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tv   FOX 13 600 News  FOX  March 15, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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and welcome tonight i'm mark wilson, i'm kelly ring,. voters have the say in the presidential primary. polls close in about an hour. florida is the biggest prize holding primaries today. we have live team coverage tonight and as the campaigns for donald trump, marco rubio and hillary clinton and they all await the results across the state. >> and donald trump the front of the pack as most of the polling is showing. and haley hinds is going through a security sweep right now. she joins us on the phone. and what do you know what is going on there? >> today evening we're here at the where donald trump and supporters will away the results of the election. i'm speaking to you. the supreme court here has been extremely tight and making sure everyone is set up and safe. we should be going in. in the meantime i want to show
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from inside and that's where it all happens tonight. >> and it is 99 delegates and 469. now what we want to bring up. there are rumors. missing from ballots in the state of florida. andet voluntaries are asserted that he certificatefied with the names back if december. all voting should be going on as planned. and the polls close in less than an hour. we'll await the results and we'll bring you updates throughout the night. live in palm beach, haley hinds, fox 13 news. >> thank you very much, we'll see you soon. and marco rubio is counting on his home state of course to keep him in the race. yesterday he spent part of the day at a meet and greet. and today he has been doing
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he is live from the campus of florida international university. what is the sense that we're getting there, josh? >> , i want to show you the growing line of supporters here the doors opened up. they are anxious to see a big night for marco rubio. they say it is do-or-die but he says that he is optimistic and hopes of securing the 99 winner take all delegates but he has work to do. he is trailing trump big time in the polls and early voting are not helping much either. there are people he should drop out if he loses his home state. fear. forward. >> my campaign has never been
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we're moving to utah and arizona and go into utah and arizona with the momentum of a win in florida. >> he has 163 delegates he needs the 99. what will dough if he loses florida tonight. does he drop out or stay into may spoiler or we could be reporting on a big come back for marco rubio. we will be watching and doing it live here. and pack to you. >> we'll talk to you soon. >> now for the democrats hillary clinton was stumping in north carolina before the polled closed. clinton has won the most number here in the her opponent he is gaining momentum. she will be watching the numbers could many in from the convention center. that's where we find evan
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>> if mark the question is whether hillary clinton supporters will be happy or nervous once this night is over. right now no supporters are in the room. it is only media but what it looks like. , that's where hillary clinton will be addressing her supporters, she expects to do well but the question is how well. and how does she do in other states namely in ohio. she is opening to blunt bernie sanders' momentum in the midwest and build her lead if she does well in ohio along with illinois and missouri. it may be a sign her message is cracking through. >> and 1/3 of all the democratic delegates that she needs to win are available and 246 of the
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florida. now the delegates are awarded unlike in the relationship race. even a win does not mean she will take a monster lead in the polls -- in the lead but mark, the question is you stated what kind of momentum does she have come out of here. if she does well in illinois and missouri then we can see the party say this is hillary clinton's race. the question is, what momentum will we see the noise that you here in the room will tell you that once we get a sense of how the evening is going on. supporters are lining up and they will be excited if she does well. >> that will be exciting for a lot of people, evan. we'll talk with you later. >> the other candidates are awaiting results outside of florida. the polls are open in four other states righted now in what is called super tuesday 2.0.
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his home state of ohio today. and the winner of the primary there will take all of ohio. ted cruz and bernie sanders, they're making their final push for votes. lovie smith, missouri, illinois, north carolina, they are all holding primaries for the republicans and democrats today. we will have coverage for you. >> what he have more. we have having a special web last ohio, missouri, illinois, north carolina, they are all holding primaries for the republicans and democrats today. we will have coverage for you. we have having a special web last a man takes down a armed robber.
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central avenue in tampa heights. chris solomon heard someone breaking in. he went down stairs and found a man in his kitchen. he shot him. he was killed. the neighbors say he lives in his home with his elderly mother. when they saw the police they were worried she may have been hurt. >> it threw me for a loop. i was nervous about that situation then to hear what happened, that is still a sad thing that happened. i was glad it was not his mother. >> and she was shaken up but came back to the house and said she is glad that her son is okay. >> business meantime back to normal across the bay in st. pete after a gas leak. this is along 34th street south. they to evacuate businesses after a line was cut in front of the burger king and 36th avenue south. they capped the line and re reopened shortly before noon.
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abuse at the hand of his father and girlfriend. and now four years later justice finally came for the little boy. there was no celebrating just tears and heartbreak. gloria gomez is here now with the sentencing that happened today. >> and his father was sentenced today but like you said it was very emotional in the courtroom today. justin was in court as witness after witness testified. he pleaded guilty to murder and though. he testified against his former girlfriend blaming her for the abuse against his son but he said he never did anything to stop it. the toddler died of abuse and today he expressed his remorse for betraying his son and everyone else. >> i'm sorry i let you down. i failed you as a friend. i failed you as a father. i whereby i could bring tim
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i do. i was horrible to him. i don't know why. i'll never explain myself. i'm sore. i apologize. >> not everyone was accepting the apologies including his grand mother who is nowhere close to forgiving him for what he did to her grandson. >> this could have been avoided by one phone call from you to me i would have been there to save my grandson. i have nothing else to say but may god have mercy on your soul because i don't. with that he was sentenced to 25 years in prison which was the plea deal he worked out. his former girlfriend is
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we will be there and let you back to you. >> thank you very much. the woman who skipped out on arrested. we told you about jasmine crandall. she is accused of hitting a man and leaving her car and taking off. she did not show up. this is her new mug shot after again. thursday. still ahead on the 6:00 news a traffic stop turns into an all out chase. look at this what the sheriff is saying about the man behind the wheel. >> and mike, wow, it was a nice day after all the fog. >> a nice day if you were inland the fog stayed at the beaches. we'll see the fog problems overnight into the day tomorrow.
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we have an update tonight from the florida department of we have a updade from the department of health. two new cases of kick stick -- zika virus in miami-dade. this brings the number to 62. four of them are affecting pregnant women. all the cases of zika in the area are travel related. last week authorities did confirm the first case of sexually transmitted zika in polk county. that involved an individual who traveled out of the country. >> dui suspect could spend time in jail after he turned a stop into an all out chase. after it ended listen to what the driver told the police. >> i'm drugged out of my mind. >> can you hear him say i'm
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that is chris conte telling him he was on drugs while they were chasing him. road 54 and trinity boulevard. body cameras recorded everything. investigators say he was driving a landscaping truck and he would not stop yesterday. the sheriff says that he ran his truck into two cruisers and spun one out. deputies had to use stop sticks and force him out of his vehicle. the driver is very lucky that he didn't kill anyone. >> at 6:30, you have an individual drugged out of his mind, high, stoned. driving a 5000-pound vehicle. there could have been a family coming home from practice, from picking up the kids after daycare and this individual would have, you know, that vehicle would have destroyed them. >> deputies found drugs and paraphernalia in and around the vehicle. we called a number connected to the landscaping truck.
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the mother of his child and he has a bad drug problem. >> that's scary. and sea fog caused delays for drivers trying to take the sky way bridge. visibility dropped to less than 50 feet in some places. that forced troopers to close the sky way for seven hours. as can you see just as can you imagine, it caused backups before it was reopened just before 1:00 this afternoon. >> there has traffic here and sat there for two hours. finally got off. and pulled into a gas station and i have been sitting here since, we could have more fog. my husband was coming through on a boat under the skyway an hour ago said it is still bad. >> that is deceiving, mike, it is like on shore it was like it cleared but off shore it is there and will be tomorrow. >> it is not off shore it is
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and tomorrow looks very similar. the morning see if the skyway is openment and there is a chance with more sea fog that it will be in the morning. check out the views. and the beach camera. >> that is pretty dense fog. that's in the distance there. it is not doing a lot lighting up the area. overall the fog is impacting right along the coast. you head inland just a few miles here. we're in florida. the bay shore camera. can you see downtown and everything and it is a sunny day. 78 out there. winds out of the southwest at 7 miles per hour. what gives why are we seeing this right now. here is a couple of the reasons.
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up against the coast. 68-degree reading there. 70 at the beach. and this is over the water and dew points are in the low 70s. when the dupes you have that warm moist air above what the water temperature is. that's when you start to create that sea fog. that's what we have going right now. can you see the fog off shore tonight. and the fog forecast showing that fog. continuing to now push inland and overall land fog potential tonight. lighter winds than what we saw. that allows the fog to settle in across the area. it may not be along the coast and tomorrow fog may be an issue across locations. it may be locally dense up across the coast. we may see that sea fog going. it is impossible to say will it move out. the chances there what we see
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beaches into tomorrow afternoon as well. something we'll have to watch. the current temperature 82 up in west chase and 79 in inverness and 82 wesley chample. 83 in wachovia and lakeland. hits 90. east. athlete creating a flow that's the prime conditions for seeing the sea fog. along the coast. it could be an issue wednesday into thursday. the front settled southward.
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as we have been saying the models all over. the biggest question is timing of the rain. location of the rain that has to be worked out. and 69 for tonight. and partly sunny. across the areas. 81 for thursday. showers to the north. warm and humid. better chance of showers into friday. i don't see it as a wash out. >> there is a period where we
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and no humidity at all the ray's game against the cuban national game. what they are saying. >> the lightning in the midst of what is their biggest road trip
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jon cooper explains why on3 steven stamkos returns to his native toronto tonight as the and steven sam cos returns to canada tonight.
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the bolts have beaten them three times. the fourth could get them back into the first in the division. and no ben bishop but vasy started. he has to feel comfortable winning all three but crunch time for the bunch. and they is cannot be too comfortable tonight. the second of four straight on the road. >> the guys have been focused here and down the stretch knowing that it is so tight and you -- you know you don't take advantage of getting points in a you end up second to eight. once we're through this we want to put ourselves in a position to you know to get ourselves into the big dance. this is a big trip for us. >> and nikita will play decide a sucker punch from the blue liner of columbus dalton prout.
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the league weighed in on the hope cheap shot. he was suspended for one game for punching an unsuspecting opponent. the rays made their first round roster cuts. nine were reassigned to the minor league camp. five were optioned a group that included blake snell. the rays hosting phillies in port charlotte. that's kevin cash. third inning. and hunter. solo shot to right field off drew smyly. the only mistake he cruised in the fifth. and 4 2/3 of work, three hits allowed. 1 run, four strikeouts. 66 pitches. and kevin goes on today, not enough as the rays fall in this one 5-2. the rays released the travel roster. 34 players will go.
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no ram irraise. and matt moore will get the start in the game wasn't the cuban national team. he is looking forward to the opportunity. >> i think for a lot of us this is unique leaving and a lot of americans have not seen, you know for to us go over there. and you know find some common ground that. look we know what is going ion here. this is a special moment so i'm looking forward to it. my friends to the baseball tournament. i was throwing out the first pitch between bloomingdale and freedom high. it runs all week. the championship game on friday. everyone out there was welcoming. i was very nervous. not until i got on the hill and
6:26 pm
horrible first pitches have i have laughed at. >> dy you make it, i got it in good, are you an athlete, i was an athlete now i'm just an old man and need ice, you know they are baseball history here in tampa bay. >> that's a great tournament. >> wonderful. great time of year, too. >> thank you, we're jumping into the elections in florida and beyond. and craig patrick will join to us break it down, we're a few days away from the trip to cuba in nearly 90 years. big changes the president is making as he gets r
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including florida, hit the polls to decide who they want to represent their party in the general election, and the candidates are hoping to best donald trump. hillary clinton and bernie sanders. they go head to head. >> more delegates are up for grabs today than any other day in the primary season. and we have more tonight from the campaign trail. >> and if the polls are right. hillary clinton will still be laughing as the primary results roll in tonight. she is predicted to win every contest from florida, ohio, missouri, illinois and north carolina, she is not taking those for granted. >> don't get complacent. there is so much at stake. her rival is counting on them to be wrong. hoping for another upset, especially in illinois. >> we can win many of them we're feeling good. and marco rubio is in a
6:30 pm
he is 20 points behind donald trump in his home state, i think a lot of people will be embarrassed and want refunds from the money they spent on the polls. we'll win florida. >> and john kasich is winning in ohio but donald trump is not buying it, he lost every race, he is 0-22. >> after voting for himself today, kasich was asked about trump, i will be going forward to talk about some of the keep concerns that i have about the way the campaign has been run by some others, one other in particular, today is not the day, they are winner take all on the gop side. that's with senator ted cruz is counting on moving in a two-man race with donald trump. >> now the florida secretary of
6:31 pm
turnout and two million people cast ballots through mail or early voting before today before the polls opened. and what we can expect as the results come in. >> let's start with the republican race we know that marco rubio is buried in the polls. but i think that the returns could be closer than they suggest. keep in mind he has been criss-crossing the state bearing town for days and spending more time here than his rivals. and with that we have seen the numbers. and florida is a closed state and primaries. donald trump has a history of under performing in closed primaries.
6:32 pm
endorsed trump he said some nice things about him. notice how he is comparing donald trump to him. >> i was the business person, i was the outsider. i had support from people saying get out of the race are you upsetting the cart. >> i trusted the voters. and they made their choice i trusted the voluntariers this year, not making an endorsement but saying glowing things about trump. and pam bondi endorsed donald trump. jeb bush has not made an endorsement. this does not bode well for marco rubio but they are not moving the needle much. it is one of the things holding him bang in the bid to pull off a miracle later. >> how about hillary clinton leading the democratic race. can bernie sanders win some delegates here. >> he can win a good number in florida. there is a big difference between the democrats and
6:33 pm
this is not winner take all in florida for the democrats. bernie sanders does have a shot and if he runs up the score or performs very well in urban areas. the delegates in the race are proportional. most of them by congressional district. that's why hillary clinton has been focusing on the i-4 corridor and they spend time here. so expect hillary clinton to win. the state sets up nicely for her. i think that he can walk out of florida with a number of delegates. look for a surprise and upset in the state later tonight. >> we'll look indeed. we'll see you tonight. we're hearing about a ballot shortage in corning county. this is where a things went wrong. too many voter ballots in some predints -- precincts not enough in others.
6:34 pm
elections today and that's where the error started. some people were turned away and not happy about it. >> there is no reason in this country that we cannot vote. no reason. we have fire computers, this is unacceptable, she was able to return later and vote but not everyone could do that. the supervisor of electionings says the office spent the day printing adish ballots. since they got word the problem was happening there. >> we'll have primary results for you tonight starting after the polls close at 7:00. we're airing a special web cast at 8:00 starting on our fox 13 web site. now to cuba ahead of his trip the president is making it easy to travel there. americans can travel on their own instead inform tour groups. right now they are banned but anyone can go for educational
6:35 pm
the president eliminated a ban on transferring money from cuba to u.s. banks. dollars can be used in financial transactions. the president heads to havana where the rays play the cuban national team. another round of u.n. brokered talks to end the syrian civil war in geneva. the negotiations kicking off as syrians mark five years since the conflict started. and ben hall has more it from london. >> reporter: it is five years since the start of the syrian crisis. the war starting with a uprising against president assad, the conflict killing 250,000 displaceing 1 1 million. refugees in jordan reforeign secretarying on the milestone. >> we hope that this is the last anniversary of our refug: we need to go back to our country a live as normal and rebuild our country. >> a ceasefire helping to tee crease the violence.
6:36 pm
the u.n. special enjoy for vir ya holding separate meetings with government and opposition representatives. the losian president ordering the military pull out of the country as negotiations started on monday. >> i hope that it will increase the trust of all participants in the peace process and it will solve the question using a peaceful means. >> troops and planes starting to leave the country. u.n. >> the announcement by putin on the way of the start of the round of talks is a significant development. we hope will have a positive impact. >> moss cow will maintain a presence and says that is the battle will go on. in london, ben hall, fax news. belgian security forces are
6:37 pm
were fired at police during a counter terrorism raid. three officers are hurt, one seriously. streets near the shooting were elsealed off. the raid is linked to the paris attack. isis has claimed responsibility. they are pursuing two suspects who escaped over rooftops. a top isis leader is reportedly dead. reports are that he died in syria from winds he sustained from an air-strike. he is a chechyan was one of the most promote commanders and served as the military commander in sirra . he can be seen in the video with the red beard. isis controls large areas of interest territory. and returning to camps as macedonia sends them back. they were blocked to cross the border. the group marched out on monday. those who made it were driven
6:38 pm
this were trying to reach germany and other countries. , the dream is broke. we cannot go. we said stop your place is here not europe, millions entered to escape the civil war if syrian and the violence in the middle east. police are investigating a deadly car explosion in downtown berlin today. a passat completed -- exploded on a busy street. it killed the driver. destroyed the vehicle. nobody else was hurt. police think someone planted an close efficient devoice on the car. but the incident is not to believed to be terror related. another iditarod win for the champion dallas sevi.
6:39 pm
crossing the finish line ahead of his dad. the race teams battled high winds while conducting the rides across 1000 miles of the wilderness. temperatures dropped to 10 below on the final night. this is dallas' fourth title in five years. that's good. the must famous nun will be made a saint. today the pope set the date for mother teresa to be canonised. we have more from new york. >> she cared for the poorest of the poor and mother teresa will become a saint. the pope making the announcement on tuesday morning the date marking 19 years since her death. >> the blessed mother will be made a saint. >> the ceremony will be the centerpiece of the pope's year of mercy and to draw massive crowds. 300,000 people came out to see
6:40 pm
her followers, especially those in calcutta are booking their flights. >> this has been jubilant news. i cannot thank god enough it has happen bed. >> she founded the missionaries of charity in 1950 in india. it cares for the sick and the poor all over the world running soup kitchens. shelters and clinics. her work won her fame and the 1979 noble peace prize. while her efforts were centered in calcutta. she described herself as a citizen of the world. >> and it was special. she lived here and she died here. she worked here. and it started from here. >> in addition to mother teresa,s pope set the dates for
6:41 pm
a 14-year-old mexican martyr killed for not renounsing his faith. still ahead rules for doctors going digital.
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6:44 pm
>> and they put it into the system and sent to the pharmacy, my handwriting is not tremendous. the system frees the pharmacies from having to decode the scribbles. when it is the first to impose penalties for not writing them, the software may reduce the abuse state white. -- statewide. and prescriptions written for 20 million in 2013. and the system will be installed by every doctor in the stayed to make it easy to look at past prescriptions before writing a new one for the patient. the system slows down when they don't have a preferred pharmacy or want to change the pharmacy or the pharmacy does not carry the drug. >> and it cannot be sent to another pharmacy, they must call back and have them redescribed. for those not granted, it is
6:45 pm
work out the kinks and what is defaulting and see are there individual providers that are not capable of doing it due to electronic hiccup in the system. >> that was matt king reporting. new york is the first state to require electronic springss and back it up. minnesota has a law requiring prescribing but does not penalize the doctors who are clinging toes pen and paper. next, 6:45 from the celebration to big business, how st. patrick's day is a ma'am day
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stocks ended mixed as investors remain cautious amid a federal reserve meeting. the dow was the only one in the green. stocks are mixed in a meeting. the dow was the only one in the green. s&p down as well. and all right. what started as a religious he celebration to honor the patron saint of ireland. it is a drinking holiday. and it is full of parades and other celebrations. >> and we break down the business of the holiday of st. patrick's day t is a weekly festival. and it is bigger over the years. >> shoppers are hitting the stores for st. patrick's day clothing, food and drinks. it is expected to generate 4 billion in sales.
6:49 pm
that's $35 per person. 31% of those surveyed will make a meal, corn beef is a huge irish dish. not irish it is originated here in america. and we sell 2000 pounds of corn beef. >> and with the harsh weather behind most of us, people are looking for a reason to get out and celebrate. 29% of people will head to a party or restaurant. and go to a sporting event. will we do something that is photo friendly. we can instagram it. share it on facebook. and that's the trend. it plays into that. >> you don't have to be from the emerald isle to celebrate, leave it to us to really know how to create a rubric that allows for everyone to celebrate, whether you are irish or not. >> 82% will wear green to show their pride and raise a glass to march 17th.
6:50 pm
are sold world wide on this day alone, we estimate 70 mill on will celebrate. >> some animals prefer their pale and ale it is fine with the way it circumstances if you enjoy a guinness, i think that's as irish as you will get. the color of the beer i leave it as dark. >> did you know pouring a glass or a pint is a skill the perfect takes under two minutes, can you be certified in the age old tradition for a fee in dublin. >> two minutes to pour a beer. let's find out about the weather. more tomorrow? >> more tomorrow and tonight. it is going on. let's talk about what that setup is. >> here it is.
6:51 pm
60s to near 70. where they're seeing the fog. >> and this is the result. the fog is dense. you cannot see it. you cannot see and to chow the coast. >> it this is a model here and developing inland as well. we'll have land fog later on. we saw more low clouds this morning i think we see more fog tomorrow morning.
6:52 pm
coast we see more in the way of fog. you will have to add time and factor in time for the commute. that may be an issue. maybe into the afternoon. we'll see how the winds set up. it is similar tomorrow as to how it looked. and would not be surprised all day and most of the models seeing more in the way of fog developing. highs today. this is the other big story. look inland. 90 in sebring and 89 in frost proof. this is what wasp when you see the wind. you get them inland a humid day as well. for the day foggy. partly sunny. elsewhere. look at the temperature. 8 2 inland you will close in on
6:53 pm
as you look into thursday not a lot of changes. the marine forecast. seas two feet or less on the 71 degrees. next. high tide coming in 7:18. and 7-day forecast is tryingy. going about 40% of rain chances. 40% on sunday. the model is all over the place. and timing and location has not been pin tinted. cooler as we head beyond the rain. >> that's great. thank you, mike. still to come a reunion he was not sure what happened with his best friend.
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6:56 pm
a year and ain minnesota... after some new baby eaglets a full nest after eagles hatched. the first and three of them can be seen huddled. >> and not sure all appear to be healthy. it will be another ten weeks before they leave. ism a reunion of a man and his dog. hope. place. we have the story. >> sarah, baby. hello, baby. hello. >> joseph is back with his best friend, we have been missing yard. >> this is my baby.
6:57 pm
the bull terrier, she is like my daughter. it was like losing a child. >> beautiful girl, yes you are. >> as the time passed the hope faded, i didn't think i would see her again. >> i lost hope. >> she had been chipped with an id. >> every day i check my e-mail i hopele something would show up believe it or not friday is when it did, the eunion was set into motion last week when the police responded to a shooting here on north l street, we picked up a dog and an after hours call on friday evening. as a result of the police department needing the backup. and upon impound of the animal we found it was chipped. >> leading them to a happy man who was able it reunite with his
6:58 pm
what joy are you, baby. >> i miss you, he does not plan on letting her out of his sight any time soon. >> we're going home; she is happy to see him. that's great. >> always there. the news keeps on going. a big night. follow our updates. we'll have the wrap up at 10:00
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: somebody was actually more incendiary than donald trump. lin-manuel miranda, the guy who does hamilton. we said, do you think aaron burr would be impressed with donald trump? >> aaron burr is the second vice president to shoot a guy while in office. harvey: that's pretty incendiary. >> what does that word mean? [laughter] >> "the bachelor" came to an end last night. lauren b, she won and we got her at l.a.x. with ben. >> how happy are you, excited? >> yeah. harvey: they will be broken up in a month. >> no, they won't. they're in love. harvey: if ben wanted to date you, would you do it? >> yes.


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