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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 4AM  FOX  March 7, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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>> ...because the way i look at it... >> never speak to her again. >> ain't blood. family is what you make it. >> she's no longer a part of my family whatsoever. -- captions by vitac -- 3 3 ((walter ahead this morning on good day: a tabloid on trial. in just a few hours... opening statements begin... in the hulk hogan-gawker case. 3 plus: the race for the white house... has another stop in tampa. the candidate in town today... trying to win your vote. 3 ((jen and... the red light camera controversy.lawmakers could finally put the *brakes on them. 3 3 ((walter)) good morning.. and welcome to good day tampa bay... at 4:00.good day tampa and welcome to good morning.. ((walter)) good morning.. and welcome to good day tampa bay... at 4:00. i'm walter allen. jennifer epstein will join me in the five o'clock hour. and before the headlines... a look at your forecast... with
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3 3 3 3 3 today in st. petersburg: a celebrity heads to court... for his tussle with a tabloid. at stake: one hundred *million dollars. 3 that's how much "hulk hogan" is asking for... in his civil suit against "gawker media." the former wrestler is suing the gossip website, citing an invasion of privacy. hogan took action several years ago, after
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online. hogan says he never consented to the filming. jury selection wrapped up on friday... so both sides can begin their case today. expect some very *revealing testimony. 3 in pasco county: another trial begins today... for a man trying to overturn his twenty year sentence. unfortunately for him... he's already *served almost half of it. 62-year-old "j j daiak" has been in prison since 2006 for shooting *at pasco county deputies. he says he mistook them for looters in his home... during hurricane frances. he fired several shots but the deputies were *not hit. he was still charged with *four counts of aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer. this new trial was allowed after the case was overturned in 20-14 -- the judge ruling he had ineffective counsel. 3 3 the red cross is helping three families... who lost their *homes in a fire. it happened in hillsborough county, just west of the u-s-f campus. the fire ripped through their apartment building sunday afternoon. and the fire flared back up, last night. fox 13's evan lambert talked with some of the victims... to find out
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3 supers1:48:15we just came home from church, just you know getting ready for the week and all the sudden we hear this noise and we go to the back door we see flames and smoke just coming out of everywhere. in a matter of seconds a quiet sunday turned into a race to escape burning apartment building.1:48:44oh the smoke was black it was like pitch black and the flames was orange i've never seen flames that hot.lisa and her daughter--along with two other families made it out safely--but watched their homes and most of their things burn.grant preseau, battalion chief1:51:46the far apartment towards the west was the apartment that was fully involved when they got here. flames were through the roof. firefighters say the fire started in an end unit-- engulfing the rest of the building.just one unit-- lisa's--was spared from major damage.her family was able to recover their belongings.and despite the devastating losses- -everyone is safe.1:50:24 everybody got out. nobody was left there. nobody died. nobody was hurt. nobody was injured. thank god for that.
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3 another big delay over the weekend, for local airline passengers. "allegiant" had to ground *another flight for mechanical issues. this time, from fort wayne, indiana... to st. petersburg. the passengers did eventually get here... on *another plane. and now, a new report is blasting the airline for its maintenance. 3 it's from the teamsters, the union that represents allegiant air pilots. the report examines nearly one hundred incidents.. from september 2015 to january 2016. they include 35 engine problems ranging from clogged filters to two catastrophic engine failures which caused the engines to come apart. the report says mechanics don't get enough documentation about maintenance problems.. and a lot of the work is contracted out. 3 but allegiant *refutes that report, in a statement to fox 13. allegiant officials said quote... "the teamsters aviation mechanics coalition has never inspected our aircraft and has no first hand knowledge of our
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say that the teamsters have a history of using the media to influence contract negotiations. 3 3 the race for the white house takes another *lap through florida today. this time it's senator marco rubio... making a campaign stop, right here in tampa. 3 senator rubio is holding a rally, at the tampa convention center. doors open at four p-m.... and the event is expected to start at five. according to the campaign website, the event is expected to *last about 45 minutes. if you want to attend... you'll need to register first, on rubio's website. and the admission is *free... on a first come basis. 3 and rubio rides into town, on a high note. he won the republican primary in puerto rico on sunday. it's just the second win rubio, but he takes all 23 delegates in this contest. rubio still lags far behind his rivals donald trump and ted cruz.((more)) 3 and here's a closer look at that delegate count... after another *four states cast their republican votes on saturday. ted cruz and donald trump actually *split the wins... both getting two
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few more delegates. trump still leads big... with 384 delegates... 84 more than cruz. rubio now has 151 delegates. john kasich has just 37 delegates. a candidate needs more than 12 *hundred... to get the g-o-p nomination. 3 and even though kasich isn't getting the delegates... he's definitely getting the endorsements. on sunday, former california governor arnold schwarzenegger threw *his support behind the ohio governor. schwarzenegger says he was impressed by kasich's time in washington, and believes that kasich is
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3 kasich will need a strong showing in his home state of ohio, if he hopes to become a serious threat. there are 66 delegates up for grabs in that state... and it's winner-take-all. that primary is march 15th... the *same day as florida's. we're winner-take-all as well... with 99 delegates. 3 and the democrats were back on the same stage last night... for a debate in michigan. it came just a day, before that state's primary election. it was one of the most *animated debates yet... for hillary clinton and bernie sanders. they were at odds over several issues, including the wall street bailout:
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3 and tonight on the fox news channel, the network's first *democratic town hall. bret baier will host from detroit, in front of a crowd of michigan voters. both bernie sanders and hillary clinton will attend this will be clinton's first appearance on the fox news channel in two years. and it will be sanders first appearance ever on bret baier's program. the town hall starts at six p-m. 3 3 the 20-16 florida legislature begins its final week today... with a few *big issues. including medical marijuana. the florida senate will debate a new medical marijuana bill this morning. supporters say it's a fix to the "charlottes web" law passed in 20-14. that law has been tied up in lawsuits and hearings ever since. the new bill would expand guidelines for regulating the drug in florida. the state is also preparing to see a constitutional amendment over medical marijuana on the november ballot. 3 and the florida house is
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cameras across the state. this is the third reading of the bill. supporters say traffic crashes actually *increased after the cameras were installed. and they think the cameras are only moneymakers for local governments and the companies that install them. but many cities and counties across the state *oppose this bill. they think any on the *local level. 3 an amazing announcement, from a former president. why it had his church group... cheering. 3 plus: ever complain about having to jog in the rain? you won't hear it from these daring *dogs. they're running through ice and snow... at one of the *coolest competitions in the world.
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today: some amazing news... for president jimmy carter. he says he no longer *needs cancer drugs. 3 the announcement came during his weekly sunday school class in plains, georgia. carter told his class that his last m-r-i lasted more than two hours, and his doctors determined that he didn't need anymore treatment. the 91-year-old didn't specificially say he was *cured though. and his doctors will continue to perform scans to make sure the cancer cells don't return. 3 today in oklahoma city: a former american missionary will be sentenced... for sexually abusing *children at an orphange in kenya 21 year old "matthew durham" was convicted on four counts. his victims were boys and girls ranging in age from five to 14. he faces up to 30 years in prison... for *each of those four counts. prosecutors are asking for the maximum sentence, which would keep durham behind bars, the rest of his life. 3 in alaska: a daring rescue... caught on camera. a newly released video shows the u-s coast guard rescuing two british adventurers after
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stranded. neil laughton and james bingham were trying to cross-country ski and kayak across the sea ice. but they got stuck when the ice was too thin to walk on... and too thick to travel by kayak. the coast guard came to their rescue. 3 also in alaska: one of the most famous races in the world... is now underway. the annual "iditarod" kicked off sunday in willow lake. 85 mushers took to the snowy trails... trying to make the grueling trek to nome, alaska... about a thousand miles away. the race got off to a sluggish start saturday in didn't have enough *snow for the kickoff ceremony. they actually had to truck some in, by *train car. alaska has had a warm winter this year...
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3 alter alot of the trails. 3 ((walter/jen)) 3
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3 3 a mixture of clouds and sun on tap today, with high temps in the upper 70s. tonight will be clear and not as chilly; lows in the upper 50s. tomorrow
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near 80. 3 3 3 david verus golliath? that could be an understatement. up next... how the u-s-f womens basketball team could get the biggest win in school history, tonight.
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today... for one of the greatest football players, of all time. today's big announcement from broncos quarterback, peyton manning. 3 rdinary salad, this is a florida berry and citrus salad. the mixing bowl, proudly welcomes the arugula leaves. lemon juice and olive oil drizzle down. fresh strawberries, blueberries dashed with cheese and topped with candied pecans. done. it's easy to turn local produce into something extraordinary.
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products when you shop. remember, delicious is always served fresh from florida. 3 time to talk some sports actually begin... with womens college basketball. that's because the usf women... are
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tonight. they are in the american athletic league conference championship game... facing the *best team in the country. 3 and to get there... the bulls first had to get past temple on sunday, in a semi- final game. courtney williams led the charge... a nice offensive board and putback for 2 of her 22 points. usf didn't shoot great, particularly from 3-point range... they had just two 3-pointers. and this game was pretty close until the second half. that's when the bulls finished on a 33 to 9 run... and won the game, 64-46. now... u-s-f plays connecticut in the championship game. the bulls have a lot going *against them. the lost *twice to uconn in the regular season... and this game is *in connecticut. uconn is also riding a 68 game winning streak. 3 to the diamond now... where rays spring training continues. they were hosting the minnesota twins on
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the start. and it *started strong. but after back to back walks, and an error by tim beckham... odorizzi had the bases loaded. one swing, puts the rays in a *big hole. they're down four-nothing after that grand slam. and it was the *only hit odorizzi allowed. the rays actually battled back... and the *rest of the pitchers had a great day. they gotta work on that defense though... after committing *three errors. final score: twins five, rays four. the rays play the red sox today... in fort myers. 3 and now to the nfl... where one of the best quarterbacks in nfl history is expected to hang up his cleates today. peyton manning will hold a news conference in denver... to announce his retirement. manning will end weeks of speculation about his nfl future. most insiders *expected he would call it quits. manning doesn't have much left to prove. he already holds the nfl records for career passing yards, passing touchdowns,and tied the record for most games played. he also went out on top... winning his second superbowl ring last month.
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their *backup quarterback "brock osweiller." and after the manning news broke on sunday... his for him. patriots quarterback tom brady posted this on facebook. the "congratulations peyton, on an incredible career. you changed the game forever and made everyone around you better. it's been an honor." the two quarterbacks played each other *17 times. that includes *five times in the playoffs... the most by any two quarterbacks, in nfl history. 3 have another check on your monday forecast. 3 plus: the life and *admired first ladies... in american history. we're rememebering nancy reagan,
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3 this morning: we're paying tribute to a devoted wife, mother, and public servant. former first lady nancy reagan passed away on sunday, from congestive heart failure. the former first lady added glamour and style to her role and left her mark at the white house. fox 13's haley hinds has a look back now, at her incredible life. 3 she was born in 1921---but nancy reagan says her life really began when she married her husband -- ronald reagan. in the 1920's ----- the future first lady was adopted by a chicago the time she graduated school---
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landed a role on broadway----and several leading hollywood roles. upsound: nancy reagan, "sometimes i feel it's all my fault."she met ronald reagan--- a strapping young actor---in the next year---the two were married in los angeles----- a marriage that would last for 52 years. mrs. reagan retired from her hollywood work--and became a full time mom.ronald reagan-- also changed roles----entering the world of 1967----reagan was elected the governor of california---and nancy reagan began working with with numerous charitable groups.but it was her role as first lady of the united states that pushed nancy reagan into the national spotlight.once in office---- during her first years in the executive mansion ----she directed a major renovation of the second----and third-floor quarters.while the changes - -particularly the spending----were criticized at the time----many of the modifications still exist today----and have become a historical part of the white house.upsound: just say no eventduring her husband's years in office----reagan is credited with initiating the "just say" no anti-drug awareness campaign.upsound: nancy reagan: what should you do when someone offers you drugs? (just say no) what will you do when someone offers you drugs? (just say no) when ronald reagan died of alzheimers disease in june of 2004----the nation watched as nancy reagan said goodbye to her husband --over a week-long state funeral.until her own death--nancy reagan resided in california---- devoted to many of her lifelong causes, including supporting the gop. 3 nancy reagan was 94 years
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3 was 94 years young. her funeral plans are still in the works. what we *do know... she will be buried at the ronad reagan presidential library in simi valley, her husband. 3 still ahead in our next half hour: a huge crash at the daytona speedway. but this one *didn't involve race cars. plus... fox 13's shayla reaves is *live in tampa, where a big political rally is happening today:
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3 3 a mixture of clouds and sun on tap today, with high temps in the upper 70s. tonight will be clear and not as chilly; lows in the upper 50s. tomorrow should be nice and toasty warm with sunshine and high temps near 80. 3 ((dave)) 3 3 3 3 3
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3 the race for the white house is *back in the bay area this week. and today... it's a florida native. republican marco rubio is holding a rally in tampa. fox 13's shayla reaves is *live at the tampa convention center... where the rally is


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