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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 8AM  FOX  March 10, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today. america runs on dunkin'. as we edge closer to the pwell as we get closer to a pflorida primary tampa becomes pground zero for hillary clinton pand bernie sanders today. p>> plus, fresh off at boat, pcaptain keith from at discovery pchannel's deadliest catch is plive here in studio this pmorning. pfrom tampa bay's number one news pstation, this is good day tampa pbay. phey effecting it's an 8 o'clock pi am laura moody. pgood morning we thank you for pwaking up with us on this pthursday more than march 10th we pwill get over to dave with a plook at the forecast. phow about 70 degrees an p8 o'clock in the morning. pwe're there. pan also noticing as well that
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pit's up to 63, which, ptechnically it's kind of been pmuggy outside. pobviously not summertime pmugginess but it does feel a plittle bit muggier than pyesterday. peast southeast winds we're we're p70 brandon 70s other areas pbordering on 70. panother warm one. pbreezy as well. pand high temperatures today pright back to the lower 80s. pand enjoy it, vanessa. pall right certainly will. pand a pretty much enjoying the proad conditions. pwe don't have whole lot of crash pthat is we're seeing right now. pin ones that we're seeing not preally dealing with a lane pblockage with those. pthat's good news. pthat being said we do have pcongestion which key typically psee in our trouble spots on pinterstates. pthis live look at the downtown pinterchange. p275 and i-4. p275 travel times are really not plooking good right now. p35 minutes is your estimated ptime from bearss to i-4. pwe don't have any incidents preported or travel lanes blocked preally just congestion we're pdealing with. pso make sure you're leaving pearly in this area also have pcongestion i-4 westbound 11
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p>> happening today a just hours papart, hillary clinton and pbernie sanders will bring their pmessage to the bay area. pnow both have campaign stops in ptampa this afternoon. pand we'll be hoping to sway last pminute voters before this pmarch 15th primary. plive for us this morning with pmore details on both of these pevents, shayla reaves. phey shayla, good morning. p>> hey, good morning to you, prussel and laura. pwell today tampa takes center pstage for both hillary clinton pand a bernie sanders. pand it comes at critical time pgwen, we're just days away from pthe florida primary. pand both sides, they are trying pto get those supporters to the olls and encourage that early pvoting. pwell florida is considered a key pbattle ground state and a win phere could be significant for peither candidate. pthere are 214 delegates on the pline. pboth sanders and clinton hoping pto collect. pright now a former secretary of pclinton is leading with more pthan 1200 delegates overall and psenator sanders is nearing 600. pit takes more than 2300 to
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pand a today both candidates are pbringing their messages to ptampa. p>> well today a former secretary phillary clinton is expected to pspeak this morning coming up a pnoon. pths actually at the ritz ybor on peast seventh avenue. pdoors open at 10 o'clock and pthen she'll be speaking at noon. prsvp is suggested. pyou can do son her website. pin addition, coming up this pafternoon, senator sanders is pholding a free future to believe pin rally at the fairgrounds. pthe doors open at 4 o'clock. arking is also available for a pfee. ptickets are not required for pthat event but rsvp is pencouraged limit what you bring pto this event we're told you are purged to leave bags at home and pbring only your keys or cell hone some small items to give pon example. pno weapons allowed none large psigns with at polls or banners pand things like that. pyou're urged to leave those at phome as well. pof course we'll have crews at pboth events and keep you posted pthroughout day guys, back to pyou.
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pshayla, see you later. p>> a miami-dade college last pnight both democratic candidates pwent at each other high stakes pdebate. psanders attacked clinton early pabout her economic policies cuba phuman rights issues and future pwill also remain topic of pdiscussion joining us by phone pto talk about this and more our olitical editor craig patrick. pgood morning. phow are you? pgood, thank you. plet's get some of your thoughts pon the debate last night. pi think both candidates are very pdisciplined and it was a little prough for hillary clinton at the pbeginning. pbecause she faced some questions pthat she would rather not off pthe top. pone, why did she lose michigan pin her mind. pshe didn't really answer that. pthen she was asked would she pdrop out of the race if indicted pas a result of f.b.i. pinvestigation. pshe said oh for goodness sakes pshe's not even going to answer pthat because it will not happen. pbut those are questions that put pother on the defensive. pthen later bernie sanders as he phas time and time again,
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pfor making big money paid pspeeches for wall street pinterests and hillary clinton's pcome back was that she is no the pinfluenced by money she receives pin the political process. pagain, she was a disciplined in pher defense, but it put her on pthe run a couple of times in the pdebate. psets up a situation where bernie psanders can walk out at florida pwith delegates even though he pmay well lose and lose by a good pbit unlike republican a you're ptalking proportion out pdelegates. pstate by date by state in the pdemocratic race. p>> craig we know florida is pwinner take allstate. plet's take about chances for pclinton and sanders in florida. pwhat do the numbers look leak? pthey are all hillary clinton. pif you look at the polling. pin the republican race, we're ptalking about a winner take pallstate for florida. pthat's why i don't think you're pseeing john kasich for example pspeeding directly in florida he pknows he doesn't have a chance. pin democratic race you're ptalking positive portion will
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pdifferences in race and many pmore delegates in play in pdemocratic race then there is prepublican race. pwhich is what is bringing bernie psanders to tampa bay along with phillary clinton. phe knows that he may well get pwiped out in this state as polls pare accurate. pbut bernie sanders also knows he pwas trailing by double digits in pmichigan. pjust a couple of days ago. pthen he pulled off a stunner. pso i think that bernie sanders pknows that he has some momentum pcoming out of michigan. pif he gets the kind of turn out pof young voters that he has in psome of the other states, he too pcould pull off bit of a psurprise. p>> let's talk about republicans pfor a minute. pdonald trump has been saying the plast few days that he is a punifier. phe's asking for gop to embrace phim in his bid. pafter tuesday, could that be the pcase? p>> not mathematically. pdelegates just aren't there for phim to clench it. pbut effectively i think the panswer could well be yes. articularly if donald trump
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pthat he wins illinois. pmissouri, north carolina. pif and theen wins florida, it's pall lights out. peven though he was still have a pways to go. pif you look at the was map sets pup it would seem to set up very pfavorite for him you don't see panyone else cap catching up i pthink that makes it all about pflorida. pif somebody else rubio pulled poff miracle and wins his home pstate of florida, then i think pthat would be the turning point pin which you see a diminishing pdonald trump in a very different prace. pif he wins florida, i think he pmay be well on the way to utting out lights. p>> okay. phey, we'll see you later, okay? p>> thank you. p>> all right. p8:07 now. pto a developing story this pmorning just outside of ittsburgh where 5 people have pbeen shot dead during a backyard arty. pthis scene unfolded late last pnight. olice say that in all 8 people pwere shot. pby at least two gunmen in what pis being described as an ambush.
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eople were found dead on the pback porch. panother person died later at the phospital. pand of the three survivors, two pmen are ininn critical condition pand woman is stable. pshooter are still on run as pinvestigators search for a pmotive. p>> here a home a pinellas county pman has died after he was a run pover by his own car. pit happened in indian shores arking lot. pwitnesses say it's 4 radar p4-year-old man started walking paround didn't realize the car pwas rolling. pman then tried to stop the car, pbut one of his feet was left poutside and got caught punderneath the wheel. pcar kept rolling, pinned man punderneath. eople nearby attempted to prescue him. pthey just couldn't do it. p>> pasco deputies are looking pfor man who true id to suffocate pand kidnap a female friend. pwe're told jason attacked a pwoman while they were sitting in phis car tuesday night in hudson. pinvestigators say that he aasked pif she wanted to smoke marijuana pwhen she said no, and tried to
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pgetting away. pshe was able to escape but so pdid he. pif you know where he is you're pasked to call sheriff's office ptsa predicting 4 and a half ercent increase in a travelers pa tampa international this pmonth. preason, spring break. ptampa bay is among top 5 pdestinations for college kids plooking for some sunshine. paway from campus. pabout 33,000 people expected to ptravel through tia this month palone. p>> officials recommend that if pyou are flying, get there early pso you have enough time to make pit through the security check oints. p>> u.s. department of pagriculture predicted this pyear's florida will be enough to pboxes. pthat's good. pthat estimate is up two million pfrom last month. pbut even with the revised pforecast the season remains on ace to be one the worst in five pdecades. plast year citrus grower produced pnearly 97 million boxes. pcitrus greening played a big prole in reducing production. p>> still ahead dave will be back
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pmorning forecast. pwalter is a very special project phey. p>> hey good morning there guys. pit feel good story this morning. pmilitary make over i'm here with pthe p>> tampa get out of the bed get pout of that raggedy old robe and pget out here and do something pconstructive. pokay? pyes. pchannel 13, still the channel i pwatch. p>> thanks. plet's toss it over to charley. pcharley is having a little bit pof a fun too. p>> that's cool. pthat's cool. pand a little frightening. pi like it. pi am the cigar city brewing this pmorning celebrate tampa bay beer pweek with the most successful pcraft brewery in town.
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pstarte pjust about 8, it is 8:13. pheavy rains that are expected to pa linger for much of the week pare being blamed this morning pfor the deaths of three people
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pup to a foot of rain is expected pin the region by the end of the pweekend. pthis is video out of lake worth, ptexas showing high water pcovering up a man's yard. pand northwest louisiana, up to p80 homes have been nursing home phad to be evacuated. p>> you know we showed pictures pfrom louisiana too where people phave been, you know have had to pbe rescued from their cars and pfrom their homes. pit's been a bad go of it. pand it's, of late. pit just continues. pi was talking to some friends in ptexas yesterday. pthey say just going to keep praining for a while. pcan't get 12 to 14 inches of prain in one day i don't care pwhere you live it will cause pserious issues. pnow we're seeing a lot of that prain move into central plouisiana. psouth louisiana like lafayette pback over to lake charles. pshow you that radar in second. pi just want to tell you this pstretch of weather that we've phad, just continues. pi mean just tremendous. pwhile we do have a little bit of pmid to upper level cloud cover pin tampa bay area.
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pgetting back to 70 degrees. pvery early on today, so we're psitting at 70, here at 8 o'clock pin the morning. phow about lakeland. pabsolutely gorgeous this pmorning. plooking weston kennedy. pit's beautiful as well with mid pto upper level clouds. p70 in tampa. p68 in lakeland. p67 in wauchula. pthese temperatures running way pabove say the 57 we would pnormally be at this time of year psoutheast winds that's what dave posterbergs it to us not only pkeeping it mild, but it's pstarting to raise the humidity plevels a little bit. pthen grumpy dave is going to a pcome out when we get dew points pin mid 60s it will get muggy. ptalking about louisiana, i want pyou to look at this, swath of pmoisture running right up pthrough just west of lafayette, plouisiana now. pthey will start to experience psome flooding here right through pmiddle of the state. pi-20 monroe and shreveport shut
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pall flooding gradually this pworks east i think new orleans pwill be in for it. pthey may be 6, 8 nine inches of prain over next 24 to 36 hours. pdefinitely flooding in that city pas it all works eastward, guess pwhat it weakens. pdifficult time it reaches us plate sunday maybe a few showers. pgoing 83 degrees tore a high ptoday warm and breezy. pnext 7 days, again minor changes pover the weekend. pfirst turning clocks forward. pthen that's more of a major pchange for us morning folk but pthen you've got 40 percent rain pchance. robably sunday afternoon going pinto sunday evening. pvanessa. poh. pthanks for reminding me. p8:16 is time. pwe'll check roadways right now. pwe've got skyfox in pinellas pcounty. pwe're starting off with this pfirst crash in pinellas. pthis is along ridge road. pnorthbound direction, just one plane is passing. pthat left lane is where all the pdrivers are getting through. pjust north of ulmerton. pyou can see the vehicle involved pin a wreck. plook look pretty heavy front end
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pemergency crews hadded to assist pa child briefly stuck inside pthat vehicle. pso we'll get you more pinformation as soon as we can. pbut in the meantime looks like palternate 19 is going to be a plittle bit of a quicker route pfor you. plooks pretty clear in that pnorthbound direction through pthat stretch. pjust north of ulmerton. pmeantime also in pinellas pcounty. pthis is 275 at pinellas point pdrive. pwe have a crash reported in the parea. pyou can see looks pretty jammed pup in northbound direction. pwe do have lane blockages preported. pwe do have delays building pbasically pinellas pointe drive pup to 54th avenue south. pso plan stroo time outdoor you pcan keep an eye on it a keep you pupdated. p>> we know you will. pthank you. phappening today, this is great a plocal marine and his family will pget the home that he they all pdeserve. pthis is a part of the military pmake over show that you may have pseen on the lifetime tv network. pfor more on all of this get to pwalter allen in pinellas park. pthis marine, has a purple heart precipient, right?
8:18 am
pactually right here on the pmantle. urple heart recipient. pdevin kyle is his name. phe was actually shot in pafghanistan at number of psurgeries since he's been back. pmilitary make over. pthat'sing what go to happen ptoday. pone co-hosts, biggest ersonality anyway. pthe good morning. psomething like 90 surgeries. p90. pvery serious wound. pwe're, you know we look for eople so we can help them out. pthey are veterans. pwe all love our veterans. pyou know, you hear all the time pabout the veterans being treated pbadly. pnot by us. pnot by people. pnot by american citizens. pbecause every one of us has pniece nephew cousin a daughter psomebody in military. pwe treat the military quite pnicely. pall of us do. pi think you got a little problem pwith va hospital.
8:19 am
pgreat ones too. pbut, when they are not great you pknow about it. pyou know. pbut, this is the least we can pdo. pwe come in and we, we deal with pthe veterans organizations and plocal area. pwe find out, we find deserving pfamily. pthis family is very deserving. ptrust me. pthey got cute little girl i call pher rock star. pshe never stops moving. pshe's go getter. pwhat about kyle's story that preally jumped off the pace for pyou? phis story is really not much pdifferent than any other warrior pstory that goes into war gets in pcombat and ends up wounded and pgets medevaced and has to go pthrough all of this. pthe problem is once we bring pthem back that's when the real phard work starts. phe has been rehabilitating for pthree years. pnow, can you really hold down a pjob for those three years that pyou got to be in and out of the phospital and get an operations i pguess not.
8:20 am
pand this house is kind of a nice plittle neighborhood. pnot bad. pand bought the house. pbut house was in not really good pshape. pso we were looking for a veteran pand his family to look after and phelp out and kyle popped up. pthe retired military and pveterans organizations, local pveterans organizations pointed phim out and said here's our guy. pso here we are. p>> awesome. phey. pwe're going to leave it there pwe're running out of time we'll ptalk at 9 o'clock. p>> all right. pi'll be here for you. pall right sounds good big reveal pcoming up 3:30. p56 and the 102nd. peverybody welcome to come out pthank you. pand come out and cheer on kyle pfamily as they take the keys to ptheir revamped and military make pover house. pguys. retty cool. pi got to tell you, this is retty cool today. pthis is neat to see.
8:21 am
retty neat. pall right talk later man, pthanks. p>> but they say hoo ra sem per f pi. pinformation that could help you psway the scale in your favor. pthen have you ever seen the head pof a 21 foot crocodile? pwell you're going to. pfossilized version. pguess what. pthey've got it in hillsborough pcounty. pall ahead at 9 o'clock. pand charley belcher at cigar
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pshow us how our favorite suds go pgood day tampa bay i'm charley pbelcher coming to you from cigar pcity brewery. pif there arp rock star bigging prock star when it comes to tampa pis this guy right here. pjoey is the godfather of craft pbeer in tampa. p>> man, that's a lot of ressure. pin reality most successful craft pbrewery. pyou paved the way for a lot of pmen and women who now in this pbusiness in tampa bay and pthriving. pshoulders are giants a lot of eople here doing a lot of great pthings before me. pwe kind took ball and ran with pit. pbob sylvester and had a brewery
8:25 am
p>> tampa bay brewing company was pdoing great things. pbut you know they were a brew ub i had been around the pcountry and saw what some ossibilities. pi thought some things that we pweren't doing, i just decided i pwas going to try to do more of pthose things. pyou want to build a better beer. p>> right? pand you did. p>> yeah. p>> there you go. pdid you, in fact you sold your pfirst one 7 years ago yesterday. pyeah. p>> yeah. pcould you ever have foreseen 7 pyears down the road where you pare now? pyou know it's funny i phandwritten projection where i pthought we would year out year pout i thought about year 5 two pyears ago we'd been doing about p5,000 barrels. pwe did over 61,000 barrels last pyear. pwrong. pthat's the right wrong. pif you want to be. pbrewing now? phead? pyou know, if you count just pstraight sort of different
8:26 am
por taking one beer and aging it por something. pwe probably have done four, 500 pdifferent ones. pif you look total portfolio paround a thousand. pduring at course of an 83 year pwe probably do 35 to 70 pdifferent beers really just pdepends on tank space pavailability and how things open pup. psome beers take longer to make. pespecially when you're aging pthem on other ingredients. pso sort of depends on how tank putilization falls how we can pshove through the year. pwhere do you, how do you pcontinue to grow? pis it, nationwide? pis it better brews? pbetter recipes. pjust barrels sold. pi think that success for any pbrewery sort of keeping, keeping pyour approach to brewing true to pthe reason you got into it. pand then also bes as you get plarger you really have to have pthis just unwaivering focus on pconsistency and quality. pyou know it has to be same pexperience every time. pwhen you're a little bit smaller pas brewer you can sort of you
8:27 am
pdoesn't necessarily have to be pthe same beer every time as long pas it good experience every ptime. ponce once you start down the proad of being a packaging pbrewery when someone goes to pgrocery store and bring six pack pit has to be same experience pthey had you know, time before pthe time before the time before. pso, you really have to invest in pthat. pwe've, amean we've thrown tons pof money and time and focus on pthe q a q c side to make sure peverything we make is what we pmade previous time. pquality control. p4:00 a.m. newscast just a good p9:00 a.m. newscast. p>> exactly. palways a pleasure. pi'm always rooting for home team pand a rooting for cigar city.
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pcraft pfrom tampa bay beens's number pone news station, this is good pday tampa bay. p remember this? pbox of puppies left on the side pof the road. pthey were abandoned no place to pgo. pcould have easily died. pbut this morning they're back phealthy and up for adoption. pcute as they can. pfox 13's alcides segui has been poutside humane society of tampa pbay all morning long. pjoins us there again. phow you can take one of these psweet puppies home. pgood morning, alcides. pgood morning to you. pis it tarts at 12 o'clock here phumane society. pthey took in 8 of them punfortunately one passed. ptwo of them have been adopted pout. pone of them by a foster parent. pand second one by our own photo pjournalist john deal who saw psome video of him came down here pand wanted to adopt them. phe's actually over there.
8:32 am
pway, guys. pso we have dr. nicole, i it was pnicole and danielle as well with phumane society of tampa bay. pwe actually had video of this plittle gal. pand you guys got late january, pfound in box on the side of the proad someone found them and pbrought them to you guys. pvideo you should looking now you pcan kind of see her front legs pare she was bow legged her legs pwere coming in. pwhen you come back out live, you pwill see that her legs are pactually a little bit bow legged pbut not nearly as bad how did plike that happen surgery? pno from poor nutrition. pthey call it rickets when they pare in a cage and crunch and pholding their legs under she was pwalking on top of her feet. pso with good puppy fooded and roper nutrition, and she has pstraightened up and her bones pare allowed to grow and pstraighten properly. p>> naturally.
8:33 am
psplint them. pnothing but exercise physical ptherapy and good food. p>> yeah. p>> talk about the dogs, from pwhat we can tell the rich backs psome sort of a mix because the pback p>> yeah. pand you have for adoption where pcan people go. pthey can come over here to the pshelter at noon. pshut up. pi didn't even see that outside. pmorning. pthey've been out here sometimes eople come here 8 o'clock. pthey sit there for 4 hours to be pfirst in line to wait for puppy pthey want to say other stay pbehind them they hope they don't pwant it and pick it up. p>> well. pbest thing is especially when pyou have animals like this and uppies to watch the website. pwe do surgery on them. pthey become available around p7:00 that night on on our pwebsite people will see them and pbe first in line to get them. psometimes you have surgery you phave put hold on them. ptheys than good they are taken pby time people open the doors. pgreat thing.
8:34 am
pwith us. pwhat is this little gal's name? pshe's hope, i think. phope. pi think they changed it. phope thank you so much for pjoining us as well. pstill 5 ridge back mix dogs pstill available again go to phumane society of tampa bay. pand i think a little less than p200 bucks. pit comes with shots, it comes pwith micro chip and also comes pwith year supply of heart worm, pflea and medication for at fur pjust to make sure they continue pgrowing their fur. p>> they game them for the heart pworm. pthis is it flea and particular. pand what curing them. p>> there it is for more pinformation go to our website ptoo. pthere's a lean outside. pguys. pwe got to talk to them coming up pin next hour. psee we knew it would happen. pjust a matter of time. pwe made a difference this pmorning. p>> i love that. pway to go alcides. phard sell. pthank you. pso cute.
8:35 am
p>> i'm still laughing at his preaction shut up. pthere's line out there. pshut up. pthat is true, alcides. p>> yeah. pit is. pyou talk to him, regular life. pthat's how he talks. pit's amazing. p>> oh, boy. pwe are at 70 degrees outside on pthis lovely thursday morning. pand normally we would be in pupper 50s. p73 already in brandon. phe'll honest with you happy if pthat was the end of the day. pbut our normal highs in mid 70s por so. pwe do have some spots in mid to pupper 60s as we're going a plittle further inland i heard pthere a storm blowing in from palaska. pladies and gentlemen and captain pkeith. psquall coming in on this one. pyou know what, that, let me show pyou this real quick, okay? palaska, look at alaska. plook how big your state is. pcompared to our little tiny pstate. pdo you see that?
8:36 am
phold on. paren't you doing weather with me ptoo? pweather is going to be fantastic pdave by the way. phe doesn't really know what's pgoing on. pdo a couple of temperatures. pgive me a couple temperatures. pgoing to be 67. pwe've got wesley chapel about p70. pdown in was don't you choo u la pgoing to be 69 arcadia going to pbe beautiful. p>> yes. p>> and then, down here going to pbe 65. poh my gosh. pover here. pthat's the weather for this pmorning. pwhoa. pdid not see that one coming. pjust jump to forecast. pi can't top that. p83 degrees for today. pit will be warm. pit will be breezy for you.
8:37 am
pand then for tomorrow, kathy pcaptain keith took all of my pweather time. pnext 7 days, oh, boy. pwhen's he's going back? panyway. pwe will have 80s through pweekend. p40 percent rain chance going pinto sunday afternoon to monday. pi've never seen you vanessa psurprised like that before. pa little flustered. pflustered right there. pwow. pthat's quite a morning. p>> can we just do the interview? p>> all right 8:37 let's check in pon pinellas county. premember of course in the las preport i talked about the crash palong 275 in pinellas point pdrive report on fhp's website we inpointed this a bit further pnorth on f dot cameras. p54th avenue south is where we're pactually seeing the lane pblockage. pit looks like we just have one pof those travel lanes passing pwhere this merges in pinellas pbayway. pwe're seeing back up in area. pbacking up actually beyond inellas point at this point. pand getting towards the skyway pbridge.
8:38 am
pso minutes. psop plan that extra time outdoor pif you have to head that way. pmeantime lightning congestion pnorth bond 275 crossing howdy pfranklin bridge heading up to pi-4 still dealing with same pdelays and travel times though. pthat's about an hour ago along pi-4 westbound m l k to 275 is an p11 minute ride. pall right vanessa thank you. pman in south florida remains at plarge this morning after pbreaking into a neighbor's home ptwice. pin less than 24 hours. pthe homeowner says the p26-year-old michael rodriguez pcame into her home tuesday night pat 7. pand then again at 11:00 a.m. on pwednesday. prodriguez then made off with pthousands of dollars in jewelry. psubstitute teacher seminole pcounty arrested after she showed pup drunk in a classroom of psecond graders 52-year-old holly pjoel now faces charges of pdisorderly intoxication and pdisturbing peace. pofficers in san sword say school psecretary and another staffer pbecame sishs suspicious of her
8:39 am
ptuesday when principal asked her pto stand she stumbled and fell. palso unable to answer what day pof the week it was. p>> north korea responding to new psanctions this morning by firing pshort range ballistic missiles pinto the sea. pcountry also says it will pliquidate all korean. pin this after yang launched its pfourth nuclear test and released pa photo next to what appears to pbe a nuclear warhead. p>> okay. pmorning. pas well as being captain of the pwizard on discovery channel's phit show dead elementariest pcatch keith is also letting cat pout bag here a classically ptrained chef. phe joins us this morning. pi think you already introduced pyourself a few minutes ago in pthe weather. p>> captain keith. pcome here my friend. pi appreciate it. p>> that was a different kind of pweather report, right?
8:40 am
peverybody at home enjoyed it. pwhat brings you all the way from palaska, all way down here to pflorida right in middle of p>> we're my boat's working right pnow. prunning the boat. phe's doing all work and you're pgetting paid. phe's doing all the work i'm pgetting paid. p>> that's what happens when you pown the boat. pso you came down here for preason. pths really awesome. pbecause just tell everybody pabout it i'm down here publix pmarkets whole southeast selling pmy crab. pcrab we caught on my boat pnormally you can sure where you pgot the crab. pbut crab at publix is selling. pcaptain keith's catch on it was pcaught on my boat and in last pfew months. pi've always said to my wife pbecause i watch show preligiously. pi've always said awant to go palaska king crab or whatever it pis. pi'm like i never knew where it pwas coming from you're telling pme individual stores i can go in
8:41 am
p>> absolutely. pthere we go. ptoday from 12 to 2 you're going pto there university parkway in psarasota. pthey are going to do a cooking pdemonstration. pi'm not sure, you're not doing pthat but you're going to be pthere to support and help and pmeet some people and all of your pfans. pwho knows what i'll end up pdoing. pi might end up cooking it myself p5 to 7 at the gunn highway near pcitrus park. pshops citrus park publix as pwell. pyou're going to be there. pi'm going to bring my family. p>> i'm bringing them out there. plet's talk about the show. pmight end up on the boat. pno, no i can't have that. pspeaking of, you know what pyou're been nicest person. pyou're walk in door you're pcomplimentary, you're this and pthen i see you on show i'm pafraid to go on your boat. pwhat this is persona you have on pthe boat? p>> you know what i'm a little pdifferent when i'm not at work. pi'm not, you know what, i'm not pgood point. pgood point. pdid you think, this is going on
8:42 am
pdue athink when all this started pyou came on board, that it would pbe continuing to go like this pand it just gets bigger and pbigger every year. pyeah. pi started 30 years ago. plike my first year i was sitting pthere waist deep mucking out of pa tank, yeah, what in the hell pam i doing. pwe had no idea it was going to plast this long or even begin to pstart. p>> the most impressive thing to pme is you think oh just a bunch pof guys catching crab every year psomething seals to be different pyou solve different problems and pgo through these crew and just, pevery year it's just how you get pthrough all of this you've got pcold, you ever got lack of pdaylight. pyou've got so much going on. pyou know, it's, that's one thing pthat kind of keeps us on our ptoes is every season something pcrazy is going to happen. pwe don't know what it is. pwe don't know when it is coming. pwe, just have to prepare for the psomething you can't prepare for. pthen we just deal with that.
8:43 am
pcontrol experts. pwe're teachers, we're educators. pwe're psychologists. pand we're sometimes we got to be pjerks. pwe're running out of timereal pquickly i read once there's 100 ercent chance of injury in that pa positive profession. pwhat positive sayses people p>> i'm going to take on job i pknow i will get hurt. pi just don't know how bad. p>> really? pis it the money? pthe adventure what is it that pkeeps people back each year padventure drove me there. pmoney now just a passion. p>> yeah. pwell, we look forward to seeing pyou today. psarasota, 12 to 2. ublix university walk. pand then, shops citrus park from p5 to 7. pcome meet captain keith. phe is pussy cat compared to way pyeah. p>> he is in rare form today.
8:44 am
pthanks, dave. pstill to come, we're going to pget our hands dirty again. pcoming up after break we will pshow you how to properly fert the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today.
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pwe're out in good day garden pagain with our friend widwam porganics. pwhen last we talked you were pcleaning out the garden. pthat's right. pwe were using that big old broad pfork to get it ready for more lants. pthat's right. pwhere are we todaywe dug it owl pflipped soil over and broke it pup and smooth it back out. pwhat i've done so far is i've, i padded some compost. plet me go ahead and finish that. pi think right behind you. p>> okay. pwe will finish putting compost pin. pthis is like making a big cake.
8:48 am
p>> right. pthen we will stir the compost pout. pnext step you want to mix it pinto the existing soil. pi use this motion right here pwith my hands. phey i'm going to ask you a pquestion while you're doing pthat. pwhat if somebody says i've done pthis before i've already done pthis once why do i have to do it pagain every time you plant. p>> every time. p>> that would be about every pthree months, four months, 5 pmonths or so you're going to predoing this going to be topping pit off with soil. pwhen you harvest it time to do pthat's right. pturn the soil, you're going to padd more compost. padd more fertilizer before you ut your new plants in for the pokay. p>> there we go. pall right. pand before i smooth it out i'm pgoing to put my solid pfertilizers in. pgrandular 566 that we sell. pa nice amount of calcium in it. pbecause we already heavily pfertilize this in the beginning
8:49 am
puse a little bit of roughly, you pwant to use between a pound and pa three pounds of a 566 every 32 psquare feet. pwidwam organics. pwe will sprinkle this into the pbed. p>> okay our 1200 which givers it pa little extra kick of nitrogen. p>> you sell that? pwe sure do. p>> okay. pand i usually put in about half pof that of what i put in with pthe 566. pokay. pwe're just going to mix it in pand smooth it out. p>> okay. pand that's it. pthat's it. pnow we put seeds in. p>> okay. p>> what's our time? p30 seconds. pyou want to put seeds in today por you want to? pwhy not.
8:50 am
preally cool, striped zucchini. porganic heirloom. pi snuck in couple seeds right phere so we could get a little phead start. pzucchini is already coming out. pone of the reasons i put pzucchini and cucumbers and stuff pin this garden bed i think in ptampa one easiest things to grow eople have heck of a time with pit. pas this stuff comes up we will pgo over how to probably take pcare of all of your summer psquashes. pi know we have to go. ptake one more and please show eople, show me how to put that pin the ground. pbecause i want to see that pclosely. p>> well just, i just want to see pi'm not ever sure i know how to pdo that right. ptake your finger stick it in pthere cover it up. pyou've already fertilized. pi will grow grab watering can pand water it in. pget good water. pwe have automatic irrigation phooked up we will still water pthem in with the watering can. pokay. pgood? pthank you, dave. pgreat. pthank you. pa little tweeting there.
8:51 am
pi'm amongst the barrels. pbarrel aged beer. pat cigar city. pstick are we're celebrating ptampa bay beer week.
8:52 am
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8:54 am
pgood day tampa bay i'm charley pbelcher coming to you from cigar pcity brewing there. pare you brew he headquarters pthere in tampa. pmaking some pretty good signs phere. pwe're celebrate tampa bay beer pweek. ptalking to sean about at barrel page iggy process. pthis has become all of the rage pfor craft brewery barrel aged pbeers. eople are going crazy for them. punique character a little bit. pa lot of character that comes pin the barrel. pwe use a lot of whiskey bourbon, pbien barrels. preally cool ones over there pwe've got barrels barley wine in pstuff. pbasically these barrels that we psee were used to make wine or pbourbon or whiskey. pthat distil you put beer in it pand beer will pick up the notes
8:55 am
pin just like spirit going to ex pexpand contract inside barrels pgo into wood and come out. pso at lot of char that will mix pup with the beer and add a lot pof flavors to it hints bourbon pwithout all of that, all that pand you're going to have a lot pof the a little bit more acidity pfrom wine. pyeah the beer, depending on what pyou put into it definitely picks pup a lot of barrel character. pyou're in charge of cellar here. pa honing we leave a temperature, phumidity to the wood and barrel. pabsolutely. pa lot of moving parts. pa lot of moving parts. pyou really have to pay pattentions in tampa a hot a lot pof times we have a barrel aged a plittle bit shorter. pi'm surprised we're not in a pclimate controlled room. phumidity good for this process. pnot bad. pbut we because of the humidity pand temperature, it goes into pthe wood.
8:56 am
pof time. pboth if you're in more colder pair then going to contract out pof barrel go back in. pbut we're in barrel a lot more. pquicker. phow can people drink this? pbecause you don't seal this in pstores per se. psometimes we have some limited preleases that go out to public plike barrel age that was aged in pbourbon barrels this year. pmajority of time you have to go pthrough our club our special prelease club. pnice. proom here. pif we have any other one offs pthat aren't going to club mostly psold in tasting room. pclub is way to go you will able pto taste what you're pexperimenting with. pmajority of barrels are pearmarked for club right now. pnow go through the process how plong do you stay in barrel? pbetween 4 to 8 months. poh, wow. pthat long you ever coming up pafter investing 8 months
8:57 am
pto have some i don't want to plosers but ones that aren't pquite as good. pbut wooushl yeek find good pcharacter in it and there's palways something to blend with, palways a way to make your beer ptaste better. pthat's fascinating. pi'm fascinated by whole process. pevery time i met you guys you're art artist and part chemist. p>> it's a lot of science with plot of especially with lot of pblending. psensory, yeah you need good
8:58 am
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