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tv   FOX 13 500 News  FOX  March 14, 2016 5:00pm-5:59pm EDT

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pand any sign that trump had panything interesting to say what phappened friday night? pi imagine it was a slightly less pchaotic crowd. p>> he didn't anything in articular, although he did pallude that he did not want to pcall the protestors protestors. prather, he said they deserved to pbe called disruptors. phe also brushed aside their pcomplaints and their criticisms pand said that he was here to pfocus on the positive things pthat he could do for america and phe did call the protestors at pone point disgusting. pi also want to tell you that he prolled out several of his big pendorsements. phe rolled out several people, pone of them being a surprise pthat we learned about just at pthe rally. pfirst we were introduced to pgovernor sarah palin who we pdidn't know was going to be phere. pwe thought she was heading back pto alaska to be with her phusband.
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pchristie. phe came on stage to support ptrump and then chris christie pintroduced the florida attorney pgeneral, pam bondi. pwe did not know that was going pto happen today. pwe did not know that pam bondi pwould become at this point now pthe highest florida election pofficial to endorse donald ptrump's candidacy for the residency. plet's show you what it looked plike. phere is attorney general pam pbondi. pshe said she's proud to endorse pdonald trump because what she psays is frightening things. pshe said frightening things are phappening in america. pshe said that donald trump is pthe best candidate to protect pthe country. palong with going for the jugular pin florida, trump says he's ptrying to win ohio, although he padmits that's a closer race with pjohn kasich. ptrump argued if he wins both pflorida and ohio, that rubio and pcruz should drop out so that he pcan start to focus on hillary pclinton but here is donald ptrump. p>> look.
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pup. pwe can really change things and, pyou know, marco is not going to pdo it. plying ted -- thank you. pi will. pand lying ted, lying ted, lying pted pted. p>> our country and our world pneeds someone who is going to rotect our security like never pbefore. pand that's why i support donald. p>> during this rally there were pfour protestors who made their pway inside and who were pimmediately escorted by trump pand trump staff members once pthey began to protest loudly pinside. ptrump said that he loved tampa pand he said that he was psurprised that there were rotestors here. peither way, trump said that he pdid not want to see the lives of pthe protestors ruined by pcriminal charges but he did pallude to the fact that he would
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pcriminally charged or at least pcharged by police for disrupting pthe event. pnow, it is interesting that he pwas originally supposed to have pan event in florida on primary pday but that event has now been pmoved to ohio because he wants pto shore up his support there. phe believes that he has florida pin the bag at this point. phe's now going to have a rally pin youngs town, ohio on primary pday instead of here in florida. pthat is the latest from the pconvention center. p>> you mentioned the protestors pthat were inside the convention pcenter disrupting things. plook at this. rotestors were also outside the pconvention center, quite a few pof them. pjosh has been outside with them ptoday so what have you seen? pwhat have you heard there from pthe protestors? p>> it was definitely loud out phere. pthat's for sure. pat one point, the photographer pand i were in the middle of it pall as protestors and supporters pconvention center. pa lot of yelling back and forth
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pviolence, although i can tell pyou at one point it really pseemed like tensions could boil pover. pthings could happen if the wrong pthing was said or if a shove phappened. pthankfully we did not see that pbut things really heated up. pthat's the line getting into the ptrump rally cut off. pit reached capacity. pfolks outside, some of them got pnose to nose with some rotestors out here. pthere were 25, 30, maybe 40 rotestors out here. psome of the people got nose to pnose. pi want to show you what that plooks like. ptake a look. p>> what i make of all of this is pexcellent. pthis is amazing. pthis is what democracy is about. pwhat took place in chicago only pa few nights ago is the opposite pof freedom. pit's the opposite of democracy. pwhat you see here in tampa is eaceful people coming out to pexpress different ideas and pengage in fun discussions about
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pthe free world. p>> it was loud but thankfully, pthis is not chicago. pi do want to show you this pvideo. pmike caught this on his cell hone. pthis is a man being detained pnear the rally. pnow, the police say there have pbeen no arrests so far related pto the rally itself but one guy pbusted for having pot nearby. pwe believe that's what you're pseeing on that video right pthere. pall in all, again, though, pmostly non violence, a lot of pyelling and shouting out here, poutside the convention center pwhere donald trump spoke about pan hour or two ago. p>> thank you for that. psarah palin made a surprise pappearance at trump's rally ptoday. pthat was in spite of a scare for pher family. pshe thanked supporters for raying for her husband todd. phe was injured in a snow machine paccident last night in alaska pand is in the i.c.u. right now. al inis now in route back to palaska. p>> marco rubio just had a big psurprise for tomorrow. phe'll win florida.
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p>> tomorrow is the day where pwe're going to shock the country pand we're going to do what needs pto be done. pwe're going to win the 99 pdelegates here in florida. pand it's going to get us the pmomentum we need to go into parizona and utah and beyond pbecause what's at stake is too pimportant. p>> so can rubio pull off an pupset? pcraig has some new numbers ptonight from the fox 13 poll. phow shocked would you be, craig, pif he were to pull it off? p>> rubio needs a miracle. pfinal poll shows that rubio is ptrailing donald trump by 18 oints. pby the way, kasich in fourth lace in 10% there. pthe good news for marco rubio is pthat he has nudged up a bit psince our last poll. pappears to be winning over the plate deciders in florida. phis problem is there aren't that pmany of them left. ponly 2% say they're still
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ptime is running out. p>> okay. plet's before in the pollster. pwhat is driving this movement, pvia slight movely in rubio's pfavor? p>> probably because marco rubio phas been the candidate that pfor. pjays i can is in ohio, doing pother things. pquite frankly, i think that cruz pis sort of giving up on florida pto some extent. phe's certainly not pushing as phard as we thought he would or phe was earlier. prubio is gaining a little ptraction from that. p>> what do you expect to see in pthe early returns? pfirst numbers that come in on ptuesday night. p>> well, we have all seen it. pusually you get those numbers pout of the smaller counties and pso we'll probably see one of two pthings. psome of the smaller counties pupstate, up in the panhandle or pmaybe in the mid section of the pstate, they're going to come in pand they're probably going to pcome in pretty big for trump.
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pthere. pevangelical voters tend to be pstate. pbut i think as we get the preturns coming in for the larger pareas, certainly the i-4 pcorridor, southwest florida and palso across to southeast pflorida, we're going to the prubio numbers start to rise. pstrong. pi do not expect to have a big pgiant, overwhelming area that pgoes from one candidate over to pdonald trump. pi think we'll see it climb as pthe night goes through. p>> all right. pthank you for your perspective. pback to you. p>> the obvious question before pyou go, craig, can rubio keep pgoing if he loses tomorrow? p>> he can certainly stay in the prace if he so chooses but pmathematically it's not there pfor him. peven if he wins florida tuesday pnight, he would be far behind in pthe delegate count. prubio has said win or lose, he's pstaying in this to the end pwhether he has to drive around pin his pickup truck around the pcountry. pthat's what he'll do.
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pflorida will name the nomination pand those two statements will pcontradict if he loses and at pthat point, i think he may padjust his proposition and otentially drop out of the race ptomorrow night, if not shortly pthereafter. p>> it will be an interesting day pand evening. pthank you so much. p>> and on to the democratic side pnow, hillary clinton pushing her pcampaign full speed ahead. pshe and her husband are doing pdouble duty now. phillary making stops in i will ptoil reach out to latino voters pthere and also urged women to pget out and vote and bill pclinton is rallying support in pflorida. phe made stops in tallahassee and pflorida a & m university and pjacksonville. p>> she's the best change maker. pwe can't wait to make change. pwe can't wait to deal with these pchallenges. pwe can't wait to seize these popportunities. pthe old people have too much at pstake. p>> tonight he's speaking at
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p>> clinton's rival, bernie psanders is pulling out the pstops, too. phe's in youngs town, ohio. ptold the crowd that america has pa rigged economy and a broken pcriminal justice system. phe said his campaign is about pthinking outside the box. p>> no president can do it alone pand that's why we need a olitical revolution. pwe need millions of people to pstand up. pso this is not about me. pit's about us. pit is about the people of this pcountry saying, enough is penough. p>> primary voters go to the olls tomorrow in illinois, pmissouri and north carolina. pit is winner take all in ohio, pand here in florida. p>> incredible heroic twist in pthe story of a hillsborough pcounty deputy killed by a wrong pway driver.
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pthat accident says the deputy, phis final action was to put his pcar in between hers and the pwrong way driver, sacrificing phis life to save her and her assenger. pfox 13 is live at the sheriff's poffice with more. pthis amazing story, unbelievable pwhat this young deputy did in phis final moments there. p>> yeah, chris. puntil now, this really was the puntold story of this horrible pcrash and this driver, the third pdriver who was on the selmon pexpressway said she didn't want pto come forward at first but pdecided she had to go public pwith the story because she pwanted everybody to know that pthe deputy died a hero. pthis crash happened over the pweekend, early saturday morning pon the selmon expressway. phe had just finished a crash pinvestigation and was returning pfrom the hospital a little pbefore 3:00 a.m. er r pignored the warning signs.
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pcar on the road driven by sara. pher boyfriend was also in the assenger's seat. ptheir car was initially in front pof the deputy's and saw the pwrong way driver heading toward pthem. pshe said she flashed her lights pbut the car kept coming. plisten to how she described what phappened next. p>> when i realized that there pwas just nothing that i could pdo, i started to pull over to pthe side of the road. pthat hadn't even occurred all pthe way when the officer rushed paround. p>> he saved my daughter. p>> i was around him at a random erson, a random time. pi didn't know him. pand i love him for saving me. p>> god bless this guy. p>> man, that is why both those eople called this deputy a phero. petches just 30 years old, psix-year member of the pdepartment and from a family of plaw enforcement officers, his pfriends here at the sheriff's poffice says he's going to be pmissed. p>> he was our little brother. phe was a little brother you pcouldn't help but love.
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phe just -- he was there for you pwhen you needed him. p>> and investigators are still ptrying to figure out exactly how pthis happened. pthey were also trying to pdetermine if alcohol was pinvolved in the crash. pfuneral plans were also just pannounced. pthey're going to be friday at psaint timothy's catholic church. pthat's when the visitation is popen to the public and then pthere's going to be a funeral pservice immediately following pthat. pcoming up at 6:00, we're going pto have a lot more from that pwitness and from her father. pthese are statements that you're preally going to want to hear. p>> such a heartbreaking loss. pso amazing to hear what a hero pthis guy was. pthank you. ptwo other undercover officers on pthe hunt for a stolen car in st. ete ended up in a bad accident. pa car blew through a stop sign phitting their truck and the car pthat hit them was stolen also. pboth officers will be okay but pthis accident highlights a trend
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p>> friday was a long day for pjames. p>> saturday was even worse. p>> stole the car. pcall the police. p>> monday a near tragedy as the pstolen rental car slammed into ptwo undercover officers and this ptruck. pthe officers, one from tampa and pone from st. pete are part of a ptask force that searchs for pstolen cars. pthey were on patrol off central pavenue when this one ran a stop psign and crashed into them. pst. pete police say that parker pwas behind the wheel. phe had five teenage passengers pin the car with him and he was pdriving the stolen rental car. p>> the car was stolen but i pwasn't sure, you know. pi seen it again on tv. p>> agencies across the bay area phave been begging car owners to pkeep the car doors locked. p>> we dropped flyers. pwe've done everything.
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p>> nothing seems to work. p>> there are choices to be made pas a vehicle owner. pyou have a choice as to whether pyou leave your keys in your car por you put them in your pocket pwhen you leave. p>> so once again, police are pleft to repeat the same old pmessage. p>> please help us educate the ublic, by taking the keys and pdon't leave your car running. p>> hoping this time, someone is plistening. p>> jamal parker remains in pcritical condition. phis other passengers, five of pthem, have less severe injuries. p>> still ahead, it's the pdefense's turn in the hulk hogan pversus gawker sex tape trial. pcould bubba the love sponge be pcalled to testify? p>> still recovering after pgetting hit by a car, six years pago, now she really needs some phelp and a good samaritan is ptrying to help.
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pcoming right back. is the economy rigged? well, the 15 richest americans acquired more wealth in two years than the bottom 100 million people combined. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultra-rich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. the middle class will continue to disappear unless we level the playing field. with your help, as president,
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3 governor rick scott kicked off his "milli p>> governor rick scott was in pthe area, he kicked off his pvictory tour. pit's to celebrate more than one pmillion jobs created across the pstate in only five years. pgovernor scott went to five pcities, including st. pete. phe said more than 44,000 jobs phave been created over the year, pbringing florida's unemployment prate to 5%. pthat's the lowest jobless rate pin florida in eight years. p>> a good samaritan is trying to phelp a dog get wheels in polk pcounty. pshe's an 11-year-old pit mix who pgot hit by a car six years ago.
5:19 pm
psince and three weeks ago she plost control of her back legs pand can't walk. ptowel. ponce she heard her story, she pwanted to help so she called the pspca of florida. p>> they had a wheelchair here pand then all she had to do was pcome down here and try to fit pthe dog. pso i was really grateful because pi'm sorry. pi get really emotional. pand anything i can do to help a pdog, i'm going to do it. p>> unfortunately they just pcouldn't find one that fit girly pgirl. pnow the spca is asking the ublic for help. panybody that can buy or donate a pdog wheelchair, one that would pfit her, would be about $350 but pi'm thinking there might be psomebody out there that has one pthat could get recycled and that pwould be a beautiful thing, mike pbennett, you know? pyou don't need yours anymore? ass it on. p>> what a cute dog, too. pgreat message there. retty beautiful day out there
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ponce we get through the showers, phere is how the skytower -- or prather, the time lapse went. pyou saw the showers roll by. pmorning commute may be impacted pby a few of those showers early pon today. ponce they went through, though, pit opened up to a little more in pthe way of some sun. pright now seeing a little more pin the way of clouds. pstill 79 degrees. pwinds out of the south-southwest pat 60 miles an hour. pbreezy day overall. ptake a lake-effect at the prainfall. pthey dent see a whole lot of prainfall the last 24 hours or pso. pthe farther north you wint, the pmore in the way of rain we saw. psome areas picked up a half pinch. pthis is for the month so far. pabout all of this has fallen in pthe last 24 hours. pst. pete, a third inch. ptampa under a quarter inch. pclearwater about a fifth of an pinch and sarasota, you've seen a ptrace over the last two weeks. pin fact, you can take this even pfurther back toward the end of pfebruary. pmost areas in the last 2 1/2 to pthree weeks have not seen a pwhole lot of rain. pskytower radar, everything has pshifted off to the east.
5:21 pm
pthose have since moved off to pthe east. pwe're done are the rain for ptonight, done with the rain at pleast for the next sum of days. pdry and humid weather as we head pthrough tomorrow on into pwednesday. pthursday there may be a couple pof showers but really, overall pthe moisture in the rain pchances, they'll be increasing plater this week. pfriday and especially saturday pand on into sunday and overall plooks like a pretty unsettled pweekend. pby the way, we thought we were pdone with winter. pnot quite yet. psome areas may struggle to get pout of the 60s by the beginning pof next week. pcurrent temperature. p80 degrees. pdew point is 71. prelative humidity is at 74%. pwinds out of the southwest at 14 pmiles per hour. ptake a look at this. ptemperaturewise, we're at 80 pdegrees in tampa here. p28 in wesley chapel. p81 down in brandon. pmid to upper 80s as you head pthrough sebring and on into lake lacid. poverall temperaturewise, it's retty warm out there. pi mean, this is a pretty warm pafternoon.
5:22 pm
pthe dew points right now into pthe 70s. plow 70s out there. pdew points are at 72 in brandon, p67 wauchula, 70 in arcadia. pi mean, this is a pretty sticky pday for the middle of march. psatellite and radar view, you pcan see warm and muggy pconditions continuing across the parea. pcloud cover off to the south and peast. pi see drier weather, more psunshine as we head into the day pon tuesday. phere's how the future cast plays pout. pwatch out for patchy fog ptonight, especially areas to the pnorth. pmaybe a little too much wind the pfarther south and east you go. pwarm and muggy again on tuesday. pwe watch this next front papproach. pwednesday we're okay. pmorning fog, afternoon sun. pthursday it's going to be close penough where folks across the pnature coast, you may pick up a pfew showers but most of us stay pdry at least through thursday. psame can't quite be said for pfriday, saturday and sunday. p69 for tonight. pareas of low clouds and fog, pmild and muggy day out there.
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pthe day on tuesday, 81 degrees. pmostly sunny, warm and humid. phere is the seven-day forecast. ptemperatures into the low 80s pthe next few days. pmid to upper 80s inland. pst. patrick's day, showers to pthe north but overall, dry plooking. punsettled weekend. plook at monday's high, 69. pso return to winter just in time pfor spring. p>> i had a feeling old man pwinter wasn't done with us yet. ptonight at 6:00 a young woman paccused in a deadly hit and run pcrash is even more trouble ptonight leaving the crash after pkilling an elderly man. pnow she's skipped on a court pappearance. pwe're looking at the hunt to pfind her. pand the very latest mission to pmars underway but this one is pnot about looking for life on pthe red planet. psee what it's all about straight pup. psee you at 6:00. p>> all right, mark. pstraight ahead, good news for
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pway and what the money will this is a letter from someone who's here. she has to take a brand name drug. been taking it since the early 1980's. at that time it cost approximately $180 for 10 shots. the latest refill was $14.700 for the same 10 vials and the company is called valeant pharmaceuticals. i'm going after them. we're going to make sure it is stopped. i'm hillary clinton and i
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a criminal investigation is underway at a kellogg factory..after a video surfaced showing a man p>> criminal investigation is punderway in a kellogg factory pafter a video surfaced showing a pman urinating on the assembly pline. pthe video is traced back to a pmemphis factory in 2014. pthe company says it just learned pof it last week, that it pimmediately alerted authorities pand now the f.d. sachlt pinvestigating. pkellogg says that products that pwould have been affected would phave been past the expiration pdates. p>> it wound up in someone's pcereal bowl. pswitching gears, god news for ole polypeck university. pthe center will house research plaboratories, teaching labs and
5:28 pm
pschool leaders say this is just pwhat the students needed. p>> one of the big things that pthis university is a project pbased curriculum where students phave to build stuff. phave the supply research field pwill give them the equipment pthey need. p>> the center will be home of pthe institute for technology pentrepreneurship will help pcommercialize products which are pmade by the research. pgovernor scott could still line pitem veto the money but that pseems relatively unlikely. p>> more racy testimony in the phulk hogan versus gawker trial. pahead, what the gawker employee pwho posted that sex tape online
5:31 pm
p>> a care for four hulk hogan's p>> hulk hogan's manhood took pcenter stage today in the sex ptape trial involving gawker. phogan is suing gawker for post pag clip of a sex tape involving phim and the wife of his former pbest friend. ptoday it was gawker's turn. pgawker began the defense. pgloria gomez is here with the ptestimony. pgloria, it did turn extremely pgraphic. p>> it did. pi'll bet some jurors were pblushing during some of the
5:32 pm
pdid take the stand today. phe's the former editor of gawker pand during his testimony today, pi can tell you that he actually psaid that the sex tape was sent pto him by mail but he doesn't pknow who actually sent it. phe said when he watched the pvideo, he heard the voice of pbubba the love sponge. phe realized that hogan was phaving sex with bubba's wife, pwith bubba's blessing of the he psaid that was news worthy. p>> sometimes when you put pinformation out there to the ublic that you can come up pwith pretty callous but that is pmy job and that's the job of pjournalists is to just put pinformation out there. pit's fair and accurate. p>> he explained to the jury he pwas just doing his job as a pjournalist. phe said you can't get pemotionally invested in the pstories, no matter how if t
5:33 pm
pif it's news worthy, you have to preport it. phe was asked why he focused on phogan's private parts during the psex clips and without hesitation por apologies, this is what he psaid. p>> and the reason you wanted to pshow his penis in which you osted on the internet for peveryone to see is that you pwanted to add color to your pcommentary. pis that right? p>> are you reading from the pdeposition here? p>> i'm just asking you a pquestion. pthat's why you did it, right? p>> that's why i included images pof his penis? p>> yes. p>> the image of his penis, psometimes that's what happens pwhen two people have sex. pthere are nude body parts. p>> the judge ruled that bubba pthe love sponge will testify punder oath outside of the jury's resence. pthey will videotape it and air pclips of it for the jury but my punderstanding is that bubba the plove sponge is expected to plead pthe fifth during the testimony pbut we'll have to see what pactually happens.
5:34 pm
pthis week. pnow back to you. p>> thank you. pdeveloping right now overseas, prussian president vladmir putin phas asked for immediate pullout pof troops from syria. phe said that should help pstimulate political talks. prussia is coordinating with pbasad. phe said the coastal province and pa naval facility will continue pto operate. pthe cease fire began on february p27. psyria is largely held but both psides have accused one another pof violations. p>> we have new details in the pdeadly shooting of a police pofficer in maryland. pwe now know the detectives say pthe officer died from friendly pfire during the gunman's ambush. pthis happened last night just poutside of a community center pnext to a police station. olice say the shooting was punprovoked. pthe guy just walked up, opened pfire on the first officer he saw poutside the station. p28-year-old officer was hit and pkilled. pthree others are now in custody.
5:35 pm
pfilmed the incident, filmed the pshooting. p>> and a bend in the rail and phit the emergency brakes before pa trail derailed in kansas but pit was too late. p150 passengers and crew were on pboard. pnobody seriously hurt which is pamazing because five cars ended pup sideways. pinvestigators say that amtrak ptrain was travelling 75 miles an phour before the engineer pulled pthe emergency brake. pthe train was headed from l.a. pto chicago. p>> two winter haven men are punder arrest for stealing fire pextinguishers from the city's arking garage. pmost recent thefts that happened plast wednesday. ptwo have been arrested on grand ptheft charges. pat least 10 fire extinguishers phave been stolen. pthose are valued at $200. pdetectives tracked down the two pafter the truck was caught on psurveillance truck. pofficers spotted that in a pwinter haifr en
5:36 pm
p>> four men reported missing pwhen they didn't come back from pa deep sea fishing trip. pair crew went up and found them pabout 23 miles southwest of big pmarco pass just south of naples. pcoast guard crew from fort myers pbeach rescued them, took hem to pshore and everybody is okay. phow old is too old to get cancer ptreatment?
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5:38 pm
pchanging and she's coming no one likes being told they are p>> nobody likes being told pthey're too old to do something, pbut that's what happens to a lot pof patients when they're being ptreated for cancer.
5:39 pm
ptherapies assuming that older pamericans are too frail to ptolerate a more aggressive ptreatment but there are a few phealth care facilities out there pchanging the way they evaluate pcancer patients and dr. jo is phere to talk about that. pso what are these folks doing pdifferently? p>> they're trying to assess that pbio logical age more than the pchronological age. pwhat can they do? pwhat is their function? pwhat is their life expectancy? pwhen you look at some of these pinstitutions, they're pimplementing different screening ptools to find out where these eople are. pand so that can include a pquestionnaire, if they're going pto ask questions about do you pcarry your groceries? pcan you do your own finances? pare you taking your own pmedication? pthey're looking for mental and hysical capabilities but pthey're also taking it one step pfurther. pwe're hearing from ohio state pthey're also doing blood tests pand i think over time, they're pgoing to start looking although pthose blood tests, correlating pthat with functional capacity pand finding out which pindividuals may benefit. premember, people may live until ptheir 90s.
5:40 pm
poff at age 30, you're doing a pdisservice. pyou have to remember, you don't pwant to do more harm than good. pyou want to make sure they're pgoing to tolerate that chemo. p>> that makes sense to, like you psay, test them for boy -- pbiological. pthis is cancer treat m ment treatment. pyou think that might change for pother things? p>> we saw it last year with pmammograms. palthough they left it open ended pfor 75 and older, really and ptruly there are women out there pbeing screened at 75. pwe know that that mammograms do pthe best for women between 60 pand 69 but women are living plonger lives. pwe know that the treatment for pbreast cancer is really coming a plong way so i think we'll start pto see the numbers bump up. p>> before you go, tomorrow is pthe deadline for lots of people pwho have flexible spending paccounts. pwhat do they need to know? p>> apparently there's a grace eriod for many people for their p2015 spending account and it's pgoing to end on the 15th of
5:41 pm
pthe last moment, certainly there pare products you can buy and pthings like therapy packs, pbelieve it or not you can buy psome sunscreen as long as the pspf is over 15, first aid kits, pdefibrillators, even medicine porganizers and this is another pthing that was interesting to pme. psmart phone blood pressure pmonitors may be covered and also pshoe insoles, orthopedic psupports, thermometers, pvaporizers so there's lots of pthings out there if you haven't pspent it all, you might want to ptake a look. pi think the most important thing pis to take a look because for pexample, it may be that to make pa claim, you can make a claim on plast year's even if yours ended pat the first of the year. pyou may have until the end of papril to make that claim and not plose the money. p>> don't lose the money. pexactly. pthat's your money. pyou worked for it. pthanks so much. pscott? p>> in sports, the rays make a pbig opening day announcement. pwho will get the start on day pone?
5:42 pm
pagent, the quarterback is 32 pyears old. phe looks so young. phe plays young as well. phis story coming up. the sun'll come out tomorrow... for people with heart failure, tomorrow is not a given. but entresto is a medicine
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tomorrows possible. tomorrow, tomorrow... i love ya, tomorrow p in the largest heart failure study ever, entresto helped more people stay alive and out of the hospital than a leading heart failure medicine. women who are pregnant must not take entresto. p it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren. if you've had angioedema while taking an ace or arb medicine, don't take entresto. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure... ...kidney problems, or high potassium in your blood. p tomorrow, tomorrow i love ya, tomorrow r ask your heart doctor about entresto. and help make tomorrow possible. you're only a day away. is the economy rigged? well, the 15 richest americans acquired more wealth in two years than the bottom 100 million people combined.
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and i approve this message. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultra-rich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. the middle class will continue to disappear unless we level the playing field. with your help, as president, we will. 3 it's time for a
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ptime for our post spring forward ptrending which i don't know pabout you gois, but that next pday, you know -- p>> it's a little tiring. p>> it's a little rough. p>> today was national napping pday. p>> was it? p>> it's national pi day and pnational math day. i is 3.14159, right? pthat rounds to 16. peverybody gets more pie today. pspeaking of napping, how about pthis? pso in sacramento, right, they do pthis thing at half-time. pthis is what happens. pthey took off, we had two clear pleaders here and let's get to pfear. pthen landed here as the lead but pthat baby doesn't move.
5:46 pm
pthe court. p it took the other baby to pvictory. p>> i hope they just cleaned the pfloor. p>> they got the squeegee pcleaning up the sweat. p>> is that the winner right pthere? p>> you can't blame landon. p>> that's true. p>> especially when you see them. pthey won a big prize pack. p>> they can tell the baby in 10 pyears. p>> little baby ducklings. pthese two dogs from australia, pthey weren't sure that patty pcakes had you beening -- phuckleberry, what they would pthink of the new ducklings they pwere fostering. p>> just in time for spring. pducks and dogs.
5:47 pm
pmeet the best dressed race horse pin the world. ptweed suit was made specifically pfor the horse. pit's to celebrate the start of pthe big festival there. p>> look at his hat. phe has ear holes in his hat. p>> he's got the whole thing pgoing. pit took them 10 times more pfabric to maybe it for the horse pthan the guy. p>> it was it four legs or the pback? pjust the back. p>> does he have an opening pthere? pfor the business? p>> well, yeah. pi don't think you have to worry pabout that. phe has front pant legs. p>> yes. pi would love to meet his tailor. pyeah. pa little humidity today. p>> it was back today. p>> the funny thing is we've been pin the harm and humid pattern pfor a few days, continuing into pthe weekend.
5:48 pm
pwe'll be flipping back to pwinter. p>> i thought we were locked in pfor summer here. p>> it will be here soon enough. pwe don't have to root for it. pit will be here soon enough. phere are views outside right pnow. philton clearwater beach cam, not pa whole lot of cloud cover right pnow. p78 degrees. pnotice a little breezy, winds pout of the southwest at 17 miles pan hour. plook at this. pcleaning up already out at the pgrand prix, u.s.f. marine pscience in st. pete, 78 there as pwell. pa little breezy but all in all, retty nice looking track, i pthink. palmanac for today, 81 degrees pthe high. ponce back in the 80s after pyesterday. pwe just missed out. plow this morning, how about 70 pfor a low? pthat's a mild and muggy morning. phighs for us across the area, 83 p4 in brandon. pwarmest temperatures the farther pinland you get. p88 in sebring. p87 up in frost proof. pthis is pretty much the pattern pwe're going to be in the next pfew days.
5:49 pm
pmid to upper 80s. phead out to the coast, ptemperatures are closer to the p80-degree mark. phere's a look at other temps paround the area. p85 in miami. p87 west palm. p83 down to the south in pmarathon. p86 in tallahassee. p75 up in panama city and across pthe country, we're not the only pones feeling the heat. p90 across most of texas. pstill at 89 in dallas. p88 in houston. phow about 75 in omaha? p70 all the way to bismarck. pagain, mother nature is going to pbe flipping the switch. pwe're not done with winter just pyet. psatellite and radar view, not a pwhole lot of shower activity pacross the area this afternoon pbut you head to the north, this pis where we've seen a lot of pshower activity, even snow pshowers across new england. pback to the west, still seeing prain and snow showers. pmuch welcome rain and snow pshowers across the west coast. pthey're still in a drought. pthey'll continue to see rain and psnow showers the next couple of pdays. pfor tonight areas of low clouds, pmild and muggy, 69 degrees.
5:50 pm
psunny, warm and humid. pseven-day forecast. pcertainly a warm and muggy start pto it. p82 on wednesday. pthursday, maybe a couple of pshowers the farther north you go pbut dry from about tampa south p82. p30% chance of rain on friday. pstill in the 80s and then psaturday and sunday looks pretty punsettled at this point. ptemperatures only in the low 70s pon sunday. ptopping out in the upper 60s for pmonday. p>> looks good. pbucs continue to develop their proster through free agency, he pis especially in the secondary. ptoday they signed josh robinson pto a one-year contract. phe was out of u.c.f. in 2012. pon saturday, they resigned the psafety for another season and plast week they scooped up pro pbowl corner brett grimes who was pintroduced today at one buc lace. p>> the bucs passed on grimes the
5:51 pm
phim in 2013 but dirk koetter pfound out you don't want to pass pon grimes. p>> we can't go this route on pthat side because grimes is over pthere. pwhat? pwe can go against that guy. pi think he had about 15 pigs pwhile i was there. p>> the bucs learned that lesson pas well. pthrow interceptions in seven pgames while playing for the pfalcons. pbiggest play, a final minute pcomeback in 2010. pthat was a while ago. pgrimes is about to turn 33 pbefore the season starts but peven after tearing his achilles ptendon that led to his departure pin atlanta, he was playing at a phigh level with three straight ro bowls in miami to prove it. p>> it was a challenge. pi've done that for the majority pof my career as far as coming pfrom a small school, being a pdraft pick. pi like challenges. p>> if you look at the bucs two pfree agents they signed, they pboth are over the age of 30.
5:52 pm
pyoungest team in the nfl, it was pimportant to get some veteran pexperience inside the bucs plocker room. p>> i think it goes back to the pright kind of guy. pi personally am not too tied up pon guys' age. p>> grimes i.d. says he's old by pnfl standards but says he pdoesn't feel it. pand he certainly doesn't look phis age. p>> like jason said, he would phave a hard time getting into papplebee's and having a cold one pright now without getting pcarded. p>> fountain of youth. ptoday race manager cash revealed phis day one starter. pthe honor is going to go to pchris archer for the second year pin a row. prays host the blue jays. ptoday archer also getting the pstart. pthis is the third of the spring ptaking on the braves and the plongest outing of any rays itcher this spring, three pstrikeouts over four. pfreddie gets him back here in pthe third.
5:53 pm
parcher threw 72 pitches, allowed pjust one run. pdecker out in left field, check phim out. pgoes deep but he climbs the pwall. pdecker robs him of the home run. pnot too shabby. pbraves at this point won 5-0. pcongratulations to rays poutfitter today. phe and his wife lindsay welcomed ptheir second child. pthis is camden. phe is seven pounds, 11 ounces. phe says please, someone dim the plights a little bit. pit's bright in here. pbut this is now their second pchild. pthey have a young daughter, priley. pi'm sure riley will take some padjusting but funny little pcoincidence here. phis name is camden. pin brandon's first major league pat bat, it was camden yards. pthey like the name but that
5:54 pm
psense of being more special. p>> you like that name, too, pdon't you? p>> i have a cameron. p>> close. p>> very, very close. pchristmas time. pglue so congrats to the family. pthey're gathered down here for pspring training. p>> and now i'll remember the pname of one of his children. pall right, scott. pthank you.
5:57 pm
3 an injured bobcat may look a little more fierce out in the wild once he gets a new gr p>> bob cat may look more fierce pin the wild once he gets his new ptooth. pcheck this out of the bob cat plast month. phe suffered a shattered jaw, had pother injuries. ptoday dental veterinarians did psome work on him and they were pholding thor's jaw together and phe'll also get a root canal. pif everything looks good, he pcould get a titanium fitted ptooth. pthat would make him the first pbob cat in the world to have a ptitanium tooth, at least that we pknow of. ponce he's back to health, he'll pbe let out in the wild. p6:00 news is next. ptake it away. p>> thanks. .d. taking a different approach pto fighting crimes. p>> you could say their latest ptools gives neighborhoods ersonalized policing. pwe'll tell you all about it pcoming up at 6:00.
5:58 pm
preason for flight cancellation pin miami international.
5:59 pm
pfox3 a hillsborough county deputy killed in a wrong way crash over the p>> a a hillsborough county pdeputy killed in a crash wasn't pjust a victim. phe was a hero. plast minute maneuver saved plives. p>> get her out. pthank you. pget her out. pnearest exit.
6:00 pm
pdonald trump at a rally in tampa ptoday. psee the scene inside and outside pthe convention center. p>> find out about the new p$360,000 traffic system that's phoped to save lives. p>> from tampa bay's number one pnews station, this is the fox p13, 6:00 news. p>> good evening. p>> we're glad to have you with pus. pfirst up, it's a developing pstory. phe lived his life to protect and pserve and the deputy's final paction may have saved two lives. pwe learned today he put himself pbetween a wrong-way driver and panother car. pthe crash killing the p30-year-old deputy. paaron is live at the sheriff's poffice. pthis is an amazing story to do pwhat he did. p>> it really is. puntil today nobody had heard pthis part of the story. pthe witness had not come forward pbut she said she wanted to tell pthe story because she wanted peverybody to know this deputy pdied a hero.


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