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tv   FOX 13 1000 News  FOX  March 14, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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a fox news alert next at 10:00, police chase ends with a crash after the suspect tries to ram patrol cars. what (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound)
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social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk. give us a plan. niche donald trump comes to tampa and brings some heavy hilters with him. >> he knew exactly what was about to happen to me, and that he sacrificed himself instead. >> an incredible story. a local deputy making a split second decision that saved a woman and her boyfriend. the deputy's colleagues tell us why we has a hero to them long before he died. >> he didn't harm anybody or
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he just went in and got in the shower. >> a local family got quite a surprise in their bathroom. who was there, or why. >> you're watching fox 13, and the 10:00 news. starts now. >> good evening. >> first up here at 10:00. [shouting] >> protesters lining the streets outside the tampa convention center as g.o.p. front-runner donald trump takes the stages. we're hours away from then florida primary. a lot going on today, josh. a busy emotional day. >> reporter: yeah, mark, trump's rally had everything you expect from a trump rally, from the protesters, both inside and outside to, of course, those donald trump one-liners-also today on stage with donald trump, some very big political names.
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political heavy hitters on monday in tampa, from state attorney general pam bondi to former alaska governor sarah palin. >> we needed a revolution, and we{ found our revolutionary. donald j. trump is that revolutionary. >> and former trump rifle, turned ally, new jersey governor chris christie. >> florida is a winner-take-all state and we have the winner and we want him to take all tomorrow night. >> trump himself hit is usual high notes. he talked of building a wall between the u.s. and mexico, rebuilding the military, and of g.o.p. rival. >> we have a big election coming up. we could really change things, and marco is not going to do it. and lying ted -- thank you, i will -- and lying ted, lying apros strife.
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in florida had words for the protesters 0, disrupters in his words, inside his rally. >> somebody wants to get in television, they stand up and think they'll be movie stars. they're not. >> outside, protesters and supporters clashing. there were ten moments as both sides were firing off at the much inches apart.{ >> racist, racist, racist. >> we will not accept fascism, racism, bigotry in our community, so we're here to counter his message. >> theberie socialist idiots, they need to get a job. i think they need to go to work. pay some taxes, pay some bills, and then they'll understand that we can't just do handouts in the country. >> reporter: the good news is we didn't see any physical violence break out, just a lot of huffing and puffing on both sides. tpd says no arrests but arrested
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really but no arrests related to the rally. >> josh, thank you. >> also, marco rubio was in florida. a must-win state for him to stay in the race. he was melbourne at the same restaurant where he launched his senate campaign and delivered an upbeat message, urging owners to not let anger win at the polls tomorrow. >> i hope that americans choose optimism over fear and hope and not anger. >> rubio will be at his headquarters tomorrow night. former president bill clinton was in florida today{ on behalf of his wife, hillary. he spoke for 30 minutes to a couple hundred people during an appearance at florida a&m in tallahassee. he placed her experience in politics as first lady, u.s. senator, and secretary of state, and tonight, he spoke at rollins college. hillary clinton will be in west palm beach tomorrow night. >> a final poll before the
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donald trump by 18 points. fox 13 opinion savvy poll, shows trump in the lead with 44% of the vote in florida. rubio's trailing with 26%, and senator ted cruz 18% our political editor says rubio may not be able to make up the difference this late in game. the in news for marco rubio in our final poll is that he is nudging up. moving the right direction. winning over late deciders and doing this by squatting on the state of florida. spending the entire week crisscrossing the state, burning shoe leather. the bad news is that time is running out and there aren't many late deciders left and he is currently buried in the polls. this one lines up with all the other numbers,{ suggesting it could be a very long night for marco rubio. >> the bad news for marco rubio is a million americans, many republicans, voted early in
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may not win him that many votes. ted cruz held several campaign rallies in illinois. trump is ahead of him and nobody else has a chance. and as far as republican presidential candidate john kashich, he spent he day today rallying supporters in his home state of ohio, and mitt romney was there campaigning for him. kashich and drummer very close ohio. bernie sanders al has been focusing a lot of energy this weekend and today on ohio, in addition to florida, in ohio, illinois voter will be going to the polls in missouri and north carolina tomorrow. >> the polls open less than nine hours from now and both sides working to get out the poll. we're live at a polling location. >> reporter: with thousands of newly registered voters in the state of florida, tomorrow for many could be their very first time heading out to the polls in places like this, the sons of it{
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you heard the phrase, make your vote consistent. we have do's and don'ts so you vote will count. >> go out tomorrow and vote. >> with hours to go before the florida primary. >> who has already voted? yeah. >> the names on the ballots are making a final push for the delegates. >> tomorrow, people come out. >> tomorrow is the day we'll shock the country. >> at tampa's hillary clinton headquarters, volunteers dialed thousands of numbers. >> election day is tomorrow from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. >> reporter: hoping they translate to thousands of votes. >> giving them information about where their polling station is, what the hours are, from 7:00 to 7:00, and seeing if anybody needs a ride. >> your location is st. mark's church. >> if you haven't voted early, go to your polling place where you live.
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your county's election web site. >> bring a valid i.d. with a signature. >> don't forget that. no i.d. no vote. >> we sent out 127,000 vote by mail bat locals and gotten back 90,000. >> you're among{ the last 37 thin in the county who have their vote by mail ballots, don't drop them in the bail mocks, don't bring them to the polling sites either. >> has to be turned into one off our four offices by 7:00 p.m. >> just over two million people in florida voted early or by mail, but with high drown expected tuesday, make sure you alaw plenty of time. >> we have a lot of people that will cast their vote on election day so we're looking forward to a robust turnout tomorrow. >> reporter: tomorrow's primary is closed. if you aren't registered at a democrat or republican by now, there will be nothing out there for you to vote on. reporting live in tampa, fox 13 news. >> no independents get to vote tomorrow. we'll have all your primary results tomorrow night, beginning right after the polls
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you can get those on fox 13, on twitter, facebook, we also will have a complete wrapup tomorrow night at 10:00 and 11:00. >> fox news alert. pasco county, police chase led to a crash. this is on little road. 'the sheriff's office says deputies responded to a possible dui suspect who{ would not pull over. the eventually rammed his truck into a pair of patrol cars. this is the end of the scene here. nobody was hurt. the suspect was taken into custody, charged with aggravated battery against a law enforcement officer and drugs were found inside his truck. >> just like those deputies in pasco county, listboro deputy put himself direct any harm residents way to stop a dangerous driver. a remarkable revelation to the store today. in this case deputy died. and so did the driver, coming the other way, but because of deputy's quick thinking other
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testimony we hear from officers who served with deputy john cot fill la, and the womans who life he said. it's an incredible story. tell us more. >> reporter: small in stature, big in heart. a deputy who was previously in the news because he rescued a kitten stuck in a drainage pipe. over the weekend he rescued two people stuck in the path of the wrong-way driver and did so knowing there was a good chance he wouldn't make it. >> when i found out what kind of person he was, i feel certain in my heart that he knew exactly what was about to happen to me, and that he sacrificed himself{ instead. >> she was driving with her boyfriend on the expressway saturday morning when she noticed head legislates coming at her. she flashed her headlights at the vehicle but it kept coming faster and faster, moments from impact she said the deputy's cruiser came out of nowhere and swerved in front of her.
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deputy john cot cot fill la, jr., he was a traffic crash investigator for hillsborough county. >> he did his job. and he did his job with pride, and you can tell by his family and the long line of law enforcement personnel that were there. john made us better. made this program better. makes the sheriff's office better. going to be missed. >> the driver of the wrong-way car, erik mcbeth, also died in the crash. the highway patrol is investigating to determine if alcohol was other factor and figure out how the car got on the expressway going the wrong way. the toll barrier was down and wasn't damaged. so they don't think he got on that way. they have a number of traffic{ cameras to examine for clues.
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is a police officer in massachusetts. >> our thoughts with them. thank you, what a store. the funeral will be held on friday at timothy's catholic church. visitation begins at 11:00 a.m. and the funeral begins at one ones. >> so sad. i just think we're all amatessed at his sacrifice. >> the ultimate act of heroism. >> a teenager finds a surprise in her shower in the middle of the night. >> just when you think you have heard it all. we'll tell you what it was that had her calling the sheriff's office right away. >> body cameras has connections to a body camera company and wasn't revealed until we started asking question. our investigation is coming up at 10:30. mike? >> we have the warm and have been seeing and it looks to continue but there gee some more rain for the thorns seven-day and maybe, just maybe, return to
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i have details coming a scare in that house right there for a teenagers girl. she woke happy to sound her shower running at 3:00 a.m. that guy right there, a guy she didn't know, is inside the bathroom, naked. >> crystal. what did she do next? >> the only thing she could do.
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her siblings were asleep in bed and her mother was sleeping on the opposite side of the house so rather than walking past the bathroom she went out the window. the 13-year-old girl climbed through her bedroom window at her home, she ran to a next door neighbor's home to call 9-1-1 and told the dispatchers she had no idea who was in her shower. now, once the deputy arrived he knocked on the door and spoke to the teen's mother. she said no one in the house would have been awake or in the bathroom at that hour she and at the deputy went to up lock the bathroom door together and they found josh noble, completely nude, in the bathtub with the shower on and calling for his, quote, babe. the over said he smelled like alcohol and wouldn't give his name and{ he had no clue how he got into the house. his last memory is leaving the bar. >> on talking to him he told the deputies he had been at some type of a drinking establishment with his wife, and they were
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involved in an argument, and they got separated. and he said he thought he was in his own home. >> the deputy arrested noble. he is facing a trespassing charge tonight. they say there was no sign of forced entry so noble probably just walked into the place like he owned it. the sheriff's office says the mistake this homeowner made was leaving her garage door and back door unlock. they warn people it's never okay to leave you're doors or windows unlocked when you go to bed. thankfully no one was hurt. >> could have had a different ending. thank you. the pearl river along the mississippi and louisiana is rising, and it's causing some flooding in the region, widespread flooding. the river crested at a record level this afternoon, and there's already a line of damage from hundreds of homes from all the water. in parts of mississippi, officials are warning people to expect flood waters upwards of seven feet deep. >> i'm looking at this and we kind of expect this during hurricane season, a tropical
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it's not even spring yet, it's wintertime here and every else, although it doesn't feel like it. what's going on there? why do the rivers keep rising? el nio or what? >> a crazy setup. we hat that cudoff low we talked about all of last week and it dipped to mexico, which is extremely far south for this time of the year. then you had what we call an atmospheric river of moisture streaming into louisiana and you're talking bat record crest level. parts of louisiana, and, granted, these are areas that see flooding fairly routinely, but really just kind of low boot-level flooding. flooding to record levels by one, two, three, four feet. there's parts of louisiana that have never flooded that it will be seeing flooding from this. that is what happens when you see 20-inches of rain over the course of 48 hours. so, obviously thoughts and prayers with them. hopefully it's not as bad is a it's going to be but looks like everything is cresting this
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for us, we have had the opposite so far this march. it has been a quiet, quiet month so far. not a whole lot of rain. here's the time lapse from today. a little more in the way of cloud cover the further inland you went, but overah this is a pretty nice day. take a look at the sunset. a real pretty sunset. remember, now an hour later, so after 7:30 we'll see the sunset. talk about the lack of rain so far this year. less than a quarter inch. so far this month, rather, in tampa. our average should be closer to an inch and a half. so far for the year, of course, we had a pretty wet first couple of months and we're still well above average, but if we continue on this path, we won't be for too long. looking at the next five days, we continue at the drier weather for the next couple days but this area here, friday, saturday, sunday, potential of heavy rainfall across the area.
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days out. make sure you pay thursday forecast over the coming days. at this point the setup is there for some storms and some rain as we head into the weekend. 81 the high today. 70 the low. so another day well above average. 70 the low this morning. that's 12 degrees before average. 74 the current temperature. dew point 7, 1 winds out of the southwest at 12 miles-per-hour other. temperatures, mid-70s inland. the mid-70s right along the coast here, and dew{ points, not a whole lot lower than that. low 70s and upper sixes in so mild and muggy night, low clouds and fog set up across the area. satellite and radar, little bit of low clouds just offshore, maybe even some fog, so watch that expand south overnight. fog developing testimony. then sunshine tomorrow. heads up, by wednesday, a little bit more in the way of push of cloud cover so more morning fog, maybe afternoon sun, more sun
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it's thursday, this line of showers kind of sets up just to the north. at this point looks to be dry. i-4 south. the farther north you get thursday, there may be a couple of showers out there 69 for us tonight. mild and muggy, areas of fog. seven-day forecast, temperaturewise, low to mid-80s. 50 considers pans of rain on saturday, temperatures dropping, 73 on sunday and 69 on the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today.
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for isis suddenly turns himself in. he is from virginia and had an american driver's lion. >> a kurdish general says the man in this video is an american citizen who is also a member of isis. the general saying the man was fighting for the terror group until he surrendered monday to kurdish troops in northern iraq. >> where are you{ from? >> united states. >> the man is identified as 27-year-old muhammad jamaal amean from virginia. he was reportedly born in virginia to an iraqi mother and a palestinian father. >> we do see and have seen over the last several weeks reports of more and more defections from the group. >> monday morning, the kurds say amin walked into peshmerga territory and gave him up. he was carrying multiple forms of i., including an american driver's license and cash.
10:27 pm
are now being recruited to become fighters in syria, including some as young as seven. some children even seen in isis propaganda videos executing prisoners. >> increasingly daesh is relying on child soldiers, and you now we get reports of them using children in the actual engagements, side-by-side with call fighters. good indications they're struggling with their able to recruit and to retain manpower. >> the u.s. is now investigating the man as he is being held{ and interrogated by peshmerga troops. fox news. >> coming up next, a fox 13 investigation gets answers. >> we found out the man in charge of the body camera program for the orlando police department maplights for body
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our investigation is is the economy rigged? well, the 15 richest americans acquired more wealth in two years than the bottom 100 million people combined. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultra-rich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. the middle class will continue to disappear unless we level the playing field. with your help, as president,
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new questions bad body camera company's connection to a university ofsight florida study. >> our investigative reporter wanted to know why the ties weren't made public until now. >> since 2014, police body cameras and police use of force have become two of most intensely debated aspects of american policing. >> put the gun on the ground now. >> it was during this time that researchers at usf tested the effects of body cameras. the results, they said a group of 50 orlando police officers who wore the cameras for a year used force less often, serious citizen complaints went down, too, leslie jennings led the study. >> we advocate for agencies, law enforcement agencies to adopt the body cameras. >> the findings were published
10:31 pm
justice in october. in it they don't disclose any involvement by any company. but it does say officers wore cameras made by taser international. the company{ started mentioning that fact in press released to their investors days after the study was published. it wasn't until fox 13 started asking questions that a usf spokesperson responded in a statement saying taser international brokered the connection, provided 50 cameras to, quote, facilitate orlando's ability to participate in study but said taser was not involved in the design of the study or enter addition of the results. why didn't researchers disclose the company's involvement involvement? they wouldn't answer the question so we asked the editor in chief of the journal of criminal justice, who said the journal and its publishing parent company did not have
10:32 pm
policies in place. >> currently developing more conflict of interest statements where this type of information would be expected to be disclosed. >> but fox 13 discovered something more. >> the opportunity came along with the university of south florida to put 50 cameras on the street and see what kind of impact it had. >> that's orlando police officer mo what i cans{ around $94,000 a year as the department's technology coordinator. public records obtaineds by fox 13 show he has moonlighted for taser international. getting paid to implement taser products in other agencies. in addition, he receives perks like v.i.p. tickets to a taser sponsored party. he also spoke at a taser event at right's chris steakhouse. he talked about the findings at conferences and interviews. >> what you're saying are positive things. you have been any negative
10:33 pm
>> not really. >> impressive. >> taser said they hired him because of his experience with the technology. taser says he notice working for them currently because the city's body camera contract is going through a bid process and taser is a bidder. orlando police and the officer refused to answer any questions about his outside employment. a department spokesperson only said he has, quote, no involvement in the ongoing bid process. >> based on the current equipment we were using -- >> but before bidding started, he helped the police chief make his case before city{ commissioners for why the city should invest $2 million in body cameras. orlando city code says employees can't work for a current or potential city vendor if they have any influence on the vend you're that gets the public's money. >> you don't escape that conflict of interest by saying i don't make that decision. somebody else makes that decision.
10:34 pm
professor at a law school and former federal prosecutor for corruption. >> it's a textbook conflict of interest. one of this duh moments. >> usf said they received no fund but wouldn't answer any other questions, including whether they received other contributions from taser. fox 13 news. >> just before the close of business today, orlando police sent it the public record wes requested. the officer's supervisors authorized him to work for taser international you. can read the whole story on the web site. and if you have something you want us to investigate, send it your tips. >> an editor testified today in the{ celebrity gossip site's trial. with hulk hogan. gawker is being suedes by hogan for violation of privacy. the editor testified he received the hogan sex tape by mail but says he doesn't know who send it
10:35 pm
heard the voice he realized hogan was having sex with bubba razz wife. he called that newsworthy. walker says homecoming began talked openly about his sex life, therefore it was fair game and a first amendment issue. the trial is expected to wrap up. two undercover police officers searching for a stolen car end up in a nasty accident when a stolen car hit their vehicle. minor. here's the scene. wildfires working just off central avenue looking for a stolen car when jamaal parker ran a stop sign, slam entire undercover truck. parker had stolen the car he was driving last week, and the chief says it's a good warning for drivers to lock their doors. >> the young people, all they're doing is going around, trying to find cars that are unlocked, and they're going for a joy ride. you're going to get hurt, i'm going to get hurt, and we got to stop this. >> parker got hurt.
10:36 pm
he has a lengthy arrest history dating back to 2012. five other teenager's were in his car and only suffered minor injuries. >> the imagine charge widths a shooting spree in kalamazoo, michigan, says his uber app was controlling him. police arrested the hand after rampage that left six people deed. he was an uber driver who made pickups during the night of the attacks and he told police he felt an artificial presence coming from his home and controlling him. >> maryland three brothers are charges with an ambush on the police station but the only provisioner are police officer killed was accidentally shot by friendly fire. the police chief says wait an errant round that killed the officer jacai colson as he arrived in the scene at onunmarked car, wearing civilian clothing and no body armor.
10:37 pm
south carolina, and his two brothers also arrested after recording the firefight on their cell phone. more than 30 people hurt when an amtrak trail went over the rails in kansas, traveling from los angeles to chicago when{ it happened just after midnight. more than 140 people onboard. the train was doing about 75-miles-an-hour when the engineer noticed a large deformity in the rail. he pulled the brakes and eight cars derailed, several flipping over on their side. investigators are inspecting the track but say the damage does not intend to be intentional. >> learning detail about necessary's visit to cuba. it's hoped the visit will encourage further economic and human rights changes on the island during the visit the tampa bay rays will be playing ball, playing the cuban national team. castro says everybody who has passion for baseball is looking forward to this. 170 other house democrats well also be along for the ride. >> tampa's cigar city brewing
10:38 pm
oscar blues brewery from colorado has bought controlling interest in cigar city, putting months of rumors to rest. a boston based equity firm is a financial partner the transaction. >> all kinds of peer stuff. i can't keep up with it. >> they're done very well. >> transportation officials{ likely had good intentions.
10:39 pm
you'll see why win (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it.
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steak 'n shake, home of the original steakburger. coming up at 11:00, push to make st. pete a drinking destination or more of one. we'll look at an ordinance being drafted that would lip you sip ask stroll. and here's a hot deal for you. fall is for sale, or at least the town by that name.
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much it will cost you and it's{ less than your soul. that's the good news. >> a new warning sign in iowa, causing just a little bit of controversy. >> when you see it, you'll know why. yeah. drivers in mitchell county do a double-take when they see the sign. that sign reads. suicidal deer. most earn agrees drivers need to be on the lookout, an area that deer run across the road, but to some the sign is a bit offensive. >> suicide? makes it look like a joke, and i myself have never had anyone close to me decide to take their own life, but i've had a lot of friends and other people who have, and i know it's a very sensitive subject, and i think that's kind of a mockery. >> we happen to see one that was put up in illinois, and we thought it might be an effective way to remind people that there are a lot of deer in the area.
10:43 pm
well, the county supervisor says the sign was meant to grab your attention, and it has done exactly that. everybody there is talking about it, scott. i'm not sure how long it will stay. we'll find it. >> better than homicidal deer. the{ bucs make other move in free agency and we catch up with gerald mccoy, and a big celebration also usf as the bulls hear their name called for the ncaa tournament. what may not be sitting so well with the bulls coach about this draw. >> an australian police department has an adorable recruit. this is a riot. unnext, the video has more than a million views in a few days. it's stillbeen a normal day for the hernando county family.... if it weren't for the strange man showering in their bathroom... the story
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this is a letter from someone who's here. she has to take a brand name drug. been taking it since the early 1980's. at that time it cost approximately $180 for 10 shots. the latest refill was $14.700 for the same 10 vials and the company is called valeant pharmaceuticals. i'm going after them. this is predatory pricing and we're going to make sure it is stopped. i'm hillary clinton and i
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is the economy rigged? well, the 15 richest americans acquired more wealth in two years than the bottom 100 million people combined. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultra-rich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. the middle class will continue to disappear unless we level the playing field. with your help, as president, we will. the internet is an absolute wealth of information. we know that things you never imagined existed. >> i saw this today. you have to -- almost{ looks like
10:47 pm
truck that is being greened grinded up by this shredder. look at the pieces coming out. think about the force that it would take to chew this up. >> don't want to get close to that. that's scary. >> talk about keep a distance. i think it was in australia. >> chewing it up like it's made of butter. >> i've had a few cars i'd like to do that with. >> check out this basketball buzzer beater. nothing but net from halfcourt, and who does it? well, this is a guy right here. eight years old, william herman, chucks with the left hand, it's good. taken by his father. not sure how he kept his hand on the camera. this is his elementary school basketball game in virginia, and dad captures the moment. the shot did go through and send
10:48 pm
they lose in overtime but this is what everyone is talking about here. >> okay. that's all right. that shot will be with him for life. >> whap{ an arm. >> take a look at who is taken up residence in western australiaty police department. yeah, there she is. all tucked up in her uniform, and in his uniform, because that would be the officer who has adopted the four-month-old orphan kangaroo. kangaroos want to be in the pouch. >> instinct right there. >> the officer named her cudjo, but she is going to require a lot of care but a she would be with her mother but this is on the western australia police department's facebook page, and they're on -- also on twitter tonight because i started following them because i want to
10:49 pm
this tiny little kangaroo and it's going viral. >> i guess about six months and then a much more painful exercise right there. >> shows going to get bigger and not going to fit there so well anymore. >> no. no. >> awful cute. >> that's absolutely adorable. sports tonight. a big congrats to the sf win on a great season. but tonight on this selection monday,{ they found out where the next chapter begins. [cheering] >> the celebration tonight because the bulls are now a six seed in the bridgeport reason and travel to los angeles for an opening round matchup with colorado state this saturday. the same region as the conference rifle, uconn. head coach fernandez may be pleased with the seed but not so much with being in uconn's region. >> only two conference teams from american athletic
10:50 pm
both in the same region. so, last year we're in connecticut region as well. so that's the only thing. i like the seed. i thought we were deserving. but that's my only question. >> the football now. the bucks bucs have been's remodeling the defense, today the signed former vikings cornerback robinson, and then and then agreed to terms with brent grimes. grinds was -- grimes was introduced today. he will{be 33 years old but has three pro bowls. why did miami give up on him? someone said that his wife may have been the factor, actually. she has been known to stoke controversy in the past on twitter, but grimes says if anything, his wife deserves the credit for making him look so young and feel so young. >> first of all i thank my wife
10:51 pm
i eat pretty well. food is the key. but i take good care of myself. a lot of it is genetics. a lot of people can't do the same things. i'm lucky to be able to do that. >> sunday, bucs pro bowler gerald mccoy was the grand marshal for the grand prix in st. pete and he exchanged jerseys with drivers and we talked with him been the buc's free agency bonanza start withing the re-sign offering a fellow pro bowler. >> more happy that we got doug back. but we got a lot of other former teammates back. we brought in a lot of extra guys to help. it's going to be great. i'm excited to see what else we got moving for{ us. >> opening day is less than three weeks away and the manager
10:52 pm
the honor goes to chris archer. april 3rd they host he blue jays. this afternoon, the third of city spring, take thing braves. longest out offering any rays pitcher this spring. three strikeouts and four and a third -- four two-thirds work. later freeman gets back with a single that brings in a run. 72 pitches for archer this afternoon. retired anytime eight batters. this is he play of the game. goes up and gets it. robbing a home run. bring it back. they're working over there. however they lose 5-0 in today's game, but can we just bottle that up right there and save it for the regular season when the games count? >> looks like he is ready. >> yeah, and the glasses stayed on, and the hair looks good. >> got the hair. >> yeah. >> loving that. >> scott, thank you. still to come good, news for
10:56 pm
the warmth continues and so do the sunrise sky view. think which is out. beautiful as the sun goes down, and steve ven watts with this. some beautiful colors in the sky and we have had about four or five stunning sunsets in a row now. check this out. weather headlines for the next week or so. dry, warm, humid weather. moisture and the rain chances increase as we head toward later in the week and next weekend. in fact next weekend at this point looks to be pretty unsettled, followed by cooler weather. by sunday we are talking about average. by in we may be talking about area some areas not above{ 70s. the rest of tonight, don't expect these temperatures to drop off a whole lot. maybe upper 60s to near 70.
10:57 pm
the low 70s across the area. by tomorrow afternoon, right back into the low 80s. and east of 75 there could be, could be, couple 190-degree readings tomorrow afternoon. mid-march and seeing a couple of 90-degree readings. low 80s in tampa and the east, we're talking temperatures into the upper 80s. a 10% chance of rain on thursday, but by friday, saturday, sunday, we'll elevate the rain chances and potential for storm and heavy rain. details on that and your seven-day forecast in just a bit. >> you have heard of tax spend houston about tax refund and spend. surveys say more than half of all tax filers expect to receive a refund with one in three planning to save or invest it, but maybe more should because another report shows a third of americans have absolutely no savings at all for retirement. and more than half say they have less than 10,000 bucks in their nest egg.
10:58 pm
loans that blew up the housing market? don't look now but there are{ early signs history may be repeating itself in the auto industry. the rate of payments 90 days late for subprime car loans at the highest level in 20 years. and talk about a pot of gold for the economy. a new report predicting folks will spend nearly 4.5 billion bucks this st. patrick's day. if you're wondering where that cash is going going? check out your local pub, because 13 million-pints of guinness are expected to be consumed worldwide. cheers. that's business. >> here are today's winning florida lottery numbers. the cash 3 continue, 742, a play four flubs, 8568, and then 1374. before we go here. taylor hicks returning to the stage that made him famous.
10:59 pm
florida and coming ba fog the -- back for the "american idol" finale. it's been ten years. the fifth season "idol" winner. he is invited to return for the final farewell. catch the event april 5th, 6th and 7th.{ >> and sarah wayne calle is returning to prison break. prison break premiered in 2005 to critical acclaim and ran through 2009. the new season of prison break will premiere later during the 2016-2017 season right here. one of my personal favorites. time now for the fox 13:11 news. >> a 13-year-old's frightening discovery. >> woke up to find a stranger nicked in her shower. >> she took a look at him and said i have know idea who he is
11:00 pm
to be there. >> find our houston he got there. >> we'll make america great again, america. make america great again. >> the fight for florida votes and a clash of words between trump supporters and protesters. >> before you hit the polls tomorrow we have the voting dos and don'ts in the high-stakes primaries. >> you're watching fox 13, the 11:00 news starts now. >> the night at the bar didn't end women for this man the sheriff's office says joshua noble ended up maked{ in somebody else's shower. teenaged girl in that home is the one who called 9-1-1. crystal clark is in the control room with more on whan sounds crazy and also very scary. how did he get in there. >> the range thing is he didn't have to force his way in. the family left two doors unlocked overnight. deputies say noble may have been too drunk to realize he was


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