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tv   FOX 13 1000 News  FOX  March 15, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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3 its another big p it's another big night for pdonald trump. phe easily wins the florida prepublican primary as well as pnorth carolina and illinois. pbut missouri too close to call. p>>woman: this is another super ptuesday for our campaign. p hillary clinton also claims pbig wins in florida, ohio, and pin north carolina. p>>man: after tonight, it is pclear that while we are on the pright side, this year, we will pnot be on the winning side. p and marco rubio suspends his pcampaign for president tonight pafter a disappointing finish in ptonight's primaries, including phis home state of florida. p good evening, everyone, i'm pkelly ring.
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pdonald trump has taken the stage pin palm beach. p>>man: great company, harmaceutical company, they're pgoing to ireland, and there are pso many more. pyou have people who can't get ptheir money back into the pcountry because the politicians pcan't get along, they can't make pa deal, everyone agrees pdemocratic and republican, peverybody agrees, the money pshould come back. pthere's two and a half trillion pdollars outside of this country. peverybody agrees that the money pshould be here and the oliticians, for three years, phaven't been able to make a pdeal. p(applause). p>>man: we could make a deal. pthere's an example of something pthat you could do, if i sat down pwith a few of the senators, a pfew of the congressman, you pcould make a deal on that in ten pminutes if you knew what you're pdoing because everyone wants to pdo it. pcompanies are actually leaving pour country to get their money. pnot only because our taxes are
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plower by the way, but companies pare leaving our country to get ptheir money because there's no pway of bringing it in. pwe have a long way to go. pi think at some point, it's pgoing to get done. pthis is very exciting. pthis whole process. pwe started, i was 1/17 people, psenators, governors, i've had psuch great support. pdr. ben carson, the other day pendorsed us -- great guy. pwonderful man. pand chris christie endorsed us, pthat was so incredible. pand today, pam bondi came up and pendorsed us, that was great. pshe's a truly wonderful of the pjob she's done in florida. pwe've had such incredible psupport. aul ryan called me the other pday.
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ptoday, the fact is, we have to pbring our party together. pwe have to bring it together. pwe have something happening that pactually makes the republican arty probably the biggest olitical story anywhere in the pworld. peverybody is writing about it. pall over europe, all over the pworld they're talking about it. pmillions of people are coming in pto vote. pthis was an example of it today. pmany many more people -- i'm plooking at the polling booths pall around the country where pit's up. pand the lines are four, five, psix blocks long. pand one woman was in there for p40 years she's been working the olls and she said we have two eople here, now look at the pline. pthe line looked like it was preally long. pfive deep and long. pand it's just a different thing. pwe have a great opportunity -- pand the people that are voting pare democrats coming in,
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pimportantly, people that never pvoted before. pit's an incredible thing. pi want to pay my respects by the pway, to todd palin. pshe was here making a speech on pmy behalf. phe was in a very bad accident, phe's tough as nails, he's going pto be fine but i want to pay my prespects to todd and sarah. pour theme, when we started -- pyeah, sit down, everybody, lease. pi mean, this is my locker, we pgive you seats, you don't have pto stand. pi'm looking at all these people. p(applause and cheers).
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pgood job. pand hope and our whole squad. pso when this began, milania and pi, i told her i had to do it, pshe's been so supportive, it's pbeen amazing, and we had to do pit. pit was about trade and borders. retty quickly after that -- we pshot right up, i shot right to pthe top of the polls and have pbeen leading in the polls almost pfrom the beginning without fail. pwe went up in june, most people psaid i'll never run, he's just pgoing to have fun, he's having a pgood time. pi am having a good time. pi'm having a very nice time. pyou know what, i'm working very phard and there is great anger. pbelieve me. pone of the broadcasters was psaying is there anger and i said pyes as opposed to no, there's
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pyou gave iran $50 million. pwe love all the deals. pthe trade deals are wonderful. pyou lose $500 million a year pwith china. pwe lose $58 billion a year in pterms of inbalance. pit's a total in balance. pwe don't win anymore as a pcountry. pand they asked is there anger pfrom your people and i said pthere is anger. pthey're not angry people but pthey want to see the country roperly run. pthey want to see borders, health pcare, they want to see our pmilitary rebuilt. pour military is in very bad pstate, they want it rebuilt. pvery very importantly, and they pwant the second amendment by the pway protected and protected pstrongly. pand that's going to happen. pand you know what they want so pbadly?
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pour veterans are treated so pbadly. pso we started and something phappened called "paris ". aris happened and paris was a pdisaster. pthere's been many disasters but pit was paris and then we had a pcase in california where the 14 pyoung people were killed and it pjust goes on and on and on. pand what happened with me is pthis whole run took on a whole pnew meaning. pnot just borders, not just good ptrade deals, and we're going to pmake the best trade deals you've pever seen. pwe have such endorsement from pthe smartest people in business pand these people are going to be pnegotiating our deals. pwe have the best business people pin the world. pwe're going to have such great pdeals, we're going to do so good pwith trade and the border. pbut it took on a whole new pmeaning and the meaning was very psimple, we need protection in
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pall of the sudden the poll pnumbers shot up and i'm just pvery proud to be a part of this. pi think we're going to go and pwe're going to do a lot of chips pover the next month but i think pwe're going to have a great pvictory. pand i think more importantly pthan anything else, we're going pto start winning again. pthis country is going to start pwinning again. pwe don't win anymore. pwe don't win with our military, pwe can't beat isis. pwe're going to knock the hell pout of them. pwe don't win at trade, china, peverybody, japan, mexico, pvietnam, india, name the pcountry, anybody we do business pwith needs us. pwe don't win at trade, we're pgoing to win at trade, we're pgoing to make our country rich pagain, we're going to make our pcountry great again and we need
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pgreat, i'm sorry to tell you. p(applause and cheers). p>>man: so i'm going forward, we phad a fantastic evening, i would phappened. pi guess we're waiting for one presult which possibly will be pvery successful also. pbut to win the states that we pwon, and to win by the margins, pflorida. pto win by that kind of a number pis incredible. pand i have to say it that number pone, i want to congratulate pmarco rubio on having run a preally tough campaign. phe's tough, smart, and he's got pa great future. pbut i have to say, nobody has pever ever, in the history of
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pnegative advertising that i phave. precord record record. pby the way, mostly false, i pwouldn't say 100 percent, but pabout 90 percent mostly false, pvicious, horrible. pthey said 18 million the first pweek, meaning last week, and 25 pmillion -- it added up to over p$40 million and you explain it pto me because i can't. pmy numbers went up. pi don't understand it. pnobody understands it. pmy numbers went up. pit's been an interesting pexperience. plast week, adam scott won the pbig tournament, the world pchampionship of golf. padam, who is a great guy, i'm pwatching on television screens pall over and we're down at this pgorgeous green and everything is pworking beautifully and then a
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pthe worst commercial. pi'm with all these top pexecutives and i'm saying look pover there. pyou don't want to watch it. pisn't the grass beautiful? plook, look, don't watch. pand they came in waves. pone after another after another. pand it was brutal. pand then adam comes in and he's pthis handsome kid from paustralia, made an unbelievable pshot on the 18th hole to win the ptournament. phe's a great champion and we're pgiving the award and just before p-- we break for a commercial, pwe'll be right back with our pgreat champion from australia pand here's the commercial. pand i said nooo and there were ptwo of them.
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pwhat a disaster. pagain, i just want to pcongratulate everyone, it's an pamazing process. pbut if you get to the end, you pcan handle a lot of things, pincluding pressure. pthat i can tell you. pbecause there's nothing like it. plies, deceit, viciousness, pdisgusting reporters, horrible eople. psome are nice. psome really disgusting people pback there laughing. pi just want to say we're going pto go forward and we're going to pwin. pmore importantly, we're going to pwin for the country. pwin, win, win, and we're not pstopping. pwe're going to have great pvictories for our country. pthank you very much, everybody. pthank you.
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p there he is, gop front prunner, businessman donald trump pwith a big win in florida. pyou know, crowd is fired up, phe's fired up and this is a real pturning point in the campaign. p>> he said our party needs to pcome together. phe got calls from mitch and aul. pi spoke for about 13 minutes. plet's go to the democratic residential campaign. pwe heard hillary clinton pspeaking a little while ago. pshe also won by a comfortable pmargin. pshe also won north carolina and pohio as well. p>> let's go to the numbers for pthe democratic primary. phere they are. phillary clinton 64 percent. pnearly doubling bernie sanders. p>> on the republican side, let's ptake a look there. pflorida race has been called for pdonald trump. pno surprise there. phe came out with a large lead. pit led marco rubio to suspend
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ptrump also won north carolina, pillinois, missouri is still up pin the air. plet's take a look at the prepublican numbers statewide. pdonald trump has 64 percent. pmarco rubio with 27 percent and pted cruz with 17 percent. p>> obviously the rubio story is pa big story in florida because pthis was really his last stand. pif he couldn't win his home pstate in florida. phe suspended his campaign this pevening around 8:15 watching the pnumbers come in. pat least this time. pjosh is covering the rubio camp pfor us. pno doubt this is the last stand pfor him. p>>reporter: yeah, very pdisappointing night here at fiu pfor marco rubio and his psupporters. pas you said, he lost by a wide pmargin to front runner donald ptrump. pi can tell you coming in from
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poptimism from rubio and his psupporters. pby 8:00, the air was let out of pthe room. pnot long after, rubio came out, phe suspended his campaign as pmany thought he would if he lost phis home state. pthe state by the way that plaunched him into the national pspotlight. pfirst up he congratulated trump pand thanked his supporters ptelling them there's nothing pmore they could've done in this prace. phe and his supporters are on the pright side but unfortunately ptonight they were not on the pwinning side. p>>man: and so i am grateful to pall of you who have worked so phard for me. pi truly am. pi am grateful to my family, my pwife who has been phenomenal. p(applause and cheers).
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pbeen extraordinary in this pcampaign. pand i want you to know that i pwill continue every single day pto search for ways for me to prepay some of this extraordinary pdebt that i owe this great pcountry. p>>reporter: yeah, other than pcongratulating trump, rubio pnever spoke of the gop front prunner directly. pbut if you read between the plines, he appeared to take shots pat him tonight. pwe need a candidate that will plove all americans and will not plead with fear and hate. pthat drew cheers from the crowds phere. pit was divided among the ones we pspoke with as to whether or not pthey will support donald trump pmoving forward and if he becomes pthe gop nominee. phe did not endorse a candidate ptonight. pwe'll see if that happens in the pcoming days. pback to you. p>> we will see what happens. pall right, josh, thank you so pmuch. p the ohio republican race was pcalled for governor john kasich
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phe's currently leading by more pthan 7 percentage points right pnow. p>> that's really good news for phim because he needed to win his phome state to stay in the race. phe spoke to his supporters 30 pminutes ago sharing how poverwhelmed he felt by his pstate's decision. p>>man: when we walked through pthe restaurant, people started pto cheer. pmy reaction, please don't do pthat because you're going to pmake me cry. pbut to have people believe in pyou and to believe that you can pbring people together and pstrengthen our country, i have pto thank the people of the great pstate of ohio, i love ya. p>> and ted cruz falls further pbehind donald trump.
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pany states tonight. p after a short break, we're pgoing to check in with the pdemocrats and take you live to phillary clinton's campaign. p>> big night, much more preactions still to come. palso serious thought. plook at this picture. pcausing all kinds of problems ptoday. pwe'll find out the areas peffected and if it's going to pmess up your morning commute, pthat's the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today.
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put more fun in your day at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today. america runs on dunkin'. 3 hillary p hillary clinton supporters pare gathered in west palm beach pin the palm beach county pconvention center to celebrate pher win tonight in florida. pshe also won ohio and north pcarolina. pbig night for her. p>> evan is covering the clinton pcampaign. pevan. p>>reporter: the breakdown here phas started. pyou can see there, that might be pa metaphor for what the clinton pcampaign is happening in this prace. pit's about time to back up the
10:21 pm
pnomination is headed in other pdirection. pshe was energetic and fiery ptonight. pstill undecided states of pmissouri and illinois. pbut she came out knowing she won pflorida, north carolina, and pohio. pthose states are very three pdifferent kinds of states. pwe have a state in the midwest, psouth, and the very diverse pstate of our home state, pflorida. ponce she came out, she made pseveral very clear attacks on pdonald trump. psaying when we hear a candidate psaying he's going to deport 11 pmillion people and ban muslims pfrom entering the united states pand embrace torture, she says pthat doesn't make him strong, pthat makes him wrong. pshe said running for president pis easy but being president is phard. pwe need someone who can defend
10:22 pm
pto be great, she says, we can't pbe small. p>>woman: our next president has pto bring our country together so pwe can all share in the promise pof america. pwe should be breaking down pbarriers, not building walls. pwe are not going to succeed by pdividing this country between us pand them. pyou know, to be great, we can't pbe small. pwe can't lose what made america pgreat in the first place. p>>reporter: and she also pointed pout that she has won more votes pnot only on the democratic side pof the contest but on the prepublican side of the pnominating contest as well. pthis is another super tuesday pfor her campaign. pyou remember mark and kelly, pthat 1/3 of the delegates they pneed, those were at stake ptonight and she has won at least pthree states.
10:23 pm
pshe'll win states four and five. pbut secretary clinton certainly pbelieves this was a very good pnight for her. pshe believes if she has not won pthe nomination yet, she is pthat. peven though the delegates, in pthis case, certainly went in her pfavor, perhaps the more pimportant thing here is now she phas momentum on her side making pup for the lost last week in pmichigan. p>> you've been covering her for pquite sometime. pwe've seen her speeches and we pknow she's tired and she's been pon the road but she's definitely pgot extra juice tonight. pshe's motivated by the florida pvictory. p>>reporter: this is someone peyeing the presidency as early pas 1998 and 1999. pin 2008, she ran for president pand lost. pthen see served as secretary of pstate and now here she is at it
10:24 pm
ploss for president. plook, this is somebody who has pbeen at it for a long time, this pcertainly had to be a satisfying pwin for her. p>> as we know, tonight did not pgo as bernie sanders needed it pto go. p>> he did not win a single pstate. phe spoke in arizona a short time pago and he continued with his pcampaign theme saying he's come pa long way in the past 10 pmonths. p>>man: the reason we've gone as pwell as we have, the reason we phave defied all expectations is pthat we are doing something very pradical in american politics. pwe are telling the truth. p>> all right, let's get some erspective on how the florida pand ohio votes shaped up. p>>reporter: republican pstrategist and mayor of st.
10:25 pm
pwhat changed in the course of a pweek that caused in michigan pwhen bernie sanders was way down pin the polls, he pulls an upset. pin florida he's down and the gap pgrows. pwhat changed? p>>man: they do have a lot in pcommon but i think what the pstate of michigan has gone pthrough compared to the state of pflorida from an economic stand oint, with all the challenges pthey've had, i think because of pthat, the message that bernie psanders was putting out was preally one that resinated more pwith the voters in michigan. pand florida tends to be a little pbit more representative of the pcountry. pwe haven't gone through the same pchallenges. pas such, i think his message pdidn't quite connect in the same pway. p>>reporter: bernie sanders wins pnine counties in florida. pspeaking of a wipeout, sam pthing in the republican race. ptrump wipes out marco rubio in
10:26 pm
pis there anything in hindsight prubio could've done to change pthat result? p>>man: in politics, you always plook back if you don't quite pmake it and you start second pguessing yourself. pi think what happened here is psimple. pthe establishment took a beating pagain tonight in the state of pflorida. pyou saw the thriving of trump, pregardless -- in the face of p10/15 million dollars of pnegative ads. pthe daily reports of what this pcampaign was all about is what pthey paid attention to. pin ohio, i think we have a brand pnew race. pthree going at it. pthe four went in, three came out pand on the go. p>>reporter: mayor, you served pwith marco rubio when he was phouse speaker. pwhat do you think marco rubio pwill do next? pwhat does the future hold for phim in florida?
10:27 pm
pfuture isn't as great as it was rior and i think even had he pnot won the way he didn't win is preally what's hurt him. pthere was a lot of talk about otential -- if he didn't psucceed and wasn't the pcandidate, what would be the pnext step for him? pgovernor was certainly something pfolks talked about. pi think it's going to be very pdifficult for him to jump into pthat race after this campaign pand the way he campaigned in pthis campaign. p>>reporter: and in the pdemocratic race, where do we go pfrom here? phillary clinton stays on pmessage, what does bernie psanders do? p>>man: i think bernie is also pgoing to stay on message. pi think we've forgotten about pthis factor, we saw history ptonight. preally. pa major party is nominating retty much, i think it's pretty pmuch close to over. pa woman to be its candidate for resident. pwe haven't seen that before. p>>reporter: thank you both for pyour time.
10:28 pm
p>> gentlemen, thanks. p>> drivers, look at this icture. pthis is so eerie. pheavy delays this morning. pthe sunshine bridge was closed pfor 7 hours. pand that fog could once again pthreaten our morning commute ptomorrow. p>> it's pretty an amazing icture. pcrystal clark is joining us live pnear the sunshine bridge. phow is it tonight? p>>reporter: kelly, mark, we're palready starting to see the sea pfog creep back in. pconditions are only expected to pget worse as we head through the pnight and the sky way bridge pcould possibly shut down once pagain during the morning pcommute. pwe shot video. pabout 30 minutes ago to show you pconditions as they stand right pnow. pas you can see, the fog again is pfairly thick even though it's
10:29 pm
pas most drivers know, visibility pcould be very low and this fog pcould last through wednesday pafternoon as we saw today on the pbridge. pflorida highway patrol closed pthe driveway before 6:00 this pmorning. pit remained closed until 1:00 pthis afternoon. pit made a lot of people very plate to work. pwe spoke to some of them at the p7/11 just before the sky way pbridge. pthe gas station became a parking plot for drivers waiting and pwaiting until it was safe to preopen the bridge to traffic. p>>man: i hit traffic right here pbefore the bridge and sat there pfor about two hours. p>>man: other than when the sky pway was hit by the barge many pyears ago and it fell, this is pthe only other time i remember pit being closed. p>>reporter: now for wednesday pmorning, if one of the following proutes is part of the daily
10:30 pm
pthey include southbound i-275, pnorthbound 275 in manatee pcounty. pthese are the areas where pdrivers are going to want to pfind an alternative route in the pmorning or possibly give pthemselves extra time so they pdon't face what they faced this pmorning. pagain, as you can see, this fog pis only getting denser as we phead into the evening. p>> crystal, thanks very much. pas we saw today, it could hang paround for quite sometime. p>> 7 hours. pyou thought once the sun hit it pit would dissipate but it pdidn't. pi've never seen that. p we get a few days each year pof the sea fog and it's where it psets up. pthis happened to set up in the erfect place, right over the psky way and just sat there and pthat's why it was closed for 7 phours. ptake a look at this. pthis is the clear water beach pcam. pthere were a few breaks of sun
10:31 pm
pand i say very very few breaks pof sun because you see most of pthe day you couldn't even see pthe beach or the water. peven heading toward 8:00 you pin. pst. pete 7 miles. pbut you head to the south, down ptoward venice we're at half a pmile. psarasota six miles. pthat's going to build inland. pcrystal mentioned a couple of pthe different roadways you want pto avoid or add extra time. pi think area wide we're going to pdeal with land fog to start the pday at least on wednesday. pthat means everybody is going to pwant to give themselves extra ptime. pwhy are we seeing it? pwe have water temperatures in pthe upper 60s. pat the same time, dew points are pin the low 70s. p73 is the dew point, that's a
10:32 pm
pif you have dew points higher pthan water temperature, you get psea fog developing, sea fog pmoving on shore as well. pthere is a dense fog advisory in peffect for all of the off shore pareas down through sarasota pcounties. pthat's through midnight tonight. pi would not be surprised if we psee this extended through later pon tonight and if we start to psee fog developing over land in pthe next couple of hours, there pmay be dense fog conditions into pwednesday morning. pany way you slice it, it looks plike a foggy start to the day on pwednesday. phere's how a fog forecast plays pout. pthis is one of the models. pcontinuing to spread inland into pwednesday morning, sticking paround to 9:00 inland. pup against the coast though, the otentials there, once again, pfor that sea fog to stick around pin certain areas into midday, erhaps into early afternoon.
10:33 pm
pmore fog potential wednesday pnight into thursday. ponce we get beyond that, we move pout of the foggy looking attern. p69 degrees for tonight. pwatch out for the land and sea pfog. plocally dense out there. pfor the day tomorrow, 82, foggy pat the beach. artly sunny elsewhere. pheading into the day thursday, p81 degrees, few showers. pthat starts somewhat of a attern change out here. pfriday, a few showers. p40 percent rain chances. pup to 50 percent rain chance on psaturday. pa few more showers on sunday, p72. pupper 60s for highs on monday pand dry and cooler next week. p>> interesting weather pattern. pjust when you think it's going pto get warm it's getting cooler. p we want to head back to olitics. p>> chris joins us know with the pother state's results.
10:34 pm
pwe're starting in ohio which is psuch a key state for prepublicans. pit's a winner take all. phillary clinton will get 75 of pthe state's 143 delegates. eople thought bernie sanders pwould make a stand here but it pjust didn't happen for him in pohio. pon the republican side in the pbuck eye sate, ohio goes to john pkasich all 66 delegates. pvery significant. pthis will make it harder for ptrump to get 1237. pit's also bad news for ted cruz pso that it would be a two man pcontest between cruz and trump. pthat's not going to happen. pkasich takes his home state. pand the drama continues on the prepublican side. pnow look at illinois on the pdemocratic side. pclinton leading here but this pone too close to call. pno winner has been declared.
10:35 pm
pon the republican side, donald ptrump rather a big win here for ptrump. pted cruz a distant second. pit's a big win for trump pconsidering the controversy pabout the violence out in pisrael. ptrump takes illinois as well. pin missouri on the democratic pside, this is bernie sanders pbest shot at winning a state ptonight. pif this margin holds, he will pwin missouri but it won't help phim too much in the delegate pcount. phe has that margin of a four ercent lead there. pfor the republicans in missouri, ptrump with a narrow lead -- pactually, no, that just changed. pted cruz lead over donald trump. phe won iowa in the north and pkansas and oklahoma to the west. pted cruz winning missouri at pthis point but that state has pnot had a winner declared. pin north carolina on the pdemocratic side, another big win pfor hillary clinton.
10:36 pm
pstates and has added to her pmassive lead to the overall pdelegate count. pfor the republicans in north pcarolina. pit was tied but donald trump was pdeclared the winner. pit means that ted cruz will get pa share of the 72 gop delegates. pnot an overall loss for ted cruz ptonight. pto sum things up here. pon the democratic side, an poutstanding night for hillary pclinton winning four states. pand the republican story, three pmaybe four states for trump. pone state for john kasich and of pcourse, we say goodbye to marco prubio. pguys. p>> all right, thank you, chris. pwe'll see you in a few minutes. p let's take a look at the pdelegates leader boards in pflorida. pthe republicans awarded 99 pdelegates winner take all. p>> on the democratic side, pthere's 214 in florida that are
10:37 pm
pthese are not yet complete so pthese numbers are not final. pright now here's where we stand. ptrump with 568. prubio 163 and kasich with 129. p>> the numbers not complete but pas of now clinton as 1488 and psanders with 704. pcraig patrick is breaking down pthe numbers with our pollster ptonight. pdid everything go as the polls redicted? p>>reporter: one poll at least. pmail this. pif you look at the results in pflorida, they match exactly what pour last fox 13 poll showed with pdonald trump running away with pit with 46 percent of the vote. pif you go county by county, he pwins there by 40 percent of the pvote. phe runs the table among young pand old, all across the state.
10:38 pm
pwhich matched your poll, there pis really nothing that rubio pcould've done. phe could've stayed away from the pinsults. pbut when you have this kind of pmargin, he was cooked from the pstart. p>>man: we don't normally think pof florida as being part of the psouth per se. pbut it extended from south pcarolina, to florida to georgia. pdonald trump was just on fire phere. pthis is the center piece of the prepublican party. pthis area of the country. pso donald trump had to do well pand the republicans had to be pable to do well with the voters pin november. pthat's the problem that prepublicans who don't want trump pface right now. p>>reporter: you have diverse pgroups of republicans in the pstate, that's for sure. pbut you have economic pconservatives and not as many psocial conservatives and that pseems to set up with donald ptrump's profile. p>>man: it does. pas you head into the future pstates, you're not going to see
10:39 pm
pthey're heading to states now pthat are more friendly to donald ptrump in arizona and perhaps ted pcruz and then you head to pnew york and new jersey where ptrump is considered to be a pfavorite in both of those pstates. pthings are not over yet but pwe're beginning to see trump ptake a significant lead and pgoing into these friendly pstates. p>>reporter: and hillary clinton palmost runs the table in florida pbut loses nine counties in the pnorthern part of the state. pthese are counties where you pdon't have a lot of population. pand then bernie sanders just got pwiped up in miami. ptampa bay as well. pwhat does that tell you about pthe strength of hillary pclinton's message among pdemocrats and her campaign porganization? p>>man: organization and a ptradition. pthe clintons have always done pwell in florida. pin 2008, the nomination might phave gone to her instead of pbarack obama. phillary clinton has basically
10:40 pm
pthis party. pthey're going to go on and on. pyou've seen many other states go pthis way. pbernie sanders is not stacking pneeds. pit's almost basically over on pthe democratic side. p>>reporter: back to you. p>> matt, thank you for the pnumbers, that's impressive.
10:41 pm
pwe'll be during this extended visit from your
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pit was a frightening day for a phome owner in tampa heights who pshot and killed a man who tried pto break into his house. pthe 40-year-old heard somebody pbreaking in through the back pdoor. pgrabbed his gun and found a man pstanding in his kitchen. phe shot him several times and pwas killed. pneighbors described the scene. p>>woman: it's a little bit punnerving but again, i've heard pof burglaries happening in high ark too. p>>man: it wants you to make psure to go and get your pconcealed gun license. pany given time, how everything pis going and shaking up in the pcountry, it makes you want to be repared. p>> yeah, soloman shares the home pwith his elderly mother. pshe was not there during the pshooting but she says she's glad pher son is okay.
10:44 pm
p hulk hogan is suing gawker pfor $100 million. phe had no apologies. phe stands by his decision to ost the clip of the sex tape. pit was written by his top peditor. punder cross examination, hogan's pattorney tried to show that pgawker was heartless and didn't pthink about how it would affect phogan and his family. p>>man: it would be unbearable pif one was to put one's self pinto the shoes of the subject. pwe're talking about a well pfamous celebrity. p>>man: having sex in a private pbedroom with a friend. p>>man: with the friend of a pfriend. p>> he's expected to take the
10:45 pm
pthe trial will likely wrap up pthis week. p he was a five star decorated pgeneral and the director of the pcia but the career of the pgeneral ended after an affair pturned public. pin 2011 he was appointed to be phead of the cia by president pobama. pless than a year later, he presigned after admitting to an paffair with his writer. ptonight the general admits he pdid wrong. p>>man: i made mistakes in life pbeyond those missteps, rofessionally, on the battle pfield. plife is not without setbacks. p>> the general says he's used phis military training to help phim get through the scandal. phe had to pick up the pieces of phis life and move on. phe teaches college courses and puses the affair as a lesson. p>> the public gave their input pon the peer approach and it's
10:46 pm
pthey're working on the pier papproach that will connect pdowntown to the wart front. pnew renderings include art pspaces, water front dining, and pan open air market. pthe mayor of st. pete say they pwant to make sure they get it pright. p>>man: i'm very pleased. pwhat we said from the beginning pwas where we thought we went pwrong the first time was we get pconcerned with the forum over pthe function and now we're pworking on the function. p>> they hope to wrap up ideas by pjune. p time now for sports. pscott, give us a break. p>> it's time to knicks -- mix pit up a little bit. plakewood bo is ready to make his pown mark coming up.
10:47 pm
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3 the lightning have been outstanding on the road for p well, the lightning have pbeen outstanding on the road for pthe most part winning 7 of the plast 8 on the road. pin the middle of a huge game ptonight, leafs worst home precord, worst overall record. pbut they were in control of much pof tonight into the second eriod. eter holland and around back, pno good.
10:50 pm
pbrian boil, the equalizer with p13:27 remaining in the game. pminutes later, rebound. p20 shots stopped tonight. pthis one looks a little bigger pthan it should have. ptampa bay falls to one. p baseball, many prominent pfather/son combos. pcould another one of baseball's pblood lines come out of our own pback yard? pdante calls tampa bay home. phis youngest son doesn't only pcarry the name but also has the pgame. p>>reporter: bo was born with pbaseball in his blood. plooking to carry on a major pleague legacy. pbo is rated as one of the best phigh school prospects in the
10:51 pm
pa future superstar. p>>man: his brain is just pbleeding baseball. p>>reporter: bo is committed to parizona state and will be a high pdraft pick come june. pif he listened to his dad, he pwould have been a professional pbut not as baseball. psure. phe dealt with the politics of pbaseball with his life. p>>man: i tried hard to push him pto tennis because no one writes pthe lineup. p>>reporter: he jokes that he pmade the right decision. pright. p>>reporter: bo is too young to premember how good his dad was in phis day. phe gets a fatherly lesson. p>>man: i have to straighten him pout once in a while. pi have to break out the numbers pand show him. p>>man: oh, yeah, he does that. pstuff. p>>reporter: it's not every day
10:52 pm
pstumble upon a major league pbaseball player playing baseball pwith his son. plucky for him he recognized pdante. pthat's exactly how bo ended up laying baseball for lakewood phigh. p>>man: it was amazing. p>>reporter: did you wait until phe walked away and jumping for pjoy? p>>man: a little bit. pi turned and said you know what pthat was, right? p>>reporter: a family full of pbaseball talent, who has the pbragging rights to be called the pbest? p>>man: i would get in trouble pif i tried to answer that pquestion. p>>reporter: again, no comment. pdad is way bigger than me. pon the field, i like him. pyeah, he's my guy. p>>reporter: in st. petersburg, pkevin. p>> bo's older brother, dante pjunior already in the yankees psystem. lenty good baseball blood line
10:53 pm
p>> imagine springs and summer in pthat house. p a replica of historic pscooters sailed into the bay parea today after a bit of a pweather delay.
10:54 pm
10:55 pm
ptell you coming
10:56 pm
pfog all day at the coast but pelsewhere, it ended up being a retty nice day. pi want to show you this from ptampa, you can see the sun pshining but you can make out the psea fog right up along the shore pfor much of the day today. pthat's the set up for tonight pand into the day tomorrow. phere's the visibility, half a pmile in venice, and it's slowly pnow spreading inland, spreading pto the north. pshould be moving through the prest of the areas as we head pinto the overnight hours. pmore land fog developing as pwell. pi expect a pretty foggy day on pwednesday. pthis is a dense fog advisory pthrough sarasota counties until pmidnight tonight. pthat may be extended though and pthere may be other advisories pthat go up as we head through pthe overnight hours. phere's the setup, we have the pwest/south west winds coming and pthat will help with the fog.
10:57 pm
pthe day on wednesday. pa little bit more in the way pwednesday into thursday. pthen we see this front to our pnorth and it's going to drop pclose enough where it should get pthe fog a little further. psouth, a couple showers possible pwith it. pespecially the further north you pget later on thursday afternoon. pmore shower activity on friday pand we'll keep it into the pweekend. pan unsettled weekend. pa little bit of uncertainty into pthe weekend forecast. pnothing set in stone yet. pdown to 81 on thursday. p80 on friday. pas you head inland with the west pwind, we're talking upper 80s to pnear 90. panother humid day there as well. p20 percent rain chances as well pon thursday. p40 percent rain chances on pfriday. pwe have more on the weekend pforecast in just a bit.
10:58 pm
pworkers are wasting away on the proadways. paverage commuter spends nearly p50 hours in traffic. pthat was just last year. p8 p81 hours for los angeles. pit was a february to forget for pmost store owners. psales rising for restaurants and psporty good stores. pa month away, alaska getting pnamed the lowest states for pincome, sales, from real estate pto vehicles. pillinois has the highest rates. p who manages their money pbetter? pwomen or men. pladies have less debt and fewer plate payments than males. pjust what my wife needed to phear. pthat's business. p all right, neil, thanks. eople trying to get over the
10:59 pm
ponly ones affected by fog. p>> boats couldn't get through. p20 other boats waiting to enter ptampa bay. pthe tall ship is a replica of pthe actual ship used in the war pin 1812. pthey were returning to st. ete's harbor ma rein an and pthey couldn't get in. p>>man: we waited for a while to psee if it would lift. pand four hours later it did not. pwe went for it sailing through pthe bridge in the fog and pcouldn't see the bridge until pyou were under it. pthat was fun for everyone pinvolved. p>> crews are trying to make st. ete the ship's winter port. pmy husband was on a little boat pand didn't see the sky way until pit's scary. p>> what a beautiful ship. phopefully they like it here. phopefully the fog lifts. p>> and it will be their winter phome. pi bet it will.
11:00 pm
p still watching results roll pin. pflorida was the end of the road pfor our tomorrow state senator pbut added fuel to the tank for pdonald trump. p>>man: winning again. pwe don't win. p how his victories are pshaping the republican race for pthe white house. p>>woman: we are moving closer pto securing the democratic party pnomination and winning this pelection in november. p>> and submitting her grip on pthat nomination, a near perfect pfor hillary clinton winning pflorida, ohio and the list goes pon. p we begin at 11:00 tonight pwith the florida primary proving pto be a political game changer. psenator marco rubio announcing phe will be dropping out of the residential race after losing phis home state. phere's how the numbers played pout in florida.


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