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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 8AM  FOX  March 16, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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p>> and we will get over to dave posterberg. pstudies that says six hours is pokay. pit depends on the day. pyou know, we'll find out pvisibilities inland are actually pworse than the coast today. pwe reversed process. pi mean we do have pockets of fog pin 8 o'clock hour now sun is up pespecially inland we will burn poff the low clouds and fog retty quickly. pmost of us in the lower p70scouple spots inland are in pupper 60s. plook for general mixture of pclouds and sunshine today. pafter the fog burns off guess pwhat? pwe're headed back to lower 80s pagain for high temperatures. pchanges for the weekend vanessa pi'll discuss those in just a plittle bit. pall right dave we'll see you pthen. pmeantime we remain pretty quiet pas far as incidents. pback here in polk county. preally biggest thing we're pseeing as far as an incident pwith blockage. pwe're along i-4 state road 33 pstill dealing with a results of pthis vehicle fire. pwe still it appears have some pemergency crew that is are on pscene at this point. plooks like we have a road ranger
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pmentioned before, you'll have to pexit beforehand if this is your pusual exit along i-4. p>> while it is not god's plan pthat i be president in 2016 or pmaybe ever. pand while today my campaign is psuspended, the fact that i've peven come this far is evidence pof how special america truly is. p>> and with that rubio's run for pwhite house is over. p>> and here's why. plast night marco rubio lost and phe lost big here in florida to pdonald trump. prubio got 27 percent of the vote pand donald trump got 46 percent. pand ted cruz came in distant pthird with 17 percent of the pvotes. pso that means that all 99 pflorida delegates go to trump. premember this is a winner take pallstate. pfox 13's bringing you team pcoverage from all areas of the pstate. pfrom rubio's campaign office in pmiami to trump and clinton's poffices in palm beach and west alm beach.
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olitical editor craig patrick pwith us to breakdown what's next pfor the election. pwe're going to get to that in pjust a couple minutes. pright now we begin with our team pcoverage and josh cascio is in pmiami where rubio announced that psuspension of his campaign. p>> you know josh this was an pemotional announcement. pwe just saw it a moment ago. pit had to be for him. p>> it was. pand i think the main question pnow is what is next for marco prubio. phe took a mike tyson beating pfrom donald trump in a polls plast night. pyou have to win your home state pand he could not do that. phe could not defeat donald trump plosing by double digits. pthe only county rubio really did pwell in was miami-dade. pand of course that is his home parea. pwithin an hour of the polls pclosing rubio was a stand in pfront of his supporter psuspending his campaign a very ptough moment for him and all of phis supporters in the room here pat florida international puniversity.
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pmarco rubio as the comeback kid. pbut it was not meant to be. prubio thanked supporter he is pkept a positive tone and said it pwas just not in god's plan. phe also seemed to take shot ptrump's overtop style but he pnever directly attacked donald ptrump. phe did not endorse any other pcandidates. pand he did not say what his pfuture plans will be. phis supporters now, they have a pdecision to make. pdo they get on the trump band pwagon or will they follow psomeone else? psome folks told us there is just pno way they will support donald ptrump. pand you know know rubio and ptrump, they've going back and pforth at the debates on campaign ptrail. pi think that left a bad taste in pthe mouths of some rubio psupporters. pand for marco rubio himself. pbut again, that's politics. pit was a big night for trump pacross the state a tough night pfor marco rubio. retty much the entire state pwent to donald trump again
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pone the places he did take west alm beach. pthat is where our haley heinz pis. phaley, again a tough night for pmarco rubio. pbut a big night for donald ptrump. p>> good morning, josh. pdespite a somewhat contentious prelationship between donald ptrump and marco rubio, we've pheard it we've hear jabs last pnight there were none. pin fact trump took some time to psay some positive things about pmarco rubio. phe congratulated him on running pa tough campaign. phe said marco is tough, smart pand has a great future ahead. pthese comments came after trump psecured victories in three pstates, florida, illinois, and pnorth carolina. pand was indeed a good night for pthe trump crew. phundreds of supporter dressed to pnines packed into a club last pnight sitting in gold chairs punderneath the crystal pchandeliers donald j. trump pballroom. pin his speech eerie it rated pseveral main points he wants to
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pand at republican party needs to pcome together. erhaps that was inspiration for phis comments directed towards pmarco rubio. plast night wins have energized pand already dominate campaign ptrump has secured 621 delegates pthe 1237 needed for gop pwhether or not missouri will add pto his total remains to be seen. pstill too close to call he and pted cruz neck and neck. pso overall things are looking pcampaign. ptrump said he is proud to be a art of this. phe's planning many more troops pover the next to hopefully keep pthis momentum going. pback to you laura. pall right haley we thank you for pbeing here we know it was late pnight and an early morning we pwe've loved having you. pwe will talk to you again soon. prussell. pall right, now down to three. ptrump, cruz, kasich. prubio is out. pcould that be a game changer olitical editor craig patrick pis here with look what could phappen next. pgood morning, how are you?
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pi remember when jeb got out, pwhen dr. carson got out. pwhen chris christie got out they psaid anti, all of those people pwould go anti trump side not pnecessarily the case. pwhat do away think here this ptime? pi think you can say the same pthing here. pwhen we say all of those people pit wasn't very many when each pone of candidates dropped out pwas it? pand taking florida out of the pequation, where rubio got blown pout there weren't many people pstill behind marco rubio in pother states. pand i think that vote for marco prubio will now split. pobviously three ways. pi think maybe a lion's share of pit could go to john kasich that pcould keep him going in game a plittle while longer. pbut argument that you're making phere that maybe john kasich with pa rubio could inherit pestablishment mantle remember pthat jeb bush had that then pmarco rubio had that and scott pwalker maybe chris christie. pgoing. plittle bit. p>> did okay.
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pdidn't hear much from him last pnight either. pwhat kind of night do you think phe had i think he had bad night. p under performed he needed north pcarolina. phe needed missouri. pthose were his best chances for pwins he spent not lot but some ptime here in florida. articularly around the debate pthat was here. phe had a rally. phe was engaged here. pengage certainly in ohio when he pwas spending time there. pin hindsight you have to ask dwr pin world did he do that? pwhy did he spend any time pwhatsoever in florida? pwhy did he try to make game of pit here to knock out marco rubio pwhich would have happened panyway. pwhy did he spend that time in pohio when perhaps had he spent pmore if i am on ground pcrisscrossing north carolina and pmost certainly look what is phappening in missouri. pmaybe an extra stop or two would phave made very big difference pfor him and put him on map and pgiven him at least something pcoming out of last night. p>> let me ask you about this. pi read this overnight i want to pget your thoughts on it all this ptock that donald trump is no the pgoing to delegates he needs to pget nomination out right and
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pand somebody else could emerge pafter the after the balloting. pafter voting. aul ryan speaker orion is now psaying he's not saying yes, but phe's also not saying no to being pyeah. phow can that happen? pwell, it could happen if you phave a contest the convention pnobody gets votes and suddenly pyou start looking for somebody pelse a pro compromise candidate. phe becomes basically suspect pnumber one particularly given pfact how he became house pspeaker. pwhen he was asked about this plast night he would not rule it pout i'm not think about that pwhen pressed he'll see we'll psee. pwe'll see. pwell we'll see. pwell i think there's a good pchance he may try to revise that ptoday and say heck no. pi didn't mean delete any pspeculation i'm not interested pin & it will not happen and try pto shut that door. pif it doesn't it will continue pto fuel at although of pspeculation not just today in pweeks ahead.
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pfinished. pclearly advantage trump he has pchance of getting a maybe good pchance of getting delegates he pneeds you also see a path where phe doesn't. phe comes bit short you already phave a john kasich and his team phiring some people who have some pspecialty and experience in pdealing with contested or open pconventions. p>> all right. phey craig. pin the words of the speaker, pwe'll see. pthanks a lot. p>> that's right. psee you later. pwe've got this in this morning pabout three hours president pobama will announce who he has pselected to fill the open spot pin u.s. supreme court. pvacancy on nine member court pfollowing death jew it is pscalia. pa republicans say they will not pconsider any nominee in an pelection year. pthey want next president to make pthat choice. pthat is not however stopping resident obama. pwe will carry that announcement plive right here on fox 13. p>> fog is making for another ptough commute this morning. pit does not look like it is pletting up any time soon either. pken suarez is live for us on
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pgood morning, ken. p>> hey, actually there's a lot pof sunshine going on, because pyou can actually see the bridge. pit wasn't like this couple hours pago it was covered by fog. pcharley how you doing? pare you foggy this morning? pwhat's up? palways until i have a couple pcups of coffee. pyes. pyou know famous dupont name pfamily made gun powder way back pwhen providing gun powder for pwar of 1812 and every skirmish pbeyond them and famous dupont pchemical company. pdid you know did you importants pat one duponts made cars. ptwo of them right here. pthat magazine published here in pst. petersburg. pcars and coffee a free event pthird saturday event of every pmonth.
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pwe'll tell you about these3 ((russell 2shot bw)) the fog is making for some amazing video-. but for the second day in a row traffic going
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pvideo traffic going over skyway pbridge ig being affected. pken suarez out there for day ptwo. pa lot better scene that than it pwas yesterday. pthankfully. p>> a lot better than it was pyesterday. plot better than it was this pmorning. pi was out here about a 4, 4:30 por so. pyou couldn't see a darn thing. pwe couldn't even see a light on pskyway. pthen we started to see a little pby the of light a little bit pmore. pbig concern was it going to pclosed down for second day in prow. pit turns out it was not. pi want to show you some really pdramatic video of when this pthing starred to clear up. pit really cleared up. pnow this is, time lapse video. pit didn't happen this quickly. pit shows you just how cool this pwas. pjohn shot that the video. ptake look at that right now. pbottom line is this, that pyesterday, we really had a roblem out here. plot of people were concerned we pmight have same problem again. pit was closed down. pskyway was closed down from paround 6 o'clock in morning puntil 1 o'clock in the pafternoon. pvery, very unusual situation.
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pan awful lot of commuter were pvery, very happy about that they pwere stuck on one side of bridge por the other. pas a matter of fact, a nearby p7-11 whole parking lot was full pof people in their cars waiting pto get to work. pthe alternative would have been pto go way over to i-75, and then pback north or south, not really ractical. pso the bottom line is, a lot of pconcern because number one, it's pa commuter problem. pnumber 2 there's a safety roblem. pnone of those things turned out pto be. pso right now at this point, of pcourse there could more fog pcoming in looks like pretty pclear out here. pand take a look at that, it is icture perfect day, so far, pkind of a cham fwer of commerce pday. pthat's kind of skyway we're used pto seeing thank goodness we're pseeing it once again. pno fog that i can see. pback to you guys. p>> it's good news too that was pmess yesterday. pall right ken, thank you. p>> all right. plet's continue the talk about pthis and show you where it's
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pruffes with skyfox traffic. pbecause ken's eyes did not pdeceive him it a lot better. pofficially on fhp site the ptravel advisory due to fog had pbeen lifted. pso in their eyes apparent not a psafety concern whatsoever at pthis point. p>> so that being said we want to pmove on to those times we're pseeing on majors. pas i have mentioned in previous preports we're seeing lighter pthan normal congestion which erfect for drivers. psouthbound 275. pbeers to i-4 under 20 minutes. pthat's really good. palso, under ten minutes, along pi-4 westbound heading into pinterchange m l k exit we're out pthe red and if you're coming psouth bound on 75. lan for 14 minutes heading from pfletcher to sal man. pbefore we get to our weather, pgot to show you this video. ptake a look at what illinois pjust experienced. pthis looks like something pstraight out of a movie, doesn't pit?
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pa super cell thunderstorm. pno that's not unusual at all. pyou see these all time pespecially in plains states. ptypically, when you get a protation and that meso cyclone pyou can almost see the way palways trying to develop within pthat circulation. pyou see last few frames, there pyou see it. psome of the larger tornadoes pwill be made out of pthunderstorms that looked just plike that. pbut, unreal picture. pif you're out in the middle of a pkansas corn field and there's no phomes in sight or anybody in psight there's an absolute beauty pto look at. pbut then those are damaging protating thunderstorms we talk pabout all the time. pbrook dale bay shore camera, phey, ken told us we're fog free palong the coast. pfantastic. pwe still have some low cloud pcover. pwhich the sun is going to take pcare of over the next couple of
8:19 am
pyou go out toward bradenton pbeach, again, a little bit of pfog. pit's not completely clear. pbut obviously it's a lot better pthan it was yesterday at this ptime. p>> we're still trying to shake psome fog in lakeland area with pquarter mile visibility. pwe'll take care of that over pnext couple of hours to be phonest another nice day. pgoing to be warm going to be phumid. pstarting in upper 60s to lower p70s where it will finish today pin the lower 80s. pso the coastal fog gets out of phere warm, humid, tonight, povernight lows near 69 degrees. pvery mild and muggy. pand then variable clouds ptomorrow, warm with high ptemperature of 81 degrees. ponce that fog clears, enjoy your plovely conditions out over the pcoastal waters. pwater temperature up to 73 pdegrees. pthe weekend will be unsettled a plot of cloud cover for friday, psaturday and early sunday. prain chances best on saturday.
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p good day tampa bay. pi'm charley belcher coming to pyou from st. petersburg. pulmerton road 34th street. pthat's the area we're in dupont pregistry world headquarters. pthis is where the magazine is ut together. pthere's been world famous for pmore than 30 years now. pcar enthusiasts love to sdrool pover those pages. pthird saturday of every month, pthey do something called cars pand coffee. pget up early 7:00 a.m. to p9:00 a.m. you can come to this plocation. pthere will be people packed in arking lot showing off their pcool cars and come in show room psee some of these wonderful cars pmr. thomas dupont is here this pmorning showing us around a plittle bit sir. pgood morning again. pgood morning. pthat ping cadillac a favorite of pmost people would walkthrough phere, right? robably our most popular 59 ink cadillac everybody should
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put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today. america runs on dunkin'. pfrom tampa bay's number one news pstation, this is good day tampa pbay. p and welcome back. pit was a blow out here from both prepublican and a democrats in pflorida primary. pnow we already know donald trump pwalked away with all the pdelegates for the republicans. phere's the breakdown for the pdemocrats. phillary walked away with 64
8:30 am
pbernie sanders received just pover 33 percent of votes and 60 pdelegates. pclinton now has more than 60 ercent delegates she needs for pdemocratic nomination. p>> fox 13 evan axelbank with pclinton campaign as he was there plast night at numbers started prolling in. pevan i'm certain that her psupporters are feeling a little pmore confident today. p>> yeah i'm gar back trudge or pjust went by can you repeat the pquestion? p>> i was saying, that's okay. pevan. pi was saying that i'm sure that pthe clinton supporter and phillary feel a little bit better pabout things this morning then pthey were maybe going into today p>> no doubt about it, russell. pyou know, last week it's easy to pforget, but last week bernie psanders had a big victory. phe won in michigan. pand that took the momentum away pfrom hillary clinton. premember she had leading in olls in michigan. pand all the polls were wrong. pbernie sanders won there. pand last night there were some pnational reporters who said that
8:31 am
pthey would only win two states. pwell it turns out she won all pfive states. pshe won very diverse states, pvery different states. pshe won in the south. pshe won in midwest. pso right now the clinton pcampaign is feeling very good pabout the way things are going. ptake a look. phere or her supporters last pnight up in brooklyn. p p you can almost sing along pwith that right? pthat's a fun song to sing to. pand especially fun when you're pwinning very important primaries pin a presidential contest in phard fought presidential pcontest. pafter she was declared the pwinner in florida, she came out pand made several clear attacks pon donald trump saying that when pwe hear a candidate say that phe's going to deport 11 million
8:32 am
pmuslim coming to united states pand also going to an embrace ptorture she says that doesn't pmake him strong. pthat makes him wrong. pshe said running for president pisn't easy but being president pis hard. p>> and no one person can succeed pat the job p>> you know one other points pthat secretary clinton made pyesterday was that she has won pmore votes than anybody else in pthe entire presidential race. pboth on the republican side and pthe democratic side. pnow this is not over. pbernie sanders is going to keep pfighting. lenty of money, plenty of psupporters. pno doubt that sanders campaign pbelieves they can do well in psome of the later states to pvote. psome of the states that will be pvoting in the next several pweeks. pbut at this point clinton pcampaign believes that the
8:33 am
pthan being in shouting distance. p>> all right evan. pbe safe. pwe'll talk soon, bye-bye. p>> it is 8:32 now. pwhile it looks like there are psome pretty clear cut winners pfor both democrats and prepublicans, others running say pthis fight is far from over. pbut do any of them stand a pchance. pcraig patrick joins us what is pnext for the race. pgood morning how are you? pwe know it was late night for pyou and early morning we thank pyou for being here. pstart democrats clinton has palmost all delegates she needs pto clench ticket. psanders for his part says he's pnot giving up. pin fact his top strategist says pit's only half way point. pthey still have time. ptrue? p>> well, there's not much time. pdoor's closing. pi think bernie sanders stands pvery, very little chance at this oint. pbut i think he's staying in this prace for couple of reasons. pfirst off, he has money. pand since he's getting his money pfrom small donors, they can
8:34 am
puntil that well runs dry. pso you keep going until you run pout of money. phe's not out of money yet on top pof that he still has ability to paccumulate delegates he got pwiped out in florida by hillary pclinton but he still walks away p60 delegates and not winner take pall states in democratic races pas there are in many of the prepublican races at this point. pthis gives bernie sanders a pchance to keep going and i don't psee how he gets nomination, but pas accumulates more and more pdelegates, he certainly would phave more of a voice. pand more clout during the pdemocratic convention which may pgive him more influence on latform. pwith likely nominee hillary pclinton herself. plet's go back to what shoe ptalked about. pincome inequality. pgetting small donations. pthese points she is stresses. pthat sound familiar? pyeah those bernie sanders ptalking points from beginning of pthis race i think hillary pclinton has embrace ad lot of pwhat he said that may well pcontinue as sanders stays in. plet's talk about republicans
8:35 am
pfor those who are still way pbehind, you have to argue kasich pis there. pare they really challenging pfront runner here is it safe to psay they are wasting time or pjust cutting into what could be pa potential contender? pwhat? phow long do you expect for these pcontenders to stay in race? pi think this could go until pjuly. pdecent chance that donald trump pwill get most of the delegates pcompared to the others. pbut not the majority needed at pthis point. pand with this, it gives a case pfor kasich to stay in there to ptry to you know negotiate psomething perhaps during an open pconvention to have some say. pthe same goes for ted cruz. pthe fact that kasich won ohio, palmost helps donald trump in pthat they continue to split the pfield. pif he's not going to get the pnecessary number of delegates panyway, he continues to maintain pa very strong position. pbut that said a lot of these pstates coming up or winner take pall.
8:36 am
preally 53 different contests for pthey do it congressional pdistrict. pbasically donald trump has pchance at this point of still pgetting delegates he needs and phaving the other two still in pthe kneeled just splitting the pfield as it were from here on pout. p>> now we've heard a lot of talk pabout t contested convention pbrokered convention. pif it comes down to that, just pexplain for us the basics here. pfundamentally what, what does pthat mean? pyou have to have majority of pdelegates. p1237 in the case of republicans pto get the nomination. pso everybody walks into the pconvention without the majority. pdonald trump may be close but pnot all the way there. pall the delegates are bound to pvote for person they are pledged pto support on the first ballot. pso you don't have anybody pgetting majority. pthen you have to go back around pon a second, maybe a third pballot discussions are had psmmentsdz horse trading back in pold days takes place to try to pmaneuver and get somebody get pnecessary number of delegates a pfew may move trumps way or maybe
8:37 am
psomeone not even running race pswoops in last minute which why aul ryan by the way is driving psome speculation by what he said pand what he didn't rule it out. pit is an interesting idea. pwe'll leave it there. pthank you. pand up next primaries in arizona pand utah, american coming up pnext tuesday. pthere are 107 republican pdelegates up for grabs in those pthree. palso caulk news idaho. pit's only for democrats though. pin total there will be 149 pdemocrats. p>> 8:37. psarasota police department has plaunched an internal pinvestigation after one officers pwas charged with a drunk pdriving. pofficer was pulled over by a pmanatee county deputy on monday. pthis was the they ared time he's laced on administrative leave pin less than a year. pofficials say he was placed on pleave last august. pit's unclear why. phe's also one of three officers laced on leave following death pof a man in police custody in
8:38 am
pa patrol car's window wheel he pwas being transported caught pshortly after he later died from pdrug overdose in hospital he pofficer himes has been with psarasota police department since p2011. phe's assigned to patrol pdivision. pman tried to break into a pmexican restaurant didn't get paway with anything it happened pmiguel's on kennedy and macdill pin tampa overnight. pworker were cleaning and called olice when they say somebody ptried to get in he didn't go pquietly detectives say he tried pto kick out window of the pcruiser. p>> many of us have pets we love pand we would do anything in the pworld to keep them. pand one lakeland woman says her pgator is no different than a dog por a cat. pbut fish and wildlife officials pdisagree with that now she's pfighting to keep her ram bo. palcides segui is live with the pmorning. pit's paperwork issue? pit's the size of the gator, pthere's a lot going on here, pright?
8:39 am
poriginally when she signed for ermission, she wrote a pdifferent address, place she pused to work at. pshe's no longer there. pand in retrospect she should put pthis address that would have revented half of this there's plot more to story as we were pjust talking about a little pwhile ago. pmarch thorn thank you so much pfor being with us ram bo as pwell. pyou know i can't i just cannot pfathom what's going on right phere. pthis gator is just, you were psaying he's not sedated. phis routine. pthis is his routine. phe's a big lap baby. pwhat's going on? p>> what i need people to know is pyou know, if you can help me out pby letting f w c know i do want pto keep him. pthat noned's in harm. pand that he needs to stay where phe's used to. pbecause if not, alligators are phigh stressed and stress level
8:40 am
pand you, he's a rescue gator. p>> yes. pand he was taken, and you prescued him along with four pother gators, four of those pactually passed away for variety pof reasons including disease pright he actually has he's pallergic to sun if he gets in psun he will sun burn just like pwe do. pbut he can't regulate the heat. pand he'll rollover and die. preason we're outside right now artly cloudy. pand it's important to mention pthat humidity and moisture and pwhole deal. pthat's reason we can be outside pwith him how do you live with phim? phe stays in your house. p>> well i live with him just plike you would your kid. pyou know, you get used to things pthat your kids do. pi get used to things that he pdoes. plike if he wants to go the pbathroom, since he's potty ptrained he'll come and tap his pnose on my leg and i'll pick him pup and bring him out and let him pgo. pi don't let him outside alone at pall. p>> you know he doesn't want to pbecause it's too hot for him.
8:41 am
phe watches tv. phe swims in his pool. phe plays with the animals. pyou've got 8 by eight foot pool p>> yes. pinside your house? p>> right. pand it is inspected by fwc every pyear. p>> this is wild. p>> not something you see every pday. pwhat do you tell people even on psocial media we were facebooking pthis live peerm were saying pyou're crazy. pother people are saying you're a pbeautiful woman for doing this. p>> a lot of people after they pcompassionate with it. p>> but there's a lot of people pyou know, you just got to let phim have their own opinions. pyou know to me, it's not about pthem, it's about him. p>> yeah. pand about you. pi got to tell you. pyou're very attached to ram bo. pyou don't want to lose ram bo. pi'm very attached. pbut even if i am at a place and pi see hes, you know people are icking on him he's get a little
8:42 am
psit away from people with him pget him calmed down and then put phim back out. phe's raised thousands and pthousands and thousands of pdollars for charities. phe's done more public service pthan i believe anybody. pif you go in 3450i my house all pover walls it's in the van. pthere's papers of thank you. pand schools and fish and pwildlife come get him to take phim to schools and do their peducation with him. pand everything else. pwild gators p>> obviously you can catch pthings from wild gators that pmake you sick. pso they'd rather come get him. pmary thank you i'm running out ptime unless i keep asking pquestions. pi just she said it treats him plike family like a child. pshe brush's ram bo's teeth once pa day. phe's pottied next step at this oint is she has to ask a judge pfor special permission to keep pram bo because he's over that pfour foot range. pand her property is less than
8:43 am
pso she's going to ask judge for pspecial permission in hopes that phe he or she is lean lenient penough to allow that. pbut i go to tell awe've here psince 5:30 this morning, and pwhat she's been able to do with pthis alligator is incredible. pand i've never seen anything plike it. pback to you. p>> all right alcides, thanks. pgator lives better than i do. pall right. psee you later, man. p>> that is a wild, wild story. pi just, there's got to be a preasonable way to fix this. p>> i just, there just got to be psome other thing they can do to presolve this. pi don't think they've ever come pacross this before. pso probably scratch scratching ptheir heads like what do we do. pi've got fog still in lakeland parea. pwe're beginning see sunshine pthrough low cloud cover that we phave in polk county. p70 degrees from that picture. pthere's your fog. pright along the coast, it's so pmuch better than it was pyesterday. pso that's good news. pten miles you can see from
8:44 am
psarasota. pten miles visibility. ptheir your quarter mile or so in plakeland once fog lifts out rest pof day looks great for you over pin polk county. p73 degrees in tampa. p70 in lakeland. p71 in sarasota as we're starting pthat warm up again. lus, of course, the humidity is paround 70. pso basically looking at clouds pand sunshine today. pand temperatures making their pway back up into the 80s. ptomorrow. pand then we're just watching pthis front sit up to our north pfor day, day and a half. pit's likely going to start to pbring showers in here. phon a scattered basis for pfriday, especially for saturday. pgetting out of here for sunday. p82 degrees for today as we burn pfog off next 7 days you will see pjust unsettled. pnot a wash out. p40 percent rain chance for pfriday. p60 percent for saturday. pand spring starts on sunday. pokay vanessa? pspring.
8:45 am
p>> oh, my gosh. pwait. pwait. pmy bad. pso my bad. pwe're just getting used to do pthis folks. pwe're giving away a mug again pthis morning with #welivehere. pgo to my facebook page to submit pyour pictures. pmany times i go out to the beach pand i you walkthrough that grass pyou get so excited because pthat's scene that you get as you pyou're heading off toward psunset. pjanet beautiful, beautiful icture your our good day mug pwinner. pokay vanessa now. pwe wasn't want to rob janet of a pmug after sending in that pbeautiful picture. pvery nice picture. pall right dave, thank you. plet's check in on roads now. pwe do have new crash in sarasota pcounty that is affecting 75 pnorthbound. pas you can see here on road psensor crash reported near that priver road exit. pwe do have one lane blocked with plots of delays as you can see pbacking up away from the exit. plooks like it will be a bit
8:46 am
pto take u.s. 41 instead. psave quite a bit of time if you pdo so. pveterans expressway a crash to preport here at hutchinson road. psouthbound right lane blocked. pfortunately, road sensor are retty green probably because pvolume are strarting to lift pthere on the vets. p>> six hours of sleep. psounds pretty good to me. pmaybe not. pnext why science says you'd
8:47 am
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3 the morning show - we have really weird pon this show we've got really pweird sleeping hours. pif you are a parent you're robably not getting enough psleep either. pif you think get something sleep pthink again. pfox 13's walter allen is here pnow to tell us why six hours of psleep, which sounds pretty good, psadly for is just not enough. papparently not. plack of sleep affects your phealth and productivity. pnow research shows what you pthought was a sufficient amount pof sleep justice not cutting it. pin fact only getting six hours pof sleep appeals the same as pgetting no sleep at all papparently. plisten to this, participants who pslept for six hours each night
8:50 am
pfunction as poorly as those that pdays. p>> what makes this a little more pconcerning is that those people pthought they were functioning pfine. presearchers say bottom line here pis that sleep deprivation even pif it's only for a couple of plife. phere's the take away. psleep. pnot only will it improve your roductivity levels it will revent you from getting sick pand help you lose weight. p>> so all of us in trouble. pexcept for charley belcher. pmorning. pi haven't seen eight hours in pwhile. pi know. pwhat is eight hours? pcan you explain that to me? pi get six i'm happy. p5 and a half if i have to. pstill looking for my car i'm pdupont registry. pthis is for sale. pthis is my speed. plook toyota land cruiser like pearly 70s. poh, man. pi want something i want psomething like this. pi just i'm not mccally inclined.
8:51 am
pof it. pif you buy a product like this pit won't breakdown. pi thought i honked the horn. pstick around everybody. pwe're getting ready for cars and pcoffee happening free this
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
pte p good day tampa bay. pi'm charley belcher coming to pyou from a st. petersburg from pat world headquarters of dupont pregistry magazine. pdone right out of this building pright here. p34th street ulmerton. pthis saturday from 7:00 a.m. to p9:00 a.m., the parking lot will pbe packed full of people just laying their cool cars. pshow room will be open. pths free. pcome have a little cars and pcoffee. phave a little coffee and see the pcars. pyou can't have the cars. pyou can buy a couple of them tom pdupont is here right now to tell pus about a couple that are for psale. pi got my eye on this one right
8:55 am
pthis you. pyou can travel around all pmorning and you get in traffic pjam you're perfectly pcomfortable. prussell rhodes will drive for pme. pthat's all right. pthis is phantom with extended pwheel base. pso the cars actually a little pbit longer. pand it has a big interior for pyou to be driven out in. pthis is a car on consignment pwith our dealership. pwe have cars for sale in our pmagazine and website and cars pfor sell push the little button. plook at this. poh, it's raining russell get my pumbrella out for me. pyeah. p>> what's the price tag on this? pthis is going to be close to p$400,000. p>> is that all? pso make us an offer close and pwe'll take care of it for you. pwhat this is a van der hall plaguna. pvan der hall laguna tiny perfect pon beach. ptop comes off 140 horse power 0 pto skt in a split second almost plooks like a trike. preverse trike. pbecause one drive wheel in back pand two wheels in front. pit's stable.
8:56 am
pweighs 1500 pounds. pabout 75, $80,000. pgreat for the weekend. p>> licensed legal, everything. pand advertiser in our magazine pand a great automobile. p>> all right. p>> and then, look at that, and peverybody needs a ferrari. pi do need a ferrari. pi keep telling my wife that. pblack over black standard pferrari hot shot. pclose to $200,000 car. pdiscounted today to 199. pgood day viewers. pit's huge. pgoing to be great. pcars for sale in our show room pcars magazine website we're all pabout buying and selling and pfinding one person to buy and pone person to sell and putting pthem together. pand maybe even some custom work pdone on the property as well. pyou know to maintain cars in our pserial ship and customized car pone joe madden's cars we do all pwork next door boulevard pcustoms. pboulevard customs they do. pwe showed joe madden a little pearlier we will take you into
8:57 am
ptake great car and make it even pgreater.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
pthis3 donald trump and hillary clinton continue to inch closer to their respective p donald trump and hillary pclinton continue to inch closer pto nominations. pand at republican field narrows pdown to just three. pget ready for another good day pgourmet. pthis morning vanessa is cooking pup one of her favorite warm pweather dishes. p>> waited until you see it. p>> nice. p>> nice out there. por, nice for her. p>> it's, you know what, if i pdidn't, it looks like it could prain. pi don't think, no, no. pit's go the at that feeling to pit. pfeel because humidity. pmoisture that we have in the pair. pit's warm it's humid. pfog lifting out while we have plow clouds, i still think we pwill decent amount of sunshine pfor. ponce this time lapse the cars pantireally going that fast over psunshine skyway.


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