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tv   FOX 13 News at Noon  FOX  March 8, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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pyour skyto p from tampa bay's number one pnews station, this is the fox 13 pnews at noon. p bubba doing what bubba did pit made me go violently-- i mean pthis was closest guy to me. p>> hulk hogan returns to stand pfor cross-examination in second pday of testimony in his trial pagainst gawker. pgood afternoon i'm linda phurtado. plots of eyes are on st.
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pas former wrestler hulk hogan pfaces more questions about a pleaked sex tape involving shimmy pand a former wife his his friend pshock job bubba the love sponge. pglo yar how hogan doing. phe's caught in some inconsistent pstatements during this trial pnow. pbut he says there is a reason pfor are that. pnow hogan took stand early this pmorning during that testimony he palways said he never actually pseen that sex tape involving him pand heathers clem the wife pformer best friend bubba the plove sponge. pbut in clips from several media pinterviews especially with phoward stern he says the pcomplete opposite. phe also says the sex tape pdestroyed his life, but he pseemed bragging about it in ptalking about at performance in pthe sek tape and his man hood as pwell. pgawker is trying to show the pjury hogan was actually liking pall this attention. pand he was promoting not only pthe career but sex tape itself.
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phe was in character as hulk phogan. p>> a person sit sitting here ptoday under oath, now the pcharacter we can talk about the ptripod we can talk about like i psaid body slammed elephants. pyou know i've surfed on tiger psharks. pthose are all lies. pi pulled bumpers off cadillac pjack. pthose are all lies but that's phulk staying in character pdriven. pso to answer your question i was pthere. pand i didn't want to talk about pterry bollea and my experience pon the radio. pit was, you know if there there pwas stills out there the media pwas attacking us and i was pactually using this show to you pknow, try to stop things from pgoing forward. pi had to talk to howard about it pwhatever he brought up hogan is psue gawker for posting clip of pthat sex tape. pgawker says hogan often bragged pabout his sex life promoting his
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pthey also say it's a first pamendment issue. pnow more testimony was hogan pcontinues this afternoon. pwe'll have a complete wrap up pfor you tonight at 5 and 6. pback to you linda. pthank you very much. pwe are also following a pdeveloping shooting pinvestigation. pin tampa involving two scenes ptwo victims. pofficers say a 22-year-old ja pmeal collier did not survive. pfox 13's -- p>> right now a tampa police tell pus they do not believe this pshooting is random. pand they say it could be linked pto an ongoing disagreement. pright now you are looking at pvideo from the scene off south plois avenue. paccording to tampa police psomeone called 911 and reported pcars shooting at each other paround 8 o'clock monday night. pofficers arrived and pinvestigated at the gardens at psouth bay apartments. pbut the investigation did not pend there. pin fact it continued about 3 pmiles away. phere's a look at south quincy pstreet and price avenue.
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psupervisor, a man shot at that plocation died in a car. pa second person, hospitalized is pexpected to be okay. pand at this point the pinvestigation is still ongoing pwe will continue to follow the pstory and keep you posted a we plearn more. preporting here in south tampa, pshayla reeves, fox 13 news. p thank you, shayla. pnew at noon a photo line up pleads to an arrest of a car pthief. plast week a couple in bradenton pwas walking into their house pwhen man with gun demanded their pcar keys. pstolen car was found dew face plater a victims picked rocky pfrom photo line up man with gun pthat day. pbradenton police arrested him pand he's also wanted by p>> for guy in tampa two stole ptwo chainsaw surveillance photo pfrom neighbor's camera man pwalked up to house and took pchainsaws while tree trimming pcompany was doing some work. pthey are valued a $500. pman has gray ponytail and pwearing army shirt he drove off
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p>> well this is chaping up to be pone most crucial weeks of olitical campaign. pvoters are heading to the polls pin michigan, mississippi, idaho pand hawaii today. pflorida and ohio exactly one pweek today. pa marco rubio is once again utting focus right here. phe'll campaigning in sarasota plater today. olitical editor craig patrick phad chance to catch up with prepublican presidential pcandidate last night. pcraig there's a report that prubios advisors are telling him pto quit race before florida pvotes on march 15th. pwhat rubio cam sane that's pgarbage nonsense bad journalism. pthis something coming from cnn. pcnn had reported that campaign padvisors were pressing rubio to pget out before florida on remise he would lose badly in phis own home state. pbut, after saying that is pabsolutely not true false cnn psaid check back with its psources. ptell us cnn only citing one psource in this report.
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pan advisor. pconceivably donald trump in ptelling marco rubio you need to pget out race could be a consider pdefinitions an advisor to marco prubio. pso we don't know if there's panything to this. pin fact the rubio camp is ushing back hard stressing pthere isables nothing to it and prubio is absolutely focused on pflorida and on his point, pwinning in 7 days even though he ptrails in the polls. pall right. pand on that note, donald trump pcontinues to dominate right now pcorrect? pwell if you look at the number pof states he's won that's abs olls. pbut what we're seeing in florida pfor example while trump pcontinues to lead the gap seems pto have narrowed. pat least monday moth survey pthere will be other numbers pcoming out later this week. pwhat will be very telling, we'll psee the numbers tonight. pif trump runs up the score and pwins big in the state of pmichigan, wins big in pmississippi, that tells you pmaybe he's regained some pmomentum. pand fierce attack that is he has psustained are not taking as much
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pon the other hand, if he wins by pa very narrow margin in those pstates as he did for example in plouisiana, that may be moving pthe other way. pwhich could suggest this could pbe a very long slog in the weeks pand months yet to come. pwe all know anything can happen. plet's talk with democratic race phillary clinton and bernie psanders planning stops here plater this week clinton is pheadying into a primary with pcomfortable lead. pone reasons it's comfortable plead you're factoring psuperdelegates into that count. pthousand. pthese are party officials and pelected officials who do not go poff of the results of any given pstate. pthey just pick whoever they want pand party leadership. pthe democratic establishment is pveer heavily in favor hillary pclinton if you look pledge pdelegate count still a pseparation but not nearly as pmuch. pthat likely will change as we phead into florida. pbecause, clinton is polling pvery, very well in florida.
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pshe's leading by approximately p20 points in latest polling that pwe have seen. pbut bernie sanders is chipping pokay stat by state. phe has number wins in his column pas well. pand on top of that, he has a lot pof money as he likes to brag pfrom small donors. pwhich means he can continue to ptap into it. p>> thank you, craig we look pfwashd to more from you tonight. pgovernor has signed a measure to rocess. pback in january the u.s. supreme pcourt found that florida system pgives judges too much power to pimpose death sentences. pnew law which goes into effect pimmediately, would require at pleast ten jurors to recommend pthe death penalty. pand a measure requiring law penforcement agencies to set olicies if they use body camera pis waiting for governor's psignature. pthe bill originally mandated the puse of body cameras by all law penforcement agencies for two pyears.
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pinstead it only requires pagencies set certain standards pbefore using those cameras. pand finally governor scott has a pone week to sign bill with that pwould legalize medical marijuana puse for people with terminal pconditions. pand this november, florida pvoters will consider a pconstitution up amendment urposes. pthe similar measure was on pballot in 2014. pbut was two percent short of assing. p>> on this international women's pday we're talking women. pand fear. pwhy some local ladies are pcreating craft beer buzz. pand jim's here checking out your pforecast. phey there linda, a beautiful pmarch weather. pit continues, 80s we're heading pthat way again for today. pjust few scattered clouds poverhead. pwe're talking about a nice pwarming trend over next several pdays also looking auto ahead
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pof development out of baltimore in the death of freddie gray. p a new development out of a pbaltimore in death of a freddie pgray. pmaryland highest court just pruled that a police officer pcharged in gray's death will phave to testify against his pcolleagues while he awaits pretrial. pwilliam porter first trial ended pwith hung jury in december. pa baltimore judge will meet plater today with a prosecution pand defense attorneys as they ptry to set a new trial date for pofficers porter porter was one pof six officers on trial. pgray died of a neck injury while pbeing driven police transport pvan on april 12th.
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pfacebook is taking a shot at plive football. pfox lauren simonetti has these pstories and more in your midday pmarket report. p>> fresh concerns about a pchina's economy chinese exports pfalling more than 25 percent plast month from a year ago. pthe latest sign of china's slow pdown. pasian markets did eke out a pslight gain aelly jant is punveiling three new cities. pand santa rosa, california. lus, 22 new routes. pcompany is calling the move one pbiggest single expansions pallegiant is also adding 17 padditional routes connecting pcities it already serves. pamusement park six flags adding pvirt all reality to a selection pof rollest coasters. pat virtual reality headsets pfeature as nine six flax parks pthis year you can pilot a
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pin a virtual city. pand facebook wants to get into pat live football business. pit is looking to live stream pthursday night football games, pin an interview with a variety pfacebook vp of partnership retty much confirming company pis bidding for the package. pthat's business, for more log on pto psimonetti. p>> the bay area is going a plittle crazy for krooft beer. eople antijust drinking it they pare brewing it and its not just pfor boys. pmore and more women trying out pspecially brews jen epstein sat pdown with a whom who making pcraft beer her business. plisa plisa p>> experiment in different pstyles and takes she just pdoesn't drink the sudsy stuff pshe brew it is fun to try know pthings and sometimes they do preally well other times not so pmuch. p>> she's one the many women in pher business.
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pwomen in the craft brewing pindustry. pand according to lisa, female pbrewers are nothing new. p>> women go back to the very, pvery origin of brewing. pancient the precitieses were pbrewers she's bringing brewing pback to its roots. pencouraging fellow females to pdabble in the process too. pshe's enthusiastic such a assion for craft beer. pthat she brings that everywhere. pshe glows. plisa is head of bay area chapter pof barley's angels female craft pbrewing fanatic that share their pthis and appreciation with each pother. pshe says craft beer experience pis more about a conversation pthan intoxication. pit's not like going out and pdrinking to party and get drunk. pit's a social. pit's a social thing to do. pyou go out you have a beer. pyou enjoy the beer you savor it. phigh if i home brew in barbecue pa one stop shop for home brewing psupplies.
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pto see whatter this making to psee what their ideas what would pa great beer and what they are pdoing the front store is like a plab customers can create their pown flavors. pgoing to bump that up a little pbit go with about a half pound. pand there's brewing stations in pthe back where both men and pwomen can learn how to brew ptheir own batch. pthey let me go wild. pso some of it is pretty pspectacularly bad are you sure pyou want to do sna well, it psounds good. pand i've learned i should listen pto them. pbut even if the suds are duds, pit's the craft brewing pexperience that keeps both men pand women coming back for panother round. p>> that was jen epstein i love pthat music in background. pso relaxing. pif you're more interested in pdrinking beer than actually pmaking it you're in luck. ptampa bay beer week is going on pnow through sunday. ptomorrow on good day lisa will pbe in studios all morning pcooking up some good day brew.
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p13 care force in florida pstrawberry festival or joining pforces to honor america's heros. ptomorrow all active lab admitted pto festival for free with at pvalid id. pit's our way of saying thank you pfor those who put their lives on pthe line to keep us all safe. pi love that. pi hope lots of people get a pchance to take advantage of that pfree gift there. pthe weather is going to be erfect for a trip to strawberry pfestival. pi know just man who can tell me pfor sure. pyou're right. pthe weather is looking good ptoday. pgoing to great tomorrow as well. pjust got a few scattered clouds. pone thing you're noticing is is pit start to get a little on warm pside warming up pretty quickly. pin fact yesterday had a high ptemperature of 80 degrees. ptypically, we there start paveraging these high ptemperatures of 80 until we get pinto april. pwe're certainly running a little pbit ahead of schedule. pand by say thursday, here in ptampa we're looking about 83 for
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ptypically we don't see those pkinds of temperatures at least paveraging that until we get ptowards the end. papril. pso kind of gives you an idea pthings are certainly warming up. pand they will continue to warm pthrough the next several days phere. psoutheasterly wind. pthat's helping warm things up. palso slowly trying to bring a plittle more moisture moving poverhead as you look mid and pupper levels of atmosphere we phave new dry air that will thin pclouds as well as we go through pthe afternoon. p77 degrees outside right now dew oints at 53. pwinds are currently out of the psouth, southeast right now at pabout 14 miles an hour. pso that 77 here in tampa. pbrandon's already at 81 degrees. pwesley chapel 79. pbrooksville 77 degrees. pstring of 77s in fact all way pdown into clearwater. pthen down to our south to pmanatee and sarasota. pthe only exception to that is
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pjust cooler waters helping to pkeep them a touch cooler right pin that one location. pmid to upper 70s along the east pand southeast coast. pthen mid 70s up across the anhandle. pso you can see pretty much peverybody pretty uniform in pthese temperatures. pstate. pso that will tend to thin at pleast some of the cloud cover. pwith what that basically means pyou will have plenty of sun as pwe go through the afternoon phours. pnow, satellite view across the peast. pthat's guinea us that east and psoutheasterly flow. pright near the coastline, we'll ptend to pick up a little bit pmore of southwest. pdifferent story through nation's pmid section from oklahoma down pinto texas, some very strong pthunderstorms throughout morning phours. pand yellow and that orange shade pthose are areas we will continue pto see strongest storms as we go pthrough the rest of the pafternoon. pnow watch that high, that's just pgoing to kind meander over the
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pthat will continue to give us a pwarm conditions, quiet pconditions. pbut as we head towards the pweekend, that will start to pweaken some which will allow the pfront to work its way towards pus. pso we get an increase in the phumidity and eventually see an pincrease in rain chances as we phead towards the weekend. pstill pretty low at this point. artly cloudy skies for today. pdaytime high of 80 degrees. pfor tonight mainly clear skies povernight low of 61. plooks good for tomorrow. pscattered clouds, warm pafternoon. pdaytime high of 82 degrees on pthe water winds turning towards psouthwest moderate chop on bay phigh tide 2:03 this afternoon. phere's that seven day forecast, pwe continue to warming trend and pthen rain chances do finally pwork their way as we get to psaturday and sunday. pjust a 30 percent chance of pthose showers. plinda. p>> thank you, jim. pa lot of women fighting hair
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pdifferent options now av island. it's not just a water slide, it's a thrill slide. p fun card now you'll also get pan adventure island fun card for rfree. restrictions apply visit adventure island dot com
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colossal curl at adventure island. it's not just a water slide,
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pand if you get the busch gardens p fun card now you'll also get pan adventure island fun card for rfree. restrictions apply visit adventure island dot com for details or to purchase tickets. 3 we lose about a hundred hairs a day -- which is normal. pwe lose about 100 hairs a day pwhich is formal but if you're pnoticing thinning around your pscalp you have some options pferries you need to figure out p>> dermatologist ashley curtis pknows hair why it's so hard for psome of us to hang on to it. p>> i see lot of hair loss atients. plot. pdr. curtis says there's lots of pmyths about hair loss like it's pa guy thing. pin fact it's actually something pthat affects least 40 percent of pall women at one point in their plife something we don't talk a plot about. pables it happens to women panother misconception hair loss pcomes from your mom's side of pthe family. p>> while actually it's not true pwe get half our genes from mom phalf our genes from dad.
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pinvolved in hair loss. pso can't blame us all the way. eople think brushing hair can phelp it grow wearing a hat can pmake it fall out. pmainly people think that you're pnot letting your hair breathe pnot letting your scalp breathe pactually not case. pyou're hair follicles do need pblood you get that from your pbody's bloodstream. poccur genes hormones are leading pcause of hair loss. pnot just something we face as we page. pi've seen patients as young a p14, 15 years old start having phair loss all dependent on your pgenetic unfortunately earlier pyou get it more likely it will pbe more severe in nature. pthey have options like topical ptreatments or medication red plight procedures to prevent more phair loss. p>> only guarantee transplant i psay to patients here's what we pcan do to prevent further lost pif you say dr. curtis i want phair here's what we will it v. pto do mo have it from back to
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phair louis inherited. pif your hair loss is caused by pstressor medication indication pgrow back. pfirst step is talking to your pdoctor what might be causing pyour hair loss and figuring out pwhat treatment might be best for pyou. phas happened to most of cell hone slips out of your hand and pnext thing you know it's pcracked. pmine's cracked right now. pmaybe you drop it in water. pa new study shows how common to phave cell phone mishaps lydia pspeaks with some of the worst poffenders. panother visit toer have i sorn pstore always for the same preason. p>> how often do you break your hone? p>> maybe like twice a month. pshe's far from alone according pto a verizon survey nearly half pof american cell phone users phave broken or lost their phone. pi drop it in toilet all time 43 ercent admit to doing the very psame thing. pmost embarrassing way to damage
12:26 pm
pof how many phones she's had to preplace. robably went through 50 of them phow often do you asee people pcoming in phone broken cracked. pevery day. psomething we see all the time. p>> adrian is the general manager pof the verizon wireless store in pharold square. phe says new phone can easily pcost you hundreds of dollars. p>> now a days we're talking pabout spending 750 on arch. p750 to 950 depending on the pdevice you're buying. p54 percent cell phone users pdropping phone at least once pweek manager here everyone pshould invest in protection plan pinstead of full price our pequipment protection get new phand set peace of mind and not aying all that money up front pwhich can detrimental. pskoorgd to survey age and pwhether or not you have kids pseems to telling factors. arents are almost twice as plikely to break or lose their
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pchildren. pand millenials they drop their hone at least four times a pweek. pi try, she might want to invest pin a good case as well. p>> lydia, fox news. pdon't leave your phone on the pcar hood. pa lot of families head out to pball field this time of year to pcash a spring training game. pin couple cases, dangerous
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pwe will explain next. 3 ((linda/wipe vo)) spring training is in full swing. and the stands are packed with pspring training in full swing pand stands are packed with fans penjoying sunshine and warmth. pand while a given you have to be poh look out for foul balls, now pthere's a new threat, bats. ptwice in three days a bat has pflown into stands a spring ptraining game here in florida.
12:30 pm
pdunedin and this time a woman pgot hit in the head and is hurt. pfox 13's ken suarez reports from pthe florida auto exchange pstadium in dunedin. p>> we understand the woman who pwas injured here was bloody when pshe was rushed off to bayfront pmedical center. pi believe she did not lose pconsciousness. pthat good thing but certainly a pwarning to all of us when you pcome to game not only watch pwhat's going on on the field, pbut also, watch what's going on pnext to and above. preally kind of a heads up for pall of us. pnow pam henderson and her phusband bill were sitting a few prose behind dug out when bat pshattered and fragment came phurdling towards her she was hit pin head. pher husband was rit in the pwrist. pover p>> orlando. pover the weekend eight-year-old pkid a very similar situation pvery close call landon pcunningham has an incredible pclose call when a batter loses plandons dad a former star high pschool baseball player has
12:31 pm
pdeflects that bat just in the pnick of time. pthis photo went viral you pcertainly may have seen it. pyou have to watch out for more pthan just bats, believe it or pnot 1750 foul balls people hit pevery single year. pso not only bats, but balls. pit is fairly safe game, to sit pin the stands to enjoy things, pbut you have to kind of look paround and just be aware of pwhat's going on. pbecause not all the action all pthe time is just out there. psometimes it's too close for pcomfort. preporting from dunedin, ken psuarez, back to you. pthank you, ken. pour sister station over in porlando got to talk that little pboy whats nearly hit and rest of phis family. plandon cunningham says he was psending a his mom and sister a icture when that bat went pflying. pwhen he thought what he thought pabout people calling his dad a psuper hero said he is amazing. pi remember looking up because my pdad was saying something while phe was looking up, he put his
12:32 pm
pi didn't even, and something hit pme on my shoulder so hard that i pfell down in the seat i didn't peven know what it was. p>> he thought he would go to panother game only if his dad pgoes with him. p>> a major train derailment in pcalifornia at least 14 people pare hurt after one car plunged pright into a creek. pthe commuter train was traveling pfrom san jose to stockton, pcalifornia when it incident with poff the tracks last night near psan francisco. pfront car plunged right into a pswollen creek and half way psubmerged firefighters had to pfight a strong current to get pinside that car and start prescuing passengers. pfour injuries serious other 10 pare minor no word on what caused pa derailment heavy rain the ptrain was carrying more than 200 eople. pwe just got this video of a very pclose call for news crew in san pfrancisco this morning. plook at this a reporter nearly pgot hit by car during his live pshot. pwe're told he is okay. ptransfer too.
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pon my fox 13 facebook page if pyou want to see it again. plook for fox 13's linda hurtado. piran tested several ballistic pmissile during military drill. psoifls say they were launched pfrom several different silos pacross the country. ptests come despite new sanctions pon missile program u.s. opposed pback in january. pand more punishment for north pkorea. pafter latest nuclear tests. pfox greg palkot is in london pwith more. psouth korea taking action pagainst the north. pannounce thing new sanctions pagainst individuals and porganizations suspected of phelping north korea develop pweapons of mass destruction or pindirectly assisting the pcountry. psouth korean government will pimpose financial sanctions pagainst 40 individuals and 30 pentities ban them from making pforeign exchange and financial ptransactions with people and pfreeze their assets here. prestriction's just latest unishment in north.
12:34 pm
pcouncil already voting to impose psanctions on country after north pkorea fourth nuclear test in pjanuary. pand last month's suspected pballistic missile test. pthe government will continue to pmake efforts to sanction and put ressure on north korea. pto change a by cooperating with pinternational community. pyang threaten nuclear strikes on pu.s. and south korea just pyesterday. pthe warning coming as washington pend seoul kicked off annual pjoint military drills. pthis year's exercise is largest pever involving 17,000 u.s. ptroops, and 300,000 from south pkorea. pchina and russia joining the pnorth and state accept tess no preason for worry. pwe've doing them for 40 years. pbecause it's important for pmilitary forces to be ready. articularly in that part of the pworld. psouth korea also accuse north of pcyber tax. pcountry spy agency saying that
12:35 pm
hones of south korean pofficials. pin london greg palkot, fox news. p>> two years after malaysian pflight disappeared off radar pfamily members gather to premember their loved ones. p239 people were on board the pboeing 777. pit was headed to beijing. pexperts believe the crashed pindian ocean. pit's a painful day for family pmembers who are coping with ptheir loss. p>> i'm just imagining that at pthe last moments what they are pthinking of i'm sure they are pall thinking of their family, pyou know home that loved them. pso it's hard. pbut we'll get through the day. pyou know, it's just emotion now pthat's catching up. pyou'll get better. p>> since the crash only one iece of debris from that plane pwas ever found. pbut investigators have yeet to pconfirm whether they are from
12:36 pm
p>> crews working hard to get rio pde janeiro ready for upcoming psummer olympic the new subway pline will be in ready in time pten mile extension will take eople from central rio to polympic park. pit's being built specifically pfor the games. pconstruction on the line is pcontinuing despite the country peconomic crisis which is one the pworst in decades. pright now city still doesn't phave all the funds in place to pfinish that line. pyou may use an epi pen if you psuffer from allergies. pbut now two students have come pup with an alternative. pwhy they say it may be much pbetter hit show new girl psomething big to celebrate as it
12:38 pm
12:39 pm
pwhy star's show following a news alert out of lakeland. right now lakeland christian school is on pfollowing a news alert out plakeland. plakeland christian school on plockdown because shooting nearby psomeone was shot multiple times pno word on their condition a psearch going on for a suspect pbut official stress to this phappened in an area behind the pschool not on campus. p>> millions of americans suffer pfrom an allergies if trigger, ptwo university of minnesota pstudents have created a compact pin affordable alternative. pali a bennet reports this could ut severe allergy sufferers. pcarey ep pen is something she's pdoing nearly her entire life. pshe has severely allergic to oultry and can't eat anything pwithout this lifesaving medicine pnearby. oultry is in everything. pi can never be sure.
12:40 pm
pwith food. pso i always have the pen with pme. pevery three minutes someone do pgoose emergency radio a severe pallergy. pstudents came up with palternative to an epi pen they pare a card adrien card. p15 million americans suffer from pfood allergies but as many a 90 ercent don't own or don't care pbulky epi pens. ptheir device is smaller roughly pthe size of stack of credit pcards. pfirst thing they will do take pcard outside of its outer case, rotective outer case. psecondly, user will pull off a psafety tab. pmedicine is shot through a pneedle similar to an epi pen. pdr. applaud the new idea because phe believes epi pen haves pdominated the marketplace for pfar too along. pwalgreen's charging $650
12:41 pm
pyears back but recently devices phave gone up triple or quadruple peven in some cases. pand that makes the daunting pchallenge for families to get ptwo or three especial pens and pkeep them at home and keep in pmind they expire every year or pso. pthis weekend tyler and chris laced second a national pentrepreneur competition in pmiami. pnow the card patent pending on pits was to f.d.a. approval. pit feels pretty good i think pvalidation for our and our arents. pany alternative is exactly what pshe's been waiting for. pi think it's brilliant. pi can't wait. p>> we milestone for hit fox pshow. pcomedy new girl is about to pcelebrate it's 100th episode pwith a return of show star. pfox michelle pollino has more. p>> fox's quirky comedy new girl pis celebrating its 100th episode ptuesday night with a return of pzoey desch nell.
12:42 pm
pand i'm really proud that we've pdone that many shows. p>> it feels so surreal. pi can't believe that we are phere. pi can't believe that i booked at ilot, and then the pilot got icked up. pand then we got a full season. pand then you get a second pseason. ptime has flown by so fast. pi don't think that we've shot pthis many episodes. pi've laughing more lately pbecause i'm exhausted but i've pbeen ruin's more takes by plaughing lately than, than peasily anyone onset. phello. phow was jury duty? pjury duty was quite simply the ptops. pzoey's character return from pjury duty and is immediately pdrawn to guest star megan fox. pi thought you were cool. pi am cool. pi come back and there's, you pknow a new new girl living in my proom for temporarily. pand i want her to be my best pfriend.
12:43 pm
phere's what i want to happen pzoey comes back sweeps him off phis feet because those two ptogether sparks. pmegan fox's character besides oh pmy goodness i need a little pchocolate in my life. pnow a days in hollywood black proles matter. pso we're going to beef me up. pher and i are going to create a pconnection. pand like most plot lines on this pseries, expect the upcoming pshow, any but normal. pi always imagine our first dance pjust you and me having time of pour life. pif anything that i would like pwedding to be, i know he doesn't phave financial backing to here's a live look outside right now. meterologist jim weber will
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p hi ecuador i'm charley pbelcher coming to you from a pgeorge c macao nature park right phere in at heart of largo. pnarrows nature center is name of pthe nature center here that phouses some incredible birds of rey that have been injured no plonger released in wild and they pserve a great educational pambassadors. pwe're just one 46th on the way pout to the atwater. pit's hard to believe patrick, pthat this place exists. pso close to such humanity. pwe have to have a green space. p>> yes. pthis is green space. pthis is where you can come and pwalk in and enjoy nature. pa mile of trails. pyou've got a turtles over there pthauk ahead. pso much to just explore and get paway from it all. pyou're still close it all pintercoastal. pyou know. pand it's free. pit's free. p>> so, yeah that's incredible
12:47 pm
pand, you're in charge of rafter rogram tell me about amazing pbirds. pwho do you have there? pfranklin with me or at least i phad franklin with me. phe's one of our birds. pwe have 18 birds here. pall of the birds have been hurt pcan't go back to the wild. pthem. pso that we can take them out in ublic. pso that people can be this close pto a great horned owl. pand learn about how important. pand all these animals are to our pecosystem. pimportant. pabsolutely. pwithout them we would be hip pdeep in mice and rats and pests pand stuff. pthey do a great job for us. pthat's great horned owl. pcorrect. pnamed so because ears that pop pup there. pbut the owl that's most popular pin our area is barred owl. pnot barn owl. pbut there is a barn out. p>> this is a barred owl. pand they get them because the up pand down markings on their pchest. p>> very, barring. pand this the hawks.
12:48 pm
phawk found in north america. pnot the most common found here, pbut here's the red shouldered phawk. pright over there. pall of these birds were hit by pcars or ran into some sort of pinjury. pyeah and cannot survive on their pown. pand the fun little one over phere, screech owl? p>> in case you didn't know this p>> i did not know that. pyeah. p>> wow. pso we have, and there's we have pa picture inside if you want to psee how well they camouflage out pin open like this you can see pthem very plainly if that bird pwere in an in an oak tree you'd pnever see them you're doing all psorts of great programs school pchildren with veterans, anybody pthat stops by, you just want to pmake sure that they understand pwhat we're, exactly. pwho, who we're living with, pright? p>> and who's important to us. pexactly right. pcome out here and visit them
12:49 pm
pright in heart largo like i said p688 ulmerton. p1 friction the street you come pup here find it's free, explore pwalk around drop a little psomething in donation bin to pkeep these birds healthy and phappy. pcharley belcher, fox 13 news. p>> hey jim before we get to pweather i want to tell folks pwe're just learning a crash on pveterans. pnorth bond a veterans a tractor ptrailer overturned and on fire pif you have to go somewhere this pafternoon you might want to pstart away from that part pveterans. pon much brighter news the pweather glorious if you have to pgo run errands today. p>> today once again upper 70s, plow 80s. phumidity still not bad today. pbut as we go through the next pcouple of days certainly going pto notice an hup tick in pstarting to feel a little more puncomfortable look over pstrawberry festival a really
12:50 pm
pright now, we're looking at in peastern hillsborough county ptemperatures into the lower 80s. pvisible satellite loop showing pmore of that east and psoutheasterly wind. plooking a lot of scattered pclouds working there way up the pstate. pbut we also have a some dryer pair in the mid levels of the patmosphere. pso we'll tend to see some of pthese clouds thinning out pcertainly see from hills bo polk pcounty on to the north. pstill seeing plenty of sunny pskies. pand pretty much everybody will pcontinue to see at least a fair pamount of sun as we go through pthe afternoon. pso here in tampa right now. pwe're at 77 degrees. pin fact 77 is a popular number pfrom apollo beach sun city pcenter over to clearwater. inellas park palm harbor both pat 79 degrees. p77 in brooksville. pnew port richey, weeki wachee at p79 degrees. pyou head over into the dade pcity. pover into zephyrhills, both at p80 degrees. pmyakka city to lakewood ranch
12:51 pm
pand sarasota currently checks in pwith a 77. plakeland you're at 77. pand frostproof currently sits a p78. palso have breezy conditions our pwinds gusting up to 20 miles an phour same over in clearwater and pwesley chapel. pbartow winds gusting up to 20 pmiles an hour as well. pso we will continue to see at pleast some breezy conditions as pwe go through the afternoon. pall because we've got high ressure which is to our east. pbut still kind of ridging back pover us. pthat's keeping us actually retty quiet. pwith just some scattered clouds. pnice mild conditions. pbut back to our west, you can psee some very active showers. pand thunderstorms. pmoving through oklahoma. pdown into texas. pand inside a yellow and that porange shaded area, that's the pareas of greatest threat of pstrong thunderstorms for the premainder of the day. pthat red box that is a tornado pwatch box. pand these storms will a slowly pwork their way on towards the peast.
12:52 pm
pthe next several days. pbut by say saturday and into psunday, we'll see at least penough moisture here to final pgive us some chance for rain. pdaytime high of 80 degrees. pnice for tonight. pmainly clear skies. povernight low of 61. pthen for tomorrow, just pscattered clouds. pdaytime high of 82 degrees. p7 day forecast, continues to pshow that warming trend over pnext several days. pwouldn't be surprised if by say pthursday and friday we start to psee upper 80s 82 woo from the pcoastline. pcold front heads our way and pwe'll see that rain chance up to pabout 30 percent as we get into psaturday and sunday.
12:53 pm
pyou unique program i drive a golf ball. i drive to the hoop. i drive a racecar. i have a driver. his name is carl. but that's not what we all have in common. twe talked to our doctors about treatment with xarelto . r xarelto is proven to treat and help reduce r the risk of dvt and pe blood clots. p xarelto is also proven to reduce the risk of stroke r in people with afib, not caused by a heart valve problem. r for people with afib currently well managed on warfarin, t there is limited information on how t xarelto and warfarin compare in reducing the risk of stroke. p you know, taking warfarin, i had to deal with that blood testing routine. ri couldn't have a healthy salad whenever i wanted.
12:54 pm
yeah, treatment with xarelto . hey, safety first. r like all blood thinners, don't stop taking xarelto r without talking to your doctor, as this may r increase your risk of a blood clot or stroke. r while taking, you may bruise more easily and r it may take longer for bleeding to stop. p xarelto may increase your risk of bleeding if you take certain medicines. p xarelto can cause serious and in rare cases, fatal bleeding. r get help right away for unexpected bleeding, r unusual bruising, or tingling. r if you have had spinal anesthesia while r on xarelto , watch for back pain or any nerve r or muscle related signs or symptoms. r do not take xarelto if you have an artificial t heart valve or abnormal bleeding. r tell your doctor before all planned medical or dental procedures. p before starting xarelto , tell your doctor about r any kidney, liver, or bleeding problems. xarelto is the number onerprescribed blood thinner t in its class. well that calls for ar round of kevin nealons. make mine an arnold palmer. same here. p with xarelto there is no regular blood monitoring r and no known dietary restrictions. r treatment with xarelto was the right move for us. v
12:55 pm
finding jobs for the disabled can be challenging. but there is help right here in our community and p hope right here in our pcommunity. pthis making a huge difference as pkelly ring shows news today's pwhat's right with tampa bay. pgirl in hodges life changed in a pmoment. pstarted feeling tingling. pgarland went to satisfactory pdoctor, his kidneys were pfailing. pi went dialysis three times a pweek and three and a half to pfour hours every time i went. pgarland lost his job. pit was very hard to find pemployment. pthere was nobody that would ever pwork with going right all right pthen he discovered hands on peducational services. pa state funded training program phelping people with physical and pmental disabilities. pfind jobs in the hospitality pindustry. p>> and working in the industry,
12:56 pm
pand the to have a great pattituded and passion because preally, this skies limb let it pbuildhands on collaborates with pvocational rehabilitation and phyatt hotels. pthey are learning from the best pin the industry. p>> abigail torrez and others pspend two weeks in intense hotel pkitchen training. pwhile getting paid. pat the end, the goal is to pemploy them full time. p>> wonderful. pi love it here. pa meaningful and up lifting pexperience for all. pi think our success stories pinspire me. pthey remind me how important palternative programs are. pthere's always chance to better pyourself. pnow a days, if they that popportunity is out there don't psit down and don't wait on it. pshort-term training with a plong-term benefits. pfor those who need it most. pa lot of tomatoes. pyes. pgreat program with great pmessage. pwe have great weather. pyeah looking really good.
12:57 pm
pthis trend because, you know who peye change it has been so nice. pwe will see temperatures though pwarming up into the mid 80s. pboy that's near perfect. pstill hoping for perfection on pthe weekend too. pi'm holding out we're getting pthere. pnews doesn't end here we will pkeep posting latest all day on twitter and pfacebook. lus look for more news, weather pand sports beginning at p5 o'clock. pi do that every day. paccess hollywood next we hope pyou join us right back here pagain at 5. phave a great afternoon. p"realtime closed captioning
12:59 pm
1:00 pm
. we're at the reagan library for a very special tour of nancy reagan's. >> in the midst of her allegations an emotional kesha opens up. >> is billy ray ready for his daughter's wedding? >> it is just time no have a good conversation. >> she said a lot in vanity fair


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