inland counties during the second half of next week. the weekend, that won't happen this weekend. visible satellite loop showing a weak cold front. high clouds off to the west, the cold front continues to push south around east. it went by last night.
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there was a huge cluster of thunderstorms by tallahassee. there could be some impacting the northern counties late at night. that happened. there was thunder, lightning in citrus county. as expected that line crapsed as it moves -- collapsed as it moved south and east. it's a beautiful night, pretty much across the entire state. clear and cool up in the pan handle. mostly sunny around the bay area now. still kind of muggy down by miami, but not bad. cold front headed south. and the winds are picking up behind the front. the winds are not going to be an issue this weekend. so think about boating or fishing, it looks great, northeast wind in the morning. coming on shore during the day. seas 2 feet. light chop on the bay. really a good boating weekend coming up. 75, double the pleasure. double the fun. this weekend. 75 both days. 55 for lows. both nights. cooler away there the coast. but any way you slice it it's
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67 the dew point 536789 wind off the water west northwest at 9. along the east coast it's quiet except for snow in eastern new england snowing on cape cod, then dry air in red coming in from the west. chilly, too. national is headline. chicago, kind of awful to be honest. 36 now. bristol, 43. buffalo, 29. new york 39. good news out west. more rain, raining up in seattle and heavy rain from san francisco turns into snow by lake tahoe, but they need the rain desperately. el nino hanging on in the west. tonight, 48 in brooks vim. 55 in tampa. low to mid 50s inland. tope's highs push 80 away from the coast. mid 70s away from the coast. future cast model dry tomorrow. sunday, a weakening cold front goes by. that won't do much.
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week. -- high pressure builds in next week. stormy weather west of us. next chance of rain friday or saturday of next week. so nothing of note the next 5-6 days. clear, pleasantly cool tonight. 55 for a low. sunshine tomorrow, you saw the 75. threats again. 75 again on sunday. lots of sunshine and low humidity, a nice bonus. we still dry until friday or saturday of next week. all in all that's a great looking 7-day forecast. >> i'll take that. thanks. listening have been -- lightening have been playing lights out. what it means coming up, but price harper, a muscle head. absolutely ripped but you have to see his new workout technique.
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i won't3 >> reporter: april 3, 2013, a date that ottawa senators probably wish they would forget. ben bishop was traded. he's made them pay ever since. bishop is 9-0-3 against his former team.
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period. last night he registered' 3 saves, a sing -- 33 saves, a single goal. another win for the bolts, now won 8 consecutive games for the first time in a dozen years. propelled to first in the atlantic division. playing their best hockey of the season. john cooper wants to keep it that way. >> it means we're getting that much closer to hopefully making the playoffs. you have to get into the dance. and when you can go on a run like this at this time of the season, you sure put on a lot of the pressure on other teams to try to catch you. and we just are worrying about ourselves. we have to keep getting the points. >> reporter: more warm and fuzzies, no eastern conference team has more game -- won more games in 2016 than your light entertaining, winning -- lightening, 20 out of 26 since january 1. jumping 6 spots in the atlantic. they play the next 3 of 4 at
6:25 pm
saturday. the rays bats got boeing, pitching solid in both games. the ace of the pitching staff got the nod against the red sox. chris archer, changeup going today. he knows that because folks thought that he was throwing a slider all afternoon. it was just a change up. no runs, no hits. deep here by jesse bradley judth jr. junior. tim beckham, hot rounder to short. throw gets lose. rays even it up at 1. 7-2. here is archer on his debut. >> i accomplished everything i wanted to accomplish and that was be over the plate as much as i could with everything. it's consistency. it's 30 -- i mean the goal is 34
6:26 pm
you possibly can. i'm striving for perfection. the work never will stop. i'll never be perfect but i'm striving for perfection. >> finally we have video that's been making the rounds on social media. involves the nats slugger bryce harper and exercise ball. here we go. normally what folks use this ball when they do squats, they put it behind them between a wall and them. and they go down like this. you need to check out how bryce harper does these. this he posted on instagram earlier this afternoon and, yeah, he's on top of this thing. i'm not sure what happens if you fail in your first attempt. it may result in a broken nose. man, this guy has good core strength. and i'm pretty impressed. what do you think? >> i could hardly sit on it much less do that. >> i think we give it a shot. what do you think? >> yeah. when we go to break. [laughter] >> anchor: that's crazy.
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>> anchor: what if he fell? >> reporter: the video was only five seconds so we don't know what happened after it stopping rolling ground zero inpressive. he's something. thank you. >> thanks. straight ahead here at 6:30 what could be the find of the sentry in the biggest murder trial of all time. >> los angeles priest may have new evidence in the o.j. simpson murder case.
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3 a stunning development in los angeles today: >> anchor: development in la, priest confirm they're testing a knife found on the former property of o.j. simpson. he was acquitted 20 years ago in the stabbing deaths of his exwife and ronald goldman. it tips out a former police officer had the knife for years and he just recently handed it over. chris is with us now. how bizarre. >> really strange. probably very frusting for a lot of poem. if this turns out to be the knife used in the murders, we don't know, he can't be prosecuted again. here is what's going on. tmz first reported the knife's existence last night. lapd held a news conference, confirmed that they have it of the they said a construction
6:30 pm
estate in brentwood in the 90s. the worker handed it to a traffic cop, who kept it. that officer retired soap after. tmz said he called a friend who still works for lapd, told him about the knife saying he would get it frame. the friend told his soupiers, now homicide detectives have the knife. >> i'm not going to go into the description of the knife. that could be germane to determining whether or not this actual piece of evidence is evidence or it's just a fax or made up story. we need to look into that. homicide will look into that. >> reporter: la times source says the knife is a folding buck knife. a forensic lab is testing it for blood, hair, finger prints, dna to see if it connected to the murders. the truth is, though, it probably doesn't matter. even if it does turn out to be the murder weapon and has o.j. simpson prints. he can't be prosecuted again
6:31 pm
as for the retired officer that kept the knife, detectives are investigating him to see if he should be charged with obstruction of justice or with hollywooding evidence. they want to find the construction worker and talk to him as well. >> anchor: thank you so much. of. >> what's your name. >> lion ted cruz. i lie about anything. >> republic front runner donald trump continues to attack his rivals during a rally in michigan today. hits remarks come after the most fiery gop debate so far of this 2016 primary season. and today the candidates already backed out on the campaign trail gearing up for another round of primaries this weekend. joe has more tonight from washington. >> reporter: at last night's debate, the 4 remaining gop candidates hurling rapid fire insults in between covering some policy proposals from immigration to isis. >> i just thought the republican
6:32 pm
not come across as a healthy functional party that is able to convey a vision to the american people. >> gop front runner donald trump, the target of a majority of the attacks. today ted cruz campaigning in maine kept the stinging rhetoric rolling. >> if you want a washington deal maker, who will go to washington and cut deals with the democrats, cut deals with harry reid and nancy pelosi null, then donald trump is your name. >> marco rubio with only minnesota under his belt so far finds history in a muwin scenario in his home state of florida, march 15, where he's trailing donald trump. >> all i can say to you is what he says he is and what he'll do are not the same thing. >> despite raiser thin primaries and causes on the democratic side, bernie sanders finds himself more than 600 delegates behind hillary clinton. >> what this campaign is about is saying you know what? we can create the nation we want to become.
6:33 pm
trump not just drawing the area of gop candidates, conservatives are also upset that front runner has canceled a scheduled appearance tomorrow at the conservative political action conference. fox news. >> anchor: two of the candidates will be in florida this weekend, of course, donald trump holds a rally in orlando tomorrow and marco rubio will also hold a rally tomorrow. in jacksonville. and developing right now, dr. ben carson has suspended his campaign for president. he did it less than an hour ago at the conservative political action conference in maryland. he did it his traditional way, very understated. >> now that i am leaving the campaign trail, yeah, i know -- [applause] [cheers and applause] eeven though i might be
6:34 pm
people who love me. they just won't vote for me but it's okay. it's not a problem. [laughter] you know, i will still continue to be heavily involved [cheers and applause] and try to save our nation. >> anchor: the retired neuro summeringen did not say who he was endorse. he was going to stay involved as you heard him. >> anchor: the civil case involving erin andrews could soon go to the jury. seeking $75 million in damages from the vanderbilt marriott and the ownership. she says they allowed the suspected stalker to have access to an adjoining room without notifying her, and that man, michael, accused of recording the reporter nude in her hotel room and then putting it online. andrews is a former tampa resident. dramatic dash cam video showing police pulling over a driver, the motorist taking off. he stopped the driver, he had a warrant out. you can hear the driver ignoring the request.
6:35 pm
the driver, watch this, just takes off with the deputy mostly in the car. deputy says he kept hitting the flashlight with the -- driver with the flashlight. the driver charged with a number of offenses. >> so the 50th time the charm. -- 5th time the charm. space x trying to launch per the cape. let's take a live look. the rocket is caring a satellite communications system. this is the ses9 falcon. we have ten seconds. >> 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0. [explosion] so far so good.
6:36 pm
you're watching the falcon 9 lift off live. after this commercial break, of course, if you want to written outside and take a peak, see if you can, you probably should be able to see it from here, i'm guessing it's pretty clear. >> absolutely. >> anchor: they're going to test the landing system as well t president of the company says they're not that positive that the landing will go well but fortunately looks libthe launch has gone very well, sending the communications satellite system back into space. >> anchor: he's only home a day, scott kelly already reflecting on his time in space. kelly came back to earth on wednesday after spending 340 days on the international space station. during his first press conference since returning he said even though he was on the station just short of a year, it felt like he had been there forever. during his time in space he was constantly sending out tweets and today, he talked about the reason behind that. >> my girlfriend and long time partner is here and she worked
6:37 pm
and she helped me with that. and that was something that we could share together. so it was a combination of me being able to share the experience with people on earth and something we could work on together, which made the experience for both of us, i think, more rewarding. rather than our conversations on a daily basis being what did you do today, you know, i went to the store, i went to the gym, i went to work, we could work on this as a project together. >> that really had an impact on so many people. kelly says for him it was easier adapting to space than coming back to earth. he will likely never fly with nasa again. that doesn't mean he won't ever return to space. it's widely reported that during his time in space he got about 2-inches taller. today, a nasa doctor explained why. >> it's routinely seen in most astronauts, because if you think about it, i have this big head on my shoulders, muscle mass,
6:38 pm
it's pushing down the entire day. when i go to sleep tonight, i will increase in height by half an inch or so. let's look at that over the course of a year with no gravity whatsoever. bit. they get taller. >> anchor: between they got back to earth it doesn't take long for them to return to their normal height either. the doctor says. he says nearly every astronaut who has been in space has disk problems in their pack because of spending so much time in zero gravity. >> anchor: imagine, he's probably sorer than he's willing to admit. they're true athletes for sure. all right. still ahead tensions rising in the south china sea. the u.s. navy moves in heavy equipment, the chinese are not
6:40 pm
6:41 pm
afte >> anchor: well, two years after the malaysian airline flight vanished without a trace, there is debris that may have washed ashore in mozambique. it's didn't with that of the missing passenger jet, will arrive for analysis next week. unfortunately officials say if they confirm it's from it flight 37o it will not likely help them find the rest of the plane. >> it came from a precise spot, you talk about general areas. all i can say is that the drift
6:42 pm
washing ashore in mowsem beak is consistent with the modeling but it won't help us to get great precision on the area. >> anchor: 239 people were on powered the flight when it disappeared over a remote area of the southern indian ocean, in march, 2014. officials have long predicted that the ocean currents would carry debris to the east coast of the africa. >> there is no end in site of the military build up, now the u.s. navy is pushing back hard deploying a powerful carrier group in that region. doug reports from washington. >> reporter: the u.s. military is stepping up efforts to contain china in the pacific. the chinese military building up its presence in islands claimed by 6 countries. a projection of power, 2 destroys, cruisers and the flagship of the 7th fleet. >> that ramped up presence there
6:43 pm
just of the united states but also of our partners allies in the region, including cubs like japan and south korea. >> the carrier group, the latest show of force showing a surface to air missile system from china. china is militarizing the region. beijing rejects that criticism, saying the carrier deployment shows the u.s. isn't interested in a peaceful resolution to the dispute. >> u.s. has been stepping up region. militarization? >> u.s. maintains far more military existence and power in the region than any other country. >> the pentagon says the ships will sail close to the islands, won't pro joke any chinese navy. the deployment is an important symbol, sends a clear message to china and the region. >> it's extremely significant that we are sending a carrier strike group into the south china sea. the united states is signaling
6:44 pm
region that -- capitals in the region. it will defend freedom of navigation. >> there will be a final rule expected sometime later this year. in washington, fox news. >> anchor: one of the biggest races in the world starts tomorrow but this year, something is missing. we'll tell you all about it today it's florida flatbread with fresh tomatoes and bell peppers. it's easy to turn local produce into a meal time favorite. look for the fresh from florida label when you shop. remember, delicious is always
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in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake, home of the original steakburger. this is a florida berry and citrus salad. mix arugula, fresh strawberries, blueberries and oranges. smile and serve. products when you shop. remember, delicious is always
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(kelly our pets.. are >> anchor: our pets are like family, but no mater how much you love them, how long you spend in mourning after it passes it's very hard. tonight at 10:00 we'll take a look why some people never seem to get over it. find out how long is too long, and what you can do to ease the pain. that's tonight on the fox 13, 10:00 news. well, the government is looking into brakes failing on ford f150 pick cup trucks, covering 420,000 vehicles from the 2013 and 2014 model years. some drivers reporting the pedals go to the floor with a complete loss of brakes. ford says it takes customer safety very serious, and will cooperate with the investigation. ford's f series pickup is the top selling vehicle in the u.s. >> stocks ending on the upswing. dow climbing 62.
6:47 pm
standard & poor's up 6 points. the famous dog race gets under way this week in alaska. >> not enough snow! but that is not stopping the race. >> disappointing to all of us, i'm sure it's particularly disappointing to them. >> reporter: the iconic dog sled race must get stuck in its tracks. there hasn't been enough accumulation this winter in anchorage alaska with the ceremonial start begins. and with no snow on the ground it makes it impossible for the dog sleds to move. >> we didn't want to shorten the race, but the option that -- our only other option was to take it away from the city. that's not what we wanted. we wanted the spectacle here. for our fans here. >> reporter: one of the warmest winters on record in alaska's largest city, event orthers have been collecting and storing snow outside anchorage, in case it didn't snow in time.
6:48 pm
shipping 7 train cars full of the white stuff to the city. >> we had 7 air dumps sitting on the ground in fair banks. we filled them up. should be about 350 cubic yards of snow. >> still snow for the remaining thousand miles of it competition, from anchorage to nom. but the snow pack is still below average. the race is expected to go on but it is be shortened from 11 to 3 miles. >> the decision was made yesterday in about a 2 hour meeting with the municipality agencies. the municipality bend over backwards. harvesting every flake of snow since november and hiding it for us to make this happen. >> reporter: 85 dog sled teams are expected to take part in the race which begins saturday. fox news. >> anchor: to think there is not enough snow. >> no. those dogs are precious.
6:49 pm
pictures? >> we see haze in the eastern sky on our carm cameras. someone in citrus county saw the sky. a good time because with the setting sun it makes for a good view. here is a look outside. cold front went by this morning, citrus county. then we ended up with this. which is nice. beautiful sunset on the camera which is placed on the very top of sky tower looking west down kennedy boulevard, way off in the distance, the bay. beyond that, pinellas county. beyond that, the gulf of mexico. good stuff. countdown toward spring. just 9 days until we move the clocks ahead, daylight saving time, which is a week from sunday. so 9 days away. then 7 days later is the beginning of spring. we consider march 1 through all
6:50 pm
spring. the equinox, begins a week later. then 23 days there now, the first day of easter, then one week later, opening day at this trop where the rays will be hosting theblings. i think it's an -- blue jays. i think it's 2:00 first pitch. that's a are the to look forward to in the flex month ahead. weak cold front continues to slide south. wispy high cloudy skies out in the gulf of mexico. the weekend, for is really locked in, high pressure dominates. a little cool at night but not nearly as cool as it was last weekend. when we had 40s for nighttime lows. this go around, nighttime lows in the 50s and daytime highs in the 70s. so it will be perfect to be outside. right now, under clear skies. cool breeze mooch when the 60s around tampa bay, 71 in plant city. beautiful weather today in the stab festival. 65 land o' lakes.
6:51 pm
new port ritchie, 64. zephyrhills, 67. 7 counties in the 60s. inland, highs were in the 80s. it's holding in the 70s. everybody has mostly clear skies. 67, the dew point is 53. winds are west northwest at 9. here is a future cast, which has the cold front first one moving south. this is going to be another cold front going by on sunday. i'm not really expecting much with that front at all. high pressure builds in behind that and then next week, a big ridge building over us. and that means more sunshine and many days tin 70s and 80s. inland areas could push 90 during the second half of next week. take a look at the upper level winds. watch what happens. it will be a big trough producing mountain snow in mexico next week. then this upper level low will likely produce a severe weather outbreak in the plains, in the
6:52 pm
will stay dry under a ridge that maybe some dieing showers and thunder showers head our way. that would happen maybe at some point nest weekend. that's the first chance of rain on the 7 day, not until next weekend. clear and pleasantly cool tonight. down to 55. tomorrow, lots of sunshine. 75 for a high. and we'll take that, xerox it, do it again sunday. more sunshine, back in the big 70s. 7-day forecast, rain free. next chance of rain friday, maybe saturday. and the murky readed for the 80s. >> good work. i mentioned the good weather for the strawberry festival. not everything is sweet. traffic concerns for the physical this year, thousands of people head to the event. construction may slow them down. who organizers blame for the no so sweet backups. going viral isn't all glamorous. catching up with former viral videos to learn about the cost of their internet fame.
6:53 pm
that crumby cat is crumby know you can keep your financial
6:54 pm
know you can see how much you have to spend and whether you should transfer funds. know you can easily keep track of what you're putting away. and know you're budgeted for the great escape. thanks to virtual wallet by pnc. >> anchor: all right. another weekend of weather, amazing, so far already this week on tap for us. heading out to the strawberry
6:55 pm
>> first, a look at new movies out. >> so exciting actually. well, you know, i never get to do anything important. >> you're the assistance mayor. >> one more glorified secretary. >> i think the mayor wanted the chief's vote. >> he gave me a nice mug. >> oh. feels good to be appreciated. >> sure does. city of animals, a fugitive conartist. and rookie bunny cop. got to work together to uncover a conspiracy. stars the joyces of jason bateman and jennifer good weapon. >> this man is responsible for more deaths than the plague. terrorists, mercenaries, corporations,. >> mr. vice-president, it's [indiscernible]. >> put him through. >> inlondon has fallen after the death of the prime minister, the british prime minister, the
6:56 pm
gather to path respects. without warping terrorists unleash an attack. leaving london in chaos and the u.s. president is kidnapped. up to one secret service agent to save the day. >> i have a small department inside the interior ministry. what possible interest could i be to the americans? >> because your ministry for the prevention of vice and the why colonelment of virtue sounds like the taliban's old ministry of vice and virtue. >> don't you think? >> tina fey, a cable news proto user who decides to shake up herotain, taking an assignment in afghanistan. barker discovers the key to becoming a successful correspondent.
6:57 pm
>> moody blues in clear water this weekend. marks the 50th anniversary of justin hay wood and joe lodge. 50 years, sold more than 70 million albums. saturday, at 8:00. talk about classic rock, more than 40 years, cheap trick, of course. robin stander leading the charge. he will hit the change tomorrow night. show starts at 7:30. that will be one heck of a show. you decide what you going to do north dakota. >> anchor: you're taking me back.
6:58 pm
weekend. they're taking a break from their shows in las vegas to perform in florida. the show is 7:30 on sunday. lots of other good concerts too, this weekend. we put everything you need to know on fox 13, seen on tv. >> get out and enjoy. >> anchor: and the weather
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
>> cheap trick and donnie >> today on "tmz" -- harvey: donald trump has made one thing clear -- >> i guarantee you, there's no problem. i guarantee it. all right. harvey: they were talking about his penis. the question is, should that be the subject of the opening of the debates? >> did you think ben carson was watching the debate going, i pulled out too early of the race! [laughter] >> big update in the o.j. simpson murder case. years ago o.j.'s estate was demolished and somebody found a knife. harvey: there's no way o.j. simpson got rid of all. bloody stuff. somebody got rid of all of that stuff.


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