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tv   FOX 13 1000 News  FOX  March 10, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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good night, america. 3 (kelly whatever happened to former american idol co-host brian him. >> whatever happened to former "american idol" co-host brian
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why he >> i think frankly the republican establishment or whatever you want to call it should embrace what is happening. >> what donald trump's opponents are doing to stay in the game. >> i'm so theep part of florida. >> the two democrats push to win other bay-area voters. >> the violence has to stop.
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>> and anger and outrage in st. pete after a 3-year-old child is injured in a drive-by shooting. >> good evening and welcome. i'm mark wilson. >> and i'm kelly ring. thank you for joining us everyone, well, a fiery face-off is underway in miami, with donald trump and his opponents in a heated debate. it's do or die for marco rubio to stay in the game, and trump had a big lead in the late et cetera florida polls and this is really the last stand for his rival and so give us a run-down of how they are doing. >> all of the debates are feisty and this one has been as well but this one is far more civilized and far more focused on substance.
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candidates collectively realized what they were doing was not working and was hurting their party, and the audience is also a lot more civilized, props to florida on that. and there was a lot about education and common core, and a lot of opposition. one of the challenges the rest of the party and the panel had to do with donald trump is they didn't have much opportunity to draw a sharp contrast with the front-runner and i would say the biggest came about 10 minutes ago when donald trump himself was asking about remarks he made about muslims. >> you told cnn, "islam hates us" and did you mean all 1.6 billion muslims? >> i mean a lot of them. >> he says what people wish they
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presidents just can't say anything they want, it has consequences here and around the world. >> and i picked that to show you what a contrast we have here. yeah, you have an exchange between donald trump and rubio, but not in the juvenile exchange between the two from just days ago. >> rubio is in a very tough fight right now. can this debate help him to close the gap with trump? >> the debate alone? probably not because you have to remember that 40% of the returns are in in florida and you can't move the needle very much, but rubio is doing himself a great deal of credit among those who have not yet voted. he is going back to what worked for him in 2010 when he focused
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focused on the need to address the national debt when donald trump said we need to do this by going after fraud and abuse, and rubio says yes, but there is more to it than that. >> let's get rid of fraud and abuse, and be careful about how we spend foreign aide but you aid but you have to look at the spending. it is one of the major issues confronting america and it's barely been asked in any of these debates and we are going to have to deal with it or exprain to explain to our children why they inherited this disaster. >> and that is what got him this far, and he is doing it again tonight, but with much of the florida vote in you have to ask
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>> thank you, we'll be checking back with you. >> and clinton was at the ritz in ybor city while sanders was at the fair grounds, and the mood of the sander's cam pairntion what campaign,what is it like? >> the 9,000 people here tonight believe they are in a position to shock the political world, yeah, clinton has t lead in the polls but sanders believes he can shock people. he is getting bold. >> getting the feeling that what we saw in michigan we're going to see here in florida! >> he is again looking at 25-point poll deficits and at an opponent who is not only well-funded but who is tapping into a state-wide political
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during his run for president but sanders remains undowntowner undaunted. >> the reason there is so much momentum for this campaign is because we are doing something radical in politics, we are telling the truth. >> hillary clinton spent the early afternoon in ybor city trying to prove she learned the lessons of michigan. >> i know how important the port is to this city and the entire area. it supports 80,000 jobs, good jobs. >> further while her crowd was much smaller she still boasted her own enthusiastic supporters. >> i made little hillary balloon. >> i specifically became an american citizen to vote for her. >> she is the most confident
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seals the deal for for me. >> sanderring sanders did not mention her lead but clearly believes there is no substitute for momentum. >> if there is a large voter turn-out we will win. let's make sure there is a large voter turn-out. thank you all! >> and one thing about the democratic delegates is they are awarded not vanya winner-take-all, but proportionally and that means that sanders could have to tip away at clinton's lead but he believes if he can come close to winning or tieing or being in a dead heat he believes he can continue to slow down the momentum that we have seen hillary clinton build across the deep south. >> it is amazing the middle of
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and craig patrick spoke one-on-one with candidate candors sanders and you will hear more of that tonight. >> and a 3-year-old little girl is injured in a drive-by shooting. she is in the hospital and josh, how is she doing? >> kelley, let's start with this. she and the 23-year-old shot earlier today are both doing okay. as you said, that 3-year-old little girl, jayla being treated here, around as for police they are continuing to look for a while had white dodge challenger, but this is causing a level of anger and frustration among the community and leader who is say this senseless gun violence has to
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>> intended or not,jayla mack found herself somewhere no child ever shood, should, in the cross-hairs. she was on her porch when a white dodge challenger drove by and bullets started popping. >> she was screaming and they had her in their arms. >> she was hit in the stomach, an innocent little girl suffering the burn of a bullet. >> i'm sick, i'm a parent, that someone would shoot a 3-year-old? what does that say about that person. >> in a neighborhood full of children, causing anger among community leaders sick and tired of this senseless gun violence.
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us put the bad people away. don't do it yourself, because it's not making your community at risk. holliman. he has been through this before. >> it's not this person was shot so i'm going to do it to them. let us do it. moving. >> and far too much for a 3-year-old who had no idea what was going on. >> enough is enough. we have had enough. >> police have not figured out why this happened. holliman has been treated and released from bay front hospital. we don't have much on jayla's condition but do know her injuries are not life threatening. >> all right, josh, thank you very much, and now an update on
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attempted abduction, the sheriff now says the 11-year-old girl made up the story because -- listen to this -- she did not want to walk home from the bus stop. she said a man tried to lure her into his car because her mom was in the hospital. and the sheriff even had a sketch, and now the little girl has written a letter of apology. >> and tampa fire/s fire/rescue say they have seen a big bump in medical calls related to spice. they had 22 calls over the weekend related to the drug. and coming up a special needs student is left alone on a school bus. >> two times!
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he had been left on this bus. >> so what went wrong and who is facing charges. after the break. >> i don't dwell on what my life could be, because if i do, it's too much. >> do you recognize this guy? brian dunkleman, co-hosted season one of "american idol". why he left the iconc show ic show and how he feels about it now. >> only a couple of dress degrees shy
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(vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake, home of the original steakburger. a bus driver and her attendant will likely be getting out of jail any moment now.. after they were charged with chi >> a bus driver and her attendant will likely be getting out of jail any hour now. they left a special needs student stranded on a bus, not one but twice. >> and evan, very serious charges here.
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they are felony charges. the sheriff grady judd saying all of this could have been avoided had the bus driver and attendant just done their jobs. >> gale brown, step forwards, please. >> it's been a long day for simmons. >> when two people ignore all of the rules there's not a lot we can do. >> other than put them in jail and we did that. >> sheriff grady judd has no sympathy for the women, saying they did admitted to not doing their jobs and leaving a 13-year-old special needs student asleep on the bus. >> when he woke up and looked around, there was no one on the bus.
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times, first on march 2. the bus attendant gathers her opportunity. the stranded student was forced to jump out an emergency exit window and hitchhike nearly 30 miles home. the child told simmons he was left the next day but she didn't believe him and they left him again on march 8. >> what were you thinking? him. >> investigators say the women had another child disable an alarm that was supposed to prevent a child from being left behind. now they are facing discipline and termination. >> as we said in the beginning of this report, they could get
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>> poor little guy, and hitchhiking 30 miles, that is scary. >> scary. >> thank you so much, evan. >> it's often a thankless job, we understand but these kids are important and we need to be taking every single precaution we can. >> thank goodness he is okay. more to come for sure. >> and it was beautiful today. >> a great day. >> it's been a pretty stunning weather pattern. we have had a little bit of everything. if you wanted cooler weather we had a little bit of that a couple of weeks ago, low to mid 70's and mao now we are into the low to mid 80's. and look at this stunning start to the day. wiewfl beautiful out there, high clouds heading toward the afternoon but hard to get better than this for midmarch. obviously if you don't mind the warmth out there, and i
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mentioned it was a warnl warm day but how about this one. 68 was the low this morning and even inner if you if you stepped out early this morning it was not all that crisp out there. you can pretty much stamp this and bring it over to tomorrow because we are going to be maybe a degree or two cooler and that means the varlspar championship, 88 all day long and the big difference tomorrow is i think we are going to see a little bit less in the way of a breeze throughout the day and so that may help the golfers out just a bit. an will atmospheric river is flooding louisiana but temperatures for us continue for the next few days and then
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later on sunday, and on into monday. at this point it looks like any time sunday afternoon is when we have the best chance of seeing shower activity. other temperatures out there in the upper 60's as you head inland, and low 70's in and around the bay. a pretty sticky air mass, and you may seeing see fog developing later on tonight, and so here is your satellite and radar view. this is what i'm talking about with this atmospheric river, a moisture source from the east pacific through mexico and through and right into the gulf of mexico and up through louisiana. mississippi, arkansas and on into the tennessee river valley just bringing a ton of rain, some areas of louisiana just over the last couple of days have picked up more than 20
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kind of siths sits here and doesn't move a whole lot, in fact, this is going take a few days to get to us. temperatures lit temperatures a little bit will cooler heading off to the north and west a bit. and you see the showers and storms continuing to pound the southeast but it's going take some time. yoo the day into the day on friday, still -- the winds may align just right where we get a couple of afternoon popping up but shower chances about 20% and sunday we'll start to see the moisture increase and with the southwest wind we'll see the showers starting near the coast and pushing to the east coast throughout the afternoon. partly cloudy and mild, and mid 80's for the next couple of days.
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and 30% chance for rain on monday. >> thank you so much, michael. new developments on the scary virus that is sweeping through dozens of countries.
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more and more concerned >> a journalism professor from the university of florida is in the national spotlight today as an expert witness in the hulk hogan lawsuit against gawker.
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whether publishing a private sex tape is newsworthy. he says not only is it not good journalism, but it's not journalism at all, and he talked about journalism ethics and balancing the public's right to know with potential harm. >> with the posting of a video that was secretly recorded in a private ped bedroom of my client, naked and engaged in sex without his consent would that violate basic journalism ethics. >> that is not journalism. >> gawker said the video was fair game because hogan bragged about his sex life in public. this case is being closely watched because a loss for gawker could have implications for freedom of speech.
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disease control and the national institute of health spoke about the zika virus and said the more to get. >> it turns out puerto rico is on the front lines of the virus. the cdc predicting it will infect one in five people there the next year, and they are trying to combat it by handing out screens and mosquito repellent but the cdc says that some of the mosquitoes are already developing resistance to common insecticide that we use and there is also evidence that the virus could impact even late-term pregnancies. >> in brazil they found 29% of babies who had moms who had symptoms of zika had abnormalities on their ultra
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they believe that develop. could still go development do still go on to have abnormalities after birth. >> the cdc says it's really important for preg woman who pregnant woman who have a partner who traveled to the area where zika is to use protection or ab abstain from sex. and they are cautioning women to avoid traveling to a country with zika if pregnant or planning to get pregnant. >> and what is driving hillary
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our hillary clinton are locked in a heated battle .. f >> bernie sanders and hinter are locked in a heated battle for the democratic nomination for president. both rallies support today ahead of the tuesday primary in fella and tonight hilly is leading. >> our craig patrick spoke one-on-one with bernie sanders. >> thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> okay, so if congress does not go along with single-payer health care would you support increasing federal funding for the low-income pool so people can get the health care they need. >> my entire life i have believed that health care is a right and i want to see people have health insurance and i will
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outrageous rip-off of the drug companies charges us the highest prices in the world for medicine and will do everything i can to lower rates and co-payments. >> and how would you prevent a flow of money out of the country. >> there are ways to do that, that tell corporations if they go abroad and they are american companies they will still have to pay their fair share of taxes. >> what specifically do you see in tampa bay that may be causing the discrepancies in tampa bay. >> it's happening all over this country, the rich are getting richer and you have a lot of people working for 8, 9, $10 an hour. >> and could you say that macdill should or should not be considered for further cuts or closure. >> i honestly could not say. this is not an issue that i have studied. >>
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>> and in terms of space, where should we go from here. >> the adequate funding of nasa is important, and it's not just space scholar ration, we have exploration. we have created a lot of products that are helping people right here on earth. >> and should it be higher or lower -- >> i would support increasing funding. >> but you have voted for decreasing funding in the past. >> it depends on the context, if we are raising the revenue we need to ensure that the children in america don't go hungry and we are rebuilding our infrastructure which is what i intend to do then i would support increase can funding for nasa. >> and should the government be in the business of subsidizing
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should we subsidize hurricane insurance. >> well, depends on where we are building, if people are building in flood zones, no, we have to take a look at that. >> and we will find out inif sanders overtakes clinton. clinton will be watching from miami, and sanders has not yet said where he will be. >> and the firestone grand prix is this weekend, and mayor kriseman was out this morning, and flags were no higher than half staff in recognition of the passing of first lady nancy reagan. >> we loved our visitors that come here for this race not only from our city but all around the world who came here to watch the
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world race on the best race course in the world right here for the grand prix. >> this is the 12th year it's been held in st. pete. >> when "american idol" burst on to american television screens in 2002, the show had two hosts, ryan seacrest and brian dunkleman but he did not come back for season two, and whatever the reasons he missed out on a chance to make millions and millions. >> that is true, and for years have been. >> the winner of "american idol" 2002 is... kelley clarkson. >> september 4, 2002. 23 million people watches the
10:35 pm
brian dunkleman was just30, and i would reach more people in that night than he would during his entire career. the show was on the brink of making television history but brian dunkleman did not return for season two. >> i do not dwell on my life because if i did, it's too much. >> he has come full circle. >> let's hear it for brian dunkleman. >> if my life were a movie, i might have walked out by now. >> it's where producers first took notice of the kid from buffalo and one of them urged him to audition for idol. >> i literally auditions three times in two days and was on set the following day. >> he beat out 3,000 people who
10:36 pm
>> somebody whispered to me, get ready for your life to change. >> in the final audition he was paired with ryan sea seacrest. >> we met that morning and had breakfast and the next morning we were working today. >> and there was growing tension. >> i wish i could go back and we would have gotten along great but there was a appropriate point where we drafted apart and we were antagonizing each other. >> and dunkl eman eman worried that he would be type cast. >> and two weeks before season started i had not heard, and did i quit before they fired me? it's possible, but my question
10:37 pm
>> dunkl eman eman was out, and seacrest used the show to build an empire. and dunkleman was a broken man. >> i thought about it first thing in the morning and last thing before i went to bed. >> how many years. >> maybe six. >> my agent sent me an e-mail saying this would be my year, but unfortunately he sent me that in 2002. >> and so maybe he won't get a star on the hollywood walk of fame, but he is okay with that. >> i'm proud that i was a part of pop culture history. >> congratulations, america, you made it happen, you have found
10:38 pm
>> well, dunkleman says he has not spoken with seacrest in all of those years and there are rumors he could make an appearance in the finale. >> and up next, a box full of
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>> the incredible t in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake,
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>> coming up in just a few minutes at 11:00, cuban drug traffickers caught right here in the bay area, but look at the high-end wheels seized in this elaborate bust. and a high-speed chase between deputies and a wanted man, all coming up on the fox 13 11:00 news. >> and see these puppies rescued
10:42 pm
road in tampa? a good samaritan found them and hings have turned around for the puppies since then. today the humane society placed them in new homes. >> those are precious puppies and they will all be gonna day be gone in in a day or two. when found they were severely dehydrated and had severe mange and were -- but look at them now. one young woman we talked with said she already planned to adopt a puppy and when she found out what happened to them, she was even more eager to help. >> we thought oh my gosh, and then i heard the story and i thought i could weal make a actually make a difference and get one that need
10:43 pm
>> look how sweet those faces are. the workers tell us they are healing and their fur is growing back and in about three weeks they will be healthy enough to be micro chipped and fixed and then they will be looking for their forever home. >> and how about that golf tournament down the road, a former major champ has jumped to the top of t leader board, but spieth? he is in danger of not making the cut, and then meet j.r.sweezey and see why he chose tampa bay over all of the other teams he could have played for. and then look at this, a long-boarder falling and falling and falling -- ooo! wh3
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ride-sharing services continue.... see how florida lawmakers are trying to help... tongiht at eleven. ****** ugh. i really shouldn't. no, you know what? i should. and i will. i deserve this. i'm
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>> we have some cool video, but scott we have to talk about this track today. do off good time? >> at 11:00 we're going share this with you, i got to take a
10:47 pm
andretti. >> and this guy is from texas and his friend shot this video. he was boarding and then -- just full off the clip, and the video stops abruptly when his friend rushes to help him. and the only reason we are showing you this in a light-hearted fashion is because he is fine. and you see that drop-off, but again, he is fine. he has a lot of scrapes on his body, though, i'm sure. ouch! didn't look like he had anything -- i guess he had gloves on. >> but what is he holding on to on the other side of that cliff. >> and a sneaky little fox is trending. a man was golfing with friends in ireland and this little guy
10:48 pm
around and what is he looking for? the wallet, he grabs the man's wallet and splits, and fortunately he dropped it on the other side of the bunker but he knew what he was looking for. >> i expected expected him to pull out a pop tart or a cookie, but he was going for the leather. >> and we ever unlikely pals, this puppy from sidney australia has befriended two little tiny ducklings and it's like i have them. his owners are fasterring them, and fosters them, andhe is protecting them. >> let's look -- >> you never know. >> i don't think you can see what we need to see, but, hey -- >> and maybe for good reason. >> look at that face.
10:49 pm
is good there, you don't need to come closer. >> all right, scott, take it away. >> today was not jordan spieth's day for sure. the number one golfer returned looking to defend his title but not only because it's just a really challenging course but the wind gusts were keeping guys from shooting as low as they hoped out there. let's head out for the opening round, and spieth was just a little outof sync. this is a bogey and this one shot right along the tree line and clipped one ofort trees of the trees and it was a massive hole for him to dig out of, he is 117, 5-over. but bradley was drieled dialed in, and
10:50 pm
that anchored put anchored putter. a big one on 18, he birdies three of the final holes and he is at 4 under, and then charles howe iii with a flawless approach and a tap-in birdie. but the big surprise of the day was a slow start from the defending champ. >> wasn't a very good round, i got off to a pour poor start and i was behind the eight-ball on a tough course with gusty winds, and so tough between finishing here and starting tomorrow, but tomorrow is a brand new day. >> it's the best round i have played but felt even more than the score just how comfortable i was.
10:51 pm
newest left guard was reportedly pursued by half a dozen other teams during free agency, but the bucked reportedly won out. >> everybody i talk so says we are on the brink of something special here and you know when you have multiple guys talking about it, it's real, something is going on here. >> drew smilely has had another solid outing for the rays pitching for the fourth inning, striking out three while giving up two hits and no runs. he is head-hot red-hot this spring. and he hits his first homer of the spring and has 8 rbi's. and nuez doing the work on the
10:52 pm
19 points and then demarcus cousins, with a little flash, and the alley-oop and that seals it, 71-66ufs wins it. and mike white knows that florida meets a couple of wins. and on this drive, a goal tend, and the hogs down just one. florida's next trip down and it's casey hill. top of the key and the strong drive, finishes with the reverse there. he led all of the guys off the bench with 18 points, and florida advances and they will face top seed texas axe & m tomorrow, and a & mtomorrow. >> march madness is starting soon. >> i love it.
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life-saving gift she is (vo) you can check on them. you can worry about them. you can even choose a car for them. (mom) honey, are you ok? (child) i'm ok. (announcer vo) love. (mom) we're ok.
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a beautiful day out there. witness stand the beautiful day you get a beautiful sunset. judy send this one in, pine island beach up of the naish nature coast, and what a gorgeous sight out over tampa. jeremy wilson sent this one in, just a great, great picture out over tampa bay there. 72 in brandon, 68 up in sebring. for tomorrow, very similar to what we got today, so if you thought today was a little on the warm side, you are still going to fiepped it a little on the warm side tomorrow, and if you thought today was perfect? good news, tomorrow will be perfect, too. you see these showers and storms right here? it's going take a while for that to make its way a little bit east.
10:57 pm
plowd and mild and tomorrow, 84. sun and clouds, warm and fairly humid and more warm weather to come heading into the weekend. details on your sunday coming up in just a bit. >> tired at work? you are not alone, three out of four employees admit working tired and most say it causes them to make mistakes and most say they would take a nap on the job if their boss allowed it. and some companies are saying that finding new workers is a major problem, the biggest issues are finding them finding people and then not having them work out.
10:58 pm
bell beefing up the battle over breakfast, they plan brand new $1 items, now i'm hungry, that's business, i'm charles fanx. >> and now let's play for lotto. >> some did dispointing news for the strawberry festival-goers. >> tania tucker has been admitted to the hospital because of complications from bronchitis, but country singer john anderson will replace her, and tickets can be used for his show or refunded in full but you have to do that before 2:30 tomorrow an hour before the
10:59 pm
main ticket office, and so apologies but hopefully tania does better. >> and teachers give back to their students every day in the classroom but one teacher is giving one of her students a life-saving gift. >> she is donating a kidney to a first grader at her school. >> the first grader had end-stage renal failure, and smith saw what she was going through and wanted to help and so she got tested and found out she was a perfect match for this little girl. >> i'm so excited for her to have a happy life, just be free and be the little one she is. >> every single day when i was school, i go inside of her room and give her a hug. >> isn't that amazing? natasha is patiently awaiting
11:00 pm
think about the odds of that. >> and what a bond they will hav. >> and how thankful her family is. >> he thank thank you, guys. right now at 11:00 it's called operation hydro-hustlers. >> and our communities cannot tolerate this type of criminal behavior. >> 22 people arrests with high-end items, how deputies managed to pull it off. >> i'm not interested in being politically correct. i'm interested in being correct. >> do or die for mar marco rubio, but will it be enough. and why this suspect was trying to get away from deputies. >> we begin at 11:00 with a


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