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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  March 16, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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3 the polls are closed, and florida has p>>russell: polls are closed, pvotes counted, florida decides. pdonald trump and hillary clinton pextend their delegates leads and pinching closer to a general pelection showdown. p>>laura: a tough loss for marco prubio last night, knocked out in phis home state. phis campaign suspended and the pquestion now is, will he support panother? p>>russell: we're covering the
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pwe have reactions from the pnight's winners and losers. p>>laura: we're going to check in pwith them in a minute. pfor the second day in a row, fog pis rolling in on the sunshine pskyway bridge. pwe're going to bring you in, pdave, right now with the ptraffic. p>>dave: visibilities are much plower this morning. pwe have 3/4 mile in sarasota. pvisibility has been up and down paround st. petersburg but the pcoastal, dense fog advisory, the pmarine dense fog advisory is out pthrough 11:00 this morning and pit's going to take some time to pburn the fog off along the pcoastline which means that areas palong the beach will probably pstay in the upper 70s for highs pwhereas inland locations we're pgoing to start off with sunshine pearly. pit should make their way back to pthe lower 80s. phow are things on the roads? p>>vanessa: it looks like a mess pon a couple of bridges. pwe're seeing fog over the psunshine skyway bridge this pmorning but i wanted to point pout the shot here is actually
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pwhere we have traffic concerns pof a different kind. pa crash in the northbound pdirection is really jamming up, pall the traffic heading into ptampa. pat this point it looks like pmaybe one on two left lanes pmoving and we do have some heavy pdelays in the area. lease take another bridge, peither the courtney campbell pcauseway or the gandy bridge. pjust do the delays we're seeing. pwe will keep you posted on this pcrash. pthe fog over the sunshine skyway pbridge caused concerns pyesterday. pwe're seeing fog again. psounds like folks might have to pleave a little earlier for work ptoday. p>>reporter: that's a great idea. pi've been on the skyway patrol pall morning long and i would plike to tell you i've seen a pgreat improvement. pi haven't. pyou still can't see the bridge pitself. pyou can see the offbound ramp in pthe distance. pstill dangerous driving pconditions, still think as pea
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peven though it's a mess, it was peven worse yesterday. pvisibility only 50 feet or so. pthe fog rolled in at 6:00, pafternoon. pvery unusual situation. pcomplete surprise. p>> this is like, what do you pmean, the skyway is closed? pit's bright and sunny here and phas been all day. pyou have to be patient, man. pyou have to be patient. pit's not going to get open any pquicker. p>>reporter: a little bit of pimprovement out here but as dave psaid, it will be around for pawhile. pif you're out on the roads, lease be careful. palways a good idea. pback to you. p>>russell: thank you. p>>laura: the skyway is open pright now. pvanessa just told us. pjust so that you know. p>>russell: be safe. p>>laura: and be safe. pbe safe. pall right. pthe dust is finally starting to psettle after florida's game pchanging primary. p>>russell: it was pretty much
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pless than an hour after the olls closed, craig patrick pcalled the state for donald ptrump and hillary clinton. p>>laura: the double digit wins pcarried over in other states, ptoo. p>>russell: 99% reporting donald ptrump wins with nearly 46% of pthe vote. pmarco rubio was the closest, psecond place, 27%. p>>laura: on the democratic side, phillary clinton beat bernie psanders by 31%. pwe have the results from all of pthe races on our website at p>>russell: the impact on the pflorida primary will be felt for pmonths to come. pit's a three person race on the prepublican side. prubio ended his campaign after plosing his home state. phe made that announcement less pthan 24 hours after pledging to pcarry on no matter what right phere on "good day." p>>laura: so we begin our post rimary coverage with josh who pis at rubio headquarters in pmiami. p>>russell: a lot of people were pkind of expecting this, right? p>>reporter: yeah.
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pmiami here, working off a couple pof hours of sleep. pone person that probably didn't psleep that much last night, pmarco rubio after the beating he ptook from donald trump in the olls. pyou're right. pnot a big shock based on the pearly polling and early voting pnumbers we saw, but marco rubio, pthey were optimistic up until pthe very end but when the end pcame, it came very harsh for phim. pit really wasn't even close. ptrump on top, 46-27. pvery anti-climatic, if you will. pthe only place he did well was phere in miami dade, rubio's home ptown. pfox news calling it around 8:00 plast night and at that point, pthe air had been let out of the proom at rubio's watch party phere. pby 8:30, rubio had suspended his pcampaign. phe congratulated trump. phe thanked his supporters. phe really left it all out there. pit was a tough night for him. pi actually heard a number of eople say they felt bad for pmarco rubio and how it turned pout. phere is what he had to say to
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p>> i take great comfort in the pancient words which teaches us pthat in their hearts, humans lan their course but the lord pestablishes their steps. pand so yet, while this may not phave been the year for a hopeful pand optimistic message about our pfuture, i still remain hopeful pand optimistic about america. p>>reporter: and rubio kept that poptimistic tone last night. pwe did not hear of an attack to pdonald trump directly but he psaid we need a leader that will punite people, that will love all pamericans and that will lead by pnot using fear. phe also did not endorse any pother candidate which leads you pto wonder who his supporters pwill follow. pwe talked to some who said they pwould support donald trump. pwe talked to others who said no pway, no how, they will pabsolutely not support donald ptrump in the future and it does pseem certain that the folks we ptalked to, they will support
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pin the future, whatever his olitical career holds. psome folks telling us they hope phe runs for governor in the pfuture and then goes for another pchance at the white house after pthat. pwe will see. pwe are live in miami. p>>laura: thank you. pthanks for being with us so pearly in the morning, too. p>>russell: four other states pheld primaries. pillinois and north carolina went pto trump and clinton. p>>laura: and clinton also swept pohio. pjohn kasich wins his home state pin ohio. pohio was the night's second pbiggest prize, giving kasich an pextra 66 delegates. pkasich's victory may prevent ptrump from winning the pnomination outright. ptrump needs to win nearly 60% of pall the remaining delegates to pavoid a contested convention. p>>russell: and missouri still ptoo close to call. pright now trump and clinton are pwinning but their margins over pted cruz and bernie sanders less pthan one half of 1%.
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pcandidates can request a precount. pwe'll have to see what happens pbut it was a big night for pdonald trump. pgood morning to you, hailey. p>>reporter: good morning. pit was a huge night for trump's pteam. phe celebrated a night of pvictories in a place that he pcalls his second home. pthe night kicked off by an early pwin as the polls closed in pflorida. phe learned he had won there, 46% pof the vote. pwe're now waiting on missouri to psee what happens there as the praces there are still too close pto call. phe had been leading for much of pthe night there, neck to neck pwith ted cruz. ptrump hosted his supporters here pin palm beach and the donald j. ptrump ballroom. pit was a spirited crowd. peven after his wins were pdeclared, a pastor led a prayer
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ptrump mentioned his usual point pof the country, he will make the pcountry rich again and the pcountry will start winning and phe also thanked the voters in pflorida calling this state pamazing and he pointed out how pthis particular election has pencouraged so many to get out pand vote. p>> one woman was in there for 40 pyears. pthe line looked like it was plong, really long. pfive deep and long. pand it's just a different thing. pwe have a great opportunity and pthe people that are voting are pdemocrats, independents and pvery, very importantly, people pthat never voted before. pit's an incredible thing. p>>reporter: as you heard, marco prubio announced that he's psuspending his campaign. pwe all know trump and rubio have pshared their exchange of harsh pwords and jabs.
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pin palm beach, though trump took ptime to congratulate marco on prunning a tough campaign and he psaid that marco rubio does have pa bright future ahead of him. ptrump is at 621 delegates and pthat puts him 200 ahead of his pclosest competitor, ted cruz and pcoming off several wins last pnight, he's definitely in a good osition toward securing all the pdelegates he needs for the pg.o.p. nomination. p>>russell: thank you. p>>laur: and in the democratic prace, hillary clinton has pregained some momentum after plosing to bernie sanders in pmichigan last week. pshe has more than 60% of the pdelegates she needs to clinch pthe nomination. p>>russell: west palm beach, the pclinton campaign is sounding p>> yeah. pyou know, guys, why shouldn't pthey be confident? pthey were the ones who lost this pnarrative to bernie sanders just plast week in michigan. pat one point she was considered
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pbernie sanders was able to win pin michigan and maybe had some psaying that this was going to be pa much longer fight than hillary pclinton ever imagined. pbut since we last saw you at p11:00, hillary clinton was named pthe winner in two more rimaries. pmissouri and illinois. pthat seals a five for five night pfor her. pshe certainly has the momentum. ptake a look at her supporters phere. pthis is in brock -- brooklyn. pthese are her volunteers. p p>>reporter: that's them singing p"don't stop believing" and pthey're having a good time in my phome town of new york city, at pleast the clinton supporters pare. phillary clinton, of course, made pone comment about bernie psanders, basically just saying phe's running a vigorous pcampaign. pshe applauded that but also now
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pthe republican frontrunner. pshe made several clear attacks psaying she didn't like hearing pthat he's going to deport 11 pmillion people, ban muslims and pembrace torture as commander in pchief, she said that doesn't pmake him strong. pthat makes him wrong. pshe said that running for resident is easy but actually pbeing president is hard. pshe said we need someone who can pdefend the country and not pembarrass it. phere is the secretary. p>> we should be breaking down pbarriers, not building walls. pwe're not going to succeed by pdividing this country between us pand them. pyou know, to be great we can't pbe small. pwe can't lose what made america pgreat in the first place. pand this isn't just about donald ptrump. pall of us have to do our part. p>>reporter: one thing that she
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pmore votes not only that any pdemocrat but more votes than any prepublican in the race. pthat's if you total all the pvotes up. pguys, if you look at the polls pright now, yes, hillary clinton pis certainly the democratic pfrontrunner but in those head to phead polls that donald trump pkeeps citing, she leads in palmost all of them. phillary clinton has to be pconsidered the favorite to win pnot just the democratic pnomination, we're very early but pshe certainly has the leg up in pbecoming president of the united pstates. p>>russell: thanks. ptalk more later. pthank you. p>>laura: and stay with us. pwe'll have much more on last pnight's races and the impact of pthe florida primary all morning plong. p>>russell: stay right here with pfox 13. pcraig patrick will be in at 8:00 pfor his take on last night's presults. p>>laura: and at 6:30, a woman pwill not let go of her best pfriend who just happens to be an palligator. phow far she's planning to go to
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p>>dave: because it is still dark pout, it's tough to show you some pweather cameras. phere is one at bradenton beach. pyou can see the low cloud cover. pthat's what they're dealing with palong the coast, along the pbeaches with the marine dense pfog advisories that continue pthrough about 11:00 this pmorning. pwe also have inland fog. pnow, that will lift first so pbrandon, lakeland, you're first pto see the sunshine versus the psandy coastline. poverall, highs today around 82 pdegrees, variable clouds and 20%
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pwe have p>>dave: there's a shot, just panother foggy morning on the pskyway. pi'll tell you, it is open. pwe do want to point that out. pvanessa will talk more about pthat in a little bit. pbut fog is still an issue around pmuch of our viewing area. palso inland locations are
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pmorning so we've got land fog pwe're dealing with. pthe land fog will burn off pquicker than the sea fog will. pmarine dense fog advisories will plast until at least 11:00 this pmorning. pwe're look at a few end of the pweek showers but i think the poverall best rain chance will be pon saturday. pwe bump that up to 60%. pnow, i do want to tell you we're pnot looking at a washout this pweekend by any stretch of the pimagination. phowever, by saturday, we're just pgoing to have a lot of cloud pcover and an occasional shower. punsettled weekend. pfor those of you who missed the pwinter weather, we have just a pbrief cooldown monday. pit's like one day but we'll have phigh temps back in the 60s pbefore returning to the 70s and p80s. pthere's your marine dense fog padvisory through 11:00 this pmorning. pso for boaters, honestly, i pwould check back in fox 13 news pat noon with lindsay. pyou can see they've lifted this, psee how the fog situation is psettling up but i think for at
6:19 am
pcoastal areas will have to deal pwith it. pvisibility runs a half mile in plakeland. pyou can see how fog is just pspread all over the place. pbut like yesterday, any low pclouds and fog that we have pinland are quickly going to burn poff after the sun comes up pwhereas it's probably going to plinger along the coastline. pyou're going to have the up and pdown visibility all morning plong. pit's because of this west to psouthwest wind that we have. pall of that moisture that we phave, dew points are high, peverything is just working out erfectly. pyou have a recipe to create this pfog. pwe may see a little bit tomorrow pmorning but i think that will be pthe last morning so i could see pthe end of it in general. p72 degrees in tampa. pit's warm. pyou know, you go inland because pthey haven't had as much fog or plow clouds. phere in the upper 60s. pit's real warm, muggy so after pthe fog lifts out, especially pinland, it's not going to take
6:20 am
pnow, tampa, about 81, 82 for a phigh which is where you were pyesterday. pinland locations, you may be up pto the mid 80s. pbeaches, probably staying in the pupper 70s so there's going to be pquite a swing in high ptemperatures depending on if pyou're at the beach or if you're pin polk county. pthen tonight, more coastal fog, pmild and muggy again, overnight plows near 69 degrees and for pthursday, variable clouds, warm, phigh temperature around 81. ptomorrow is st. patrick's day. ponly a 20% rain chance for ptomorrow afternoon. pbut it will be mainly north. pour northern counties will have pto deal with that. plooking for the next seven days, pthe word is unsettled. pthe word is not washout. pi do want to point that out. pa lot of cloud cover for the pweekend. pshowers around on saturday. pany showers we get for the first pday of spring, that's right, psunday is the first day of pspring, will be in the morning pand then we'll clear it out in pthe afternoon, okay? p>>vanessa: sounds good.
6:21 am
phour bridge is fairing. plook like the crash we were pshowing you blocking travel lane p$ -- lanes is cleared off to the pside. pno need to take any bridge panymore at this point. pthere's a look at your travel ptimes. pwe're down to eight minutes in pthe northbound direction. pfolks in the keystone area, a pcrash at boy scout road pinvolving a vehicle that papparently knocked power leans pdown. pwe know that teco is in route to pmake some repairs. p>>russell: president obama may pannounce his supreme court pnominee as early as today. pfloated. p>>laura: then this man is from plakeland and he has a very
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3 3 it's time to see what's clicking on p>>russell: all right. pit's time for hot clicks. p>>russell: let's get to taylor pkatz right now. pgood morning. p>>taylor: good morning. pi want you to brace yourselves. pour first hot click shows a plocal guy from lakeland asking pjennifer lawrence to his pfraternity formal. pit's unique. pi'll give him that. ptake a look.
6:25 am
pto be free. eter piper sweetheart, how psweeter can i be? pif we met at midnight near the pflorida sea. pcould you, are you ready to take pa leap? pi doen need to hustle you, but pgirl, my heart goes deep. pstrange things have happened, phow stranger would it be if you pactually said yes to a common pboy like me? p>>taylor: did you catch the pillusions to her movie? pfirst the tune he's singing to pis one from the hunger games and pthe references from x men and pthen the hunger games and then pamerican hustle with cars at the pend along with silver linings laybook. pi will say lawrence has yet to prespond. pshe has until april 1, though. pbut his video has been picked up
6:26 am
pgetting some attention so we pwish him luck. p>>russell: i like it. p>>laura: a for effort. p>>taylor: next up, let me ask pyou guys. p>>laura: i love this one. pthis is great. p>>russell: it's perfect. p>>taylor: it's the moment a lot pof us probably know all too pwell, when we catch our dog peating something they're not psupposed to. ponly in this dog's case, there's pa little overwhelming evidence. p>>laura: how can you be mad at pthat face? p>>taylor: and lastly, do you pthink anybody in this video is articularly excited to be at pthe beach? p>>russell: have you seen this? p>>laura: can you see it, dave? p>>taylor: i just love it. pthere are lots of dogs here but pgeorge, the one hard to miss, as phe crawls into the water seems pto be the most ecstatic about
6:27 am
pthis was shot on the beach in pscotland. pwhile it's only four seconds plong, it's everything that i'm ploving right now. p>>laura: to be sure. p>>russell: senator rubio success pspends his presidential campaign pafter losing his home state. pcoming up, a look back at where phe stumbled. p>>laura: a woman is fighting to pkeep her pet alligator. palcides segui is on that story pfor us. pgood morning. p>>reporter: good morning. pwe're live in lakeland. pi want you to meet mary and her et alligator named rambo. pthere's a move -- she's trying pvery hard to keep this pet palligator. pshe may not be able to. pkeep explain why and even try to psee if mary can do some commands pthat the alligators follows pwell.
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p>>dave: straight up 6:30. pthe bridge is open as of right pnow. psunshine skyway. pbut you know, yesterday morning pyou couldn't even see that so plooks like the fog was better. pit's still foggy. pdon't get me wrong, especially palong the coastline i need to pyou slow it down. pvanessa will talk about that in pa couple of minutes. pi want to show you two different pcamera shots because you look at pthe all children's hospital pcamera, you can see the low pclouds. pdo you see how it's just above pthe ground? pit's like hovering there. pthe visibility might be good pfrom the ground but just above, pnot so much. pyou go to lakeland, there's the pfog overlooking lake mirror so pyou've got fog at the coast. pwe've got fog inland. pthe visibilities are all over pthe place from a quarter mile, p10 miles, chances are you're pwalking out the door now, you're pgoing to be dealing with the pfog. pinland fog will burn off quickly pthis morning. pcoastal fog may hang around puntil noon time.
6:32 am
phighs back in the lower 80s. psee if the fog is impacting our pmorning commute. phere is vanessa. p>>vanessa: i have a foggy shot pto show you in a second. pin the meantime, i have an pupdate coming up, hernando pcounty, a crash along commercial pway. pwe're learning the nature of the plane blockages. pit will be the northbound pdirection at apple gate drive pand two of those lanes will be pblocked. pit's not a delay concern at this oint but more safety. pjust keep an eye out for pemergency crews. pit's interesting you mention the pvisibilities in lakeland because palong i-4 through polk county, pit looks like we're dealing with psome fog in this area. pi-4. pso make sure you're slowing down pand using low beams here. p>>russell: donald trump and pthe white house. pthey were both declared winners pin florida. pthey won in illinois and north pcarolina. pclinton also won in ohio, pthis morning.
6:33 am
pdelegate map skews heavily in ptheir favor. pon the democratic side, clinton phas nearly twice as many pdelegates as bernie sanders, p1,561 to his 800. pshe has more than 65% of the pnomination. p>>laura: on the republican side, pit's a three-man race. pdonald trump has 621 delegates, ptell cruise with 396 and john pkasich with 138 delegates. phis victory in ohio will make it pharder for trump to win the pnomination outright. ptrump needs to win nearly 60% of pall the remaining delegates to pavoid a contested convention. p>>russell: men, women, rich, oor, donald trump broke recent ptrends and swept them all in the pflorida primaries. p>>laura: he beat marco rubio by pnearly 20 points. pwhile votes were still being pvounted, rubio threw in the ptowel. p>> this is the right way forward pfor our country. pafter tonight it is clear while
6:34 am
pyear, we will not be on the pwinning side. p>>laura: and rubio suspended his pcampaign hours after he pledged pto go on to utah and arizona, pwhether or not he won his home pstate. p>>russell: now, marco rubio was ponce called the future of the prepublican party. p"time" magazine called him the arty's savior. p>>laura: now he'll be out of the pjob after the november election pto fill his senate seat. p>>russell: and walter allen plooks at the rise and fall of prubio's presidential campaign. p>>walter: a year ago, downtown pmiami, the son of two cuban pimmigrants announced he was prunning for president. p>> grounded by the lessons of pour history but inspired by the romise of our future, a nouns pmy candidacy for president of pthe united states. p>>walter: rubio's start was on pthe rise. phe made a name for himself in p2010 after beating charley crist
6:35 am
p>> marco, when you signed up for pthis, this was a six-year term. pyou should be showing up to pwork. pthe senate, what is it, like a pfrench work week? plike three days where you have pto show up? pyou can campaign or just resign pand let someone else take the pjob. p>>walter: as the field of prepublican candidates narrowed, prubio found himself near the ptop, excited for third. p>> let's dispel once and for all pthat barack obama doesn't know pwhat he's doing. phe knows exactly what he's pdoing. phe knows exactly what he's pdoing. phere's the bottom line. pthis notion that bam pam bam pdoesn't know what he's doing -- p>> there it is. pthere it is. psecond speech. pthere it is, everybody. p>>walter: it became clear his pfate would be decided here in pthe state of florida, facing pinsults from donald trump, rubio pjoined him in the mud, something pthat he now regrets. p>> the other thing he says, he's
6:36 am
pi'll admit, he's taller than me. phe's like 6' 2" which is why i pdon't understand why his hands pare the size of someone that's p5' 2". phave you seen his hands? pthey're like this. pand you know what they say about pmen with small hands. pyou can't trust them. pyou can't trust them. pyou can't trust them. p>>walter: he would only win one pstate, minnesota, along with uerto rico and the district of pcolumbia. pnow with his senate seat up for pgrabs in noef, his political pfuture is uncertain. p>>russell: thanks, walter. prubio has not said whether he pwill endorse any of the premaining candidates. phe did suggest he would support panyone but trump. p>>laura: we'll have more from prubio campaign headquarters at p7:00 and then craig patrick will pbe in at 8:00 with us to get his ptake on the results. p>>russell: other news this pmorning, president obama pexpected to announce his nominee pfor the u.s. supreme court as
6:37 am
preports say it will either of ptwo names. prepublican national committee phas already formed a task force pto block any effort to nominate pa justice until after the pnovember elections. p>>laura: today the united states pand cuba will resume direct mail pservice for the first time in pmore than 50 years. phavana and washington reached pagree many ments to restore postal pservice. ptest flight will pave the way pfor more deliveries in the pfuture and all of this comes pahead of president obama's phistoric visit to cuba. pyesterday the obama padministration removed the last pmeaningful restrictions on ptravel to cuba putting cuba pvacations within reach for pmillions of americans the coming pyears. palso a path for athletes to play pmajor league baseball and other psports. pthe rays will be the first major pleague team to play in cuba psince 1999.
6:38 am
pcounty is fighting to keep her pbest friend. pit just happens to be a pet palligator. pstates it's too big for her phome. p>>laura: now she may have to go pbefore a judge because of all of pthis. palcides segui is live at the pwoman's home in lakeland to pexplain what is at issue here. pgood morning. p>>reporter: good morning to you, plaura and russell. pi want to introduce to you rambo pwho is sporting glasses right pnow. pyou've had this alligator for pmore than 10 years now and pyou've had him as a pet. pyou've trained him. ptalk to us about the prelationship here. p>> one thing i want to correct pyou in, i don't like him being pcalled a pet because he's an palligator and i don't want plittle kids thinking you can pmake an alligator a pet. pso rambo is actually a rescue panimal, you know, that is in pneed of special needs so that's
6:39 am
pnow, rambo is sun sensitive so, pyou know, he'll sunburn so we're pdoing this great time of the pmorning when it's dark and he plives with me in my house. phe's really scared of the poutside noises like that noise pover there. pyou see how his eyes cock ptowards it? pthat's because he doesn't know pwhat that is and he's afraid of pit. pso he doesn't like outside pnoises. pvery good. pand he doesn't like -- p>>reporter: when he does that, pwhy does he do that? p>> he has to go to the bathroom. p>>reporter: he has to go to the pbathroom. p>> yes. phope. fully he won't do it before pwe finish. pthat's why i point him this way. phe might get the cameraman. pthat's about it. p>>reporter: make sure i'm not
6:40 am
pf.w.c. contacted you because the palligator was at six feet and if pit's at six feet or greater, you pneed 2 1/2 acres. pyou don't have that but you have pthe possibility of getting pspecial permission. pyou have to go in front of a pjudge. pis that right? p>> yes. pthey said since i made a mistake pon the paperwork, i put an paddress where it shouldn't have pbeen, that's how they found out pall of this. pthey were also looking into the plength he is, and that's four pfeet, they have to go outside. pbut i provided a vet statement psaying that he was sun sensitive pand that didn't work. pso we just found out that it was pa paper goods. pthey went through it yesterday. phopefully we can -- i can keep phim because if he leaves me, phe's very attached to me as you psee and he will pass away. phe will stress out and pass paway.
6:41 am
pi don't think it's fair to him, ptoo, you know, that he has to plive like a human, that somebody ptook him out of the lake and did pthis to him. p>>russell: he's p>>reporter: we're going to talk pto you again at 7:30 this pmorning as well. pwe'll talk more about the court roceedings and from what you pwere telling me, rambo follows p70 commands and one of them is papparently waving but it's a plittle too dark and the ptemperature is not right to get phim to do exactly what she pwants. palso, she's very quick to pmention that, you know, don't do pthis at home. pdon't keep an alligator as a et. pobviously she's trained him. pshe's a trained professional. pbut again, she considers the palligaor family, considers the palligator her child so we'll pdive into a little more of that pcoming up at 7:30 this morning. pi don't know if you did the pvideo or not but the reason i
6:42 am
pthe alligator was coming off -- p>>russell: we saw it. p>>reporter: very good. pi wanted to make sure there was pa reason for that. pwe'll see you at 7:30. p>>russell: see you then. pthank you. pall right. pfrom alligators to snakes. pwhy did it have to be snakes? p>>laura: coming up, plans to pbring indiana jones back to the pbig screen. p>>russell: and it's another pfoggy morning on the skyway. pdave has today's forecast while pvanessa will s the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today.
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p>>dave: of course we are dealing pwith fog again, especially along pthe coastline. pcamera. pthere's a light over here so you pcan kind of look and see where pthe low clouds are this morning. pthe rest of the camera, it's pstill too dark because we're an phour away from sunrise. pas we get closer to sunrise, pwe'll get a better picture of pthe fog. retty dense along the coast and pright at the water, we have the pmarine dense fog advisories out pand that's going to go through pat least 11:00 this morning and pyou'll want to check back in pwith lindsay at noon time to see pif they extend it. pit doesn't look to be as bad as pit was yesterday. phour phowever, we still have reduced pvisibilities along the coast and pnow we have some fog inland. plakeland with a quarter mile
6:46 am
pit's coastal fog, it's very warm pand muggy outside and with that pvery light onshore wind flow, pyou're bringing that sea fog pright in toward the coastline. pbut inland locations, it's not pgoing to last all that long. psun will be up in an hour, panother hour and a half and that pwill be gone. p70 in lakeland, 72 in tampa. p71 in st. petersburg. ponce again, our temperatures are psky high this morning. pway above where we should be pwhich is, by the way, upper 50s pfor this time of year. pfor the most part, we have light pwinds as well. pyou have radiational fog inland pand the onshore wind flow along pthe coast which is why you have pthe sea fog out here. ptwo different types of fog going pon. pand that just means for a very pslow start to the day as you're ptravelling around the area. pdew points are also in the upper p60s and lower 70s so as we get pthe sunshine back, and i was poutside yesterday afternoon and
6:47 am
pblaring sun, it got hot out pthere. ptemperatures today should range pfrom the upper 70 as long the pcoast to the mid 80s inland. pthere's a cold front on its way. pthis one is slowly going to work pits way into the state and it's pgoing to hang around to our pnorth for a couple of days. pthat's going to keep the weather punsettled, a washout just clouds pand a few showers and that's pwhat's going to linger, i think, pinto at least the first half of pthe weekend. pso today coastal fog early, it pwill be warm, humid again. pafternoon pretty similar to pyesterday with a high in the plower 80s. pa couple of degrees cooler along pthe coast. pmore coastal fog tonight, very pmild and muggy with a low of 69 pdegrees. ptomorrow back to 81 with pvariable clouds. pnow, you will notice as you look pat the seven-day here, a 20% prain chance tomorrow and a 40% pon friday. pboth of these days mainly to the pnorth. pthen on saturday, that front
6:48 am
p60% chance and then a 30% for psunday morning before kind of pcooling it off for at least a pday, day and a half early next pweek. pvanessa? p>>vanessa: thank you, dave. p6:47. plet's check in on the majors. pwe're going to show you the ptravel times over the howard pfrankland after that earlier pcrash i showed you live in that pnorthbound direction. pit looks like the travel times phave completely bounced back to pnormal and we're looking clear palong i-4. peastbound but also westbound at pthis point. p75 southbound heading into i-4. pit looks like -- didn't cue up pthe camera quite right. pi was going to show you foggy pshots. pimprovement in pinellas over pthat last hour when i showed you pthat live look. pso get that to you as soon as ossible. p6:48. plet's get out to charley. p>>charley: "good day." p>>vanessa: "good day" to you. p>>charley: how is life? p>>vanessa: good. pwhat's going on? pdid i interrupt you? p>>charley: no. pi didn't hear your answer just pthere. pbut that's okay.
6:49 am
pfor the last 31 years, people phave been drooling over the ages of the dupont registry. poh, my goodness. pcars, boats, all kinds of crazy pstuff that you can actually pbuy:this -- buy. pthis is the penny saver for the prich and famous. pdupont industry is just the pindustry leader for the best of pthe best when it comes to pautomobiles and the publishing phas branched out into homes now, pincluding luxury living in tampa pbay. pdid you know that the worldwide pheadquarters for the dupont etersburg? pyeah. plocated right here. pthey put this magazine out right phere which means a lot of the pcars are right here. pso we're going to have a really pcool morning as i drool over psome automobiles. pthe third saturday of every pmonth, they do cars and coffee phere from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.
6:50 am
pyou can come out and check out pall of the cars. psome people come and show up at p34th street and ulmerton right pnext to the big plant. pwe're going to have a "good day" pwith some cool cars at the pdupont industry. p>>vanessa: i might be drooling pwith you. phave fun. p>>laura: he is. pthat's always the dream. palways the dream. pit's hollywood planning to break pour hearts again. p>>russell: harrison ford returns pto an iconic role. pwill it be for the last time? pand do you borrow a netflix paccount from a friend?
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
pthey know.3 3 3 donald trump and hil p>>russell: welcome back. pdonald trump and hillary clinton pare the big winners after the pflorida primary. p>>laura: that's despite millions pof dollars spent on negative pcampaign ads. pjoining us is lauren simonetti. psome think their victories can pbe chopped up. p>>reporter: the numbers are phuge. psome saying trump wouldn't get pthe attention if the media pweren't giving it to him. pthe "new york times" out with
6:54 am
pfree media coverage, social pmedia time, doesn't matter, is pdonald trump. p$9 billion worth. phe's trailed by hillary clinton pwith $746 million in free media pcoverage. palso with high numbers, no one pas high as donald trump would be pted cruz and bernie sanders. pi don't know about you guys, i pdon't know if you share your plog-in information for your pnetflix account with anybody pelse. p>>russell: no. p>>reporter: a lot of people pshare it and then you have pmoochers. pone in three people are moochers pusing other people's pinformation. pit's not necessarily fair but pnothing that netflix is too pconcerned about. pmost moochers are young people pand they're thinking when they phave their own houses and own pjobs, they get their own paccount. p>>russell: i guess.
6:55 am
p>>russell: netflix is being very pgenerous about that. p>>laura: don't miss lauren psimonetti on our sister network pstation f. you're not sure where pto find the fox business pnetwork, log on to fox and look for pchannel finder. p>> snakes? pwhy did it have to be snakes? p>>russell: i love this movie. pthe hat, the wind, the attitude, pharrison ford returning as pindiana jones. phe's signed on to star in the pfifth movie as the professor. pwe all wish that we had him in pcollege. pit won't open until july 19 of p2019. pthat's a long time off. phe's hoping he doesn't meet the psame fate as one of his other pmemorable characters. p>>laura: spoiler. pdisney is looking for someone to lay a younger version of iconic pcharacter.
6:56 am
otential han solo. pdisney has looked at over p250,000 people. pover 2,000 people, right? pfor the role. p>>russell: and robert downey, pjunior says there won't be an pironman 4. pinfiniti war, he said there pwon't be a stand alone ironman pmovie. pthe actor is in the middle of pnegotiations, though, so panything is possible. pinfinity part one is in may of p2018 and part two a year later. p>>laura: give yourself plenty of ptime this morning, especially if pyou have to cross the skyway. pit's foggy for a second day in a prow but it's open. pwe'll keep you up to date on the ptraffic. p>>russell: one state is still
6:57 am
pand it's just like something out pof independence day. pbut this is real life, real pweather, right here in the u.s. pit does look like it. pthe damage caused by this ptornado at 7:00. p>>dave: that's awesome. pthat video is unreal. p6:56. plakeland's visibility is a pquarter mile. p10 miles in clearwater. pthe fog is all over the place pthis morning. psome inland, yes, along the pcoast as it lifts out, here's a pshot of brookdale bayshore pcamera. pwe'll get the sunshine back,
6:58 am
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3 3 ((russell- the end of the race for marco p>>russell: the end of the race pfor marco rubio. phis decision to suspend his pcampaign. phow that may turn the tables on pdonald trump. p>>laura: and in the fog. pa cautious commute against the psunshine skyway bridge. pso far, it is still open but we pare waiting to see and welcome pto the 7:00 hour of "good day." pi'm laura moody. p>>russell: and i'm russell prhodes. pthat's where we're going to pstart, with the morning commute. phere is vanessa. p>>vanessa: start with the latest pcrash we're seeing with lane pblockage out of lakeland, south


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