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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 9AM  FOX  March 16, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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pthis3 donald trump and hillary clinton continue to inch closer to their respective p donald trump and hillary pclinton continue to inch closer pto nominations. pand at republican field narrows pdown to just three. pget ready for another good day pgourmet. pthis morning vanessa is cooking pup one of her favorite warm pweather dishes. p>> waited until you see it. p>> nice. p>> nice out there. por, nice for her. p>> it's, you know what, if i pdidn't, it looks like it could prain. pi don't think, no, no. pit's go the at that feeling to pit. pfeel because humidity. pmoisture that we have in the pair. pit's warm it's humid. pfog lifting out while we have plow clouds, i still think we pwill decent amount of sunshine pfor. ponce this time lapse the cars pantireally going that fast over psunshine skyway.
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pover the sun sheen skyway, not penough to close the bridge. pbut just before sunrise it plifted out. pyou can see it there. psure did. pit is. pthat john what great time lapse. ptotally different morning in inellas county than what we had pyesterday. pwhat a pretty picture. pnow we still have low clouds pdon't get me wrong. pwe don't have full sunshine 73 pat the beach. plakeland we're finally get pbeginning get that sun to burn poff. pthey are a 70 clouds and psunshine for afternoon hours i pthink we're back to lower 80s. pand the same thing for tomorrow pas well. p all right thank you, dave. p9:01. pwe're here along 275 checking pout a live picture near mlk pdoesn't look like much a delay pconcern a situation for move pover law. pwe have a what appears to be pcrash site with a road ranger on psite. pblocking looks like just at pright emergency shoulder. pso no travel lanes blocked. pbut remember to move over slow
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p>> meantime we have a new crash pwith lane blockage. pno delays here. pbut watch out as you're heading pwestbound along the selman pexpressway. pjust before you get to pconnector, apparently left lane pis blocked. p to win the states that we pwon and by the margins second phome florida. pto win by that kind of a number pas is great. p>> well, republican front runner pdonald trump's delegate lead is phuge, gets a boost this morning pwith winds in north carolina, pillinois, and also right here in pflorida. p>> and it was another big night pfor hillary clinton too. pbeating out senator bernie psanders in florida, in ohio, pillinois and north carolina. pand we want to get straight to phaley heinz who joins us this pmorning from palm beach. phaley the trump campaign has got pto be feeling good about this. p>> oh it was a huge night for pthe trump crew. pwhen three new state wins under
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ptuesday win in northern maryland pislands moving forward full psteam ahead traufrp celebrated pvictories among hundreds of psupporters in palm beach as you pheard him say. phis second home. pthey gather at the a club in the pluxurious and very large donald pj. trump ballroom. pbefore they even filled room pferries state victory big one phere in 46 percent of vote. pthat gave him an instant 99 pdelegate boost, north carolina pand illinois. pvictories last night event took pon an um canner tone pastor pbegan with prayer before he pintroduced trump who also pmaintained a more subdued but penthusiastic demeanor. pcampaign issues also focused on pvoters thank them calling a pstate of florida and amazing pnoting this election has lit a pfire in voters and gotten the
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pwe have to bring it together. pwe have something happening that pactually makes the republican arty probably the biggest olitical story anywhere in the pworld. peverybody's writing about it. pall over europe. pall over the world they are ptalking about it. pmillions of people are coming in pto vote. pthis was an example of it today. p>> and now now when it comes to pbrink party together as you just pmentioned we saw some of that plast night. ptrump spoke kindly of marco prubio who has suspended his own pcampaign he congratulated rubio pon tough campaign he said rubio phas a bright future. pso great night for them now. pwe wait to see what happens in pthe missouri where trump and pcruz are very close. pbut it was clear with every win, ptrump and his supporter will be pcoming more and more confident phe will in fact become gop pnominee. pwe will have to wait and how pthat turns out trump was not ponly big winner. phillary clinton won several praces on the democratic side.
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pher cam pane also in a west alm. plet's send it over to him. pgood morning. phillary clinton had to do two pthings last night. pshe had to continue to expand pher delegate lead over bernie psanders. pand she had to reclaim the pnarrative by winning several pstates. pnow we understand from some pnational reporter that is pclinton campaign was hoping to pwin two or three states. pit turns out they won 5 states. pthat means that it the narrative pin momentum is now back on phillary clinton's side. peven after last week's loss in pmichigan. pwhich set her back briefly. premember she led in polls there. pand then surprisingly lost on pelection night on primary night. pthat is not what happened here pin florida. pshe led in the polls and won in pthe voting booths. phillary clinton during her pspeech last night to her psupporters made several comments pabout bernie sanders. pone of them being she pcongratulated him for running a pvigorous campaign.
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pdonald trump criticizing his olicies on muslims criticizing phis policies on illegal pimmigrants. pand she said that it was not pjust, she said it was wrong for phim to em prays torture. phe wants to bring back pwaterboarding in a big way. phillary clinton went after pdonald trump significantly last pnight. phere is the secretary. p>> of course, every candidate, pevery candidate makes promises plike this. pbut every candidate owes it to pyou to be clear and direct about pwhat our plans will cost, and phow we're going to make them pwork. pthat's the difference between prunning for president and being resident. p and so that there is kind of pa bar with bernie sanders she prepeated some talking points pwe've heard from some democratic pestablishment about bernie psanders kind of being a pie in pthe sky kind of candidate.
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pnot be able to necessarily get assed. palso guys, before i send it back pto you, one other thing that phillary clinton said which will lay today is that hillary pclinton said that we have to pdefend as a country, lgbt prights, worker rights and civil prights. pshe said that starts with a pstanding with president obama as phe nom neats a supreme court pjustice. pat 11 o'clock, that fight will pthen be in full force because pwe'll know the name of the erson ares president united pstates intends to nominate to psupreme court. pquestion of course whether gop pcongress will even offer a vote pon that candidate. p thank you, we will take pcloser look at that in just a pfew minutes. pthank you, evan. p>> so, with all of that, here phere's look current delegate pcount for democrats. pclinton is soar 1561 delegates pto sanders 800. pon republican side a pooh are pshowing for rubio in home state pof florida means he drops out.
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pfirst win in ohio taking his ptally to 138. pted cruz is 396. pwhile trump sits on top with a pcomfortable 621. pmissouri vote is still out right pnow with trump and ted cruz neck prussell. plet's get back to our political pand talk a little bit about pwhat's going on. pwhat i was going to ask you what pdelegates now? p>> he keeps them. phe keeps them. pbecause he goes into convention pwith those number of delegates pbound to him. pso do the other candidates. pjeb bush for example still has pfour delegates bound to him. pthey will all head into pconvention and they are pobligated on that first ballot pto vote to the candidate that pthey are pledged to vote for. pand with this, rubio will walk paway with at least 168 pdelegates, jeb bush with 4. pet cetera. pand then, if you don't get a pmajority, any one candidate on pthe first ballot you move on to pthe second and third ballot. pand then, those delegates
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pthen become free agents it is psomebody else. pwell that's the talk now. pthat, that there's, trump coon pnot get, first of all let me ask pyour opinion can he get number pof delegates he needs? pyes, he can. pyou look some states in play phere new york, pennsylvania, new pfor donald trump. pcalifornia though it's a pcongressional proportional psystem there. pi think that donald trump surely phas a chance to get the number pof delegates needed. pbut he has a chance also of not pgetting there. pand i think for the first time pin our lifetime really there's a pchance of having brokered pconvention or as republicans pwould prefer an open convention por a contested convention. pbecause won't necessarily be pbrokering depending on how vote pfalls. pthat said there is a real pchance, a decent chance that ptrump gets close but not all of pthe way there by the time middle pof july rolls around completely.
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pdemocrats for a second. pclearly, hillary clinton had a pgreat night does it last as long pa republican. pif you play this out bernie psanders keeps going he can keep pgoing because he has money and pbernie sanders, speech you saw pthat last night. pwhen she spoke with an income pinequality. pshe spoke about receiving small pdonations if you play this out, pbernie sanders wants to stay in pkeep going. pbut i don't think he can keep pgoing past probably most of. pi i think that's when hillary pclinton will officially, clench pit. p>> i want to go back. pand an ask you about marco prubio. pi know he had even when we had phim on good day yesterday he was pstill talking about winning and pall of that when do you think, pwhen do you think he knew this pwas over? robably last week. phe just didn't want to admit it. phow can you when you're in the
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pbut unless he was trapped in pbubble i don't think that he pwas, he had to know this was not pgoing his way. pand when he said he was going to pwin in the polls were wrong he pwas hoping for around miracle. pmiracles do transpire. pwhen you read about things they pare not going your way that was repared speech we saw from pmarco rubio. phe was not speaking at the pmoment on spot when he conceded phe lost he was suspending his pcampaign like jeb bush. phe saw last night coming. pwas over fast. pfast he got wiped out in every pcounty except miami-dade. pthat's very poor showing for psitting senator. pcraig, craig patrick. pthank you. psee you later. pall right. pstill ahead, we continue to talk pabout at fight to save rambo. pthis woman in polk county with pthis gator, named rambo. palled there is with us. pthen did you forget your pen? ptake a selfie. pwe're going to explain some pchanges that could coming for
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pcharley, you driving? pnice. pyeah. pi'm just rolling with tom pdupont, we're just going to you pknow cruise gulf boulevard pmaybe. phit a couple drive throughs. pthis is a 2012 mustang wide body pconvertible. pit's for sale by way ladies and pgentlemen. plow mileage, been completely poverhauled. pand they put a sound system phere. pboulevard custom which falls punder dupont registry umbrella. pit's a pretty good sound system. pand we could probably get at pticket in pinellas county psomewhere for this. pyeah.
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pwooem take you to right now,
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so you can continue streaming your favorite show in the great outdoors. and you don't need a dead zone further interrupting your otherwise- perfect afternoon. echo from bright house networks. eliminates dead zones, so you can stream confidently all around your home. and now connect to... standard tv and 50 megabit lightning internet... only $94 a month for 12 months. 3 new this hour: a pnew this hour a close call for a pst. petersburg police officer pand his k-9. pboth responded to calls of a psuspicious vehicle about p6 o'clock this morning on dayton pstreet south. pjust as they got to the scene pand got out of their cruiser, a pstolen car rammed into their pvehicle nearly hitting both of pthem. pofficers used stop sticks to pcatch near 13th avenue south pthey arrested three teenagers pinside the stolen car. p well, she says he's part of
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pwildlife officials want to take phim away. pone lakeland woman is fighting pmorning to keep her pet palligator. pfox 13 alcides segui joins us pnow and how she plans to try and pkeep custody good morning, palcides. p good morning to you. pshe's hoping she grandfathered pin. punfortunately, when she filled pout the paperwork, she put the pwrong address in. pso the address an old old pfacility she used to work at. pnow alligator lives at her phouse. pand the permit does not allow pher doesn't allow gator to stay phere because it's a different paddress. pmary, thanks for being with us prambo here well over four foot pthat's allowed in this permit pthp's. pthat's problem you're facing. pwhy you're asking for this pspecial permission. pyes and he's sun sensitive and phe can't be outside. pand also he's very attached to pme as you see.
9:17 am
papart it will hurt both of us. pyou don't think he'll survive in pwild, why? pbecause he's weaker than the pother gators. pand they can sense that. pand they would eat him. phow do you live with this gator pi live with this gator like you pwould your child. phe knows where he can go, where phe can't go. phe knows what he can do and whae pwhat he can't do even though he pate my butter finger a while pago. phe crawled over the couch and pate my butter finger, paper and pall, you know. phe gets in the mischief just plike every other animal. p>> wow. p>> i just, i see outfit you go pfrom school to 62. pwe do all charities that as if pwe're able. p>> you know, we've done the pmoose lodge. pwe've done schreiners schreiner pqueens with as they are called
9:18 am
phey love him. pthat i just most days let him do pis they go up there pick him up pi did a nursing home over here. pand p>> nursing home p>> yes, i was talking to the psome lady, and another lady put pher on her walker and walking phim around. pi had to catch my gator. p>> my goodness. pwhat do you think the outcome is pgoing to be when you face that pjudge? p>> i know i'm going to scared to pdeath. p>> yeah. pi have bad anxiety, you know i pdon't really associate with eople that much because of it. pand it's going to be really phorrible for me. pbut to know that it was my fault pbecause i put the address in the pwrong place. pbut i've always been told that i phad no problem. pup until now p>> even, even with him being pthere, because of his sun. p>> gotcha.
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pletting us invade your property, pinvade your space since 5:30 pthis morning. pgood luck to you. pwhatever the future may hold for pyou and rambo. pi'm sure it will work out right, peven if rambo goes into a pdifferent location, you have pchildren and you'll be fine. pif not, hopefully rambo stays pwith you and it will work out. pyeah. p>> yeah. p>> thank you, mary. pthank you for trying to help. pthank you. p>> please don't take my rambo. p>> all right. prussell, laura, there it is. p>> the quote of the day please pdon't take my rambo as she puts pher left check. pmy baby boy. ptime. pit's incredible what she's been pable to do. p>> it's a strange story sad just psame at some point you uf to pwonder, you know, what point do pyou just let people live their pi don't know. pjudge. p>> bizarre in so many ways. palcides, thank you. p>> all right. pother news to report this
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pon administrative leave. pbeen charged with a dui. pthe department says officer was pseen driving under the influence pby the manatee county sheriff's poffice on monday. pinternal affairs investigation pis currently ongoing. pofficer has member of force psince 2011. panticipation sky high before pthis pilots need to practice pthey are expected to be up in pair from 11 to 6. pif you hear ex temp rain outs pnoise in skies of south tampa. plisten to this 75-year history. p>> are there going to be any pstorms in weekend? p>> on saturday that overcast pskies with few showers. pand right now we've got a to plift ceiling up a little bit. plift it up. plift the roof up russell. pget clouds out here so they can
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pi want to let you do that on pyour own. poh, yes. plet me show you. pit looks cloudy. pthe thing is only a matter of pteam. pand like yesterday, as the sun pdid its job, took care of pgetting us back, sunshine, now pyou look at bradenton beach, phey, there's that yoga class. pthey are yogaing in the fog. pshould be a decent start to the pday as we've got visibilities pimproving for everybody right pnow. ptemperatures in the low to mid p70s will make their way back pinto the lower 80s for today. pso we'll lift the clouds up, praise the roof we're calling it pa warm, huld 82. pmore coast will fog very mild pand muggy low of 69 degrees. pvariable clouds tomorrow and pwarm with high temperature of p81. pthe next 7 days, well, rain pchances are coming in. pwe're looking a 40 percent rain pchance on friday.
9:22 am
pbut not a wash out, vanessa. pi do want to poent that out pgradually cooling off for the pbeginning of next week. pall right sounds good. p9:21. pand here at i-4, about a mile pbefore you get into of the pinterchange in that westbound pdirection we have crash we're pfollowing in fhp is reporting ptaking up an inside lane you can pkind of see it here off to side pwith flashing lights. plooks like it causing some pdelays back toward area of 50 pstreet expect to slow down once pyou hit that point. pmaybe give yourself a few extra pminutes. pof course due to lighter vom ums pwe're experiencing now delays or pnot too severe. punfortunately severe delays here pin sarasota county. p75 northbound we're still pdealing with this wreck along pthe area of river road and punfortunately, the delays have pgotten worse since we last pchecked in here. pone lane is going to be blocked. pyour best route around this is pu.s. 41. p>> all right. pvanessa thank you. p9:22 now.
9:23 am
pnomination to sprourd. pit would replace justice scalia. phis short list said to include pthree federal appeals judges, ptwo of which are from washington pd.c. panother based in california. phowever, senate republican pleaders are still vowing not to phold any hearings on any nominee puntil the next president is pelected. pwe'll carry announcement live pright here on fox 13 at p11 o'clock. ptexas governor greg abod will ptour flood damage a water pcontinues to rise along the pborder of louisiana. pinterstate 10 between the two pstates has been closed because pof high water. pthe area has seen as much as 20 pinches of rain over the last pfour days. p>> no deaths or any serious pinjuries have been reported. p>> online retailer amazon is plooking into an allowing pshoppers to pay with selfie. pthe company argues it's more psecure than traditional asswords. pcustomers would be able to take icture or short video to
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p>> amazon did not say when if pever, that new technology will pbe available. pbut it is an interesting idea pcoming up after break we will pcheck back in with charley pbelcher. pthis morning he's taking look psome exotic cars some vets hot prods. palso how they make them. pwhat they do to them to now at havertys furniture, it's our spring home event, where you can create the perfect home. from now until march twenty-first...
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[ chuckles ] as you can see, sometimes progressive isn't the lowest. not always the lowest! jamie. what are you doing? -i'm being your hype man. not right now. you said i was gonna be the hype man. no, we said we wouldn't do it. i'm sorry, we were talking about savings. i liked his way. cha-ching! talking about getting that moneeeey! talking about getting that moneeeey! savings worth the hype. now that's progressive. p good day tampa bay. pi'm charley belcher coming to pyou from the world headquarters pof dupont registry. pand magazine for more than 30 pyears been the place buying and pselling exotic beautiful cars. palso under umbrella of dupont, pboulevard customs. pthat's actually where we're pstanding now with tom dupont. pso how did you end up acquiring
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pin business we have so many pclients advertising magazine ptheir cars need to be upgraded por fixed or repair we will get pin business we do interiors pwheels, stereo systems. pcustom leather. pwe wrap cars. pspecial colors that people want. pso we're able to not only penhance your automobile the way pyou want it but fix something up pto sell it. pi was going to the say future resent. pned instead of painting you're pactually wrapping this car in. pflat black goes right over the pwhite you won't see a speck of pwhite and covered with flat pblack cover. pshould we say who car p>> hey baseball fans rays fans, pdesmond jennings. pthis is desmond jennings car pright there. pwe have lot of sports figure pthat is come in hoo and bring pcars for customization get seat pmodified because they are too pbig move them down up in out pforward. pwe install radar detectors. p>> in case you might need it. pis that right?
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p>> and, all way down through phere, it's just, i mean it's e. pit's a body shop you doing all pkinds of fun stuff. pwell you do outside work or just pwork on your car? pyou'll do a little bit of peverything back here. pwe have retail customers that pcome in we modify their cars we pmodify cars that we have for psale. pwe'll completely gut them. pand we do a lot of work pincidentally on p>> desmond jennings car. pi mean, it's i hope he's not pwatching. pme too. pif he's watching right now what pam you doing to my ride? plove it. pthe next time you can come and penjoy dupont registry and peverything they have to offer is pthis saturday, they do something pcars and coffee. pit's from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. pulmerton. pyou can come in here, parking plot will be full of people pshowing off their cars from pclassics to exotics. pyou can come in and show room, pit's free. pit's free to show off your car. pfree to enjoy. pcouple bucks for cup of coffee pthird saturday of month every
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pthrough go. pand many of the cars you see pthis morning are for sale. pthat's correct. ick up next month dupont pregistry.
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pwe've got plenty more good ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh hush my darling... don't fear my darling... the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.] hush my darling... [snoring.] don't fear my darling... the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.] take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation
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p welcome everybody. pit's 9:32. pjust about. pbeing sick is never fun. psome people don't make the best pof patients. pbut new study says that grumpy atients may want to rethink ptheir bad behavior. pdutch researcher gave doctors pdiagnose. pthey found when patients were pdisruptive doctors made a lot pmore mistakes. pso what exactly is definition of pdisruptive, aggressive pdistressful. preally anything that distracts pthe doctor. presearchers say patients need to phelp. pthese doctors are there to help. pstudy also recognizes dealing pwith pain or discomfort is hard. pso doctors should trained to pdeal with these disruptive pbehaviors. pforeign country.
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paccused trying to steal a banner pfrom a north korean hotel. pand he's been sentenced to 15 pyears of hard labor. p21-year-old university of pvirginia student his name was pconvicted and sentenced this pweek in north korea supreme pcourt. phe has number custody since pjanuary. phe reportedly told jurors he was pgoing to give a friend's mother pthe banner as a trophy. p>> st. pete man facing pmanslaughter charges this pmorning after police say the man phe punched outside a bar in pfebruary has died. p39-year-old bobby ryan was pinitially charged with felony pbattery. pafter an argument with p53-year-old christopher. ptwo got into a scuffle at pangelo's bar and grill in pdowntown st. pete. pryan hit the man in head causing phim to fall and become punconscious. pwell he died last monday. pa coroner ruled his death a phomicide. p>> today's what they call pnational kick butts day.
9:34 am
pthat empowers youth to stand up pbig tobacco organized for pcampaign tobacco free kids pnearly seven percent high pschooler smoke. pmore than thousand events and pschools and communities pincluding here in bay area are lanned for today. p>> feels weird outside. pfeels thick. p>> what do you mean? p>> humid. p>> air feels thick. pit's thick. pvery thick. pmy pesci from my cousin vinnie. pshots. pbecause i got one beach shot, pbradenton beach camera, oh, man plook at all that fog. pokay. pso you go just a little bit pnorth, and look at the sirata pbeach camera. pcompletely different. pof fog. pbut they are few and far
9:35 am
pand ever since russell went back pinside sun started to shine. pi don't know what that means or pnothing. pbut no, sun starting to come out phere as well. pvisibility is much, much better. pseeing a lot of ten, ten mile pvisibility yesterday we were pfogged until like 1 o'clock. pnow we got, you know low to mid p70s as we start things off on pthis very humid thick atmosphere pis that moisture is just riding pin now. pyou want to know where fog and plow clouds are look viz ebl psatellite. pyou can start to thin out by way pover next hour or so. pespecially inland. pso you have got back into mostly psunny skies. pin general a great day. pi think we get back into the plower 80s for most of us. pmaybe the mid 80s for spots pinland. pbut coastal fog giving away to pwarm humid 82 conditions. ptonight 82 forz highs. pmore coast will fog very mild pand muggy tonight with low ptemperature of 69. pand tomorrow variable clouds,
9:36 am
plook at through the next 7 days, pwe're going to go back to upper p70s, for weekend. pwhy? pbecause we've got rain coming in pshowers around friday and psaturday. pwe'll end things on sunday turn pa little beth cooler for pbeginning of next week. pbefore we get to the vanessa a pcouple first birthdays to get to pfirst up gray son. phe loves to play in the water lay ball and especially with phis big brother gage. pthis sunday he's having a pbirthday party. pso have fun gray son. pthen there's a belated birthday pwish from last week. pemily is now one-year-old old. pshe's always smiling, dancing pand singing. pshe loves minnie mouse but more pthan anything she adores her big psister. phappy belated birthday sweetie. p>> yeah happy birthday guys. phope you're having a wonderful pday. p9:36. pand we're having a wonderful day pon the roads so far. plooks like all of our crashes pare really starting to clear pout.
9:37 am
palso clearing out that pcongestion. pno yellow or red travel times to pbe seen on the usual trouble pspots of our majors. pso buckle up and enjoy. p>> yeah? p>> all right. pstill ahead are you messing with pme? pquestion mark. pyou said yes then you went you psold it. pthese and other popular 90s pbrands are making a come back. lus walter allen that is great pfollow-up to his extraordinary pordinary this morning. phe will hit down with humane psociety of tampa bay and bring pus details of this weekend's
9:38 am
plet's see wall street stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stre-eam stre-e-e-e-eam
9:39 am
when i want you in my arms when i want you and all your charms whenever i want you
9:40 am
3 p what those dogs give you pmore than we could ever give pback to them. pjust being here is a healing rocess. pthat's a little bit of clip from pmy story that i ran earlier this pmorning a volunteer at the phumane society of tampa bay, pdwight raves his his name. phe started back in 2009. pand he's started after the death pof his son. pnow as a way to honor his son pryan, dwight wanted to work panimals that was his passion. pnow 7 years later you can see phumane society. pryan his picture next gazebo pbuilt in his memory at their plocation right off armenia. pdwight is an amazing volunteer pone of number of amazing pvolunteers and highlights panimals highlight volunteers. pto highlight the organization.
9:41 am
pshark chery thanks for coming pon. pthanks for having me. pvery special. pobviously we're doing this in pbark in park we've following pthis story of the arkansas uppies from puppy mill. pthese two are ready for padoption. pand just a few hours, from now, phow can you say no to these pfaces? pthis one was just in segment pwith dwight getting a bath. pyeah. p>> yeah. pand all clean. pall clean. pready to go. p>> a little shy at first now pready to play. pthat's right. pboth of them are. pwhat do we have here? pthis is kenny a 4-month-old pterrier mix. p>> and this is sara lee who is ure bred miniature beagle. pand she's very shy but she's, pcoming out of herchel a little pbit too. pi let me just point this peverybody from all other parts pof this building are starting to pwander in to see these puppies. pnow this one is a little pskittish, a little bit. pmore friendly over here. pyes. pthis is kennedy. phe's ready to go.
9:42 am
pthis little beagle came in tray pmuch more out going this is what phappens in puppy mills. pthis dogs will come around be pjust fineyou cannot make to look pat these or other dogs from parkansas or even candace here, pbark in park is great event that pyou can do adoptions on site. pyes. p>> we'll we'll be on site with pall of our adoptables. pwe'll also have a variety of pdifferent rescues out. pso fur alooking for different pbreeds of adoptable you can come pout and visit those. p>> if you have a dog already, pbest advice would to be bring p>> yes. pand bark, once they get to know peach other, make sure it's going pto thing well not all dogs like peach other. preally good idea. pwe encourage people from bark in ark to bring their dogs. pyou have great time. pyou go to doggy bar and get pdoggy beer and doggy treats.
9:43 am
pall kinds of fun things this pyear. pand going to happen rain or pshine, walter. pyou guys are going to be out pthere you and lindsay will let pour walk. pyeah lindsay and i are emcees p3 o'clock. pwhat's new from this year that pwe didn't see last year? p>> we have a lot of really great pactivities for the two legged pand four legged. parea. pfriend. pyour four legged friend and let pthem off leash to play with pothers. pwe also have doggy step and prepeat. pfun props for your dogs. pthey can go in that area. ptake really great pictures. pwe have at doggy fun zone an pagility area for your dog. pso really fun to test out your pdog's agility. pwe have all kinds of vendors, we phave great music from stereo. pit will be a really, really fun pevent. p>> okay and costume contest too? pwe have costume contest. pfor best downtown sheik, best pnautical and most creative.
9:44 am
pis for dogs but we will figure pit out. psophisticated. pattitude. pths attitude. pyeah. pthat's right. pso again you saw it on scene pthere 11 to 3. pand i hope you guys everybody pcomes out. pand doggy beer. pyeah. pthat's right. p>> okay. phope to see you there. pvanessa whipping up a little asta salad.
9:45 am
9:46 am
9:47 am
pgood morning from good day day pgourmet kitchen. pit's really starting to warm up pwhich puts me in mood for prefreshing dish time of year i ptypically break out favorite pa pstee salad recipe because all pingredients that go into it. pso let's start off with the pdressing. pand it's actually a lemon juice polive oil based dressing instead pmayonnaise helps add to plightness of the dish. plet's start with at garlic. pask so we will put this directly
9:48 am
pnow we will add fresh basil. pthis is pretty finely chopped. pwe will add that then add lemon pjuice i try to catch seeds you pdon't want any of seeds in your pdressing. pthat's not good. pi'm add olive oil extra virgin. pseason with some salt. psalt, pepper. p>> so dressing is mixed with pready to get all of the pingredients. pwe will start with pasta. pso i'll just add some pepperoni asta. pmozzarella curls. phere we have black olives. pwe're going to have fresh bell epper. plast but not least we have some psmall tomatoes. ptoss this up into the dressing. p>> all right.
9:49 am
promano cheese. pyou can also use grated armesan. pso we will just cover this with lastic wrap and put it in the pfridge to let all flavors pmarinate. pall right. pwe will see that guy in about 20 pminutes or so. pall right. pi'm pretty sure this is ready. plet's plate some of this up. pcan't wait to give this a try. erfect for a warm spring day or pwarm summer day. pand you bring it to a picnic. pand i love all fresh veggies. pi hope you enjoy. p>> in bigger news i think dave pis about to get to get a puppy. p>> we made a connection. pwe're on the air here. pso sweet. phe is. p>> he's asleep in your arms. pthat's great.
9:50 am
pback. pso chill. pit's nice. pyeah good for a warm day. pand actually, my mom made a pversion of this a lot when i was pgrowing up a kid she put pdifferent veggies i would pencourage folks to put veggies pand meat that they like in pthere. pmaybe some broccoli floor retts por cucumber. pso pretty. poh. poh. poh, oh. psorry. p>> that's all right. p>> maybe it was one of the dog phairs. pit has vanessa. pwondering. plove on good day. pyour calling card. pmy apology. pthat has never happened. p>> good. pgood. pi'm so sorry about that. pdon't worry about it.
9:51 am
pno it doesn't. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy,z watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide.
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3 here's another live picture of the board on wall street. looks pwall street. pdow not going a loining just pfrom fox business studio to talk pbusiness is lauren simonetti. p>> yeah. pyou know we do have an at least pnow when you looking at the dow pthings kind of get really quiet pbefore this fed comes out with ptheir decision oh where interest prates are going what state phealth of u.s. economy is. pso we're waiting for that p2 o'clock decision and 2:30 ress conference.
9:54 am
pthey might has some this summer pand almost definitely will by pthe end of the year. psound of this i can't imagine pthis happening i've never heard pof anything like this happening. psomebody who does this somebody pborrowing your netflix account pnumber. pi mean who would do that? pi don't know. pthat would never happen. pnobody. p>> it's totally okay to share asswords to share that account pfor $12 a month you can plegitimately share netflix pinformation with four family pmembers. pbut there are some people, that pgive their information to psomebody else, those people pstream the new season house of pcards i want to see by way all pday long they don't pay for it. pthis pretty pervasive one in pthree people are watching pnetflix and not pga for those pstreams is it a problem of pcourse it's a problem. pnetflix worried about i'm going pto say no. pcouple reasons teenager do that. pright. pyoung adults, they eventually pget jobs, they are known to be pthe one moochers if you will. ponce they get jobs they move out ptheir parents house they get ptheir own accounts they are pfine.
9:55 am
pin $4.2 billion in revenue last pyear and they spent well, well, ptriple that on content costs for pthe next three years. pthey are spending money making pmoney, i don't think they are pworried about a couple of pmoochers. pnot losing sleep over that. plet's talk about 90s brands they pare making come back now. p>> did you remember them? pi don't rep them at all. pthey are pretty ugly and back on psome store shelves. pyou guys remember crystal pepsi? pyes. p>> all right. pversion. pyes. pwhat about this one french toast pcrunch cereal? pyes. pand i did a little digging and papparently this whole time, you
9:56 am
pand americans would have it pshipped to them when they found pout that little secret. phi droks cookies. poh, gosh. panyway. pall right. pyes. pwe've got to run. psee you tomorrow, okay. penjoy don't miss lauren psimonetti on our sister network pstation if you're not sure where pto find fogs business network plook for it on channel finder. pthat just rolled off haven't phydrox. pwe've got sunshine breaking out pright now getting rid of low pclouds lower 80s in equity pcouple of days rain chances are pgoing to go up. pwe need this rain. pweekend. pbut rain drops on saturday. p>> weird name. pit is for a cookie. pdoesn't sound too appealing. ptoday is wednesday, march 16th. plive with kelly and michael pcoming up next then wendy pwilliams as always you can get
9:57 am follow us on ptwitter instagram like us on pfacebook. psee you tomorrow everybody. pbye. it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you.
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>> it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, from the drama, "empire," jussie smollett. and from the doc series "peat's sakes," holly robinson peete. and zara larsson. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] >> and now, here are emmy-award winning co-hosts, kelly ripa and michael strahan.


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